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Baby (Dick Grayson x Reader)

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PROMPT?: Can you do Dick Grayson x Reader one (…) someone shoots her from behind and dick gets scared and calls Bruce? You can make up the ending if she dies or not I just want angst! And you’re an incredible writer!! 

A/N: I didn’t post the whole ask prompt but oh my god, when I first read it, I was so excited to write this!! Also yeah, Jason’s in this one, only mentioned, so chill. *post write* okay wow so this is my first angst and i hope you liked it because this made me super sad

WARNINGS: ANGST, cursing, violence, death

KEY: (y/n) = your name as always (sh/n) = superhero name

You sat at dinner with the Wayne’s, once again without your boyfriend. It wasn’t like you weren’t comfortable with them, hell, the others boys were you brother and you commonly called Bruce dad. Dick had roughly pushed you off during dinner and you couldn’t help but imagine that there was just another reason than “I’m busy, I’ll be there in a minute.” You had tried everything, giving him a massage (which he shrugged you off on), making him breakfast (which he also pushed away before a mission) and showering together (the one you were most surprised he turned down). Nothing had worked and despite the boys all telling you he loved you, you honestly didn’t feel it anymore. Your body shivered in bed alone. Nothing seemed right anymore and despite knowing Dick, you were afraid that maybe he didn’t want you anymore. You cried in the shower for hours, never once Dick confronting you about it, let alone hear it. You feared the worst.

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Um, is it ok to request Hoshi/SO/Gonta headcanons? Please and thank you.

Sure thing, here you go!

  • gonta carries you both around a lot, and while you love it, hoshi hates it.
  • he insists he can walk on his own, but then can’t help but get a little jealous when gonta carries you and not him,
  • hoshi doesn’t need a whole lot of attention, but he does need a lot of love.
  • hoshi likes when the three of you cuddle, and he makes a point of always putting gonta in the middle.
  • gonta is just huge and the easiest to cuddle, that’s all.
  • hoshi likes to be able to provide for you both, that’s his main goal.
  • he loves you both very dearly, after all.
  • his favourite thing to do with you two is take you out on dates! it helps to show that he cares, since he doesn’t always say it out loud.
  • you and gonta are always there to support him when he needs it, too!
  • and sometimes he really, really needs it.
  • you’re very supportive of him, and make sure to always tell him how much he means to you.
  • he just needs some extra support sometimes.
  • as for gonta, he can’t even put into WORDS how much he loves you both! 
  • he loves going on dates, he has so many cool places he wants you both to see!
  • when you cuddle, he keeps one arm around each of you and holds you close to keep you safe and warm!
  • he’s sensitive, so sometimes his kind heart doesn’t click well with hoshi’s brash attitude, but this problem usually results in dozens of apologies from hoshi.
  • he loves to go camping with you both, it’s his favourite trip to take.
  • and he kind of works as bug spray for both of you, bugs just never seem to bite when he’s around!
  • which is great, gonta says, because then no harm has to come to the bugs!
  • he’s also in the middle when you three sleep, to keep you both warm!
  • the both of you play with his hair often, and he doesn’t mind! while you like to brush it and make cute little braids in it, hoshi likes to straighten it, because wow, gonta looks completely different with his hair smoothed out like that.
  • you both love his laugh, it’s just so adorable for somebody as big and intimidating as he looks.
  • he cooks sometimes, but not often.
  • when he does, it’s actually quite good! you both wish he would cook more often, he really seems to know what he’s doing.
  • he’s really the ray of sunshine between the three of you, and you’re both always a little brighter when he’s around.
  • you can’t help it, his happiness is really contagious!
  • while you and hoshi often play video games, gonta opts out, as his hands are…just a bit too big for the controller.
  • he just loves you both so much, he wants you to always be at his sides, you’re very important to him.
  • as for you, you’re with two very…unique boys, so you need to take on a LOT of responsibility.
  • you do all the laundry, even though gonta helps sometimes.
  • you do all the cleaning, even though hoshi helps sometimes.
  • you cook almost every meal, too!
  • you work hard, and in return, you’re showered with gratitude and affection.
  • you also make the breakfast that you all eat together every morning, which is probably your favourite part of the day.
  • you want both of your boyfriends to be happy, and with you, they almost always are!
  • hoshi always mentions how good the food is, or how clean the house is, and when gonta notices him doing that, he joins in! he doesn’t want you to think he doesn’t notice your work!
  • you like to go on walks, and gonta likes to take you! hoshi likes to come along for the fresh air, and since you’re both going, he might as well tag along anyway…
  • you think it’s cute how much he tries to act like he doesn’t care.
  • you three make a very sweet couple for sure.

Saturday morning run done✅ 3.7K outside will SO MANY HILLS. I swear Bristol is just one big hill, this is only my second run outside but it was actually good. It’s so nice to see myself improving. I’m doing a 5K colour run in July with a friend. Then I want to do a 10K with another friend in August/October. I also had my favourite breakfast this morning 💕

Now I’m gonna shower, clean my flat up and get ready for brunch with my friend this afternoon🐙

A rooster with some serious issues

Summary: Sam, Dean and the reader have to kill something they can’t look at.

