also check out that red lipstick


Background: You and Ororo are having a wonderful time at Jean’s birthday party until Peter decides to hit on you. (post-XMA)

Rating: R

Warnings: shock kink, ororo munroe, oral, fingering, dom!ororo, sub!reader, cursing, handcuffs, spanking, jealous!ororo, i guess a lil bit of dirty talk

Words: 2,105 (HOO BOOY)

A/N: Ororo ( @not-ororo-munroe ) deserves more love than she gets, and @mrspetermaximoff has asked to be tagged in this, so here you go caitlin, ya 5 foot sinner (im 5′2″ so I’m allowed to joke about it) {I’m sorry charles}[i read that sentence in raven’s voice omg] ( @supits-psylocke ororo asked me to tag you, and @fuckoffbub she also said you might express interest???)

You checked your mirror once more, adding the finishing touches to your red lipstick. Ororo always loved the color on you, a lovely contrast from your skin. Pulling on your dress, which happened to be your favorite color, you stepped out from the cramped bathroom, already imagining how lovely Jean’s party would be. She was turning 18, and the whole school was invited to celebrate it in the common room, where there would be food, drinks, and a live band. Charles warned that if anything unorthodox was going on during the party, it would come to an end, but that didn’t stop Peter from stealing Twinkies and setting up a whole table with just hostess cakes. Scott planned to surprise Jean with a suit and Jubilee had set up the whole party, complete with a firework show at the end. Everyone had gone to Charles to get their minds shielded so Jean was unsuspecting. You were practically buzzing with excitement. Ororo chose then to place a kiss to your cheek, “Come on, babe, we gotta hurry, or we won’t be there in time to yell surprise!” You giggled with her and took her hand, running down the hall while she guided you with her huge grin. 

You made it just in time, shuffling under a table and suppressing your excited chuckling with your hand. As soon as the ginger telepath passed the doorway, everyone sprung from their spots and shouted ‘SURPRISE!’ which overwhelmed Jean, causing her to gasp, backing up a few steps before catching her breath and shoving Scott, who had come over to hug her. “You scared the hell out of me!” After the initial laughter, you both made your way over to talk to her and the rest of your close friends, Peter, Kurt, Scott, Jubilee, Betsy, and Alex. You all expressed your birthday wishes, joking around and poking fun at Scott’s suit until the band came on and Jean whisked Scott, Jubilee, and Kurt away to watch. Betsy and Alex soon followed to spectate, having nothing better to do. Ororo went to get you a drink, departing with a kiss to your cheek and a reassuring shake of your shoulder. 

As soon as Ororo was out of sight, Peter smirked, advancing towards you and raking his eyes across your figure, “Man, I wish it was my birthday. I’d love to open that present.” You scoffed, pushing off his arm which had made it’s way around your shoulders. Hearing a snarl, you turned around to find Ororo with an almost animalistic glare in her eyes. She snaked her arm around your lower back, slowly enough to send shocks across your back, which you didn’t want to admit made your knees weak. Peter waved rapidly, speeding off to the snack table.

Ororo ghosted her lips beside your ear, her breath sending shivers down your spine, “You’re mine.” No sooner had the words had fallen out of her mouth than she tightened her grip on you, spinning on her heel and leading you down the hall. You had a pretty good idea of what this would lead to, but you were still nervous, as you two had not gone farther than making out. Your thoughts were interrupted by the slam of a door and Ororo pushing you up onto it, the click of the lock signaling that no one would intervene. As her lips met yours hotly, her hands launched themselves on your hips, keeping you placed. Her tongue grazed against you in a hungry way and discovered itself in between your lips as her eager hands trailed up your sides, eventually taking grasp of your wrists and holding them above your tousled hair.

Hastily, she ground her hips onto you, prompting a pleasured gasp from you. She smirked proudly, stepping back and gazing at your shaken figure. Before continuing, she adopted a more concerned expression, placing a single hand on your shoulder, “Are you sure you want to-” She was cut off by your needy lips against hers once more. At first letting loose a quiet shriek into your mouth, she began leaning into it, and swiftly laid you onto the bed. Surprisingly, she broke the contact, digging in her bedside drawer and returning with a pair of handcuffs. You raised an eyebrow questioningly, but she smiled, “Jean told me about it. All the little things you dream about me, especially all the dirty stuff that makes you clench those pretty little thighs. Arms up.” 

You obeyed, lifting your arms as she placed a cuff over each wrist and hung it on the tall, wooden center of the bedframe. The white-haired girl watched you squirm for a second, before backing away, seemingly satisfied with her work. Continuing the lip-lock, her hands brushed against the skin under your shirt, sending small shocks onto your skin accidentally. You whimpered, causing her to pull away, her huge brown eyes an inch from yours and a few wisps of her hair falling in between them. “Did I hurt you?” 

“Fuck, don’t stop.” you managed, eliciting a grin from Ororo as her fingers caressed your sides, teasing the end of your dress before pulling it up to bunch behind your head. At the sight of your lacy, black bra, she let out a low growl, causing you press your legs together. Her lips latched onto yours once more before becoming more focused on your jaw, then neck, and then collarbone. You knew she was leaving marks, but you couldn’t be bothered to think about anything but how fucking hot her lips were against your skin. It made you tremble by just their graze.

