also can we talk about the piercing

Having Hanbin as your bias and Jiwon as your bias wrecker feels a lot like dating the sweetest, most perfect boyfriend and cheating on him with his sexy best friend… I feel incredibly disloyal

Can we all agree that the ALIVE era was pure gold?

like Fantastic Baby came to shook the world and made our kings sit on their throne

we got this amazing dance we all make when we listen to the “wow fantastic baby”

we also got hits like Monster likle that MV was pure gold

we got the beautiful but sad song Blues (that i still cry to..)

and can we never forget about Bad Boy? like damn that song is amazing


and this

and i really loooove long hair on gdragon

and the blonde hair on dae made his skin glow like literally look at him

and seungri’s piercing…idk why he took them off they looked so good on him

i will never get over this like I REFUSE TO LET THIS DIE

tbh this is my favorite era of them and we all have to agree although MADE era was good too nothing can compare to ALIVE era

I addressed this last night in a group chat but I want it to be spread around a little.

I often see posts that are saying ‘Elder McKinley from Bom isn’t healthy representation because he’s a stereotype,’. Well, then I’m not healthy representation because I’m also a stereotype. Granted, I have a girls body but I’m a flamboyant, gay, non-binary person. People can be what are seen as “stereotypes” and be perfectly fine. People with the characteristics of “stereotypes” can and do exist.

Let’s talk about the definition of stereotype. The definition states that a stereotype is oversimplified. Elder McKinley’s character is in no way simple. In turn it off we see him repressing his thoughts and feelings rather than dealing with them. He’s also teaching the other elders to do the same. Not only is this told by the lyrics but it’s told by his dancing, most actors often have McKinley restricting his dancing and becoming embarrassed when he begins to show his true side. And then of course at the end of the play McKinley sings the words “We love to dance and shout, and let all out feelings out,” and this is major character development. We went from a man who was repressing his every thought to a man who was happy and proud to be who he was. People who hate on McKinley often ignore the fact that the play itself practically screams “IT’S OKAY TO BE GAY, BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE, BE HAPPY,”.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that the way McKinley acts is decided by the actors who play him. The people I have seen have been Rory O'Malley, Stephen Ashfield, Pierce Cassedy and Daxton Bloomquist. Rory O'Malley seemed to play elder Mckinley as more of an adorable person who helps and cares for people. Stephen Ashfield seems to play Mckinley as a more flirty person but definitely still adorable ( remember the kiss? ), Daxton Bloomquist seemed to play Mckinley as this lively, energetic guy. My point here being all these actors played him very differently. Pierce Cassedy ( his is probably my favourite so I’m a bit biased ) seemed to play Mckinley the most flamboyantly. This was also in the boot that’s probably the easiest to find ( Chicago boot with Ben and Nic ). Pierce is gay himself and he chose to portray McKinley in that way.

Can we also talk about McKinley in between songs and how different he is? Before, after and during I am Africa he is extremely proud, before and after turn it off he is welcoming to Arnold and Kevin ( and sometimes even flirts with Kevin ), After Joseph Smith American Moses he is heart broken and terrified and at the end he’s extremely happy to just be who he is.

You may see Elder McKinley as a negative stereotype but that won’t stop me from identifying and relating to him. To me Elder McKinley is an amazing, complex character bringing good messages to people.

( also, if you look up Elder McKinley on some website he’s tagged and described as a hopeful character )

ID #78272

Name: Chloé
Age: 19
Country: France

I’m Chloé, a French girl.
I’m really anxious so I barely never go out, nor talk to people in real life. Most of my friends are from the internet.
I love tattoos and piercing, I personally have three tattoos and more to come. I love TV shows and recently I also started to watch the film. I really like books (especially old ones who smells good).
I like the art even if I don’t know much about it. my favourite artist (and also favourite woman) is Frida Kahlo.
My favourite band is the neighbourhood and London Grammar, I also like the xx, David Bowie, Sir Sly, Patti Smith…
I’m also a proud feminist and a member of the LGBT+ community.
I’d love to send snail mails, i love creating stuff so we can exchange some drawings, collage etc.
I hope to talk to you soon!

Preferences: +17 years old

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Hi, for the character ask Nesta?


  • Impression now- There is nothing I would not do for Nesta Archeron. Nothing. 

