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Books That Changed My Life: The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

Contributed by Ashley Woodfolk, Marketing Manager, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group

Dear Nicola,

I have been a lover of reading for my entire life. I started reading before I was five, and I never stopped. And yet, I have never written a letter to an author besides once, when I was ten, for a school assignment.

But dear Nicola. I had to write to you.

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HEY GUYS ! I’ve done my Book 2016, that I presented at the oral test for “Gobelins l’Ecole de l’Image”. 

You can find it here :

(There is also a permanant link just under my description up here on this tumblr ! Thank you again for all your support and your kind words, it means a lot ! 

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gone with the wind has AWFUL racial and sexual politics but still manages to be kind of awesome if you can see through all of that. also has the Worst Man of all Time in it, Ashley Wilkes

Yes, I know that gone with the wind is super racist and sexist, but isn’t this just how things were back then in the states ? i mean, i wouldn’t read it if it was about now days, but back then it seems only reliable to me. painting history in the south back then as if there wasn’t racism and sexism will be just… a lie?