“This definitely needs to go, baby.” she breathed out against your neck, unclasping your bra with no difficulty. As she slid the straps off your shoulders and moved the bra behind your head, she cupped both of your breasts in her hands and flicked her tongue on your nipple. Your head fell back at the action, your eyes shutting as your pulse quickened. Ororo took the hint, taking one in her mouth and watching as you struggled against your restraints, becoming wetter and wetter by the second, which she admittedly was as well. The dim lights caught your face scrunched up and breathless, directing her to the other nipple, treating it just the same. Once finishing that, she held your sides and trailed kisses down to your core, sliding down your panties. Hovering above it, Ororo displayed a wicked grin at your begging face. 

Abruptly, her tongue fluttered onto your clit, making you give out a loud moan in the midst of a vain attempt to keep quiet. Your denial only egged her on, Ororo slightly shifting to leave a hickey on your thigh. Her lips were so fucking close to your throbbing core and you needed her, but you weren’t about to admit it. Well, not until she nudged your clit with her nose, making your senses go haywire. “Fuck, baby, please, I need you.” 

Her face shone with accomplishment as the words poured out of your mouth. “Oh really, sweetie?” she teased, leaning her head against your thigh, gazing at you from in between your legs. 

“Yes, oh god, please, baby.” you muttered just loud enough for her to hear. As your eyes found their way to hers and agonizingly pleaded, that was all she needed, diving into your already soaking pussy and fucking you with her mouth. You couldn’t even think, you were on cloud nine, and you were aching to push your fingers through her hair, evident by the wriggling your wrists were doing to the handcuffs. Ororo noted this, smacking your ass, hard.

“We won’t be having any of that, sugar.” she muttered, separating her mouth from you, coming up from your pussy, glistening with your wetness. Just as you were about to ask for more, her hands gripped either one of your thighs, dragging the pads of her burning fingers across the sides as she spread you, making you cry out in bliss. “Ah, that’s what I like to hear, baby. Your little noises drive me so fucking wild…but I bet I could make you scream.” You tossed your head onto the headboard as she softly rubbed your clit, barely touching it. “Tell me what you want, sweetheart.”

“Please, god, fuck me, fuck me so hard I scream.” you whined out, needing.

“Glad you asked.” she mumbled against your thighs as she began sucking harshly on your clit, plunging three fingers into you. Her lips transferred shock waves as well as what you would have felt with anyone else doing what she was, making you lose breath and forgot exactly how to breathe. The only word you could accomplish then was ‘Ororo’ and you intoned it like a prayer, every single time her mouth would give away that little spark or her fingers would stroke your soaking walls. The knot that had been building in your stomach collapsed in a full-body tremble, during which Ororo kissed you and let you moan and scream into her mouth. 

Despite Ororo’s proud disposition, you could tell that she had not orgasmed, and it annoyed you to no end. All this, and she had still forgotten to get herself off? You weren’t having it. As soon as Ororo unbound your sore wrists, you caught her off guard, flipping her beneath you. “I’m hungry, honey.”

Her smirk visible enough to see in the dim light, she murmured back, “What’s for dinner, baby?”


No sooner had you mumbled the words than you had twirled around onto your back and positioned Ororo to straddle you. Excruciatingly slow, she kissed you until she had removed every piece of clothing she wore. After finishing, she climbed up to your face and hovered above you. Caring as always, she made sure to ask first, “Baby, you sure you want this? It’s okay if you-” She received her answer in the form of you wrapping your arms around her thighs and pulling her onto your eager tongue, as she let out a surprised yelp. 

Continuously freeing moans and utterances of your name, Ororo shifted backwards slightly, squeezing her thighs around you. At first confused, you breathed out a groan of pleasure into her wetness after she began fingering you and riding you at the same time. You were pretty sure she left a trail of little lightning bolts along your stomach, but you didn’t mind, because the knot in your stomach was building again and it was all you could do to not let go yet, still fucking her with all the strength your tongue could muster. Ororo slipped in “Baby, you feel so good.” in the middle of her heavy-breathing and utterances of your name, and that was all it took, making you shiver into her core as you came down from your high, along with Ororo who couldn’t hold on much longer, coming with a sharp intake of breath and a shriek of your name. The windows were flooded with light as she came, the lightning almost blinding you.

As she dismounted you, she smirked, licking up the juices from her three fingers and winking, which probably would’ve sent you tumbling to your knees if you weren’t already sitting down. After taking some cream and applying it to the scorch marks, she returned from the bathroom with a towel and helped clean you both up. Checking the clock, it was about an hour or so after Jean’s party began, so you both got back into your clothes, walking out the door to rejoin the celebration. Ororo smacked your ass, whispering into your ear, “Remember who you belong to.” before you were in sight of the others.

Approaching the common room, you spotted the band packing up and the close-knit group of friends you had grown to love sitting on the couches mingling in the almost empty area.

Jean was the first to notice your returns, “Hey guys!” The gang all waved you over as you and Ororo took a seat on a secluded loveseat. 

“What’d we miss?” Ororo raised an eyebrow, finding it strange that the band was already packing up.

“Oh, Roadrunner over there just had to get this drink to this girl in time before she realized he was a tool, so of course he sped by the speakers and broke them with spilled punch.” Jean glared at Peter, who held up his hands defensively. Scott fake-coughed, concealing a ‘Dumbass’.

“HEY!” Peter shouted, pouting at Scott. Everyone laughed as Jean raised an eyebrow and pursed her lips at you both.

“What happened to your lipstick?”


Raucous Productions. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

“That is the latest from us, here on BBC Radio Morning news,” Nick Grimshaw beamed as you came to a stop outside of the large twenty story building.