  • Favourite moment- There are a lot okay but the foxglove/turning point scene in ACOTAR still destroys me. This line was everything I ever wanted from ACOWAR tbh ‘“There are many types of strength beyond the ability to wield a blade and end lives.”’ Like. Yes. Good. Thank god. And I have a serious soft spot for her first scene in ACOWAR as well. 

  • Idea for a story- Right, listen, since the whole ‘there are many types of strength’ thing I have become Attached to Nesta taking a vested interest in the Illyrian girls’ education. Like okay Rhys it’s grand that you want them trained and don’t want their wings clipped but I am going to go and educate them and then we’ll see what they can do. Also I need her continuing to be an emissary to the human realm and struggling with it here and there but being direct and blunt and tbh quite refreshing with all the backstabbing games in fae politics. Girl gets shit done, basically. 

  • Unpopular opinion- She doesn’t need to apologise to Feyre for what happened in the cabin. Pls let this die already. 

  • Favourite relationship- Romantically, Nessian, naturally. @valamerys has already said this much better but I loooove all the, I suppose trope subversions with this ship for want of a better word. Cassian is the one with the emotional sensitivity, the bleeding heart, the compassion, the empathy that’s just overflowing from the heart that’s too big for his body and always has been. Nesta is the socially awkward one, the one who’s irascible and acerbic and largely dislikes being around people. Nesta is the one that Cassian has to gentle and draw that vein of emotion out of and pierce through her armour to the heart beneath. But there are so many similarities between them as well, how deeply and intensely they both feel, how loyal they are, the whole ‘she is death while I walk beside death every day’ (CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT MORE PLS!?) Anyway. I have Feelings. 

  • Favourite headcanon- after the war, Nesta writes down an account of everything that happened. When she discovers that the documents pertaining to the first war, and most of Prythian’s history are also severely lacking, she huffs about proud, foolish immortals and sets about writing detailed histories of them, too. 


      //OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN ((Doin this within my AU btw))

  • Who would be the big spoon?

//Rin doesn’t feel comfortable with spooning since it means he’ll leave his back completely vulnerable to someone so they sleep facing each other and Rin presses his forehead against Suguro’s shoulder and wraps his arms around his torso and clunches Bon’s pajamas slightly and Suguro buries his face in Rin hair and he’s hugging Rin lightly cause he knows the other doesn’t like someone holding him tightly and hhhhHH 

  • Who would wake up first?

//SUGURO WAKES UP AT LIKE 05:30 SO????? But he’d kinda lay there on his side and look at Rin’s face with a serene smile on his face cause it makes him happy when Rin’s calm and relaxed then he’d kiss him on the forehead before leaving for his jog annndd AHHH IM BLUSHING SO HARD

  • Do they have nicknames for each other?

//Nah, Rin knows Suguro doesn’t like being called Bon that much and Suguro isn’t the nickname kind of person so??? Also Suguro would DIE if Rin came up with a cutesy nickname for him bc he blushed so hard Rin thought steam would come out of his ears when the half-demon called him Ryuji for the first time lol

  • What happened when they met each other’s parents?

//Suguro’s mom was kinda surprised like ?????? Hold on a nice gentle kid like you LIKE LIKES Suguro???? With his chicken hair and dumb piercings and all??? Wow bless bless come here son let me tell you about every single embarassing thing Ryuji has ever done then we can cook and talk about dumb Suguros together.

//Suguro’s dad was like lmao whatever I’m fine as long as you take care of my son and makes the uwu face 

  • How do they apologise after an argument?

//Rin sits somewhere n looks away and tries to do stuff to keep himself occupied but after like 20 minutes he sheepishly goes over to Suguro and kinda wraps his arms around him and clutches his shirt slightly and apologizes.

//Suguro seethes and grumbles and rants to any unfortunate soul that happened to be nearby but in a few minutes Rin’s hurt expression just surfaces in his mind and suddenly all things that could go wrong pops up in his mind like what if I hurt him too bad what if he hurts himself on accident bc he was too sad to pay attention whAT IF HE GOES BACK TO THAT SHITBAG FUCK FUCK FUCK ABORT ABORT and he rushes over to Rin and holds both of Rin’s hands and quietly says sorry before enveloping the guy in a bear hug for a few seconds but he lets go after a min cause he remembers that long tight holds aren’t Rin thing and causes the guy to be upset so he lets go and says ‘Sorry!!!’

