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i see that you like bokuakakurotsuki, have any fic recs for me? i like the ship but not sure where to start on the ao3 tag! thank you!!

Oh, wow, I didn’t actually expect to be asked for fic recs lol, since I’m fairly new to Haukyuu!! and all. BUT! In the last month I’ve been in the fandom, I’ve read quite a few bokuakakurotsuki fics, and here are some of them:

1. Mannequin Men (M) - Model AU, and I am a sucker for model AUs because I love the fashion industry.

2. Impudicity (M) - Dance AU. The writing is the way I like it, a tad postmodern (oops, my lit brain has turned its gears), but it’s lovely, and gives a lot of depth to the relationship.


4. Smutty 3rd Gym One-shots (E) - Filth. Absolute filth. Some feelings in the first installment, but other than that, complete filth.

5. Absurdly Happy (E) - Future fic. Well I am not absurdly happy when I read this, I damn near cried. But it’s very well-written, and I’m desperately waiting for the next (last) chapter (if the OP will finish it huhu).

6. Metanoia (E) - Omegaverse AU. Only establishing chapters so far, but the writing got me hooked, and I vowed to be patient.

7. Times Four (M) - Future fic. Kind of like Absurdly Happy. But, being me, I didn’t mind. As long as I get my well-written ship, I am a-okay.

8. @zanimez - Look through her tag list for the OT4 fics and I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Most of these fics are written by the same person, mostly because I love their writing so much like omfgit’ssofrickinggood. 

I hope this is enough for you to start exploring, Anon! There are a lot more around, plus some doujinshi that I love to hell and back. If you want me to rattle off the couple I really like, feel free to hmu.

Happy shipping!

I swear I am going to end up in Radley after this show is finished

I’m not sure if I’m slightly upset we didn’t get to see the dialogue between Aria and Nicole, only because its been so dragged out with Ezra being gone for the most of 7B. Why has Ezra been missing this whole time? I mean it’s so confusing since Nicole is NOT in NY but close enough for Aria to have driven to the clinic, yet he doesn’t even come home to change his clothes and have some rest? Shady Ezra, shady. 

So do all members of the A team have keys to all the liars’ houses just like Mona? The idea of people creeping in and out of a house is so frustrating. You’ve been doing this for how many years? Since you were 16? Why are there no cameras anywhere near your damn houses? SERIOUSLY?! 

Aria is being shady. Honestly no wonder Ezria is a couple, they are both shady. I think I have been completely desensitized to their “shock faces”, all I keep thinking is “I know you’re part of this”. 

Okay so this episode was awesome and the fact that some answers are smacking me straight in the face is amazing. However I have a couple questions because I am genuinely confused after watching it. So now, I am re watching this. Because it’s not like I have 2 essays due *cough cough* - moving on. 

Here we go:

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It's 3 am and here's my head canon: During those late nights when Hanzo and McCree can't sleep they become soft boys™ McCree just lays himself across Hanzo and murmurs out random thoughts and Hanzo runs his hands through his hair. He thinks the thoughts are dumb but since it's McCree's thoughts he loves them. They're just nice and warm and soft™ and eventually they fall asleep and have good dreams.

*starts tearing up* SWEET HEADCANON ANON this is so good. i also see them having really detailed highly intelligent -because they are both prodigies- conversations this way. talking about past or planning future missions together, or maybe they’re just talking shit and cracking jokes or reading a book out loud in the hazy afternoon or early twilight curled up in the comfort and safety of each other until they drift off to sleep.
….yeah. mchanzo cuddles are where it’s at.

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Heya! Love your blog to bits <3 you have quite a talent! I was just wondering if you had the time or inclination, if you could write a HC for RFA + V + Saeran finding out MC has an incurable disease. Whether it's terminal or not, up to you- but should it be I'd love to see how they'd spend their last months together. If you don't want to write it, it's cool- many thanks for taking the time to read this!!! And many thanks for your work on this blog too!!! <3

~Of course I will make it terminal because I am morbid and also you guys love the angst lololol so here goes!

