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okay so this got out of hand but anyway

happy pride month yall! i know this is kinda sorta late but i wanted to get an actual drawing of my rebels headcanons… which yeah these are headcanons so please dont like come after me for this shgjjgh


Salvation →  we are a team

Confidence // Kim Seokjin


the prompt: could you please do a prince!seokjin fluffy scenario? au i used: “my parents are hosting a royal ball with neighboring monarchs and you noticed me, heir to the throne, shoving food into a bag to steal.”

words: 4425

category: fluff

author note: seokjin deserves all the love in the world i hope he knows how loved he is.

- destinee

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Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – Dean’s been denying his feelings for a long time; what happens when a random run-in with strangers threatens the thing he loves the most?

Word Count – 3,994

Warnings – Attempted kidnapping, some feelings of self-doubt over being plus sized

A/N –Request by @luciisthebest: “…maybe just a one-shot based upon the song Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls with the reader and Dean, and how they hunt together and the reader loves Dean and is scared to show him etc…I forgot to add was that Dean at first rejected the reader cause he is also scared…”

Also written for an Anon request: “…I was wondering if you could do a DeanxPlusSizeReader fic? Where the girl loves and appreciates herself but may struggle a little like any other and have a few bad days. But Dean is always there to let her know how beautiful she is. Maybe where they already know each other, but dean realizes his love for her…”

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Your name: submit What is this?

Dean and Sam were going on a supply run into town.  They had several stops to make and wanted you to go along to make the entire trip go by faster.  You didn’t really want to go, but it was rare that the boys truly needed your help with something non-hunt related, so you felt bad about declining.

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For Leisure Day, Harry and Joe went with their cousins and a certain friend to the beach. 

My favorite joke.

This is a story that takes place in a world very much like our own, with one key difference.

There is a lever that, when flipped, will end the world.

No fanfare. No build-up. No warning. 

Just, no more world.

The lever is located just off the side of the road in a perfectly ordinary small town in the middle of Ohio. No guards, no gate, nothing standing between it and the rest of the world.

But everyone knows that if that lever ever gets flipped, the world will end.

Needless to say, no one flips the lever.

This is also the story about a very naughty lizard named Nate.

Nate likes to cause trouble. He’s also curious. Very curious.

And he wonders, if he flips the lever, will the world really end?

Now, instead of simply wondering about it, he decides to fulfill his scientific (annoying) curiosity.

Nate decides he’s going to find out for sure.

So, Nate, who currently resides in Indiana, decides to walk to Ohio, find the lever, flip it, and see if the world really ends.

The journey is a long one. It’s the middle of winter, on top of the distance, and Nate endures harsh conditions. He makes his way through the wind and ice and snow, he survives thirty days and thirty nights in the freezing conditions. He meets many people and animals.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t learn that the real lever is the friends he’s made along the way, and continues on his quest.

Finally, after over a month of travelling, Nate sees it.

All that stands between him and the lever is a simple dirt road.

Nate begins to cross the road.

This is also the story of a man named Dave.

Dave is currently driving home after a long, hard day at work. Dave is unhappy at his job. He wants to quit and go back to graduate school, but his girlfriend Jennifer is pregnant. He knows he has a responsibility to his unborn child, so he stays at his mindless, soulless accounting job so he can provide for them.

Dave is finding a rare moment of joy in a song that just came on the radio, singing along, when he realizes that he’s about to run over a small lizard that’s crossing the road.

The only way to avoid running over the lizard is to swerve off the road. Dave considers doing this, until he sees the lever that, if flipped, will end the world.

Although Dave is a kind man, a non-violent man, as well as a noted reptile-lover, he runs over the lizard, squashing Nate flat like a pancake, and continues the drive home without another thought.

Nate is dead.

The moral of the story?

Better Nate than lever.

