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Do you know fics where Yuuri beats Viktor at competitions?

*screams* Anons, thank you so much for this request! This is one of my favourite AUs!! Get ready for a wild ride, because I have a lot of great fics to share! Hope you like these!

Yuuri Beats Victor at Competitions/Rivals AU

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 127k
Pretty sure everyone’s read this one… but if you haven’t, do! Rivals AU where Yuuri’s main goal, ever since he was a child, is to beat Victor and win the GPF. SO MUCH ANGST (like, so much) and deliciously hot, hot, hot! You might die from reading this… it’s that good. Thumbs up!

Stay Close To Me by jazthegr8, Teen, 18k
Viktor looked scrolled through the various tweets already calling his Grand Prix Finals loss the ‘upset of the century,’ as if he didn’t know that already. He was a five-time Grand Prix gold medalist, three of those had been consecutive. Viktor was painstakingly aware of how shocking and upsetting it was that he’d fallen to an embarrassing last place to finish this year’s finals. Role reversal where Yuuri beats Victor at the GPF and becomes Victor’s coach

Make It Good, Make It Better by Jack_R, Not Rated, 27k
It’s 2008 and it’s supposed to be Victor’s year. His short program is incredible and this year, the Grand Prix is going to be his. That’s what he thought, until Yuuri beat him. Great rivals AU!

Husband vs. Husband: Figure Skating World Championship by heartsdesire456, Teen, 13k
Friendly rivalry between husbands Victor and Yuuri! The big question on everybody’s mind is, “Who will win gold, Victor Nikiforov or Katsuki Yuuri?” Very sweet!

Never Enough by ireallyloveicecream, Mature, 35k
All Katsuki Yuuri wanted was skate on the same ice as rising star Viktor Nikforov. But when his dream comes true and they meet, his awe for him mutates into a cut-throat motivation for retaliation, sending the two of them into a rivalry that should’ve burned into the history of figure skating. Intense rivals AU!

Bear Your Soul on the Ice by SassySalchow (diedraechin), Teen, 54k
At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan’s next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. AU where young!Yuuri and young!Victor skate against each other in a friendly rivalry. LOVE!

Bedroom Warfare by RedishBlueRose Explicit, 2.1k
Victor and Yuuri’s rivalry isn’t just on the ice, it’s also in the bedroom. Quick, HOT rival AU. Yummy!

On My Love by RikoJasmine, Teen, 48k
Time travel AU where Yuuri and Victor are happy aged and married, but an accident occurs and suddenly Yuuri wakes up back in Detroit, in a time before he had even met Victor. Yuuri competes against him again, a completely different skater this time. Amazing fic!

Reaching for the Stars by LainLikesSweets, Gen, 744 words
It is time for the Grand Prix again, but will Yuuri be able to keep his calm this time and show the world his true skating? With Victor as a competitor does he even have a chance to win gold?

i know my madness by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 14k
It’s hardly a secret that Victor Nikiforov is a massive player. JUST READ THIS… you can thank me later!

dress-up - tom holland

Dress-Up - Tom Holland x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: (requested by anon) Hi i love your writing and I just saw the video that tom posted on ig with harry and haz trying on the spidey suit and so could you please write a one shot where the reader is Tom’s gf and he helps her put on the suit? A lot of fluff, cheeky comments, whatever you want haha and please dont make it too short bc ur an awesome writer! Thank u sm ❤️

a/n: this one is very good! one of my favoritesss! :) (video is on tom’s instagram)

word count: 1.1k

(Y/N) was sitting on the plane with her boyfriend Tom, his brothers and his friend Harrison (whom everyone calls Haz). She was comfortably sat in her seat and was snapping with her friend. (Y/N) kept letting out small laughs at the pictures she was sent and the chats she received, all revolving around sexual jokes and memes. (Y/N) seemed to be in her own bubble, ignoring the loud and obnoxious guys that surrounded her.

Noticing that his girlfriend was sitting alone, Tom walked over to (Y/N) and sat down. “Hey babe!” Tom spoke enthusiastically. When she didn’t answer, he poked her and repeated himself, “Babe!” (Y/N) still didn’t answer, obviously more interested in the conversation she was having, so Tom laid across her lap.

“Who are you talking too that you like more than me?” Tom asked her, taking the phone out of her hands. Ignoring her protest, Tom let out a laugh, “Wow, ‘side hoe’, really?” he pretended to be hurt, dramatically clutching his heart.”

“Don’t worry, Tommy, you’ll always be my main hoe,” (Y/N) laughed, smiling down at the boy.

Tom laughed and said, “But seriously I’m so bored! Let’s do something!”

“Well then let’s do something!” (Y/N) said, playing with Tom’s hair before the two stood up.

“But I don’t know what we should do! I mean, it’s-” Tom said before being interrupted by his brother Harry.

“Hey, Tom, did you know what Sony left the Spiderman costume here?” Harry asked.

“Really?” Tom asked, receiving a nod in return, “I think I know what we should do!”

“So,” Tom said, beginning the video, “we’re on the private plane. With the boys-”

“Hey!” (Y/N) said, interrupting Tom.

“And my lovely girlfriend,” Tom said moving so the camera showed (Y/N), who waved, “Sony forgot to take away the Spiderman costume, which is right through those curtains,” he spoke, showing the curtain behind him, “But we’re going to have a dress-up situation to see if Harry, Harrison, and (Y/N) can fit in the suit.”

While Tom was helping Harry into the Spiderman costume, (Y/N) filmed the whole thing, “You really had to do all of this just to get into the outfit?” she asked.

“Well, yeah, it did take a lot of work.” Tom said looking at her and smiling. God, she could make him smile by just looking in his direction. Her eyes and her smile made him fall in love all over again.

“Why are you staring?” (Y/N) asked.

“Why shouldn’t I stare?”

After Harrison and Harry both put on the outfit, it was (Y/N)’s turn. “I don’t want to!” (Y/N) whined, “I’ll probably not even fit!”

“C’mon babe please? Just this once? For me?” Tom asked, knowing she couldn’t say no if he begged.

“Fine,” she mumbled, “but you owe me big time!”

All the boys cheered and (Y/N) started taking off her shirt when Tom started protesting, “Hey! No! You can’t do that, not in front of my brothers and best friend!” Everyone laughed as Tom turned bright red. He pulled his girlfriend into the plane’s small bathroom. “You’re not allowed to take your shirt off in front of the boys,” he mumbled.

(Y/N) laughed and teased him, “Is little Tommy jealous?” to which she just got her boyfriend to turn bright red. (Y/N) started taking her clothes off and putting on the outfit. She remembered that her boyfriend was still in the room, and laughed. “Why are you still here, I think I can put this on myself.”

“Just admiring how pretty you are,” Tom said beaming at her.

“That’s sweet,” (Y/N) smiled at him, “Now please leave.” Tom laughed at his girlfriend before leaving the room.

After ten minutes, the boys were getting confused as to why (Y/N) wasn’t coming out of the bathroom. Tom knocked on the door and said, “Babe? Are you okay?’

“Yeah, it’s just that this costume is meant for a taller, and um, male person, and I’m not that.” (Y/N) yelled back in response.

“What does that mean?” Harrison asked.

“It means that you, Tom, and Harry don’t have an ass or tits to shove into this fucking spandex!” (Y/N) yelled, sending everyone into a fit of laughter, “Plus, you are all loads taller than me and I’ve fallen twice because you guys have abnormally large feet!” she said again, sending everyone into another laughing fit.

Ten minutes later, (Y/N) walked out of the bathroom and threw her clothes on the chair next to her. The guys all had their backs to her, so she cleared her throat, causing everyone to turn around.

“Damn, babe, you look great!” Tom said happily looking at her.

“Thank you, you look pretty great yourself!” (Y/N) said smiling, causing him to blush, “Also, can you close the back, I couldn’t reach it.” She states as Tom stood up to go help her.

“Wait, are you not wearing a bra?” someone asked.

“Wow, babe, quite the scandal. But I must say, it is quite hot,” Tom said winking at her.

(Y/N) blushed as Harry shouted, “Get a room!” and Tom just laughed as he went over to help his girlfriend clip the back. When she turned around, Tom saw the opportunity and smiled saying, “Nice ass!”

“Well, you’re lucky this ass is all yours,” (Y/N) said, grinning widely at him.

When the suit was finally all on (Y/N), she let her hair come out of her ponytail and it came down over her shoulders. She ran her hand through her hair a few times before suddenly being hugged. Two arms were wrapped around her waist and she looked up at her boyfriend. In turn, (Y/N) wrapped her arms around Tom’s neck and the two smiled at each other.

“You know, I think you look better in this than I do,” Tom admitted.

Impossible,” (Y/N) said, “you look flawless in it.”

Tom shook his head, not bothering to argue with her. Instead he leaned down and kissed her, both of them smiling into it.

“Okay seriously, will you two please get a room?” Harry said, interrupting the two’s moment.

The pair pulled away and let out soft laughs before (Y/N) and Peter sat down next to each other on the seats.

“You’re not going to take that off?” Tom asked.

“Why, does the red spandex make me look weird?” (Y/N) teased, snuggling into Tom’s side.

“No, you look perfect. You always look perfect, but that’s besides the point. Why are you keeping that on?”

“It just took so much fucking effort to put on, plus I’m really tired. So will you just please shut up and cuddle with me?” (Y/N) asked, already closing her eyes.

“There’s nothing I would love more,” he mumbled back, smiling at the girl. He closed his eyes as well, moving closer to (Y/N)’s already sleeping body. Tom kissed her forehead and mumbled “I love you” before he, too, fell asleep.

also if u like this pls tap that little heart over there bc it really motivates me to write more and i appreciate every single one of you ♡ and if you ever have an issue (spelling/grammar or even the concept) just dm me!

An Illyrian Lullaby {Nessian}

Nessian with kids was requested by Anon. I always love writing Nessian, and I also love making up their futures with children! So, thank you, Anon, for sending in this prompt and letting my Nessan-trash heart out of it’s cage for a little bit.

Hope y’all enjoy!

- Tara

I had heard that lullaby before.

It was commonly sung among the Fae, especially in the Illyrian villages. As a child, the lullaby was used to sing me to sleep, to calm me down when I got hurt, to remind me that the world was not all pain and bitterness. 

I had no idea how she knew it, how this female who was once a human from the other side of the wall had perfected the sweet, simple song. I wasn’t about to ask. If I were to mention it, she would never sing it again. So, I sat outside the nursery, and I listened.

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Hogwarts! Jeonghan

anon requested: “hello hello! i really loved reading your hogwarts aus;; can i request a jeonghan one?? ty if you do this! <3”

@willowtree8 requested: “Hey love your writing. Especially the hogwarts au’s, so could you make a Jeonghan Hogwarts Au for me. And could you make the s/o a raveclaw, if it’s not to much to ask. Thanks so much!”

anon requested: “Can I please request a hogwarts jeonghan au! 💚✨”