Cutting out the engine and placing your car keys into your sleek black purse, you couldn’t help but allow a long and tired sigh to leave your lips, your eyes casting out the window seeing dreary dark clouds cover the once blue sky. Why does the weekend tend to go by within the blink of an eye? It only feels like yesterday that you were leaving this place, and now you were here once more.


Sighing to yourself, you grabbed your coffee cup and took a long sip from the hot drink, allowing the liquid to scorch your throat and give you an instant boost. Before leaving your car, you made sure to give yourself a look over. You made sure that your hair was still in neat and bouncy curls, landing around your shoulders. You also made sure to check that your red lipstick was still in tact.

Walking into the large and very modern building, you were instantly greeted with warmth and the sound of your male colleagues mumbling about the awful hangovers they were now suffering from.

“Good morning Y/N!” Paula beamed, rushing from her sitting position at her desk to greet you.

“I know you only greet me at the door so you can get the first bagel, Paula.” You teased, seeing her reach out for the fresh box of bagels while you struggled to hold the batch of folders in your arm and keep your coffee cup in hand.

“You’re lucky I’m the one who greets you. What if it was Micheal that greeted you?” Paula gasped, causing you to roll your eyes playfully, glancing over to Michael who sat at the security desk. You noticed his face buried deep inside of a paper, his legs up on the desk, his body slouching. Michael wasn’t the jolly type of morning person. Michael was more of the ‘don’t talk to me until at least noon and when I’ve finished lunch.’ person. 

“At least he wouldn’t steal the box of bagels to get the biggest one first.” You laughed, following behind her into the elevator, allowing her to press the button for the top floor.

“Did you do anything exciting over the weekend? Drink so much that you can’t remember? Dance so hard that you have to wear flats for the rest of your life? Or did you watch so many new shows on Netflix that you want to sleep for the rest of your life?” She questioned, causing you to scoff and smile playfully at her, a broad smile playing on her own lips.

“I went out Saturday night, it wasn’t overly exciting or intoxicating. Sunday I slept for hours and watched Netflix and now I’m here. Back at it again with meetings, e-mails, faxing and following the every word of my boss because I’m such an amazing personal assistant.” You explained, watching the elevator doors slide open, revealing many of your male colleagues, sprawled out across their desks, holding their hands and whining about the hangovers they have from the weekend.

“You’re such a goody two shoes! This weekend, I’m going to show you exactly how twenty one year old girls actually have fun! That means, no netflix and very little sleep.” Paula spoke sternly, causing you to roll your eyes playfully.

“And what is it that twenty one year old girls do to have fun?” You ask, raising your brows at the blonde girl as she snatched the largest bagel from the box, taking the largest bite from it, washing it down with her coffee. 

“They go to clubs, Y/N! And I know what you really did on Saturday night. Your idea of going out and getting highly intoxicated is by going to a boring little pub downtown and drinking two diet cokes with an old school friend, let me clarify, that is not fun.” Paula spoke, your eyes narrowing in annoyance at her as you both walked into the lunch room, placing the box of bagels on the table. 

“Well, maybe it’s not fun to you. That’s just what I like to do!” You huffed, pulling your folder close to your chest. You hated arriving into work on Monday, mainly because, as much as you love her, but you were always nagged by Paula. She always wanted to know what you got up to on the weekend and you never really did anything exciting. Paula was a wild girl. She loved to go clubbing, go on blind dates, drink until she passed out. She was always disappointed when you told her what you got up to, since compared to her weekend, your weekend was boring. You weren’t much of a girl for partying an clubbing. Sure, maybe once in a while you like to go out, but every single weekend? Getting drunk and waking up hungover, not remembering what you did the night before? No thank you. 

“A real twenty one year old girl, goes out! They dance in ten inch heels and they swoon guys into buying them drinks. They go wild, Y/N. Wild. You need to learn how to go wild, grandma. You never have any exciting or juicy stories to tell me come Monday morning.” Paula tutted, a disapproving look plastered on her face. 

“This weekend, you and I are going out. We’re going to hit the bars up. Surely, with you being Mr. Sugg’s P.A., you’re bound to have a list of all the V.I.P clubs in town. Even have some passes to get us in?” Paula smirked, her eyebrows raised as you walked her to her desk, your eyes widening at her words as you shook your head.

“I am not stealing any passes, I could get fired!” You hissed, giving her a pointed look making her roll her eyes.

“Alright fine, then. I’ll just hook us up somewhere cool anyways. We can have a couple of drinks, doll ourselves up, then hit the bars, mix with some guys and then hit the real V.I.P. places. What do you say? Actually no, you’re not getting a say. You’re coming out this weekend, with me, and I’m going to show you what you’ve been missing out on.” Paula grinned, sitting down at her desk and logging onto her accounts. 

“I’ll think about it, Paula. I’m really busy at the moment.” You smiled sweetly, trying your best to get out of going anywhere this weekend,unfortunately you were cut off.

“Well babe, you better clear your schedule, because I’m not letting this go. Have a good day, and hey, if you see Mr. Sugg, give his bum a squeeze from me.” Paula whispered, winking at you as you groaned at her. 

“Shut up, Paula.” You tutted, rolling your eyes at her, making your way into your office and noticing a yellow sticky note sitting on your keyboard.

'Ms. L/N, when you see this, please make your way to my office. -J.S’

You gazed down at the note unsure. You didn’t want to just walk straight into his office, not after what happened last time. The last time you recieved one of these notes, you knocked on his office door and walked straight in, immediately being greeted by a shirtless Joe and a girl just dressed in her bra and underwear. You couldn’t look your boss in the eyes for two weeks. Picking up the phone on your desk, you began to dial Joe’s extension number, listening to the dial tone ring.