  • What would they be like as parents?

//Suguro would be the strict parent who takes care of the kids’ education and helps them with homework but he’s a huge softie inside and gives the kids ALL the hugs and god forbid you hurt one of his kids cause he’ll fuck you up so bad

//Rin would be the loving momma with side ponytail who miraculously didn’t die for the anime protagonist’s character development. He’d smother his kids with affection and listen to all of their problems and pretend the gross thing -is it moving??- that his kid cooked is delicious and if you mess with his kid you’ll end up famous!! On the 3rd page of the newspapers as a mangled corpse.

  • Who is the better cook?

//Rin of course lol do I even need to say that??? He cooks all the things and he looks up different recipes and gets Suguro to test them and he gets nervous he fucked up but Suguro’s always like ‘Holy shit this thing if food from heavens praise the lord wow wow’ and Rin gets embarassed cause he isn’t great with compliments.

//Also Rin cooks with Suguro’s mom sometimes and they give each other tips for different meals and sometimes Rin helps her out at the inn but Ryuji doesn’t like those meetings at all since tHEY TALK ABOUT HIS EMBARASSING STORIES WHY MOM WHY BUt he secretly likes the fact that Rin and his mom get along so well since he was afraid she wouldn’t accept Rin and that would hurt the guy soo yeah

  • Who is more romantic?

//Rin is a huge romantic cute cliche couple stuff is one of his biggest weakness and he cries while watching romantic movies but Suguro’s a softie and he does that sappy crap just to see the suprised and then giddy look on Rin’s face and it makes him happier than anything else would AAAAAAAAAAAA

  • What sort of gifts do they get for each other?

//Rin makes those fancy-ass meals for Suguro and he gets his bf cool clothes cause let’s face it his fashion sense is the b es t

//Suguro gets Rin cute stuff like plushies and small keychains basically things that makes him die of embarassment when he’s buying them but Rin loves loves loves cute things and his eyes light up when he sees his gifts so iT’S WORTH IT ASDFGHJGFDS

  • Who gets jealous easiest?

//Suguro gets all pissy if you occupy Rin for too long cause ugghhh my boyfriend could be paying attention to me right nnnOOW

//And Rin gets pouty but inwardly panics cause he has abandonment issues so he gets more jealous tbh

  • Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

//Rin is a very festive person y’know the kind that starts wearing stupid christmassy stuff the second it’s December the 1st but Suguro puts up with his shit since he also really likes events but is too tsundere to show it.

  • Who is the most adventurous?

//Hmmmm neither??? idk

  • Who is the most protective?

//Oh man don’t even get me started like in short let’s say that if you hurt Rin you should start filling adoption papers cause you ain’t havin no kids. You hurt Suguro and you won’t even live to see them adoption papers. I’d say both of em.

  • What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

//Lol no it’s too early in the morning for me to make myself cry noppe.

  • *BONUS: Song to sum them up?*


 Do I ship it?

 NOTP / Crack only / AU only / Not really / Maybe a little / Well now I do/ Yes/ Of course! / OTP

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The SSW theory lives. All 4 couples are now no longer together. So much of what led up to their engagement, the appearance of Rebecca right before it, talking about Robert's sexuality and Aaron's insecurities has finally, finally bubbled over. Just like the Pierce/Rhona story will be coming to an end soon. And now Laurel & Emma's stories are colliding, and unravelling. I'm analysing too much. Soaps aren't meant to be analysed this much. SSW wasn't the end. It was the beginning. This is the end.




This is so real… it’s. It’s so real.






no i’m never letting that theory go it’s still LIVING AND THRIVING

okay then

So I understand that you are all having a particularly horrible week but since I’m new, I just thought I would introduce myself. I’m Avery Pierce. I am the Dominant brother to Zachary Pierce whom you may already have the privilege of knowing. We also have a sister. 

I’m a little new to this formal school thing and since you are all months ahead of me, I hope you’ll be so kind as to help me out. 

Okay, that’s all I can think of right now. Feel free to hit me up if you want to know anything about me or you want to talk. Thanks.

when you talk about boys and piercings with @ravenclawboys​ this happens so please please imagine neil fucking josten with a nose piercing. 