{Requests Are Closed}

◉ Yoosung

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Yoosung had been so hopeful before he heard those words
  • And now he looked into his wife’s eyes
  • Your eyes
  • And he didn’t know what to say
  • He relied on being the happy one
  • The cheerful one
  • The ‘glass half-full’ husband who kept you going
  • And now he was broken
    • “It’s okay, Yoosung…” you brushed your hand on his face
  • He held it to his cheek before breaking down into a sob
  • He wished he could have been stronger for you in that moment
  • He took you home and laid you in bed
  • You were so tired…
  • And after you fell asleep he moved to the living room and called his mom in tears
    • “Mom…” he clenched his fist, “I don’t know what to do,” he sobbed quietly as to not wake you
    • “Yes, you do, honey…”
  • It was such a small thing to say
  •  But it had a huge impact on his heart
  • Yoosung sniffled and nodded, if only to himself
  • He just had to love you…
  • And be there for you
  • While he still could…
  • Then, he could deal with his emotions
  • He could be angry
  • You woke to Yoosung at your bedside
  • A smile on his face and a large plate of breakfast
    • “You don’t have to eat if you’re not hungry,” he hurried to say
    • “It looks delicious,” you really didn’t have an appetite. But you’d never let him know
  • You picked at the food
    • “We have a big day today,” Yoosung smiled
    • “What do you mean?”
  • He had been planning it all night
  • And making phone calls
  • He knew how much you had always wanted a pet
  • But you never asked, because it wasn’t really his thing
    • “Let me show you, hold on,” he got up from the bed and left for a moment
  • When he returned
  • He had a small corgi puppy in his hands
    • “YOOSUNG!” you flung up from the bed
    • “Don’t scare her!” he laughed
  • She was so tiny
    • “She was found on the streets. I’ve been nursing her back to health at the clinic and she finally has some strength back. What do you want to name her?” Yoosung held her out for you to grab
  • You held her next to your chest
    • “She’s shaking…I think I’ll call her Jello…”
    • “It’s perfect”
  • He kissed the top of your head
    • “Now get back into bed with her and rest”
  • You actually ate your food after that
  • Which Yoosung noticed
  • Your last 2 months held a lot of smiles
  • You couldn’t leave the bed much…
  • And day by day, you had grown weaker
  • But Jello lay by your side
  • Or on your chest
  • Her favorite spot
  • And Yoosung took care of you with a smile
  • Most days, all you could manage to do was walk Jello with Yoosung
  • And then
  • Even that was too much
  • When you passed away, Yoosung shrunk into himself
  • The first night alone was the hardest
  • He sobbed on the bed, clutching one of your shirts
  • Jello crept up and licked his tears
  • Yoosung laughed and stroked her fur
    • “Oh, Jello…what are we…going to do without her…” he cried

◉ Jumin

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Jumin wouldn’t hear it
  • He squeezed tighter on your hand
    • “No. There’s always something you can do. Get to work, damn it, or I’ll find someone more competent,” Jumin seethed
    • “Jumin, please…don’t do this,” you pleaded
    • “I’m not giving up on you. And neither are they.”
  • He ordered a bunch of new tests to be ran
  • Despite all of the protests from both you and the doctors
  • Until his father showed up and pulled him away to the side
    • “You’ve got to stop this, son.”
    • “I appreciate your concern, but I won’t sit back and watch her die. There has to be something they can-”
    • “Stop,” Jumin’s father cut him off and grabbed his shoulders, “Stop this. I know you’re scared and upset…But there’s nothing more that can be done. Please, take my daughter-in-law home. Make her comfortable. Don’t ruin her last days with tests and needles.”
  • Jumin’s face grew soft and he teared up
  • He cried
    • “It seems I’ve been selfish,” Jumin sighed.
  • He took you home
  • And of course took a leave of absence from work
    to be by your side at all times
  • You had round-the-clock care
  • Jumin made sure you had everything you could want
  • At night he read to you
  • He forced you to eat
  • Some days when you were really sick, he had the chefs make 10 meals if they had to, until there was something you could stomach
    • “She’s not…she can’t eat the salmon today…perhaps a nice soup would be better…”
  • He fed you when you didn’t have the strength
  • And had fresh flowers brought in every day
  • When you passed away
  • He and his father had the most elaborate funeral planned
  • Every year on the day you died, Jumin Han stays in his penthouse instead of going into work
  • He still has two plates set out for dinner
  • And he never sleeps on your side of the bed

