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what nightmares fear, a soriku fic

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All was well.

That’s what King Mickey told them: All was well. They could all go home and live their lives. Terra, Ventus, and Aqua returned to the newly restored Land of Departure; Lea, Roxas, and Xion made their ways back to Twilight Town. The Radiant Garden Restoration Committee disbanded after the world restored itself entirely (along with the aid of Merlin’s magic). And Sora, Riku, and Kairi bade farewell to their friends before finally, finally going back to their islands.

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It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.

I’ve finished it! Zelda end up getting a bit weird (I don’t know why), but I guess it’s fine.

I didn’t expect this eye piece to get quite populair! And a big thank you and welcome to the people who suddenly followed me! I’ve been losing some followers lately so I got a bit discouraged. But all the lovely comments and notes that I got made me happy! :)


“Bill. We love you, truly. So much. But nobody, and I say this with all the compassion and truth in my heart — nobody will ever publish this.
Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, dir. Angela Robinson (2017)