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Being an English Avenger (headcanon)

requested: “Helloooo! I’m here about the headcanon thingy. Could u maybe do one about Peter x a English avenger?? Thx love, I LAHVE ALL YOUR WRITING ITS BEEEYOOTIFUL 😍😍😍😍😍😍“


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Being an English Avenger:

- When Tony found out there was another superhero across the pond, he did his best to contact you and asked you to visit the Stark Tower in NY;
- He was seriously impressed of how good you were;
- But you need some training and a new costume;
- Ok but Peter would be so excited to meet you;
- He spent hours watching your videos on YouTube;
- We can also say that he had a small crush on you;
- Your costume was similar to his and covered half of your face;
- Peter almost fainted when he saw you without your mask;
- You were just so beautiful !!!! And you guys are also the same age;
- Peter shipped you two together;
- “Peter don’t scare her already” Tony rolled his eyes;
- Peter would looooove your British accent;
- He continuously asked you how do you say/pronounce some random words;
- Since you two are the younger, Tony asked you to train together;
- Captain would be the first one to notice that Peter had a crush on you;
- “Dude, ask her out!”
- “Ah ciehhcejrhebsjd NO WAY!”;
- Since you spent so much time together you started to like him as well;
- But you wanted to be professional and tried to restrain your feeling for the lil American dork;
- After two weeks, Peter invited you to visit NY;
- But to visit NY in a ‘Spider-Man way’ 😏;
- He showed you how he swung from a ceiling to another and you could watch every single area of the city from above;
- Every night Peter took you on the top of a skyscraper to watch the sunset together;
- He also invited you at his place;
- May loved you so much! And she asked to come more often for some ‘girl time’ together;
- Ned begged Peter to meet you because he was a super fan as well;
- Peter would be so jealous of Ned crushing you;
- When you were sad because you missed home, Peter started speaking with an English accent;
- You two would be an amazing duo;
- Everyone talked about you;
- One day you got injured during a training session and Peter would be super worried;
- Helping each other during fights and missions;
- Maybe you also attended his school?;
- Peter would be so excited;
- Spending each lesson laughing like crazy at the back of the class;
- Ok but let’s talk about serious business, now:
- Peter would ask Tony and Cap for help because he didn’t know how to ask you to go with him;
- “Just ask her before someone else does!”
- “Oh my god, she’s coming huhdjxjwhdj”;
- I can picture Peter trying to escape and Cap stopped him just with one hand;
- “Y/N, Peter has something to tell you?”;
- “HiY/NIwaswonderingifyiuwantedtocometohomecominwithme”;
- Smiling because you accepted;
- Peter could finally breathe again;
- Ok but he would ask Tony for advice and you’d go to May or Pepper for the dress?
- Or maybe ut would be something like 'say yes to the dress’ with the avenger squad;
- The day of the Homecoming finally arrived and Peter was amazed by how stunning you were with that dress;
- Dancing together to slow songs;
- “Y/N, I have something to tell you” he whispered while you were dancing;
- “Sure Peter”
- “I really li-”
- His words were interrupted by a phone call;
- “Damn, it’s Tony. It’s an emergency” you said “We really have to go. You can tell me later th-”
- Peter didn’t let you finish, he grabbed you by the wrist and the second later his lips were on yours;
- “I’ve been waiting for so long, you know?” you smiled at him “But now we really have to go”;
- Peter was like 😍 and he smiled all the time during the mission because he knew that once you finished he could kiss and cuddle you;

Hi guys, it’s me again 🙂

I can’t stop thinking about Doug meeting Dizzy, like it’s becoming a slight obsession..