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: idk, the usual? If you’re afraid of chicken don’t read

Words: 2796

A/N: This was written for the Rejects of Supernatural Challenge, hosted by @sisterhoodofsam​ (I took so long to write it because I thought it had to be posted on the 10th oops)


Mobile Masterlist

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(I’m sorry I spent like five minutes laughing, I find this dude hilarious, just look at this scary chicken hahaha)

“I think I found something” you raised your head from the book you were reading and sighed. So much for finally having a relaxing weekend.

Dean looked up from cleaning the guns and shot you a forlorn look, you were both going to the diner to get some pie after the sun went down a bit and you knew that wouldn’t be happening now.

“Do we have to?” You whined.

Sam turned his head to look at you in disbelief. “It’s killed five people Y/N.” You sighed and gestured vaguely with your hand for him to continue, you still pouted though.

“So, it says here that these people have all died of heart failure, probably died instantly” Dean leaned back in his chair and turned to look at Sam directly.

“What’s so weird about that? A lot of people die of heart failure.” Sam turned in his chair to look at Dean, gesturing with his hands like he did when he wanted someone to understand what he was saying. You hid your fond smile behind your hand. “Well yeah, but these people were of all ages, and heart failure is usually an old people thing” he turned back to his laptop and scanned the screen again “there was an old lady, but also a couple of middle aged people, someone in their late twenties and” he paused for a beat and his brow furrowed “a seventeen year old.”

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Sick Moves

Baekhyun x Reader Scenario

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For: @ana94laura Can I get a Baekhyun scenario in which your a rookie at SM and he really likes you but your unsure of your feelings for him…I know it’s not a lot to go off of…but I’ll leave the rest to your more creative mind…🙏 

Okay. So I’ll admit that I thought that a rookie was the same as a trainee and I wrote this more from that perspective. I also feel that I totally went away from the plot…so if you want me to change it, I’ll be happy to! :D Enjoy!

~Admin Light


“Okay jump spin, arm left. Right. Twist push back, step left and footswitch.” You repeated to yourself as you danced. Music blasted around the room, the bass was pulsing through the floor making it easier to keep in time. Girls with different styles and talents danced around, doing fancy spins and simple popping, despite the different styles they all had they same goal to be in the new girl group that SM was making. They announced that it will have nine members. Now was your chance. You just started your training under SM, and something about this one felt right. You had the singing down, plus you weren’t a bad dancer but you weren’t the best. Letting out a sigh you adjust your baggy shirt and drink some water deciding to take a small break. Scanning lazily around the room, only about five out of the fifteen girls in the room really stuck out to you. While entranced on one trainee’s choice of fashion you barely noticed the hand that tapped your shoulder.

“Hey, how’s the dance coming?” A voice cuts over the sound of the music. She had short bleached hair and warm brown eyes. She offered out her hand, “Oh sorry. My name’s Soohyun. Ya know not to jump topics but, it’s rumored around that you had a guaranteed spot in this new group. Is that true?”

You shook her hand and properly introduced yourself, “Is that really going around? I mean. I just got here. I hope so, but I know that it’s not guaranteed…” Your voice trailed off and she winked at you.

“Well, Min-hee seems to like to trash your name around here.” She pointed at the girl across the room who was sitting there a cross look on her face. Her hair was down and barely slick with sweat, revealing that she hasn’t been working as hard as you or anyone else in the room.

You eyed her up and down, and caught her eye. She glared at you and rolled her eyes muttering something to her friend. “She doesn’t seem very nice.” You wince and turn your attention back to Soohyun who was pinning her hair back with bobby pins.

“She’s not exactly known for her friendliness. But her bad girl stage is amazing.” Soohyun says flatly, “I mean. I’m sure it’s not really a stage.” She giggles and laughs more when she hears you stifle laughter.

Before you could get the words out of your mouth to continue laughing about Min-hee, a short man walks into the room followed by two men and one women all dressed in suits of varying styles. The woman was on the phone and by her harsh voice it was easy to tell that she was becoming frustrated. The music is cut with and the room plunged into silence.

“I don’t care when it landed, I need you here now!” The woman shouted into the phone before pulling it away and hanging up. She slipped it back into her pocket and adjusted her glasses before walking straight out of the room with quick small steps.

The short man coughed into his hand for a minute gathering the attention of the small practice room, “Attention young ladies as you know in a week we will be having our auditions for the new girl group. Since one of our largest successes is back in town we brought them here to help you prepare. Please be nice to them and give them a warm welcome.” He clasped his hands together and waited a minute enjoying the tense silence, before saying, “Now, please let’s bring them in.”

Once Suho walked through the single glass door, the room erupted into an uproar of squeals and harsh whispering. Mumbles of ‘oh my gosh’s and ‘I can’t believe it’s really them’ echo around as everyone stares in shock as EXO walks through the doorway. This was not a normal occurrence as you could clearly remember that no one would normally come to auditions. Something like this would’ve been old news if it happened all the time, but even you couldn’t hide the pang of excitement that made your toes curl.

They quickly introduced themselves and all too soon the short man was back to speaking about having a good practice with the boys and how they’re all good dancers and will more than happy to show off a few moves. As quick as they popped in, the short man and his lackies filed out of the room leaving the nine boys in a room filled with female trainees.

Immediately, the large group of girls surrounded them, asking questions about their latest tour, their personal lives, and what actually brought them here. Despite your urge to go talk to the male idols, you held your cool and plugged in your headphones playing the same audition music that was playing through the room before. Deciding to use this time to practice while the others wasted their time.

