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So Construction Rick with a gut is a thing, sooo I drew him with a lumberjack Stan because boys in plaid need each other

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Aaah, Rick in A3 would be perfect xDDDD (still for the clothes meme.... I'm sorry, I can't get enough of your art :,3 )

HONESTLY a dressy Rick just for you for bein so nice ; w ; !

sanvers holes au where alex is kissin’ kate barlow and maggie is ‘i can fix that’ sam and their love is forbidden bc THEYRE LESBIANS. max lord is trout walker and he kills maggie and alex goes fuckin rogue and murders all men everywhere and steals their valuables

Better Training or Better Marketing? Part 5

As always, the disclaimer: these posts aren’t to say that any one product is “bad” or “good”, merely to discuss the reason why these tools work and how “gentle” and “positive” training claims are mostly marketing and psuedoscience. For legal reasons, I have not been paid by any company to promote or discourage the use of these products on my blog. I own a fair few of these devices and have either used them on my dogs or have recommended them to clients.

This particular post is not necessarily about various companies’ products, but more on the different designs of back clip harnesses. Because almost every collar and leash company utilizes the same or incredibly similar designs for harness, the specific companies are significantly less important in this case than the actual designs themselves. For specialty harnesses, such as the Ruffwear Webmaster and the JuliusK9, where some other companies have similar designs but the design itself is popularized by one specific company, the name will still be mentioned.

First on our list is, in fact, the Julius-K9 design, which has a relatively large following especially with protection and service dogs. Chosen frequently for its easy-to-attach design, the back handle, and the velcro sides, the harness has been emulated, copied, and frequently outright stolen by other companies that are looking to cash in on the market. The particular design here should be touched on first- the front strap is not frequently buckled but is typically either velcro or hard-sewn to the back plate. The front strap is also where the bulk of the weight and strength of the animal wearing it is centered, making this both an intelligent design choice… and a poorly thought-out one. Using velcro on a strap that takes the bulk of momentum and force is something I have a hard time trusting unless the velcro is military grade and proven to be able to hold thousands of pounds moving at high speeds- and most of harnesses designed like this is simple standard velcro. While more trustworthy, the choice to hard-sew it to the back plate is also somewhat problematic, because most have an adjustible slider and the force of a dog pushing hard against the strap will slowly losen the slider over time, resulting in the owner having to continually fix the fit or risk their dog getting loose.

Additionally, but not limited to the Julius-K9 or knockoffs, this particular strap arrangement is called an H-front harness. H-front harnesses are more likely to produce shoulder injuries, altered gait, and choking as the dog pulls into it- a flaw already pointed out in a different H-front design such as the EZ-Walk. This is not ideal, as the point of a harness is to alleviate stress on the joints and not to exasterbate them. Additionally, because many service dog owners use this type of design for mobility or guide work, where the dog is supposed to lean into the pressure against their chest, there have been many complaints over the years of dogs suddenly developing lameness, a lack of willingness to work, and other signs of discomfort associated with the harness design. This is commonly seen in not only the specific harness shown but also in other popular “service dog” harness makers such as BLD, Bridgeport, and others without modifying the original design to be a Y front with breastplate. Similarly, many people involved in bitework use similar H-front harnesses for their agitation work, and many eventually switch away from H-fronts for the same reason, as the dog is encouraged to lunge and jump into the pressure on the chest.

Overall, this type of harness seems to be relatively easy for a dog to accept wearing, and is very convenient for working dogs due to ease of use and the included velcro. However, it’s better for that either do not pull or who are not walked with the leash attached to the harness, due to the H-front being known to cause injuries and other medical issues with use over time. An organization-trained service dog I saw yesterday had a Julius-K9 knock-off with added patches on, but was walked loose leash via a Halti. This would be an ideal way to use any H-front harness, to alleviate pressure on joints not meant to take it.

A way to get around the problem of the H-front design is to add a strap leading from the front strap to the chest strap, between the legs. Now the force of pressure is being spread across the sternum and is off the shoulders, which decreases complaints of shoulder injuries exponentially. However, there are two poor design choices with this particular style. First; due to the lack of back plate, the chest strap’s placement creates a bit of a “pinch” effect, and digs under the armpit and elbow. In a dog that frequently pulls, this will create a high chance of rub burns and wear marks in the armpits. Additionally, also because of the loss of back plate, the buckle and D-rings for the leash attachment are both placed between the shoulderblades, which is uncomfortable and could create torsion in the valley of the shoulderblades with unfortunate placement along the vertebrae as well.

As an aside, while a strap between the legs is a good idea to help transfer energy off the shoulderblades, a thin point of contact will always have higher chance of injury than a wide one. A breastplate would be more ideal than a strap, in this case.