“Yes, Ms. L/N?” Joe’s voice spoke, his voice sounding deep making a shiver trace down your spine.

“Would you still like me to come into your office sir? I’m just reading your note now. I’m not disturbing you at this time, am I?” You responded.  

“You’re not disturbing, Ms. L/N. Please, come in.” He answered, the sound of the phone hanging up ringing in your ears. 

You grabbed your diary and a large notebook, taking a pen with you while walking towards his office. You knocked twice before pushing the door open and peeking your head around the corner, noticing your boss standing in front of his large, open window. 

“Good morning sir.” You smiled, closing the door behind you and walking up to his desk. 

“It is a good morning, isn’t it?” Joe answered cheerily, his body turning around to face you. You were instantly greeted with a Hollywood smile and a sweep of his brown hair, brushing to the side. Joe was dressed in his usual attire. He wore a crisp white shirt with a black suit, a black tie also tied neatly. 

“What can I do for you, sir?” You questioned, sitting down in front of him as you opened up your diary, reading out his plans for the day before he could ask you. “You have no meetings today sir. You do however, have a business call with Mr. Hughes and Mr. Grant at eleven. Mr. Lee is still on business and would like for you to call him at three.” You added, reading from your diary before looking up to Joe, seeing him nod at your words while he takes note of the time to call Mr. Lee. 

As he did, you took time to take a look around his office. Joe’s office was no doubt beautiful. The walls were clean white. There were paintings and art work hung smartly around the room. Plaques also hung proudly on his wall, while awards were placed neatly on shelves. He had a large window wall, your favorite thing in his office. It gave you the most fantastic and most beautiful view of London. You loved it especially during the Summer evenings, watching glorious and beautiful sunsets from this spot was amazing. The room was very large and spacious. Leather sofas and chairs were pushed to one side, a large flat screen tv hung up on the wall. It was a dream office that every CEO would love. 

Raucous Productions is a company set up by Mr. Joe Sugg and Mr. Caspar Lee. After filming Joe and Caspar Hit The Road, it instantly became a number one best selling DVD. This film led to a second film and it wasn’t that long until they made it big time, with A List celebrities, for example, Zac Efron, Leonardo Dicaprio, Rachel McAdams, Mila Kunis etc.They are now multi millionaire CEO’s and they now direct and produce big time, Hollywood movies. 

“You’re always on the ball, Ms. L/N. One of the many reasons why I love the fact that I snatched you up before Mr. Lee could.” He chuckled, leaning comfortably back against his leather chair, throwing his hands behind his head while a relaxed sigh left his lips. 

“Please, reserve a table for two at Apsleys, The Lanesborough Hotel. Lets say for eight o'clock.” He nodded as you jotted down the words he spoke. “Also, please send a large bouquet of red roses to Ashley. Here is her address. Have them delivered to her at one. Please also enclose this note on the bouquet. That will be all for now. Thank you, Ms. L/N.” Joe smiled at you, slipping you a piece of paper. Smiling at him you turned your back and made your way back to your office, rolling your eyes at the sight of Ashley’s address on a slip of paper.

What number girl is she?


Hello lovelies! 

How are you all? Are you keeping well? I really hope that you are. It’s also the flu season so make sure to drink plenty of fluids and keep warm! Also with school starting again, make sure you all get a lot of sleep and make sure not to worry or stress yourselves out with the thought of exams and homework. 

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Never forget how important you are! 

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Hello, me! I am you.

So lately, I’ve been feeling a tiny bit… meh. Down. In the dumps. Shit - I’ve been feeling shit.

So I decided to do a little re-introduction with myself.

Hello me! I am you, but also I am here to remind you that I am you. You love reading, you love photographing things. You love creating - whether that is drawing, writing, making things with your hands, you just love to create.

And you’re good - I mean, we all have our bad days where we are a little out of tune with our intentions, but the first thing that comes after the second thought defines who you are and you’re check it before you wreck it. You love red lipstick and you tell yourself you should wear it more often, though you never do and you love make-up and you’re pretty darn good at it, too.

your freckles are your favourite thing about you - and no one has your eyes.

What You Can’t Finish, Epilogue

A couple people asked for a part 4, but this is probably the last update I’ll do of this story. So, here’s:


What You Can’t Finish, Epilogue

“Hey. Y/N.” Daryl whispered one morning. You’d been trying to sleep in a bit, since Daryl had been out late on a run with Rick the night before, and it made it hard to sleep when he did that. “Y/N.” He said again.

“What?” You mumble, turning over to try to get away from him.

“I have sumthin I wanna ask you.” He’s poking your back now, trying to get you to turn back over.

“Can it wait?”

“Yeah, but I can’t.”

You heave a large sigh and roll over. You’d been living with and ‘dating’ (well, as much dating as one can do in an apocalypse) this man for the last six months, so you knew that when he got like this, there was no stopping him until he got whatever he wanted. You roll back over and prop yourself up on an elbow. “OK. What is it?”

He holds up a beautiful, shiny diamond ring, a huge lopsided grin on his face. He knew you knew the question by now, but he asked anyway. “Marry me?”

You were trying not to cry, so instead you said, “Took you long enough.” And slipped the ring on while he laughed. Then, you tackled him in a barrage of kisses and hugs.


You flash the ring almost the second you walk into the room. Maggie screams. You scream. Carol screams. Even Michonne lets out a little squeal of excitement.