“Jump spin, arm left. Right. Twist push back, step left and footswitch.” You felt your body flow with the rhythm of the music. This part was simple, the time was slow and the moves were simple. Continuing with the dance you felt the the words move through you, every rise and fall of the phrases moved your body like a steady stream of water. Just as the end of the dance started to come closer, the last few movies branched to the more ‘sexy’ side. Not that you cared, a dance was a dance at this point. The problem was that you couldn’t body roll.

Feeling a little more confident on the troubling move you tried to loosen your body, but you almost groaned when you felt your knees lock and your body jerk forward awkwardly. Letting the music play on you tried to body roll again and again. The song repeated twice before you gave up and lied down on the floor. You closed your eyes for a second and let out a deep breath, since everyone was consumed with EXO or practicing their own dances you didn’t think that someone would be above you waving their hand when you opened your eyes.

With music still playing through your ears, all you could do is read his lips and notice his wide grin. You pulled one of the earbuds out of your ear and noticed the loud chattering still in the room. You cocked an eyebrow at him and asked him to repeat himself.

“My name’s Baekhyun, I was wondering if you need help? You seemed to be struggling on something. I got some sick moves.” He winked and you could easily recognize him as EXO’s Baekhyun without him saying his name. You introduced yourself to him and sat up leaning against the wall. He offered his hand to help you up and you took it, brushing yourself off you thought about what he could help you with.

“Sick moves?” You giggled softly, “I mean there is one way you could help me actually.” Taking a sip of water you waited to hear if he was interested.

His eyes brightened in response, “Sure! That is why we’re here!”

You took your time, watching as he hung off of your words like a puppy waiting for a command. “Could you get Kai or Lay to come and help me? I’m struggling with body rolls.” A sad look flashed in front of his face at the mention of getting the others to help instead of him, but it quickly was replaced by a smile.

“Are you sure? I mean, I’m just as good of a dancer. We all know body rolls. It’s in almost all of our choreography.” His hands tightened slightly around the neck of the water bottle he was holding but his expression stayed light and friendly.

You opened your mouth to retort when Soohyun ran up to you and slung her arm through yours, “(y/n)! (y/n)! Kai’s explaining how to do the perfect body roll over there! I know that you’re struggling with that.” As she’s dragging you away you look back and see Baekhyun chuckling and running a hand through his hair.

Baekhyun sips from the water bottle keeping a smile on his face he laughs darkly to himself, “I guess I’m in for a little chase.”


A few days later when you see Baekhyun again the first thing he does is ask about your body rolls and how they were coming along. You kept your responses short and tried your best to not get attached to him. He was an idol and you were a trainee, his life would be filled with excitement and constantly taking tours around the world. It would be too stressful to even have a close friendship. Knowing this you kept your distance from him, but he would keep up a conversation about training, the weather, their tour, anything and everything. Despite your annoyance with his persistence you found it oddly charming that he would cross an entire room filled with people just to say a simple hello or to ask about your day.

“Hey (y/n),” His familiar voice called from down a hallway. You stopped walking and waved him over watching as he quickly said his ‘goodbye’ to Chanyeol and Chen before jogging over to you.

“Where ya heading?” He asked with a grin, “We were going to go get some food, do you want to tag along?”

You shook your head and gestured to the practice room behind you, “Sorry, I have to practice for the audition coming up. Maybe next time?” You smile and walk into the room feeling a pang of regret when you heard him call out a swift. “Oh, have a good practice. We’ll meet up later!”


You walk into SM entertainment with a frown on your face, it was the day before the audition and it has been the worst morning of your life. The electricity and water were out at your place, so you woke up in the dark and you couldn’t shower. Breakfast was also a struggle so you decided to get something on the way to practice, but that all-too-soon ended up on the pavement because of some random businessman who was running late.

Letting out a deep sigh you sat down on one of the chairs and put your head into your hands, the only thing you wanted right now was to go back home and sleep the day away, but the audition was tomorrow and you couldn’t waste your time.

As the day of practice went on, your day would only get much worse. Soohyun didn’t talk to you all day because you ignored her calls and texts last night, adding on to the power going out at your place because your phone didn’t charge at all. You slipped on your shoelace while dancing and fell creating a deep pain that went down your leg from your hip, and your water bottle broke so you could only get water from the little plastic cups.

Today was not stacking to make itself any better. Sitting down again you leaned your head back against the mirror and sighed. Suddenly you sat up straight and thought quickly, “I haven’t seen Baekhyun all day.”

The idea that he had just given up, or was doing chasing you raced through your brain. You could’ve been a lot nicer to him, it was no secret. Honestly, you had grown extremely fond over the puppy idol. His ability to light up an entire room, and his calm head even when he got embarrassed. It would be a lie to say that they weren’t attractive qualities. He would be the perfect one to turn your day around.

With a groan you stood and decided that you were done practicing for today. Even if the audition was tomorrow, it was beyond the time to completely stress anyways, Baekhyun had told you that a few days ago when he saw you last. You froze with your hand on the doorknob, how long has it been exactly since you’ve seen him last?

“Oh my…it’s been days.” You muttered pulling the door open quickly and rushing into EXO’s practice room. The famous idol had told you that if you ever needed him that he was either in the practice room or in the dorm.

Walking quickly down the hallway you knocked onto the door to the practice room twice before opening the door and peering your head in. Loud music pulsed through the room and you easily recognize it as EXO’s new comeback song.

