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List of Gay Films with Happy Endings (as requested)

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen all of these films, so if there are some that are questionable about happy endings, my apologies. Also, I tried to find films with a good rating and a quality story.

1. Shelter (2007)

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2. North Sea Texas (2011)

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3. Beautiful Thing (1996)

4. Morgan (2012)

5. The Way He Looks (2014)

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6. Boys (2014)

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7. Weekend (2011)

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8. Summer Storm (2004)

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9. Love of Siam (2007)

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10. Latter Days (2003)

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11. Free Fall (2013)

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12. Maurice (1987)

13. Breakfast with Scot (2007)

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14. Big Eden (2000)

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15. Out in the Line-up (2014) (documentary)

Anyone looking to adopt a cat from northern Michigan? Her name is Baby Girl and she was my Grandma’s cat, but my Grandma is no longer able to care for any of her animals. She is fixed, litter trained, front declawed and indoor only. She’s very skittish and would need a lot of time and work to trust strangers, but she deserves to have a loving home. She’s being taken to a shelter Tuesday, February 7th so shoot me a message if you are interested before then and I can give you more details, otherwise I can tell you where she was taken and you can adopt her from there.

Also, I apologize for the quality of the photo, my dad’s phone camera isn’t all that great, and like I said, she’s pretty skittish around strangers.

5 reasons why I love Lenny...

…and why you should too.

Bleeder is the forgotten child of the Mads’ film fandom. So I’ve decided to embark on a one-person campaign to fix this travesty, because Lenny is a babe and so far only me and @devereauxsdisease seem to be clued in on this hidden gem of a character.

1. He spends most of his free time alone in his bedroom, watching movies

Which, let’s be honest, is pretty much the same thing all of us on here do.

2. He is so done with everyone’s shit

Lenny’s friends have a lot of, uh, issues but he’s not here for any of it.

‘Jesus Leo leave me alone’

‘I just want to watch my movie and you guys won’t shut up’

‘Yes and the problem is you guys and your mouths gdi’

‘Well, I’m double-fisting drinks at a hot dog shop so that should tell you all you need to know’

3. He is the patron saint of awkward crushes

This dollbaby cannot function around people he finds attractive. At. All. And his response to that issue? Just run away from them.

‘Oh hey, it’s the cute girl at the diner. Let’s stare at her through the window like a stalker and then run away awkwardly when she notices me.’

‘Oh hey, it’s that cute girl again, better run through traffic even though I have nothing to talk to her about, and then follow her halfway home like a dweeb’

‘No, and it’s not because I stole it after you touched it or anything weird like that, no siree.’

‘Oh hey, she’s down the street waiting for me to meet up with her, maybe I should just RUN THE FUCK AWAY’

So cute.

So well-meaning.

So unable to handle social situations.

4. He is unapologetic about his obsessions

This sweet little chickadee loves movies and never shuts up about them. Ever. If he’s having a conversation, it’s probably about horror films or his favorite actors. Oh, you’re tired of hearing about films and think Lenny should get some new interests?

Lenny dgaf.

5. He wears the hell out of a velvet blazer

Just look at this fine piece. Just look.

…Need I say more?

IN CONCLUSION: Y’all had best get over HERE and watch Bleeder so we can get more rare pair fics with this babe. And maybe even read my fics featuring him.

Jikook Fluff Week: Day 1

Domestic Sunday

This Love is Ours: Someday You’ll Take Me Away and Save the Day (Read on AO3)

A day off only comes once in a lifetime for Jimin and Jeongguk, but when it does, they make the most of it. 

I’m so excited for fluff week y’all! I can’t wait to read all this fluff! Also just wanted to thank @mintsugakookies and @confidenceatitsfinest for doing this. Immy you really are the best ^.^


Just because you are making me very sexually confused does not mean that you are intimidating!



Happy Halloween y’all !!! >:D

★Original video by Brandon Roger: [Here]
★The video was made in less than 10 hours so I apologize for the low quality art ! ;v; also I’m so mean to Genji sorry


And in this episode of Late-Night Katsucon Shenanigans: What if Tracer and Reaper switched weapons? 

(Also I apologize for the crappy quality! D: This was from someone’s snapchat and I asked them to text me the video so Sprint teamed up with the Gaylord’s shitty wifi to destroy the video’s quality before it got to my phone)

y5l  asked:

hi again! sorry if this might be bothersome, but with your interesting salad of interests, i was wondering about your level of inclination towards physics, as its something that i don't see discussed a lot -- perhaps because of its direct involvement with mathematics. are there any physics material you would recommend?

Hello! I’m quite picky with my physics materials because they can often translate into very dry reading–something I really don’t feel the need to drag myself through. So, on the back of that, I don’t have much to offer I’m afraid; what I do have is yours though.

If you’ve been through my tag directory at all, I’m sure you’re aware that I would recommend Carl Sagan’s works. Here’s a pdf.
I intended to buy this but after gawking at the price for a few heart-wrenching hours, I switched over to these. Richard Feynman has such a compelling, charismatic way of teaching. Incredible man. 
Brian Greene (pdf), Stephen Hawking (pdf) and Neil deGrasse Tyson (pdf) too. And whilst I haven’t personally read his works, we all know about Einstein (pdf). 
The Science of Interstellar by Kip Thorne (pdf), too, is something I bought a few months ago and thoroughly enjoyed. Beautiful book.

Hope that points you in the right direction. Enjoy!

yeah so i have to admit, the sizes in this blog have actually been…pretty innaccurate. So to help fix that I made a full size chart of everyone that can possibly appear + already has appeared!

Listed characters in order; Asgore (9'9"), Mettafell (9'6"), Mettaton (9'2"), Toriel (8'6"), Undyne (7'9"), Papyrus (7'10"), Underfell Papyrus(6'9"), Box Mettaton (5'3"), Box Mettafell (5'3"), Underfell Alphys (5'3"), Alphys (5'3"), Napstablook (5'3"), Sans (5'1"), Underfell Sans (5'1"), Muffet (4'9"), and Frisk (4'3").

Excluded from this is Mettafell NEO and Mettaton NEO due to them surpassing 10ft (which was the limit on this chart). Mettafell NEO would stand at roughly 20'5" while Mettaton NEO would stand at 16'4".

(Also, I apologize if Tumblr butchered the quality on this!)

when u accidentally call him daddy in front of people…………….