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Lin-Manuel Miranda caps a huge ‘Hamilton’ year with 'Moana’ (L.A. Times):

[…] When did “Moana” come to you?

I can trace the journey of “Moana” in the journey of my son’s life. I found out I got the job on “Moana” the same day I found out I was going to be a father. My wife was going on a business trip and she was leaving first thing in the morning. She turned to me and said, “You’re gonna be a father. I gotta go catch a plane.”

And I went, “What? That’s great.” And fell back asleep. I had to call her back for confirmation. Then I got the call later that afternoon that I got the job. They called me again and said, “We’re all going to New Zealand this weekend; you’re leaving first thing in the morning.” It was pre-“Hamilton.” So I’ve been working on this for two years and seven months. My son [just] turned 2.

It was really kind of an incredible journey. And the “Hamilton” phenomenon happened while I was writing it.

How did you split the time?

I had to really protect my writing time. In one sense it was really great, because, you know, when something is as successful as “Hamilton” everyone wants a piece of you. Everyone wants 10 minutes to talk about their pitch, or press, or what have you. The things that come with the success of a thing.

I got the luxury of having to say no to a ton because I was like, “Tuesdays and Thursdays are full-time ‘Moana’ writing days.” I would meet via Skype with the creative writing team at 5 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, then I would go to the chiropractor, then I would get into costume for a 7 p.m. show. It was built into my performance schedule.

I also had the luxury of amazing singers in the building — so a lot of my early demos for “Moana” is [the “Hamilton” cast]. Pippa [Phillipa] Soo, who played my wife, singing Moana’s tunes, and Chris Jackson, who played George Washington, singing Maui’s tunes. He’s actually in the movie: He’s the singing voice of Moana’s dad.


What was the key that unlocked the character of Moana for you?

The thing that resonated for me with Moana is she is not someone who hates where she is. Moana loves her family, she loves her island. She knows she’s got responsibilities and she’s ready to embrace them. And yet there is this voice inside her that says you’re not supposed to be here, you’re supposed to be somewhere else.

I can relate to that. I was a kid who was always making stuff. I didn’t know whether I wanted to make action movies or animated cartoons or musicals, but I was always just making stuff. My parents were like, “This is not practical. You’ll be a great lawyer.” And it was never gonna happen. I loved my parents and I loved where I lived, but I also had this voice that was, what’s the distance between me and what I want. That’s what I tried to imbue her with without villainizing the things around her. It’s not “there must be more than this provincial life,” it’s “I love it here and yet; and yet every time I absentmindedly walk I find myself at the water again.”

Given the love for “Hamilton” in the world, given that its journey is not over by a long shot, there is going to be some high school in Kansas that wants to mount a production of “Hamilton” and all of the roles are gonna be played by white kids. Is that missing the point? Or is that the point?

When it comes to kids, I relax all of my rules. When I think from my perspective I got to be a son in “Fiddler,” I got to be Conrad Birdie, I got to play roles that I’ll never get to play as an adult. Once you’re an adult, the world puts you in a box and you’re cast by type and ethnicity. I directed “West Side Story” my senior year in high school. I was one of the only Latino kinds in my school, so my Sharks were white and Asian. At the same time, I was able to flip that into a teaching moment. I brought my dad in to do dialect coaching so it wasn’t [bad] Hollywood accents, it was authentic Puerto Rico accents that these kids were attempting.

I hope there’s enough in “Hamilton” that if you go to a school where there are literally no kids of color — and that is increasingly rare in our country, which is a good thing — your job is to honor the story. For me “In the Heights” has been this. I get joy from both sides of it. I get joy that kids who go to schools that are largely white suddenly are waving Dominican flags around and having to learn Spanish to understand what they’re singing. So they’re getting a dose of cultural education by virtue of doing this show they like. Whether or not they have quote unquote permission to do it. They’re getting it. The medicine is going in. You now have empathy for a group of people that have never been in your school.

I’m grateful for that. Then when a school in the South Bronx does it and it’s all black and Latino kids and the sense of ownership and pride they feel — like this is ours, this is about our families — there’s no quantifying the joy I get from seeing a production like that.