They were sitting around, lazily drinking water and laughing about some joke that someone had told. Your eyes scanned the group of boys, two of them were missing. To be exact, Chanyeol and Baekhyun were missing. Not even noticing your existence you walked in and bowed quickly, “I’m sorry to interrupt I was wondering if I could speak to Baekhyun?”

Suho looked up at you from his position on the floor and smiled, “It’s alright, we were just messing around in here anyway.” He rubbed the back of his head, “Chan and Baek went to the dorm awhile ago actually. Baek had come down with something and was threw up so Chanyeol offered to watch him back at the dorm. I’m sure you could go see him, but I wouldn’t suggest it.”

You nodded and quickly walked out of the room but not before tossing out a quick, “Thank you.”

Slowing your pace, you stopped at the front door to their dorm. You had no place rushing over here just to check up on him. He was okay, it wasn’t like it was a deathly disease or anything. It also was true that you weren’t his girlfriend or even a close friend for all that matter. Sending him a simple bouquet of flowers and a card would be easier and more aquantincy than actually coming by.

You paced in front of the door for a few minutes, tossing the idea to just leave, before coming face to chest with Chanyeol. Feeling a blush rise to your cheeks you quickly apologized and turned around to say that you were sent there to get him when Chanyeol started to chuckle.

“You’re here for Baek aren’t you?” He leaned against the door frame, “It’s alright, I actually have to run to the store and I do need someone to wait with him to make sure that he gets some sleep.” He ushered you into the dorm and knocked on a bedroom door twice before opening it and shoving you inside.

“You have a visitor, don’t get her sick. She has an audition tomorrow. Thanks for doing this (y/n).” Chanyeol winked before shutting the door behind him and leaving you two alone.

Baekhyun peeked his head out from underneath the duvet and smiled at you, “I see someone was worried about me after all.” He coughed and sat up slightly, “I guess you really do care.”

You rolled your eyes and took a seat on the bed across the small room, “Funny. I was actually here because Chanyeol asked me to be.” You crossed your legs and watched him sink back down into the pillows. Despite the bright look on his face, the pale sickness still gave him a weak look.

He nodded and winked again obviously seeing straight through your lie, “It was because of my sick moves right?”

“You got half of that right. Actually, I was worried and I’ve been having a terrible day and I thought that maybe you could help me turn the day around, but then I couldn’t find you so I ask Suho and he said that you got sick so I came here.” You jumbled out feeling the blood rush towards your cheeks again, “But I mean I don’t like you.”

Baekhyun nodded and closed his eyes leaning back onto the pillows, “Oh, well that’s okay. It means that I’ll just have to try harder. You’ll realize it soon enough.”

You threw a pillow at him and crossed your arms, “So what? It shouldn’t matter to you whether I like you or not. Heck, I barely know you! Besides you’re an idol.”

He opened his eyes and sat up straight, hunching over before looking at you with a confused expression, his brows were furrowed and his mouth was open slightly. “What? It matters because I like you. I want you to like me back so that it won’t be a chase? Isn’t it obvious? It doesn’t matter who I am or who you are.”

“Wait. You like me?” You mutter out weakly.

“Why else would I chase you for so long? At first I thought that you weren’t into me at all, until I asked Soohyun and she told me that you actually didn’t hate me. So I continued and here we are.” Baekhyun explained. He started to laugh breathlessly, “I’m glad that you cared enough to come here.”

You froze. Did you actually care for him? Or were his words just getting to you? Leaning back onto the bed, you refused to meet his eyes.

“Am I right?” He asked curious to see what you would do.

Kicking yourself back up you frowned, “I don’t know.” You looked around the small room taking in all of the personal mementos that littered all of the free space. It was all happening so fast to come up with a proper response. You definitely felt something for him, it was just too hard to distinguish what it exactly was.

Baekhyun smiled at you, a genuine smile full of hope and friendliness, “That’s fine. Just tell me when you know, whether it’s today or next month. I can wait.” He lied back down and closed his eyes quickly slipping into a light sleep, he seemed like he had so much energy as you two were talking you had completely forgot that he was still sick.

Straightening out your clothing you walked over and tucked him into the sheets, smiling to yourself you bent down and kissed his forehead before walking over to the small desk against the wall. Taking a pen from the top and a post-it note you wrote a small message for him to see when he woke up and waited for Chanyeol to return in the living room of the dorm.


When Baekhyun woke up again, the sun was peering into the room from the small window that they had. He decided to go get some water and stretch his legs, maybe grab something to eat since he was feeling better. As he was walking past his desk he saw a note stuck onto the top of the computer. 

He sat down in the chair and read the note over and over, making sure that he read it right.

Baek, Hopefully we can get together sometime before you go back onto tour. Even if I’m still figuring things out, doesn’t mean that we can’t hang out more. Text me sometime, (y/n)

Baekhyun read the seven numbers at the bottom of the paper and smiled. “Take as much time as you need, (y/n).”

CrossFit in Detroit

As I have an hour(!!!!!) before I have to leave for work, let me pop onto my blog to record this significant life event; I, Liz, went to CrossFit before work this morning. At 6am. In snow. When all I wanted to do was snooze. 