Again, perhaps a good design for a thin-legged dog without a deep chest, that does not pull on leash at all, but not truly meant for a dog that leans into leash pressure.

What some companies do to combat this is to craft the entire harness as a mesh vest, so the entire thing is a breastplate with webbing. This does not address the problem of the pressure on the shoulderblades, and only sometimes cuts down on elbow rubbing, but it does widen the point-of-contact on the chest to allow the dog less chance of injury while pulling forward.

Alternatively, some companies instead have a solid Y-front design, minus breastplate, with a backstrap to place the back D-ring further down the spine to the middle or bottom of the ribcage. This allows the dog to have far less chance of rub wounds in the armpits, and takes pressure off the delicate shoulderblades and vertebrae in-between, but again without a breastplate the point of contact on the chest can contribute to injury if the dog pulls hard into the harness. Additionally, harnesses like this can in fact ride up, creating a choking sensation as the dog pulls because the harness pushes on the esophagus and trachea at the base of the neck.

A better fix is this particular design, seen here with two very different harnesses. One is made of cloth and nylon, the other is made of leather wih sheepskin padding. Both accomplish the same goal, a design comfortable enough for the dog to pull into without injury or feeling pinched or burned by moving parts, that keeps pressure off the shoulders and shoulderblades and spine to instead allow the strongest part of the dog to take the brunt of the force and momentum. My personal experience is that the leather lasts longer and stands up better to larger dogs, but that may simply be quality of materials, as my nylon/cloth harnesses I’ve bought and recommended have been fairly cheap at big box stores and my leather harnesses bought/recommended have been $100+ from specialty leatherworkers that make their living making high quality harnesses for sport or working dogs.

The Ruffwear Webmaster and harness designs like it are effectively one of the above harnesses (it’s hard to see in this picture, but the harness is Y-front with a beastplate) with a longer back plate and a third strap placed just behind the ribcage. It works the same as the above, but makes things a little harder to escape, which is great for escape artist dogs that have figured out how to squirm out of other harness types. The back handle is specifically placed to allow the owner to lift the dog up a steep hill or tall jump or similar with minimal injury to the rest of the body, though the true best design for such harnesses are the type you see on dogs being carried in a holster like a gun in military avenues or that you see on SAR dogs being air-lifted to a location. Those harnesses are typically encasing the entire underside of the dog’s body with the legs poking out of the bottom, and are typically not worn except to specifically carry or air-lift the dog safely. The third strap’s placement can be a little unfortunate for short-backed male dogs as some are short enough to rub or squeeze the male’s sheathe, and I’ve heard some dogs with very deep or barrel chests can have some difficulties finding a fit that works for them, so buyer beware.

That’s about it for harness designs- most on the market are variations of the above with very slight differences. Again, this is not specifically to say that one harness design is good or bad, or safe vs unsafe, but to say that different designs have different drawbacks and benefits and such must be considered carefully if one wishes to avoid the greatest risk with their specific dog. Keep in mind that as a general rule, back-cliping harnesses are not a good teaching tool for dogs over 40lbs, as they all allow a dog to put their full strength into pulling on leash and injuries to the owner can be very devastating if a dog pulls the owner off their feet. If the dog is intended to pull on leash while walking, then training to show the dog just how much strength is acceptable is needed so the dog does not end up dragging the owner.

Additionally, this post is only on walking harnesses. There are also joring and weight pull and carting harnesses out there, again with many different designs to suit many different purposes, so they have not been reviewed here. These posts are intended to be on walking devices only, and so harnesses for other uses have not been included intentionally.

What I love when in a lee mood:

When the tickler does the whole “Gitchy gitchy goo!” thing. That just makes me want the tickles even more. As well as when the ler uses their nails to tease the ticklish spots—mainly the tummy.

God, just thinking about it actually kinda puts me in a lee mood… *Winkwink*

Of course, my lovely anon! Thank you so much for your request and I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!


  • Hibari gives new meaning to the words ‘the female of the species is more deadly than the male’. She’s ruthless and brutal when she fights and she doesn’t hesitate to kick ass whenever she needs to. Her control of Nami Middle and the town itself will not change, female or male.
  • She hates being mistaken as a couple with Kusakabe and woe behold anyone who makes that mistake. Just because they are a male and a female talking does not make them a couple.
  • She also tends to wear short shorts under her uniform to avoid perverts sneaking peeks at her panties when she fights.
  • She cannot walk in high heels. The things are a stupid invention to her and useless. She prefers to wear basic black flats with good support.
  • Makeup helps her feel powerful and is an expert with eyeliner. She always has a perfect manicure.