  • okay okay lets say that nicky really wants to get his ears pierced so he drags neil and allison with him to go get it done.
  • while nicky is getting his ears pierced allison is sitting next to him, fucking holding his hand cause nicky can’t handle needles
  • she’s rolling her eyes but a smile is still on her face 
  • neil on the other hand is roaming around the tattoo shop they’re in 
  • he starts talking to one of the tattoo artists because they’re an exy fan and neil is always ready to talk about fucking exy we all know he is
  • about halfway through this conversation neil notices the little hoop threaded through the artist’s nose 
  • and he’s immediately intrigued
  • he lowkey finds the nose piercing super aesthetically pleasing 
  • so we also know that neil has no fucking impulse control so he’s like “i want it. can you give me a nose piercing?” 
  • the artist doubles as a piercer and they’re lowkey surprised but only say, “sure man i can give you a nose piercing.” 
  • neil is fucking grin and he’s lowkey thinking about how andrew’s gonna react 
  • but he brushes off any thoughts of andrew and just follows his new buddy into the room that nicky recently left.
  • allison and nicky are looking at him curiously, nicky’s ears slightly red
  • neil just fucking grins at him, teeth showing and eyes fucking sparkling
  • “im getting a nose piercing.” 
  • allison immediately places a bet that andrew is going to love it, nicky is a little hesistant
  • he has no doubt that neil will look goodwith a nose piercing, he just doesn’t know if andrew woud like it
  • okay fast forward to them heading back to the dorm
  • the first thing neil does is head up to the roof where andrew is of course smoking. 
  • andrew must’ve heard neil coming because by them neil drops down next to him there’s another cigarette in his hand
  • andrew silently hands neil the other cigarette glancing at neil out of the corner of his eye
  • in that small little look he catches the tiniest glint of metal looping through neil’s nose
  • andrew immediately stiffens, neil is now staring straight at him full out grinning. 
  • “do you like it??” 
  • andrew doesn’t say a single fucking word, he just stubs out his cigarette before clambering to his feet and stalking off 
  • neil is confused af but he doesn’t really take andrew’s reaction to heart
  • instead he makes his way back downstairs wandering into matt’s room where everyone has sort of gathered 
  • all the other foxes immediately notice his new piercing 
  • all of their first question is “what did andrew think?” 
  • allison is grinning, waiting to hear if she won the bet or not 
  • neil just shrugs, “i don’t know, he didn’t say anything” 
  • nicky shoots allison a smug grin before holding out a palm which she grudgingly slaps money into 
  • HOWFUCKINGEVER later that night neil steps into the room and andrew is just standing there in the middle of the dorm 
  • he stalks over to neil asking “yes or no?” through gritted teeth, his eyes stuck firmly to the hoop in neil’s nose 
  • neil of course says yes and andrew smashes their lips together, furiously biting down on neil’s bottom lip 
  • neil that night goes to bed with a triumphant grin on his face which andrew promptly kisses away
  • (neil never tells allison that she actually was the one who won the bet) 
Lost and Found (Bias x Reader) Pt.13

B/N didn’t contact you after that night and you weren’t surprised. What could he do? What could he say?

Hunter eventually contacted you though. He asked you to dinner and you knew he needed an explanation. One you would be honest about. 

You don’t dress up. You dress casually and meet him at an expensive restaurant looking out of place. You feel your stomach tying in knots at the thought of what you were about to say to him. 

You find Hunter sitting at a table dressed in a black button down shirt with matching black pants. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, revealing muscular forearms. Even with his hard stare, he was still a beauty before you. Why weren’t you satisfied?

He crosses his legs as you sit down, not bothering to stand to greet you. You sit before him, feeling small in his presence. 

“Are you hungry?” he asks. You’re about to speak when he says, “Or did you already have dinner with your coworkers?” 

You smile slightly, finding his choice of words brilliant. Clearly, he was still upset. You’d be upset too if you’re boyfriend called a girl’s name in the middle of your intimate moment together, “No, I’m not hungry.” How could you possibly eat at a time like this?

“Then let’s get to the point,” he sounded professional, like he was addressing his coworkers at a meeting, “Who is B/N?” 

You sip from the glass of water on the table, “My ex-fiance,” he looks surprised, either from you replying so easily or that you were nearly married. You found no reason to beat around the bush. You weren’t like that, and he knew it too. 