Before I humblebrag even more, let me note that I found a CrossFit in Detroit I absolutely LOVE.  It reminds me soooooo much of my CrossFit in Melbourne, which is no easy feat. The people are so friendly, and my unfit, new self felt very welcome.  

It’s also in the sweetest looking building. I guarantee I will take a minimum of 100 photos of this building while I’m here. I hope that sweet van is also often there

I was sooooooooooo nervous going the first time, and after a few laps around the building I couldn’t find the entrance, so I was this.close to calling it quits (whatever, I tried, right?!)

I then decided to be an adult and call. The head coach directed me to their door, and welcomed me in. 

I’ve been getting one on ones with one of their coaches, and I think it’s the best CrossFit form training I’ve ever got. She is incredible at reminding me to hold in my stomach, keep my chest up, and bum out; true CrossFit form.  

I’ve gone back to the beginning with CrossFit, and am relearning all the traditional moves: squats, lunges, rowing, front/back squats, push press, dead lift,etc. It’s fantastic. 

So far I’ve been four times, and have another mobility class lined up for tomorrow morning at 6am. !!!!!.  I wonder if I could actually become a morning person? Interesting interesting. I did have to go to bed at 10pm last night… which really killed my PVR style (no Bachelor spoilers please). 

Here I am at 5:30am this morning. I have such a skinny mirror in my apartment, it’s wonderful. The scale has gone up in both weight and body fat since I started. LOL, but I feel really good and better for it, so I’m just concentrating on that. (Plus, duh, it’s only been one week. *Insert meme here: Works out once | Expects to lose 30 lbs.) 

I’m now enjoying my morning coffee and scrambled eggs breakfast after my shower.  

I’m also back on the My Fitness Pal app (a private account, as I tend to do better when I know people aren’t viewing what I eat). 

My goal each day is 1,300 - 1,500, and I’ve stuck to that for 4 days now. 

Today marks exactly one week in Detroit, and so far I feel like the best version of myself here. I hope this continues!

And with that, happy Tuesday! 

Dare - Ashton Irwin Fanfic - Part 22

Part 21

Summary:You and your neighbour Ashton never really got along until he decided to change that, making you two the most unlikely set of best friends. Both of you are dancing on the edge of desire but the question is, who will slip first?

Word Count: 3K

The sun was burning my eyes and waking me up. Why the fuck is it so bright in here? The heat did feel nice across my face but it was too irritating to sleep in. I opened my eyes to find a large empty bed next to me. Thank god. Relief flooded through me instantly as I realised that I didn’t have to wake up to another awkward conversation with Ashton.

We had a bit of a weird night together last night, to say the least. I’m certainly not sure of the proper etiquette used to handle these kinds of situations. I’m not sure if anyone knows to be honest. But for me personally, I’d rather just avoid it and it looks like Ashton feels the same way.

We’d gotten drunk and I was feeling strange about everything. I felt a little out of it yesterday, my nerves had been shot all day as I waited to bump into Jackson, and then when I did finally get it over with it was like I was wound up tighter than a drum. Seeing him had thrown me off completely and everything had just gotten on top of me. I ended up feeling surprisingly needy by the end of the night. I just wanted someone to hold, or to hold me more than anything. So I looked for comfort in Ashton and we almost ended up having sex. We probably would’ve went through with it too if it hadn’t been for me spewing half way through. How irresistible am I.

I don’t really blame him for going with it though, I did kind of jump him. Or was it him who kissed me first? Either way, I knew that I just wanted a night of passion but in the morning I’d have felt worse for it. The wounds from the last time were still a little sore and I don’t think I could’ve looked at him again after another night like that. I mean, one night stands are okay and sure, people have friends with benefits sometimes but I don’t think my heart could take anything like that again. I poured my heart into Jackson and all I got was trampled on. Maybe it’s a blessing that we didn’t go through with it, save myself from more heartache. To top off the night I ended up baring my soul to him whilst we lay in bed face to face. After the day that we’d had I decided that it was best to just tell him everything. He was my little safe haven that I liked to keep all to myself but now seemed like the time. He already knew so much and it wouldn’t have taken him long to piece it all together. There was no point in keeping secrets any longer but I somehow feel worse off for it. I’d managed to forget about it as best I could for such as long time, I buried it deep down and didn’t let myself get swept away with the pain of it. Ashton was like a distraction and now I don’t have that, I keep wondering what it’s going to be like now. Now that the bombs went off and I have to pick through the shrapnel.

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17.1 Vacation we both needed



Waking up at 4 o'clock in the morning isn’t something I want to do durning the week, let alone on my off days.

My suitcase and two travel bags were filled to capacity and sitting in the middle of my bed as I exited the bathroom. I pulled my hair up into a neat bun since I’d straightened it yesterday and I didn’t want to go curly for the trip. I searched through my underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of dark red panties and matching bra. 

I was supposed to be up atleast two hours ago to finish packing to be ready in time, but being the procrastinator that I am, I didn’t pack last night or get up at the time I needed to in order for me to be ready on time. 

Once I was up though, I hurried to take a pack the rest of my things as well as take a short twenty minute shower also ordering some breakfast at IHOP that I still had yet to go pick up. They told me ten minutes and that was almost an hour ago. 

I still had another fifteen minutes or so before Chris would be arriving which only prompted me to move faster. Surprisingly the two of us haven’t really been keeping in contact much over the past week. At work Chris had been busy so we haven’t really had the time to sit down and talk. Of course he’d make his usual pop-ups at night but he’s done it so many times I’ve become used to it and don’t even get surprised when he’s calling.

