also could be destiel but it is sabriel for me

I am writing a story for English class, and it’s about a soldier saying goodbye to his best friend and I have been told that this:

I stared at him, trying to commit his face to memory. I never thought there would come a day when I would have to say goodbye to William. I wanted to remember William for the rest of my life, a life which I knew wouldn’t last much longer the moment I stepped onto the unfamiliar sands of Kabul. I wanted to remember the Sunday mornings we spent together, with him lazily reading a book on the couch as I made pancakes. The easy domesticity we had, as if we were a married couple and not two young adults who had nowhere else we could call home.

I wanted to remember the exact shade of blue his expressive eyes were, and the way that he could stare at you and make you feel as if you were all that he could see in that moment. A scientist’s scrutiny was what made his gaze so different, because he didn’t see the whole picture of you he saw what made you, every individual part of you that nobody else noticed before. There was a very particular feeling to be the center of someone’s universe, and the way he gazed at me made me feel as if I was being torn apart- atom by atom- and then shoved back together before I could finish my breath.

“Come with me,” I said suddenly, and he looked up at me, bewilderment written on his face. “Come with me to Kabul.”


fanfiction has RUINED me do you understand

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Ummm, it's not like I'm against Sabriel, but you've gotta admit, Gabriel wasn't very nice to Sam in Changing Channels, Tall Tales, and Mystery Spot, and Lucifer tortures him in the cage... I'm just interested, I swear, I don't criticize you, ship whatever you want :)

Heya anon!

1st of all, thanks for being nice about this - too many people have been really shitty about what other people ship so I really appreciate it when people are nice about approaching other people with politely phrased questions. 

So, about sabriel. 

The first thing I want to make clear is that you have to draw a line between fandom and the actual show. The actual show is what we consider as canon. The fandom is ‘headcanons’, fanfiction, meta, and so on. What I’m basically saying is that EVERYTHING we ship that isn’t canon, or everything we believe in that isn’t canon, is not true and we cannot possibly hold the writers responsible for not fulfilling our wishes. This is actually what is currently corrupting the Sherlock fandom. 

So what I’m basically saying is that in the actual show, Sam obviously hated Gabriel - or at least felt some sort of antipathy towards him. I actually feel like they had a similar relationship to Crowley and Dean’s. 

But what I think we sabriel shippers enjoy is the fact that these two people are on completely opposite sides of the ‘monster/human’ spectrum, and yet they are incredibly similar… and yet, each of them has a very strong character and personality. They both feel like ‘the odd one out’ of the family; the outsider and somehow they find each other. 

Another thing I love about the pairing is that the two characters don’t share a lot of screen-time leaving the fans a lot of room to write fanfiction, theorise and re-watch the episodes again and again to spot the small ‘sabriel’ moments like things that could be interpreted like flirting. 

I also like the ship much more than Destiel. While destiel is a perfectly valid ship and it’s good; to me, however it’s just too obvious which makes it boring (to me!). i can only read so much fanfiction before I just get bored… Meanwhile with Sabriel - it’s uncommon, and you can really create incredible back-stories for the characters that involve less cliches. 

Also, there’s the height difference. 

@archangel-with-a-shotgun @lacqueluster @mrsgabrieltrickster @ohmygoshwirt anything to add (I’m pretty sure there is more, but I’m listening to Jason Mann’s live concert so…..)??

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i'm crying your song choice for gabe @ the apocalypse is so perfect, i can't stop laughing and it keeps sneaking back into my mind, thank you so much for this :D

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Just imagine, the sky is raining fireballs, there are rivers of blood everywhere. Basically, the world is ending. And then somewhere in the distance you can see some asshole angel and his background band play /that/ stupid tune.

chuck: gabriel. it’s…it’s time. you have to take out the true horn and beckon the troops. it’s time to start over. 

gabriel: we knew this day would arrive. i was ready. are the others prepared?

chuck: yep. HIT IT

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Do you ship Sabriel?

not really! i think aesthetically it’s really cute, but in the context of the show, nope! i think the psychological torture gabe implemented made it more of a basis for a rivalry against an antihero than a romantic relationship. the archangels are all things that i think have 0 grip on responsible understanding of their power, which makes imagining any relationships a tough thing to imagine for myself

that’s why i loved the idea of gabe and kali, because she took ZERO shit and could shoot fire out of her arms at will. also, when dean even looked at her, she was like “no” meaning that gabe had to do something impressive to get attention there

the only STRONG ship i have is destiel, i swear, you guys! in contrast, any other ship i have is the equivalent to a life ring next to a massive cruise liner

  • Dean: Did you shot my brother!?
  • Unknow woman: He didn't give me any choice!
  • Dean: I won't let you walk away alive, you son of bitch!
  • Lucifer: I will crush you for what you have done to my boyfriend, you hairless ape!
  • Unknow woman: I have to-
  • Castiel: How could you shot my husband brother who is also my friend! I hope that you are ready to die!
  • Gabriel: Chuck and I was so mad that you have wounded Sam than he have resurrected me so I can kick your ass! Rule number 1: don't touch a archangel's soulmate!
  • Mary: Did you hurt my Sammy baby boy!? You're so dead!

I am still almost crying over the fact that I FOUND A GABRIEL FAKSJDFHLKASJDFHLAKSJDFHAS I wish I could have taken a million more photos with you!

Also everyone at the shoot was all for Sastiel apparently and it delighted me to no end. Cas you can be my koala angel any time. Any time Dean isn’t looking that is, ehehe…

Also Crowley get those antlers away from me you little shit

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can I ask who u ship Sam with?

Of course! 

Like deep down, my favorite ship for Sam is always going to be Sam/Jess. Whenever I write an AU, you can count on me to sneak some Sam/Jess in there, and that’s probably for the most part because I’ll always feel like that is the natural path that Sam’s life would’ve taken if all that supernatural drama hadn’t gotten in the way. :p 

Other than that, I did enjoy Sarah Blake with him as well, even though it (sadly) was rather brief. 

Sam/Ruby had great chemistry (I’m guessing because of the real attraction between Jared and Gen, hehe), but the ship was a bit too messed up for me to truly ship it. 

Recently, Sam x Eileen sort of stole my heart. If anything is going to replace Sam/Jess, for me it would be them. 

So pretty much the only Sam ship on the show that didn’t make me feel anything, was Sam/Amelia. Not sure if that’s an unpopular opinion or not, but it honestly didn’t do much for me. 

Also, in fanon, I’ve read some Destiel fics that had Sabriel on the side, and even though I could never quite see the ship on the show, in AUs I can kinda enjoy that too if it’s well written. Like I wouldn’t go looking for Sabriel fics, but when Destiel AUs have some interesting and realistic Sabriel on the side, I roll with it. :’) 

I guess that it’s safe to say that I’m multi shipping trash when it comes to Sam Winchester. I just ship him with happiness tbh.