◉ Zen

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Zen’s mind was a whirl of questions
  • You were just a little sick…?
  • How did you get here?
  • Why was this happening?
  • He broke down when he saw you crying
  • Kissed you
  • He didn’t know what to say
  • The words were caught in his throat
  • It was quiet between the two of you until you got home
  • The shock was too much
  • And as Zen cooked dinner he found himself looking through his phone at photos of you both
    • “Let’s get out of here,” he brought your plate to the table for you
    • “What do you mean?”
  • Zen sat down across from you
    • “Let’s go. Let’s experience things. I can’t…I don’t want to sit around  and…a-and…”
  • He broke down crying
  • You held his hand
    • “Okay, let’s go,” you said through your own tears
  • The next day you packed
  • He told the director what was going on and no one protested his leave
  • You clung behind him on the bike and got going
  • Riding everywhere and anywhere
  • Each stop was a new photo posted
  • Both of you smiling
  • At a park
  • Or a new restaurant
  • You sleeping in a hotel bed
  • Until you were too weak to ride anymore
  • He felt a furious tapping on his chest and pulled to the side of the road
  • You dismounted and threw off your helmet
  • Vomiting and falling to your knees
    • “Babe!” Zen ran to your side
    • “I’m sorry…I’m just not feeling so great right now…”
  • He held your hair while you puked
  • Took you to the nearest hospital
  • Where you stayed until you passed
  • Zen held your hand the whole time
  • He returned home to a living room full of gifts and flowers and chocolates
  • Sympathy balloons
    • “The landlord must have brought these in for me,” he said as he flicked on the light
  • He sifted through some of the gifts before it was too much to handle
  • It seemed so empty and small in the apartment now
  • It wasn’t until he walked by a photo of you
  • His favorite one that hung in the hallway
  • He felt a knot in his chest
  • He pulled it from the hook and ran his fingers over your face
  • And sobbed

◉ Jaehee

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Jaehee pushed her emotions to the side
  • And held you as you cried
    • “It’s going to be okay,” she whispered to you
  • She wiped your tears
  • From then on she slept in the hospital with you
  • The nurses love her
  • She wrote down everything you were feeling
  • Every day
  • All of the medicines you took and when you were scheduled to take them
  • What you ate
  • They let her bring in food and baked goods for you
  • Of course
  • She brought in treats for the nursing staff and doctors
  • The staff was sick knowing that they couldn’t do anything further to help you two
  • So they tried to make it as comfortable as possible for you and Jaehee
  • She would lay in the hospital bed with you and cuddle while watching a Zen DVD on the hospital TV
  • She loved the way you hummed along with the musical numbers
  • And she would hear it with each one, even after you passed away
  • She wore your apron when cooking
  • Left your toothbrush by the sink
  • And although you had been a closet hog with all of your clothes, she wouldn’t dare removing anything from it

◉ Saeyoung 

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • He couldn’t stop the stream of tears down his face
  • Sure, he had watched you become weaker over the last few weeks…
  • But he thought you’d make a comeback
  • That it would pass
  • He pressed his forehead onto you as you both cried and held each other
  • And he treated you like a piece of fragile glass from then on
  • He drove so slowly on the way home
  • And carried you inside before putting you in bed
  • Silently he sobbed while preparing dinner
  • But he made sure to compose himself before bringing you the food
  • He was wearing your apron
    • “The chef’s special for my extra special lady,” he placed the bowl on the bed tray for you, “be careful, it’s hot! I can blow on it for you.”
    • “Saeyoung…aren’t you going to eat?”
    • “I already ate some in the kitchen,” he lied, “okay now, open up.”
  • He stopped caring for himself
  • He was only focused on you
  • And making you smile and laugh
  • Your room was now full of small toys and robots
  • Each one doing something different
  • Saeyoung stayed up late at night while you slept and made them for you
  • It was an obsession that kept him from thinking about reality
  • And the fact that he was going to lose you
  • And although he was nothing but goofy and cheerful with you
  • One night you heard him praying at his desk when he thought you were asleep
    • “Please don’t take her from me, God…you can’t…s-she’s all that I have…I can’t do this without her,” he spoke through quick breaths and tears
  • You laid there in silence while your tears soaked your pillow
  • When you passed he closed himself off from the world again for a while
  • He found himself talking to you as much as God
  • Maybe even more
  • It comfort him to tell you about his day
  • With the thought that maybe you could hear him
  • He imagined your smiling face when he closed his eyes