I think keeping kids from art is not something that’s interesting to me. Now, regional productions are a whole different thing. When you’re in a professional production it’s like, cast [it] right. Save yourself the headache of everything that comes with a very important conversation about cultural appropriation.

Is there somebody who has the ‘How to be a Celebrity’ playbook that you’re cribbing from? You’ve navigated the pre-“Hamilton” to post-“Hamilton” transition better than most.

You learn very quickly that the trappings of it is how much you bring to it. If you surround yourself with three security guards and an entourage, people are gonna look at you. As opposed to my friend Josh Groban, who takes the train to work. And he’s Josh Groban. He’s got millions of fans. He wears it lightly. He’s still just a guy. I’m inspired by that. I refuse to sit on a pedestal that people want to put you on. I’ll write a dumb tweet in the morning and someone will be like, “Pulitzer Prize winner. Can’t get his coffee right.”

You can’t stop being the person you were just because more people are looking at you. […]

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  • Amanda: I'm a rebel. Y'know, I do rebel stuff like stay up two minutes past my bedtime while making dumb jokes with my dad.
  • Hazel: I'm the adorable Evil twin.
  • Briar: I'm the smarter Cuter twin.
  • River: Bleh, phh, bleh, belh.
  • Carmensita: I'm chill, like my dad. Totally chill, bUT I'M TRYING TO REBEL BUT HE'S BEING TO SUPPORTIVE, DAD NO.
  • *Panicking Mat noise.*
  • Daisy: I like everything, 'N I'm really smart! My dad is a really big show off though..
  • Christie: I like my pony, and making my dad laugh. I also like scaring the neighbors!
  • Val: I'm cool, and intimidating. I do care a lot though, especially for my dad.
  • Lucien: Definitely, I totally do not have any emotions to show.
  • *Damien is upset*
  • I am not afraid to cut a bitch! Who hurt my Dad??
  • Ernest: ... I like dogs. Dogs make me smile. I technically can't own a dog, but my dad lets me anyways.
  • *Hugo screaming that his son called him dad*
  • Hugo, you need to chill! Chill!
  • Chris: ... I hate people... But.. My family is okay..
  • Christian: I like scaring people, and taking things apart! Making my dad laugh is fun as well.

I can understand why people are upset with the Supergirl cast at SDCC, and you have every right to be. Except I don’t understand the hate Chris Wood is getting. If the way you’re interpreting his comment about sexualities was correct then I’d understand. But this is being taken way out of context. A major detail being left out is him saying that it was sarcasm. He didn’t even need to say that for it to be known that his comment was sarcasm. He knows that you define who you are and your own sexuality and was making fun of the people who don’t. So basically he meant the complete opposite of what he said.

Next, I don’t understand where people are getting this whole idea of “Chris interrupted Katie and was laughing his ass off during the song” from. If you watched the video, you’d see he clearly wasn’t laughing; in fact, Katie was one of the ones laughing (nothing against her at all. I love her so much I’m just pointing out facts). And Chris didn’t interrupt her, Mehcad did.

Third, people are trying so hard to make him out to be so problematic because they hate Mon-El/Karamel that they’re calling him misogynistic, homophobic, ugly, etc. How is he misogynistic? If you don’t like Mon-El that’s fine, but don’t take it out on the actor who, by the way, has no control over how his character is written. Also, he’s getting paid to play this role. That means he has to promote the show and his character too. The writers intend on Mon-El being some sort of hero, so don’t you think Chris might get in trouble if he only pointed out all the bad things about his character? Plus he’s spoken up for women’s rights plenty of times. Homophobic? He’s also spoken up for LGBTQ+ rights, and as I stated before, his comment was sarcastic and not homophobic and taken the wrong way. And ugly? Really? Honey, either you’re lying because you wanna hate him so bad or you need your eyes checked.