  • Fon’s, while moderately endowed, goes braless. Boob sweat is a small price to pay for the comfort of not having to strap yourself into a bra.
  • She also doesn’t shave her armpits or legs, though she grows little hair to begin with. She doesn’t get the big deal with hair - it’s on everyone’s body and demanding that women remove it to be aesthetically more pleasing doesn’t make sense to her.
  • She loves dresses or loose clothing - it’s very free and easy for her.
  • She has extravagantly long hair that she normally keeps in a braid but takes very good care of. It’s her pride and joy.
  • She went through a ‘not like other girls’ phase when she was a teenage where she tried too hard to be edgy and bragged about how she wasn’t like other girls.


  • Xanxus loves push up bras and cleavage and is another character who would be guilty of often playing with their boobs because god, are they soft and great and fun to watch bounce.
  • She will drink men twice her size under the table and laugh about it.
  • She loves red lipstick and dramatic eyeliner, black motorcycle boots and leather.
  • She has the most godawful periods and becomes dramatically moody during that time of the month.
  • She’s always in that ‘not like other girls’ phase - she isn’t like other girls after all. In her mind, she’s far superior. But then, she’s far superior to all males in her mind too - she’s just better than everyone else.
  • She smokes like a chimney and curses like a sailor because they’re things that ‘nice girls’ don’t do. She’ll be offended after being called a lady.
Night With Prompto (Prompto/Reader)

A/N: Final Fantasy XV (Prompto/reader, lee reader) -  24. “And why exactly is ‘tickle torture tools story’ in your search history?” - So yeah I know I told you guys I wouldn’t post anything because I’d be absent this weekend which is true, I’m only home late night and that time is reserved for playing FFXV.

But after getting lost for hours and accidentally teleporting myself out of fcking Costlemark Tower THREE TIMES and it was morning outside again and I had to wait again to enter and I was so excited to meet the monster there…. I ended up like fuck okay I’ll do this later. Fic writing time! So yeah just to stay in the FF mood, here’s the prompto prompt. Get it, huehue. Prompto. Prompt. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Summary: You, yes lucky reader you, are Prompto’s lover and for the first time you’re camping with the guys. Just camping. Then why do you end up getting tickled to death…? (short note: I always try to write my reader fic non-gender focused so I hope it will be enjoyable for everyone^^)

Word Count: 1810

“Is it okay? Are you cold?” Prompto asked, and you shook your head and snuggled closer against him. You blushed at the closeness. This wasn’t the first time you shared a bed with Prompto, but… inside a tent and sharing a sleeping bag, you felt closer to him than ever.

Outside you could hear the noises of battle cries and clinging swords; Noctis, Ignis and Gladio were having some intense training session so you and Prompto already pulled yourselves back inside the tent to sleep early.

“Is it always like this?” you asked, and Prompto who was lying beside you, playing some King’s Knight on his phone looked up for a moment. He then looked back at his phone.

“Them? Yeah. Nights and nights long. Sometimes I join them.” Prompto nodded, and you smiled.

“You can go too if you want,” you said, and you noticed a cute smile on his face as he kept playing the game.

“Naaah. It’s the first time you’re actually with us while camping. It’s something different than a hotel bed right? Isn’t it niiice?” Prompto wiggled a little like a worm in the sleeping bag and you laughed.

“Yeah very nice. Also – EEhep!” you suddenly squeaked and you tensed up completely.

“What? What?!” Prompto put away his phone and panicked together with you.

“A bug! A buuuug!” Both of you started to struggle in the sleeping bag and you choked on a sudden giggle when you felt a light tickle under your shirt.

“Hehehelp – hehehe waha get it out!” you laughed, squirming and trying to writhe free, but the sleeping bag was pretty tight, and Prompto was useless.

“Phew got it!” you sighed when you finally managed to catch the tiny thing with lots of effort, and you took it out.

“You squished it,” Prompto said, studying the dead ant in your hand with the light of his phone.

“By accident. This thing was under my shirt! I thought you hated bugs too?” you said, throwing the dead body to the side, and Prompto nodded.

“Ants are fine, I hate the big ones. It’s camping life, sadly,” he said as he paid attention to his phone again, but you noticed it wasn’t King’s Knight he was playing. You rolled closer to him again after calming down a little from the incident, haha, bug-cident, and you leaned your head against his shoulder so you could take a look at his phone as well.

“Prompto…” you mumbled as you stared at the little screen.

“Yes?” Prompto tapped ‘search’ and you suddenly felt very awkward. Two things: Prompto was typing in ‘ticklish places top ten’ and actually googling it. Yes, no lies here. But another thing that caught your eye was Google’s auto-fill based on search history that showed something worse.