“Are you still seeing him?” 


“Are you lying?” 

“What would be the point?” 

He nods and looks at you, “Do you still love him?” 

You sigh, “What is the point of these questions, Hunter?” 

“I just realized I knew nothing of your past love life,” 

“Don’t you think that’s for the best?” 

“You know of mine,” 

“I didn’t ask,” you say.

“That should’ve been a sign,” He simply looks at you, “We’ve been dating for almost a year. I’d like to know why you’d call out your ex’s name in the middle of us having sex,” 

You look around nervously. You both conversed in English, but the way Hunter’s deep voice resonated right now caught people’s attention, “What good would it do for you to know?” 

He slams his hand on the table and you don’t even jump, understanding his frustration, “It would let me know why I’m wasting my time in this relationship,” 

You lay it out for him, “We were supposed to get married. Things didn’t work out.” 

“Is he who you saw the other night?” 

“Yes,” He narrows his eyes, green eyes piercing into you, “We did nothing of what you thought though,”

“I don’t give a damn right now. I want to know why my girlfriend didn’t tell me about this. Trust, Y/N, that’s something people tend to have in a relationship,” you suddenly don’t feel like talking anymore, seeing no way this will go smoothly, “Do you still love him?” he asks again and you can see that behind his anger, there is also pain. 

“I never stopped,” you say softly and you find that Hunter’s eyes are glossy. 

“What has he done for you that I can’t do?” he asks, voice no longer angry, but pleading. You wish he remained angry with you, “He left you and now you have me, someone that loves you,”

“It’s not like that,” you say.

“Then what? If you love him, then why aren’t you with him? Why are you making it seem as if I’m doing something wrong when I evidently can’t match up to him?” 

You look down, hating the hurt in voice as you fought your own tears, “Have you ever met someone at the worst possible time in your life?” you suddenly ask.


“Perhaps in another life, you will be fortunate enough not to meet me,” you say, feeling lifeless. 

“Y/N, what are you saying?” Hunter’s voice sounds panicked.

“I’m saying I can’t do anything for you. You don’t want to live in another man’s shadow and you shouldn’t,”

“Are you breaking up with me? That’s not why I brought you here, I just wanted to talk it out. Please, don’t do this,” he’s kneels before you, taking your hands.

You sit still, “I can’t give you what you want. I can’t love you the way you love me.” 

“I don’t care. I’ll take this, I’ll take what you’re giving me right now,” 

“But you deserve so much more. You deserve more than this Hunter,” you find that his green eyes are flooded with tears and you can’t contain yours.

“Please, don’t do this,” he whispers. Your heart ached for him.

You touch his face one last time, “I have nothing left to give.” 

November came quickly. It was three days until the wedding and B/N was completely numb to it all. Daina buzzed around happily, not once showing any sign of nervousness, how he envied her. B/N on the other hand could barely eat and anything he did eat came right back up. Today however, he sat at a bar drinking anything the bartender placed before him.

“I guess you could call this a bachelor party,” he says as he downed the next drink. He turns to the bartender, shoving the empty glass towards him, “When are we going to stop pretending as if alcohol tastes good!” The man says nothing, only refills his drink.

“You look like hell,” Jayce says, “Are you that nervous?” Jayce came when he drunk texted him to come have a drink with him at their favorite place.

B/N nods, “Everything is happening so fast. Was I this nervous the last time?” 

The question catches Jayce off guard and he bites his lip nervously, “Um…not that I can remember. You never got married, remember?” 

B/N leans in close to him and taps his head, “No, I can’t remember anything, remember?”

Jayce leans away from his liquor heavy breath, “Let’s get you home,” he leaves a heavy amount of cash on the counter, knowing how overpriced liquor was.

“I don’t want to get married right now…” he whined as Jayce took him by his arm. 

“You’re not getting married, you’re going home to Daina,” but B/N simply repeats his previous statement, “What do you want to do then?” 

“I want to remember,” he hangs his head and sighs, “I want to remember her,” 

Jayce pushes B/N and he staggers unsteadily on his feet, “I’m going to pretend as if you didn’t just say that,” 

“You don’t understand,” he says pushing Jayce aside to walk out the bar, “I need to remember,” 

“Do you not see what you have in front of you? A wonderful woman that, unknown to me, actually wants to be with you,” Jayce’s voice rises. 