◉ V

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • He held you close
  • And stroked your hair
  • He was shaking a little as he was crying
    • “I love you so much…we can get through this,” he whispered.
  • He hated that he couldn’t be the only one to take care of you
  • Since his sight was almost non-existent
  • He hired a caregiver to come to the apartment every day and help you both
  • Jumin often stopped by to check on you both as well
  • He was worried, he could tell his friend was broken
  • When you slept, V stay up late pacing and smoking to try and calm himself
  • But not for long
  • He’d crawl into bed and hold you close
  • Smell your hair
  • And feel your warm skin
  • He never wanted to forget it
  • When you were near the end
  • V never left your side for a second
  • He placed cool rags on your head
  • And held your hand in his own as you cried in pain
    • “I’m right here…don’t worry…it’s going to be okay, my love…I’m here…”
  • He broke down at the bed side when your hand went limp and there was silence
  • The caregiver pat him on the back
    • “She knows how much you loved her. You did good…”

◉ Saeran

    • “There’s nothing more we can do, I’m sorry. It’s only a matter of time…”
  • Saeran clenched his fists
  • This couldn’t be happening…
  • You were the one person who understood him
  • And now…
  • He struggled to understand it all
  • But he pulled himself together when he saw how afraid you were
  • He held you crying face in his hands
    • “Hey, stop that,” he almost cried, himself, “I love you…” he kissed you
  • Inside he was broken
  • But he would pull it together just for you
  • He called his brother to help
    • “Let’s get all of this…hospital-type shit out of here…I want it to be more like home for her…” he told Saeyoung
  • So you lay in bed while they rearranged and brought stuff back from your apartment
  • Your favorite blanket
  • And books
  • Saeran read to you often
  • And pestered you when you stopped eating
  • He knew it was a bad sign
  • He took a lot of photos with you
  • The first time it happened you were shocked
  • He lay up on the bed and held the phone above you both
    • “Smile,” he said.
    • “What are you doing? You hate pictures,” you laughed.
    • “Well I changed my mind, alright? Now will you please smile?”
  • He took some goofy face ones, ones where he was kissing your cheek, he was always snapping pictures of you two
  • Even when you said you looked and felt terrible
  • He always told you that you were being dumb, you looked gorgeous
  • He was out shopping for some snacks for you two when he got the call on his cell phone
  • He dropped his basket and ran
  • He was panting when he got to your hospital room
    • “You made it just in time…I think she was hanging on for you,” the nurse said to him.
  • He started to cry and ran to your side
  • Your eyes were closed
    • “I’m…so sorry,” you managed to speak
    • Shhh, don’t say that,” he kissed your lips, “you’re the love of my life…I don’t think I can make it without you,” he cried.
  • His hands were shaking and he pressed the back of your hand to his cheek
    • “I will always love you, Saeran,” you whispered.
  • He wouldn’t let them take you away for a long while
  • He laid there in silence with you
  • And after you passed, Saeyoung moved in with him for a while
  • Despite his protests, he was glad
  • And every night he flipped through the photos of you two, until he couldn’t stay awake any longer
New Year ‘One-Shot’ ;)

Taehyung and Jungkook - ‘Smutty, dirty threesome’

i need more of your bts smut otoke. please a smutty dirty threesome with taehyung and jungkook do you think i’m a bad person ? because I think I am

AU: I mean, it could be dirtier…and its not technically a threesome…but points for trying :L (It can only get better from here) ;)

Also, you might need Christ a little…but I think at this point we all do! ;) 

‘I called dibs. She’s mine tonight.’

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

'Wait, What?!’ you ask, not thinking you’d heard Tae properly over the loud music of the club despite his actions- his hand gripping your ass tightly so that he could grind into you- making the meaning of his words, very clear.

'Lets have sex, Y/N.’ he says again, his teeth skimming the shell of your ear and you have to grip tighter to his shoulders to stop yourself from falling down with the intense bout of shivers that travel through you. Your eyes dart around the bodies surrounding you, wondering if anyone else had heard what he’d said despite the fact the words had been directed straight into your ear.

'Tae, you’re drunk, you dont meanAH-’ your words are cut off when he pulls your hips into his more firmly, mouth latching to your neck as he grinds into you forcefully, the pinch of his fingers on your hips adding to your arousal as his teeth sink into the skin below your ear making you moan- the sound thankfully getting lost in the music surrounding you.

'Come on, Y/N…it doesn’t have to mean anything…just one fuck….’ he drawls, slipping a thigh between both of yours and you instantly begin to rub against it, your body being lost in the feel of his, and its not long before you’re panting into his neck, nails sinking into his skin as you struggle to hold yourself up.