He might as well get a key. 

I chuckled at my thought while I began applying lotion to my body. I put on some deodorant sliding on my panties and bra. Clothes were spread out throughout my bedroom that I know for sure when I get back I won’t feel like picking up. And I still haven’t packed everything I needed. 

I pulled my studded bikini off the bed placing it on top of my already folded and neatly packed clothes. I was bringing three or four just because I know I won’t be able to decide which one I want to wear. 

I managed to push down and zip up my suitcase just as knocks  rang at the front door making me curse under my breath. I allowed the bag to drop to the floor grabbing my short silk ivory robe hanging on the hook begging my door, and hurried to open the door. Chris stood before me dressed in sweats and a t-shirt yet he still looked like he belonged in a magazine. 

“You lucky it’s me at the door since you answering it half naked.” He mumbled which made me look down at my attire. My bottom half was only dressed in my panties but my robe came down low enough to at least cover them. 

I rolled my eyes,”Hello to you too Christopher,” I sated,  pushing the door open but walking away before he stepped in. The door slammed closed once I’d reached my bedroom and I heard his footsteps thumping down the hall. 

I felt his arms wrap around me as I searched through my drawer for something to throw on for the day. That scent that I’ve become so familiar with invaded my nostrils. Chris pulled me back against his chest, his arms wrapped comfortably around my waist. 

“I’m hoping all you gotta do is put on pants and you’ll be ready to go,” he stated. I nodded earning a sigh in relief from Chris. 

“You in a hurry?” I inquired. He shook his head removing the SnapBack from his head and running his hand over his curls. He placed his chin in his hand watching me rush to be ready. 

“I just want to be on time.” 

I rid myself of the robe and decided I’d dress comfortably for the ride we’d be taking. I could feel Chris’ eyes burning a a hole in my body but I wasn’t discouraged. 

He’s seen more. 

My outfit consisted of a PINK hoodie and a pair of black leggings. For my feet I just slid on socks and the first pair of Jordan’s I’d seen which happened to be a pair of 7′s. 

I was officially ready to go. 

“Let’s go,” I announced. I’m pretty sure Chris mumbled a ‘finally’ under his breath but I let it slide since I was in a rush to see where we’d be going. Chris insisted on carrying my bags even though I assured him that I could carry them on my own. 

Stubborn ass. 

While Chris headed down, I wrote Mel a quick note on a piece of paper telling her I’d left and I’d be back by Sunday and left it on the kitchen counter. I made sure my phone, keys, and charger were in hand before closing and locking the door behind me. 

I made my way to the elevator and placed all three items into my hoodie pocket. The ride down was silent but once I was outside I was damn near in shock. Chris was closing the door to a black on black Range Rover. 

My damn dream car. 

I vowed to get me one one day and here Chris was right in front of me with one. “You ready to go?” His voice asked, pulling me from my thoughts. I nodded my head still in shock and allowed him to pull me towards the truck. 

“Is this your car?” I asked, literally gawking at the masterpiece before me. Chris seemed oblivious to my shock while he nodded. In typical Chris fashion he opened my door and I slid on to the cool leather seats, basking in this moment for as long as possible.

“I bought it a few months ago but this is only my second time driving it.” He chuckled once he’d seen the look on my face. He closed the door, trekked to the other side, and hopped in. He started it up and we pulled off. “You hungry?” He asked. 

That reminded me that I’d already ordered the both of us food. “I ordered IHOP but forgot all about it. We can pick it up.” He nodded, bobbing his head to the Rick Ross song playing through the speakers. 

The ride to IHOP was filled with nothing but light conversation. He asked me how my week went and I asked the same. He cracked a few jokes as usual as he pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot. 

“I’ll be right back.” I simply nodded my head and watched him exit the vehicle. 

This car is so damn nice. I fiddled with the buttons until I came across the volume and switched to a radio station. Lil Wayne played through the speakers and I bobbed my head to the beat. 

Chris excited the restaurant with the bag of food in his hands and two cups that made my mouth water instantly. He opened the door and passed me the bag starting the car back up. 

I looked through the bag and pulled out the two packages containing three pancakes, two sausage, bacon, and eggs. They gave us plastic silverware along with an abundance of syrup and butter. 

“Babe,” Chris said once I opened up my container. 


“Can you feed me?” He asked in the cutest voice possible. He sounded like a little kid. “Please?” 

I smirked, applying butter to my pancakes. “If you tell me where we’re going.” As soon as the words left my lips, Chris groaned. 

“Come on babe, I haven’t eaten all day.” He sighed. I shrugged, tearing open the packet that held the plastic for and knife. 

“Just tell me where we’re going and you can eat.” I sung, pouring a little of the syrup onto a pancake. 

“I’ll tell you where but not what we’re doing,” he sighed. I nodded my head ushering him to go on. “Florida.” 

It took me a minute to understand what he said but once I did, I couldn’t contain the scream that left my lips. Chris chuckled once I leaned over kissing his cheek repeatedly.

“Thank you baby!” I squealed. Chris took his eyes off the road for a second to glance at me but I was too excited to think about anything that I just said. He doesn’t understand how excited I am. “Thank you, thank you.” 

