also be happy this is in b&w

Rating Of Every Raichu Sprite From Main Series Pokemon Games

Pokemon Red/Blue: 

Detailed for what limited pallets the gameboy had back than, slightly minamalist and simplistic in design as all gen 1 Pokemon are.  I respect this elder regardless for his original design. 9/10

Pokemon Yellow:

A PERFECT BOY!!  Look at that expression full of excitement!  I wish we could have seen more of this quality Raichu in this game.  10/10

Pokemon G/S: 

Designers, c’mon now.  This isn’t fair.  You can’t just make me choose between TWO sprites to rate!!  But if I have to choose, than I prefer 1st sprite.  He’s fat, powerful and that expression on his face just screams of smugness.  The second Raichu, however, seems to have more mischievous expression rather than aggression.  Both receive a 7/10.  

 Pokemon R/S/E/FR/LG: 

Not as fat, but I do like his “PUT EM UP, SCRUB” pose. 9/10

Pokemon D/P:

He’s finally relaxed, he’s no longer in constant attack mode!  I’m so proud of him of his comfort around others!  11/10

Pokemon Platinum: 

 I am concerned for his sudden shift in weight gain, but as long as he feels comfortable with his weight however, than so do I.  Now there’s just more of this big boy to hug. 9/10

Pokemon HG/SS: 

What a joyful expression!  An improvement to the previous 2nd gen sprites. I trust him. 10/10. 

Pokemon B/W/B2/W2:

Another quality sprite!  This one takes inspiration from the mid animation frame from 4th gen, I see!  I appreciate the reference.  Also, look at the those LEGS! 9/10

Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS

Not much detail, and I miss his expressions and pose.  He’s happy with his transcendence to 3D but I miss the little details. :( 5/10

Pokemon Sun/Moon:

NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!!  The happiest boy I’ve ever seen.  Unratable, to put a number on his perfection would be a crime.  He’s not quite as chubby however, but he must be light enough to fit on his tail.  Still enjoys a Malasada every now and than.  Finally gets his time in spotlight with his new found psychic powers away from the popularity of Pikachu.  He’s even got his own Z-move!  Good job, little buddy on your rise to stardom!  

things i’ve learnt from that episode of holby:

  • i could probs listen to bernie doing david attenborough impressions all day
  • i could probs watch bernie sitting back + just winging things + having bantz on aau all day
  • i love darla, 10/10, i’m a fan
  • i’m constantly genuinely surprised by how many ppl there r hanging around on darwin
  • every time sacha cries i also cry apparently
  • i’m here 4 the hoodies + tea intervention @ pulses
  • i love morven so much (the yellow sleeves/blue scrubs was gr8)
  • i’m actually lookin forward 2 ollie being on aau
  • jac + matteo continue 2 be a Mess
  • that old guy didn’t let me down bc he took the perfect opportunity 2 make a doctor who joke
  • 4ever a fan of hanssen looming

</❤️/_-*-°oO (( S A K U Y A )) Oo°-*-_\❤️\>



<~❤️~❤️~❤️~ H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y !!! 8( >//////<)8 ~❤️~❤️~❤️~>

so the whole day is dedicated to  Y O U !! (b *////*)b~
I wish you the best,
happiness, cheerfulness, sunny days, a lot of time to spend with your friends, every CD you wanna hear, as much as Okonomiyakis you can eat, CAKE, …. everything you dearly wish for ;w;) <3 !!

I love your dorkiness, your yandereness, your hair, DAT CURL, your eyes, your cheekiness and also your vulnerable heart… <3
Idk I could list endless why I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, kiisssuuusssss ! >3>
How about we use foxy-Tsubakyun(-plush) as a pinata ( ᐛ )ᕗ? ~ so he can beat him as many times as he adores <3
lol, that’d be funny imo x'DD notforTsubakyunbuthegottamakeanexception >v>)~~~ höhöhööh :M  PINATAKYUN !

so, for tonight I drew these 7 Sakkuns >w>)!
the main Sakuya, the Yandere, the Maid, the Valentine, the SleepyLifeOfServamp-one, le child and SummerSakkun *-* ! <3
ahahha….I actually wanted to draw much more but DINA4 is not big enough :‘DD
Which one is your favoooo ? ~ nice to know.
I tend to like the Yandere one the most ( ᐛ )❤️ but I also like the main one, and SummerSakkun…  whatamIevensayingIlikeeverysakkunduh.

