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an explanation of my personal practice

so, i thought i’d write something out to explain what i do with my religion and beliefs, since i realized a couple of things–first, that a lot of my friends are not gaelic (or otherwise celtic) polytheists and have very little idea what i’m doing with my practice, especially since there’s so much misinformation out there about the various celtic polytheisms; and second, there are a lot of things about my personal practice i’ve briefly mentioned or alluded to without ever actually explaining. so, here it is, an overview of sorts.

let’s start with the basics. i am an irish polytheist pagan and an informal practitioner of the various folk traditions often referred to as the fairy faith. i am not a reconstructionist, though i tend to get along relatively well in reconstructionist circles because of my personal emphasis on a historical grounding. i am a devotee of brigid, ogma, the mórrígan, nuada airgetlám, manannán mac lir, and donn, and i associate particularly with the wild hunt. i practice magic and occasionally refer to myself as a witch. my magic includes significant threads of urban witchcraft that borders on city worship. i am working on improving what i refer to as my bardic skillset in hopes of formally devoting myself to ogma.

all of these are detailed in more depth below. it is important to note that this is a personal post–this is about my practice and how i do things, and may not necessarily reflect (in whole or in part) the practices of any other irish polytheists. you are welcome to reblog it for personal reference if you wish, but please do not take this as either authoritative or an instructional guide.

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