also can we talk about how cute jackie is holding that cat

That One Time Kara Visited Charm City

Fandom: Supergirl/Powerless
Rating: K+
Summary: What it says on the tin, folks. *points to title*
A/N: Ridiculous nonsense, as per usual. Spoilers for Powerless and Supergirl. 

Meanwhile, in scenic CHARM CITY…

Van Wayne has a brilliant idea.

“No, really,” Emily says, shortly after Van holsters his finger guns and retreats to his office. “This might actually be a great idea.”

“He stole it from Lex Corp,” Jackie says, taking a languid sip of coffee. (Black and bitter, much like her feelings for this job.) “Oh. Sorry. L-Corp.”

“So pretentious,” Teddy mutters.

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“Jackie would leave cartoons and limericks for Jack in unexpected places to cheer him up [during the Cuban Missile Crisis]. She would arrange for a special treat - like Joe’s Stone Crabs from Miami; old friends would pay morale-boosting calls at her prompting. Her most effective weapon was a surprise visit to his office with the children. Many days she would be waiting by the elevator to help him when he emerged from it, dragging himself on crutches.”