But I also have a digi drawing which I’ll submit (much?) later c: !

HOPE U LIKE THIS ONE >//^//>) !!

saying “i have a girlfriend” is so satisfying for a multitude of reasons like it is so.. so nice b/c she is so, so nice, i am lucky, blessed, every single moment of my life, as i have been for the past like 6 yrs i’ve known her, she’s an angel, she is the sun, keeps me warm, makes flowers grow, so on and so forth, i am happy to be in a relationship, w/ her, every day is brighter b/c of her presence, she’s a 🍑💎🎁 (peach, gem, gift), but also i cannot pretend there isn’t a completely, utterly gratifying little flicker there when some dude is like “i feel like we have a connection” or whatever b/c i smiled @ him & am polite to him, as i am w/ everyone, & i get to just smile & proudly say “well, i have a girlfriend, so,” which is mean, mayhaps, but, i actually do not care (if it is me*n)

Hello! I just wanted to say that your an amazing person and creative person! You always make me smile every time i see your amazing and adorable art! You can make anyones turn their frowns upside down ^////^! and i hope you have an AWESOME and an AMAZING day! >///v///<
also…HAPPY LATE B-DAY TK! *throws a steak full of ketchup on his face and runs off*

ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! THANK YOU!! Oh my!! Q//w//Q

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I've just started getting into block b and I was wondering if you could help me get to know them/their personalities☺️ so far I know Zico, taeil, p.o and ukwon, i still need to YouTube them tho I feel like I'm gonna be in deep rip lol

Hi, hello and enjoy, cause it’s about to get crazy in here

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve gone through the Block B fever them so excuse if I mess up on some points, I’m rolling on 2013 knowledge ^^’

ZICO - Woo Jiho

  • Since he’s one of the ones you know, I don’t think I will write much and most of it you will probably know.
  • A talented lyricist and rapper who is inspired by other successful artists such as G-Dragon
  • He is the blunt and straight to the point leader who works really hard to achieve success
  • Loves each one of his members, but is the closest with Kyung
  • He actually went to school with Kyung and they were best friends back then
  • He is fun and does not care about his image that much. He wants to be known as a funny guy who just happens to be dead serious about music
  • He can point out a mistake and pick a fight if something goes wrong
  • He does not put on a fake act to seem friendly around people he dislikes, but he wouldn’t be an ass about it either, pretty mature if you ask me
  • Affectionate
  • Talented
  • Likeable
  • Caring
  • BUT blunt and dead honest
  • Lead meme

If you want to see his serious side, watch the making of “Jackpot” <- it’s actually a nice video to get to know them

TAEIL - Lee Taeil

  • The oldest member who just happens to suffer from baby face syndrome (I know the feels)
  • A very dorky member, he has a special charm to him and he can get flustered quite easily
  • He is warmhearted, cute and sweet
  • He’s like honey but sometimes a bit bitter, you know
  • Every member loves to smooch and bother him
  • He has his little crazy moments, he likes to have fun
  • But he loves them too~
  • He’s like the baby of the group, how is he the eldest

Come and die watching this cute compilation, and have something sweet for bitter days /HERE/

B-BOMB - Lee Minhyuk

  • The sexy member
  • Has a nice butt and he knows it
  • He’s a bit awkward and evil
  • My bias wrecker *cough*
  • Mispronounced ‘dimples’ for something extremely inappropriate, I could send a gif but most will probably know what I’m talking about
  • He is a great dancer
  • How many times will I write ‘dorky’ in this post… Block B is all dorky so that’s a problem
  • He never can’t do something, and when he can’t - he can
  • He wants to be influential to people (He’s failing but let’s overlook that)
  • Loves bothering Jaehyo
  • Sexy
  • Awkward
  • Evil
  • But weirdly caring and loves to share kisses
  • Dork
  • Sexy meme

Watch him be evil /HERE/

P.O - Pyo Jihoon

  • ShaMeLEss
  • The youngest but he’s such a freaking boyfriend material
  • He’s a walking angel
  • Like he literally couldn’t stand watching another member clean up everyone’s mess (the loser had to clean up) and he ran back to help him, such a freaking sweetheart
  • He felt like Mino was better suited for Block B and also felt as if he stole his place, this boy gives me feels
  • Extremely derpy
  • Has a good fashion sense… usually
  • He was quite awkward for a long time, but he warmed up to cameras and fans
  • Will give you second hand embarrassment
  • He let a fan touch his eyebrows, this pumpkin >w<
  • Stanning him will bring you happiness and riches
  • Shameless
  • Sweetheart
  • Caring
  • Helpful
  • Awkward sometimes
  • Baby meme

Watch him help Jaehyo clean to have a nicer life!