  •  fifth year Slytherin
  • also a prefect with Joshua and Seungcheol
  • he was surprised when he found out he got selected as a prefect
  • but no one else was
  • Jeonghan tends to mother everyone
  • “Yah! Eat your food!”
  • “Don’t skip meals or I’ll give you detention.”
  • “If you don’t sleep, you’ll end up napping in classes, and miss vital information.”
  • “Hey just because I nap in class doesn’t mean you can!!! Your education is important!!!”
  • knows almost everyone’s names
  • don’t even be surprised if you walk by him in the halls
  • “Your robes are a bit crooked, here.” he’ll call you by name and fix it for you before waving goodbye
  • usually seen sitting under some tree with a first year or other younger students
  • giving them advice and counseling sessions
  • and because of this also knows all the latest gossip at Hogwarts
  • “Did you hear about the first year that got kicked out for trying to set the whomping willow on fire?”
  • “I heard the professor from muggle studies is dating!”
  • “There’s supposed to be a prank planned for the potions master by some of the older students, don’t get caught in the crossfire" 
  • absolutely adores Ravenclaw’s first year, Chan
  • always following Chan to make sure he eats and babies him a lot
  • "Chan, who’s baby are you?”
  • babies all of his friends though
  • “Seokmin, don’t read books upside down while walking, you’ll get a headache or run into a pillar, again.”
  • “Seungcheol, you should sit straight and not slouch or you’ll complain about back pains after quidditch practice.”
  • “Minghao, just cuz you think you’re cool, doesn’t mean it’s cool to not eat lunch.”
  • “Get your butt over here and explain yourself before I hex it out of you.”
  • suffice to say, may use his prefect powers a bit too much
  • “But professor, he was trying to prank a first year, I just used my powers as a prefect to get a bit of revenge. It was totally called for!!!!”
  • pranks everyone a lot too
  • “Jeonghan!!!”
  • “Yeeeeessss?”
  • “Why is my hw flying away from me?”
  • “I may or may not have cast a spell on it.” //evil giggling//
  • “But you’re a prefect!”
  • “Which is why you won’t tell the professor or else I’ll give you detention!”
  • even with all the pranking though
  • everyone knows they can go to Jeonghan for advice
  • literally the best second mother to everyone ever
  • always listening to students talk about friend drama
  • or stress problems
  • or schoolwork complaints
  • and never refuses to ignore someone who needs help
  • which is probably why all the teachers still tolerate him sending himself a howler every year around Christmas just so everyone can hear him singing Christmas songs all across the hall
  • his voice is freaking angelic anyway so no one complains
  • he's friends with everyone too
  • one time you’re sitting in the library
  • with your charms paper in front of you trying not to fall asleep on top of it
  • and you see Jeonghan walk in with Joshua
  • and Joshua leaves after a bit
  • leaving Jeonghan alone
  • now if you haven’t been living under a rock in the forbidden forest
  • you knew Jeonghan
  • literally all of Hogwarts knows Jeonghan and his friend group
  • the 13 boys from all four houses that were the best of friends
  • and so you were curious why he was alone in the library
  • you watched as he settled his stuff down on a desk and started writing a paper
  • you’re a fourth year ravenclaw so you don’t really have any classes with him
  • you’ve just kind of seen him around helping everyone
  • and you think he’s super sweet for trying to help everyone
  • but now that you’re looking at him from across the library
  • you notice he’s really cute too
  • the way his round wire-framed silver glasses sat neatly and gracefully on the bridge of his nose
  • the way his hair framed his forehead in a half heart shape
  • the way he set his chin on his fist to write his paper
  • you smiled at the sight, he was seriously good-looking
  • sighing, ‘outta my league too’ you thought to yourself
  • you went on to continue writing your paper
  • a little while later you finished
  • and get up about to leave
  • when you notice a frown on his face as he stares up at a bookshelf
  • you hear him audibly sigh a few times
  • and scratch his head angrily
  • so what the heck
  • you and whatever nonexistent confidence
  • you walked over and set your things down gently across from him
  • “Hey Jeonghan, are you ok?”
  • he looks up at you in surprise
  • “I’m y/n,” you say sheepishly forgetting that he probably doesn’t know you even though you always hear about him from everyone else
  • “No I know, you’re f/n’s friend, she talked about you once when you guys had that fight.”
  • “She did?”
  • “Yea, she was crying and asking how to tell you she was sorry and stuff” he said, “she even showed me a picture” he laughed
  • “Wow, well…” you’re speechless
  • the famous counselor Jeonghan knows you???
  • “I’m glad you guys made up.” He said smiling
  • “I’m just glad you made her feel better, it was just a misunderstanding.”
  • he gave another small smile before the frown returned to his face and he buried his face in his hands
  • “Well I just…” you start nervously, “I just wanted to ask if you’re ok. Usually you’re always helping everyone and it seems like there’s something wrong so, just know if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.” you say finally nodding slowly
  • you watch as the tiniest of smiles reappears on Jeonghan’s face
  • “That’s really nice of you to offer.”
  • you wait to see if he elaborates
  • “I’ve just been a bit tired lately, with studying for the O.W.L.’s and whatnot.”
  • you nod making reassuring eye contact with him
  • “My scores in transfiguration aren’t the best right now, but since I’m kind of the one everyone looks to for help when they’re stressed, I try really hard not to let the others know when I’m worried myself.” he said puffing his cheeks a bit
  • you stared at him for a bit
  • Jeonghan must genuinely care so much for everyone if he went to the point of sitting by himself in the library just to make sure his friends weren’t worried
  • “Well, I’m not sure if I’m any help as a fourth year” you say timidly, “but my best subject is transfiguration, and I have older siblings who show me stuff all the time. Let me see what you’re having trouble with.”
  • he looks at you a bit skeptically before turning the textbook he was reading around for you to see
  • it’s a diagram of the vanishing spell, a transfiguration spell that will most likely be on the O.W.L.’s
  • you smile up at Jeonghan
  • “Hey I know this one really well! My brother showed me ages ago.”
  • “Really? I’m struggling with it a lot, but I guess it must be easy for a Ravenclaw.” he smiled
  • your breath caught a bit as you felt your heart race a bit at his smile
  • you thought that Jeonghan’s smile was the best thing in the world
  • and you wanted to make sure he kept smiling since he made everyone around him as happy as he could
  • the boy was everyone’s saving grace from a bad day or bad moods in general
  • Hogwart’s own fallen angel
  • so you steeled your nerves and gathered up some more courage
  • “Let’s meet tomorrow, I’ll definitely help you.” you say confidently
  • “Why would you go through that trouble.” he frowned again making your heart ache
  • “Because you help everyone around here, it’s about time we repaid the favor.”
  • so you meet him out on the grounds the next day and you can tell he’s pretty nervous
  • but you’re pretty confident and you have like five bottles of butter beer and pumpkin juice lined up next to a few bowls of water you set up on the ground
  • “Rules are simple, for every vanishing spell you do perfectly, I’ll treat you to a free drink!” you call laughing
  • you notice he lightens up and starts smiling with you
  • the both of you work the afternoon away
  • you helping him with wand technique
  • and when he gets it perfectly for the first time
  • in a moment of screaming elated excitement
  • he turns to you with the biggest grin on his face as he hugs you
  • and promptly realizes what he did
  • and you both turn pink and start blushing as you pull away
  • but PROGRESS!!!!
  • you’re so happy he finally did it and he’s super thankful too
  • in the end he has it down
  • and you both just sit watching the sunset while sipping your bottles of pumpkin juice
  • “Who needs a vanishing spell when you can just drink the delicious drink, right?” you giggle raising your bottle for a toast
  • and as Jeonghan returns it with a gentle clink of his bottle to yours
  • you sigh contentedly proud you could be of some help
  • the next few weeks you don’t see Jeonghan around that much
  • for obvious reasons of course
  • you’re both a year apart and in different houses
  • but whenever you do see him in the hallways he gives you a big grin and literally runs up to you to give you a hug
  • or yell and jump around with you because he did well on his transfiguration exam
  • and although you don’t see him as much as you want to
  • you’re really happy to see him smiling again
  • an angel’s smile
  • you’re walking into charms one day when Wonwoo comes up to you
  • shaking his head in disbelief as he hands you a letter
  • “Honestly, making me a delivery owl, I thought I had more respect to my name than this” he joked and laughed giving you a smile
  • you open it and read it
  • “Thanks for all your help y/n, to celebrate I’m buying you butter beer at Hogsmeade, oh and I told Wonwoo not to leave you alone until you said yes.”
  • you look up at Wonwoo, a huge smile on your face
  • “Sorry you got put up to this” you laugh
  • “He doesn’t stop glowing about you now, never seen hyung so happy about anyone,” Wonwoo shakes his head while laughing, “So to save me some time, just say yes?”
  • “Of course, haha thank you Mr. owl.”
  • “I don’t get paid in owl treats for this you know.”
  • and when the weekend rolls by you’re super excited
  • and you put on your best outfit
  • even though you think you’re crazy
  • not like it was a date or anything, just a fifth year thanking you for helping him out in a class
  • but you couldn’t help the smile that crept up your face as you walked into Hogsmeade
  • to see Jeonghan there with a small bouquet of flowers
  • and freaking Joshua and Seungcheol laughing their asses off at Jeonghan before he turned around to threaten to smack them with the flowers
  • “Here.” he said smiling nervously before giving them to you
  • “Aww they’re so pretty thank you.” you laugh taking them into your arms
  • “I just can’t thank you enough, y/n.” he stands a bit awkwardly before Seungcheol comes up behind the two of you
  • “Not to be blunt and all… but I’m going to go practice quidditch. And leave the two of you alone. Yea.” Seungcheol laughs and you can literally see Jeonghan shooting lasers at Seungcheol with his eyes
  • oh but the best part
  • freaking Hong Jisoo
  • walks up to the two of you
  • with this sly af smile on his face
  • “Hey y/n, I’m going to take off too. You see, Jeonghan shoved me into a broom closet once because I had a crush on this person, and it must have worked because we’re dating now, but I still haven’t completely forgiven Jeonghan, and so I thought now would be a great time….”
  • “Shua I swear if you-”
  • “Take this as a metaphorical broom closet and I apologize profusely.”
  • Joshua gives you a sheepish smile before Seungcheol gives you a gentle push, causing you to trip before Jeonghan catches you in his arms
  • and legit Seungcheol and Joshua running away laughing
  • the both of you still blushing as he’s still holding you in his arms
  • “So….”
  • “So I’m just going to be honest and admit I wanted to ask you out on a date properly, but it seems my friends may have ruined the surprise.” Jeonghan chuckled
  • you stare at him in shock
  • “Wait you like me?”
  • “Yea.”
  • “Really?”
  • “I said yes already y/n keep up.” he laughed and tousled your hair lightly
  • “I-”
  • “It’s ok if you don't like me back, it’s just you made me feel like I could take time for myself and be worried and not have to hide anything. It’s was really nice.”
  • “No I like you, too, like a lot.” you laughed
  • “That’s actually perfect I was just pretending you not liking me back was ok, but I literally was freaking out on the inside so much thank you.”
  • and you both collapse into a fit of giggles in the middle of Hogsmeade blushing but happy
  • “So you’ll be my girlfriend?”
  • “Of course.”
  • and literally anyone seeing the two of you together would literally die from the cuteness how could they not
  • everyone
  • all the students  calling you and Jeonghan their parents
  • “Look it’s my mom and dad, aren’t they such goals ;,,,,)”
  • as you guys walk around the school grounds hand in hand, giggling together
  • he’d randomly stop walking just to hold you in his arms a bit
  • “Shut it Seungkwan!”
  • and everyone going to you and Jeonghan for relationship advice now too
  • “We don’t ever fight you can trust our advice.”
  • “What the heck, Jeonghan you’re always arguing with me.”
  • “Ok got me there.”
  • like the two of you going around calling yourselves cupids and matchmakers
  • “Look at us, aren’t we the cutest couple you’ve ever seen?”
  • and legit being the silliest couple ever around valentines day
  • bewitching miniature statues of cupid to go around pelting people with chocolates and paper arrows
  • and giving each other high fives as the cupids start attacking Seungcheol
  • “Nah I think they’ve got the right idea.”
  • definitely the fallen angel couple with your pranks on one side and lovey dovey advice on the other
  • “Honest;y we’re a blessing to this school.”
  • “Which is why we’re stuck cleaning up all these paper arrows the cupids shot everyone?”
  • “Hey detention is more fun with two people!”
  • “What angel gets detention?”
  • “Your boyfriend does, now shh and get the broom.”

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~ admin jess

Saudade - Steve Rogers x Reader

: Steve Rogers anon here! would you maybe do one where the reader’s grandmother used to be one of his friends before he was frozen, and she has powers so she’s involved with the Avengers, but not like working with them. she attends one of Tony’s parties and Steve thinks she’s her grandmother for a second before he realizes she’s a different person, and from that moment on he’s mesmerized by her? you can make up the rest!
Warnings: My English, language, my first Steve fic!! Gifs aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners. Also, Pietro is alive. I don’t care. He is alive. Oh, and your grandmother is called Meredith. I don’t know why, tbh. 
Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return. 
“The love that remains”
Word Count~3.3k
Pending Requests

His past felt like ages ago. Probably because it was. He had missed out a couple of things, that was for sure. But the truth was, he was missing one person in specific, other than his best friend.
A girl. Not just any girl. She was special. She wore flowers in her hair, the cold air blowing against her skin, making him wish that he could just hold her closer. She was different, delicate, elegant, loving and sweet. And she was beautiful. Stunning. And he, just like any other guy, fell for her. But he never learned that she had indeed fallen for him too.
Doesn’t it always come down to the love of a woman? 

It had always been difficult but you were always up for the challenge. You had to evolve and excel as everyone kept telling you. You never really took a break from the whole ‘I have to muster my powers and kick ass’ thing but tonight it was an exception.
You had powers, you didn’t really want, mainly because they were forcibly given to you by a crazy scientist who worked for HYDRA. That was why you wanted to train and become physically capable of doing what your powers could do.
That was how you met them. The Avengers.
You had been training with Natasha and Clint, beating the hell out of many punching bags and with Wanda, trying to catch up with your abilities. Speaking modestly, you were good.
But you never let that fact get into your head and stop you from becoming better. You knew the others as well, but you had never met Steve. Actually, that was a lie. You felt that you knew him better than you knew yourself. How was that possible? Your grandmother.
She had been his friend for as long as she could remember. She had even fallen in love with him at some point, but then he had left and joined the army. The rest was history.
She loved and fell in love again, but he always held a special place in her heart. You understood that much.
You took a deep breath and entered the Avengers Tower that tonight was packed. You felt like you were entering a club or something and truly wished you were back in the gym, with your sweatpants on. Instead, you were walking in black heels and wearing a lacy, backless and sleeveless, floor length, light champagne pink dress with three strands pearls framing loosely your exposed back. It was beautiful and you were thankful to Pepper. You just felt weird. You weren’t really that kind of girl-in all honesty, it felt like something your grandmother would wear. She was all about dresses and elegance. You favorited jeans and knives. But you didn’t really have a choice. Tony had made it very clear that it was a formal party and nothing less was expected of you. With Pepper’s outfit, Natasha’s makeup skills and Wanda’s hair tricks, you were more than presentable.
You tried not to play with your hair- it was a nervous habit of yours- because you would ruin the beautiful waves. ‘Okay, you got this’ you kept repeating over and over again.
Once you reached the floor that hosted the main event and stepped inside you froze. Tony had gone big. Even bigger than before and that said something. This was so extra… even if you were talking about Tony Stark. You couldn’t see the walls or much of the decoration because of the dim light but the music that was playing was loud enough for you to not be able to listen to your own thoughts. It wasn’t the kind of music you had been expecting, though. It was soft and melodic and… jazz? What happened to rock?
And then it hit you. The reason why Pepper had chosen that very dress, which resembled the vintage style; the reason why Nat had insisted on that bold dark red lipstick and the winged eyeliner; the reason why Wanda had chosen that hairstyle.
But then everything seemed to blur; time stilled and your eyes were fixed on a very familiar face and magnetic blue eyes. It was like electricity ran through your veins.
“You look spectacular” Pietro told you while his eyes were roaming your figure. That snapped you out of your daydream. You blushed at his obvious flirting. Where was your confidence? You didn’t blush.
“You don’t look bad yourself” you answered truthfully. He was a handsome young man and the black, three-piece suit really did make him look ravishing. Especially that silver tie that matched the exact shade of his hair. He wasn’t exactly arrogant, not to you at least. He offered his arm and you took it, sending him a thankful smile.
“I’m afraid, you win this time” he admitted as you were approaching the other Avengers. Your eyes took in their outfits. Tony had been serious about this one.
“You did listen to me” he commented a bit sarcastic but impressed as well. You wanted to roll your eyes but you stopped yourself. It wasn’t polite. You had manners. You grandmother had taught you well.
“It’s nice to see you too, Anthony” you said, calling him by his full name. He hated that and he knew that he was annoying you every time you called him that.
“Yeah, whatever. This is Capsicle. Capsicle, this is-” he was cut off.
“Meredith?” Steve breathed out. Oh, no. Your eyes went wide for a second. You knew you looked like her but you never understood just how much.
“No. Y/N, her granddaughter” you kindly told him as you extended your hand. He didn’t react immediately but when he recollected himself, he grasped your hand in a firm but gentle handshake. For the second time in just a few moments, you felt a jolt of electricity through your body. And you were pretty sure that it was caused by his touch.
When you removed your hand, you realized that you had been staring at him as he had been staring at you all that time. If you thought that Pietro looked ravishing, Steve looked enticing, bewitching and tantalizing. He too wore a total black three-piece suit with silky shawl lapels. And his eyes… God save those eyes.
“I am sorry ma’am” he apologized and your heart melted when he called you ma’am. You always liked the old-fashioned ways, they were far more polite and … well, romantic.
“No need to. I understand” you told him sincerely. He must have been shocked to death. He smiled, obviously relaxed but very intrigued by your presence. You thought that he must have wanted to know about your grandmother but honestly, it wasn’t just that.  
“Okay, let’s leave the Capsicle to make a fool of himself, shall we? Here, dear. You’re going to need it to survive this fossil” Tony remarked, every word oozing with sarcasm, as he handed you a Millionaire Cocktail. It was basically, Rum with Gin, apricot brandy and lime juice served in a fancy glass and given its name by the Billionaire. With that, he and Pepper left; Wanda winked at you and dragged an annoyed Pietro with her but as soon as spotted Vision she left him with Clint, Nat flirted with Bruce and Thor was drinking like a mad-man with Sam.
“I have heard awfully a lot about you, Steven Grant Rogers” you lightheartedly informed him, leaning against the bar counter and tasting your drink. Surprisingly enough, it was nice. He slightly blushed. The more he was looking at you the more he spotted the differences. You were a bit taller than her. You had a fuller um… chest and more defined curves. He wanted to facepalm. He was being a perv. But he couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering. You had a nice body but you had an extraordinary face. Big, captivating eyes, full, plump lips…
“All good things, right?” he joked as he took a sip of his drink. You laughed and it felt genuine. He was nice to talk to.
“Quite the opposite, really” you chuckled and your smile sent him a pleasantly warm feeling, making him smile widely. Your whole body was leaning closer and you had to hold back. He was like a magnet, even though he didn’t seem to know.
“How is-Is she…?” he trailed off, not knowing how to convey what he wanted to ask you but you got it. After all, it was only natural for him to want to know about his friend.
“She passed ten years before you wake up” you quietly told him. His face fell but he expected it. He had lost seventy years. Not seven.
“I’m sorry” he said honestly in a small voice. You smiled softly and shook your head.
“I should be the one saying that to you” you simply yet truthfully informed him. You didn’t pretend to understand what he had been through but you had your share of losses and you knew how that felt. He took in the brutal honesty of your tone and the soft gaze in your eyes and felt entranced.
“And your mother?” he asked again but regretted it when he saw you looking away from him for a second.
“She died when I was ten, in a car crash, along with my father” you admitted, hoping that he won’t realize what had truly happened. You were proven wrong. He was clever.  
His face fell and his eyes widened in disbelief.
“Bucky?” he questioned, his voice dropping an octave.
“No, no. Bucky has never hurt me or my family. That person was the Winter Soldier. It’s not the same” you firmly told him. You were aware of the whole Bucky-deal. And you truly believed that Bucky could be ‘saved’. You had been experimented on by HYDRA as well. You knew how that felt like.
He didn’t answer. You just sipped your drinks in silence, appreciating the music and trying to relax. You had had a long day and alcohol was helping. He, however, was mesmerized by your demeanor. You were sweet like Meredith but you were fierce as well, stronger in a way. It was something about you that made him want to get to know you. Not because you were her granddaughter but because he truly wanted to … befriend you? Not exactly.
The music slowed down and a lot of people-most of them, you hadn’t seen before- started dancing to the rhythm.
You were about to make yourself another drink when his voice brought you back to reality.
“Would you like to dance?” he asked shyly but seductively. At least, it was to you. You bit your bottom lip.
“I don’t know how to” you sheepishly replied and looked down as a blush was very visible.
“You don’t have to” he softly explained, taking your hand and leading you in the middle of the room. He was being bossy. In a nice way. In a very nice way.  Authority suited him.
He placed his hands around your waist, pulling you closer as you rested yours loosely around his neck. This was one of the most surreal things you had ever done. But hey, here you were, dancing with Steve Rogers, the guy your grandma liked, the guy who had woken up seventy years later, the guy who was Captain America. The guy you found so charismatic.

