also bright colours


i am everything i’ve learned and more, still it calls me… and the call isn’t out there at all - it’s inside me! it’s like the tide, always falling and rising! i will carry you here in my heart, you’ll remind me; that come what may, i know the way! i am moana!

i still have no idea what i was intending with this picture but its somehow one of my favourite things ive drawn


Ecstatic, I really am. Exhausted to be honest, but what could I expect - he is half lion, half stag. 

every single les amis aesthetic collage
  • enjolras: lots of red things and faceless shots of blond (almost always white) models. Blood on white cloth, quotes about the necessity of revolution, coffee
  • courfeyrac: yellow, models with afros and freckles. rainbows, glitter, daisy-chains, cartoon stars and light-up shoes, bow ties.
  • combeferre: glasses, tall Black models with short hair, books, telescopes, MOTHS, librarian jumpers. like the male version of most Hermione aesthetics
  • grantaire: paint, bruised knuckles, 'reLOVEution' image, green things, beanies, (usually white) models with black curly hair, sometimes George Blagden, guitars, boxing gloves, stubble and cigarettes
  • joly: also bow-ties, dinosaurs, bright colours, positive quotes, sometimes a cane
  • bossuet: smiling model with bald/shaved head, four-leaf clovers, polyamory, quotes about kindness
  • jehan: (usually white) models with long auburn/light brown hair, roses, poetry, cigarettes, flower crowns, capital R Romance
  • feuilly: fans, freckles, books, kind of remus-lupin tbh, maybe some tea, cardigans, curly hair
  • bahorel: man-buns, big baggy jumpers, heavily muscled models, kittens, beer, quotes about violence/fighting
  • cosette: soft pastels, an asian or white model with long hair, cupcakes, bisexual quotes, feminism, cupcakes, pale pink lipstick
  • Éponine: leather jackets, cigarettes, dark red lipstick, sometimes Samantha Barks, sometimes a non-white model, smokey eyeshadow, unapologetic feminism
  • musichetta: body positivity, black/mixed race model, orange, pink and red, feminism, polyamory, positivity
  • bonus:
  • montparnasse: motorcycles, more leather jackets, white androgynous models, shattered wine glasses, blood, bruises, glitter, maybe a top hat if they're feeling canon-era

casual makki, in two different colouring and shading styles, because i dont know whether i like soft shading or harsh shading better and i liked how both of them turned out


The truth has been revealed

What if all this time HxH was just a manga about Gon and Killua’s relationship but with battles and all that shounen stuff and that’s why the title is Hunter x Hunter


Sousa worried about Peggy (2x02)


Swap Meat (5x12)

Little doodle cause I felt like Phil was missing out on the light up shoes party!