U-KWON - Kim Yukwon

  • Mood maker of Block B
  • Shining bright like the sun
  • Always messes up something, but he’s pure perfection so don’t mind it
  • Cheerful and dorky (of course)
  • Loves to see people smile
  • Knows the ‘lyrics’(?) to Ievan Polkka
  • He is supposedly very innocent according to the members but I’m not that convinced
  • He’s random. He accidentally made a word ‘beup’ and used it as a meme in conversations and gave it a defiition. Tsk tsk
  • He is also awkward. Welp
  • But he always makes people around feel more at ease and it’s a truly beautiful trait!

Have a very fun day with this stuck in your head

JAEHYO - Ahn Jaehyo

  • Hates receiving affection from other members. They disgust him (What a loving guy)
  • He has a prince disease (In love with his own looks, very confident)
  • Loves Pikachu and especially his Pikachu onesie
  • He’s the diva of the group. He’s sassy and the failure of others amuses him
  • But also helped a few (two?) other idols get into the kpop industry, so he’s quite helpful!
  • He gets flustered quite easily, but he will never shy away from admitting he has godly looks
  • He has a dorky (omfg can I stop) side to him too. He’s cute and weirdly charming in his own way
  • Yes, he is my bias fml (it’s funny cause he’s not even my type wtf)
  • Members + Affection = NO
  • confident
  • Sassy
  • Helpful
  • Easily flustered
  • Charming
  • Handsome meme

Watch Jaehyo be violated by everyone

KYUNG - Park Kyung (A.K.A. Cucumber)

  • Can’t control his face
  • Produced all the Block B albums with Zico
  • He’s a mess
  • The derpiest of them all
  • I can’t really tell for sure, but wasn’t he like the most perverted member as well? Let’s give him that
  • His smile is contagious
  • His laugh is contagious
  • His voice is freaking beautiful
  • He’s one of the smartest people living, he may not look like it but that boy has a higher IQ than I could ever imagine

And proceed with /THIS/
Then finish off softly with cute little smirk when reminded that he’s the only one who saw Zico shower /THIS/


  • This group took a huge part of my childhood
  • My info may be old
  • But I’m sure it’s still relevant
  • Love these guys, because they need and deserve it

Block B is:

~ Maya signing off

i’m so excited b/c not only will my gf get to go to a beach, for the first time & see the ocean, for the first time, it’ll also be s/t we do together… a moment we share together.. technically many moments b/c we’ll be there for like a week, but! y'know! i’m happy. in general but also specifically for her/b/c she’ll get to experience the sea 🐬⛵🍹🌊🐚🐠✨

Saw that everyone was sharing their ml zine piece, so thought I’d share mine too! This was from the summer for a charity zine that sadly didn’t happen. I’m still p proud of this piece as A) I’ve never done a zine before & B) I had never made a full-blown background before ovo;; Also Happy New Year’s Eve from the US!!!


I colored in this post which is Hamilton Ladies + my headcanons for the other women. Modern AU for an excuse to draw them all in modern clothing. Headcanons under the cut:

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

dating darry headcannons?

!!! ;))