You had left the party after that dance. You had excused yourself because you couldn’t possibly believe that you sort of liked the same guy your grandma did. You felt guilty, even though you had done nothing wrong. Little did you know, that he felt the exact same way. He didn’t know if he had taken a liking to you because you were you or because you reminded him her.
That was three months ago. You were hanging around the Tower more often than not, training with everyone including Steve. That was weird. He would go easy on you, at first. But you had shown him that you could take a hit and throw ten more back. He used to beat your ass up but lately, he struggled and that only meant you were getting stronger.
You had talked a couple of times about a numerous of things. He asked you about Meredith, about your life and your ideas. You had told him about your powers something that you thought would freak him out but he was so kind that you felt your heart breaking. You truly liked him and he was off-limits.
You hadn’t asked much about him because you didn’t want to pry but he had found himself telling you almost everything. He hadn’t told you about his crush on your grandmother because it would just make everything so much more difficult. He didn’t want to believe that you wouldn’t like him if you had met him back then, but then again, no one did. He didn’t know this, but you had seen him in pictures, being all adorkable. It wasn’t his body that made you like him. It was a bonus but it wasn’t necessary.
You were currently in the kitchen. It was 3:26 AM. You hadn’t slept because you kept thinking about him and considering the possibilities. He probably didn’t even like you.
“You look so much like her, yet you are nothing alike” he had stated once. And you didn’t know how or what to answer, so you tried to play it cool as you replied: “I’ll take that as a compliment”. Boomerang.
“It was meant as one, ma’am”. You had to admit that whenever he was calling you ma’am you were melting. He was such a gentleman and-no… you couldn’t. Were you? You were falling for him, for fuck’s sake. God blessed America, you thought bitterly.
You were making hot cocoa with a hint of honey instead of sugar. It was something you had come up with when you were just a child. It reminded of you of serenity.
Someone was coughing, trying to make their presence known. You glanced up from your cup. Just your luck.
“What’s wrong?” he asked you, concerned. You sent him a tired smile as you shrugged it off.
“Everything’s fine” you tried to lie. You really tried but you were worse than him. He raised a questioning eyebrow. You rolled your eyes, finishing your hot cocoa and placing the mug in the sink before giving up.
“Can’t sleep” you simply told him. He furrowed his eyebrows. You were too tired for this. He didn’t answer, he just nodded his head, gesturing you to follow him. You debated with yourself. Fuck it, what could go wrong, right?
He walked all the way to his room and you were left puzzled. What was the meaning of this? Maybe, since you were tired, you couldn’t understand. Maybe you had interpreted him the wrong way. Or maybe –
He opened the door and stepped in, before he turned to you, patiently waiting. His room was bigger than yours but it wasn’t the reason you were left speechless. One of the walls was just glass. You could see everything. The city lights were spreading like lava. It was captivating. Everything seemed to be moving and to be frozen altogether. You found peace in chaos.
Slowly you stepped inside, too fascinated by the view.
“When I first… woke up, I didn’t know who I was. I wasn’t the person who I used to be, that was for sure. But then I kind of found myself in late night drives without a destination. Just driving through the city. I felt so small and I have to admit that when people look up to you and see this ‘big guy’, feeling small is actually rather appealing” he softly said as he sat down on his bed, eyes glued to the city outside.
“There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 AM with its empty streets and cold wind” you whispered but it was loud enough in the stillness of the moment. The lights were brightening up the gloomy night but they were also consumed by it. You could feel the circle of life.
“There is” he said under his breath but you heard it. You looked at him only to find his eyes fixed on you. Your heart skipped a beat. He had wooed you since the very first moment.
“She talked about you, you know” you kindly said, changing the subject and walking over to him, plopping down beside him. His face softened, a warm smile appeared on his lips.
“She would always tell me how stupidly brave you were. But the look on her face told me a different story. She liked you. I think she had a crush on you. Who would blame her?” you finally admitted. He had the right to know. His smile widened but it held a bit of sorrow. You realized why.
“You liked her too, didn’t you? Well, who could blame you? She was radiant and elegant, sweet and caring… She had this photo of you… you looked so adorkable and she would always laugh because even though you had become… this, she truly believed that you were the same stupidly brave good guy. And she was right”. You were rambling but he seemed to enjoy it. He even chuckled at the last part but then his eyes pierced yours with such intensity that you wanted to avert your gaze. You couldn’t.
“You think I was adorkable?” he questioned you and under any other circumstances it would seem playful but right now it only felt like a burning need to know. You just hummed in agreement because you truly didn’t trust your voice.
You were so close to him. His hand was resting on your knee. He smiled and you felt like you could literally die. Unfortunately, you couldn’t keep quiet.
“You’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town” you breathed out. Suddenly, you became very much aware of the proximity and the way he kept looking at you, the way he had turned his body towards you, the way his breath was falling on your lips, the way his scent was intoxicating you. You were no longer someone who was trying to save the world, you were just a person who was about to risk a friendship, to say a big ‘screw it’ to everything and just kiss the guy.
And you did.
You slowly leaned forward and paused for a second or two, giving him time to pull away. He didn’t.
When your lips touched his, you understood that to live was a beautiful way to die. It felt right. His soft lips were too gentle upon yours but they were fire. The faint taste of sugar and spice was making it too hard to break apart, even when your lungs were screaming for air.
“I am not her” you simply murmured against his lips. You felt the soft smile.
“I know” he whispered back. He knew that you weren’t her. At first, he thought he liked you because you looked like someone familiar, someone he liked but he soon realized that it wasn’t the similarity that mesmerized him. That was you. You as for who you truly were. Not you as a clone. You as the sweet and fierce woman, the shy and bold the personality that kicked in whenever you witnessed injustice. You as one of the most enthralling people he had ever met. You as his present and hopefully, his future.

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Hihi, glow in the dark stars anon here, once again ^^. I've noticed you wanted requests so I'm gonna send you one! How about an MC who is very innocent and sweet but as soon as their older brother comes into town, they become a fowl-mouthed memer and is constantly making jokes, and how would the RFA + V + Saeran react to such events. Sorry if it doesn't make sense;; (by the way how was your day? Oh, and keep up the good work my dude !!) <333

hey stars anon!(that’s your nickname now bc i love ya~)  my dude, you are like, my favorite anon?? you come up with great ideas wowie wow!! this is me but with my an only child;;

my day - well yesterday - was good. busy, but good! i’m finally getting over this weird cold. how was yours? ^^ and thank you, again! (/◔ ◡ ◔)/


  • mc told him their brother was coming to town all excitedly and that they wanted zen to meet him. he agreed. family is important to him! ..yes im still salty about his family¬_¬
  • also this is like, the first time he’s gonna meet mc’s family its time to Impress
  • so they go, and zen really doesn’t know what he’s expecting besides hoping their family likes him 
  • their parents were kind of how he thought - nice and sweet, asking him questions
  • and then their brother came 
  • “mc!” their brother called. he was answered with a hug from them aw sweet not for long, zenny
  • “hey you nerd!” mc started, and then it pretty much went from there 
  • zen wasn’t really surprised at all the inside jokes they had, but there was? so many?? he had never seen mc make this many jokes
  • also did mc just say ‘fuck’? he was pretty sure he never heard them say ‘damn’ and now they upgraded to all this??
  • oh well, their brother liked him 
  • when they left, he got kind of pouty 
  • babeeee do you feel uncomfortable around me?” “what do you mean?”
  • “you don’t curse and joke that much with me, and you can, you know!” 
  • he just wants to have as many inside jokes   


  • they were meeting up with mc’s brother for lunch!
  • he wasn’t going to be in town long, but mc was still so excited
  • yoosung thought they looked so cute all excited and now he is too
  • they got to the restaurant first and waited 
  • mc’s brother found them at the table and shook yoosung’s hand before hugging mc
  • “well now you have to tell me everything about your boyfriend, my dear sibling. and if i have to send him back to hell.”
  • *cue a slightly scared yoosung*
  • “i’ll tell you he’s better than that shithead you dated last year.” 
  • *cue a surprised yoosung now*
  • who are you and what have you done to my mc?
  • things continued this way, and they even started laughing at memes together
  • they made one of their brother’s old girlfriend…ok that one was funny
  • after lunch, yoosung kind of observes them for a while 
  • they stumble while walking once and mutter, “oh dang-”
  • mc when your brother accidentally kicked you under the table, you said something much worse 
  • oh well, he’s happy he got to see a new side of mc


  • their brother dropped by the cafe right after they closed, but of course they let him in
  • jaehee made him a cup and he said it was the best coffee he’s tasted
  • “is your tea this hot too?” he asked
  • she was about to answer seriously, but mc knew better 
  • “it sure as hell is, and i have so many stories to tell you”
  • jaehee’s like: …how did we get from tea to stories
  • and then mc starts telling him about all the shit i apparently put the cafe through stories of customers and stuff
  • it was the same stories mc and her told everyone, but mc added more emphasis and..curse words in this retelling
  • if jaehee could become her question mark emoji, she would right then
  • at one point, mc told her to come sit with them 
  • so she did, sitting next to mc
  • “there’s one last thing I haven’t told you, dear brother.” they say 
  • but before they continue, they kiss jaehee’s cheek. “meet my girlfriend”
  • on the inside, jaehee was yelling because girlfriend!! but also cause she thought he knew– 
  • their brother paused for a minute before whispering, “et tu, brute?” 
  • and that’s how mc and jaehee found out their brother is also gay wow 


  • he invited their brother to the penthouse
  • he brought out the fancy wine, elizabeth was on her best behavior, things were good
  • and mc’s brother was nice and seemed to like him 
  • so all in all, the evening went well
  • except that jumin spent almost half of the evening being confused
  • because first off, when did mc get such a foul mouth what the he ck 
  • and second, what is a ‘meme’? 
  • “woah, wait. your boyfriend doesn’t know what a meme is, mc? hm…i dunno if i like him”
  • “calm your tits, brother. memes aren’t everything.” are u sure, mc?
  •  jumin is lowkey like ‘how can he calm his tits wtf’
  • anyways, mc’s brother assures that he was kidding and that he actually really likes jumin
  • who’s the real winner now
  • when their brother left, mc went back to being the innocent mc he knew
  • “…my love?” “yes, jumin?” “what just happened?”
  • he’ll get used to it

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • when they told him their brother was in town, he yelled for a little bit
  • how is this dork gonna impress mc’s family?
  • decides he needs to clean the bunker 
  • amazingly, he does it without vanderwood’s help a miracle
  • almost puts on a suit, but mc stops him
  • when their brother came over, mc’s attitude completely changes
  • and saeyoung just observes them for a while and realizes what he has to do
  • it’s literally just channel the 707 attitude. which he is an expert in doing
  • and now…let the memes begin
  • oh, mc’s brother likes this guy
  • it goes better than expected. they’re practically best friends now 
  • the only thing is, saeyoung doesn’t curse that much
  • so after their brother leaves, he’s like “mc, i didn’t know you had such a potty mouth!” 
  • watch them feign innocence for a bit
  • it doesn’t work, but everyone’s still happy

v / jihyun

  • came over to mc’s apartment to find their brother with them
  • it was a surprise
  • “oh, nice to meet you!”. they all sit and chat
  • v could’ve sworn he heard mc threaten their brother not to make any blind jokes
  • something along the lines of  “make one blind joke and so help me, i will fucking murder you”
  • v feels like he should be scared
  • there are no blind jokes, but there are a lot of memes
  • which he also doesn’t understand that well, but he catches on faster than jumin
  • “mc, I need to teach your boyfriend the art of memes.” 
  • ooh now v is really scared
  • but it goes better than he expected
  • his favorite ones are now the bee movie memes and ‘bees?’
  • he tried it once with the whole rfa around, like jumin asked when the next party date was and he just looked at him and went: “bees?”
  • mc was so proud. jumin felt betrayed. saeyoung lost his shit.
  • they got that on video and when they showed their brother: “mc, marry this man right now”


  • they met at mc’s work
  • saeran was picking them up and they ran into mc’s brother
  • “oh! i didn’t know you were back in town!” “yeah. surprise!!”
  • saeran is like lowkey scared at first
  • but then the Truth Is Revealed
  • and now he almost hates himself
  • why is he always stuck with the memers
  • even mc got pulled into this, his one saving grace
  • though he found it kinda hot when they cursed, he just wanted to kiss them
  • heyy bringing back my saeran is ace headcanon haha no smut for you
  • anyways, though saeran doesn’t like memes, he understands them and can joke with mc’s brother
  • mc’s brother likes him
  • when he leaves, saeran is so glad they’re back to the mc he knows more
  • except like, hey, maybe curse more
  • they end up doing so when they figure out they get more kisses that way
Drunk In Love (Harry Styles Imagine)

Requested by anon! ✨

Words couldn’t possibly explain how amazing this entire month has been for me.
I just got my best friend Harry back from God knows where the hell that boy has been because it’s as if he literally travels everywhere non stop.
Personally I don’t have a clue as to how he could do that, just go from place to place without ever feeling strange or uncomfortable.
I’m scared to even set foot in a airplane, much less sit in one for hours and being aware of how high off the ground I am, I prefer to be on it thank you, and quite frankly just the mere thought of it sends major chills down my spine.
But I guess that’s the benefit of being a huge star, going everywhere around the world and feeling loved and right at home because of your amazing fans who always support you in every single thing you do.