Rick busts into the room, gun drawn. “What happened?”

“Daryl proposed to Y/N!” Maggie says and you all scream again.

Rick smiled. “I’m glad you said ‘yes’. I spent weeks with him just trying to find a ring that he liked. He was really picky about it. Said it had to be perfect.”

“Well, it is.” You hold out your hand and admire it.

“We have to plan a wedding.” Maggie suddenly said. “It doesn’t have to be huge, but it would be so much fun. Also, it’d be another step in the direction of our old lives.”

You all look at Rick for approval. “If you can get Daryl to agree to that, I don’t see why not.”


“Why do we need a wedding?” Daryl asked, scanning the area around Alexandria again. He was on guard duty when you went to talk to him. “Can’t I just start calling you my wife and we call it good?”

“I was planning on that, yeah.” You nod. “But, Maggie suggested it, and to tell you the truth, it got me really excited. Please?”

He looks at you for a moment, studying your face (which was shooting him the biggest puppy-dog eyes you could muster). “If it’ll make you happy.”

You smile and kiss him on the cheek. “Thank you.”


This was probably the weirdest wedding you’d ever been to. And it was yours. There were flowers all over the church, sure, but half the guests had finished a run five minutes ago and were covered in blood, and the groom was in jeans and biker vest. But the weirdest part was the attempt you’d made at a ‘dress’. You and had Carol had tried your best to make a wedding dress from some white cloth you found on a run, but it had to be patched and pulled together in some places with other colors. Finally, you scrapped the dress and the idea and settled for a white button-up shirt and a nice pair of jeans.

“It’s a slapped-together redneck wedding if I ever saw one.” You laugh into the mirror after putting on the little bit of make-up that Maggie and Glenn had found for you on a run. “I love it.” Maggie laughed with you as she started trying to tackle your hair.

“Are you going to be nice tonight?” Ma asked, trying to fix Daryl’s hair and fusing over his tie.

“C’mon, Ma.” He swatted her hand away lightly and shifted awkwardly. “I can be nice.”

“Of course you can.” Mom smiled and patted his arm. “You’re a very kind young man.” Daryl rolled his eyes.

Upstairs, you were taking one last look at yourself in your dream dress. You and your mom had both scraped and saved all year in order to buy it and to pay for the prom ticket, only to have your boyfriend dump you a week before the dance. Luckily for you, you had Daryl, who not only beat the shit out of Shaun for hurting you, but also offered to take you to the dance himself.

You smooth out the red floor length evening gown one more time, admiring the way it shimmered and made you look twenty-five instead of eighteen. Finally, with one last lipstick check, you decide to head downstairs.

When you started descending the stairs, and finally came into full view of the small party awaiting you at the bottom, both moms started crying and fussing over you. “You look so beautiful.” Mom said, fixing a few fly-aways in your hair.

“Such a gorgeous young lady.” Ma said, taking your hand in hers.

You were smiling, but also turning bright red from all the attention.

“You look really pretty.” Daryl muttered, then looked at the floor.

“What? No sarcastic remark?” You tease.

“Not tonight.” He says, pulling on the bright red tie around his neck a little and holding your corsage out at arm’s length. “This is for you.”

You take the flower out of its plastic and slid it onto your wrist. “Perfect.” You say. Then you throw your arms around Daryl’s neck and whisper, “Thank you.”

“I want pictures!” Ma yells, moving you two around until she had you posed how she wanted. “C’mon, Daryl, look up and smile please.”

He looked up and was bright red in the face. You smile and nudge him in the side. “Hey.” You whisper. “Relax. You look nice, and tonight will be fun.”

He relaxes a little and the red starts to fade. “Smile big!” Mom says and snaps the first photo.

“You ready?” Rick stuck his head into the ‘dressing room’, his eyes covered with his hands.

“Everyone’s decent, Rick, you can look.” You say as you smooth out your jeans one more time.

“I think we’re ready to start whenever you are. Father Gabriel is all ready to go.” Rick gave you a thumbs up before leaving to go back to the church.

“Alright,” You say, breathing out slowly, “Let’s get this show on the road.”

The dance was loud. Louder than you expected. But, there was still lots of lights and pretty decorations and people dancing, which is really just how you’d imagined it. “Do you want something to drink?” Daryl asked the moment you walked into the door.

“I’m OK.” You shake your head. “Wanna dance?”

“Not really, but I will if you want to.” He said, walking toward the edge of the dancefloor.

You followed and began to ‘dance’ to the pop song that was blasting through the speakers. Neither of you really knew how to dance, so you were both just moving awkwardly from side-to-side, trying to keep in time. Finally, it was too much, and you both started laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing. You decided to take a break from ‘dancing’ and prop yourselves up against a side wall, making snarky and sarcastic comments about the people and the songs.

This was the kind of dance you wanted, you realized. Not whatever night you would’ve had with Shaun.

The music slowed way down suddenly and everyone was moving closer together, swaying elegantly to the song. “Wanna dance?” Daryl asked, looking at the floor again.

You were about to answer, when you spotted Shaun making his way over. “What does he want?” You say, making Daryl’s head snap up quickly.

“Do you wanna dance with me, Y/N?” Shaun asked.

“No.” You say, taking Daryl’s hand in yours. “I’m here with someone else. I’d rather dance with Daryl, thank you very much.”

“Oh come on. Him? Did you see what he did to me?” Shaun points to the faded remnants of a black eye.

“You deserved it.” Daryl and you both say at the same time.

