also can we just take a moment to appreciate the true shining star of this movie

there aren’t enough scoundrels in your life

“there was a mistake made by the employees of the cinema and they sold a seat twice and every other seat is occupied now we’re arguing because we both want to see this movie and wtf are you seriously pulling me down on your lap so we can watch it together” au

”I was here first.”

Clarke blew a strand of hair out of her eyes. “Well, now you’re just behaving like a child.” 

The man, infuriatingly attractive, with his curly dark hair, smattering of freckles, and rather impressive arms under his henley, smirked at her. “Better a child than a spoiled princess.” 

Clarke flushed in fury; she hated being called spoiled– privileged, sure, of course, she couldn’t deny that, but she wasn’t spoiled. She appreciated what she had and worked hard for what she wanted, and had been trying to prove her entire life that things just weren’t automatically handed to her because of her parents’ legacies. 

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