Could you imagine big brother Doug???
-putting Chad in his place after his initial meeting with Dizzy makes the poor girl tear up because Chad’s a momma’s boy and he absolutely hates the way his mom was treated
-Evie was very close to knocking him out again with her perfume but Doug held onto her purse
-they most certainly do get ice cream afterwards
-Dizzy’s sugar high lasts for a good hour before crashing (Poor doug has to try ((key word TRY)) to lift little Dizzy) Evie picks her up without a sweat
-Helping her with cuts, glue gun burns, and being her runner when she needs new supplies
-Dizzy and Doug going on little hang outs to get to know each other better, more like Dizzy interrogating Doug and asking him about everything he loves about Evie, his intentions, etc.
-Doug literally rambling about Evie to Dizzy and Dizzy rambling back #proudbfDoug
-Doug asking Dizzy the questions he was afraid to ask Evie about the Isle
-Doug cleaning up after Dizzy when she gets a little too crazy in the design studio because he’s a gentleman and also knows Evie is extremely OCD about where certain things go
-Evie low key jealous of how close they’re becoming but also adores their relationship
-Dizzy is extremely unprepared for the rigor of Auradon’s academics, but Doug and Evie have tutor sessions with her
-Evie sees Doug as someone who she can have a future with, especially after seeing the relationship bloom with Dizzy. She asks Doug if he’d want to ever adopt kids from the Isle and he says yes because everyone deserved a second chance
-Evie falls a little harder for Doug, and Dizzy calls her out on it

Just…DougxEviexDizzy okay?

I know that Jewish Hermione is a popular headcanon, and rightfully so, but have you considered: Jewish Weasleys.

  • Mrs. Weasley cooking excellently for nine people on a budget while keeping kosher
  • baby Ron getting jealous that baby Ginny gets to ask the Four Questions at Pesach
  • the twins take Purim Very Seriously
  • because noisemakers
  • (they probably follow Harry around for the whole day and just go crazy with the groggers every time he says “Voldemort”)
  • also because Purim is the single day every year when the twins can get Percy drunk
  • Ginny is that eight-year-old who insists that she’s dressing up as Vashti for Purim, not Esther, because everyone dresses up as Esther and anyway Vashti is the hardcore feminist
  • Mrs. Weasley sends Hanukkah presents to Hogwarts by owl every single night of Hanukkah, and she has to refrain from sending mail with Errol for about a month afterwards so he can recover

Part 1 / Part 2

EXO Reaction when they are pushing your baby stroller and people stare

This type of reactions make me daydream all the time. Just imagining a life next to them is enough to make me happy. I love you all, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *He is a little shy about it but also really happy* “Just look at them Y/N! They are watching me being a father!”

Kris: *Stops for a second and gives the baby his food* “Here you go my angel, you need to stay strong”. *Everyone goes crazy because of the great dad he is*

Sehun: “Oh I know you are all jealous. But he is my son. Oh Junior!” *Proud dad*

Tao: *Really nervous* “Are you sure you want me to carry her? People is watching… what if I do something wrong?” *Worried dad*

Kai: *Does happy faces when people “awww” when he passes in front of them* “Am I doing it good jagiya? Do I look like a father?”

Xiumin: *He is not even aware there’s people watching. His baby is everything for him and when his attention is focused on her then nothing will distract him* “Guess who is here!! Daddy!”

Baekhyun: *Runs with the baby and plays they are a ninja family* “Let’s go Byunnie! Sasuke and his followers are behind us!”

Luhan: *Really shy* “Oh no Y/N they are watching again. I get so nervous when they see us with our girl!” *Hides behind the stroller*

Chen: *Really calm dad who waves at the fans when they pass next to him* “Chen Chen Jr. says hi too!!”

Kyungsoo: *Dad material everywhere* 
You: “Cutiesoo, can you please carry the bag and push the stroller? I’m a little tired”
Ksoo: “Yes baby girl~” *Walks as if nothing was happening but is actually pretty embarrassed because everyone is staring at this cute side of him*

Lay: *Makes funny faces and sounds of unicorn until he realizes he is being filmed by the fans* “Oh noes.. my girl will see how funny her dad was when she was little!!”

Suho: YOU: “Are you okay honey? Do you want me to do it?”

