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I cried when I heard Liara’s voice.


I hope @paper-mario-wiki is still awake to see this because after I heard his clips of Sans and Pap mucking around with his nephew I just had to do this ;o;

Look at these presh uncles

     Deep gasp! 

“Today’s the day that the new cycle of Predacons are stated to be born.“

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Do you have any tips for writing aliens? Also I love your webcomic so much 😵😍

If you want to write Ufology lore aliens I’d recommend researching the works of Budd Hopkins, Dr. David M. Jacobs, John Mack, Barbara Lamb, Stanton Friedman, John G. Fuller, Yvonne Smith, Linda Moulton Howe and John Rhodes.

As far as writing them goes…

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I have so many salty opinions that I want to just vent about but I do try my best to not post them all too much, but sometimes certain things really test me. 

(Please forgive me for salt stuff I may end up saying in the future I promise it will always be under cuts/read mores)

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HC: Dipper is in a very, VERY lovey-dovey mood during Valentines' day. Giving Mable a HUGE bouquet of roses and lots of chocos. Same goes for the Willow and Acacia and his other female friends. But after the Twin Souls become popular he starts to dread the chances of him being summoned during Valentines in a loft looking bed room, king bed and someone who slowly starts to slip of their towel or "appropriate" clothing for this kinds of *cough* things.

The towel dropped and Dipper’s summoner lay exposed to him in all her glory; pert breasts, taut thighs, a rose tucked behind her ear…

Dipper barfed sparkles and left so hard he didn’t just ‘blip’ like usual but actually 'noped’ out of the area.

Jemma being so proud of Bobbi and wanting to how off her new bestie (read: girlfriend) to Fitz like “look she’s great, she’s a science friend and also a field agent hero, plus she saved me and she thinks I’m cool!” And Fitz at first feeling replaced but then Mack walks into the lab and Fitz’s eyes lighting up as he grabs him and just starts rambling about how great he is to Simmons like “This is Mack, he’s big and strong like a field agent and he finishes my sentences when I get too frustrated, and he’s sweet and he’s aesthetically pleasing and he helps me build things” and all the while Mack and Bobbi are looking at each other wondering when they fell for two science babbus
(and also each other shhhh let me have my ot4)


Yagami Residence - Hikarigaoka Edition

(Dat Blu-Ray quality… mmmm, it’s delicious)

And here we have the final part to our Yagami Residence studies. It’s interesting how the Yagamis managed to find an apartment in Odaiba that was almost exactly the same to their Hikarigaoka apartment.

While we never got to see the WC, we did see tiny Taichi go to the room opposite of the kitchen, so when remembering that that’s exactly where the bathroom is in their other apartment, yeah, that’s probably the bathroom. The kitchen is nearly identical to the one in Odaiba, but since we never got to see the area around the table properly, I can’t say how that looked. There is a mysterious door behind the table (marked with a question mark). It would probably take to either a closet or the parents’ room, considdering the proportions of the apartment I feel like it shouldn’t have much space for a big room?

On the opposite side of the dining area we have the living room, which is quite different from their Odaiba apartment. It’s quite small, and there may or may not be a table with a fishtank on it. On the opposite side of the entrance door is a tiny wall with two doors. The one on the left takes to Susumu’s study. Unlike in OWG, there’s no mystery door to a possible parent’s room though, but other than that, it looks fairly similar to its OWG counterpart.

Finally we have Hikari and Taichi’s bedroom, which is tiny and adorable, and looks highly different from the Odaiba one. Cute sidenote: looks like Taichi had to give Hikari the top bunk when he got older, as here he was sleeping on the top one and Hikari on the bottom one (probably also because she’s just a babbu). Also, the two had a cute pen-shaped hanger.

(IDK about the balcony, like it should be there but there seems to be no doors to it, unless there is a parents’ room that could take to it??)

“Nyoom nyoom, nyoom nyoom nyoom!”
“Mm-hm, then what happened?”
“Nyoom nyoom nyoom nyoom. Nyoom nyoom!”
“Is that so?”

Commission for youobviouslyloveoctavia (Originally it was supposed to be just Femscram but I decided to throw in a Scramjet too!)


Happy New Year everyone!!! :DDDDD

I wish you all a FANTASTIC 2016! Let’s hope it’s filled with very, very good times surrounded by loved ones and that we all make some wonderful memories!! and that we actually stick by our resolutions ;D

I’ve just come back from my road trip and it was super fun! I saw some really beautiful scenery that’ll be my inspiration for some pictures I’ll be rendering hurhur particularly for Reapertale MWAHAHA. I’m super tired though, so I might take a break and reply to messages and such after a day or two of rest/carefree drawing :’)

Hope everyone has a good holiday, and stay safe! <3