Chris laughed, “It’s nothing babe, I go there all the time.” He shrugged as if that was the most casual place to go. “Now feed me woman.” I gladly cut him a piece of pancake and held the fork up to his mouth. Chris opened it and took a bite. “Thank you baby.” 

I still tried containing my excitement to no avail since I kept thanking Chris every five minutes. After feeding him his food, I ate mine and tossed all the trash back into the bag. 

I released a tired yawn and got a little more comfortable in my seat. I woke up early and the effects were definitely creeping their way up on me. 

“Take a nap and I’ll wake you up when we get there.” Chris said. 

And that was all I needed to hear.


“Robyn, baby wake up. We made it.” I could feel Chris shaking me until my eyes fluttered open and I was greeted with the sight of his smiling face. I smiled, stretched out my arms and finally took in my surroundings. 

We were parked infront of a beautiful home. It looked one story and glass from what I could see. Chris already had our bags in his hands and looked to be waiting on me to get out. 

I hadn’t even noticed he’d gotten exited the car and gotten our bags before my door opened and he was shaking me tell me we arrived. I gently placed mine in his and he guided me up the little walkway. 

Chris kept one of his arms around my waist whilst guiding me up the walkway and toward the house.“Where are we?” I mumbled. Chris released his hold on my waist but only to pull the keys from the pocket of his sweats. 

I’m guessing this was someone’s house because it was secluded and I no other houses were near from what I could tell. 

I still can’t believe I’m in Florida. 

I always knew it was seven hours away but I’ve never had the time nor the patience to sit in that car for so long. It’s beautiful through. The palm trees, water, it was just overall gorgeous. 

Chris used his key and as soon as the door opened I gasped. I was greeted with a fully furnished kitchen, and living room. The sued couches matched the decor perfectly. While Chris instructed carried off our bags, I wondered around the house.

My shoes squeaked against the polished cherry hardwood floors. I admired the detail put into the place, the high ceilings and matching decor. This was definitely a room I’d stay in. 

I peeked in the kitchen to see it had stailess steel appliances that looked brand new. I wandered into the bedroom which was complete with a California king sized bed, dressers, and a mini fridge. Two sliding glass doors on the side that gave me a view of the beach. 

I opened the sliding glass doors and stepped onto the deck. The view was amazing, you could see the entire beach from where I was standing.

“Beautiful ain’t it?” Chris appeared, taking a seat in one of the chairs. I nodded my head. He reached out him arms and I instantly fell letting him pull me on to his lap.

“It’s amazing,” I breathed, my attention no longer fixated on the view but turned to the man seated before me. He watched the sky just as I had moments prior, admiring the scene exactly as I had and rubbing my thighs soothingly. I still couldn’t grasp the fact that he’s so open to me. How caring and loving he is. Sometimes so many questions run through my head I need to drown them out.

Was it all an act?

Is this all just to win me over so we could fuck and he could toss me aside?

What is this?

Chris ran his hand up my t-shirt and squeezed my side. “What you over here thinking about?” He said. I simply shrugged my shoulder and laid my head on his shoulder; once again putting my thoughts on the back burner…for now.

“Just wondering what the hell you have planned.” I giggled. Chris breathed a heavy sigh, tightening his hold on my waist.

“We can either start now, or relax for an hour or two.” He suggested. I definitely needed a little more sleep since I was up so early but I was anxious for what was to come.

“What’s first on the list?” Chris smiled as soon as the words left my lips. He instructed me to go change into my swimsuit while he did the same. I happily agreed and rushed to change into my swimwear.


“You lucky we not going to a public place cause I could’ve sworn I told you not to pack a bikini.” Chris grumbled. I chose my studded bikini and even though Chris appreciated the sight of me in it, and I had on a cover up, he wasn’t too happy about me bringing them. 

“You’ll be the only one looking so,” I trailed off. He mumbled a ‘whatever’ under his breath as we continued our walk down the beach. 

After twenty minutes of debating and being rushed I finally decided on my beige studded bikini and a black cover up. Chris had on simple black swim trunks with a tank top to cover his torso. He rushed me out of the house and we were headed towards the back.

The beach.

I loved the isolation of it all. How we could be in our own little world and no one could get in or disturb us. 

I was acting like a tourist snapping pictures with my phone and getting excited once my eyes landed on the water. 

It was so damn beautiful. Bright and blue. It’s like, you secretly don’t want to get in, afraid that you’d mess up the perfection. 

Chris suggested we find a spot and once we did our towels were placed down along with the basket Chris brought along. It was filled with refreshment a and sandwiches in case we got hungry. 

Even though we could just walk up to the house and get what we needed. 

He pulled out a water bottle taking a few gulps. It was at least in the high 90′s and Chris had us prancing up and down the beach for the ‘perfect spot’ so I could understand his need for water. 

I giggled like a kid in a candy store. “You wanna get in?” I asked, eager to enjoy this trip while it lasted. Chris shook his head and took another swig of his water.  

“I’m good. Go ahead baby.” 

I wasn’t happy that he wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was but that wasn’t about to stop me from having fun. I glanced back at Chris for reassurance which he gave by nodding. I smiled and took off toward the water. As soon as I splashed in the water a huge smile spread across my face. 

Growing up in Barbados, It wasn’t like water was a foreign object because I was always near it. A beach wasn’t new to me at all. I just haven’t been to one in the last couple years and I missed it. 