Suho: “What? Oh no no no. I’m the dad of 11 boys and now our girl. Of course I can do this! The streets don’t intimidate me!” *Sassy daddy*

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What if GOM's S/O is a model?

Akashi Seijuro: It definitely doesn’t bother him that you’re a model. Actually, he is quite respectful and encouraging of your career choice. He’ll drive you to your photoshoots when he’s able and he’s totally sitting in the front row when you’re walking down the runway. Not only does he show his support by being there, he’d buy every magazine that you were featured in. He’s literally got a whole shelf full of your magazines.

Murasakibara Atsushi: He’s not very perceptive and he probably doesn’t have any distinct feelings about your modelling job. It’s your job and he feels he has no right to tell you what to do and what not to do. He still loves you just the same. And to be honest, when you bring him to one of your photoshoots, everyone you work with is totally intimidated by his height and they don’t dare to cross you.

Midorima Shintarou: This blushing mess of a man. He’s totally tsundere, but he started secretly buying the magazines you were in. Takao teased him about that, but Midorima would yell at him with that fluster on his cheeks and shake it off. When you ask if he wants to come with you to one of your photoshoots, he’s all like “why would I do that?” but he goes with you because he secretly wants to.

Kise Ryouta: He’s so happy that you’re a model because that means you guys can have photoshoots. You two are definitely named the hottest couple in various magazines and fans love the chemistry in your photos. Kise proudly tells everyone you two are together and he’ll show them your magazines and photos. He’s honestly so proud.

Aomine Daiki: He’ll protect you from any crazy fans you have. He doesn’t actively go to your gigs, but he does show up once in awhile to support you. Though, he gets kind of jealous when you have a photoshoot with some other sexy model and he’d be all, “I’m totally sexier.” Let’s be real, he totally is sexier. It may not seem like it, but he does support you and he’s very proud of you. Also, you don’t know this, but when people are gushing about you, he’s all smug and thinking “Yup, that’s my babe.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Honestly, it doesn’t bother him that you’re a model because he likes you for who you are, not what your job is. Modelling is just the career you chose, but at the end of the day, you’re still the love of his life. He reminds you to take it easy during shoots and tells you to drink lots of water because the lights can drain you out. He buys your magazines and puts them on the coffee table to display your latest one. Also, even when he shows up to your gigs, no one except you notices because of his lack of presence. The poor guy.

Guys... hear me out

Voltron. Rock Band AU. Or Rock!AU

Shiro would be vocals.

Keith is lead guitar

Pidge plays guitar (sometimes keyboard maybe?)

Lance plays bass 

Hunk is the drum player.

Allura would be the band manager, who helps with the vocals in some songs. 

Coran would be the band producer or maybe agent.

The back story would be something like this.

Allura’s dad was in a band that was very popular called Voltron. They had one rival, the band Zarkon and the Galra. They got into rather heated arguments and the band battles got a bit destructive. Then one day, Allura’s dad Alfor and his band mates got in a deadly car crash (Allura thinks Zarkon had something to do with it but has no prove). Now Zarkon and the Galra are very popular, but they have a bad rep of stealing songs and trashing venues and hotels.

Flash forward a few years and these dorks appear:

Originally posted by yatsugarekun

They find Alfor’s band’s old instruments and they start rocking (guess what color the instruments are?). Allura decides that it is time for her dad’s music to be played again. AND THEY START GETTING REALLY POPULAR

Lance: the band member that is always flirting with the fans and loves the attention. Self proclaimed pretty boy. (No body has the heart to tell him Keith is the pretty boy in the band) 

Hunk: Is so loved by fans for being so nice, they give him food. He is a bit shy around the fans, but is super active on social media posting about everyone in the band

Pidge:  the smart one that kinda takes over during interviews. Also the one that finds new ways to improve their sound. Is rather quiet, but the fans love them. Pidge also alternates between clothes, sometimes dresses, sometimes baggy clothes, they dont really care, neither do the fans. 