I can’t say I disagree with any of them, this guy truly does amazing things all the time, and what I love the most about him is that no matter how big he becomes in the world of fame, he will always be humble, a very down to Earth man, hell, he doesn’t even like the word famous, in fact he absolutely hates it!
And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, I am so proud to call Harry Styles my best friend, it seriously never fails to amaze me how his life has changed so much for the better, I’m saying because I’ve known Harry for years, even a bit before his little audition in the X factor when he had his little cupid looking curls, oh God he really did look like an adorable cherub back then didn’t he? All he was missing was the tiny angel wings and a small harp to constantely play in those gigantic hands of his.
What makes me laugh and love the most is the fact that the only thing he will always have such a big head about is the fact that he used to work at a bakery, but I have YET to taste a cookie made by him.

Anyway, as soon as I heard from his old bandmates that he was on his way back here in Los Angeles, the first thing I did was call his british ass up to see if it was true, cause unfortunately Niall, Liam and Louis have a history of pranking me so much, it’s pretty hard to believe almost anything they tell me now, those little hansome dibshits.
Well, Harry had certainly confirmed saying it was indeed true, and as soon as he landed, the very next day he came to my house and took me out and about these past few nights, kind of as a way to make up for all the time he didn’t spend with me.
Even though I honest to God told him that there was no need for him to do that, he insisted because, and I quote, “I missed you too fucking much poppet.”
Man, I don’t really know why but it makes me feel pretty damn special that I’m basically the only female in his life he calls that cute nickname, ever since we were younger actually.
I always found it to be the most adoring thing in the world, it makes me smile.

Overall, as I have said, him and I have been hanging out a lot lately, we have created some amazing yet crazy memories together I never thought could be possible, and it also made me realize just how boring it was without him in town, not to mention how much I truly missed him.
Although I must say the other lads did a good job in substituting I guess you can say, they are so sweet to even do that in the first place really.
In fact, I have pretty much developed a very special bond with each of them now, don’t get me wrong, I love them all and we’ve always gotten along great since the beginning, but out of all four I have always been the closest to Harry, just because as I’ve known him longer, that’s all.
I love to say that I have my own little night out routines with these three goof balls, Niall is my drinking and golfing buddy, Louis is my night club buddy, and Liam well, he’s more of my, let’s just kick back and chill buddy, but not the type of chill people love to do these days so please get your mind out of the gutter.

You know it’s strange though, just yesterday I was telling Harry about the fun time I had with the other boys and if I’m not mistaken, he actually got a little jealous?
I mean maybe it’s just my imagination but I perfectly saw the way his features just tightened intensely, even his jawline seemed sharper than usual.
When I asked him if he was okay, he tried to play it off telling me that the food he ordered was a little too spicy, but I know my best friend all too well, he is absolutely horrible at hiding his emotions, still, I decided not to push the issue, I didn’t want to ruin all the fun we were having and make things awkward.
Now that it’s the next night, Harry and I decided to do something more simple, at first he wanted to go out again but I had suggested for us to have a nice movie night, just like when we were younger, or even better watch the packers game together that’s comming on in about an hour.

I was already dressed up in my most comfortable clothing and grabbed the snacks I had went out shopping for earlier, setting everything up in the living room and placing the stack of dvd’s I got from redbox.
My eyes happen to glance at the time and my brows furrowed to see that Harry was not here yet and he said he would be in this exact time.
I grabbed my phone and texted him asking of his wereabouts since usually he’s very prompt.
As a response I saw the glow of my screen brighten up with his picture.
My thumb tapped on the green button…
“Loser!” I playfully greeted as I placed the phone against my ear.
“Well that’s harsh!” He jokingly yelled on the other line, causing me to take the cell away from me for a second.
“Haha sorry you know I love you, where are you? Are you stuck in traffic or something?”
“Sort of but s'not why I called.”
My brows furrowed once more curiously…
“What’s up then Styles?”
“Eeeeeehhhh…how angry would you be if I changed our plans for the evening?”
I rolled my eyes with a head shake, not angrly though…
“I actually wouldn’t be mad dude, what do you have in mind this time?” I quizzed, letting out a bit of a sigh as I began to put away the snacks and movies again.

“Well Li-”
“Hold on, before you tell me, do I need to change my clothes? Like is it a must?” I ask.
“Depends love, what are you wearing?”
“Sweats, a plain white t shirt, and my cookie monster slippers.” I explained, immediately earning myself a rapsy chuckle.
“You’re adorable poppet.”
I grinned with a slight laugh and just waited for him to tell me.
“Yes you have to change clothes, big time. Liam is actually having a party at his house, he texted me saying that you and I are more than welcome to come, but if you don’t want to we could just stay in it’s alright.” He assured me.
I took a moment to think about it, from what I’ve experienced Liam throws some pretty wild parties, and this is that he’s a really laid back guy, but get a few shots of grey goose in him and he’s anytbing BUT laid back.
I had a really great time last bash so I guess tonight should also be fun, especially now that Harry is here.
“(Y/N)?…” He called out, snapping me out of my thinking.
“Wha? Oh! I’m still here, um you know what? Let’s go! I’m in the mood to party. Let’s me just get dressed really quick.”
“Great, I’m pretty close to you, so I’ll be there in a bit and we can go.”
“Sounds good, later Haz.” I say before we hung up on each other.
As soon as I plugged my phone so it could charge for a bit I hauled ass down the small hallway of my bedroom to see what the heck I throw on.

Lord knows how long it took to search for the right outfit but I finally found the perfect one, it was cute but also simple, just a nice thick strapped little black dress with a jean jacket, sheer tights, and my black and white converse.
I let my messy bun down and straightened it as fast as I could, then after I thanked God that I had some time to put on makeup and make myself look presentable.
As I was putting on some sparkly highlight I heard my phone ringing again in the living room.
I took some quick steps to answer it and sure enough Harry was outside.
“Let me just get my small purse I’ll be out in a second.”
“It’s alright love, no rush.” He kindly promised, I swear to God he has the patience of a saint, sadly I can never be like it, too much of a short fuse honestly.
I ran around the house once more, almost making myself sweat like a pig trying go gather the things I need to bring with me, perfume, gum, deordorant, feminine care products, house keys, extra lipstick, hair bands, and last but not least, a bottle of pain killers in case I go overboard with the Ciroc like last time.

Finally, I was out the door and Harry was standing against his car looking down at his phone, he looked very handsome, well when doesn’t he? But tonight he looked extra hansome if that was possible.
To be honest it made me kind of think twice about what I chose to wear.
“Hey curly.” I tell him as I approached.
He glanced up at me and immediately shot a devilish smirk, I already know all too well what’s gonna come out of those bubblegum colored lips next, he parted them but I raised up a firm finger to interrupt.
“Haz! I swear to God if you start singing little black dress I’m gonna kick your ass!” I warned, he literally does it EVERY time I wear this out.
His mouth dropped then quickly formed into a grumpy baby pout…
“You don’t like it when I sing to you?…”
“What? No I love it it’s just-”
“No.” I muttered with a bored expression.
“Take it or you could WALK to the party!” Harry shot, making me gasp dramatically in response.
“So it’s gonna be like that?”
“Yea.” He also muttered, mocking my bored stare.

I slightly grunted, screw it, might as well…
“It’s alright! It’s alright! It’s alright you know! Can we please go now?” I lightly pressed.
“You would absolutely fail the X factor.”
“SHUSH!” I claimed, smacking him on his tatted arm.
“Ow! I’m kidding (Y/N)! Jesus!…Really though you look stunning poppet.” He compliments, moving a strand of hair away from my face.
I smiled and rubbed the same arm I smacked..
“Thanks man, so do you.”
He gave me a thankful smile and followed me to the passenger side of his car to open the door for me like the gentlemen he was raised to be.

It only took about an hour to reach Liam’s huge house since he lives all the way up in the hills of Hollywood.
The loud sound of the music was already making the ground tremble from the huge speakers we could easily see from a mile away, it almost felt like a mild earthquake, if he decides to blast it up any louder I think he can make California go through the big one.
There were an awfull lot of people, more than the last party he threw, and most of them were drunk out of their minds.
“Bloody hell where do I even park?…” Harry huffed, his emerald eyes searching around to find a free space in the middle of what looked like thousands of cars.
I helped him and kept an eye out as well, it took quite a while but fortunately someone came out of the house and drove away, leaving us a good spot to leave the old rage rover in.
Of course Harry stepped out of the vehicle first and ran over to the other side to open my door again and help me out.

The moment I landed onto the outside I couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.
I wasn’t joking when I said that there are way too many people here…
I could clearly feel the perverted eyes of a random drunk guy on me as Haz and I walked up to the entrance gates of the house, it gave me such terrible vibes it wasn’t even funny.
I happened to take a small glance at him and I was right, he definately had his glassy eyes locked on me, well more like my chest and legs.
I looked down and notcied I had some clevelage showing so I quickly pulled up the black fabric to cover up and closed up my sweater a bit more.
“You alright there tiny?” I heard Harry question, snapping my head to his direction.
I looked up at his tall figure and he had a bit of a smile going on, but it faded almost instantely when he saw how nervous I must’ve seemed, he even stopped walking and stared down at me with great concern.
“What’s the matter?”
“Nothing, I just caught that guy staring at me…”
“Which guy?”
“The one by the end of the gate…” I tell him.

Without hesitation his eyes landed on the wasted male and shot him the most intimidating glare I have ever witnessed…it’s safe to say I have never seen him look so scary before…
“Hm, don’t you worry about that arsehole, he’s fucked if he even comes near you.”
“Hey Harry man be careful, he may be drunk but he’s still bigger than you.”
“That doesn’t make him a threat love.” He sternly promised.
My orbs went wide at his words, I never knew this side of him, I never even thought once that he was capable of getting this angry and protective, guess I don’t really know my best friend as much as I thought I did.
My eyes didn’t go completely wide until he shocked me by putting a strong arm around my waist, holding me closely on his opposite side so that I was blocked from the stranger’s view.
I have to admit being so close to him with zero space in between us made me feel just a wee bit fuzzy inside, especially when he wouldn’t let go and was cautious of other men around as he entered the gigantic house.

It wasn’t until we were completely inside the house did his arm wiggle away from me.
The music was a little too loud for my taste,
but I was already feeling the need to dance my ass off, another thing Harry quickly noticed.
“I see you’re really feeling the beat already!” He yelled with a wide smile over the booming speakers.
I looked down and saw how my waist was already moving side to side, I swear I didn’t feel that at all.
“I can’t help it!” I shrugged with an amused beam.
Just then Liam immediately spotted the two of us from upstairs and practically ran to hug me with a shot in his hand, then of course he proceeded to greet his band brother.
“I’m so glad you guys can make it! I thought you lames weren’t going to show up!”
“Well have no fear the LIFE of the party is here!” I jokingly shot, locking arms with Harry.
Liam flipped me off and I chuckled, raising my middle finger in the air as well.
Harry just shook his head at the two of us and searched around for something…
“Already looking for a girl to make out with? Possibly hook up?” I smirked.
“Hehehe, no not at all actually, but you know if you’re up for it, so am I.” He also smirked with wink.
I couldn’t help but allow my jaw to drop to the floor, Liam himself was left surprised, I mean he has been sort of flirty with me before, what boy and girl who are just friends doesn’t flirt atleast slightly? But he most definately stepped it up tonight.
What’s with this boy surprising me today?

He side hugged me and gave me a fast peck on my head, his deep accented voice fairly close to my ear as he spoke…
“Just kidding poppet, you’re way more than just a makeout session and a one night stand believe you me.”
And there he goes again, leaving me speechless but this time he decided to throw in my cheeks turning as red as an extra hot cheetoe, through the colorful flashing lights I could see how his features softened up slowly, almost making him appear sad if I’m not mistaking as he looked down on the shiny floor.
My glossed lips parted to say something in response but he beat me to it…
“Payno, where are the drinks?” He asked, pressed more like it.
“Oh! Right over there down in the kitchen mate, all the glasses are under the island so help yourself.” Liam assured.
“Thank God, I need a few, thanks.” He muttered, but loud enough for us to hear while he walked away and dissapeared out of sight.
I have this radther weird feeling inside of me, he was looking fine a second ago but now he just looks down right irritated, like if something is deeply bothering him…or has been deeply bothering him and I just never knew.

“Liam!” I called out, making him turn his head to me meanwhile he down he hard liquor in his small glass, his brows raised as a signal for me to tell him…
“Is my mind playing tricks on me or does he look kind of agitated?”
“Does he? Hm, maybe, I didn’t really notice quite honestly.” He said with a shrug and pout.
I just shook myself out of my concern, I’m sure after putting some alcohol in his system he’ll be his cheerful froggy self once more.
“Alright everybody! Come to the dance floor! This next song is really going to get this party started!” The DJ announced, and the second he dropped the tune with cheers filling the building, I was more in the mood to dance than ever, the song he was now playing was one of my absolute favourites.
“Oh my gosh! I fucking love this song! Liam dance with me?!” I offered, gripping his forearm in excitement.
He slightly laughed and nodded with a friendly smile, placing his empty glass down on one of his coffee tables and taking a hold of my hand to lead us to the dance floor.

Before we began to move our bodies together, I looked ahead in the direction of the kitchen to check on Harry, hoping that he was okay and having a good time.
At first he was unable to be seen, which for some reason worried me, but then I caught clear sight of him sipping on some brown liquor and actually talking to a pretty red headed girl.
From what it appeared they were having a nice conversation, because they were all smiles and laughter.
I felt very relieved knowing that he was good, and getting lose with the jack.
“(Y/N)?!” Liam called my name, gaining my attention from staring at Haz.
“Shit sorry man, just checking on my bestie.” I notified, he nodded again in understanding and we just started dancing from there.
At first we kept a bit of distance from each other, but as we got more into the music, before I knew it I was dancing with my body pressed against his, feeling his large hands firmly holding on to my waist as I shook my hips.
He was also shaking his side to side, and I couldn’t help but blush a nice shade of pink to feel his member through his black jeans, but I tried my best to ignore it and just continue to enjoy myself.

Almost halfway through the second jam I could feel myself being watched by a certain pair of green eyes.
I looked up over Liam’s shoulder, my hair kind of damp from the heat of moving my body to the fast songs, for certain I caught Harry red handed staring at me from the same spot in the kitchen he was in, there were more people around him this time, all laughing and talking except for him.
You would think that me catching him staring my way would make him turn his head, but he didn’t, he kept concentrating on me and Liam dancing.
The house may have been dark but he definately stood out in the middle of that darkness to me, his face was blank, I couldn’t exactly tell if he was down or up, but one thing was for sure he seemed less happier the more he kept his stare at us.

It began to make me go into deep thought once more, I have absolutely no idea why Harry has been acting so weird…
First the way he cringed when I told him
about how it was while he was gone, then the way he got protective me of outside, the way his own sweet words for me made him look broken, and now the way he’s looking towards me…something’s up and I seriously want to know, I feel like he’s holding something back from me, something serious…my heart is telling me to confront him about his behavior lately, but the only thing that holds me back is having that honest confrontation turn into an argument.
I know Harry have had our share of those before but I just don’t want to mess up anything and make him regret comming back to LA.
I witnessed the way he grabbed the little bit of brown liquor that was left in the bottle and just downed it like if it was water.
Oh no…don’t tell me I’m the one who’s gonna have to drive us home tonight…

I can also see how the same red head chick tried to call out for him and gain his attention once more, but he was ignoring her, in fact he ignored her completely and tossed the bottle aside, walking out of the kitchen and comming up to Li and I.
As he took heavy steps towards us the last fast song of the night finished and Liam and I leaned away from each other to fan ourselves and get some cool night air comming through the open doors.
“Wow that was hot….” He chuckled, taking off his black hoodie sweater and exposing his white wifebeater shirt that hugged his perfectly shaped body.
“Ugh I know, maybe next party you can have your AC on.” I chuckled as well while fanning myself and tying my hair up into a messy ponytail.
“Oh that is a promise love.” He agreed.
“Alright party people let’s make things slow and romantic to end the night!” The DJ announced, putting on some slow, romantic music, ironically the song Night Changes.
“Still want to dance?” Liam offered, holding his hand out to me, I shrugged with a nodd but right when I took it Liam turned around to Harry tapping him on the shoulder.

