also can i get flashbacks i don't even care about the plot

i really really need to talk about last night’s episode of brooklyn nine nine. that is not the kind of episode that you can fully appreciate in one watch so i had to go back and see it again before i talked about it. i am not in a place to speak on racial profiling but when i read the press release of this episode and found out that my favourite show is doing an episode on this very important and complex topic, I was intrigued but also worried. when taking on a topic that is incredibly urgent and relevant in today’s world, there definitely is a huge amount of responsibility that the show needs to take in highlighting the issue and giving it the importance it deserves while also maintaining the structure of the show. i definitely do not doubt dan goor and the brooklyn nine nine writers and actors for even a second, but taking on a topic like this in a cop comedy show where cops are believed to be inherently good and protective of their citizens is an incredibly huge risk, one that i did not want the show to take unless they were certain that they could do justice to it. and justice they did. 

i honestly cannot express how incredibly happy i was to see someone other than jake be a part of the A plot. don’t get me wrong you know jake peralta is the absolute love of my life, but the supporting characters in this show are so incredibly interesting and there’s so many great stories to be explored with them and sometimes they are underutilized in episodes and it’s frustrating because you know they have so much more to offer. terry excels in mediocre C plots so when he is given a fantastic A plot, he absolutely nails it. 

right off the bat when terry tells the squad about the incident, i absolutely love jake saying that he has never been stopped by a cop and he has done some really crazy things and the flashback that follows, b99 has never been a show to shy away from discussing white privilege and i love that this continued on in this episode. i love that terry’s first course of action was not to punish the officer for making the mistake, but rather talk to him about it and ensure that he wouldn’t ever do it to anyone else again. i loved the conversations between holt and terry, it was interesting to see the differing perspectives of two black men in positions of authority and who belong to different generations. holt is justified in worrying about terry’s career and telling him to pick his battles, regardless of how deeply wrong the incident was. terry is justified in wanting to do the right thing and make the officer pay for what he did because this incident had nothing to do with his career in the first place. terry’s childhood flashback and viewing a cop as a superhero and telling holt that he can’t stop thinking about the thought of his daughters one day being out on the street looking for their child’s toy and being stopped by a bad cop and not being able to play the police card was heartbreaking. i love that terry chooses to file the report and doesn’t care about it affecting his chances of getting the city council job because it is the right thing to do. i can’t express how amazing terry crews is in this scene and how he makes me cry within seconds because his emotions are so raw and to see such a positive and happy person feel so defeated really hits you hard. i love that holt tells terry that when he went through these situations, he was alone and he had no one to turn to so he had to rise through the ranks to create change, but now he’s there, and how he decides to support terry regardless of the consequences. i love that there isn’t an easy resolution to this plot and it is a bittersweet ending because terry does not get the city council position likely due to his complaint against the officer and he does consider the thought of him maybe being able to do more if he had gotten the position. i love that holt and terry do acknowledge the fact that it’s tough to survive in this world, regardless of their position or rank. the writers don’t sugarcoat the issue but they also don’t let it slip to a dark and grave place that offers no hope, they find the perfect balance between the two, making their treatment of the issue that much more effective. 

jake and amy babysitting cagney and lacey was so so so important to me but i loved that it didn’t take away from the seriousness of the issue in any way. jake and amy showed immense growth in this episode, from thinking that cake and movies is the perfect diversion for the kids so they can avoid talking about the subject of race to actually having the most difficult conversation that a parent could possibly have with their child and handling it with so much care and sensitivity and not sugarcoating the issue for the children but also not giving them more information than they could handle. i love the last scene between them and how they go back and forth about the idea of kids, acknowledging that yes they’re super stressful but the experience of being with them is rewarding and being able to shape young minds is a powerful feeling. but wait kids are exhausting but they also have the cutest shoes and hands. our babies are ready to have their own babies!! i always knew that jake and amy would make perfect loving supportive and caring parents but if this episode is any indication, they’ll be even greater than i ever imagined. 

best jokes of the episode:

  • “get woke scully” I SCREAM EVERYTIME
  • all of charles’ creepy hilarious lines about jake and amy being parents!!
  • gina’s song on racism
  • “oh and one more thing, i love you” “i love you too jake” so cute so cute so cute
  • “tv and cake were my parents”
  • “what kind of kids don’t wanna eat cake, should we call child services on terry”
  • the handling of the orgasm question
  • gina and rosa babysitting cagney and lacey (lord knows i’d kill for an entire episode of this)
those basic things we've all read in snk fanfics (feel free to add)
  • Eren: submissive, stubborn af, unrealistically angry 150% of the time, bitches at armin/mikasa about their choice in boy/girlfriends, always fights with jean, has daddy issues after mom's death, heterochromia iridum
  • Levi: calls eren and everyone younger than him a shitty brat in every dialogue, calls hanji 'shitty glasses' every 2 seconds, grumpy 90% of the time, calls erwin 'eyebrows' or 'captain america' or 'captain eyebrows', shit talks hanji and erwin but actually loves them, has tragic and out of place sad backstory dropped mid way through the story, does not ever laugh or smile or blush, has sudden change in thoughts and emotions pertaining to love interest somewhere in the fic, 'tch' in every dialogue, blown out of proportion cleaning habit, some variation of the 'do you hate me' dialogue always in the story
  • Mikasa: over protective mother figure of eren but gets offended if eren or someone else points this out- leading to an argument, fic always starts with mikasa waking eren up, cold and detached, never laughs or smile except in the presence of armin and eren, hostile with levi the SECOND they meet for no reason whatsoever, always says the 'i don't trust him but i'll kill him if he hurts you' to the boy/girlfriends of eren and armin, only hobbies are gym and martial arts and going to the dojo
  • Armin: smart genius ass with all the wisdom in the world who somehow always manages to get eren out of a dilemma, caring and considerate and omg- definitely no swearing!!, blushes easily, some variation of an outfit containing a 'baby blue button up, fitting khakis, a sweater vest and oxford shoes'
  • Erwin: only two options in fics- 1) manipulative asshole villainous ex of levi who wants to bring levi's current boy/girlfriend down or 2) low key manipulative and slightly chill best friend of levi, always in some authoritative position, compared to chris evans or captain america, caterpillars for eyebrows, smooth gentleman who holds doors and politely flirts with you but hot damn crazy in bed
  • Hanji: IS ALWAYS SCREAMING OR EXCITED, calls levi 'shortstack' or cute and her/his/their baby and ruffling his hair while levi mutters something about 'shitty glasses', attacks levi's SO with a million questions to which levi says 'shitty glasses leave him/her alone', always a science geek who starts to talk about complicated science the second they meet someone new
  • Jean: ALWAYS fights with eren for no reason and to serve no purpose to the fic, sarcastic comments that goes too far one day and offends someone, awkward apologies to person he offended but will play it off as "marco asked me to", called 'horseface' and infinite amount of horse references, also plays the role of evil ex of eren or armin
  • Annie: chill af but always in the background, described as someone who "finds everything boring", detached and cold
  • Reiner: buff gym lover who is buds with eren or jean and always sounds like a douche from college, always invites people to parties, 'man/bro' used in dialogues, loud thunderous laughter, slapping the backs of people he is talking to
  • Bertholdt: apparently a tall but sweaty guy who is nervous throughout the entire fic, eyes always shifting nervously
  • Connie: "YO SASHA CHECK THIS OUT cRaZy Trick i'm doing!! I AM CRAY", comic relief and is slightly written as funny
  • Sasha: "YO I WILL CONNIE ONE SEC I GOTTA TALK ABOUT FOOD FOR THE REST OF THE CHAPTER BEFORE I JOIN YOU", always talks about food, character description shortened to 'food luver' by friends, comic relief but is not even written as funny most of the time
  • Ymir: asshole who's spewing off thinly veiled insults but is loving and caring to girlfriend Krista, over protective mother dog to Krista, makes sex jokes
  • Krista/Historia: almost always works with ymir, gets flustered at sex jokes, tells ymir to stop being an asshole and apologises on her behalf, is princess and queen of fic, that's it she's not even developed in non-yumikuri fics
  • Marco: loved by all, gr8 advice giver, secretly always in love with het-Jean-who-realises-he's-gay, reminds everyone of a golden retriever but with freckles
  • Mike: introduction of character always starts with smelling people and levi/hanji/erwin saying "don't mind him"
  • Petra: ADORED by everyone, golden girl of everyone's dreams, kind and caring and loves everyone, petite but can kick your ass down in 2 seconds but no body knows that until the plot needs it
  • Auruo: bites his tongue while trying to imitate levi, fawns over petra
  • Kenny: a villain 95% of the time, related to levi/mikasa but no one knows until the plot requires it, reveals this info in a dramatic monologue, introduction starts with dramatic kidnapping/murder and a sarcastic taunting laugh from kenny as he enters from the darkness, crazy gun wielding uncle
  • Grisha: almost always having an abusive or bad relationship with eren and mikasa not mentioned at all, was working on something ~secret~ before his disappearance
  • Carla: loving mother as seen in flashbacks, violently taken away from eren as seen in nightmares, 99% dead in most fics

anonymous asked:

I really want to have hope for destiel I really do. and the whole hannah thing is really looking to be a false romantic lead... I just don't know how to have hope anymore because I feel like she'll be a false romantic lead and nothing will come of it. I hate to bring this to your askbox but I feel like you always have positive thoughts and I really want to be positive.

Oh no, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time to be positive!  The only advice I can give you is to do what works for me (so ymmv)- when I’m feeling less than positive about the show, I take a moment to look at 1) what we know about the structure so far, 2) how TPTB in Carver-era utilize that structure in general, and 3) what indication there has ever been that maybe it won’t happen, and whether or not that even begins to outweigh all the evidence that it will happen.

Putting it under a cut because this got kinda long.

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