'So, are you going to fuck me on the dancefloor or are you going to take me home?’ you whisper, mouthing at his neck as you speak the words and you feel his thigh rubbing rewardingly against you, causing you to buck against it and whimper as his lips leave your neck, seeing him smirk at you evilly before he grabs one of your hands and begins to pull you back through the crowd, toward the bathroom. You stop him before he can go in though, pinning him to the outside wall and stretching yourself onto your tiptoes to look at him.

'I’m not getting fucked in the bathroom of a club- take me home.’ you demand, briefly connecting your lips and feeling the vibrations of his moan travel up through his lips and into yours, your knees buckling slightly at the feeling.

'Whatever you want, Princess.’ he replies breathily, lunging in the other direction, dragging you quickly with him and within minutes the two of you are falling out the back exit of the club and heading towards his dorm.

He stops many times as the two of you walk back, always keeping you on the edge, keeping you excited, even at one point lifting your dress to just below your breasts and pressing you roughly against a stone wall, the freezing temperature of the stone making you jolt and gasp and he takes advantage of this instantly. His hand slips between your legs and grazes over the fabric of your panties as his mouth covers yours, sucking in your gasps and moans, before he pulls away again quickly, righting your clothes and once again pulling you down the street.

You stumble into the dorm, neither of you sparing a thought for the other boys because they were all meant to be at the club you had just been at, Tae dragging you slowly- lips still attached, and fingers greedily grappling at your waist- towards his room that he shares with J-hope and Jimin.

You gasp as your back hits the bed, hands clawing at Tae as he tries to separate from you, whining when he slips from your grasp, but he just chuckles mischievously at you, ripping his shirt from himself and throwing it somewhere in the room before he begins on his belt, his movements slowing as he watches you, your chest still heaving in breaths, limbs sprawled out to the sides as you stare back at him.

'You need to get that dress off first.’

At first you think Tae has said the words, and so immediately you sit up and begin to slip the straps down your arms, but within seconds you realise that his mouth hadn’t moved and your eyes widen as you turn your head to look at the open door- Taehyung having not locked it- Jungkook stood leaning against the doorframe as he watched you.

'Kookie, I thought you’d be sleeping.’ Tae says, not bothering to look back at him as he drinks in the shocked sight of you, your legs quickly snapping together when you look up at him, the move making you whimper quietly as your arousal makes itself prominent once again.

'Taehyung- hyung, if you dont start touching her, I might have to come in and help instead of just watch.’ Jungkook murmurs, and you look over to see him licking his lips, fingers sitting at the hem of his shorts, before he sees you looking back and he dips his hand in, groaning and hissing when he touches himself, making the area between your legs flood with warmth.

'Now there’s an idea…’ Tae murmurs, the grin that flashes over his face being filled with mischief and your legs tremble from need and suspense- you dont care what happens at this point, you just need someone to fuck you.

But as soon as the words are out of Tae’s mouth, Jungkook lunges towards you, his hand mere centimeters from you before Tae snatches it back, pulling the younger boy away from you and making you whine angrily.

'I touch her first.’ her hisses, his low voice, jealousy easily apparent, travelling right through you and your hand immediately moves to between your legs, but before you cant touch yourself, Tae is forcefully pushing your thighs open, hand going straight to your core and ripping your panties from you, the sting of the rip not even factoring in your mind, before his fingers are slipping between your folds and you collapse back onto the bed, arching your back as he curls his fingers inside of you, needy moans leaving your lips and getting louder with each thrust of his digits.

'Fuck. Tae-hyung, let me touch her.’ Jungkook whines, coming to stand beside the bed by your head, mouth hanging open as he watches you writhe on the bed, hands scrabbling at the bed sheets and you cant help but eye the bulge in the Maknae’s pants.

'No. I want to make her cum first.’ he growls, his thumb adding to the pressure building between your legs, the digit rolling over your clit again and again and you’re holding on by a single thread as you whimper and whine, reaching down to hold Tae’s hand against you, trying to communicate with him that you needed him to go faster, to be rougher- do something to help you reach your high…but he’s already there.

Your orgasm is shocked out of you when you suddenly feel his breath on your core and his lips wrap around your clit, sucking on it like it was his job, making you cry out as the pressure explodes out of you, your juices covering his hand and the sheets beneath you, and as he rides you through the high, you pant and moan, whispering his name over and over again as your body slowly slumps back to the bed.

The thought that Tae hadn’t stopped moving his fingers in you only registers when a burn begins to set in in-between your legs, and you reach down to make him stop, only to get your hand batted away and you look down to see him glaring up at you, mouth shining with your cum, making your heart thunder in your chest and your thighs tremble.