“Why are you yelling?” B/N asks covering his ears like a child.

“Why can’t you forget her?” 

“What’s to forget? I can’t remember anything to forget!” Now B/N was yelling in frustration, the alcohol flipping his emotions. 

“Don’t you love Daina?” 

“Yes, but…”

“There’s no buts here. You’re getting married in two days. Keep that in mind,” 

He points a finger at Jayce, swaying as he spoke, “That’s not very fair. I have a right to doubt,”  

“Look at you. You don’t deserve her…” Jayce whispers

“And you do?” 


“Then why don’t you marry her?” 

“Because you’re in the way,” Jayce simply says.

“Well then, you should’ve spoken up if you wanted her,” B/N shrugs.

“You get everything,” Jayce says feeling his anger rise, “You knew I liked her,” 

“Well, who did she pick?” B/N smiles with his arms spread out. With that Jayce swings his fist, hitting B/N in the jaw. He falls back, hitting the pavement.

He struggles to sit up, holding the back of his head and finding blood on his fingers, “That was real mature. Hit a drunk man,” he stands up more unsteady than before, “But you know what’s immature? Lying to me about who Y/N really was. She’s nothing like you said. She’s really sweet, she knows a lot about me, and she has really pretty eyes. But you know what I really want? I really wish I could remember what the hell is going on!” 

Jayce notices that B/N’s eyes are losing focus and he falls hard. 

“Damn it,” Jayce says not liking the way he hit his head those two times.

“Hey, wake up,” he says patting his cheek. He holds his finger under his nose and barely feels anything. People already leave the bar once they started fighting and now looked curiously, “Come on bro, wake up,” he felt a coldness sweep over him as he saw the faint trickle of blood coming from where his head rested on the pavement. 

“Call an ambulance!” he yells at the people that stood there stupidly. 

Within minutes an ambulance arrives, taking B/N away. Jayce follows in his car, speeding behind them. He would never forgive himself if something happened to B/N, no matter how much he himself loved Daina. She would be devastated. He would also lose his friend. 

At times he wished he just told B/N who his first love was. Perhaps his own stress level wouldn’t be so high as he tried to keep things from him. Cutting people off mid-sentence when they finally saw B/N after the accident. They ask about her and the wedding and he’d counter it every time. But how he wishes he could go back. Back then was a simpler time. 

He arrives at the hospital and after many questions and time passing, he found that B/N suffered a concussion. Jayce hung his head, this was his fault. Who fights a drunk man? 

His parents rush inside the hospital. This was almost like three years ago, except instead of Y/N looking horrified, it was Daina. 

Her blue eyes fill with tears as she went into his arms, “What happened?” she asks but Jayce can’t find the words to say that this was his fault. 

“He drank a bit too much and hit his head,” 

She covers her mouth and leans against the wall. She was a nurse, but in her state she would be of no help. 

B/N’s father takes Daina to sit down while his mother turns to him, “Why was he drinking?” 

“He was a bit stressed about the wedding,”

“What triggered it?” 

At that question he sees the answer. A familiar face rushes into the hospital, “Jayce!” Y/N yells as she approached him, “What happened? Where is he?” 

B/N’s mother narrows her eyes as she saw who stood before them again, “You,”


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Exo Monster MV

Chanyeol: *Got the whole fandom going crazy over his rap part & red hair.*

Kyungsoo: *He the frikern king of the security camera????!!!*

Baekhyun: *First thing first, his piercing!!!! OMFO!!!! SO FRIKERN KINKY!!!*

Jongdae: *The only real mf who stands out from the group of fakers*.

Joonmyun: *This is Kim Joonmyun year to finally have a solo. Bitches being thrist-en for more. Can we also talk about how Jongin blonde hair look like here?!*.

Jongin: *grabbing that Soo booty I see*.

Minseok: *He still adorable even though he tries being “Monster”*.

Yixing: *still having a converstation with a guy he beat up*.

Sehun: *Walking this lonely road by himself~*.

iloveamelia  asked:

do every 5th question

♒ - Do you Take Drugs? 

