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damn, I love how you made Lady Luck and Fortuna so stunning and yet didn't make them feel secondary- like, they're the power in that picture and Gladstone is totally in their hands. Also, did you make Lady Luck look like a bubble on purpose?

Shucks man, thanks! I am really glad if that communicated because that’s really what I was aiming for- and yes I did! I don’t know if it’s a regional thing or just my family but I’ve been brought up with the association that a long lasting bubble means good luck; because luck is as fragile and rare as one of those.


@dandelionandbuttercup I made it

from left to right: Picaria Verna, Marigold, Buttercup, Delphinium, Dandelion, Pulsatina, and Lovage (Flowers not to scale.).

Full list of Dandelion names

I’ve just now seen your edited post after I finished the painting, dammit

I’ve started on a cosplay!

((Is it Munday still? Haha, I’ve decided I really want to cosplay Daan [South Holland], so I’ve finally started! The top is what I’ve got cheaply so far, but I already love it! I’ve struck a pose IC for the occasion Now I still need: blue earrings, a silver coloured chain, a wig and straight trousers! ♡ ))


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Man the old episodes of One Piece have so much…

toei changed the art style too much too me, it doesn’t really fit one piece. Also, there’s the fact that a lot of episodes (like alabasta) were made with multiples chapters back then, it helps

The pacing is definitely an issue and has been for years unfortunately. I also feel like the colour scheme is flat?? I don’t what it is but I noticed it mainly in Dressrosa but the colours for the characters feel extremely bland whereas they used to look organic and full of life. I wish Toei would step up their game although it appears that they’ve upped it up the tiniest bit with the new arc!

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why am i not surprised 


-it’s made by roosterteeth, the same folks who made red vs blue

-it’s about little red riding hood (i wanna say she’s called ruby rose or something) but she has a really big fuck-off scythe that can turn into a gun

-the teams in the show are named after the first initials of their member’s names and also colours? so you’ve got red, white, black and yellow, that’s the main cast, hence RWBY

-this will be the day we’ve waited for

-this will be the day we open up the door

-i don’t wanna hear your absolution

-hope you’re ready for a revolution

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Hi, may I ask why you tagged the portrait of the italian count #blackmanswear whereas you tagged the previous post about the robe a la francaise and a la polonaise #whitewomenswear? I have nothing against black people, I want to be clear about this, but we italians are white, olive skinned "if darker" since we vary a lot, but definitely white, so I was wondering why you tagged the portrait that way ... Sorry if this has been asked already but I'm a new follower.

Hi! It’s just a tag! I was talking about the colour of the garment the Italian count is wearing not his ethnicity. I can see how could that be confused, but do not worry!

I have tags for both, womenswear and menswear. But since I’m a totally obsessive person, I also have tags by colour of the garments AND by colour and gender (I know, it’s crazy but sometimes I like to search the blog by colour!).

So, you can take a look at the blog archive of only menswear or womenswear; or fashion in pink or white or black or green; or menswear fashion in pink or womenswear in white. Or whatever combination.

A little warning: not ALL of the blog archive is already tagged by colour, but it will happen eventually.

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I just wanted to get some folks together to pay a tribute to somebody who’s, not only been by my side for the duration of this amazing journey, but somebody who has devoted his entire professional life to service this country. The best Vice President America has ever had, Mr. Joe Biden.