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LINDSAY AND HALSTEAD IN EVERY EPISODE || An Agent of the Machine (5x12) 

I work for Hank Voight so I can handle a little attitude, Chief.

Wanted to draw my Moon Godlike priestess again, because I still find her delightful and also I think she’s pretty. So here she is, smiting/healing people with the power of her shattered god.

Deadfire is going to be HILARIOUS.


I have a folder labled ‘ESO Sass’ for moments like this. 

Between Abnur being a sassy piece of shit and Lyris’ rebuttals, I couldn’t resist taking a screenshot. 

I think most things Abnur says are some of the best lines in the game, but that third one makes me laugh everytime. 

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The minigolfing with Steve and Clint was the best! Could you write more of them interacting as father and son, seriously, I can't get enough of it!

Clint, Steve discovered, had never really had dogs so much as he adopted strays for as long as he could hide them or until the animal decided to part ways. (We’re more like buddies, Clint said, I feel kinda weird thinking it was owning. They just sort of wandered into my life for a while, you know?)

Steve had never had a dog at all. Even if he hadn’t been allergic, he could never have afforded one. (Since he woke up in the twenty-first century, he had made more pathetic excuses than he could count in order to pet as many dogs as he could.)

So when he saw the flyer, he sent a photo of it to Clint with the caption “Your free Saturday isn’t free anymore. Sincerely, Dad”

Clint had shot back a “You strike me as more of a ‘Pops’, Pops.” But showed up bright and early Saturday morning to the ASPCA event with Steve. 

They looked at all kinds of dogs. (Steve was pretty sure that Clint was right, there was enough room in the Tower for all of them, but he was also sure Tony -and more importantly, Pepper- would evict the two of them). 

Clint wasn’t sure if he liked the Boston Terrier or the Jack Russell more. Steve really liked the Golden Doodle, but was a sucker for the Pitbull with the big brown eyes. 

Their indecision didn’t matter, though, when they came upon the Labradors. Six years old, brothers. Separating them wasn’t an option.  (It was hard to find them a home that wanted one adult dog, never mind two).

Pops, he signed.  I think we found our dogs.

Smartass., Steve replied.  I think we did, too.

They took the long way back to the Tower, stopping to pick up dog beds, dishes, collars, leashes and a bag-full of toys.  (Puck liked the grunting hedgehog the best.  Moth carried his blue-and-green polka dot pig all the way home).

“But then……the, uhhhhh, Vault Dweller showed up and gave them a hand. Or a gun!….Or something…..the Vault Dweller helped them, is what I’m trying to say.”

Travis honestly makes listening to Uranium Fever over and over again worth it, I absolutely adore him.

Imagine Obi-Wan Trying To Teach Your Padawan Class A Lesson And He’s Proud Of Your Matching Sass Levels

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“The reception was a bit fuzzy, but it was received,” you remarked, and you perfectly repeated the lightsaber form he had demonstrated.

“You’re a fast learner,” he said.

“Well, I’m also young and inexperienced, like you said. I must be the perfect example of a brash, young padawan who may or may not have gone on to train the great Chosen One. Who would expect me to have nay talent?”

To your surprise, the Jedi Master chuckled.

“Is she spoken for as a padawan, Master Yoda?”

“Not, she is,” Yoda said, “Almost as sharp as you, she has become.”

“I’ll gladly teach her,” Obi-Wan offered, “if she’ll have me.”

“We’ll see how the galaxy handles two of you running around, Master Kenobi,” you smirked, standing proudly beside your best friend, Ahsoka. Someday, you would be just as great as your master.

(For Anon)

5. “You can sit on my lap, if you want.” - Jacob Frye

A/N: I laughed writing the beginning of this one, not gonna lie. Hope the requester doesn’t mind that it’s modern day! Also… I meant for this to be a drabble BUT. Get me started on a modern assassin thing and throw Jacob into it… Anyway. This is a slightly crazy plot but once the ball got rolling with this one… It didn’t stop until it hit a wall. ON WITH THE STORY.

Word count: 1,097

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Avery and Max in ‘Safe House’

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"friends dont sass each other.... they sass other people. together" ... Also, Peggy & Natasha are both spies (great acting skills especially Natasha with that poker face like nobody's bussiness) Angie IS an actress. Imagine them undercover. OH MY GOD why did I do this to myself? Now I NEED THIS. why brain why??

All three of them undercover oh my god.

Natasha as one of her many personas, Peggy as Ruth and Angie as a very badass character, like really self-confident and powerful and Peggy is all distracted by that. Natasha is here like “goddammit Carter get your shit together” when Peggy trips on her own feet by looking at Angie pulling her character perfectly further in the room

Steven, Connie, Pearl, What are you doing?

He who raises (chapter 2)

THIS GOT WAY OUT OF HAND! this is actually the scene that inspired the entire fic and i enjoyed writing it so so so much! i hope you kids like it!

chapters: 1 2 3 4

summary: the story of how Bellamy finds out his partner has a child, and of how he ends up falling for said child (and also falling for the girl).

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