“I think I’ll cut in this one mate…” Harry semi slurred, aw man I knew it, he’s pretty smashed, his emerald orbs were dark and really glassy, and his voice sounded a lot more deeper if that was even possible.
“Woah lad how many drinks did you have?” Liam asked with concern.
“Never you mind about that Paynooo…I’m having fun that’s all.” He answered, placing a hand on his shoulder to shake it.
“I know but are you gonna be alright though?”
“Yea yea I’m a big boy not a child, now leave us, find some other girl to dance with…”
He playfully shoved his head to make him go away but I could very well see some daggers being shot with that last statement.
Thankfully Liam didn’t notice and just shrugged having an amused beam on his face and then left us alone.
He finally looked down at me once again and a huge bright grin made it’s presence be known as he reached for my hand and intertwined it with his, pulling me slowly closer to him.
“C'mere angel.” He slowly and deeply calls me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck while his hands held my hips, a little more firmly than Liam may I add.
“I didn’t think you were planning on drinking so much tonight Mr.Styles.”
“Mmm well….it helps Ms.(L/N)…”
I squinted my eyes and bit my lip in curiousity for a slight moment…
“…Helps what exactly?…” I hesitated to inquire.
Then a small gasp was taken into my lips as he went from holding my hips to snaking both of his arms around my waist fully and pulling me closer to his body, our chests pressing so much against each other I can almost feel my boobs getting mildly crushed, I felt chills go down my spine just like before…
“Hmmmm…” I heard him hum, feeling the heat of his breathing while he had his face burried into my neck.
At first this felt weird, at the same time….strangely comfortable…as if it was normal for him to do something this affectionate with me.

“Helps me forget…but now it’s all commin back…” He muttered into my skin, making goosebumps rise up like no tomorrow, the feel of his soft pinkish heart shaped lips felt moving as he spoke ever so slowly as if he’s trying to stress every word that comes out of him.
It made me feel some type of fire I guess you can say in my chest, and oddly it caused me to start picturing the sensational feel of them actually kissing my neck, but I immediately shook off the racey thought…even though I sort of didn’t want to to be truthfull.
I went ahead and rubbed a soothing hand on the soft dark grey cotton fabric of his shirt that covered his toned back while my other rested on his shoulder.
Our bods moving slowly in circles to the soft sound blaring from the speakers that were only some inches away from us.
Aw man Harry smells so wonderful…that cologne of his is very captivating…it’s so attractive and suits him very well, the smell of his curly brown hair was also delightful, and the feel of it was very soft, I almost felt like I was touching the hair of a real life angel.
I decided to play with it a little as I talked with him…
“What’s comming back Harry?…What are you trying to forget?…”

I awaited his reply but I didn’t seem to be getting one, he was so quiet just leaning himself on me.
I rubbed small circles on his back then patted him…
“Haz?…Come on tell me…Harry?” I called, then suddenly I felt him getting heavier and heavier on me, it made me stumble back a few steps.
“Woah woah woah! Harry! Dude! Don’t tell me you’re sleeping!” I yelled and with all my strength pushed his torso away.
Sure enough I was right, he was seriously sleeping, no wonder I felt us stop dancing, but in less than a second he woke up, frantically looking around him until he sighed relieved to see me standing in front of him.
“Oh there you are love…”
“Good morning.” I played.
“Where’d you go off to?” He asked with a raised brow, I see how he can barely keep himself standing straight.
“Dang you’re really plowed aren’t you?” I giggle.
“You just fell asleep while we were dancing!” I humorously exclaimed.
He took a look at his surroundings and came to his senses that he was still at the party…
“Oh…right…sorry for that but…you’re very comfortable…I love being in your arms.” He shyly confessed, his smile more adorable than ever before.

I smiled in return and shook my head…
“Awww you’re just saying that because you always get extra affectionate when you’re wasted.”
“Noooo….I mean it!” He says, taking my hand into his once more and trying to pull me close to him.
“Come be my pillow again poppet…”
I gotta admit that was pretty darn cute but I had to refuse his request…
“No no you’re gonna fall asleep again and I CANNOT carry you!”
“Fiiiine…in that case can we go?…M'not comfortable here anymore…my head’s hurting  too now..”
I rubbed his shoulder and agreed, plus the DJ decided to play a couple of more fast songs and now everybody was basically fucking each other on the dance floor around us.
Even though we just got here it’s best for us to step out, we both had our small amount of fun after all so it’s all good.
“Okay let’s get out of here, but first give me your car keys, you’re in no condition to drive.”
Harry slowly patted his pockets and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he touched his pack pockets…oh God what happened?…
“Holy shit…” Was all he could manage to say.
“No. Don’t tell me you lost the car keys please!” I pleaded.
“No not that…my bum feels incredibly firm!” He loudly laughed, eyes shutting tight and all.
“It’s like two stones glued together back there!!”
I face palmed and shook my head, trying my best not to crack up with him.
“Quit screwing around Styles! Car keys!” I ordered, holding out my palm.

Unfortunately he was a little too busy busting a gut to give me anything.
I snorted and smacked his arm, “Haz!”
“Ugggh!” I grunted and went behind him to grab them from his back pocket and pushed on his rock hard ass to start walking, which caused him to flinch.
“Move it mister!”
“Woah! Hey officer what seems to be the problem?…” He devilishly smirked.
“Oh my God! Just shut up and keep walking!”

Once we reached the cool, breezy outside and lord knows how I was even able to get this boy into the rage rover with no help whats so ever, as I drove us both back to my small house he slowly started to fall asleep again, but I kept having to tell him to look alive because I still had to get his ass OUT of the car.
Boy do I freakin regret making him stay up though, because now he wouldn’t stop singing his heart out…not that I wasn’t enjoying it, after all he does have one of the most amazing voices in the world, but when he sang while DRUNK, well…actually he still sounded pretty awesome, but it was extremely loud in the small space we’re in.
“Harry, I think you should-”
I turn my head to glare at him and he just laughed like the little shit he’s being.
“Yea I did that to annoy you…”
“I see that, thanks so much.” I murmured, turning my sight back to the road ahead of me.
I felt him grab one of my hands off the steering wheel to hold it, intertwining our fingers together and gently stroking my skin with his thumb, he was holding it a whole differently this time….yup…another moment for me to be blushing like crazy for the millionth time…
“Hehehe awww m'sorry baby you were saying?…”

I almost killed myself snapping my head back to face him, my eyebrows raised up so high I thought they were gonna fly off my face.
Did I just hear correctly or I had a few drinks myself at the party and don’t remember? Because that truly hit home…
“Um…W-what did you just call me?…” I nervously laughed, but my face was kind of serious…
All of the sudden it was as if he wasn’t so drunk anymore, he sat up straight in his seat, instantely taking his hand away from mine in realization of not only the way he was holding it but also what had just slipped out of him.
He just simply cleared his throat loudly and looked out the window, then from there on out heavy silence took control over us both.

Our tongues had literally stopped knowing how to form any words, I wish I knew what to say at this point, but putting all of these clues he has given me throughout the recent time together, it’s fairly obvious just what the hell is going on here.
Only minutes had passed but the silence was basically killing me, and if he wasn’t going to start talking then I will….
“Harry…I think you and I might need to talk…”
“There’s nothing to talk about (Y/N)…”
“I wouldn’t be so sure of that…” I almost whispered, seeing how he broke his concentration from the window.
“Is this because I called you baby just now?…It was an honest mistake. Matter of fact you shouldn’t think anything of it.” He stated in a radther stern tone, geez that sounded pretty harsh actually…I guess my thoughts were wrong…
But why do I feel hurt? Shouldn’t I be relieved?
“Okay…got it…but there was no need for you to get mad just saying.”
“I didn’t get mad woman.”
“Dude, you have no filter.” I remind him and gave him the side eye.
“Fine, sorry..”

A few more minutes of agonizing silence later, we arrived at my house at last.
I pulled up to my drive way, parking right behind my car and removing the keys out of the ignition.
I glanced at him and I could tell his head was pounding heavily.
I reached inside my purse and grabbed the bottle of pain killers I had taken earlier and put two in my hand.
“Here drink these, your head isn’t gonna let you sleep.”
“Oh…thank you…but..j-just one sec…” He tells me, opening his passenger door to blow chunks.
Once again, I rubbed soothing circles on his back with giggles escaping my lips, this boy I swear…
Harry threw up a little more and wiped the left over bite of barf on his mouth.
“You good?” I asked, squeezing his shoulder when he came back inside and shut the door.
“Yea…but I’m sorry I threw up on your cat.”
“I don’t have a cat…” I pointed out.
“Shit…” He opened the door again and looked around…
“Who’s ever cat I just vomitted on I’m sorry!!”

Loud laughter released itself from me, knowing my neighbor’s are gonna be so pissed tomorrow.
Harry looked back at me and snorted, quickly cracking up with me.
We stayed in the car with our guts tightening for a moment before we were able to catch our breaths.
“Oh my God I fucking love you.” I chuckled and unbuckled my seatbelt.
“Love you too bugger.”
“Come on let’s get you some coffee, I have extra toothbrushes inside so you could wash your mouth too.” I notified.
“Sounds fantastic thank you.”
“Think you can make it in the house by yourself?” I questioned, only seeing him nodd, well, he should be a little more stable now that he got the worst part overwith.

Once we got inside the house, I gave him the toothbrush and a new bottle of mouth wash and he hurried himself straight to the bathroom to freshen up.
When he came back he drank the pain killers and I told him to rest on the couch while I prepared his coffee.
I took a look at the clock and it was way passed midnight, I didn’t even realize it was almost going to be three o'clock in the morning, no wonder I feel so sleepy.
The coffee machine started beeping and I poured it in a blue glass mug then walked over to the couch where he was laying in, only to find him snoring and sleeping like a baby.
I smiled at how cute he looked and placed the mug on the small table in front of him, grabbing a small blanket from the dryer and placing it over his large body.
After putting one of the couch cushions under his head I stroked his light brunette hair, noticing how a small smile would perk up on the corner of his lips as I touched him that way.
“Hehe, goodnight curly fry…” I whispered, followed by a huge yawn that signaled me to knock out myself.
And believe me as soon as my body hit my bed, it was like someone disconnected me and shut me down completely…


Throughtout the dark of the night, as my chest was slowly rising up and down and my legs were sloppily spread out on the mattress with my blanket only covering some parts of my body…
I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or not, but I felt a gentle hand touching my cheek, stroking my skin delicately, and I can feel all my hair that was covering me up being carefully taken away.
Then I heard a handsome and sweet voice lowly mutter my name…
I couldn’t really respond immediately, because in my mind I thought just hearing things so decided to ignore…
“(Y/N)…” I was called again, then I felt that same gentle hand go up and down my arm…
“Poppet please wake up…”
Right when I heard that word my eyes quickly opened, realizing that it was Harry.
“Hmmm…” I hummed, shifting my body to sit myself up and turn on my lamp.

“Harry?…” I croaked, rubbing the sleep away from my eyes.
“The one and only.” He nervously chuckled, tapping his finger on the corner of his mouth to tell me I have druel.
“Oh…my bad.” I say, wiping it off…well isn’t that embarassing…oh wow I just noticed that he’s shirtless but I’m gonna try my hardest to pretend he’s not…
“What’s wrong? I thought you were sleeping. Did you get sick again?” I asked, running my fingers through my messy hair.
“No…well I still feel a bit woozy but I’m alright…I just couldn’t sleep, I’m sorry for waking you up but I wanted to talk to you.”
“It couldn’t wait till the morning?…” I ask.
He shook his head and said a soft “no.” with a shy smile.
I re tied my hair up again and got myself a little more comfortable.
“Okay, I’m listening.”
“M'sorry for getting upset with you in the car. I feel really bad for that…”
I just say quietly and stared at him for a few minutes before shrugging…
“Um..alright…is that why you couldn’t sleep you dork? You already apologized for that anyway.” I giggled.
“Shut your face…there’s more than that…way more..” Harry smiled, but it faded in the blink of an eye, my concern rised up to his stare, he looked so worried especially with the way his thumbs were fiddling with each other and his foot was frantically tapping the floor.

“Hey, come on look at me…” I tell him, putting a calming hand on his tatted forearm, his green orbs looked straight into mine as I spoke…
“Wow I have never seen you this nervous before, not even for a concert…what’s going on Harry?”
“Aaahh I’m…I just don’t know how to tell you…”
“Why? You and I have been super close for many years I’m sure by now you know you could tell me absolutely anything.” I promised, rubbing his forearm up and down, but he stopped it and grabbed a hold of it instead, his grip on it was pretty tight, and I can also feel his palms sweating.
I officially started to get nervous myself, if you could hear the way my heart was racing you would think it would break out of my ribs any moment now.
He kept his concentration on my hand…
“Um…C-Can I lay next to you first?…”
I hesitated for a second but I slowly nodded.
“Sure.” I simply said, scooching over and allowing him to come to my right.
We both got ourselves comfortable and we just layed facing each other until…
“C'mere…” He whispered, bringing me into his arms and pressing me against his bare body.
My face heated up on the quickness, the way his hard and smooth chest felt on my cheek… hearing the way his heat was racing at first but now listening to it come to a more steady pace…was it because he’s holding me now?

“Sorry I know this is a bit weird…”
“It’s alright, no worries, now tell me what’s on your mind.” I say, just staring at one of the birds on his chest and tracing it with my finger.
“Here goes…While I was gone…I’ve realized that….(Y/N) I’m in love with you…”
My expression went completely blank, I almost felt paralyzed, everything in my body went cold and numb…I mean with everything I’ve seen from him I can’t say I didn’t see this comming, I figured it out back at the party, I just never thought in a million years it would actually be true.
“(Y/N)?…Please say something before I have a heart attack…”
Before YOU have a heart attack?!
“I uh…my God Harry that’s mighty big thing you just told me…I mean how did you even come to realize that?…I mean this isn’t the liquor talking right?”
“No of course not, and honestly everything about you made realize that love.” He replied, his huge palm going up and down my back.

I looked up at him and just said one word in question…
Harry changed his position so that he looked down upon me more clearly, his head was resting on his palm that was stood up by his elbow, and his other arm was on top of my tummy still keeping physical contact with me.
I just laid on my back and kept my sight on his dialated emerald eyes…
“You’re humble, you have the biggest heart in the world, the most radiant smile that is highly contagious to me, you know damn well you’re beautiful but you don’t have a big head about it like most girls do these days. You make me so happy, but a kind of happy I have never experienced before. And I would always picture myself marrying someone exactly like you ever since I was a younger lad…but why would I need to find someone who’s LIKE you? When I already have the real deal right here in front of me in all her beauty? (Y/N), You are just a beautiful creation from above inside and out overall which I was so lucky enough to have so close to me throughout most of my life.
God you even make me nervous all the bloody time, in fact you’re doing it right now see?”
He asked, taking my hand and placing it on his smooth, inked up skin, his heart really was beating a thousand beats per minute.