“No, I didn’t. I messed up, but you’re my girl.” Shaun grabs your arm and starts making his way to the dance floor, dragging you behind. “And I’m going to dance with you.”

“Hey!” Daryl yelled, storming over to stand in front of Shaun. “She’s not your girl. She’s her own girl. Now let her go.”

“Back off, white trash.” Shaun pushed Daryl, and his luck.

Daryl reared back and punched Shaun straight in the nose, sending the senior spinning to the floor of the gym. A few people near them stopped dancing to watch. Daryl hauled Shaun up by the lapels of his jackets, and got right into his face. “Now get the fuck away from us.” Shaun backpedaled and ran through the crowd at top speed.

“Wanna dance?” Daryl asked again. The slower song was still playing, and those who had stopped to watch the fight had gone back to dancing.

You start to laugh. “Daryl, you’re covered in blood.”

He had taken his suit jacket off earlier, and his white shirt was covered in little flecks of blood from Shaun’s terrified exhalations. Daryl looked down at the shirt, then back up at you. “Is that a no?”

“It’s an ‘of course’.”

You’d asked Carol to give you away. There was really no guys at Alexandria that you would’ve wanted doing it, and Carol kind of reminded you of your mom. When you got to where Daryl and Rick and Maggie were standing, Carol gave you a quick hug before shaking Daryl’s hand. You stepped forward to stand next to Daryl, and before Gabriel could open his mouth to start the ceremony, you started to laugh. “Daryl, you’re covered in blood.” He’d gone on the run with the others, and his shirt was splattered with walker blood. At least he’d washed his face and arms, though.

“Just like prom?” He cracked a smile.

“Just like prom.”

You wound your arms around his neck and he placed his hands on your waist before you both started to sway back and forth. It was awkward at first, but you both got the hang of it after a minute. “Thank you.” You say. “For everything. Shaun’s an ass, and I know dances aren’t really your thing, but thank you.”

“No one’s ever gonna hurt you. Promise.”

You moved your arms so that they were wrapped tightly around his chest, and he pulled you close as well, and you both stopped swaying. You stayed like that until well after the song had finished.

“Did the bride and groom prepare their own vows?” Gabriel asked.

“More or less.” You shrug and turn to face your groom. “When we were ten, there was a boy in the neighborhood that liked to pick on me.”

“Jimmy Smith.” Daryl nodded. “Kid was an asshole.”

“Well, he was following me to the bus stop one morning, pulling on my ponytail and calling me names. I’d told him three times to cut it out, but that kid was asshole.” The guests were smiling now as you continued talking. “Then you come out of nowhere and tackle this kid to the ground, and Merle is looming over all of us. Merle picks Jimmy up and dangles him off of the ground by the collar of his shirt. And you look this terrified nine year-old dead in the eyes and say ‘If you touch her again, I will beat you til you can’t see right’.” The small crowd laughed. “And I was only ten at the time, but that was the moment that I knew that I never wanted to be away from you. This is super cheesy, but I knew I’d found my soulmate.”

You could see that most of the people there were tearing up now. Even Daryl was a little misty-eyed. Rick patted his shoulder and said, “It’s OK to cry, brother.”

“Shut up.” Daryl muttered.

“Daryl, it’s your turn now.” Gabriel said.

Daryl took a deep breath and looked you in the eyes. “No one’s ever gonna hurt you. Promise.”

“I had a lot of fun tonight.” You say. You and Daryl had ditched the dance early and were now sitting on the bank of the creek near your house. You had your heels dangling absently from one hand and were drawing circles in the dirt next to you with the other. To hell with your dress. It could be dry cleaned.

“Me, too. I got to punch someone.”

You roll your eyes. “I probably had more fun than if I’d gone with Shaun.”

“Shaun’s a douche.”

“Starting now, I never want to hear that name again.”


You lay your head on his shoulder and look up at the stars. “It’s beautiful out.”

“Yeah, you are.”

You both look at each other, and instantly burst into uncontrollable laughter. “That was lame. What movie did you get that from?”

Daryl shrugged. “Not sure. But I knew you’d get a kick outta that.”

You lightly punch his arm before returning your head to his shoulder. “You’re alright, Dixon.”

“You’re pretty OK, too.”

“I now pronounce you: man and wife. Daryl, you may kiss your bride.”

And he did.


There you go! Hope you enjoyed! Remember that I do requests, so just drop me a line!

Part one:

One Shot

Prompt:One shot where Bucky gets protective around you while in a club bc men keep on checking u out
Bucky X Reader
Warning:None :)
-Requested by Anymonous-

“Bucky, are you almost ready!?” You yell from the bathroom where you were adding the finishing touches to your makeup.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” Bucky said from your room. Tonight we decided that we should all have a well deserved break. So Tony made the decision that all of us from Shield go out to the club. Of course you don’t like clubs but Bucky seemed excited to go and you needed to blow off some steam. You finish your makeup and walked out of the bathroom seeing Bucky on your bed in a white button up shirt and some black jeans, he also had his hair pulled up into a neat bun. He looked up at you and smiled, checking you out. You were wearing a black, just above the knee length dress that hugged to your body just right, and your hair was up in a pony tail. You also had added a black handbag and Black pumps with your makeup which was a smokey cat eye with red lipstick. “Wow, Y/N you look beautiful.” He says and you blush a little.

“Thank you.” You say with a small smile. He stands up and puts his arm out for you to take. You take it with a smile and he leads you put into his 67’ Chevy Impala opening the door for you. You grin at him and get in and he shuts the door for you like a gentleman, then he runs to the other side getting into the car himself looking over at you with a large grin.