All the Chris antis are probably going to attack me for this but oh well. Let them come. And if anyone else has anything to add to defend this misunderstood, unproblematic angel, please feel free to do so

Chris Evans Imagine

There have been moment I thought I won’t live till I have kids. I thought my life will end any moment and I would be the one to end it. I would be the reason I won’t have any kids or any friends. With years ging by and me trying to hold my self back from doing something to myself, I lost a lot of friends. People who just couldn’t take my changes. They saw I had changed so they left. It just got too hard for them. They didn’t even to try to find out what was wrong. I don’t say I would have told them, because I was just too scared of what they would say, I was scared to see the sorry looks, or hate looks. So I held it all in, held it in so long and strong I just couldn’t hold it any more and I ran. I ran away from everyone and everything I used to know. I started a new life. Tried to find a job that would keep me busy most of my days. A job that maybe even made we work all night. Nights were the worst. It was the time my demons came out. So when I found a job that was perfect for my mental state I started to feel better.

I got a job as a producers assistant. Had an opportunity to work on movie sets, but most of the time i spend holding my head down, keeping a low profile. As I went from one movie set to another I met someone who noticed me even with my head low. He found me and saved me. I met Chris on his movie set. At first I thought he was just being a friend, at one point I thought he was feeling sorry for me, but soon all that changed. He asked me out and I said no. Chris was shocked I said no, but I wasn’t ready for that nor did I think I was good enough for a man like him. He needed a women that could be happy go lucky with him. Who had a beautiful laugh, smile, face. Who was like him. I was non of that. Not even close. He had asked me why I said no so many times I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I told him, i yelled at him. Saying things like

“I’m not good enough. I’m not what you want. I’m broken. Just too broken to be with you. I don’t deserve you. You need someone better” I yelled at him with tears running down my cheeks. I told him every bit of my emotion, every broken heart string I had. Told him how broken I really was and when I finished all what I had on my heart. I expected for him to run away, for him to agree and walk out of my life not looking back, but Chris did something I never expected, something I never dreamed of happening. He walked to me, cupped my cheeks and kissed me. He gave me a kiss that made all my pain go away for that one moment. In that one moment I felt as if everything in life was fine. As if all the things I was so worried about had no reason and didn’t matter. A kiss so passionate I found out what love was. It didn’t stop there. Still holding me, he broke the kiss, looked deep in my eyes and said

“I love you just the way you are. You are everything I need. I want to be there for you, I want to help you heal.  I want to help you be happy again, you deserve to happy and to show the world that beautiful smile i love so much. I don’t care how long it takes, I will be there with you in every step you take.” many people have said things like that, but never like that.

Never have they meant it and never have I believed them, but I believed Chris. I believed him so much I fell in love with him, I found happiness. He kept his word and was with me in every step in my recovery. He was there when you took a step back and then moved forward again. Never had someone stayed with me so long. No one had ever waited for you to fall in love and be ready for a relationship. Chris did all that. He was my rock. He showed me the world from a new view. I found beauty in the things I used to hate. I found beauty in myself. Something I hadn’t seen in years.

So here I am now. Standing in a white dress about to marry the man that showed me the world. I never thought I would ever be where I am now. I smiled lifting my dress up and down. The door behind me opened and Chris’ mom walked in.

“I hope i’m not” she started but stopped when I turned to her “You look so beautiful. Chris will cry seeing you. You look like a real life princes.” her words made me cry. She also was with me when things were hard. She was and is like my second mom.

“Thank you” I said and gave her a hug. She smiled at me.

“Sweet heart, there’s a little something I wanted to give you” she reached into her small bag and pulled out a beautiful neck less. “This used to belong to my grandmother. She gave it to my mom on her wedding day, then my mom gave it to me. So “ she smiled at me lifting it to my neck. “I want you to wear it.” I couldn’t believe this, it was so beautiful.

“I can’t you should”  I didn’t even finish when she was already putting it on me.

“I want you to have it. I know will take good care of it and it’ll take good care of you.” she looked at it as it shined in the sun light, it felt like it was full of love and happy life moments. “I love you” she kissed my cheek and walked out. Moments later it was my time to go too.