Keith: The quiet one, the actual pretty boy/bad boy. No one knows what he is thinking. The actual pretty boy in the band that all the girls go crazy for. (Lance may or not be jealous, why you may ask? Maybe he has feeling for Keith?) 

Shiro: The war vet that lost an arm in combat, the lead singer who the fans refer to as “Band dad.” He can always be found trying to control the rest of the band and tries to be as nice to the fans. 

The castle is their tour bus as they travel around the world playing their music as the new Voltron. Allura and Coran are always with them and they have fun and try (and failing) to stay out of trouble. Their instruments and outfits are the color each of their lions is. They are reaching the top of the charts. All while trying not to get their instruments and songs stolen by Zargon’s band. 

Still working on this btw.

So what do you guys think? Could this work? Any suggestions?

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happy Christmas Eve/first night of Hanukkah! a big thank you to everyone who sent in prompts for my countdown, I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to get to yours, I got waaayyy more than I was expecting, but I might still end up filling some of the ones I couldn’t include if I have time :) for tomorrow my Christmas present to all of you will be the reveal of the cover art/synopsis for my next multi chapter fic, so keep an eye out for that ;) without further ado, the final countdown fic… enjoy!

(ps: if you haven’t read sportsmanlike conduct you can check it out here :)  for context, this one-shot takes place after the extended epilogue)

“Mommy I can’t find my skates…”

Felicity looked down at Natalie tugging on the hem of her shirt, “Where did you put them when you got home from the rink yesterday sweetheart?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“Oliver?” She hollered out into the hallway. “Can you help Natalie look for her skates? We have to leave in ten minutes or we’re going to be late, and I still have to finish getting Robby ready.”

“Yes honey!” She heard him yell back from downstairs.

Natalie ran off to Oliver and she turned her attention back to her son, “Are you ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s?” She tickled his stomach and he wriggled around on the changing table, a smile on his face. “You’re going to be the center of attention, aren’t you?”

Once she had him dressed in his onesie that had a little bowtie printed on it, a baby shower gift from Iris and Barry, she grabbed his diaper bag, quickly checked her appearance in the mirror to make sure that she looked presentable, and headed downstairs.

“Did you find the skates?” she asked, strapping Robby into his car seat.

“Yep,” Oliver confirmed, brushing a kiss to her cheek. “You look pretty.”

She gave him a small smile, “Thank you, you’re looking quite handsome yourself. Is the car all loaded up with the presents?”

He nodded, “I think we’re all ready to go if you are.”

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So, they will give Delena all holiday events, special kisses & Stelena will get only normal, regular stuff? We never got chrtistmas, thanksgiving, summer time, rain kisses. All we got were highshool parites & daily routine.

You really shouldn’t think about the “regular stuff” like that. Stelena got AN ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP. They went to dances together as a couple, they actually enjoyed dancing together (Dullena went to one dance as a couple and do you remember the look on Elena’s face?), they went on dates, they rode the Ferris wheel, they cooked meals together, they had dinner together, they fell asleep in each other’s arms, they hugged, they kissed, they made love, they talked about their relationship and about the future and about life and about all the other things, both important and not important. The “normal regular stuff” you don’t seem to like, that’s LIFE. Stefan and Elena had a LIFE together.

Delena never got any of that. Let them have their rain kiss, a scene that the writers literally had to invent because Delena HAS NO CANON HAPPY MEMORIES. Let them have Thanksgiving, let them have mistletoe. It’s the only way to make this boring ass couple a little less fucked up: by using all the cliché things one can possibly think of. You can’t seriously be jealous of that. They have to use holidays otherwise Delena would literally have no happy memories together. At all. That’s sad, it’s not something to be jealous of.

The writers may go out of their way to make Dullena look “special”, they also made it canon that the Delena relationship is toxic, that Elena is becoming someone she doesn’t want to be because of Damon, that the “old Elena” never would’ve done this or that, that Elena is bending her morals.