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Ah geez but if Jackie had nightmares before about losing Marvin, after he failed to protect him from his arch nemesis imagine how much worse they would be. Marvins magic cam only do so much and he isn't helpful enough. Marvin beginning to wonder if he should've ever let himself into Jackies life because while he loves and cares for the superhero, he's also causing so many problems for him too. Marvin wondering if Jackie would be better off without out him

you’re going to break me heart anon, you know that? 

was just reminded again that the ring Dean used to wear was Mary’s wedding ring, and now all I can think about is John getting it back when he pulls into the police station to pick it up from the morgue, they’d asked him if he wanted it buried with the remains (not that there were much remains at all to bury in that coffin) and he said no

and he pulls up in the car with Sam in a brand-new carseat buckled into the back, Dean’s sitting in the back too, in the middle seat so that Sam can chew on his finger 

and John goes in carrying the carseat and holding onto Dean with the other hand and signs the paperwork and takes the ring and they leave 

the front passenger seat is full of disposable diapers and some transformers toys he bought for Dean 

and he’s there with two tiny kids, no parents, no in-laws, no home, a few brand-new toys and the ring of his wife who four days dead and they


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Who told Jack about the green activity dot (more importantly, who told him how to turn it off?)

I don’t know, but whoever did this had a great idea so he doesn’t get harassed by thousands and thousands of asks as soon as he’s on, but also a bad one cause now that he knows, I wonder if he could use it for Anti stuff… - Mod Lily

I follow on ig a Brazilian model that looks SO MUCH LIKE SENROS ITS JUST CRAZY the eyes, the nose, the skin color, the facial structure.. SHE IS SO GORGEOUS GAAH

And then I cross by an old pic of Willem Dafoe in the 80’s and I’m like ‘yeh, that Theon. All chupacabra faces united’

A Lone Wolf Part 5

Summary: Jaebum shows up with his pack, trying to cause trouble. However, he also brings shocking news, leaving you wondering if it was true or not.

Length: 1319


Almost instantly after Mark had said Jaebum’s name, the scent of the other alpha hit your nose, and you knew it to be true. It was a little strange that you could even smell Jaebum, since when you were around Mark, usually your mate’s scent overpowered anything else, and he was the only smell that came through your nose. Maybe it was an alpha thing, and Jaebum’s scent was stronger than the others because of it.

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(1/?) You know what I would love to see in a TimKon Fan fiction? Kon not taking the Batfamily's shit. Like, I'm so tired of Fics where everyone (even!! fucking!! Alfred!!) goes around threatening Kon, saying they have Kryptonite and shit. I would love a fic where Kon says hell no to getting treated likw that, and responds by letting the Batfamily know all the ways they've hurt Tim over the years, and saying nothing he can do will ever amount to what they've done to him.

(2/?) Or better yet, Tim doing it instead! Tim not letting them treat him like some object and not letting them threaten Kon! I’m so tired of these kind of Fics! Like, I swear, oneday I’m gonna write a fic where the Tim gets that treatment from the Kent’s and Superfamily. God

Like I really hate the trope of ‘love interest’s family beats up the boyfriend’ like one it’s super heteronormative and also very sexist and also it’s overdone and boring. You’re absolutely right that we should move away from that and the Bats (and Supes really) have no room to talk about ‘hurting their kid’ because they’ve hurt their kid more than anyone. In fact, I can’t even see the Batfam being that level of creepy protective. They know that Tim Drake is scary af when he wants to be, they really should be warning Kon on if he thinks he can handle him. Bats would probably be the worst cause he’s a bit overprotective but also from a practical standpoint he could wonder if dating will distract Tim or make him soft. And Tim would push back at that so hard, prove to Bruce 7 times over he can be happy and still perform. After that I imagine Bruce doesn’t care too much cause he’s got enough crap to deal with and he just wants Tim to be happy. Yes, let’s have supportive Timkon family members who aren’t jealous or possessive but open and understanding and also tease the hell out of the boys. so much embarrassment.

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hey! i recently chose the name micheal and i go by he/they pronouns, so if you could do a pronoun validation i would be really happy! if it helps i really like musicals and I'm studying psychology in school :O thanks!! i really love this blog btw!

i can!! 

Micheal!!! he’s wonderful!! they said he loves this blog and the blog loves them too!!! he’s studying psychology just like me!!!!! they’re my friend now cause i said so. he also likes musicals which makes me wonder what their favorite musical is?? there are so many musicals he could choose from!! they used this :O emoji which is awesome as heck of him. they seem awesome as heck. i hop this helps him out. i also hope their day is terrific and his week is phenomenal!