I have to admit, I felt happiness hearing these sweet words from those kissable looking lips.
But I don’t know why part of me began to already have some doubts…
“Harry…I’m shocked, no guy has ever made me feel so loved like you’re doing right now…but you can have literally every girl in the entire world-”
“But I only want one and she’s right here….” He slowly whispered, emphasizing every single word as much as possible.
At this point our faces were only inches away from each other…I know that I was still in shock, but I know, I know for a fact that my heart wanted him too…I want to be with him….
I realize that now as well, and now that I truly take my time to think about it, I have had feelings for Harry since the day I’ve met him, it started out as a simple crush, but then they became stronger over the years.
I’ve just always managed to push those feelings behind me and keep them there, even more when he became famous with the boys…
Because I thought that he would never go for just a regular girl like me…but man…I was wrong…I was dead wrong…

“What’s on your mind poppet?…”
“Nothing just…soaking all of this in…”
“I know it’s something major…but I don’t regret telling you…although I might in the morning there’s still a wee bit of alcohol in me but..yea.”
I slightly and quietly laughed, then taking a moment to just stare at his lips, they are really alluring me being so close to my own.
“You alright down there?…”
“I’m fine, just not really having a clue on what to say here..”
“(Y/N) you don’t have to say anything…but I really would love it if you told me that…you love me back…baby please tell me you love me back…” He begged.
“You called me baby again.” I stated with a smile.
“Well you are my baby…you always will be to me…”
Silence fell over us one more time, it became just like how it was in the car, neither of us knew what to say next.
His handsome features said it all as a few minutes went by though, me being quiet was probably making him think that I don’t feel the same way…
He looked down, a lot of hurt and a cracking heart evident in his orbs…
“Um..look It’s more than okay if you don’t feel that way for me sweetheart…just know that I-”
“Mm?” He hummed, looked back over to me and I placed my hand on his cheek, stroking it gently…
“Kiss me yea?” I beamed brightly, his eyebrows raising up high to the sky…
“What?…do you really want me to?”

I nodded, my smile getting bigger if possible…
and so was his…
“Wait does that mean you-”
“Yes it does, now shut up and come here poppet.” I say, using his same nickname for me for the first time since we’ve known each other.
He happily hovered completely over me as I placed my hands on his neck and pulled his head down to me.
I don’t know where I grew the balls to do something like this that I only ever just imagined, but I was so happy I did it, because when our lips connected, it was the most out of this world feeling in me, in both of us I’m sure, too amazing for words to describe perfectly to be honest.
I know that any girl who is a huge fan of his would probably kill to be in my position, hell I would too if I weren’t me, his lips honest to God are the most tender and loving pair I have ever placed my own on, he is such an excellent kisser it’s seriously beginning to make me question whether this man is human or not…
He’s an angel, my angel, and I know he’s going to make me the happiest female in the world.
And just like how he pictures being my husband one day, I damn well picture being his wife.

I sure hope he remembers all of this in the morning, or atleast only our very first kiss…

Man, I love him…I really do love him…and if anything I’m the real lucky one here…

My goodness though, our kiss is getting pretty heated now, but don’t you dare think for one second we are gonna go from zero to one hundred just yet, ease back a little cause that special moment is for later.
Although I’m not so sure with the way we are getting sexy at this point, and him being shirtless is not helping, also my hands can’t stop roaming on his muscular torso.
Woah…he was surely right about what he said back at the party…

His butt truly is incredibly firm!

(This took me quite some time to write but I’m so happy I was finally able to finish it! I pray I did a good job! Love you all! 💕)

7 minutes in heaven with Park Jihoon

Requested by anon  ♡ I write it in bullet points because I find it easier for me. |NO SMUT| 

  • “(y/n) it’s time! Can we go?” Your father shouted from outside
  • you looked outside the house and you saw that he was already in the car
  • you put your shoes and your jacket on and add a little bit of lipstick on your lips
  • you hurriedly got into your car
  • your friend oragnized a party at her place and she invited you
  • you said yes even tought you didn’t know who will be there and you are introvert so it’s a bit awkward for you to meet new people
  • you knocked at the door and waved at your father
  • “Hey you’re here! Come in” you hugged your friend and entered the house
  • the living room was crowded with people
  • you just waved at them but nobody saw you
  • you found the kitchen where there wasn’t much people and sat on a chair
  • “Oh hello (y/n)” you immediately froze when you recognized the owner of this voice
  • “Hi…” you gave him a fake smile
  • “I’ll be back in a while” he winked at you before going out the room
  • you hit your friend who was next to you talking with some strangers
  • “why is he here!!” you whispered
  • “who?” she replied
  • “my crush! PARK JIHOON” you whispered in her ear
  • “Ohh that’s a secret between him and me” she winked
  • you gasped and sat normally when you saw Jihoon coming towards you
  • “Do you want one?” he offered you a cocktail
  • “Yes thank you” you took it off his hand
  • Jihoon sat next to you and you talked for about 20 minutes
  • “Hey Jihoon come play 7 minutes in heaven!”
  • you turned and you saw Bae Jinyoung, a student in your school
  • you knew him because he’s very popular among girls
  • “Come play with me!” Jihoon grabbed your wrist before you could say anything
  • “Today’s MC is the brilliant, perfect Yoo Seonho!” everyone clapped
  • “turn turn turn turn…” he turned the bottle
  • “PARK JIHOOOOON” everyone cheered for the guy standing up shyly
  • “Now we are going to blindfold Jihoon and he will hug the person who will go with him in the closet” Seonho said
  • “Spin spin spin” Jihoon spinned 3 turns
  • “Go!” You friend said
  • Jihoon hesitated and decided to go towards you
  • shit shit shit you tried to change places with someone but your friend grabbed your shoulders “Trust me” she whispered in your ear
  • You closed your eyes and felt arms grabbing your shoulders
  • when you opened your eyes you saw Jihoon’s handsome face just a few centimeters from yours
  • “Park Jihoon and (y/n) for 7 minutes in heaven!” your friend litteraly screamed in your ear
  • Jihoon took off the blindfold and brightly smiled at you
  • you didn’t know what’s going on
  • you just felt a lot of arms pushing you towards the closet and cheerings
  • “7 minutes start now!” someone locked the door
  • you felt your heart skip a beat when you finally realized where you are
  • “so…I have something to tell you” Jihoon lokked at you with red cheeks
  • “me too” you replied trying to avid his gaze
  • “let’s say him at the same time ok?” he suggested
  • you nodded and gathered all your confidence
  • “3…2…1″ he counted with a sweet voice
  • “You’re handsome” “I like you” you said in sync
  • “oh I- nevermind” Jihoon mumbled
  • “3 minutes left!”
  • you couldn’t believe that you said to your crush that he is handsome
  • “I’m sorry what did you say?” you opened your eyes wide
  • “Nothing important” Jihoon replied
  • you tried to figure out if Jihoon really said that he likes you or if it’s just your imagination
  • “I can’t wait anymore” Jihoon said, breaking the silence
  • You felt his soft lips on yours
  • Both of you breaths were heavier
  • you close your eyes, enjoying the moment
  • “2 minutes left” Jihoon pulled away
  • You looked at him in shock
  • “do- do you like me?”
  • “yeah…that’s what I was trying to say earlier”
  • “I didn’t know my crush likes me back” you chuckled
  • “what? you like me too?” he asked
  • “Since the day I saw you I fell in love with you” you said shyly and looked down
  • Jihoon lifted your chin up and kissed your lips again
  • “Time’s up” Seonho opened the door
  • You heard everyone screaming and then you realized what is going on
  • you removed your lips from his
  • trying your best to hide your red face on Jihoon’s neck
  • Jihoon laughed at your embarassed face (his was also so red tbh)
  • he closed the door once again and started to kiss you again
  • “Your lips are sweeter than what I thought. Please be mine” he whispered onto your lips

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So this little blog has hit 1000 followers! 1000! One thousand! ONE THOUSAND O N E T H O U S A N D 

For those of you who have been around for a while, you will fully know that when I started writing this it was intended to be short and snappy and to the point  but in true C style, ended up being an essay. But that’s why you love me right? Okay here, we goes damn go… 

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(it even has fancy headers and whatnot - can you tell I am a boring and lame person with really no life and, to 1000 of you, this is also very much a time where you can opt out of this life… I won’t blame you) 

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Tension with Trainees {NCT Ten Scenario}


Anon: Can you write an imagine about ten and gf being fluffy and all?

Anon: Can you write a scenario of ten being super sweet to his gf

Anon: Hello ! Can I request a Ten scenario ? Where his gf is a person who gets jealous easily ? Please make it long , Hehe thankx luv ur blog ❤️

Hi! So, because I’m super at writing scenarios I got one of my mutuals to write it for y’all! Its @haechansaegyo - she also has a new writing blog called @kpop-groups-scenarios so please go and support her and give her lots of love!! Thank you so much bb!!!

Please send her support and love and follow both of her blogs. English isnt her first language so thank you for this again!

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You and Ten decided to go on a date since he hasn’t been spending a lot of time with you because of practicing and when he was with you, you just had dates at home because it was really cold outside, so you decided to have a different date and go to the park on that beautiful Friday afternoon.

“Do you want to get some ice cream?” asked Ten.

“How can you eat ice cream? The weather is so cold!”, you answered.

“I just need to cool down since I’m so hot”, he said winking at you.

“Okay, okay. I’ll go and get the ice creams. I’ll be right back!”, you said chuckling.

You always thought you were really lucky to have Ten has your boyfriend, but you couldn’t help but get jealous since he spends most of his time in the SM building with tons of beautiful female idols and trainees, but he chose you after all, so there’s no need to worry, right? He always reassured you that you were the only one for him and that he wouldn’t like it any other way.

When you got to the ice cream shop you asked for a vanilla ice cream for you and a green tea ice cream for him since it is his favourite flavour.

“Here they are”, the waiter smiled while giving them to you. You took the ice creams and started making your way to Ten.

“There you are babe, you took so long ”, he said taking the green tea ice cream and clinging to your side. This is one of the thousands of things you love about him: he’s clingy towards you, specially after a long day of practicing or when you’re on a date, it’s just part of his personality, but you really like it since it reminds you of how much he loves you.

“I think you are more happy of seeing the ice cream than me”, you said joking

“Maybe… Just kidding!”,he said while you hit his arm.

“Where should we go now?” You asked.

“Let’s go to the mall”, he answered, grabbing your hand.

The walk to the mall was really silent, until random fans started to appear out of nowhere. It was a normal thing when you had dates outside, ever since he debuted he started getting a lot of attention while walking on the streets.

You were actually happy because they didn’t disturb your date, they probably just wanted to take some pictures of Ten for their blogs, so they mostly ignored you because you were a normal unknown person.

When you got to the mall, you decided to buy some new clothes since Spring is gonna start soon and Ten wanted buy some clothes too.

While you were on your favorite store, he went out to buy the clothes he wanted. Only after a while you actually noticed he wasn’t in the store, so you went to search for him.

There were some girls surrounding a store so you decided to go in to see what was going on. It was probably some random idol that decided to go shopping today too.

When you went inside you noticed that the idol the fans were looking at was Ten, and he wasn’t alone. A really pretty girl was with him, and they seemed to be getting along pretty well. You started to get jealous because they were really close, but your jealousy got the best of you when you saw the girl asking his number.

“You’re a really great dancer. Can you give me your number so I can call you later for you to help me with a dance?”, she asked him

“Sure, here’s my number, I’ll be glad to help a fellow trainee!”, he answered smiling. You know you shouldn’t get jealous over something like this, he’s a really great dancer so it’s completely normal for people to ask him for his help on dancing.  

But still you couldn’t help it.

You just went back to the store you were in before, trying to calm yourself down and forget what you saw earlier. You started looking at some really cute couple sweaters and suddenly felt a pair of arms around you, when you turned around you saw Ten smiling at you.

“Do you want to get those sweaters? I bet we would look really cute in them”

“I was just thinking about that. Let’s get them”, you said taking the sweaters.

The waiting line was really short so after 5 minutes, you were out of the store while Ten was clinging to you arm again.

“I think we should go home it’s getting dark already”, you said while getting out of the mall.

“Okay, let’s go then”, he said grabbing your hand.

When you were making your way to your house you asked: “Who was that girl you were with before?”

“Oh she’s just a new trainee, actually she asked me to help her with a dance. But there’s no need for you to get jealous”, he answered.

“I’m not jealous…”

He grabbed your wrist and stopped you from taking another step.

“Babe, I can see it in your face. But you really don’t need to worry, you’ll always be my princess”, he smiled and kissed your forehead. You blushed at his sudden cheesiness, which was another thing you liked about him, it was embarassing sometimes but really cute too.

“You’re always making me blush. Why are you like this?”, you asked covering your face.

“I love to see you blushing - you just look too cute”, he said pinching your cheeks before giving you a peck on your lips. “Now let’s go home, it’s getting really dark and cold.” He grabbed your hand and you kept walking home.

When you finally got home you were really tired since you walked a lot,  so you just wanted to go to bed and sleep, but Ten still wanted to have dinner, so you had no other choice but to have dinner with him.

“Tomorrow’s finally Saturday. I promise all spend all day with you”, he said while eating the leftovers from lunch.

“Can we just have a day in? I’m really tired with all the work and everything”

“Whatever you want babe, as long as I’m spending time with you, I’ll be happy.”

After eating you both went to the bedroom and just lied down next to each other, but when you were almost falling asleep, you felt two arms wrap around your waist, so you opened your eyes and saw Ten looking at you while smiling sweetly. “I love you”, he whispered.

“I love you too”

And you fell asleep like that, it’s what you usually do, and you actually feel more protected with his arms around you.


The next morning, when you woke up, he wasn’t by your side anymore. You looked at the clock and it marked 7AM.

“It’s Saturday… Why would I wake up so early”, you thought mentally facepalming. You went downstairs to have breakfast and heard Ten talking in the kitchen: “In an hour at SM? Sure, I’ll be there”

“Who were you talking to?”, you asked when you got to the kitchen wrapping your arms around his torso. He shrugged.

“Just a friend. I’ll have to get going or I’ll be late” He gave you a peck on the lips and a hug. “I’ll be back soon”, he said while he closed the door.

“Why did he leave so early if he doesn’t have to train today?” you asked yourself, but you just shrugged it off.

You spent the morning watching tv because you didn’t have anything else to do, you also tried talking to Ten but he didn’t answer your messages so he is probably really busy. After a while your stomach started growling so you decided to make lunch, it was already 2 pm anyways, so you looked for some random recipes on the Internet for you to try.

After some terrible fails, you finally started eating your lunch, a pizza that you ordered, because you can’t really cook anything. After eating you returned to the living room to keep watching your tv marathon.After a while you glanced at the clock and noticed it was already 3 pm and Ten wasn’t home so you started to get worried, since he said he would come home early.

You tried to call him, but he wasn’t answering your calls, so you got worried, because he would always answer your calls right away.

“Did something happen to him?” you thought. You went upstairs to change clothes, so you could check on him and see if he was okay.