'Tae, stop.’ you breathe, trying to squirm away from him, but the hand that isn’t still working you, snatches out to hold your hip, making it impossible to move as his fingers pinch at your side and you see him look up at Jungkook a sly smile beginning to spread over his face.

'Take off her dress.’ he directs him, the words leaving his mouth in a growl and your body immediately reacts, shivers flashing down your spine, getting intensified by the new set of hands that attach to the hem of your skirt, digits cool against your skin as they skim up your body. You hear Jungkook’s breaths as they leave his lips excitedly, his eyes raking over your body as it is slowly revealed and goosebumps litter over the expanse of your skin.

When your dress hits the floor by Jungkook’s feet, he immediately leans over you to grab at your breasts, his hands hesitant for a millisecond, before he slowly grasps them, thumbs rubbing unsurely over your already erect nipples and you moan out, making you reach one hand up to twist in his shirt, feeling his body tense beneath you and you realise your hand has landed just above his crotch.

You’re about to get lost in the excited and flushed face of Jungkook when your body is pulled down the bed and you gasp, head whipping to look at Taehyung, who is throwing your legs over his shoulders, not paying any attention to you as he immediately starts devouring your core, nose rubbing against your clit rhythmically as his tongue swipes again and again at your folds and you cant help the cry that rips through you, hand slipping from Jungkook’s shirt to the hem of his shorts and accidentally pulling them down so that his member sprang free, making the maknae choke on the breath he had just taken, his fingers that had graduated to playing with your nipples, squeezing hard and you cry out again, panting feverently as you squirm beneath the two men.

'Dont touch him.’ comes the angry growl from Taehyung, and you immediately take your hand away from Jungkook, the danger in his voice evident as he shakes your legs from him, crawling up your body and leaving your core neglected as his breath ghosts over your skin.

'Hyung, please.’ comes Jungkook’s needy whine and you see Tae look up at the maknae where he was crouched over you, his eyes black with lust and jealousy as he looks at him.

'I called dibs. She’s mine tonight.’ he growls, gesturing with his head to tell the maknae to leave, clearly having over-stepped his welcome, but Jungkook doesn’t move, frowning as his eyes graze over your body again and you see the flash of an idea in his eyes as you lie still beneath Tae, not wanting to anger him further.

'I want to watch.’ he says, determination clear in his tone and you freeze, waiting for Tae to yell at him to get out, but instead the older boy just smirks at him, nodding his head in the direction of the chair in the corner.

'Sit there and dont move.’ he directs, the edge to his words telling Jungkook not to disobey him and just the sound of his deep voice growling the words out, has your thighs clenching together, bringing his attention back to you.

'Aww, Princess, am I not paying enough attention to you?’ he asks, tone teasing as he strokes a finger down your jaw, drifting it over your lips and you whimper beneath him, hands reaching up to pull at his waist.

'You told me we were going to have sex, Tae.’ you whine, hoping to jog his memory and get him to give you what you wanted, but the flash in his eyes tells you things weren’t going to be that straight forward.

'Did I say that?’ he asks teasingly, his finger having trailed to your chest at this point and you suck in a sharp breath when he begins to circle your nipple, popping his finger into his mouth quickly and then going back to your breast, the cold wet feel of the digit making you whimper as you continue to claw at his waist and back. You can hear the short pants of Jungkook from the corner and you tilt your head to look at him, wanting to see what he was doing, but the minute Taehyung sees you turning your head, his fingers dig into your hair and he snaps your face back to him, the sting of your scalp being stretched making you sink your nails into his skin and he hisses at you, chin tilting up in dominance as he looks down at you.

'Dont fucking look at him.’ he snaps, pulling your hair back against the bed so that your neck was exposed to him.

'Do you understand?’

You whimper in response, hurriedly nodding your head as much as you could in his grasp, your lip caught between your teeth making it impossible to answer him as you try to hold in your moans, this dominant side of him making your core pulse in anticipation.

'Good. Cause I want to see your face when I fuck you.’ he whispers, face inches from yours, hand still in your hair and you feel his other hand drifting across the bare skin of your thigh. You hadn’t even realised that he’d removed his jeans, but suddenly you feel something drifting over your core, the short moan you let out suddenly turning to a shout of his name when he thrusts into you out of nowhere, his face dropping into astonishment and lust as he watches you react to him.

