also armpit

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Your thoughts on butt stuff? Face stuff? Foot stuff? Shoulder stuff? Ear stuff? Navel stuff? Elbow stuff? I am a very curious and anonymous person and I must know. Also, armpit stuff.

I am open to all kinds of body stuff under the right circumstances, anonymous sir or madam.


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omg so super fluffy :O do you brush its legs? or does it clean them itsself?
such a pretty bunbun!

As a matter of fact, even though I have to brush Rowan every 1-3 days (except in his summer coat - which was a bit shorter, so it was more like once a week), at first I didn’t brush his feet. The legs and belly just got a gentle pass with the slicker brush, because he doesn’t really like having them touched, as you can see.

But sadly, this led to mats on the back of both his thighs, some of them really close to his butt, and we had to hold him down and snip them off with scissors, which he informed us was a TERRIBLE INSULT, even worse than being brushed under the chin!! So to avoid a repeat of this, I now brush the backs of his legs every few weeks, and also the little armpits by his front legs. This can be mostly done with the little plastic comb, though.

(via Watch Cim’s Vine, “Brushing  angora bunny feet #bunniesofvine”)

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One more skin tag question, 'cause why not. Are there any methods of cutting them off at home I've got a couple under my armpit and I'm so embarrassed by them because not only do I have those but my armpits are also darker so I hardly ever wear sleeveless shirts, which greatly limits what I can wear in the summer, especially when going to the beach with friends. Thanks!

Home methods carry the risk of scarring or infection, so keep that in mind. 

Alternatives include tying them off with dental floss super tight (takes days sometimes) or freezing with compound W. But it’s super quick and pretty painless for your doctor to snip them off.