also been in the drafts for 8 months here we go

After the Beep.


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: All of the in-between moments of a relationship, captured in the one-sided monologue that is voicemail. 


This has been sitting in my drafts for over a week whoops.

This isn’t the Untitled Garbage Fic that I’ve been rambling about but hopefully it will hold you over until that one is post-able.

Basically, I wanted to start getting words flowing again for the first time since we finished WYCH and that manifested in me choosing the absolute worst format for telling a narrative story. Honestly, this may or may not be the dumbest thing I’ve ever posted like @ becca why would you think this is a good structure for a fic? 

I hope you get a kick out of me fumbling my way out of writer’s block lmao.

Also ps shout out to @fragmentofmymind​ for being great at all times and for reading through this monstrosity for me (and providing that gif), she’s super awesome and super talented and if you aren’t following her already then honestly where have you been??

Word Count: does it even matter? the format on this is weird I’m so sorry.

The number you are calling cannot be reached. Please leave your message after the beep.

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Zach Werenski - Childhood Crush

anon request: Can you make a Zach Werenski one. Maybe about him taking that puck to the face during the playoff game. And can it be really cute and fluffy

@faithmikami requested: Hi there! I was wondering if you could write an image where a girl is dating Zach Werenski and attends the third playoff game against PIT. She’s in the crowd and sees him get injured and is allowed to go to the locker room to see how he is. Thanks! :)

anon request: can i have a zach werenski imagine about his injury and you going to the next game to watch and then coming home and taking care of him/cuddling him

anon request: Can you do a Zach werenski imagine please? Maybe about the injury if you need inspo :)

anon request: Can you do an imagine about Zach Werenski? Maybe like being in the crowd as he got hit kind of thing? Thank you!!!

an imagine about zach werenski’s injury was a very requested imagine and i still have more requests about this. i do love zach werenski though so i have no problem writing these!! XD i decided to put a cute little twist to it so i hope you like it

requests are open:))

Originally posted by werenskiz

“yes y/n zach would love if you came and visited us here in colombus!” mrs.werenski gushed into the phone. for me it was just hitting the end of exam time and for my best friend zach it was the beginning of playoffs. well soon to be the third game.

“i don’t know mrs.werenski, i want to but i have so much to do” i babbled on about why i shouldn’t go. “y/n zach hasn’t seen you in forever, he would love it if you came to watch” that’s where she had me. i haven’t seen zach in so long. i used to always watch him play hockey at the joe, he truly was a talented player.

zach and i were always best friends, the dynamic duo. i was always by his side and he was always by mine. he supported me in my hockey and i always supported him in his hockey, even till this very day. throughout the years i manages to develop feelings for zach that a best friend shouldn’t feel and i’ve tried pushing them away but they always pop back up. he’s never really shown an interest but maybe i just never looked.

“fine” i fake sighed but was quickly followed by a overly girlish squeal. “i’m so excited too see him!” i laughed to his mother. “trust me y/n, he’s gonna be happy to see you too!” she joined in on my laughing. “when should i book my flight?” i asked. “oh don’t worry about that hun, we have it all covered. ill send you an email and print the ticket that’s in it, and there is your flight” she explained.

i could hear the loud sound of zach from the other side of the phone, “zachs coming but ill see you soon!” she said in a hushed tone and hung up. i smiled before putting my phone down and quickly opening up my email. the flight leaves tomorrow at 9:00am. oh boy. it was already 6:30pm and i haven’t even started packing.

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Hitting It Off

A/N: An anon request for a Derek x Reader where they are dating and the reader sets her friend, an OC, up with Reid. They go on a double date. @coveofmemories 


“Please, please, please,” you said. You’d been dying to set Spencer up for months. “You’re single. She’s single. Plus, then we can double date!” 

For months now, about 8, you’d been seeing Derek Morgan, one of Spencer’s best friends. “Come on, kid,” Derek laughed. “I can tell you from experience that Y/N is never going to quit asking, so you might as well go out with her friend once and see how things go.”

Spencer heaved an enormous sigh. Being set up made him uncomfortable. Frankly, dating in general made him uncomfortable, probably because of all the trauma he’d suffered as a child, but Morgan was right. His girlfriend of eight months was never going to let this go. “Tell me about her.”

“Yes!” you said, hopping on Derek’s back for a stationary piggyback ride. “Okay, so, her name is Samantha Harding and we’ve been best friends since grade school.” You started telling Spencer all about how amazing she was when your father died, how no matter what happened in your lives she was always there at the drop of a hat. “She’s absolutely one of the most amazing human beings you could ever hope to meet. On top of that, she loves Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC. She’s a psychologist that works with LGBTQ youth. Super sweet and funny. And she’s gorgeous.” Pulling out your phone, you swiped right a couple times before settling on a picture of the two of you.

Spencer glanced at her picture quickly, taking in her piercing blue eyes, light brown hair and glowing skin. “Also, P.S.,” you continued, “I’ve shown her a picture of you before and she’s very interested.” You wiggled your eyebrows in his direction, eliciting a laugh from your own boyfriend.

“Oh yea,” Derek laughed. “I think her exact words were, ‘He’s a geek, he likes Lord of the Rings, and he’s hot. I’m in.’” Spencer blushed at the compliment, not used to people thinking he was attractive even though people were constantly eyeing him up. It was just that he had no confidence in that department, so he assumed everyone was just flattering him.

“So will you meet her?” you asked. “If you want you can meet on the double date first? Please!”

“Alright!” he yelled, his head falling into his hands in defeat. “I’ll meet her, but I’m not making any guarantees.” Spencer thought you relentless, which was totally true, but over the course of your relationship with Derek you’d formed a really tight brother-sister type relationship with Spencer. Any woman would be lucky to have him. And any man would be lucky to have your Samantha, so in your mind it was a match made in heaven.


“Kid, she’ll be here in a minute. Chill,” Morgan said as you leaned your head against his chest. It was sweet how nervous he was. He wanted to impress her for his own sake, but he also wanted to impress her for your sake. He didn’t want to be a let down to your best friend.

“Sammy!” you cried, stepping up from the table and enveloping your best friend in a long-awaited hug. Work had been crazy for her lately, so you hadn’t seen her in a while. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” she replied, hugging you tightly before making eye contact with Spencer. “And I have been waiting a very long time to meet you.” She extended her hand, which Spencer took, smiling his sweet, soft, shy smile and allowing her to sit down before he took his own seat again.

“It’s really nice to meet you,” he said to her. “Y/N says a lot about you.”

“Better be good things,” she stared at you. “Or I’ll kick your ass.”

“Try me babe,” you laughed. This was your relationship in a nutshell.

After you all ordered your drinks and a giant appetizer to split between the four of you, you brought up the most recent Star Wars movie and Samantha and Spencer went with it and ran. “They really are nerds,” Derek whispered in your ear. 

