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Dawon as a boyfriend. [SF9]

He would be the fun loving, crazy, yet caring boyfriend.

  • He would go from sensitive to dramatic in the blink of an eye.
  • No problem with PDA. Of any kind. At all.
  • Likes to go for the shock value sometimes.
  • Never a dull moment.
  • Yet can be reserved at times.
  • Be prepared for spontaneous outbursts.
  • He is wild and crazy.
  • Yet can be super affectionate and loving.
  • Lovable little snuggle bear.
  • Nuzzles. A lot.
  • Cuddles. A lot.
  • Overdoes everything.
  • But always gives 110%
  • Always tries to make you laugh.
  • Can be sassy.
  • Yet is never hurtful.
  • Shows you off to everyone.
  • He would want to take you everywhere with him.
  • He would show you off to the members.
  • Would be crazy jealous if anyone got too close.
  • Would also quickly take you home. 
  • Both to his place and his parents. 
  • He’d move fast.
  • His manners may not always be there.
  • But he would never, ever be rude to you on purpose.
  • Sharp tongued.
  • Witty.
  • Always speaks his mind.
  • Would never be afraid to tell you anything.
  • You’d always know exactly how he felt.
  • He would always dish out compliments.
  • Would even tell you if he didn’t like something.
  • Could be a slight power struggle.

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EXO Reaction when they are pushing your baby stroller and people stare

This type of reactions make me daydream all the time. Just imagining a life next to them is enough to make me happy. I love you all, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *He is a little shy about it but also really happy* “Just look at them Y/N! They are watching me being a father!”

Kris: *Stops for a second and gives the baby his food* “Here you go my angel, you need to stay strong”. *Everyone goes crazy because of the great dad he is*

Sehun: “Oh I know you are all jealous. But he is my son. Oh Junior!” *Proud dad*

Tao: *Really nervous* “Are you sure you want me to carry her? People is watching… what if I do something wrong?” *Worried dad*

Kai: *Does happy faces when people “awww” when he passes in front of them* “Am I doing it good jagiya? Do I look like a father?”

Xiumin: *He is not even aware there’s people watching. His baby is everything for him and when his attention is focused on her then nothing will distract him* “Guess who is here!! Daddy!”

Baekhyun: *Runs with the baby and plays they are a ninja family* “Let’s go Byunnie! Sasuke and his followers are behind us!”

Luhan: *Really shy* “Oh no Y/N they are watching again. I get so nervous when they see us with our girl!” *Hides behind the stroller*

Chen: *Really calm dad who waves at the fans when they pass next to him* “Chen Chen Jr. says hi too!!”

Kyungsoo: *Dad material everywhere* 
You: “Cutiesoo, can you please carry the bag and push the stroller? I’m a little tired”
Ksoo: “Yes baby girl~” *Walks as if nothing was happening but is actually pretty embarrassed because everyone is staring at this cute side of him*

Lay: *Makes funny faces and sounds of unicorn until he realizes he is being filmed by the fans* “Oh noes.. my girl will see how funny her dad was when she was little!!”

Suho: YOU: “Are you okay honey? Do you want me to do it?”

Suho: “What? Oh no no no. I’m the dad of 11 boys and now our girl. Of course I can do this! The streets don’t intimidate me!” *Sassy daddy*