That never happened to Stelena. Au contraire, all everyone ever had to say about their relationship was positive. “Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies.” “I envy that, I envy the love that you have.” “They look so cute together.” “Stefan is your epic love.” I can go on.

So really, take a step back and relax. Stelena didn’t need mistletoe or Christmas or Thanksgiving to be special. All Stefan and Elena needed to be special, was looking into each other’s eyes. One Stelena look trumps everything Delena ever got and will get, because Stelena has trust, respect, love, safety, passion, free will, happiness, peace and the simple feeling of coming home in each other’s arms. No rain kiss will ever beat that. EVER.

Bts as boyfriends

Request 1:
Hey i just found your blog and i love it:). what kind of boyfriend do you think would bts be? have nice day:) greets from germany
Request 2:
What kind of boyfriend would Bts be

A/N: Since there were two of the same i’m just gonna put them together in one.
So i hope you like it and thanks for requesting (: <3


He would be the caring boyfriend who would always ask is you are okay if you look down. Also if you are sick he would take care of you.
He would always want the best for you and is always ready to help and make you laugh to make you feel better.
And if you two go outside in public i’m sure he would be glad to hold your hand and maybe a few kisses on the cheeks now and then.

He is the shy and quietly loving type
He is not the type to be showering you with affection but i’m sure that after a long day at work he would love just to cuddle with you sharing small kisses and either just chat or watch some tv.
But when it comes to being in public he won’t be very affectioned. He is a very private person and he doesn’t like to share to much of his private life with others.
But remember he loves you a lot more than you think and that he is showing you.

It will be fun to have Hoseok as a boyfriend. 
He would always be ready to dance and party. To be honest do i think our hope would like to ‘hold’ around you or at least have a hand on your waist while goofing around. 
Even though Hoseok can be a hyperactive brat sometimes i think that he would just as Suga really like to relax and just cuddle.
When you are in public do i think he would like to give you hug og kisses, not as much as at home but a few hug and kisses here and there.

Rap monster:
I feel like Namjoon is often very busy writing new songs and just in general working with music. I think it’s something he likes spending his time doing.
So a thing i think he would really like is while he is working on his music having you sitting on his lap with his head resting on your shoulder giving you small kisses.
In public he is not the typer to go crazy on the skinships but he would hold your hand and lay a arm over you just to show everyone that you are his.

He is a greasy ball who would soak you in cheesy pick up lines an compliments just to make you smile or laugh. He would love to get your attention  ‘cause he’s a attention whore. He would also love to goof around with you and have a lot of fun.
Jimin is very insecure and therefore i think he has a tendency to get jealous so i think he would love you hugging, kissing and telling him how much you like him.
When you guys are in public he will do things as back hug you and throw a arm over your shoulder and kiss your cheeks. He is not as shy and he would like to show you to the boys ‘cause he is proud of having you as HIS girlfriend.

Taehyung would be both your best friend and boyfriend. He would have all the qualities that a best friend has and at the sametime he would love to attack you with kisses and cuddle you to death.
He will always want you to play with him and you will never get bored in his company. Tae will be your playmate and laugh buddy.
As we all know TaeTae is a really touchy so i don’t see him changing from how he is acting at home to how he is acting in public when it comes to skinships. No matter if the boys are watching or not he will shower you with affection and kisses while smiling his cute rectangular smile.

He is still really young and inexperienced when it comes to relationships so i think he would be treating you like a friend in the start and maybe be a bit awkward. But as the time goes he will get used to it and begin to feel more comfortable around you and he will start to get a bit more touchy. Nothing like Taehyungs crazy kind of touchy but he will now just come and hug and kiss you without being ‘nervous’ or anything. 
In public would he only hold your hand and maybe lay a hand on your knee or something like that. He doesn’t what to share to much of his private life but he wants you to know that he is there.

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