also buying me things will not work bc

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i offered to buy the book bc honestly it's such a small thing considering how much I enjoy your writing. Also it's my bday and I'm like a hobbit I like to give out gifts to others when it rolls around

tbh I don’t even know how Amazon wishlists work- but like,,,,the offer is Super Kind my friend ur the Best- and also HAPPY BRITHDAY! I HOPE U HAVE A GREAT DAY! 

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Speaking of first kisses, mine was with the only gay girl I knew during 8th grade bc we had this thing, idk how to describe it but she just looked at me a certain way, so anyways she went with me to buy lunch and we were alone, so I just went for it and I'm not kidding she was like "um, wow... jesus" and I was like "holy shit I did that"... next time we were alone I left a hickey on her neck and I also had my first makeout session with her, at her house while working on a English project...

this is great icb she just looked at you a certain way and you Knew how iconic

watching the sim supply on youtube play the sims 2 and the urbz sims in the city on ds this morning really makes me want to buy the games again! i used to love these two when i was a kid!

edit: i just realized how i spelt amazon in the tags and i’m laughing so hard

edit2: bc they’re both at the price of brand new games i only bought 1. i bought the urbz bc that was always my favourite of the two. now let’s hope it works on my 3ds.

edit3: also you can bet your ass that later this year when xbox add their earlier games to the backwards compatibility thing, i’m getting the xbox version of urbz if i can. i had that for my ps2 around the same time as i had urbz ds and you can guarantee if i wasn’t at school, i was playing either 1 or the other

my mum tries to be considerate but sometimes things slip out like “you should get back to the weight you were as a teenager” and i’m like….. i gained weight bc of a variety of circumstances including depression….. my mum buys food and cooks so i have no real say in what i eat….. i can’t go work out because my mum will make fun of me and also i have anxiety…… guess i’ll stay fat sorry mum

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Hey Adam, long time fan, I like to send you an ask every few months just to be all "yo I still really love your work and I think you're a cool human" so yes hello, I still think that!! I've been wanting to buy some things from your store for like, forever, and I'm moving back in with my parents soon so like. I'm sad to do that? But I'm also real happy bc it means I can finally afford to buy some of your stuff?? Anywhoozle, I think you're great, I hope life is treating you alright, go well friend

thank you!!! some days i feel v bad and not good so a nice message cheers me up 😬😬😬 also rent is the single hardest thing about being alive so if you’re in a position to be able to move (back) in with family and remove that pressure while you work and save up and make new plans i think that’s fucking awesome and you’re lucky to have that support system!

So i bought this jumper with the letter B on it and anyway it got me thinking.. like what if Calum bought a jumper with your initial on it and you bought one with a C on it just as a bit of an inside joke between the two of you and you’d only ever wear them around the house bc they’re just something for the two of you to show how much you love each other in a completely cheesy and lame way

say it with me now: twelve and clara are not in a paternal relationship

one of the best things abt this otherwise not awesome year was writing fic and making friends on tumblr, so i’m hitting two birds with one stone and combining my follow forever with the fic rec post that most of the ppl i follow are on. (also i waited too long to do this bc i couldn’t figure out how to make a banner, sorry)

to start with, here’s the fic squad™, fic-writing peeps who are lovely and inspiring and as often as not, a little bit inappropriate:

@niallohmighty @nialljustgotwet @botticellistyles @fromward @drownedindeniall @slightlytotheleft, @littlervoice @singledadniall, @foxesmouth, @parrotiny, @1dgi @julianbrulian @heauxnarry @chilliad @girouxsmissingtooth @thejandshirt

and the mutuals who make tumblr fun:

@nuthinbutniall @narryssh @larrysinlove @jortsfan @niallthegun @herstrionics @2012niall @narrytitty @narrylime @follederire @harryqhs @narry-kisspersx @temponarry-fix @niall2 @corgisniall @narrycissist @horanxheart @smittennarry @narrywaffles @johngreenisnotanoctupus

and the master fic rec post i’ve been meaning to make forever, in no particular order:

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Klance flower shop AU where Lance comes by at least once a week asking what his favourite flower was that day because Keith said "I dunno it changes I guess what does it matter to you" and so Keith just keeps picking more and more expensive flowers to see how far he'd go and when Lance buys like the most expensive thing in the shop, Keith is like "dude wtf stop buying me flowers I work here" and Lance gets all flustered and says it's bc his face lights up when he gives him his fav flower :3c