also armpit


I thought about keeping this for Mut but honestly I don’t think I’ll use it enough to really justify it (I rly love how it came out tho). It has some joint issues especially around the armpits and also some little UV issues…. BUTTT I’m not going to work on it more so take it if you want it.

it has a recolorable swatch (4 channels) and 2 with shirt designs.


also, look at muto okay

Your Diet is Making You Smell Weird

When I was 19, I had a crusty boyfriend who spontaneously decided that for health reasons, he was going to eat half a dozen or so raw garlic cloves every day. Which actually sounded kind of okay, at first; garlic is delicious and antiviral and antifungal and anti-everything-bad, and I’m generally unfazed by garlic breath if it’s emitting from someone I love. It seemed like a welcomed addition to his diet that otherwise consisted exclusively of spaghetti with hot sauce and tofu dogs. But after a week or two, he was a changed man. An insidious scent wafted not only out of his mouth, but also out of his armpits, feet, neck, and hairline. I have a distinct memory of kissing his cheek and tasting an industrial-strength aroma analogous to the bottom layer of a mid-summer New York City dumpster. He was emitting a pungent garlicky venom, 24 hours a day, seemingly from every pore (and orifice) on his body. The garlic ritual had to go; it was me or the garlic.

And so it did, eventually, but my memory of this phase, in addition to some other choice experiences, has since instilled me with a trust in the belief that “you are what you eat”—in other words, whatever you put in your mouth is going to make its way into every weird perspiration, fluid, and mucous that lives in or comes out of you. And as it turns out, we’re not imagining it.


Turquoise: Fusion of Lapis and Peridot.

If whoever came up with the idea for Turquoise being their fusion would like credit, message me and I’ll add your name to this and future works.

I drew this last night during D&D. It’s better than anything I’ve done in a while and I’m really proud of it! 

Her back arms face opposite her front arms and she has the markings you find on some turquoise stones. Also, she has armpit hair.

uhhhh ok no

yes the world is unfortunately that uncomfortable with body hair on women but the guys in this movie also have no armpit hair

and in fact animated movies and tv shows almost NEVER have hair on characters besides on their heads and especially virtually never have armpit or leg hair

and at least they gave eep (the girl) a stocky body and face that isn’t conventionally attractive

beyond this the croods is in no way a model for progressive portrayals of women in the media though lol. her story arc is pretty disappointingly standard. and everyone in this movie is white(-ish? idk definitely not brown, black, or asian) that’s a big issue too