also are these pictures legit or too private

About Kamiyan...

I got so many asks about it here on tumblr (even on my facebook, twitter and LINE (you guys know he’s not really my bias in the seiyuu fandom, right?), so I just want to talk about this since I’m actually happy that Kamiyan is married and even have a child. Because his already on his 40s so he deserves to be happy and have a family, I’m also saying this to the other seiyuus as well (just waiting for Yuukyan and MaiMai’s announcement someday hehe)

But seriously, I’m actually surprised to some fans reactions on twitter about it (especially the DGS fans that ships Kamiyan and OnoD so much), it’s okay to ship their characters and such but to ship them in real life is too far-fetch =.=

Also I remember before (around 2011) that Kamiyan is married to a manga artist, but there wasn’t any proof so that rumor tone down (too lazy to backtrack and find that news about it) but now, it seems legit. I’m just waiting for a confirmation from Kamiyan himself, since his agency’s comment was really (half-ass) useless by saying ‘We have no comment about the seiyuus private life’ -.- I do want it to be legit because he deserves to be happy and you can see it on the picture when he was carrying his kid (and imagine how much he’ll be a doting father too >w<)

So guys, let’s be happy for Kamiyan and I really bet some seiyuu ossans are married too, as long as we are here to support them!!