“Ready?” He asks and you nod smiling at his dorkyness. He always had a way to make you smile. “Great” he says turning on the car and then Highway to Hell by AC/DC came onto the radio and I grin and begin singing to it while he drives towards the club. I soon enough was singing loud enough for Bucky to hear me and he smirks and chuckles softly at your silliness.

After a while, Bucky parks outside the club, getting out and opening your door, a goofy smile on his lips. “Ready?”

You smile and nod, taking his hand and climbing out of the car, walking into the club with him to meet up with the rest of the group. After looking around for a few minutes you see Tony and Steve sitting at the bar talking together, and Natasha is across the room talking to Bruce. “There they are,” you point out cheerfully, trying your hardest to stay positive about tonight, despite the fact you don’t want to be here.

Bucky leads you over to Steve and Tony and you watch him easily fall into conversation with the two, you slowly grow bored and go to buy yourself a drink. After a few minutes of sipping your drink and watching Bucky have more fun than you’ve seen in a while, a guy dressed in jeans and a tight red T-shirt sits down next to you. You look over at him and smile a little before resuming finishing off your drink. “Can I buy you another?” He asks, watching you closely.

“No thanks, I’m good.” You decline politely, looking away from the guy.

“No, really, I don’t mind sweetheart.” He says, moving closer to you, ordering you another drink despite your repeated declining. He hands it to you but you shake your head, refusing again.

“Really, I’m fine.” You say, getting mildly annoyed. You glance back up to realise Tony, Steve and Bucky are all gone, you glance around the club nervously trying to locate them but they don’t seem to be around.

“Expecting someone? Come on, just one drink.” He says again, slowly getting closer to you, he stops when there’s a firm hand on his shoulder.

“Do you know him?” Bucky asks, expression a mix of confusion and hurt, you shake your head and he easily forces to guy up, pushing him along so he’ll leave you alone.

“Thanks..” You mumble, smiling shyly at him. He nods, sitting on the seat next to you.

“You alright, doll?” He asks sweetly, you nod again.

“He was just annoying, are you having a good time?” You ask, changing the subject.

A grin spreads across his face and he nods quickly. “I am, but I think I would like it more with you. You seem lonely, come sit over here with me.”

“Nah, I’m fine, I don’t wanna ruin your night.” You smile, patting his arm gently. “Go have fun with the guys,”

Bucky frowns, taking your hand. “But it’d be such an honour to have someone as beautiful as you with me, please?” He asks, a slight pout showing on his bottom lip.

“Okay, okay..” You say, blushing, unable to resist his cute pout.

He giggles happily, which you and anyone else who’s ever heard him giggle would completely agree, he needs to do more often. “Come on then, cutie.” He says, pulling you up quickly. You smile and let him walk you over to where everyone is. But while you are walking over some guy ends up grabbing your ass. You jump, clinging closer to Bucky, Bucky looks over and sees the guy with a smirk on his face. He then let’s go of your hand going walking over to the guy anger in his eyes. “Hey, do you think it’s ok to grab my girls ass?” He growls.

“Come on its her fault that she is walking around with that tightness of hers” the guy says with the smirk still on his face.

Bucky shoves the guy roughly glaring at him. “Shut up. Don’t you even talk about her like that.” The guy catches his balance looking at Bucky unamused.

“Ok, sorry.” The guy says putting his hands up in surrender.

“Don’t tell me. Tell her.” Bucky says gesturing to you, completely done with this guy.

“Sorry.” The guy says to you. Bucky nods grabbing your hand starting to walk away with you when the guy makes yet another comment. “Slut.” I feel Bucky tense as he lets go of your hand turning around facing the guy.

“I warned you.” Bucky simply says punching the guy straight in the face knocking him onto the floor. All the guys friends surround him while Bucky comes back to you walking away with you still angry.

“Bucky?” You ask glancing over at him.

“Yeah?” He asks still tense. He was obviously still upset.

“You didn’t have to do that you know.” You say holding his hand pulling him off to the side into a hall.

“Of course I did you are my girl, and you don’t deserve to be treated like that.” He says looking into your eyes. You give him a little smile, blushing a little. “Anyway I love you, and I can’t stand seeing guys look at you, call me selfish but…” You cut him off with a kiss wrapping your arms around his neck smiling. You feel him loosen up and smile kissing you back wrapping his arms around your waist.

You pull back a little looking up into his eyes. “I love you too.” He grins and kisses you again with a kiss that was full of Love and Passion.

This was Day 12 of 31 DIY’s Til Halloween! This is an easy Rosie the Riveter - inspired pin up costume!

I’m wearing my Orchard Corset CS-426 authentic longline underbusy corset in size 22" black satin. I’m also wearing an ancient red bandanna I’ve had for ages. The navy + white checked button down blouse I’ve had since high school and I usually only wear it to job interviews. It’s from Forever 21 circa 2008. The black v-neck tank is also from my closet - I found it in 2009 during my freshman year of university at one of my favorite Boston boutique shops, called “344”, on Newbury Street. Not sure if it’s still there but check it out if you’re in the downtown Boston area!

My black skinny jeans are from Sirens and are just my basic work pants.

