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all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*

Hey so I heard like shitposts so I made a shitpost from your shitpost so you can shitpost while you shitpost!

((Not sure if your pose was intentional or not but- here… it was just too good for me NOT to do this! Enjoy))

lil vanessa and lil nina have never had a fight ever because they are the worlds most perfect friends and you can fight me on this

um hi so i’m (just under) 50 away from 2k and it’d be ya know kinda cool if i could get there sometime (soon)… and yeap that’s my story (thanks for listening reading) (*awkwardly shuffles off stage ur screen*) 


So i’ve been pretty against letting dogs sleep in the bed, really didn’t like the idea of it, didn’t want the fuss, the movements, the butt licking, the pointy elbows, the cold nose in my face and the reduced amount of stretching-out-space for like…my entire life

I was so wrong

Am I the only one who enjoyed last episode’s Starkbowl?

I know this episode has sparked many discussions regarding Sansa’s loyalty to Jon. Let me just say I love Sansa, she’s one of my (if not the most) favourite characters just because how real and flawed not-a-mary-sue she is. And people are saying that this episode she didn’t do anything wrong against Jon and that she woud never take Winterfell from him and Arya was being bitchy for no reason with her cause Sansa’s too perfect for that and also she has Petyr wrapped around her finger and blah blah blah. Please, would you just STOP?

Clearly, Sansa was making a half-assed attempt to defend Jon in this episode. To me it even souded like she was trying to passively let everyone know that she disagrees with his decisions but she just sits there and does what he says because a dutiful sister’s supposed to do just that. She was trying to look better and humble in their eyes. Something like playing hard-to-get for the sake of appearances when in fact all you want to do is surrender to the other person. I’m not saying she always wanted this, I’m pretty sure she was happy for Jon to be the KITN and that she loves her cousin, but now that he’s gone and far from her eyes I think her resolve in not feeling jealous and entited is slacking, what with Littlefinger whispering to her ear every day that she is the one supposed to rule the North. And granted, she’s doing a great job at that, which is why the other lords recognize her as a competent ruler and unconsciously support those feelings of entitlement in her. But just look at her expression when she notices Arya watching her - she knows her sister’s not liking it and immediately regrets not trying to be more convincing, which brings us to their next conversation where she tries to remedy that, saying things like “what did Jon expect” and “I’m doing my best here but there’s only so much I can do.” Still, Arya’s not buying it. Also, I think it’s good that Arya confronted her about it in an honest (if a little aggressive) manner.

I didn’t like Arya in the beginning of the series. To me she was just a bit too arrogant. But she’s matured and I think she’s much less bratty now. When Sansa says to her “just say what you mean” I don’t think she expected Arya to counterattack like that, saying upfront what she thought. She then proceeds to make another attempt at convincing her sister that she’s doing her best to hold the North together, which you simply cannot do by cutting every lord’s head off (valid point, plus I LOVE that sarcastic face Sophie pulled as if she was making fun of little Arya being bloodthirsty? It’s so bitchy and perfect) and once she finishes that speach about how they got Winterfell you can see how hard in her head she wishes Arya to finally fall for it. But then Arya replies that it’s not Jon she’s holding the North for, it’s herself, to which Sansa says how could she think such a horrible thing. Now, that sounded unconvincing even to me. But let’s continue: Arya says right to her face that she sees her struggle, Sansa doesn’t want to think it but the thought just doesn’t go away, to which Sansa has no more clever answers. Can I just say that I think Arya is right? Cause she was trained to spot a liar in the House of Black and White, how can you possibly say she’s just being a bitch to her sister with nothing to back it up for the sake of being a bitch? 

Now, what does this show? Does this show that Sansa is a bad character and that she will betray Jon? Of course not! What it shows is that although she’s developed as a character, she is still flawed and she can’t help having a bit selfish nature, even though she doesn’t want to have those selfish thoughts. She’s flawed just like Dany with her double standards or Jon with his I’m-so-honorable-it-got-me-killed attitude. It shows that after what she’s been through, she’s finally thinking for herself. And it’s good that Arya’s there to remind her that she shouldn’t get too carried away. The way I see it she’s like Sansa’s conscience, threatening to bite her in the ass if she doesn’t do the right thing. And that’s very good. Plus I just LOVE how Maisie and Sophie played this scene and how they delivered their lines. They have a great chemistry on set and you can see they’re enjoying attacking one another here. But that’s most likely because they’re great friends in real life.

Also, can we just appreciate the scheming bitch face Sansa makes after Arya confronting her about being a princess who liked nice things cause it made her feel better than everyone? She’s like bitch you wanna do this bring it on xD.

To conclude, I don’t think it’s fair to defend Sansa as a pure innocent who never wanted anything for herself. That would be an insult to the depth of her character. She does have ambitions and it adds a delicious hint of darkness to the mix. As GRRM said, it’s about human heart being at conflict with itself, so let’s just appreciate the writing and stop being in denial about her. Her character has never been this sexy and I’d really like to see her interact with Jon like this, just because it would add a very interesting new dynamic to jonsa.

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Question: There is currently a CPS investigation going on but my situation is just getting worse. My mom has been saying that she’ll make my life hell if I open my mouth again and that I’m the cause of everyone’s problems. She also says that we were a perfect family but I ruined it by being born. I just want to leave the house. I was given the option of potentially going into foster care but I’m not sure. I know I can’t stay home but I have no idea what to expect in foster care. Any advice?

my advice would be to get out of there and go into foster care. there will be protections set up against your mom and they will not force you to see her without your consent. i think getting out is the best thing for you, especially if this is getting worse

Los Santos’ favorite Doll Miss Meg Turney is back again with a new shoot, and a new dress of her own design in her iconic style, soaked and splattered in blood reminiscent of her muse, Dollface. The theme of the shoot “Femme Fatale” and extra emphasis on the ‘fatale’, was also inspired by dollface. Methinks she’s got a little bit of a crush, what say you guys? anyway, i think i speak for all of us in the KNow that WE

man this au will not ever die bc it lets me A) draw meg

and b) draw meg in pretty clothes

and c) drawing fahc meg in pretty clothes and cool looking makeup which rn was insp by barbs in her shoot with jon which i thought was pretty

and ive got a name for it

model assassin au 

bc i have no creativity or friends bc get it like shes a model, and shes a model model, all good and nice and never causes trouble, and shes also the perfect assassin and im sorry i tried my best ok