You rushed out of your door and it was the first time you ever got to SM’s building that fast. When you got in, nobody was in the lobby, so you went straight to the training room Ten was always in.

When you open the door you found him and the other trainee rehearsing together and you couldn’t help but feel jealous.

“Oh, hi babe, what are you doing here?”, Ten asked.

“I just came to check on you, I called you many times but you didn’t answer and I got worried”, you answered, but your tone was different the usual and he noticed it.

“My phone’s off, I’m sorry for worrying you”, he said getting closer to you and putting his hand on your shoulder.

“We should end the rehearsal now, I’m really tired anyways and you should be with your girlfriend. Thank you for your help”, said the trainee while getting out really fast and leaving you two alone in the practice room, she probably sensed that something was wrong. He grabbed your hand.

“You know, you get jealous really easily… I already told you that there was no need for that.” You looked down, feeling guilty for getting so jealous.

“I know… I’m just afraid to lose you. I mean, you spend most of your time with beautiful trainees and idols….”

“I love you more than anything, so you’ll never lose me. And even if I spend time around other people i never stop thinking about you”, he interrupted you.

“I’m sorry for being like this. It’s just the way I am”, you said still facing down.

“That’s one of the thousands of things I learned to love about you. Also you look really cute when you’re jealous”, he chuckled. He cupped your cheeks and gave you kiss. “Now let’s go home. I promised that I would spend time with you and I’m keeping that promise”, he said grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the practice room and taking you home.

When you got home you just spent the rest of the afternoon cuddling and talking about the most random things you guys could think.

I am so beyond grateful to be a part of this awesome community. Thank you for caring about my art. Thank you for caring about me. I have such a blast with you all every day, my life wouldn’t be nearly as exciting or fun without you!

I have made such incredible friends in these past 5 months, so excuse me while I write a few essays under the cut here to thank them each specifically <3
(P.s. this art also goes out to the anon who requested Hinata in 6B for the expression challenge! I love how well this worked out!!! :D)

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Accidental crush, part II. [Remus x reader].

A/N: You can read the first part here. With love to the anon who requested a sequel! x

It happened without you intending it to. Caught between the sing-song voice of your best friend in one ear, the thump of your heart, behaving weirdly erratically for the first time in your life, and the familiar sight of some soft brown hair belonging to someone you really didn’t want to be thinking about so much in your peripheral vision, only one thing was clear. You really didn’t want it to be. But it was. Lily’s teasing had had its effect despite the ridiculous exam schedule you had, the letters your mother kept sending you, and the teenage dramas that kept crowding the common room and your pained, but listening, ears. You had a crush on one of your closest friends. And naturally, you’d decided the best way to deal with it was actually, pretty simple. You were going to have to ignore it. 

Now, you stretched your arms over your head, forcing your eyes back to the parchment in front of you. The library was pretty quiet for a Sunday evening. You’d grown used to the coming and goings of your friends lugging books over to beaten-up desks, whispering ‘lumos’ into the late evenings, frantically churning out word after word, ink spill after ink spill, to turn in forgotten essays and star charts for the coming week. But the peace was nice today, though it could so easily be disrupted yet. It was just after midday, and you’d managed to find a desk at the back, close to the Restricted Section and far from where the boys usually sat. Their table carried its own special stillness: a little rickety, but large and engraved with so many curse words that it was difficult to distinguish penmanship from the grain in the wood. You didn’t know what charm they’d used to have them in it forever, but boy. It was a good one. The table was to the right of the room, almost in the middle, but chosen primarily because it offered a good vantage point of exactly everyone else in the library, but couldn’t really be spied on due to its strange, off-centred angle. When Remus sat there, he could only really be seen through multiple lightning-quick glances, or a special effort to stare directly at him. Not that you’d been doing any of that, lately. 

That was a lie. He’d caught you a few times this week, had even invited you over to sit with him and James, cramming for a Potions test together. And, with your stomach in your throat, you’d walked on over, taken a seat, and offered all but 5 words to him. He’d noticed.
“Y/N,” Remus had finally said, leaning his arm on the back of your chair. Quite casual. But you’d grimaced, hating the way you’d been able to smell his morning coffee on his clothes. Had felt the pull of his warm brown eyes on your face. In fact, you hadn’t even heard the rest of his sentence because with him like this, leaning so close to you, with so much worry on his face, you’d been thinking about how easy it would have been to just lean a little further and close your eyes and…
“Hello? Did you hear what I just said? Y/N, are you ill?” Remus had placed a hand on your forehead and the abrupt contact had pulled you out of your stupor. You’d ignored the look of amusement on James Potter’s face, the hazel of his eye warm and laughing as he’d watched you fawn over his best friend, arms crossed resolutely over his chest.
 “I’m fine,” You’d muttered at long last, smacking Lupin’s hand away from your forehead as you’d gathered your things in haste and ran out of the library, a carelessly improvised ‘I have to go send an owl now’ thrown over your shoulder at the very last minute. 


The memory was embarrassing. So embarrassing in fact that you’d been avoiding Remus Lupin and his friends (your friends, actually) for five days now. There was no use in loitering in the common room anymore. There was no use in hanging about after class to chat, or to wait for Sirius or James or any of them in the courtyard before third period and lunch. No. Not even Lily had been able to sway your decision. She’d listened to your story, and shooed away the blame you’d levelled on her deep into the early hours of the morning.

“You should be thanking me!” She’d grinned, falling onto your bed and poking the tips of your toes as you sat cross-legged, tying your hair for bed. 
You’d kicked back at her and missed.
“For what?! I can barely speak to him now!” You’d covered your face with the palms of your hands, voice blurred by the action. “And he used to be one of my closest friends.”
“He still is!” Lily had said, wrestling your hands away from your face. “Just because you’ve finally realised that he’s not only a smart and friendly boy, but also a very cute one, doesn’t mean you have to give up your entire friendship with him!”
“I’m not trying to!” You’d said, hating the way this was happening. And the whine of your voice. “I just…” You’d sighed, flustered once again by the mere mention of him. “Every time I see him now, I can’t just think of him as ‘my mate, Remus Lupin.’ Now, he’s actually sweet and everything he does just feels… weird and I know I’m being weird, but I can’t help it!”
“You fancy him.”
“I do,” The words came out as a groan. “And that means I have to hide from him for the rest of my life.”

Lily had rolled her eyes, a knowing smile on her lips. But you hadn’t seen that. You were trying not to think about how just a few days ago, James had hexed Remus’s tie to an impossibly knotted mess and he’d turned to you, chatting with Lily in a morning sunshine which was painting the courtyard (and him) all bright and pretty, to fix it for him. He’d said magic wasn’t going to help. And Lily had smirked, her eyes burning into you and your shaky hands and Lupin, sitting dutifully on a bench looking up at you, unwravelling his tie for him. He’d thanked you. You’d smiled back, cheeks flushed and pink, and had turned away from him so quickly that he hadn’t been able to ask you to join him for a quick revision session for Transfiguration that evening. 


“Guys,” Remus Lupin paced a neat figure-8 in the boys dormitory. “Do you think,” He stopped. Chewed the side of his thumb, anxious. Looked for his friends’s eyes, and found them on his face. “I did something to make Y/N angry?”

James laughed, throwing himself off the edge of the top bunk and sending it rattling, just a little, at the shift in weight. From under a heap of duvets and sheets, Peter swore at the movement and James, dipping back to rustle his hair, swore back at him. 
“Padfoot.” He grinned, biting at an apple he’d swiped from dinner that evening. “Do you want to take this one?”
Sirius was finishing an essay, obviously forgotten about until about an hour ago, due for 8am tomorrow morning. 
“She fancies you.” He barely looked up, fingers flying across the paper on the desk in front of him.

Remus frowned, and then laughed, a little breathlessly. He crossed his arms across the button-down of his pjama shirt and waited for a more plausible reason. The summer wind continued to breeze into the room. James munched on his apple, leaning on the edge of the desk as he stared Lupin down with a small, lazy smile on his face. Sirius continued writing, the scrawl of his handwriting evident from the scratches of his quill. Remus glanced at Peter. From the bottom bunk, the boy nodded without a single word.

“Oh, come on!” He groaned, bursting into animation as he ran his fingers through his hair. “Be serious. Y/N Y/L/N does not fancy me.”
“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong.” James took another bite of his apple, fluttering his eyelashes as he spoke with his mouth full. “She’s absirhwiutly enamhihwred vy ybhou.”
Remus raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know what you said but you’re wrong.” He deadpanned.
James swallowed. “She’s absolutely enamoured by you. C’mon.” He rolled his eyes as if this was the simplest conclusion to any situation ever, tossing his apple aside to remove his glasses from his face. He cleaned at a smudge on the right lense with his pjama sleeve. “She’s being all weird with you because she’s realised she likes you.” He raised his glasses to the light, eyes wide whilst inspecting them. “Girls that are your friends who suddenly realise you’re not ugly always panic and end up not knowing what to do around you.”
“How would you know?” Sirius quipped, a smile easing its way into his voice. “It’s not like you have any luck with the ladies.”
Peter hooted.
James glowered, whipping his glasses onto his face with an exuberant amount of annoyance. “Would you piss off? We’re talking about Lupin and Y/N, alright?”
Sirius laughed, victorious in annoying his best friend. 
“As I was saying,” James continued with an irritated shake of his head, “Y/N’s clearly not sure what she feels right now and is acting out because she likes you.”
“Well, she’s not acting out.” Remus clarified. “She’s just ignoring me.”
“Because she’s realised she likes you. You’re not just a guy who’s her friend anymore.” Lupin watched his best friend climb the ladder back to the top bunk and collapse onto the bed. He cast small light spells with his wand as he reclined, one arm cushioning the dark of his head. The picture of nonchalance. “Remember when Y/N had a crush on the Arithmancy subtitute professor last year, and she used to run away when she saw him coming down the corridor? And when me and Sirius orchestrated that entire situation, with the lost book, where she could have spoken to him even though she didn’t take his class, she completely bottled it and never even showed up?”
Remus nodded, though he hated the fact that he knew where this was going. The pink tinge on his cheeks was giving him away.
“That’s you now. You’re her new substitute teacher.”
Lupin said nothing, though James continued on in the background, his voice drifting in volume as he yawned.
“You wait and see.”He muttered softly. “Just you wait and see.”  


It happened like this.

You’d completely forgotten that the courtyard was a no-go zone just like you’d forgotten the Divination essay that was in for this morning. It was a difficult class - one that you hadn’t expected to be so tough. Located on the fifth floor of the east wing, it was enough of a hassle to make the trek from the Gryffindor common room to stand in front of Professor Horne’s room at 8am every morning let alone familiarise yourself with material that simply wasn’t taught in the early years at Hogwarts. Honestly, you’d grumbled to Sirius as you’d exited the tower together, how did they expect you to just keep up with all of this? He’d spotted the tell-tale signs of a stressed Y/N by the loose strands of hair framing your tired face, and the bruises under your eyes. And how you’d clearly forgotten about the distance you’d been paving between him, as friend of Remus John Lupin, in your haste to grumble at a familiar face.

“And the worst part is,” You patted your stomach forlornly, missing the amused smile on Sirius’s face as he steered you into the direction of the courtyard. “I didn’t even eat breakfast this morning.”
“It’s alright,” He smiled his cat-smile, the corners of his lips quirking. “We’ll sneak you something from the kitchens to get you by.”
“Wait.” You felt yourself slow, easing yourself away from the arm Sirius had thrown around you. The courtyard beckoned, sunshine lighting the archway that framed the Gryffindors reclining in there. Remus, James, Peter and a faint little Lily could all be seen from this distance. And Remus, glancing up from the story Peter had been telling, had  noticed you.
“I, um,” You turned, watching Sirius frown as you did so. “I forgot I have to go run an errand… for um… for McGonagall.”
“Y/N, what are you talking about?” Sirius blinked. “We don’t even have McGonagall today. I thought you wanted to get some food?” He tilted his head, delivering his sentences as though they were for a child. “We have to go through the courtyard for that.”
“I’m not hungry anymore.” You snapped, hating the fact that Sirius was following your eyes and how they were fixed on a familiar figure, approaching with a speed that you just wouldn’t be able to match. Now. 
“Suit yourself.” Sirius shrugged, transitioning swiftly into the sharpest of smiles as Remus Lupin appeared at his shoulder. “Lupin!” He grinned. “How nice to see you here!” And at that, he glanced between his friends before leaving them to an awkward, heavy silence.

“Hey.” Remus started, rubbing the back of his neck. He was more than a few inches taller than you, and you took a step back, hating the way his smile had lifted upon seeing your face.
“Hi.” You said back. And then you were thinking of all the times you’d walked with this boy, had laughed with this boy, had caught his eye when someone had said something ridiculous. Your stomach looped around itself.
“So listen,” Remus said with that same quiet chuckle you knew so well, “I was wondering if things are okay with us.”
“Yeah.” He gestured at the space between the pair of you. You ignored the sunlight, hitting his face and drawing out all the different shades in his brown eyes. “Me and you.”
“We’re friends.” You said quickly, watching Remus’s brows knit and unknit as he paid full attention to the encounter. And the way you’d crossed your arms across your chest. And how you were forcing yourself to look him in the eye.
“Well, I know that.” Lupin laughed. You forced your face to stay neutral. “I was wondering if you did, actually.” He smirked, following your move and crossing his arms across his chest, too. 
“Of course I know that.” You muttered irritably.
“Really? I mean, you can’t blame me for being a little confused, right?” Remus peered down at you, teasing at your height without saying a single word about it. “You’ve been avoiding me like I have dragonpox or something.”
“I have not!” You shoved his shoulder away, ignoring the heat spreading to your cheeks. “And thank Merlin you don’t have dragonpox, you idiot.”
He laughed. You frowned. But his grin was warm and just a little shy. You knew it from the way he was glancing at you, waiting for you to smile back, to let him know that you weren’t going to be so far away from him forever. Slowly, you felt the corners of your lips rise, and without a word, the pair of you fell into step. Lupin held onto the strap of his messenger bag, fighting both the grin that was threatening to spill over his face, the tendency to keep glancing over at you, and the warmth he felt in his cheeks. But he was smart enough to know he wasn’t the only one fighting that fight. He knew a little about a lot of things. And one of those things was you. 

anonymous asked:

It breaks my heart a little every time I see someone send you the same messages you make posts about not wanting to receive, such as "update faster" or "when will it be out" along with the same questions already answered 20 times. It's very admirable how sweet you remain despite all this, but while you're a writer, a great one, it that doesn't change the fact that you're still human. You're so much more than just your stories. It'd just be nice to see a little more appreciation for your efforts.

I can’t thank you enough for this message, I’m glad someone understands. I feel like the majority of readers here understand these things and I’m very thankful for you guys. I rarely feel pressured. 

Right now, however, I’m under a lot of pressure because of my master’s thesis, I need to work on it, I need to read and analyze 8 more books and get ready for my exam and do translations, but I also just need to clear my mind sometimes and just do nothing. I love writing! I really do. I try to write whenever I have any free time and I’m updating as fast as I can.

That’s why it’s sometimes upsetting to get these messages, especially when they come right after I update. It takes a long time to write a 10k chapter and it’s kind of disheartening to get messages along the lines of “thanks but WHAT ABOUT THE NEXT CHAPTER”. It’s just discouraging - I know I’ll get the same message when I update again, and again, and again. 

