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Salvation →  we are a team



  Well apparently this is the kind of stuff I come up with when I’m supposed to be paying attention to lectures.

  NGL I mainly wanted to draw Sun as the Sandman but then the potential design parallels for the rest of the team were too tempting, oops.

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was just reminded again that the ring Dean used to wear was Mary’s wedding ring, and now all I can think about is John getting it back when he pulls into the police station to pick it up from the morgue, they’d asked him if he wanted it buried with the remains (not that there were much remains at all to bury in that coffin) and he said no

and he pulls up in the car with Sam in a brand-new carseat buckled into the back, Dean’s sitting in the back too, in the middle seat so that Sam can chew on his finger 

and John goes in carrying the carseat and holding onto Dean with the other hand and signs the paperwork and takes the ring and they leave 

the front passenger seat is full of disposable diapers and some transformers toys he bought for Dean 

and he’s there with two tiny kids, no parents, no in-laws, no home, a few brand-new toys and the ring of his wife who four days dead and they


According to Adlon, working through Californication’s uncomfortable and often-hilarious situations with the rest of the cast helped them form something like a family unit. She calls Duchovny “one of my closest friends” and recalls finding out that she had plenty in common with Natascha McElhone… “We went through a lot together,” she says of the cast. “There was the end of David’s marriage, the end of my marriage, Natascha lost her husband, Natascha had a baby, Evan overcame a health scare. We went through a huge amount of life things all together in concentrated three-month shootings, and all this nasty, crazy stuff saved us. I think work saves you – people just love to work, live to work.”

Rolling Stone, June 17, 2014 (x)

The story will no doubt bring up a few buried emotions for Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Brandon, as they rehearse a song he wrote about her. It also causes Callie to wonder if they can learn something from Romeo and Juliet’s mistakes.

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"Anywhere is a fucking great time when you're trashy. No social expectations to adhere to"

{ } A statement like that was rather hilarious coming from a guy dressed with fur and a cigar between his teeth. It left an amused smirk pulling at her lips as she replied, “I didn’t take you for the trashy type, but I’ll keep that in mind.”