dating darry hcs

  • he’s def one to gush over u in front of the gang
    • and then steve or pony tellin u guys to get a frickin room
    • and soda getting trIGGERED cause pony is sassing darry
    • but darry doesn’t even respond he just laughs
    • “put a sock in it”
    • and pony and soda r relieved
  • you’re literally always @ the Curtises’ and ur a helpful lil nugget around the house & with his brothers
    • you’re gr8 w the younger curtis bros like yall are homies
    • he can b a real buzzkill but he 1000% lightens up when ur around
    • soda and pony are v thankful
    • not only bc they can get away with a ton of shit but bc they see darry lighten up and b a happy lil bean!!!
  • in order to look strong for the kiddos, darry is actually just fakin it till he makes it 
    • & you’re the one who he really breaks down to when the going gets real rough
    • you’re always telling him to lighten up and take it easy bc he stays overworkin himself
  • darry dead loves the way u know exACTLY how he likes his coffee
  • and literally everYONE knows not to mess with u
    • like even dally doesn’t try shit cause he kn o w s
  • everyone also knows that if darry is driving, u will always ride shotgun, no questions asked
    • alwAYS i say
  • tbh yall dont have “sex”, yall make love
  • darry is suCh a sweetheart!!!1
    • eskimo kisses
    • nose kisses
    • forehead kisses
    • v passionate & slow kisses
    • kisses in general
    • omg AW
  • sleepin next to darry is a dream and sometimes a nightmare bc he likes his space and is just overall an unpredictable sleeper
    • like sometimes his snores are v soft and oml its so cute
    • but sometimes they’re louD AND VIOLENT and u will not sleep
  • always wanting to take u out to fancier restaurants and stuff
    • he’ll set aside cash, if he can, just to spend on taking u out
    • u cant argue w him about this
    • if he said he’s taking u out, he’s takin u out homie
    • but he’s automatically turned on when you get assertive ;)
  • you two are partners in crime dont get me started
    • normally he’ll leave soda and pony alone but when ur around…….get ready 4 some pranks
    • and 9/10 times it’s the other way around, like darry would get his ass pranked but my man is stressed so pranking the gang w his wonderful lover is a relief
  • in the summertime, when darry has off, there will b waterballoon fights at least once a week
    • “listen here. if one of you break a damn window, so heLP ME GOD, i will break you
    • it gets wild but darry makes sure it doesnt get too wild
  • he’s always reminding u how much he loves u
    • and if he doesnt outright say “i love you”, he’s always reminding u to put on your seatbelt 
    • or to take an umbrella 
    • or he’s always asking if u want a bite of whatever he’s eating 
    • or he’ll bring u one of ur fav sweets bc 
    • “i saw this and i thought of u!! i know it’s your favorite!”
Romantic Frustration | Doyoung

Jaehyun ver. | Doyoung ver.