✌ - Want any piercings? 
nose ring tbh 

😒 - Biggest pet peeve? 
being interrupted while im talking

🌟 - A wish you’ll wish for? 
that my friends have a good time :)

💬 - Can we text? 
yes unless that’s like long distance calling then no im not money

☀ - Story about your day. 
I slept and sat around because Im still sick so I dont have a story

✈️ - Where are you from? 
america georgia 

💃 - Can you dance? 
no and im even too embarrassed to try when im completely alone

🌀 - Favorite type of weather? 
cloudy and kinda chilly and windy

🍴 - Favorite food(s) to eat? 
french fries

🚑 - Have you ever driven in an ambulance before? 
yeah lol

😔 - Something that makes you sad? 
thinking about ppl ive lost like break ups or lost friendships or deaths 

The beach, the boat and “meeting each other in the middle” - A frame by frame analysis of the Beach Scene in episode 4 of Yuri!!! on Ice

(This got so freaking long oh my god!)

I was rewatching the raw version of episode 4, and particularly the beach scene between Yuuri and Viktor, with this post in mind (which talks about the subtleties in the japanese phrasing that weren’t very translatable in english) and this post about the visual hints the staff puts here and there.

And rewatching the beach scene, something caught my eyes and my ears : the little boat.

It appears both visually and soundly when Viktor starts to talk about how he never noticed the seagulls in Saint-Petersburg and how he never thought he would leave this city.

Then he asks if Yuuri ever felt the same and this is where the boat is just before it cuts to another frame :

It’s litterally leaving the rocky/mountain and enters the plane “pure sea” between the rocks and Viktor. This is Viktor opening to Yuuri but also opening a space with no turbulences (note that’s where the first rays of sun pierce through the clouds too).

Then it cuts to this frame, where Yuuri tells how there was this girl in Detroit who was always talking to him. 

The imagery here is a bit less peaceful, we see the trees and the mountain behind them and we almost miss the street-light because it’s not on and it can be confused with the trees. There’s also the big piece of wood with details that almost look like scars on it. We also see Yuuri, Makkachin and Viktor sitting on the edge of a sand formation. By choosing to tell about this girls seemingly out of nowher, Yuuri is treading on delicate ground for him. It’s a sensitive subject for him and it brings out strong but also hidden feelings in him. The flatter part of the beach and the fading water seem to be a peaceful thing that Yuuri might want but might be too afraid to take that step toward, because it might not be as relieving since it’s still enclosed by the mountain in the background.

We hear the motor of the boat until Yuuri starts talking, then the sound of the boat disappears completely during this whole frame. Instead we hear the sound of the waves.

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“(Y/N), let me help you.” 

Castiel extended his arm toward you as an offering to help you steady yourself, but you waved him off. You pointed your bloody hand to Sam who was still on the floor, groaning as he pushed the dead werewolf off him. It had startled you and almost ripped your head off, so Sam made sure its whole attention was on him. The male wolf was mid-jump as you shot it in the chest, before it then fell and took Sam down with him.  

Cas helped him to his feet before he walked over to Dean and you. It seemed as if your brothers only had a few scratches on them, so lucky you, all of their attention was on you. 

“Come on, we’ll get you back to the motel. We can clean this up later.” 

Ignoring all of your protests, Dean helped you back to the impala and gave you a clear towel to put on your wounds. Your leg was barely bleeding anymore, but your side was bleeding like a bitch. You could feel the warmth of the blood soaking through your shirt and down into your pants. 

“I will take care of this. Go and take care of (Y/N), I’ll meet you back at the motel.” 

“Thank’s man.” 

Dean patted Cas back as Sam got into the car, sending you a worried glance through the rear view mirror. You told him to stop, that it was just a simple scratch, but the pain on your face must’ve been obvious, cause your brother didn’t believe you. 

You carefully peeled the ripped shirt from your skin, hissing everytime you touched the bleeding flesh. The moment you saw what was under the shirt, your face paled. 

It was a bite. 

The werwolf had bitten you. 

Sam risked his life for you even though you were destined to die now, too. If something would’ve happened to him, it would’ve been for nothing. Cause he was too late. 

“You okay, little sis? Do you need a hospital or can Sammy stich you up?” 

Dean’s green eyes bore into yours and you hastily put the towel over your bite. 

“N-No, no I’m good… Just a little shaken up from the blood loss. It’s not that deep though.” 

