also can't wait for a single!

Frankly, if ‘Slow Hands’ had been the initial single, he may have freaked some fans out because of how much it doesn’t sound like him. That’s what makes the second go so intriguing, though, proving that Horan has some unexpected tricks up his sleeve… But ‘Slow Hands’ doesn’t just put his voice in a bit of a new light, the grittier, funkier tune also presents Horan’s versatility as a solo artist.
—  Billboard

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I agree about the albums, I myself own 3, basically because I can't afford every single one, so I buy ones that are especially good. And I'm really curious about your collection, could you show it? c:

of course :^)

(also my friend from a different city bought me a Cherry Bomb album but I didn’t have time to pick it up from her and I’m waiting for my The War, Eclipse and Red Summer albums that will probably arrive on Monday :>)


Did Syaoran just kick a stone snake in the face and break it? No wait, there are two of them. Did he just kick two stone snakes in the face and break both of them in a single kick?

It’s gotta run in the family, right? Kurogane will be so proud. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Well, he makes a good point. 

What is he gonna do? Use magic

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Oh My Heart. That vid of Bree and Claire. I am crying right now. I can't wait to see their relationship in this season.

Oh Anon, I was so happy to see that video. It made me feel feelings that Outlander hasn’t in a long while. I’m so excited to see that relationship explored this season. The focus is usually on Jamie being Bree’s father and Frank’s influence. But I was very much shaped by a single mother of four children (who also has brown hair and was a nurse). So I think mother-daughter relationships are important. Claire is just as important to Bree. I always wanted more on relationship before Claire went back (the letter was great, but more please). I think we’re getting it and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I love that Sophie bears a resemblance to Caitriona. One of my proudest Outlander moments was when Caitriona faved this tweet during last year’s finale. The lady just gets it and bless her for it. 

Now please excuse me while I go call my mom.

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don't you think niall's label is doing a half assed job with his album. like putting out occasional tweets and flags is cool and all but they've not really done anything to promo slow hands and also who told them its a great idea to put a gap of one year between his first single and album.. and idk but can't they do something wrt to the questions he's asked in the interviews?

i do not! i think they’re doing a pretty great job, actually. i know it’s frustrating to be so patient - HOO BOY, DO I KNOW - but if niall hadn’t dropped ‘this town’ when it was ready, then the alternative would’ve been for him to wait till this spring or summer to bring it out. taking a year to make an album is, by all means, pretty normal!! 

most bands take one to two years to make an album; there was a year and a half between shawn’s first and second, two years between walk the moon’s first and second, two years, again, between halsey’s first and second. those are all comparatively fairly new acts as well, and i know that as a performer gets even more established, the demand for them to tour often extends that timeline further, and often the label rewards them with more time in the studio to make something great. 

one direction’s pace was breakneck and grueling and i think at this point each of the boys have said that one of their favorite parts about making music on their own is taking their time with it. i think it was pretty brilliant of niall and his team to release ‘this town’ for a couple of reasons: 1) i think it probably let them gauge how much attention niall’s solo efforts were gonna get, and consequently, 2) it probably bought niall the extra time he needed to get the album EXACTLY the way he wanted it. they’ve got this town as proof of concept, which has been out, what, six months now? seven? and it’s STILL circulating pretty heavily on the radio. that’s gotta feel good not just for niall but for the label and the team that’s backing him to go, okay, not only is the preexisting 1d fanbase still strong for this guy, but his work sustains itself over a long period of time. not every song has that, you know? 

in addition to all that, i don’t think we’ve seen capitol really go as hard as they can for niall yet. when there’s a whole album to promote, i think it’s a lot easier and more sensible to have events that promote it and show it off, but so far, it helps to look at niall not as a guy from this HUGELY SUCCESSFUL band, but as a new artist. technically he has two songs to his name. give him time. and look what they’ve done for katy perry - she got a feature-length cinematic release of her concert movie, for example. 

‘course, i think at this point we’re shifting away from what the label does and more toward management. remember that tweet of niall’s from earlier this year where he was like, ‘my diary’s booked solid ! gonna be a crazy year,’ or something like that? more to the point, have you seen this guy’s promo schedule? it’s RIDICULOUS, but it goes to show niall’s a hard goddamn worker, and he’s going out there to promote himself and to ensure ‘slow hands’ has the same sustained success as ‘this town,’ while learning to work with a whole new band and strengthen himself as a solo performer. 

trust me when i tell you i’m chomping at the bit for this album and the tour and everything that comes with it, but you gotta remember it’s only taking this long because niall wanted it to. and i feel pretty confident that when the time comes capitol will pull out all the stops for him! rn we just gotta be patient and enjoy all the stuff he’s got coming our way :’) 