“Don’t judge,” you laughed quietly. “You’re dating a giant nerd. I’m just allowing them to nerd out by themselves right now so they can get to know each other, but I could talk about this shit all day.” He snorted in your ear, pulling you close to him and giving you a kiss on the head. 

Once the food came, the four of you started talking about Star Wars, with Derek saying two things here and there. He watched in amazement as the three of you started nerding out. “I loved it,” you said, referring to the latest Star Wars movie, Rogue One. “My favorite character has to be Bodhi Rook.”

“Which one was that?” Derek asked. The three of you snapped your heads in his direction.

“Oh, babe,” you laughed, pressing your hand to his muscled chest. “That’s the one who said the name of the movie in the movie. You always love that.” That clued him in - for some reason he loved when that happened, probably his love of cheesy 80s action movies, so when that happened he tapped you excitedly. 

“Did you know that in the original draft of the movie, Jyn and Cassian actually survived the Battle of Scariff?” Spencer asked. You knew that, but you weren’t sure Sammy did.

Her mouth dropped open. “Really? I’m surprised. It’s better the way it turned out. My favorite character, Chirrut Imwe, the actor, Donnie Yen, actually suggested Chirrut be blind, and the director liked the idea so much that he ran with it. He even originally turned down the part, but then his kids got so excited at the opportunity that he agreed.”

Quietly, Derek kept asking you who the hell you were talking about. He was good with faces, horrible with names. Nearly another two hours went by, the third, and occasionally fourth member of your group, talking about anything and everything from work to college (Samantha found Spencer’s college background fascinating) to all of your favorite nerd topics. “I think they may have hit it off,” you whispered to Derek as you got up from the table and paid. 

“I’d say so,” he chuckled. He pointed towards the side door of the restaurant. With barely a second glance, Samantha waved at you and winked, looping her arm into Spencer’s as they walked down the street. There was a little park down that way and you remembered once telling Spencer that some of your best childhood memories with Samantha were at local parks - you both loved the swings.

“Oh my god,” you laughed. “She ditched me. She didn’t even say goodbye. You think Spencer liked her?” 

Derek wrapped his arms around your waist as you finished paying the bill. “He’s already smitten,” he said with a smile. “I sense more double dates in our future.”

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?

Rating: T

Pairing: Farkle Minkus/Riley Matthews

Summary: It’s the first time that Farkle starts to question his scientific beliefs, because he swears there’s another Sun in the universe and right now, it’s in the middle of Greenwich Village, lying across his chest. // Or a few glimpses at Farkle and Riley, and how sometimes the best way to get through things is simply just by being together.

Word Count: 2072

A/N: Long time no see! I’ve been super consumed with school, the election, design, work, and various other things. It felt good to finally finish this piece. I started it in October when I was really having a difficult time and finally was able to finish it today.  Leave your thoughts here.

Warnings: Some hints of anxiety. 

It starts in her room at 1 am on a Thursday morning. The moon is full and its hanging low across the NYC skyline. He climbs up her fire escape and gently tugs up her window, climbing through. He knows it’s unsafe for her to leave her window unlocked, so he makes sure to lock it, before approaching the edge of her bed.

She’s usually a heavy sleeper, so that’s why he’s so surprised when her eyes flutter open. She blinks multiple times, before finally stretching and letting out a long yawn. She’s clutching her blanket close to her chest and he’s suddenly aware of the draft in her room. 

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Werewolf!Jimin as a Father

(also fun fact, when I was writing this, I didn’t realize I wasn’t in my drafts and actually posted it as I was writing it bc I thought it was a draft so for everyone that read this before, I didn’t mean to post it yet sorry for any confusion!!) And now it is time for our squishy sweetheart, the actual angel, Park Jimin aka chim aka speaking of squishy can we talk about how fucking precious Park Jimin is like ??? how the hell is someone so cute so sweet I just wanna protect him and make sure he feels loved and warm and happy and just wrap him up into a blanket burrito, put on a show he likes, get him some snacks make sure he feels super happy and just protect him bc he’s so p r eciOUS

  • Original werewolf!Jimin here (part two here)
  • On the topic of pregnancy, all of the father related posts are here
  • I see chim having his bby before marriage
  • He definitely wouldn’t mind if kids came after marriage though
  • He just loves his bundle of joy, no matter when she arrives
  • If the bby comes before marriage, he’ll definitely want her to be the flower girl without a doubt
  • Bc to see his princess stumbling alongside with Jin, halfheartedly and confusedly tossing flower petals out of the basket Jin holds out to her would be adorable
  • Lil tiny Park cheeks just picture that for a second okay LIL TINY ITTY BITTY CHUBBY CHEEKS
  • But also her just being more interested in the petals themselves rather than worrying about tossing them around but then she sees Jimin and just runs for him bc “daddy!!!”
  • He’d be so smiley and just :D bc even though she’s technically not supposed to do that, it’s so fucking cute ??
  • Jin holds her while the actual ceremony takes place but she’s so excited and has no idea why she just knows everyone else is really happy
  • Freaks out when she sees Jimin start to cry (happy tears) at the reception and is just wiping his tears off as fast as she can
  • He has to explain that to her that yes dad’s fine they’re all happy tears tell me that shit doesn’t sound cute as fuck
  • But rewinding to before the lil nugget is born
  • Jimin would be such a good boyfriend tbh
  • Cuddles 25/8
  • “Hey chim what do you wanna do today??”
  • “Cuddle”
  • “What should we do for your birthday?? Do you wanna go that cute lil restaurant we saw??”
  • “Cuddle”
  • “Wanna watch a movie??”
  • “Is that your lowkey way of asking for cuddles bc yes always”
  • His favorite time to cuddle is the early morning bc sleepy cuddles !!!!
  • Lil sleepy chim just snuggling into the blankets and wrapping you up in them to share the warmth
  • You’re never cold when chim’s around
  • Bc he’s a werewolf, he’s forever warm to the touch so whenever you’re cold, you can just snuggle into him, which he’s 100% okay with no complaints whatsoever he’ll even let you share his jacket with him
  • Tries to make breakfast for you but ends up just pouring you a bowl of cereal or calling Jin over
  • Tae basically lives with you tbh
  • Of course chim’s close with everyone in the pack but tae’s his bro they’re buds they stick together
  • You’re super close to Tae as well bc it’s kind of like a package deal
  • It’s that way with all of the pack but especially with tae
  • You date one of them, you get 6 new brothers welcome to the family
  • Your couch is renamed tae’s bed
  • It isn’t rare to come home to see Tae playing some video game or watching a show, with Jimin but also sometimes it’s just him
  • Slips in his grocery list with yours bc “you guys need to have the good snacks if I’m gonna be living with you”
  • “No one invited you to live with us??”
  • “Make sure you get two of everything”
  • You don’t mind though bc while the boys do treat your home like a second house, they all respect your space too
  • They understand that sometimes you just wanna chill with chim and have a movie night or a game night or just have some sweet pillow talk that usually involves a really giggly chim
  • Bc tired!chim = giggly!chim
  • Like hysterical, tears running down his cheeks, silent laughter
  • You and chim are both v v open with each other about everything
  • He knows you wouldn’t mind a child, you know he wouldn’t mind one so when you find out you’re gonna be have a lil bby Park, you just get really excited
  • You know that smile that chim gets where his eyes do the eye smile thing and it’s so cute and the cheeks do their thing and it’s all adorableness
  • That’s the smile he gets when you tell him
  • Tae’s the first person he tells bc he walks in shortly after you tell chim with a popsicle and is just like any reason he looks like he just won the lottery??
  • Yoongi’s the second bc yoonmin trash
  • Jimin would be s o protective the entire pregnancy
  • From the day he finds out until like you’re all healed up, he’s super !!!
  • Touches the bby bump every chance he gets
  • You two could just be chilling on the couch, doing your own things and he’ll have his hand resting on the bump
  • Not really doing anything just keeping his hand there to just be like hey I’m here
  • Giggles for two weeks after feeling the bby kicks and brags about it to everyone
  • The boys that do have kids kinda just smile bc they remember feeling that way but he definitely gets a weird look from Yoongi bc the fuck you already told me she kicked, she’s been kicking for like a month chill
  • Buys literally all of the things
  • He doesn’t really realize how quickly bbys grow out of things and is getting 50 of everything and you have to tell him by the time you get to like 40th onesie, she’ll be too big for it
  • He takes every decision super seriously, whether he needs to or not
  • Things like the name and whether or not you should move into a bigger house or just live in the one you have now, those get passes bc those are big parts of it
  • “Jimin it’s been an hour just pick a damn shirt”
  • “But this one says daddy’s princess and this one says daddy’s angel SHE’S BOTH OF THOSE THINGS”
  • “Oh my god”
KnB Season 3 Vol. 8 Drama CD

