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SEHUN, 2016 Melon Music Awards | cr. hunmong

this series of pics, he’s gLOWINGGGG

Lord, was he tired. Classes had just started and he was already fatigued beyond belief. Most of it didn’t even have to do with work either. Between keeping up with Anna and Claire and the spontaneous moments of grief he still felt.. well, it took a toll on him after a while. It was hard to not think about his sister whenever he looked at his godchildren. They resembled their mother so much it made his heart ache. It’s only been a few years since Jill’s passing, but weight of it was still fresh. Plus, he had a constant reminder of what had happened. Aside from adopting his sister’s children, he had his hearing deteriorate as well. Acute Acoustic Trauma is treatable to an extent, but he had been so against accepting help at the beginning that it was a bit too late for him to even try. Cochlear implants were still an option, and lord knows how that might help with the tinnitus, but he still refused. It was his own way of punishing himself because he still can’t move on from the guilt.

Sawyer’s learned to live with it, though. It certainly helped him find the passion for teaching, that’s for sure. He took every day as it came. When classes were done for the day, he packed up his things and went out to the Coffee Spoon so he could get started on looking over a few papers. At least that’s what he had planned to do before he found himself dozing off with his hand around a cup of coffee. His grip around the cup was getting looser and looser as his head started to duck down as he snoozed. The slight drop jolted him awake again, and the jerky movement caused his coffee to slosh onto some of the papers. A flew drops even flew their way onto his shirt. Not only was he bleary but he could feel his cheeks heat slightly when he noticed that someone else had seen the whole thing.


PATRICK: Emma, I’m really sorry. Look at me, please. That wasn’t about you, okay? That was about me. I’m sorry I got angry. I shouldn’t have grabbed the egg from your hand, and I shouldn’t have thrown it.
EMMA: You also shouldn’t have yelled at me. Mommy said yelling is wrong.