Originally posted by nctinfo

  • Oaky,, doyoung,,
  • here I’m so soft for him I’m about to get giddy af
  • Alright I feel like he would be a big spooner in the sense that he loves spooning duh@me
  • we’ve seen how he is w the other members nd melted nd seen just how closely he holds them right
  • he’d love just spooning esp in a bed bc soft duvet nd soft warmth nd bc he gets to wrap his arms tight around u
  • pulling u as close to his chest as he could
  • he’d rly love the feeling of having u so close bc tht way he can make sure ur a-oaky at all times u kno
  • anyways he’d also b rly into nuzzling into ur neck/side of ur face area
  • tbh he would find comfort in the smell of ur shampoo or body wash or whatever
  • plus it was gave him access to placing super soft kisses to ur neck/jaw/cheek
  • LTHOugh when he did that it would make both of u super giddy hehe
  • like after he did it he’d smile rly big nd hide behind u again nd maybe press a kiss to ur shoulder
  • but like he’d absolutely lvoe it bc u were in a relationship !!! he could do it !!! u kno
  • he felt pride tht no one else was able to do tht bc u were together nd awww sappi doyoung w out the actual sap :’)))
  • Yo if u hadn’t seen each other in a while just kNo tht u will b cuddling facing each other
  • it’d b way more intimate nd promotes cosy talking which he’d b all for
  • bc wow he loves hearing u talk nd listening to what u say
  • he rly values ur opinions nd words oaky
  • he rly appreciates getting to talk to someone other than the members
  • even tho he loves them lots it’s just nice knowing another person cares
  • plus he’d find it supppppeeeeeerrr cute seeing u look up w big eyes tht r just filled w l o v e nd it’s all 4 him!!!
  • He’d feel so lucky awww bless :’)’)’)
  • nd also if u wanted 2 lean up 2 give him a peck on the lips or cheek or smwhere
  • ud place ur hands on his shoulders for a lil bit of leaverAge or support or whatever
  • nd he’d rly like feeling ur tiny hands against his broad shoulders
  • ((this would also apply if u were hugging while standing like he did w his baby donghyuck awww)))
  • wow I’m making doyoung out to b a big ol sappi softy nd he is don’t get me wrong but he’s alsO 28474637272727% NOT OAKY THIS LAD IS JUST AS NASTIEE AS JAEHYUN BUT HE HIDES IT LIKE THE SNEKE HE IS
  • I’m gon try not go 2 hard here bc boi I don’t have time 4 these emotions!!!1!1!!
  • Oaky so kissing doyoung hehe I’m getting giddy as all h*ck wld most likely happen in bed at night just before slep oaky so
  • rite the way I imagine this goin down wld be yous 2 having ur wee chit chat u kno
  • #justslepythings
  • it’s a nightly occurrence
  • so anYways it’s gonna happen 1 of 2 ways
  • the 1st way wld b like if he’s leaning over u but not rly over u
  • nd there wld be a slight lull in the convo
  • nd ud jus b lookin @ each other bc wow beauty
  • nd u wld c that look like his big eyes wld b sparkly as h*ck nd u wld knoooo
  • so anyway he’d lean down lowkey hesitantly bc he is still r shy wee bunni but he’d do it nonetheless
  • nd he wld just slot ur lips together sO S O F T L Y like,
  • there wld hardly be any pressure
  • but tht wld make u want more
  • so ud lean up into it
  • tht’s how he knos he got the rite away
  • nd he wld lower u back down properly, ur hands going around his neck 2 bring him impossibly closer
  • nd then,,
  • out it comes.
  • Dotongue.
  • It makes n appearance.
  • Now lemme tell u,,
  • Doyoung knos e xactly what 2 do w his tongue
  • idk where he learnt it but dam tht thing has the ability to make u shiver in delight @ just the smallest of touches
  • even tho doyoung’s got quite small lips they r,,, hold up in get ing emo,,,, they’re so utterly beautiful nd so amazing @ kissing it hurts it don’t actually it’s just rly attractive nd has the ability to make u melt nd fall against/into him
  • nd the fact tht he’s hovering over u gives him tht lil bit o control tht he loves having nd tht u love him having hehe
  • bc he can just move to ur jaw nd neck @ any point
  • he doesn’t seem like the type to b super into hickeys but for some reason I c him having a thing for ears nd ear lobes??????
  • Don’t ask me y but I think nibbling gently on ur ear lobe wld be a major turn on 4 him hehehe
  • Oaky so the other way i c this going wld b u climbing onto his lap nd just goign 4 it
  • like laddddddddddd
  • he’d love it sm nd find it rly attractive just having u in his lap w his warm hands on ur waist //oboihishands//
  • but he wld also b super giggly bc c’mon it’s doyoung he is a shy wee thing it’s just surrounding his #nastieee u kno
  • rite so idk y but I feel doyoung wld rly like skin to skin contact
  • like Ik the look he gave taeil when he said he’d prefer linking arms bc more touching but nono,
  • this is different,
  • this is just u nd him
  • but like I think he’d rly love his hand resting on ur hip or waist or lower back just lazily trailing his hand over ur skin or gently squeezing it whenever either of u moan softly into the othertbh making out w doyoung wld b pure bliss nd I’m getting emo bc I think abt this daily whOOpS
  • also doyoung wld love 4 u to gently suck on his neck
  • like not hard enough 2 leave a mark but u kno,, tbh maybe I just wanna do this his neck,,is so h*cking beautiful I’m crine
  • plus by sitting on his lap ur in control of the gridningheheheheheh
  • He’d give those sorta lingering kisses where he’d keep leaning in nd softly pressing his lips to urs but in a really playful manner
  • nd it’d b super cute but he’d be shy as all heck!!!!
  • his Lips would b so soft nd warm u wld melt nd try to get impossibly closer to him oaky like u kno
  • yo his kisses,
  • (((esp makeouts)),
  • would last supppppeeeeerrrrrrrr long too,
  • like neither of u could get through the day without at least 45-1 hour of making out,
  • nd then both ur lips would b swollen as h*ck nd breathing heavily,
  • like makeout sessions w doyoung aren’t always gonna lead on to anything else,,,
  • they’re jus gonna b really nice nd enjoyable for u both
  • djdjdhehebsisjdbdofj
  • basically his aim is to get ur lips all red nd swollen from kissing
  • oaky he finds it supperrrr attractive ndjfhrrhdh
  • Yoyoyoyoyoyo tho none of the other members kno he’s this way
  • like the most he’ll do in front of them is hug u
  • nd give u those big gummie smiles we all love Sm :’)))))
  • nd tbh u found this more attractive nd loving bc he only shares tht side w u
  • nd only u kno how wildt he is in bedt nd dammmmm
  • I’m gonnstop bc ladS I lovE DOYOUNG SO MUCH 💖💖💖

Hehe happy birthday you time bug. Paradox and I just wanted to wish you and your friends a happy b-day

also thanks perf for making such an awesome AU



Thank you so much! and thank you for the kind words! Q///w///Q

anonymous asked:

Could you please write a jealous baekhyun like you did got jongin ? Xxx

Hiiii anonnieee <3

I don’t know whether this will become a thing, idk if you guys like them I will continue to do them? they’re quick and easy for me to write!

