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Request: A collection of ikon daddy smuts pls

Pairing: Donghyuk x Reader 

Rating: M

a/n: If you do not like smuts then please do not read this because it is a smut. I’m going to put this under read more. Also guys. I’m truly going to hell for this one, I don;t think i’ve ever wrote a smut like this. 

Your foot hit the cold tile as you stepped out of the shower. Your body swayed across the bathroom to grab a towel, then you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Looking at your own body, a thought popped into your head.

I know who would love to see this, you thought.

You knew that your boyfriend Donghyuk would want to see the way you looked right now. Unfortunately, he was not home and wouldn’t be home for a while because he had practice. Your lips parted in a frown at the thought of you not being able to see him.

I could get him home faster.

Immediately after thinking that you erased the thought from your head. You knew better than to bother your boyfriend at practice. Then again, how harmful could it be if you just sent him one picture?

Just one picture, you thought to yourself as a smirk formed across your lips.

You then completed the task you originally set out to do, as you reached for a towel. Though, it wasn’t to dry yourself with. Your hand reached to grab your phone up off the counter. As you unlocked it you went to try and take a picture that perfectly showed your figure. You used the towel to cover the lower part of your body, only allowing your upper body (mainly your boobs) to be shown in the picture.

Once you were satisfied with the outcome of one of a picture, you quickly sent it to Donghyuk. You turned your phone off and walked out of the bathroom wrapped in your towel. You stepped into your bedroom and as you were ready to change into your clothes you heard a ‘ding' sound from your phone. The sound indicated that you had gotten a text and it was no surprise when you saw that it was from Donghyuk.

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