Hahaha. According to what was written on my drafts I was supposed to post this last December. 

Even though I’m a trash, I’m also an old rotting trash so I don’t have the energy to draw even though I was planning to but since it’s 5/4 A.K.A. MAYUAKA DAY *CRIES*, I wanted to do ANYTHING so Mayuzumi drama CD for anyone who wants to read!! TTATT!! 

3rd Season Volume 8 Drama CD feat. Mayuzumi Chihiro


  • Ousaka Ryouta as Mayuzumi Chihiro
  • Hatano Wataru as Mibuchi Reo
  • Masuda Toshiki as Hayama Kotarou
  • Fujiwara Takahiro as Nebuya Eikichi
  • Kamiya Hiroshi as Akashi Seijuurou

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Theory: A Comprehensive Timeline of Stan’s Homeless Years

I’m going to begin by saying that this theory is neither conclusive nor perfect, and there are sure to be plot holes. That being said, I cut it down (a lot) so expect a Part 2 with some secondary evidence. This is already way too many pages (10 without images) and it’s also really late. BUT if at any point you’d like me expand on a point that I made here, let me know in an ask, and I’ll offer a much more comprehensive look at the point you bring up with the evidence that got cut.

There is also a lot of stuff that I guessed at and/or interpreted in my own way, so feel free to disagree.

[Edit/Update: I got a couple questions about why I had Stanley homeless for 13 years instead of 10. I explain it in this timeline here. Stan said “over 10 years” (which I assumed to be 13-14) and the only way for Ford to be in his 30s when he’s in GF (like his journal says) and for them to still be kids in the 1960s (like Stanley says in ATOTS)and for them to be in highschool during Nixon’s presidency (as his portrait is in the principal’s office), is if Stan is kicked out in 1969.]

For this theory I used historical evidence, the memories from Dreamscapers, quotes from the games and book, podcast/interview quotes, as well as these two maps from ATOTS:

Without further ado, let’s begin:


  • Stan is thrown out on the streets at the end of May towards the end of his and Ford’s senior year of high school. It couldn’t have been much sooner, as we see them both at their senior prom, and it isn’t snowing like it normally would be in Jersey earlier in the year. This is also around the time other schools might be finishing up their scouting, which explains the West Coast Tech official complaining about “wasting a car trip”. Stanley was 18 at the time.
  • Stan spends the next few weeks, until mid-June, attempting to treasure hunt on the beaches of Jersey with a metal detector, before he reaches the start of his sales career
  • It takes a month or two for his first company to get started. Stan’s hair is noticeably longer in the video for the Sham Total than it was when he was first thrown out. He’s also just looks older in general, with a more-filled out jawline. He referenced the moon landing, so we know this occurred after the end of July, as the Apollo landed at that point.
  • In August, Stanley is chased out of Jersey and into Pennsylvania. Within the time it takes to grow a mustache that big, about four months (assuming the stache is real and not fake). Stan starts his next business venture: The Rip-Off, and is promptly chased to Ohio shortly thereafter.

(Personal Headcanon: According to the map shown on-screen after Stan leaves Pennsylvania, Stanley headed north, towards New York, after he was chased out of Jersey for the Sham Total debacle, maybe even to catch the first Woodstock Festival in August. However, he got caught up in his Rip-Off start-up, and never made it back in time.)

  • At this point, it is November, and the days are quickly getting colder. Without much to his name, Stanley starts heading south.

Other 1969 Headcanons:

  • Simon and Garfunkle’s “Boxer” would have been one of his favorites.

  • In June, the Stonewall riots occurred, and Stanley, a young man who grew up under his tough-guy and Absolute Asshole™ father, would have been awakened to a whole new world of discovering who he is. He is canonically bisexual, if this tweet has anything to say about it.
  • July-Start of the Vietnam War. Stan may have been secretly happy he was able to avoid the draft by.

  • In July, when the news of the first man on the moon hit the stands, Stan would have immediately thought of how excited Ford must be.

  • Stan wouldn’t have gone to any Anti-War demonstrations (stupid hippies) but he definitely would have been against the government sending young, uneducated kids like him to fight in a war


  • Stanley headed south that winter, and started betting on horses. A photo is shown of him betting in a large derby. My first inclination is to say it’s the Kentucky Derby, which takes place in May. It’s also possible, however, that Stan was betting in the Louisiana Derby, which is run in late March. It’s hard to be sure.