'Fuck! I knew you’d look good.’ he murmurs, before he focuses on what he’s doing, picking up his pace and lifting your hips so that he was hammering into you, and the minute you scream, hands slipping to the covers either side of you and screwing them up in your hands, eyes screwing shut in ecstasy, he knows he’s found your favourite angle.

'Tae, please, Tae-’

You moan, tossing your head on the bed feeling yourself getting worked up, your stomach and thighs trembling as you feel the build up of your second orgasm, breath coming in pants as you open your eyes to look up at him, seeing him with his head flung back, hips snapping so fast against yours that you’re sure they’re going to set on fire any minute. And its the sight of him, so blissed out, his hand slapping your thigh, the feel of the sharp sting going straight to between your legs, that causes you to moan loudly as you fall over the edge.

You can feel him pulsing within you as he continues to thrust, teeth biting down on his lip as he chases his own high, the sight prompting you to look over at Jungkook, having forgotten he was there, but when you see him, you think you’re going to blast straight through this orgasm and into another one.

He’s panting heavily, his hand that’s covered in cum still wrapped around his length as he lazily pumps himself, milking the entirety of his orgasm out, a final spurt dripping from him when he sees you looking over at him, and you know your eyes are half lidded, hair sticking to your sweaty forehead, limbs sprawled everywhere, hips still thrust into the air and hands still twisted into the sheets.The sight of him like that, sated and blissed out, causes your walls to tense around Tae, thighs clenching around his hips and the action tips him over his edge, a loud grunt leaving his lips as he snaps his hips against yours one final time, before buckling forward, only just catching himself before he can fall onto you.

You purposefully tense around him a few more times, shudders ripping through you with the weak, needy, moans falling from his lips, length still twitching with aftershocks, inside of you. As he slides out of you, you feel the ache instantly set in, your hips almost feeling dislocated from your body where he’d overworked you, but the feeling in your stomach was sated and happy as you close your eyes, the two of you lying sprawled on the bed together.

'Fuck.’ he whispers, breaths ghosting over your breasts where he had his head laid on your chest and you nod in confirmation, tilting your head to the side to try and look at Jungkook, seeing him watching the two of you almost sadly.

'Jungkookie, come and lie with us.’ you murmur, the maknae immediately springing to his feet and walking over in just his shorts, shirt having been discarded at some point whilst Tae had had sex with you. He settles himself down on the side of you that didn’t have Taehyung, an arm going around your stomach as he shuffles, until he’s almost spooning you, chin hooking over your shoulder to press gentle kisses into your neck and skin.

Tae lets out a quiet growl at this, glaring up at the younger boy, but you just chuckle, wrapping your arms around him and holding him against you, fingers raking through his hair as his arms slide around you to hug your hips, hand lingering teasingly closely to your butt, but you were so tired that you didn’t bother to reprimand him.

'When do you think the others will get home?’ you murmur, eyes sliding shut as you hum happily under Jungkook’s ministration.

'I’d say about now.’ comes a voice from the door and you shoot up, the other two boys complaining when you rip yourself from their grasp, but their expressions turn sheepish when they follow your gaze to the door and see 5 other boys stood in the doorway with varying expressions- J-hope’s standing out the most as a cross between a smirk and surprise.

'Why didn’t we get an invite?’


Happy Birthday, Tooru…

Because stargazing is a Birthday tradition with them. And noone can convince me otherwise. Also: more gentle Iwa… <3

Yes yes… my first year in this fandom, I went with the traditional Oikawa birthday theme. (◡‿◡✿) … just because.
I am NOT too late… somewhere in the world it’s still the 20th…. *flails*

This. This is why I do what I do, why I stay online despite peoples rude comments towards me. This was a message to my Reptile facebook page. I cannot tell you guys how many similar I have gotten both on here and on facebook. 
Its also part of why I am so accepting of advice, because I know people look at my page and come to me first with questions, I do not want to spread misinformation and if I do, I am always always glad to be corrected. 
Stay lovely people, and spread the love for reptiles whenever possible <3

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jensen. texas. where is his southern twang i am disappointed

Don’t be disappointed!! Jensen starts talkin’ Texas at 3:09 here. I live for his, “Shoot, I’unno” at 3:18. 

You can check out this video while you’re at it to see how Jensen feels about his twang. Jensen’s accent really only comes out when he’s tired and isn’t thinking about it, but he’s also from a big city. Big cities in the South like Dallas are odd linguistically because they’re usually pockets of Northern-ness - people migrate down to metropolitan centers of activity - and the accents aren’t as strong there as they would be in close-knit rural areas (being from a big city in a Southern state, I can confirm). It’s still there, but probably isn’t actually as strong as you think that it would be.

