also buying me things will not work bc

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Hey are we still doing the "if I were dating you" thing cause if we are then I'd take you to all sorts of fun places like the movies or the Golden Saucer and try to make you smile every time you see me and buy you pretty things when I could and also work out with you (SQUATS!) Come to think of it, you seem fun and nice and really pretty! :D How about one date?

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Wow, anon, you seem like a super cutie. I’m sure I’d smile a lot.  I kinda lose my balance when I do squats ‘cause I’m a nerd – you could catch me in your, uh, big SOLDIER strong arms and stuff.  Let’s do it. 

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if i lost you in a crowd id yell "I CAN DIG ELVIS" and look for the crying person. its cruel but i would work. and then id prob buy you ice cream bc i'd feel bad

how dare you marie i am offended but also very pleased you know this about me

this will forever be a part of me tbh

If you lost me in a crowd, what “offensive” thing could you yell that’d be GUARANTEED to track me down?

My dad and I bought a bouquet to send to my mom’s work for her birthday and thankfully, we used Paypal b/c she was asking about what I had recently spent money on. She was also talking about not going to work on Thursday and I told her she couldn’t not go to work on her birthday. She probably thinks I’m obsessed with buying things online ugh. It’s so hard to keep a secret bc normally i always give her stuff way before her birthday, you feel me.

“Being on drugs and being a tremendously awkward person can look so similar!” I feel this. If I had a dollar for every time a stranger asked me whether I was high at the moment, I’d have maybe five dollars. Buy myself some ice tea and candy.

so it looks like the main plot is shaping up to be “get Alice out of his house”? bc that’s what Bella asked her questions about, and also it seems like a v important thing to do

speculation on Alice’s identity: I’m thinking probably option #1 (original person, or possibly person from work of fiction I don’t know about): there haven’t been any clues pointing towards #2-4 (I mean 2 through 4, not negative 2). If Alice is a person from fiction somewhere, his pictures would probably be a p big clue.

speculation on Alice’s aversion to the word “freak” (as it seems to be a plot point given how much attention bella is paying to it): idk something his dad calls him? like something meant to justify all the abuse?

speculation on length of Effulgence: got too long; I’m making a seperate post for tagging reasons

kinda salty bc my laptop charger is breaking where it plugs into my laptop and they don’t sell a charger specific to my laptop so I have to buy a universal charger which is like $80 do they realize I have a house mortgage and bills to pay for and don’t have the money to drop on a laptop charger for a laptop that’s dying anyway bc it’s three years old? I’m gonna be here and work on things in between making icons. catch me on sk y p e if you wanna chat! ALSO ON THE BRIGHT SIDE I HIT 100 FOLLOWERS THIS MORNING IMA MAKE A BIAS LIST SOON. c:

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I'm so sorry about this new job! This boss of yours sounds atrocious and you really don't deserve that but I really hope everything in general gets better. Also I love seeing your shop items and if I had like any money at all you could bet that I'd buy lots of pretty things from you! This was basically just a message to let you know I absolutely adore you and am sending lots of good energy your way! *kisses you on forehead*

Thank you honeybun!! This week has been something - I took this job bc she told me it would be four days a week moving to five, and now she’s cutting me down to three days a week until my “work improves.” I mean, what motivates someone to please an authority figure better than when they’re lied to and then starved, am I right ladies??! Especially since she expects me to be perfect at photography with her $2000 camera I’m learning to use, despite hiring me knowing I’d only ever worked with a $150 Powershot. :)))) But you know what they say, practice makes perfect, so less opportunity to practice and the fear of (more!) punitive reprisal must make…also perfect?? Somehow??? Anyway, my left eyebrow has been stress twitching badly ever since I woke up, so that’s exciting. 

I am just looking for a better opportunity and trying to keep my shop up in the meantime! I accept your good energy and thank you sincerely for it, I love you <33333

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Hi I'm an ftm & Im here 4 the binder giveaway. I never had a binder. I can't buy a binder bc my father lately said I'm nt his son anymore and wnt give me any money (even 4 things like food), I live with my mother and she is spending a lot bc I have a therapist and she tries to buy evthing I need bt I cant ask her more. I'm trng to save money 4my future bc I dream of gng 2 work in another country and go on T. Also im so dysphoric cus I have big chest (d cup). thank evn if I wont be the winner

i’m sorry that your father feels that way  your number is 22 good luck with everything :)