also apparently colour theory is a thing i have trouble with idk what this even is

Highlights + thoughts from the official character playlists


  • Run Rabbit Run by The Hoosiers:I saw a fox by the rabbit hole/ You saw a prince from a fairy tale/ He promised that he’d watch over you/ Turned out to be the fox we all knew” MAN I HOPE IT’S NOT ALLUDING TO ODIN BEING THIS ‘FOX’ SINCE HE’S OFTEN DEPICTED/ CONNECTED TO FOXES (like that official art with Ava hugging the fox plush in Odin’s colour scheme, and even his drawing of a fox in his notebook). Plus maybe it’s reaching too much but Odin also promised to watch over Ava when he was trying to convince her to come to his planet with him… it’s apparent at this point Odin and the Arrows have their own agenda that’s been theorised to be linked to the Scavengers but what is it exactlY OMG I NEED TO KNOW


  • Tainted Love by Hannah Peel: does this have to do with Maggie’s attempts going awry or could it be describing how Gil has been disillusioned with his adoration of Titan? Either way, ominous stuff for Gil. 
  • God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash: it honestly reminded me of those earlier panels in the comic when Gil is getting all righteous and defensive about Titan’s greatness against Ava and Odin, except hearing it I couldn’t help but wonder if Gil was going to at some point ally himself with Titan against the gang during the comic because of their “blasphemy”… and I think it would be hard for Gil to change his convictions about Titan, considering he’s been coveting and working towards the position as one of Titan’s Elites for a long time coming now…
  • Praise You by Fatboy Slim: basically Gil’s anthem dedicated to his Titan-senpai.


  • Adam’s Song by Blink182:idk personally this one suggested to me how Odin’s been isolated from everyone like his sisters most likely because of Pedri. Overall just made me sad for my poor bby virgin nerd lord :’( 
  • I Don’t Wanna be in Love by Dark Waves: most intriguing song featured on the playlist for me, I don’t know whether it’s just the Flaming Arrow shipper in me but it I can’t help but wonder if it’s about him and Ava in the future of the comic? “Can’t even give you love when I can’t even love myself" sounds like something from Odin’s perspective, considering his innate low self-esteem. 
  • What’s My Age Again by Blink182: a summary of what was once one of the biggest mysteries for the fandom.


  • Happy by Marina and the Diamonds: hearing this song I couldn’t help but recall how Michelle once said that Maggie was a troubled and pained character which made her into who she is. The lyrics also mention how there’s a holy ghost watching over her which finally made her happy… could it be Tuls in a way?
  • Thriller by Michael Jackson: as funny as it is, at the same time this song only further adds fuel to the fire to the theory that Maggie could potentially become a monster resulting from a failed pact (since the song and its video are basically about becoming a monster). Or maybe Maggie is just funky, like the song. 
  •  Froot by Marina and the Diamonds:basically encapsulates Maggie’s lustful nature all in one song. "You’re my one true love, I’m your destiny" just reminds me all too well of how Maggie views Gil (and most likely all the other guys she’s “fallen in love” with too in the past).

So yeah sorry for rambling it’s 4 am now... but let me know if you’ve dissected any meaning from the playlists because if there’s one thing I know about this webcomic it has hidden meaning everywhere and it’d be cool to hear what you guys think too !

EDIT 2/1/15: The playlists seem to have changed and the song mentioned in Ava’s playlist has been removed :O wonder why