also another dude i love

I had to write something about Wes Weston. I think I’m in love.


Wes looked up at the white clock that hung just above the whiteboard, its second hand going slower the longer he stared at it. He needed the bell to ring and he needed it to ring now!

He needed to talk to Danny.

He’d been desperate to talk to the boy since yesterday but settled for waiting until today to do it. Of course, Danny had been late to school (probably due to him fighting ghosts or something. Wes didn’t know. He didn’t stalk the boy’s every move just because he knew he was Danny Phantom) which forced Wes to wait until the end of the school day to talk to Danny.

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Minor Villain Revamp

I just booted up DA:O for the first time and HOLY HELL I was SO annoyed with Howe’s and Uldred’s face morph I literally had to fix it before I could play

I also figured I’d share for anyone who wants it:

Arl Howe - I didn’t change much besides his nose and bring things into proportion

Here he is in the game:

(link here to download)

Uldred - I rebuilt this dude from scratch because….wow he was awful to look at

Here he is in the game (SPOILERS):

(link here to download)

Message if you’re having trouble - I didn’t use any special mods so these should be compatible with anything y’all already have

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I do not think harold x george is problematic in any way like both boys love each other platonically so i guess a lot of people just dig the bond they have. Just two guys not being afraid to hug or say "i love you" bc it wouldnt be manly and i guess thats what a lot of ppl dig abt their friendship. Romantic is also fine tho. Nothing better than dudes loving one another and tbh i think it's a cute concept! I personally don't ship them but i can safely tell u george x harold aint problematic :o

Yes thats exactly what I was thinking for the platonic ship, it’s perfect for little boys and girls to see that and know that it’s okay to say “I love you” to someone that’s not a family member without any romantic intent or hold their hand/hug eachother

Someone earlier had sent me a message that sounded very bothered by the ship, (i think they were also talking about melvin being shipped with the boys as well, they must’ve seen the picture I reblogged and saw more than just three lil boys being happy with eachother and doing cute stuff)

maybe there are shippers out there that are somehow “taking it too far.” Can’t really imagine how though, I thankfully haven’t stumbled across anything lewd.

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sometimes I remember you drew things for you idea of a second Professor Layton/Ace Attorney game and I get real sad that it isn't real until I remember who you are and therefore how terrifying that game would be

I am very pleased at this reaction but also sad because I’d love to make that game happen


today in art class my friend pointed at the drawing of karkat i was doing and said I KNOW THAT FANDOM but she couldnt figure out the name until five minutes later when she suddenly yells “HOMESTRUCK" 

she also said "that guy’s the one whos in love with another dude, i always see him drawn with that blue guy and little hearts everywhere” so i drew ‘the blue guy’ for her as well