  • While in Mississippi, he went by Andrew “8-Ball” Alcatraz, according to an ID in his Secret Box of Secret Things™ from NWHS

  • After the Louisiana derby finished up, when the weather started warming up, Stanley made his way west into Texas, but then quickly veered upwards. East Texas has been known as a patent-friendly area, being more lenient in its patent and start-up regulations, so perhaps Stanley only showed up here for the looser rules. But then why did he leave so quickly? This implies that there was something about this part of Texas he didn’t like, or he was thrown out as soon as he got there. East Texas is closer to the Deep South, and more religious, so that might have been a factor. (Headcanon: Perhaps they were homophobic?) Perhaps he simply hated the culture; McGucket comes from an area very similar in culture to this Cajun-influenced Appalachian-ized folksy portion of Texas, and Stan has shown annoyance at his more hillbilly-esque traits.
  • (From user the-ford-twin) In this era, the Midwest was targeted by televangelists. Stan (who has been said in an podcast interview with Hirsch to not be above creating entire cults if it meant a profit) probably saw this as an amazing investment opportunity.
  • It is possible that East Texas is where Stanley got his Stan-Vac patented. Over the next few months, Stanley loops around the Midwest, selling his Stan-Vac door-to-door in middle-class suburban homes. (Fun fact: Stanley’s “It sucks more than anything!” is a play on the slogan blunder of Electrolux in the 1960s: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”)
  • By the end of that year, assumedly when it gets cold again, we see Stanley head sharply south through Texas into Mexico. The image show here is of a rainforest setting, so his Mexican location would have to be near the southern tip (extremely close to Central America, nearer to Columbia where he might have made some future friends or enemies.) In the image, we see Stan running away, carrying a suitcase of cash. This implies a product-cash exchange of some kind happened, meaning Stanley probably got sucked up in drug trafficking circles (or even pug-trafficking, because why not) and a deal went bad. Rainforests in Mexico are spread among the states of Veracruz and Tabasco. Veracruz is among the most dangerous places in Mexico, and is rampant with organized crime and drug cartel influence in its government, which we know for a fact Stanley became tangled with later on (more on that later). With that in mind I’d say he most likely made exchanges between Veracruz and the southwest USA states as a pack mule (with his charismatic nature and persuasive ability, I’m sure he’d be the perfect gringo for the job). This was probably Stanley’s first toe-dip into involvement with organized crime. 

Edit: It was really difficult to pinpoint the state Stan was in as Veracruz, but there are also several other tropical states that are great possibilities:  Chiapas, Tabasco, Yucatán, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Michoacan, Guerrero, and  Oaxaca. You can get some more of a breakdown on the issues with choosing a specific state here. Someone who knows much more about the climate in Mexico offered some sound suggestions, which leads me to believe that Chiapas and Quintana Roo actually also really likely contenders for the main state of Stan’s work in Mexico. It’s impossible to know based on the map in the show, though.

  • Stanley dips back upwards towards Montana, probably to drop off a package, since he quickly veers out of the state and into Idaho. He barely even left the route of the I-90 highway, as though he was eager to get out of there, or at least had no other reason to stay. On that note, he also spent a super small-time in Idaho. Idaho at this time was the holder of the strongest anti-sodomy laws in the country, and it’s possible that the reason Stanley spent so little time here was related to that.


  • It is now early 1971, and Stanley Pines is in Nevada, where he falls in love with gambling and Las Vegas, and likely falls into debt. He probably started doing sex work to pay the bills. Vegas’s prostitution scene was and is among the highest in the country, and it seems like the easiest and most likely way he could have made a living. It is also where he may have fallen into alcoholism.

  • This is also around the time he met Marilyn, who (as confirmed by Hirsch’s stage-time in Russia) was a woman he met at Vegas, and had a spur-of-the-moment marriage with that lasted only 6 hours.

  • After the divorce, Stanley probably realized he had a problem and left for California. However, he still needed a way to pay the bills. It is likely that he continued hooking, and this led to his first arrest.
  • But that’s not all—up until the early 70s, people could be forced into treatment at mental institutions. California law allowed such treatment until 1972, and it is likely that if Stanley was arrested and convicted for sex work, he would have been subject to treatment that included shock-aversion therapy. In Dipper and Mabel’s Guide, we found out that Stanley needed to take Rorschach tests during what he called his looney days. Rorschach tests were given to those suspected of being homosexual, as it was assumed they could detect “deviancy.” Another possible explanation for Stanley’s time in an institution would be suicidal tendencies shown in prison. After Stanley left home (back in 1969) we see him drive the wrong way down a one-way street, which leads me to think that if Stanley is upset, all inklings of self-preservation go out the window until he copes. I wouldn’t be surprised if his first time in prison led to him being at the lowest pits of his depression.

  • As sodomy laws in California weren’t redacted until 1976, it’s very possible that Stanley also had jail time on top of the one year he was most likely sentenced for prostitution, which would only further pressure him to take a plea deal that comes with institutionalization. He may have also plead with insanity (we’ve seen him fake a heart attack to cut in line. I doubt he’s above faking mental illness to get a plea deal.)


  • So, at this point, we are going mainly by the states Stanley is banned from, and the next logical step from southern California seems to be Arizona, a border state he could have been arrested in for having no sufficient documentation. OR he may have been arrested along the border for more drpug trafficking. The summer heat in Phoenix may have driven him out of the state, back eastward, towards more familiar territory. Along the way, he got himself banned from a few southern states he didn’t run through on his first time through the country, including Florida and North Carolina.

  • So you might be asking “But why isn’t Jersey marked on this map?” and the only answer I can think of is because Stanley couldn’t bring himself to cross it out. After all, he was still vying for his father’s love and hanging on to false hope of maybe coming home one day. Which brings us to the next point…


  • It’s been 4 years and Stanley is on the East coast again. We know he traveled to New York before 1974 (more on that later) but to get there, he would first have to have either gone through or around New Jersey. I feel as though Stanley might have gone to try to see his brother, or maybe even to see his father. [Maybe it’s just my angsty little heart, but I can just picture him trying to see Ford, only for his father to open the door and ask if he made those millions, and to slam it when Stan says no.]
  • While Stan’s in Jersey, he meets up with his old highschool sweetheart, Carla McCorkle. Carla is sure to be glad to see the kid who punched that jerk in the face while in line for the movies all those years ago, and they probably started dating again. Stanley got healthier, got more in shape, got more buff and confident (though I gotta say, he looks like he always skipped leg day). Judging by his wardrobe, he might have started dressing like he was younger, because he felt younger. Once again, he had someone great in his life to depend on, someone to buy flowers for, someone to hold at night, but then… it happens. After Carla leaves Stanley for Thistle Down, Stan probably fell back into depression and self-destructive behavior. Perhaps after a while, he decided he needed to clear his head, start a new adventure on his own, go across the sea just like he always thought he should. Which brings us to our next point.

I’m gonna go on a tangent here, and I promise this is important, but first I need to get this out there. Something always bothered me about Stan in the flashback with Carla McCorkle. For some reason, at this point in his life, Stanley Pines had thin fucking eyebrows and they are NOT a good look for him.