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Hnnnngh I'm loving Kuro and his hilarious adventures- especially the subtext around speech bubbles and stuff He's so cute, and everyone is so gay -I said everyone and then it occured to me- Hunk?? I can't remember seeing the lovely bab in any of your comics,, :-* Also really shipping Kuro and Lance ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thank you :D well they’re all gay or bi or whatever. I think the only straight person aboard this ship is -… Wait. I don’t know if there’s a single straight person aboard?! I don’t know if Hunk is straight??! I really don’t know?! I drew him like once in the first Kuro comic… I’d love to draw him more often though. He needs more love and attention… But I kinda suck at drawing Hunk. Everytime I try to draw him he just looks angry. And he’s not supposed to look angry. He’s a sunshine goddammit D:
I’ll try and involve him more in future comics. I mean he’s Lance’s other best bro and I really want him to give Lance advices or just hints when it comes to Kuro and their relationship. ❤

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U and ur "squad" have u realized ur the only ones who talk to each other on here anymore. No one likes you. You spread really shady lies as a game and then withhold true information for the same reason. Can't wait to see this group ruin themselves eventually bc y'all singlehandedly ruined the rest of the tcc and most are disgusted with you. Oh. You're also fat. Don't send that pic to dylann he'd laugh his ass off.

LMFAAOOOO GIIRRLLLLLL WHERE DO YOU WANT ME TO START? DO YOU WANT ME TO GO FROM THE PART WHERE I DON’T GIVE A SINGLE FUCK IF NO ONE LIKES ME TO THE PART WHERE YES I GOT THAT PHATS HUN? Tbh you’re delusional bc I’m not even hiding any information and I’m not even harming the tcc I just post whatever the fuck I want without offending anyone. Oh and by the way I’m not gonna mail dylann anything it would be wasting my time :)

first of all that song is so good, i mean it’s catchy but the lyrics are powerful. it’s too often that we get a catchy tune but it has no feeling. with this one she took pure emotion  and sprayed it on a sheet of paper 

also i don’t get people who still say she’s fake i don’t see how anyone can write something so sad, so angry, so livid when it’s fake, you can feel the hurt in your bones, with just the melody 

They call me the Laughing Sansman. All monsters in this world–old, young, man, and woman–are lonely at heart. I will fill that emptiness in their hearts. Oh, I don’t need a single piece of gold. There is no greater reward than to see a satisfied customer. Now, then, today’s costumer will have to wait until I give my brother a goodbye kiss. 

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I only just. got into btob literally like two weeks ago & im so upset @ the lack of appreciation on Tumblr esp bc I need to talk 2 someone abt Best Boy Eunkwang and U seem to understand this dilemma so......i can't fathom why he is the goodest good boy of all good boys. Whys he so pretti and gentle ://// consider my hort #Snatched i wanna scoop him up nd put him in m'pocket??

i know right who decided to make this website so btob-free but the mellos that are active on here are lovely and great in every way

also you came to the right place to talk to someone about seo goodboy eunkwang name me one gooder boy than silver light himself ill wait…

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Did she really posted a snake? The snake posted a snake? Damn! Me think she's gonna create a lot of drama! Me also think she's gonna drag everyone and their grandmas in the new single. Can't wait. I love when there's drama than doesn't involve my fave.

i’m going to enjoy the shit out of this

Listen. It’s really easy for an artist to change a single word in a song before recording/ releasing it officially. I’m sure that it happens all the time. Harry did this too although I don’t remember the specifics now. The point is…they made E trip to Amsterdam a “thing” for a reason and now we know why. But I think we also know why Louis chose to spend his time in a gay bar over her bday while flipping the bird in his photos.
In summary: The song is still about Harry. Nice try Crusty.

It makes no sense that Robert is being crucified, and his love for Aaron is being called into question, over something that nearly every single man in Emmerdale can be accused of doing.

The cheating wasn’t based on love or lust. Robert was also drunk out of his mind, and he’s felt nothing but guilt and remorse since it happened. He wanted to tell Aaron immediately, and came clean to Chas. He didn’t tell him later because of Aaron’s fragile mental health. But eventually, he told Aaron of his own accord, and gave him the choice of walking out of the relationship.

Meanwhile Adam cheated on the love of his life twice, never came clean about it, and basically told his brother he wishes she had never found out, so they could still be together.

But Adam still gets all the love because he’s Aaron’s best friend. So by association, nothing he does will ever be wrong.
I can’t wait for our messy life.

for rushed mornings with loose hair being tucked back into place and gentle “I love you” smiles.

for a small cozy living room full of barely matching furniture. and the sun that filters in to catch dust hanging in the air, making the room feel like a hug

for bold bright clashing dishes that match the loud loving dinners parties we hold. we use the family silver every chance we get and always have too many tupperware lids.

for our wild garden full of honeybees and sweet berries. for sun stained, dirt smeared afternoons of planting and laughter.

for the shade of a knarled plum tree, where we’ll kiss and kiss and kiss.

and laugh and cry

and love.

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