But remember when he did that exaggerated Southern Belle act? That’s good, too.

  • Jay: Guys, I've been on the internet for a while now, and isn't it crazy how two best friends can drift apart and it's sad, but when two strangers slowly become friends, it's also sad because when you remember the older times, they weren't as happy?
  • Kai: Jay, it's 3 AM.
  • Cole: And where's the joke?
  • Lloyd: Jay himself is the only joke here.
  • Jay: I'm just gonna ignore those rude comments. Hey, Cole, remember how much time apart we spent back when Wu first found us? Now we're best friends.
  • Cole: ...
  • Jay: ...
  • Cole: ...
  • Jay: ...
  • Cole, whispering and wiping away a tear: Bro...
  • Jay: Bro.

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nothing makes me wanna become an adoptive father more so than seeing/hearing stories about adults - fucking ADULTS - abusing or neglecting children, especially infants who are 100% helpless and dependent upon them. let me build an orphanage and run it on my own. i wanna cook for 'em, play with them, take care of them, love them, cherish them, not let them suffer and even DIE in the hands of uncaring "parents" who should never have had kids in the first place im so fucking LIV I D-

pls forgive my rant its almost 3 am and i get rlly passionate about this shit also why did u change ur icon back             


also I changed it because @captainvatican abandoned me since we had matching icons and he changed his to another icon (THE DRAMA IS HERE: )

hi everyone, i’m not dead! i’ve got two more weeks of hell, then i’ll hopefully be back; possibly with open commissions if people are interested! (no breaks though, i have a portfolio to do over 3 weeks… “OTL)

‘til then, have a super quick nerris enjoying the summer warmth because it’s freezing here now…

I havent slept in like 3 days because of finals so here’s a picture from a couple weeks ago. I am VERY excited about tonight’s episode, although also a little nervous because this is the first time this season we are going in blind. I think its gonna be good though. Happy selfie night guys!!!

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@panda-pup-pancakes of course i remember you!!! Thanks so much for the ask, it made me so happy! *hughughug* <333 

@mikkitrashcan heyyy!!! thanks a lot!! <33 much love for you too. ;; ♥ ♥ so sweet…!! 

@friskdreemur123 yes of course! i get some people calling me senpai so no problem! lol 

hmmm… it depends on how lewd the character is??? if it doesnt show “down there” i dont think its nsfw!!! ;; but it depends on who sees it i think. i actually am always insecure to draw lewd because i promised here i would never post nsfw again- 

also pls hug me! i love hugs! <3

Ok guys because a lot of you like my art I thought I’d give doing commissions a shot. As you can see I will accept Smite Gems as payment as well as actual money. 

Things I will not do

  • NSFW
  • None Smite related stuff (cause its my smite blog go to my main for that)
  • Anything promoting any kind of hate
  • I will also tell you if I am uncomfortable with certain requests

More of my art can be found here for other examples of my art. 

This isn’t to say that I won’t do free requests from time to time because I know that people are hard on money and any outstanding requests will not be changed by this. 

Many thanks <3

this isn’t cheating, because i did say i’d come online to post for Ms. Perfect and My Secret Romance aka today&tomorrow

so heres my plan, as most of you may have noticed, i am literally online every single day, so cutting myself off completely wasn’t going to be possible 

sooo, instead i’m only coming online on Mondays and Tuesdays - aka if you see me online on any other day feel free to tell me to fuck off and get my life together :) 

i’ve also started a queue (and i feel like i’m betraying allie lmao) because i don’t want my blog to be inactive (although chances are this will be the only time i’ll ever update said queue…)

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Came for the blackice. Stayed for the in-depth character development and overwhelming emotions <3 thanks for all your hard work!

Overwhelming emotions ftw!

Also I’m currently sitting here scratching like 50 insect bites on my hands and wrists (I had to see my doctor today for something completely different and showed her my hands and wrists and she was liike ‘ohhhhh no’ and I was like ‘right? At least they’re not mosquito bites because I’m allergic to those’ and she packed me up with antihistamines and I’m like… trying not to scratch but I’m losing the war) ANYWAY I do have a point and my point is that I really appreciate your message anon and sometimes you need to read about overwhelming emotions and character development to take your mind off 50 insect bites. <3