  • he’ll be s a l t y with a capital ‘s’
  • i think he’d sulk and give you the major silence treatment.
  • if you hadn’t guessed, i think he’d get jealous quite easily and would be a lil’ bit of a diva.
  • all it’d take would be a guy eyeing you up or introducing himself and he’d briskly pull you aside.
  • he’d think about it all evening and therefore not give into speaking to you all evening.
  • ngl, you’d probably have to speak to him first to find out what the problem is.
  • at which case, you’d probably have a bit of a heated discussion as couples do, especially if it was a particularly significant thing.
  • like let’s say someone tried to get your number.
  • but it’s only bc he doesn’t want to lose you, like, he’s so happy that you’ve chosen to be with him despite every thing.
  • and he’ll apologise for being a lil’ salty about it.
  • but trust me byun baekhyun has nothing but love in his heart.
  • he would definitely make it up to you.
  • he’d be a big ol’ sweeheart the following day, beneath the cheeky and goofy baekhyun that you know and love.
  • all he needs is a lil’ bit of a reality check, a reminder that you’d never be snakey and run off for anyone else.
  • i also HIGHKEY this is an excuse to use moody b&w gifs so here ya go ya’ bunch of filth.
  • KA - CHING;)

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

jupiterhyde  asked:

What do you think of the flow chart scene? Many things Jackie says or does in season 7 seems odd and plain wrong to me. I don't like that Hyde was trying to talk about a bad time he was having and she cuts him off for sex. Doesn't sound so much like her to me. What do you think?

You know, this is curious because everyone in the fandom likes this scene. I’m not particullary fond of it, I also don’t hate it. It made me laugh the first time I saw it, but the more I see it, the more I’m with you. It’s weird for her to act like that.

We know, after years and years of characterization, that Jackie is interested in people’s feelings, more like, she’s interested in the people she loves’ feelings. And when it comes to Hyde, she kills and dies for him to open up. 

So for her to shut him up, ignoring him while he’s trying to tell her something that is bothering him, it’s pretty awful and another proof that the writting in season 7 is sloppy, bad and just terrible for the characters. It was like the warning of what was coming with season 8

What do I think? Awful writing, man. That’s not Jackie.

I believe they would so leave any reunion/party to have fun of their own, but man. So, for me it may had gone like this:

She interrumpts him with her flow chart thing, of course she does, and he gets the hint right away as we see. And once he’s more relaxed post-orgasm, she would ask him about it, and he would understand she did that to relax him.

You know how she tells him before that if he’s happy, she is too? My bet is that she would understand why he is so unhappy working at the office, and would try to assure him things will get better, but deep down will also know maybe that’s not for him, maybe she should support him in another way by telling him he should be out of there.

But there’s this– she really wanted him to meet W. B. before knowing he has money. And for me that means she wants this chance for him at having one of his bological parents to actually love him and have a family, and she sees him having this job as a chance to keep/try at a close relationship with his new found family.

Not to mention, an stable job would eventually assure him a better life and chances. He may not be rich, but as long as he can make it in a decent way, in a way he deserves, she’s happy. If she gets to be included in the deal, so be it. But ultimately, she cares first for him, even when she’s trying to hide that in the shallow mask of ‘I want to be your trophy wife’ Hyde knows it’s false.

Of course, eventually, he gets the store and is so much better. 

My favorite thing about the Pokemon Sun/Moon anime is that Jesse is on her way to having a domesticated Eldritch Horror and I can’t think of anything more appropriate to her character.

It’s no B/W, but I’m enjoying the shades of it I’m seeing. Also James is on point again with a poison type in his arsenal and I’m liking this line they’re walking between silly but threatening– it’s like the writers are taking their OS characterizations just a little more seriously, which if I’m not getting hyper-competent B/W Team Rocket back, I can be happy with this. They were always at their best when they could be a little ridiculous.