Your eldest brother nodded his head. If the bite was on your leg, you could just cut it off. It was what Rick did to Hershel in the Walking Dead, and it saved him! But this bite was just above your hip, there was nothing you could do about it but wait until the poison has spread and you’d turn into a monster yourself. 

How were you supposed to tell your brothers? Or Cas? Would they shoot you before you are able to transform or would they try an look for a cure? You knew there was none, but your brothers had done quite a few impossible things already. But you wouldn’t let them this time. You were going to end this yourself before they had a chance to do anything stupid. 

The Impala stopped just infront of your motel room and it was Sam that helped you out this time. Cas already waited inside and helped you to sit on the bed. 

“Alright, let me see what we’ve got here.” 

Sam was ready to grab the towel from you, but you just pushed it down harder. 

“No, it’s okay, I can do it myself!” 

You protested and tried to stand up, but Sam grabbed your shoulders and pushed you down again. Dean furrowed his eyebrows at your reaction. You were almost incapable of stitching yourself up. The last time you fainted, only for the end result to be that horrible that it ripped open again when you were sleeping. It was also Sam that had stitched you up properly then. 

“Shut up, it’s no problem for me.” 

“I’m serious, I can take care of it. It’s not a big deal.” 

Dean stepped closer to you and Sam glanced at him from the corner of his eye, getting suspicious of what you were hiding. 

“Did you get a tattoo we are not supposed to see? Or a piercing? We can talk about that later, but we need to stich you up now.” 

Dean was clearly frustrated at your stubborness. You shook your head at his questions. 

“No… that’s not it.”

“Than what is it?” 

Sam sensed your fear and started to get worried. He was amazing at reading people, but you were pretty sure everyone could see the anxiety on your face at this point. There was no way for you to get out of this without letting them know what had happened. A hole would have to literally swallow you up, but you were pretty sure Cas would get you out just in time for you to tell them that you were going to become a monster. You dropped your eyes to your lap as you slowly remove the towel from the bite. 

You were met with dead silence, but you didn’t dare to look into your brothers faces. Not even Cas. 

“I didn’t want to tell you so you wouldn’t do anything stupid. I told you I’d take care of it.” 

“And what were you going to do? Just dissappear or put a bullet in your brain?”

Dean was yelling by now whilst tears formed in Sam’s eyes. Not (Y/N), not you. You were their little sister, their everything. He looked to Cas, but he only shook his head. 

“I can not heal a bite from a werewolf. It is not in our power to interfer with the nature of other creatures.”

You were a strong person and a fearless hunter, but this was new. You’ve never been in the position of becoming a monster. 

“I don’t care if Cas can heal this or not, you are not going to do anything for now! We have faced worse, we can do this! We have the bunker. If Kate could learn how to control this, so can you. We’ll call her to help you, hell I’ll even pick her up myself if she can help you. This bite does not change anything. You are a hunter and our little sister. And we’ll learn how to live with that thing.” 

I have so many questions about this scene...

Why is there so little discussion about this scene?

This is RIGHT after Nick Fury was shot and we see Sharon talking to Alexander Pierce – Hydra’s head honcho.

Why is she talking to him?  I find this scene fascinating because Sharon asserts that Nick Fury was the one to assign her to protect Steve.  So why is she here with Pierce? 

I just find her placement so darn interesting.  Fury assigned her to protect Steve but…he also bugged Steve’s apartment, so we know he can monitor him, that’s not an issue.

I also find the idea of her protecting him to be a bit odd considering Steve is, you know, Captain America (and I believe the Russo brothers said Sharon was a rookie at that).

But, more to the point, why would Fury assign the relative of the former flame of a depressed, lonely man to protect him?  And make her cover story the same job as that man’s mother (recall: Kate is a nurse in an infectious disease ward while Steve’s ma was a nurse in a TB ward)?

I’m really hoping there’s some meat to this story.  Sharon might be a double agent but I’ve also speculated before that she might just flat out be a Hydra agent or a mole.  I’ll admit that I prefer the latter version a bit because:

1. I want a female villain DAMMIT

2. I think, narratively, there’s something incredibly compelling about it being Sharon of all people to turn her back on SHIELD and be corrupted by Hydra considering that she’s related to Peggy.  I think she’s also the LAST person any of the characters would expect.

Anyway, I hope they’ll do something exciting with this in Civil War, but I feel like not enough attention has been paid to this scene.