The sudden feeling of being lifted up caught me off guard and I released a squeal. “Chris! Don’t put me in the fucking water!” I squealed. My pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears because he walked even farther into the water. 

He laughed, “Chrez don’t put me in de fucking water.” He said. I guess he was attempting to match my accent but failed…miserably. He took a few more steps into the water.

“Chris,” I groaned. He now and held me bridal style, walking a few more steps in the water so that it was now up to his waist. 

“What?” He asked innocently. He took three more steps. I tightened my hold on his neck which had him laughing. “You’re from the islands, how you scared of water.”

“I’m not scared I just don’t want you to drop me.” Which was the truth even if he didn’t believe it.

“What if I was to drop you?” His grip on my body loosened, “What would you do?”

I sighed, “Baby stop.” I groaned before I could stop myself. I didn’t even have to look up to know he had a smile across his face. Here goes that words again “Don’t drop me.” 

“I won’t.” 

Those two words were the last thing I heard before I was pulled under water with Chris still holding on. I sputtered and gasped, wiping my face as Chris laughed holding his stomach like it was the funniest shit in the world.. He finally let me go and I pushed his chest moving away. 

“Why did you do that?” I groaned. Now my hair will curl up which is exactly why I didn’t want to get dunked in the damn water. 

“Because-” he was cut off once I splashed the water in his face. I laughed watching him wipe it away. “Really?” He gasped. 

Nodding my head, I splashed him again and began swimming away before he could recover. I’m pretty sure Chris is going to catch me but since I splashed him he I might get enough time to get away. 

I was wrong. 

I felt his arms wrap around my waist causing a laugh to flee from my lips. He spun me around and dropped me in the water once again. 


“You gotta get out sometime.” Chris chuckled. Sunset had begun and I have yet to get out of this water. We’ve been in here for hours. Laughing, playing, talking, and just having an overall good time.

This must be what paradise feels like.

“No,” I pouted like a little kid. “I wanna stay in.” 

Chris chuckled, “You gotta get out so we can move on to something else Robyn.” 

I smirked noticing he’s been rushing me for an hour now. He must have something goo up his sleeve to be rushing me. I finally gave in, casually walking out of the water and taking the towel from Chris. 

I gladly took the fluffy blue towel, and wrapped around my soaked frame. He pulled me in by my waist and instead of leading me toward our towels and basket set up, he headed toward the patio.

I took a seat in one of the chairs only to be pulled up and down on to his lap. My eyes wandered up to the pretty pink and peach sunset, gawking at the beauty of it all.

It was gorgeous.

“Thank you for…all of this.” I whispered, tracing the tattoo on his hand with my nail. Instead of responding he released a heavy sigh and kissed the spot right below my ear.

“We still got dinner to go to,” he announced, “But I wanna talk to you about something first.”

“What is it?”

He spun me around so instead of sitting sideways I was straddling his lap. His gaze remained locked on mine making my body heat up even more than it already was. His fingers played with the ends of my bikini as if he needed to have them doing something because they were shaking so bad. 

I guess we both are just a ball of nerves.

“I was going to wait until dinner but I can’t.” He sighed. 

“What are you up to?” 

Chris took a deep breath, pulling my body closer and releasing a sigh. “You got my head completely fucked up,” I meshed my eyebrows together in confusion. “Hear me out baby.” He sighed. “We’ve know each other what? Month and a half at the most, and yet I feel like I’ve known you forever. It’s like the moment I saw you, I knew you were who I wanted and I’d stop at nothing to have you. I wanted you.” 

He looked into my eyes and I nodded in a way to tell him keep going. 

“When you dodged me…twice, I just didn’t know how to get on your good side. Something about you pulled me toward you and I can’t say I didn’t like it. I needed to figure out why you were so special.” He paused. “Once you finally gave me a chance I can’t lie, a nigga was geeked. Even if you did steal my number and call me first.” 

I subconsciously rolled my eyes but we both laughed; mine a little bit shakier than his. 

“You gave me that chance and I must say I’m glad you did.” He smiled, showing those dimples I love seeing. “I just can’t seem to figure you out Ms. Fenty.” He kept his eyes locked on mine, something behind them I’ve never seen before. “But I want to.”

“So what-” 

“Will you be my girlfriend?” 

His tone lead me to believe he’d think me immediate response would be no, but it isn’t. We just talked about this and here the situation was. He was asking me to ‘officially’ be ‘his’.

I opened my mouth to speak, scream, say something but no words came out. I guess I’d taken too long to answer because Chris breathed a heavy sigh and stopped his movements with the strings of my bikini. 

“Robyn, I’m not trying to-” 

“Yes.” I finally got out. “Yes, Chris, I will be your girlfriend.” 

His eyes widened but I only let out a laugh. I made the first move an he met me halfway, placing a tender kiss on my lips. This kids held so much more passion than all of the ones before. This one held commitment, possession even. 

I kissed him with his hands on my waist, the sun setting, and the moment seemed perfect. 

Chris pulled away and rested his forehead on mine. The sunset highlighting his features and making me swoon on the inside. We both were breathing heavy from the kiss but I could keep the smile from spreading across my face. He chuckled at my expression, kissing my lips again. 

“You’re all mine,” he smiled. 

“And you’re all mine.” I retorted. 

I don’t know where this thing with Chris would lead but let’s just say; I’m down for wherever this ride takes us.