Look at them! At every point in his life, even when he was a child, Stanley has had bushy eyebrows, until this one part of his life, when it’s like he decided to go full 1990s Christina Aguilera with them and all he had were these thin drawn-on arches. Everyone else in the fandom was going on and on about the Hunkle and his dancing, but I can’t watch that scene without getting angry, because there’s no way in hell Stanley didn’t either tweeze or thread his eyebrows at this point in his life and I feel like no one has ever even noticed. He’s not even the only one. I’m looking at you, Ford!

Where was I? Oh yeah. Adventuring. So how do we know that Stan decided to go travelling abroad at this point in his life? Well, we’ve seen his visa for one thing. And it says very plainly that he arrived in London and in Seattle (both of these cities are in countries that only issue entry-stamps and not exit stamps, so we know he went to London, and then traveled back through Washington state). Check it out.

And what’s that?


So there you have it. Conclusive proof that immediately after his break-up with Carla, Stanley traveled to London, and (thankfully) grew his brows back.

(Note: after a conversation with the-ford-twin, it came to my attention that thin eyebrows were common fashion in the 70s, but only for women. As for men, it was only much more common for those who were drag queens. But THAT’s a theory for another time. As for Ford’s weird-ass brows, he probably burned them off shaving or experimenting or something. What a dork.)


  • I also predict that at this point in his life, after coming back from London, Stan might have decided to see if he could find Shermy.

(Note: No, I don’t think that baby is Shermy. I think Shermy is an older sibling who probably bailed from life with Filbrick and fled to as far away as he could get from Jersey and his toxic father)

  • After seeing his brother and letting him know he was still alive, Stanley may have stayed with him for a small amount of time. I imagine they had a falling out, or maybe Stanley was still attempting to make millions to win his father’s approval. This is purely speculation, but I feel like Shermie would be disappointed in Stanley for being so hung up on his dad’s demands. 

Update: I imagine he would have started running with Jimmy Snakes somewhere between California and his phonecall to Ford, but there will be more info on that in Part 2, because I haven’t decided on where or when exactly. 

  • Stan is losing money gambling on horseraces in Kansas and Oklahoma, recently banned from yet another state, and with what Shermie said still fresh in his head, Stanley calls Ford but hangs up before they could talk. This event is important to this theory. Because we are able to deduce that this happened in 1974 (which I did here), and we also get the chance to see a full-scale map of where he’s been, with several states crossed out, this map gives us the idea of a few more states Stanley must have traveled through in between returning to the states via Seattle and calling Ford after being banned from Oklahoma (we know he was just recently banned at this point, as he’s crossing out the state from the map right before making the call).
  • After the phonecall, Stanley travels southward to Colombia. He can make money there, at least, and he has a few prison connections who could hook him up with work.


  • So, at this point, Stanley probably spent a long chunk of his life focusing on work for the cartel. There’s lots of need for a white inconspicuous guy who’s good at evading law enforcement, so I picture he got picked up really quick. He probably moved up in the ranks as well, from pack-mule gringo, to look-out man, to getaway car driver, to tough muscle who stands by during negotiations. (For all you Stanchez lovers out there, being a mid-level guy in a drug operation would be the prime time in Stan’s life to meet Rick, but that’s a theory for another time.)

  • In 1978, in Colombia, Stanley was caught as an accessory to a heist. We know this was what landed him in Colombian prison, from the episode “Soos and the Real Girl”, when Stan’s putting on those heisting gloves and muttering to himself about being careful because “No more Colombian nights.” Being an accessory to a robbery gives a minimum sentence of 3 years.

1978- 1981

  • Stanley meets Rico in prison. He would regret this for the rest of his life.

Mid- 1981

  • It’s 1981, and Rico wants his money. Stanley spends the 6-8 months in hiding, jumping from motel to motel, and probably reverting back to hooking to get the cash to feed himself. He’s terrified of Rico, and doesn’t want to be found.


  • Stanley gets the postcard. Ford needs him. He leaves immediately.
Greatest Love Triangle: Part IV

Continued from these:

Part I (Season 8) | Part II (Season (9) | Part III (Season 10)

After many rewrites and one lost draft… here is the fourth and final* part of the love triangle series. This part will focus on season 11, where Cas’s journey has taken him, as well as why I am not quite convinced that the Winchester codependency is actually broken yet despite great steps forward being taken.

Season 11 features a Dean that is more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen, in part because Dean actually allows himself to show that vulnerability. Cas’s storyline for the past 4 seasons finally catches up with him. Sam proves over and over again that he is a strong, powerful, independent person, and when Dean shows signs of repeating past behaviors, Sam doesn’t let him.

This season also has some of the most confusing and convoluted subtext in the history of the show. There are so many parallels, in fact, that it’s completely impossible to tell which ones were deliberate and which were by circumstance (a side effect of working with a writing team instead of singular writers, as well as an apparent change of show runners halfway through the season).

We already have the love triangle of Cas-Dean-Sam, as well as Cas-Dean-Crowley. With the introduction of Amara, we suddenly get two more love triangles in Amara-Dean-Sam and Amara-Dean-Cas. 

In the most meta episode of the season with the two most meta characters ever, we are explicitly told “it’s a mirror.” (Thank you, Robbie Thompson.)

When it comes to parallels and mirrors, this season was a goddamn funhouse.

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Random Art Q&A Compilation

NOTE // I will be adding a tag to all of my questions from now on but for the time being here’s a compilation of some Q&A’s from the past year.

Q: I know that I need to study anatomy but I don’t know how What do I draw? Where to start? I brought an anatomy book but it didn’t help much.

A: I suggest drawing the pictures in the book. Most books don’t do anything but teach technique it’s up to you to do the legwork (drawing). The only thing that can make you better is drawing. That’s why I think art school can be a bit silly, everything depends on you basically studying and replicating everything you see. You can draw and get better, no need to spend money. If you want to read a book that’ll help read Andrew Loomis books. They are free online as downloads. Aside from that I suggest going on Pinterest and drawing different poses and drawing some forms that are just the skeleton and muscles. It’s good to learn what’s underneath and how muscles overlap. Impress your friends with your sick muscle knowledge! It just takes time and lots of practice but that’s how I did it. It’s hard at first but if you look at art as more of therapy and love the process then it won’t be as frustrating. 

Q: Do you ever deal with warped paper? I sketch and then watercolor over it all the time, but my paper ALWAYS crinkles. Of course I’m using my cheap paper from the craft store and I don’t mind so much because they’re only sketches, but still. Do you have any tips for solving this problem?
A: Taping it down to a drafting table or a board helps to keep the paper from warping. I use drafting tape from the art store. Before using it check to make sure it won’t rip the paper. Also you can pre-stretch it but it’s more complicated. You can also buy a watercolour “block” ethic is like a block of pre-cut paper that has glue all around the edges like the glue that holds paper into some sketchbooks. The glue is on every edge though and there’ll be one small section that isn’t covered. You paint on the top paper and when you are done you take an x-acto knife and slip it in the section without the glue and cut the paper away from the block. It works pretty well also.