For this “costume”, all you really need is some kind of bandanna or polka-dot head scarf. Pair it with some intense winged liner, killer brows and the brightest red lipstick you can find! I’m wearing MAC Ruby Woo (my go-to) and NYX Ruby retractable lip pencil. If you have longer bangs or sidesweep bangs, or no bangs at all, you can do a front barrel roll or a faux bumper-bang, curl the rest of your hair, and pin it up. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube! I have really short baby bangs / “Bettie bangs” so I just left them down and did one of my favorite bow-shaped victory roll updo styles. I might post a picture tutorial if that’s something people want to see!

Rosie the Riveter wore a blue denim button down shirt or jumpsuit (you could easily find one of these at a thrift store, especially in the men’s section) or blue jeans. She definitely had work boots on, but depending on how accurate you want to make the costume, you can wear any shoe you like. Matching red, white, black or blue platform pumps would be super cute!

Follow 31 DIY’s Til Halloween - at least one new homemade/DIY/thrifted costume posted every day! Happy haunting! xo

dazed-n-cuntfused  asked:

Dupes for Clinique Black Honey? I would be eternally grateful. P.S. I love that you're back on the blog <3

Hi there, thank youu!

Everyone asks me about Black Honey, so I finally went and hunted it down to try it for myself.  I love that the color is buildable, and because it’s naturally sheer it looks different on everyone.  I found a couple of colors in my stash that look and feel really similar, for a lot less - 

Revlon Lip Butter in Fig Jam - $8 (Shockingly enough this is also the most popular “dupe” according to the internet.  I find that this is just slightly more brown!)

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia - $5 (This is one of my casual day standbys.  I like that this is really hydrating and has SPF just like the Clinique lipstick, for $10 less!)

You can get both of these dupes at most drugstores, or online.


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Here in th Philippines, we don’t celebrate Halloween AS MUCH AS other countries does (like in the USA) and it’s such a bummer because it’s really fun dressing up a clever/crazy/funny/scary costume for one day, there are so many to choose from - characters from books, movies, series, cartoons to inanimate objects such a hotdog, water bottle, chair and so much more, just imagine the endless possibilities.

And since I find so many great, unusual stuff in the thrift store that I can’t use on a daily basis, I made this post to somehow show them off and also might help in case there is anyone need of ideas for halloween. I really made an effort on this so I hope you check em out!! There are a lot of surprises below! 

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sleepyspacekitten  asked:

Yeah, I was also told that they sold out very quickly. I couldn't find any of the costumes in-store (coz they were all sold out) and checked online, but I can't find one on their UK store; which is what makes me think (if not know) that I can't get one here in the UK (◕﹏◕✿) I now don't know what to wear for Halloween! Any good ideas I could use?

The first thing that came to my mind which is quite easy to recreate is a Bloody Mary costume ʘ‿ʘ. You just need some white clothes and red lipstick, eyeshadow etc. Another tip that I could give you is to wear some effect contact lenses cause even if your costume isn’t very innovative the lenses already make it look special (of course it’s even better with some interesting makeup though but it’s an easy way to make it interesting (-‿◦)).

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I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and a smile on your face! <3

Tips: Finding The Perfect Lipstick Shade

Finding a lipstick shade that will make you look amazing and beautiful can be a really tiring task. Just thinking about it makes me want to fall asleep on a bed of cotton balls. How do I know if I would look good in true red or raspberry red? Magenta or Berry? Pink-Pink or PINK-Pink? If you’re new to the lippie game, though, I feel your pain the most. The first time I bought lipstick, I think I went home, hated it, smeared it on my face and cried. Was I born this way? Is it Maybelline? I’m a MONSTER. I don’t want you to suffer the same fate I did, so here are some tips if you’re drowning in lipstick fears and want to be sailing high on your lipstick game instead. Just think of me as your resident lipstick fairy, because I want the world (men, women, the non-gendered, all in-between and ALSO children) to run the world in lipstick:

-Narrow down the color you are going for. Don’t just run into a pharmacy and scream “all the shades!!” Do you want a neutral everyday look? A colorful spring look? A nude? A classic red? Good for cosplay? A dark, vampish death look? Questions? Choose one or two at first and eliminate the rest if you don’t want to get overwhelmed.

-Then, narrow down the kind of coverage you want in a lipstick. Are you looking for a glossy sheen or light colors? Go for a sheen lipstick or a gloss. Do you hate gloss with a passion? Go with a matte or opaque lipstick for bold colors and no shine. If you want to wear it for hours, check out lipsticks that say they are long-lasting.

-Also: What kind of look do you dream of the most? My first MAC lippie was a vampy blackish purple. Go with the image in your head that makes you the absolute happiest, not just a neutral pink because you don’t want to dive in headfirst yet. Even –and especially—if that look means lime green.

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Vlogger Lizlizlive recently posted a video all about pink lipsticks for darker skin tones and she couldn’t have done a better job! Whether you’ve noticed or not brightly colored pouts are all the rage, and are definitely here to stay. Pink and red are usually the go to colors for those looking to get in on this trend, but choose wisely ladies. The wrong shade of pink or red is the quickest way to go from fierce to fail. 

For women of color this can be especially tricky. Check out Lizlizlive video for shades of pink that work well for women with darker skin. She also includes a few universal shades.

8 Reasons To Follow "The Nations First Love" miss A's Suzy on Instagram

miss A’s Suzy is the latest to join Instagram, and if you haven’t already started following her, you definitely should be! The star is known as “The Nations First Love”, and has been creating waves in everything he stars in. From dramas, to CFs, to singles, JYP’s star is everywhere!

Check out this list titled, “8 Reasons To Follow ‘The Nations First Love’ miss A’s Suzy on Instagram”

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