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Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #3 (of 9)

“I have tried to be supportive of Billy’s connecting with his family, because God knows he supported me through the Kree-Skrull Jamboree that was my family reunion. But you know what’s even crazier than a Kree-Skrull Jamboree?”

“Taking time out for this particular tirade?”

The Maximoff Family! You people are every bit as toxic as I thought you’d be, but you’re nowhere near as smart. You want to sneak off to Latveria without us? Please do. The less my friends and I have to do with you —or your father — or Doctor Doom — the better. But if you somehow manage to convince my idiot boyfriend to go with you… I will rip your legs off.

Gee, Teddy, tell us how you really feel. 

Now this situation does play a bit into how this comic’s relative length for a miniseries tends to grate on its own storytelling quite a bit. We get a lot of repetition, particularly with the “Billy doesn’t want to involve everyone and tries to escape alone” followed by “Cool team shot of everyone not letting him go alone” then summed up by “Teddy is supportive but also over protective of Billy” which all runs the gambit of making the trip of getting to the Scarlet Witch feel like some fat needs to be trimmed. 

Which is nowhere near what those feelings turn to by the end of the 9 parter where we end the story and then… keep going. But we’ll get there when we get there. 

Hey, I bought these stickers from the Artists Ally in Kumoricon a couple years ago (and just got around to cutting them out separately now haha). I didn’t manage to grab any sort of info about the artist though, does anyone recognize them by any chance? 


*✲゚*。✧٩ Space Oddity by Khirsah ۶*✲゚*。✧

I loved this scene from Khirsah’s Young Avengers fic, Space Oddity, so so so goddamn much that i had to try to draw it!!!  Her story is absolutely gorgeous, full of wit and beauty and lovely characters, and i’m not sure i’ve ever read a more perfect ending to a story.  Which is all to say:  you should go read it right now!!!

I am trying to think of memorable things from the two YA runs.

The first one:
- Eli takes superpowered drugs to get powers so he can make his grandfather, the first Captain America, proud.

- Wiccan and especially Hulkling are likable and well thought out.

- A lot of emotional fallout from Disassembled especially with Cassie.

The second one:


- Noh-Varr is completely different from his own solo he might as well be a different character.

-Hulking is a chair.

While I’m glad that the existential dread reason for Teddy breaking up with Billy was resolved, I still worry about the original reason for their problems: Billy taking Teddy for granted and indulging in chronic self-centered manpain. I hope he gets over that. Teddy deserves to be with somebody who actually appreciates him.

Okay, no. Billy appreciates Teddy a lot, but sometimes the narrative doesn’t. There’s a difference. I think that Teddy is used as a plot device a lot–it reminds me of how most series depict the superhero’s girlfriend. She needs to be constantly reassuring, never has her own problems, really only exists in relation to him. It sucks, it’s unfair, I don’t like it.

But what Billy experiences is not “chronic self-centered manpain.” It's mental illness. 

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who’s the cuddler: This is without a doubt Teddy. Billy loves his cuddles and will take every opportunity to be snuggled up to his man, but Teddy is like an octopus. And it’s not just Billy that he’ll hug either. When anyone is feeling down or looks angry about something Teddy will hug them better. And Teddy hugs are magical because everyone always feels better after one.

who makes the bed: Teddy. Billy is messy as hell and doesn’t see the point in making the bed when you’re just going to get back in it in a few hours anyway.

who wakes up first: Also Teddy. He’s somehow both a night owl and morning person, which Billy thinks is incredibly unfair. Noh Varr is also like that, so they put it down to Kree genetics. But it annoys Billy how Teddy and Noh can stay up until 4am discussing tacos, but be up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am. Billy can’t function without a solid 7 hours.

who has the weird taste in music: That would be Billy, hands down. Teddy is more of a Taylor Swift kinda guy, while Billy loves music from the sixties and musicals. He and Noh bond over it.

who is more protective: They both are, to a ridiculous extent, but Teddy tries to keep a lid on it a bit more so Billy is more outwardly protective. Teddy also gets hit on a lot when they’re out which makes Billy seethe. Teddy is clueless when people who aren’t Billy flirt with him, so he just assumes they’re being nice and is polite back. Billy glares holes in the back of their heads. When Billy gets hit on he either panics (if it’s a girl or enby), or is incredibly confused (if it’s a guy). Teddy has no qualms about staking his claim though.

who sings in the shower: Billy. He’s actually got a good singing voice, but in the shower it’s just this obnoxious noise that sounds like someone is swinging a cat. Teddy is half convinced he does this on purpose.

who cries during movies: Teddy. He’s a real life Disney princess and is genuinely affected by horrible things happening to people and animals - or inanimate objects something.

who spends the most while out shopping: Billy. He grew up with more money and so isn’t used to counting every penny in the same way that Teddy is. That’s not to say that Billy is rich or particularly lavish, just his upbringing was more financially comfortable.

who kisses more roughly: Billy. Teddy is the very epitome of the phrase “gentle giant”, whereas Billy is very harsh and fast and aggressive.

who is more dominate: Billy. While they switch things up in the bedroom quite a lot Billy is usually the bottom, but he’s a bossy one at that. He’s demanding and has no patience. Teddy basically just follows orders and clings on for dear life.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: A definite 10. They’re canon and they’re so ridiculously, disgustingly in love there is absolutely nothing wrong with them at all. I adore them so much.

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hey, i dont know if you've been asked yet. do you have any recs on x men in particular but any marvel comics with lgbt characters? i don't care if the focus isn't mainly on them, but just to know they're there? thank you!

oookay i’ll give you a messy list of the ones i know about

huge thanks to 0roro-munroemaxximoffedtchalla and stormspren for reminding me of some of these that i forgot! <3