Q: I was wondering where you get your inspiration for surrealism.. i love drawing but i feel like i can’t step away from realism or drawing the same person/pose over and over… any tips?
A: I’m not sure how to explain this one, it’s a very organic process that can come about from me combining things that I like, or it can come about by me wanting to get an idea across or it can just be a fully developed idea from the start. I would start by taking two things and combining them? Or altering something in a way that is appealing to you?Also it’s totally fine to stick to realism. Realism is just as amazing!

Q: Hey Audra,how long does it usually take you to finish a sketchbook? I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I finish my sketchbooks too slow. It usually takes me about 8-9 months to finish one,and I’ve been told it should only take a month?
A: I think it depends on the person. Not everyone has the time to work in their sketchbook. Personally it takes me about a year to fill one. It’s probably not very good but I also draw an average of one finished piece per 2 days or so.I think it’s best to sketch as often as possible but it’s just not sustainable for everyone to fill a sketchbook per month. Idk I think two per year is great. One per year is amazing for ME but o can see how it might not be enough to some people. It also probably depends on how quickly you’d like to develop.

Q: Which sketchbook are you currently using? (asked in Summer 2015)
A: My smaller sketchbook is my local art store’s house brand. I suggest checking out your local art store and looking for one similar. My larger sketchbook is from Michael’s and is the brand “Artist’s Loft”. It’s pretty cheap and the paper is super basic but they both work for me. They aren’t good with Copics or markers but watercolours are okay on them (it’ll still wrinkle the paper though). I talk a bit about it here:

Q: Hi I was wondering what sketchbook you would recommend for doing watercolors?
A: I have yet to find a good one, I just use the bare minimum with my sketchbooks because it’s not like I’m trying to sell them. I suggest going to the art store and checking out what options they have. Because even if I like a specific type of paper doesn’t mean that you will like it too. We all prefer different textures. The one I have right now was just my art store’s house brand of sketchbooks and those have always worked fine for me, I don’t mind bleed through in sketchbooks because I will tape other art over top if need be. I suggest just going to the shop and looking around for one you like. Sorry I’m not much help in that area.  (’-’*)

Q: After seeing your video about the horse tattoo I wanted to know what do you consider art stealing? If someone was using similar coloring techniques or pallettes/shading etc for eg? Or is it more based on linework and style. 
A: I think it depends on how many things are similar. We all are inspired by other peoples work at times but I think you need to change it up a lot before claiming it as your own. I saw a lot of similarities in the face, ears, hair, etc.. If they do a “study” of your work and credit you, that’s one thing. I’m not sure, to me personally I get really excited when I come up with a new unique idea or way of doing something, it’s hard to do these days with so many artists out there that when someone else replicates the same thing you do it is a little bit saddening. I wonder sometimes if I should not post certain things because I am scared they will be taken. But it is a very difficult topic I think among artists and we all have our boundaries with it. I have had many people copy my art and post it again as theirs and that to me is the WORST. I have copied artist’s work I like but as a STUDY, I keep it in my sketchbook and even label the bottom with the original artists name in case anyone ever does see. I do feel flattered when people are inspired by my work but there’s a difference between being “inspired” and borderline idea stealing. That’s my personal take, not sure I answered that right.

Q: How did you get yourself and your work out their/ known. I am currently studying art but I’m worried I wont be able to get my work recognized.
A: Just start posting your work all the time. Post your best stuff, good quality photos of it on Tumblr and Instagram. Try not to post too much of your personal stuff, just focus on your art stuff and be sure to tag it. Draw people that you’d like to draw that maybe have more followers than you, they might share it and generate some new viewers for you. If you are humble and put your work out there slowly people will come around. n_n

Q: Do you ever draw guys?
A: On occasion. I enjoy drawing girls most of the time just because it’s what I used to. But I will be drawing plenty of guys here soon as practice for my comic. As for my personal work I prefer drawing girls just like Bob Ross preferred drawing landscapes. I drew a guy in this video:

Q: What is the paper you use to do your copic marker stuff on? I don’t know if I missed it if you mentioned in your videos, but I can’t seem to find good paper in my local stores.
A: I tend to use just Bristol or the Canson Illustrator Paper.

Q: Do you do all drawings own your own or do you inspired from someone else and how did you begin to this?
A: I have my own ideas and some others are inspired by different shows, movies, books or artists. It comes from everywhere. I suppose if you wanted to get really technical you could say that everything an artist creates is inspired by something. Thank you so much for following my art and being such an awesome fan! It’s still really weird for me to wrap my head around the fact I could actually “have” a fan let alone a great many fans. *confusion*

Q: Hi! So I love your artwork and really want to pursue art as a career, however, my parents won’t let me take art classes, i draw and paint a lot on my own but it’s hard for me to learn new things. I’m starting to get really discouraged about going to college for art, what would you suggest I do?
A: I personally wouldn’t waste the money on school unless you are wanting to be something like an animator, 3d character design, etc.. If I were you, I’d get a job and in my off time I would draw as much as possible and then promote it on Instagram and tumblr. How good you are at drawing depends on you, not school. It is luckily one of the many things that you can get good at without sinking tens of thousands of dollars into. If you work while drawing you are making money at the same time instead of losing it to a company that most likely over charges and puts you in debt for many years.I’ve never gone to school for art, I did go for graphic design and it was a horrible decision and unlike most people I am paying for it not my parents. Unless it is a trade where you DEFINITELY need schooling I think it is overpriced and pointless in an age where you can learn so much on your own from all the resources we have.
Some of my opinions on school:

Q: I was wondering if you would be bothered if I used some of your art pieces to help me learn to draw faces and bodies?
A: Yes! Please do, just be sure that if you post it up anywhere to give my work credit as always with any artist. <3  

Q: Hi so I know you use a Pentel Brush pen, and I was wondering, how often do you have to refill yours? Because I had to refill mine after like 2 weeks and I was surprised at how quick it ran out. I just wondered if that was normal or not :)
A: It’s normal and it really sucks. < _<
I haven’t tried this yet but you could try getting a watercolour brush that has the same texture and buy some Dr. Ph Martin’s - India Ink (I know it’s the best). I think there are some pretty all natural brushes you can buy from Japan but I know they are pricey and hard to get. This is something I’ll be looking into more because I go through 2 in a day at times and the plastic waste makes me angry at best. I’ll be posting if I find a good brush.