“And why exactly is ‘tickle torture tools story’ in your search history?” you asked. Saying nothing after seeing this was definitely even more awkward, so you decided to just directly ask him right now.

“Oh,” Prompto said, not even the slightest bit awkward as one should be in a case like this since you just caught him red handed with his weird Google search history.

“It is my interest. I’d like to be a pro-tickler,” he said casually, and you gulped. What. Pro… tickler?

“Okay…” Loss of words, kinda. You noticed how you automatically moved a little further away from him as much as the sleeping bag allowed you to.

“And… why are you googling about tickling right now?” you asked carefully. Your entire body tingled when you had to say the word again. Prompto looked up at you, the light of his phone glowing on his face, and that smirk… A shiver ran down your spine and you caught your breath.

“I just heard you giggle when that bug was on you. I must admit I’m kinda triggered?” Oh heavens. 

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Hey idk if you're still doing these but daisuga for the ask meme?

Originally posted by elie-df

Yes YES one of the few Haikyuu pairings (with KageHina) I can write on!! Love these two, he he he~ Ok, let’s go!

1. Who is more of a ler and who is more of a lee?

No determined roles; they do both! Each having their specificities~ Lee!Suga is an adorable cupcake ok, he giggles and squeals a lot, scrunches his nose, flails and curls up on himself and does all those cute little lee things that melts Daichi’s heart <3. Ler!Suga… is THE DEVIL INCARNATE holy freaking llama! He’s relentless, and most of all he will never stop teasing his victim about how ticklish they are and how it must be hell for them, like damn him, seriously. Don’t end up at his mercy, because he. has. none. Run for your life, Daichi, run…!
Said captain, on the other hand, is the gentlest ler. He doesn’t really get verbal teasing, but he’s all feather-like touches, low humming and loving smile, which makes Suga a blushing mess before the real fun even starts lol. He also give the most perfect hugs and massages after~ As a lee, though, it’s the exact opposite; he curses a lot, and have the loudest and most obnoxious laugh ever XD. Hence why the poor guy does not like to be tickle-ambushed in public! And also why Suga loves doing just that, huehuehue~

2. Who (pretends) they hate being tickled and who openly admits it?

Suga couldn’t be more obvious about it, I swear, that boy’s an open book. He often lies on the couch, pretend to stretch but leaves himself defenseless, arms up his head and all, as he gives Daichi that tiniest smile and goes “… tickle me?”. Who could resist that? Certainly not the Karasuno captain! The truth is, Suga loves tickles for more than the feeling of euphoria itself. He’s always going out of his way to help the younger players, all day, so when he gets back home he likes receiving attentions. Doing nothing and having Daichi take care of him. That makes him feel loved like nothing else does.
With Daichi, things are… a tad bit more complicated? He doesn’t hate it, no really – or at least not when he doesn’t have an audience for his humiliating laughter X3. But he’s not a huge fan either. Let’s say he deals with it, nothing more, nothing less.

3. Who prefers gentle tickles and who prefers getting Totally WreckedTM?

Gentle tickles for Daichi please, or else say goodbye to your eardrums XD (and potentially balls or any other body part you hold dear because he kicks lots. And hard). Suga though? He lives for getting Wrecked, with a capital W.

4. What are each of their most ticklish spots?

Ho ho ho, poor Daichi and his sensitive thighs, yes yes yes~ All that muscle does nothing to protect him, it rather works the other way around surprisingly? Also: armpits. Combine both and RIP him. Suga says he already got him a good life insurance so he doesn’t care and does it anyway XD. In Suga’s case, all his waist area is a death spot and brings out the cutest reactions. Want real screams? Feet it is then, the poor boy’s too sensitive down there it’s not even funny!

5. Bondage? Pinned down? Tickle fights? Quick tickles in passing? What do each of them prefer?

Suga will never say no to light bondage :3. Nothing too spectacular though, just a necktie binding his wrists or something of the kind; that’s more than enough to make him feel helpless, and consequently, more ticklish~ But do not tie Daichi up or pin him down. DO. NOT. He hates it with a passion; being unable to move freely makes his chest tighten, and can get him to hyperventilate or have trouble breathing, like an anxiety attack. So no, just playful tickles for him.