I walked out to find Scott. He looked at me and smiled, when I walked to him he whispered that I look beautiful. Finally in my life I could accept someone calling me that. I had asked Scott to walk me down the aisle. He had become very close to me and since I don’t have a dad, I really wanted him to walk me down the aisle. We stood by the door, the music stared to play and it opened. Showing an amazing church filled only with our family and close friends, but all I could actually see was Chris. He was standing at the end, looking at me with love filled eyes. I saw him about to walk to me, but was stopped. He couldn’t wait to get married just like me. As Scott led me down the aisle, I remembered all the memories Chris gave me, all the real laughs and smiles he gave me. He had saved me when I thought I couldn’t be saved. Those were the same words I told him in my vow. When the words “I Do” were said by me and Chris it felt like I was free. Free from all the demons, from all the pain. I had found someone who did accept me the way I already was and help me become the person I wanted to become once again. I owed him my life, from that moment on, I promised to never miss a day to tell him or show him how much I loved him and how much he had saved me.

There was a small moment me and Chris could be alone. We stood on a balcony looking at the night sky. He took my hand and kissed it. I looked at him, the man couldn’t stop smiling just like me.

“I love you Mrs Evans” he said for the hundredth time but I could hear it all the time.

“I love you too, Mr.Evans” we both looked at our wedding rings, smiling like to teenagers.

“You say I saved you and how I made your life amazing. But you don’t know how you saved me. Before you I thought I would never find someone who I would truly love and want a long lasting future with. I was also in the dark and when you walked in that room that day. You were the first ray of sun I had in a long time. You also saved me” he moved closer to me, our lips now were just inches away. “I love you and I can’t wait to see how our next 60 years will look like. How our kids will look like” he closed the gap between our lips. In a kiss, that made me see all the things he saw. A kiss that proved how much we both needed each other. We saved each other and will keep doing that till our last breaths.

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The ask about Victor/Chris reminded me, can Yuuri/Victor/Chris threesome fics where vVictor is pining after Chris just stop? and Yuuri like a dutiful fucking wife is all, "of course you can have sex with him, he's so important to you and you miss him! is it okay if I watch?" like. no.

right!!!! its such a nasty, homophobic trope aaHHHHH i hate it sm

also, why the blandest white boy in the whole show?? like i’m not particularly fond of the whole “gay men sleep with all their gay friends” thing to begin with just because that’s been an uncomfortable assumption i’ve had to deal with (that’s personal though like, also healthy gay friendships that also involve sex not in the way you mentioned are great too and i don’t think its #problematic) but damn let phichit get some action 🅱️lease he’s beautiful and deserves his dick sucked

edit: actually on second thought maybe that’s because phichit is a fair chunk younger than viktor especially so maybe that’s why that doesn’t show up a lot. phichit still deserves to have his dick sucked though but by me


Music to listen to while a tale of war, desire, and warring desires unfolds.

if i had a heart - fever ray; winter - daughter; wolf - first aid kit; do i wanna know - arctic monkeys; seven nation army - the white stripes; glory and gore - lorde; immigrant song - karen o; come as you are - nirvana; nothing else matters - scala & kolacny brothers; the wolf - fever ray

Listen here.

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I KNOW OH MY GOD WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE chris larkin was like the second coming of christ for the jonty fandom this weekend, fucking bless him and his cinnamon roll soul

AND YES LMFAO that actually happened holy shit. dane texted me like ‘oh my god pls be awake you’re gonna die’ and i’m sure you saw the pics of him meeting chris.

and basically, he talked with chris for a while and the topic came to the ‘i love jasper jordan’ shirt and dane explained he had to make that shirt because of the jasper hate on tumblr. and chris was like? ???? ???? he was so confused bc how can someone hate jasper, whAT? and dane told him about all the lil shitheads and their ‘arguments’ on why jasper is a useless, white fuckboy and he was like ‘just ask devon for the details’ (bc a lot of ppl also tweet shit to him lmao) and chris was so fucking irritated and then dane also told him about minty and how 80% of the minty shippers hate jasper.

and chris was so goddamn offended, he went ‘they want me with MILLER?!!’ and oh my god i died laughing, he couldn’t fucking grasp the idea of anyone even seeing that on the show. and that’s when he offered dane to take a picture with the ‘i love jasper jordan. get over it’ shirt. for tumblr.

I AM STILL LAUGHING SO HARD LIKE WOW you go chris, welcome to the jasper jordan defence squad, you’re an honorary member. and he also signed a pic of monty for dane and wrote things like ‘i’m extremely grateful to have met you’ and signed with his actual name and then ‘aka monty green’ and omfg he’s just so precious.