Q: I was wondering how you came up with your ideas. I’m an artist too but I have a hard time coming up with really good ideas like yours.
A: Hmm… I’m not too sure to be honest. In this day and age I think many ideas are recycled. I used to draw what I purely felt at the time (in jr. high and high school), it was gruesome. But now I think my ideas are inspired by all the things I love and the artists I follow. I try to only follow people who’s work is beyond mine so that my eyes are always absorbing the best and I think that soaks in.
So I guess basically my ideas come from my feelings, culture, the artists I admire, the photos I see, the places I go…so I guess everything. Haha! That’s so hard to explain.
If I were you I’d start a Pinterest board and a Tumblr account to post things that inspire you. Anything from a face to a place or even a picture of food. Then when you wanting to draw you have a library to go through and you can combine things you like too.

Q: Would you be offended if someone got a tattoo of your work without asking? Would you want credit? I’ve always wondered about this with artists…
A: I think every artist is different in this respect. I think you should ALWAYS credit, especially if you post it on social media. But the way my boyfriend puts it is that you can’t take a photo of the Eiffel tower and expect to pay the architect for taking the photo. It’s a weird way of putting it. I used to post photos of my drawings of tattoos that I designed for my OWN skin and people started taking them. It sucked because I designed it uniquely for me and it took a long time. So I don’t post those anymore, I only post things I don’t mind people getting tattooed. That’s my opinion on it.

Q: I know lots of artist don’t give much tips(well the ppl I run into) but what pens do you use? I’ve only stuck with this Japanese brand I find at my local craft store.
A: Currently I pretty much just use the Pentel brush pens, Copic Multiliner pens and sometimes sakura pens. You will probably have to go to an art store instead of a craft store to find the better ones. Usually craft stores just have a small section of pens.

Q: Hey Jenna! I know you might get this a lot but I’m in my last year of high school and I’m really into comic/graphic novels and illustration but I have no clue how to work things on a computer, and theres a graphic design and illustration course at uni that I’m sort of looking into to learn that stuff but, as you know, it’s not cheap. In your opinion, would you suggest just watching tutorials/reading or applying to uni?
A: I started out wanting to do the same thing and for comics/graphic novels there is a TONNE of awesome resources on YouTube for free to learn. I suggest, if you haven’t already, buy Manga Studio (might be called Clip Studio or something now), a wacom tablet (go with their cheapest one to start it’s still amazing), and have a decent computer and just learn from YouTube it’s very easy that’s how I learnt!
If you want to draw on paper but colour on the computer you may need a scanner and be sure to sketch in blue/red lines and ink in black when you scan. Don’t worry it doesn’t take long to learn on your own. This way at least you’d be spending only a couple hundred dollars as opposed to endless thousands ESPECIALLY FOR UNI!!! Comic techniques are so easy to learn that it would be a huge waste in money in my opinion. MOAR opinions on school:

Q: For you larger watercolor paintings what paper do you use? I’m having a hard time finding paper that can handle a lot of water.
A: Right now I am using either Canson XL watercolour paper or Strathmore bristol paper. Usually watercolour paper will wrinkle anyway. Just look up techniques to keep them from wrinkling as much. I know you can buy papers that are attached at every edge and you cut them apart once you are finished so that th paper doesn’t wrinkle. You could possibly do something similar if you have paper clamps and just use them all around the edges.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best place online to sell artwork (ie,Etsy,storeenvy, etc) for someone just breaking into the art world?
A: For a beginner I’d suggest RedBubble and Etsy. If you don’t have a fan base yet Etsy and RebBubble have people that are already looking through the site that could stumble on your work. I haven’t tried storeenvy but I have tried BigCartel and I love it!I used Etsy for a long time and I found it to be quite pricey. It was, at the time worth it to have people see my art though. RedBubble is an amazing company but eventually you’ll want to make more money from your art than a small percentage of the sales.If you can get a following started though I’d suggest the other two because they are easier, look better and cost less.

anonymous asked:

No offense but could you post some finished art? I've been following you for a couple of years and I've yet to see this Over The Surface graphic novel emerge. Lots of sketches, lots of life drawings from France or whatever. It's all well and good that you're improving your skills but I think most people follow you because they want to see something that's actually *finished*. I'm a little drunk so I'm being blunt but I'm sure you have self-doubts. Get over them and start posting your real work!

Places that you can see my finished art:

  1. My portfolio –
  2. A Boy & A Girl
  3. Between Gears (the webcomic is also still live:
  4. The Thrilling Adventure Hour
  5. Husbands
  6. It Girl & The Atomics #10
  7. It Girl & The Atomics #11
  8. It Girl & The Atomics #12
  9. Home Is Where The Internet Is
  10. Meet Your Mind: The Science of Consciousness
  11. My Boyfriend Is A Monster: Wrapped Up In You
  12. The Marvels of Money (series of 5 books):
  13. Assorted illustrations and animations:
  14. Old comics (including the first two chapters of my first attempt at Over The Surface):
  15. Occasionally, here on Tumblr.

Reasons to follow me on Tumblr:

  1. Because you like what I post to Tumblr.
    Ultimately, I’m going to post what I want, which includes reblogs, links, and lots of unfinished art and exercises.  Often, my finished artwork is owned by a publisher or agency, and I don’t have the right to post it to Tumblr.  There is no one forcing you to stick around if you don’t like what I post on Tumblr.  I’d be sad to see you go, but you are free to leave.

If you don’t like what I post on Tumblr, but you want to stay in the loop regarding upcoming finished work:

  1. Bookmark my “projects” page and visit once or twice a year.
  2. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook (I post plenty of non-art news on both, but they might be more in-tune with how you want your feed to look) – ,

I have crippling self-doubt in relation to this project.  I wrote the first draft of the story while I was still in college, and I’m currently drawing the first chapter for the THIRD time.  It’s my first story for a publisher that I am both illustrating and writing.  Showing people my writing, in particular, feels like standing naked in front of an audience.  Over The Surface is my baby, my chance to show the world what I can do, and, I am hoping with every fiber of my being, the beginning of a career where I can work full-time on my own stories, and not spend 30-40 hours/month drawing commercial artwork, as well as juggling multiple work-for-hire projects, to pay my bills.  I want Over The Surface to be perfect, and I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that it’s never going to be.  I have two fantastic editors helping me to get this thing solid and out in the world next year.  They’re helping me squash my inner critic enough to keep moving forward.  I keep reminding myself that “done is beautiful” and that I would rather have a finished comic than a few perfect pages.  I want to have finished artwork to show you, as good as possible but  also as soon as possible.

I’m a brutally honest drunk, and I’ve gotten in trouble for many times.  We have to remember that unfiltered honesty tends to come across as plain rude, and think twice before “being blunt”.  Just sayin’.

Publish Your Stuff Interview: Max Kirin on Publishing, Blogging, and Running a Youtube Series

M. Kirin is a very silly person who happens to write serious stories. They live on the West Coast of the U.S. and like to pretend they have a sitcom. Whenever they’re not writing, or talking about writing, they’re probably blogging about writing.

For writing advice, writer positivity, and more, follow M. Kirin on your social media platform of choice!