6. Favorite tickle headcanons for this pair?

Consider this: Daichi, Suga, and drunken tickles. They’re teenagers, of course they have a drink or two (or more) from times to times right? But the catch is, they react veeery differently to being drunk. Suga will get all giggly and his sensitivity will skyrocket, like, you barely even have to tickle him anymore: simply hovering fingers over his skin and adding a little teasing will have him break into hysterics! The poor baby will also contradict himself a lot, being all “no no no!” one minute and “why did you stop?” the other. It does all kind of things to Daichi’s heart~ B U T drunken Daichi tho. Heavens above. A rare sight and a real experience in itself. Did I mention he sucks at verbal teasing? Well, in this particular case, you can forget that: he. will. destroy. his. lee. just with his voice. Yep. He can. And he does. He doesn’t feel the embarrassment of it, with the alcohol flooding his system. So now that you have a vague idea of how those two work when drunk… imagine the two of them drunk together. Ooooh god. A tickle monster on rampage and a willing oversensitive victim? Perfect combo. Lots of screams. Angry neighbors calling the cops. And in the end, 100% spent Suga lying on the carpet while Daichi awkwardly tries to explain that no, he wasn’t murdering someone in there. That’s one night to remember~

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there is like no renji on this blog. Can we get some bc on the type of lover he is?

Omg, you’re totally right there is absolutely NO Renji on my blog whatsoever! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Also, this sounds like a NSFW request (please correct me if I’m wrong), and I currently don’t write for those. But here are some headcanons that I found from my old blog C’:

Renji Abarai

  • Renji is a stubborn walnut when he’s sleeping, and will keep rolling over to his s/o’s side of the bed even when they have exhausted all their strength just to push him back to his side of the bed. And when the next morning comes around, he’s often left confused when he finds that his s/o has more bags than a damn Louis store under their eyes and has an angry, piercing glare directed to him all morning long.
  • He likes to annoy his s/o constantly. When they’re yawning, he fish hooks them. When they’re stretching their stomach with their arms high in the air, he’ll either poke them on the tummy or armpit. He also finds it to be so stinkin’ adorable whenever they squeal from his poke because it only makes him want to poke them even more.
  • He tells his s/o to be careful, AFTER the fact that they’ve accidentally lost balance over something. Example: when they slip on ice, he’ll say “baby be CAREFUL. It’s too slippery, you’re going too fast.” as if they intended to slip in the first place. It literally happens with everything, if they trip, or drop something. It drives them crazy.

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Hcs for Ari and Dante?? (also feel better my guy!)

did this get lost in my inbox or did you just send this i cant tell im so sorry if it got lost though lol

OK LISTEN,,, look me in the eyes and tell me ari isn’t the most ticklish loser ever. and dante can just tell by looking at him. they don’t touch each other a lot when they’re young- maybe dante finds out when he’s teaching him how to swim but never dares do it for fear of upsetting him. but once they’re together dante always tickles him bc surprise ari really loves being tickled. ari’s ticklish just about everywhere- his neck, stomach, and feet are pretty bad though. dante’s ticklish too, just significantly less, but he also likes it. his armpits, ribs, and hips are his worst spots. they are gay and love having tickle fights that end in kisses and cuddles bc they are in luv.

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Do you think it's important to stop shaving? I mean, it's stupid, but I only got used to not wearing makeup, heels, and it's been a lot harder than I imagines it would be, but shaving is like -i don't think i can give it up and i'm not sure if it's because i genuinely like it or because that what expected of women. sorry for stupid question :)

Gonna be honest, when I’m going to wear shorts or capris or a swimsuit I will shave my legs. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t mind my hairy legs peeking out between my socks and jeans, but it’s too psychologically ingrained in me. And I know exactly why.

I grew fast and hit puberty early. I have a distinct memory of sitting with my friends on the pavement in the shade of the building in elementary school, probably around age 9 or 10, and being surrounded by some older girls who harassed me for my hairy legs. 

This was the early 90′s, and of course leg shaving was seen as a rite of passage for girls. I’m sure it still is. I was already awkward and bullied and I begged my mom to let me start shaving after that. It doesn’t help I have dark hair, I think girls and women with lighter hair can get away with it more easily as awful as that sounds.

I don’t doubt the boys who bullied me said something too, but that is just the incident I remember distinctly. I guess it was worse coming from other girls.

I’ll also shave my armpits from time to time because it just kind of gets annoying. But I also have tactile issues. 

So long story short, no, I’m not going to condemn any woman for shaving or for wearing makeup (I still use a light application of BB creme and eyeshadow myself, tho I stopped using mascara and lipstick long ago cause they’re more trouble than they’re worth.) No one should be expected to be a perfect, transcendent ideologue. That’s pretty much impossible, but personally I do my best to stay consistent as much as I can.

I think what people need to understand is that criticizing the system, criticizing sexist social norms, and criticizing the reaction to women who elect not to wear makeup isn’t something to take personally.