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Okay listen up please!!! I need to say some things.

The past few weeks have been really tough for me because outwardly I was still being supportive and yay baby and all that but privately I was having serious reservations about this entire situation since Briana’s family started acting badly toward him. I was so afraid they were going to make this difficult and I guess they still can but Louis tweeting about how happy he is immediately just made me feel so fucking relieved.

So please know if you follow me, I’m 1000000% team baby. As long as Louis is good, I’m good. I feel like I say this far more than I should but there you go. I’m also still team Danielle because she makes Louis happy too.

Bottom line, don’t bother my inbox with stupid because I’m so happy right now I’m not letting anyone bring me down. LOUIS IS A DADDY AND HE IS HAPPY ABOUT IT AND HE TWEETED ABOUT IT AND HE USED LITTLE CUTE EMOJIS AND LIKED CUTE CONGRATS TWEETS AND I MAY NEVER STOP USING CAPS AGAIN OKAY!!