✚ Writing Advice Blog:
✚ YouTube Channel:
✚ Twitter:
✚ Writing Playlists:
✚ Instagram:
✚ Free Stories:

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3.11 Thoughts/Observations/Misc

I’ve been having ongoing conversations with people, all of whom have different takes on the most recent comic, and I have thoughts. I’m sure other people have listed theirs already, but I figured I might as well throw mine into the void.

Stating up front that I loved this comic. I did. A LOT.

I do have … hesitations about the conversation they had happening in public (even if they did make sure the restaurant was empty - there are windows, and employees, and Jack, I love you, and you are SO not subtle), and was the bet my favorite reaction? No, but I don’t mind it.

All that having been said -

I’ve seen people, both here on tumblr and also on twitter and in chats, talking about the way the reveal was handled, where it was handled, and people’s reactions. And specifically whether Jack would handle it that way, given his anxiety, his career, and his past.

Here’s what I’ve come up with (some of it tweeked after conversations with some of you folks *g*)

Cut for rambles about Jack, anxiety, existing plotlines, and future speculation.

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Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

rap monster, parent!namjoon au, gang!au, 1227 words.  //tw applied abortion.

>> Person A’s child is about the same age as when either A met B or when A realized that they loved B. The child decides to wear something different for the day, causing Person A to do a double take. When the child asks what’s with their outfit, A replies with, “Nothing, you just look like your [insert parental term here] did when [insert the scenario mentioned earlier].”Bonus: B has been dead since the child was five or so.

I changed a lil bit of that, but it’s more or less the same plot. i also seem to not know how to proof read before i post things on drafts wtf

- admin a.

“Mum, stop rushing me! Gosh, I’m 17 not 8, I can do things on my own,” your son huffed as you giggled, leaning on his bedroom door frame.

“I know, I know. I just like to see you get annoyed sometimes by the silliest things.”

“You’re evil, mum.”

“I love you too son. Now hurry! Really! We have to go!” You strolled over to your son, patting him gently on the bum before another laugh left your mouth from his scowling face.

Although it was only you and your son in the house, it never got lonely. Sure, when your son stayed over at his friends house it was a little quiet at times, but you had always found a way to liven up the mood again.

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RE: Tumblr Copyright Violation: FINAL WARNING

Subject: Tumblr Copyright Violation: FINAL WARNING
Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 15:30:13 -0400

Please read this entire message carefully. Copyright violation is a complex issue, but one we take seriously. Understanding how we address it will greatly reduce the risk of your account being terminated.)    


We’ve received a notification of alleged copyright infringement on one of your blogs.   Here are the details of the content in question:    

Copyright holder: Carol Walker

The content has since been removed, in accordance with US law and Tumblr’s own copyright policies.    

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we are legally required to terminate  the accounts of repeat infringers. The first strike against your account was       uncontested, meaning this is your second strike and final warning. If you receive        three uncontested strikes within an 18 month period, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE TERMINATED.        You can contest this notification by following the instructions for a “DMCA Counter-Notification” found here:        A successful counter-notification will remove the strike against your account.    

  Here are the details of the previous strike against your account:    

Date of Takedown: October 5th , 2014

Copyright holder: Peggy Reynolds

 You can review Tumblr’s Terms of Service        (        and Community Guidelines        (        for more information on our copyright policies.    

  This is a good opportunity to learn more about US copyright law (never a bad idea, really)        and to make sure none of your other posts are infringing on someone’s copyright.        Here are a few free resources you might want to look over:

  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.    

  Tumblr Trust & Safety   


My reply to Tumblr

Hello Tumblr.

Thank you for bringing my attention to this infringement, I must say that it certainly was not intentional to violate any form of copyright, and will do my best to not do this again.

I have been with Tumblr for over 7 or 8 years, with two blogs, and though I understand the serious nature of copyright, I do not really appreciate the tone of this email. As you state, the copyright laws are a complex area, Also it being laws from another country, so as a layman, I would struggle at best to understand

When I blog a new post, I always source it, credit it with the artists name, and link it to their webpage.  I always ‘Google’ the image and go back as far as i can to find accreditation, obviously there are times that this process is fruitless, and I cant source anything.

You run a site where images are posted in their hundreds of thousands on a daily basis, So I would have thought that when Tumblr was first started that the issue of copyright has been an issue for a very long time, and that you are contacting Tumblr-ees on a daily basis, So i think that a new draft of this email would be rather good idea as not to offend others.

If the next time i accidentally post an image that infringes a copyright, and you remove my blog, that will be the end to my association with you. I have made over 60k posts and have quite a few followers, and it would be a real kick in the guts if one day i came to sign in and found all my hard work had gone.


aka wasbella102 

So in case this happens Ill say goodbye now to those who follow. Thanks for all your support over the years.

Joanne xx

the sappy stuff

first thing’s first, gotta get all sentimental with you all.  cat’s going to be two years old in three months ( or two months… i should double check the date.  mAYBE EVEN FOUR WHO KNOWS ), and i can’t even begin to explain how much she means to me.  she’s a character i can’t move on from – she lives in my head and just constantly annoys me.  roleplaying her is a joy, i never hate having a lot of drafts because honestly what makes me happiest is when other people enjoy her to, something that is best shown me through interactions.

i know there are parts of her that seem stretched or cliché, i know that she can be overly dramatic and that moody, brooding character that seems to exist everywhere, but developing her has been the most fun i’ve ever had as a writer.  i can’t imagine being without her, she’s one of my best friends, as well as probably my most worked on creation.

and i’ve been roleplaying for over ten years now.

but what i’m trying to say is thank you to everyone who gives her a chance.  thank you to you all who have inspired me, inspired her, taken an interest, and taken time to listen and love my pun saying, duck loving, doughnut eating, trash stealing tormented soul.  just… thank you.  roleplaying keeps me sane.  writing keeps me feeling alive.

and to be back at the number of followers i have obtained after archiving her last blog with around 2k followers, this… this means so much to me.  not that followers matters in the end but…

it’s still kind of a really nice number, y’know?

anyways, i’m not good at being overly sweet for too long so lets get to the good stuff 8D

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Smol update


So I have been really inactive lately, and that’s very mean of me. It is mostly because I’ve been in Bath with James, who is a cool jock and a stud (his words, not mine), but also because I have the worst luck ever. Basically, my time has been spent trying to sort out really intricate messes. It’s like a Greek tragedy without any of the prophecies or the chorus or the incest. Basically, it’s nothing like a Greek tragedy. It is tragic, though. Or at least annoying. I’ve refrained from posting about any of it on here, but I kind of feel like I owe you an explanation of sorts.

Whiny whining under the cut - if you don’t like whiny whining, then don’t click the Keep reading part and just focus on this photo of baby Clod doing his best impression of a car insurance salesman.

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