also buying me things will not work bc

personal update:

so yeah college still sucks. but I am confident in 3 out of the 5 classes I have this semester.

I am changing my major from Biology –> Health Care Administration

I am seeing a therapist and it helps so much, he has put a lot of things in perspective so I can try to stop blaming myself

he also thinks I have anxiety.. he suggested meds but I don’t think I need them.

the guy I like is super awesome and I haven’t scared him away which surprises me bc I know I can be super clingy and annoying

I cut my hours at work. I have no money. If you click my ads that’d be super rad bc I’m hungry lol + I have a storenvy account so if you wanna buy my gently worn clothes I’ll have it linked on my page

Right now its just a pair of converse lol, but I will be adding old workout clothes etc

and I think that is it.. so many of you follow me but rarely do you interact. talk to me babez

anonymous asked:

so i downloaded the PS data from your resource blog and now when i click on it on my laptop it shows me a data called PS CS5 Read Me and then wants me to rather buy or activate a programm called foxit for asus bc i have an asus laptop

That’s weird??? I have an asus laptop as well and you shouldn’t have to do that….

Try a different version then (and make sure to read the post instructions as well….). I downloaded PS CS6 (recommended to get the extended version instead of the portable). I think it was this one that I also have downloaded which is CS6 extended and it works fine for me so you can try that one as well! Typically the only thing you should have to do is torrent the program and then rearrange two things in the program files. 

tenzen asked:

More like "my older brother will always be better no matter my accomplishments" and "my little brother has everything handed to him on a silver platter" while I tread the fine line of Suck


“mom can i buy some Kit Kat’s”

“no you’re fat you need to lose weight but not too much weight bc for dinner I’ll feed u 200lbs of chicken and also did you do your homework you need to work on your grades you’re getting straight b’s why can’t you be like (older sibling/literally anybody else) get gud”

little sibling (ESP IF ITS A LITTLE BROTHER) “mom buy me snickers”

“YES!!!! OF COURSE WHATEVER U NEED MY LITTLE ANGEL OF GOD MY PRECIOUS BABY FROM HEAVEN THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE im so glad i gave birth to u would you like to skip school tomorrow”