also armpit

Ahoy tumblr
Ready for a better day today
Fun facts: obsessed with the carols daughter shampoos and conditioners they are amazingggg
I have real eyeliner on but you can’t see it in this pic it looks basic grrr

Went to the gym this morning and had a good workout. It was nice and quiet and I listened to Green Day the whole time 🤘🤘

Then I went to see Mary for a bikini wax (I do it year round bc why get razor bumps down there ?!?) and she also waxed my armpits for free ✅✅ always nice to see her and catch up though. It’s literally right around the corner from my house too. I also didn’t mention that a few days ago my nana fell in her retirement home, she is okay and it was actually not heart health related but more because she is just forgetting to eat and is dehydrated so they are keeping her at the hospital for a few days up in Milton, I haven’t visited bc work but I plan to call her when she gets out and send her one of her fave care packages I always make for her–she always eats the stuff I put in it! Thankfully my mom and aunts are keeping an eye on her and she seems a lot better today my mom said.

Otherwise I have just been home and hanging out until work–hoping I’m not on that mess of a floor I was on last night

Turquoise: Fusion of Lapis and Peridot.

If whoever came up with the idea for Turquoise being their fusion would like credit, message me and I’ll add your name to this and future works.

I drew this last night during D&D. It’s better than anything I’ve done in a while and I’m really proud of it! 

Her back arms face opposite her front arms and she has the markings you find on some turquoise stones. Also, she has armpit hair.