I appreciate every single one of you and I can’t thank you enough for deciding to follow my blog and for interacting with me and sharing my stories with other people and for giving me feedback. I wish I could post a new chapter every day and write whatever you guys want me to and have the same amount of stories for every member out there, but it’s just not possible. Inspiration hits when it hits, and I can’t force myself to write something that I can’t plan out, even if the idea is good. That’s is why I don’t take requests, and why asks like “I know you don’t take requests, BUT” make me want to close my asks. I can’t make an exception for one person because it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else.

So when you send me a request, or ask me to post something earlier because that day works for you, or ask me to change something about the story because that’s what you want to read, or ask me to work on something for your bias, it puts me in a very uncomfortable situation - I have to say no to someone who reads my stories and gives me feedback and supports me, and I feel horrible about ignoring those asks or saying no to you guys. I can’t possibly write everything you want me to and I can’t force myself to write something I don’t have inspiration for. I can’t make exceptions for one person because it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the readers. 

Also, the updates post is there for a reason. If I’m close to finishing a story, I put up a date so you guys know when to expect what and you don’t have to wonder about it. There’s no point in asking about a story that is not on the updates page yet because if I knew more about it, you would know too because I would have posted about it already. 

Thank you for understanding and for being here, I really appreciate you ♡♡♡

oh-nostalgiaa  asked:

I shall ask for ... phone sex or sexting, please and thanks. :0)

Thank you for this!! I just love how this prompts requests give me a chance to challenge myself and this one’s an example of it :””””) An anon also request this, so again, this goes for you too, Anon! Another laywer AU for this one, and set in timeline of my other prompt :* 

Rated E, obviously, also for language.

2. Phone sex or sexting

Jyn shifted in her seat for the fourth time in the last 30 minutes, no longer trying to hide the ceasing attention she displayed to the meeting on hand. Beside her, Raddus was still entertaining the client’s ‘additional questions’ that was clearly out of their current case and should’ve been billed as a new matter. Dipping her head to where her phone lies on her lap, Jyn unlocked the screen and opened her last chat with Cassian. She picked a meme from her gallery, with words written in white: ’I survived another meeting that should have been an email’.

In front of her, the client just made a cheesy joke but Raddus laughed politely anyway. Jyn only glanced up for a moment to gave a small smile before feeling the phone buzzing on her lap.

LOL. With Raddus’ fanboy?

Jyn smiled at Cassian’s nickname for him, though it’s mostly true. Whenever Raddus could not attend meeting and he send her instead, the client would refuse any suggestion that she gave until he heard it came out of Raddus’ mouth. Not to mention he’s that old guy who likes to throw some innuendo jokes followed by a loud pretentious laugh. She send a ‘yes’ and an emoticon, then add a question just out of boredom.

You busy today?

I’m afraid so. Just received an email from Draven that the first draft of the due diligence must be finished today. You?


She added a sad face emoticon then tap the send button. Beside her, Raddus poured his second cup of coffee which means the conversation was still going strong. Jyn let out a quiet sigh, and check for Cassian’s newly arrived reply.

I’d still have time to make a short 'visit’ to your room, though
And maybe we can try another tricks as long as you keep the lights out

Jyn immediately looked around to check whether anyone’s looking at her because she was sure her cheeks had gone red. She typed her response with shaky fingers.

I thought we agree that it was the LAST time we do it in the office?

The noises you made says otherwise

Then, without giving her the chance to think of a better excuse, Cassian continued his sweet torture.

No one’s in the office during that hours anyway
Or I’d hide below your desk, in case someone’s stopping by, and see whether you can keep a straight face while I eat you out
It wouldn’t surprise me that by the time I bring myself there, you’ll already soaking wet

Jyn felt a rush of blood going through her entire body, making her thighs clenched hard as she crossed one on top of the other.

I’ll move my tongue in different positions, all over you
How long do you think you can last by then, Jyn?
I want to hear those noises you made every time I get down on you…
The way you whisper my name and your fingers on my hair…

Her hands absentmindedly went to the mark she knew still visible on her inner thigh. Jyn swallowed hard as the memory of their last intercourse came rushing in, how she only managed to remove threw her shoes to the corner of her bedroom before Cassian backed her to the nearest wall, slowly making his way down until he kneeled in front of her and made her come in no time.

Jyn tapped a few words but deleted it again, finding no idea on how to respond to his messages. Another laugh broke from Raddus and the client, breaking her focus for several seconds and when she looked down to her phone again, another series of replies had appeared.

I’ll drag you down on the floor afterwards
Let you unzip my pants while you’re still breathless, just as you always do
Then I want you to ride me, sink down on me slowly, slowly, slowly…
Your hard nipples would be visible through your shirt by now, and I’ll run my fingers on them until you moan

Oh god

She finally managed to send that short response, and she reached out to the middle of the table to open another small bottle of water before emptying its entire content in one go.

I will make you come again when you’re on top
And then one more as I rammed you from behind
If I pinned you to the window, even with the lights off, do you think anyone will see?

Oh, no, please don’t

The view will be nice, Jyn
Don’t you want to see the skyscrapers while I move slowly in and out of you?
While I caress your hard nipples and suck a bruise to your neck?
I can do that forever
Until you beg me to fuck you harder and faster

Fuck, yes please

By this time Jyn could only hope that whatever question the client was asking Raddus, it would keep them company for long enough, at least until Cassian was done with his game. She’d lost count how many times she had to wet her lips with her tongue, or biting hard on her bottom lips to hold a wail that threatened to slip any time.

How bad will you want to come?

Very much, Cass

Good. Then I’ll start rubbing your clit while I oblige your plead
I want to feel your insides clenched around me until I come too
I’ll say your name to your ear while my other hand squeeze your breast
And we’ll rode it out, wave after wave…
Then I’ll kiss you hard before I return to my room

“Thank you so much for your time, Mr. Soren! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!”

Jyn almost fell when she scrambled up to stand, mimicing Raddus’ sudden move before pushing her hands to shake their client’s. He gave him a weird look, and Jyn realized immediately that she’s still biting her lips, which she quickly altered into her standard polite smile.

It wasn’t until they reach Raddus’ car that Jyn dared herself to open her phone again, ready to send an equally sensual reply when his boss interrupted.

“I’ll leave the new matter from Mr. Soren for you, alright?”

Jyn only blinked, but it’s enough for Raddus to know that she has no idea on what they’re talking about and starts lecturing her on how she should stay focus during a meeting even though it’s out of the topic. She took the chance while Raddus opened his new box of cigarette to send a quick message.

Great, Raddus is roasting me right now.
You’re so going to pay this, Cassian Andor!

The respond she got was a series of emoticons which consisted of a tongue, an eggplant, and a city view, and despite Raddus’ ranting beside her, Jyn managed to let out a sheepish smile.

anonymous asked:

you saying baku's laugh is loud and explosive.... MY HEART IM WEAK TO MY KNEES

I can’t imagine him openly and genuinely laughing in any other way, anon! He’s a boy that demands attention in everything he does haha

Anon said: Do you think if Tamaki ate enough butterflies he could turn himself into a fairy basically?

You mean if he could grow butterfly wings, right? I think he’d only need to eat one tbh!

Anon said: what do you think bout the delinquent kirishima theory

Hmmmmmmmmmmm I like how it’s written out and the general idea behind it isn’t too baseless, and given how everyone who’s got a past in bnha has a sad past one way or another I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were true, but whether or not I think it’s true I still can’t say… might be, might not, I’d prefer it if it weren’t but who knows!

Anon said: what are ur thoughts/beliefs on who the traitor might be? student or teacher? also, ur art is hella cute. u have blessed my life. bless ur soul. the way u draw kirishima and his stupid face is killin me slowly, too precious.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I guess I still haven’t changed my mind about it being Tsukauchi  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Thank you everyone who liked, reblogged, replied to, and boosted our initial post! Thank you for your patience. There was an overwhelming response and we’re happy to say the first wave of active booklrs is up on the blog right here, folks!

So what next?

next we make sure that

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Wonwoo: Cute size

Anon said: “helloooo if its not too difficult for you can i request a boyfriend!wonwoo scenario where oc knit him a scarf and he lets oc put it on for him but she’s too small and struggles abit and he didnt help on purpose and and and then after that!!!! when oc wanna kiss him but he’s too tall and he just teases her and oc can only stand there and give him that puppy eyes and say please :-(( i need fluffy wonwoo now Hhahahhaha”

Word count: 1,604

Summary: For Wonwoo, your height was something beautiful.

Genre: F L U F F

A/N: SDKCNKSDCN I’M DYING HELP WHY WONWOO GOTTA BE LIKE THIS (?) Hope you like it! ^^ I think it’s kind of short but since you wanted it to be ultra fluffy I made it like that c: Also the end, I didn’t knew how to end it but hopefully y’all will like it ^^ 

 -Admin Haruna (& admin Syrup editing, thank u so much!)

You stared out of your window. The snow was slowly gathering on the table that was in your garden and the tree’s leaves had now been replaced with the soft snow. You sighed happily; the scenery was amazing and you didn’t even have to leave your house. 

While you were all comfy in your room, you were finishing the scarf you had been knitting for your boyfriend since some weeks ago; you were planning to give it to him as a Christmas present so you had been working hard on it. You sipped on your hot chocolate and with one more movement of your fingers and hands, the scarf was finished. You turned it around, looking for any flaws on it, but it was perfect.

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YAAALLL (detective work + lil contest)

So i managed to reach over 250 of yall that follow me!! …….why though quq

Anyways, to celebrate this occasion (and the fact that I still don’t understand why any of yall actually like my stupid doodles) I’m gonna do a little something to get you guys more involved than just submitting things to me and waiting like 3 days for me to get to it (my ask box is a war zone im drowning in suggestions yall). 

Basically what I’m doing is holding a little doodle contest and a small detective work thing! But I’m not just gonna have yall do this without a lil something in return, yknow?


and I don’t mean like my regular doodles, I mean as if I was gonna do a commission or a request, like so:

So how do you get art rewards??? Well…

Firstly! I’m usually the one making up doodles to your suggestions yknow? But I’m gonna turn the tables on YALL for a hot second. “But what if I can’t draw?” some may ask, and I don’t care if the best you can do is stick figures, i wanna see how creative yall are!!!! “uummm didnt you make this to draw our suggestions?” …yes good point but I wanna see what yall can do, yknow!!!

For this one, I’m having three prompts for yall to draw (or write if you wanna!) out! I’ll pick two people from this! The first winner will be based on creativity and how well they responded to the prompt!!! Second one will be based on artistic ability/if when i see their style i scream that I want them to murder me with their glorious godly pencil/tablet pen!!! “just give us the prompts already damn” ok fine u killjoy

First prompt! Super sugoi desu kawaii school girl Green Day

Second Prompt! Tré being… well… Tré

Third Prompt! Green Day vs Muse/My Chemical Romance/ or [insert band of your choosing] ((this can be rly funny or rly violent whatever floats ur boat))

✩ to show me ur art, you can either submit it here, or post it and tag it with #drawgreenday250, whatever floats your boat!

Secondly!Detective work” you may ask? “What the fuck kinda sherlock holmes lookin ass scavenger hunt does this raccoon want us to go on??” you may wonder? WELL, this raccoon wants to see how good yall are at picking up context clues and finding out my “””secret identity”””…. I am an enigma wrapped in another enigma shrouded in 3 sideblogs and trash merch…. (also this second one seems like a Bad Idea but at the same time I’ve been watching Internet Historian a lot lately and I’m in a ‘sleuthing mood’ yknow???)

this doesn’t sound fun”/”is this a shitty self promo thing”/”oh shit you watch internet historian too!!!” then don’t do it/no i’m just like legit in the mood for some sherlock type shit i mean have you watched internet historian and how those dudes he talks about took down Shia like so fast??? that is a mood i wanna achieve/HELL YEAH

What do yall do for this?

✩ just find my main blog that’s it it shouldn’t be that hard to find and this should be an easy win if you don’t wanna draw because I understand that motivation and art block are real things even when given prompts/ideas to do but you can’t force yourself to draw because when you do it turns out Not Good and it discourages you from drawing for a while. wait no that’s just me? damn.

✩ but yeah first person to send me an ask on here (not on anon) with my url OR messages me via my main blog gets a drawing and a personalized “u tried star” with benadryl cumbersnatch’s face on it!!!

Those are the two options!! Shitty but this is my first time doing something like this!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaa!!! I keep screaming!!!!!!!!!

Anyways… I keep saying art rewards but what exactly is it again?

Well, the three chosen ones will receive:

✩ actually nice drawings (like the ones pictured above) of any person/character they want! (with a nice simple background). ((If you win srry m8 but no heavy nsfw stuff, i can’t draw furries, and limited to one person in the drawing so I can give u ur art on time))

✩ personalized u tried stars based on the category! (but nice u tried stars. FancyTM ones.)

!!!prompt submissions are due august 5th!!! anything after that won’t be counted!!

but yeah.

that’s it

…I don’t know how to do this properly sorry once more but let me just finish this off by saying that I just really love yall and I wouldn’t’ve gotten to this point without yall and your support of my shitty doodles. Doing these doodles has also really helped me to do more with my art and improve and feel better and it’s really nice to know that there are people that actually like my art and terrible doodles and are just so kind and welcoming and amazing to me. I’ve been on this hellsite for so long but I’ve always felt like an outsider of every single community/fandom I’ve been a part of. I’ve been a fan of green day since I came fresh outta the womb (kidding actually since I was 4) and it just makes me so happy to know that there’s such a kind community for the band that’s helped shape me into who I am today and who I aspire to be in the future. This community feels so inviting and warm and all the people I’ve met, although not many, have just been so sweet and wonderful. sure there will be ups and downs, as it happens in every community, but throughout all the time i’ve been on the internet, the green day community has always remained relatively sweet and kind and I feel like yall are a family to me at this point… I don’t know many of yall or talk to yall but I just want yall to know that I’m proud to be part of this with each and every single one of you. and I’m forever grateful for all that kindness that yall have shown me in the past 3-4 years since I started to get involved in the online community. Thank You all, and i’m gonna cry in my cubicle now quq;;

anonymous asked:

I just realized you drew Amajiki Amarillo in a bullet for my Valentine shirt and I'm dying.

I was listening to them while drawing!! As far as BnHA goes I enjoy listening to that band a lot because their lyrics fit on a lot of characters that otherwise have nothing in common (ie, both Bakugou and Izuku! It’s really interesting) anyway I felt like Mirio could like the band so I gave Jiki the shirt haha

Anon said: Fran, what do you think Bakugou and Uraraka relationship is ? like are they friend, rival, acquaintance or couple ? and what’s your opinion on Bakugou x Uraraka ?

If you’re asking me if I ship it, then nah I don’t - I guess as far as I’m concerned they’re on friendly terms? Uhhhhh liiiiikkkkkeeeeeeeeee it’s not like they particularly like each other, but they don’t dislike each other either? I’d say they have a sorta civil coexistence going on. It’s the same type of relationship Bakugou has with Iida or Tsuyu, I guess. 

Like, she’s friendly towards Bakugou and Bakugou still hasn’t tried to kill her for it, but I wouldn’t count her between Bakugou’s friends-friends? It’s sorta the relationship he has with the half of the class that doesn’t figure between his actual friends or rivals… you see her interact with Bakugou once or twice, but everyone does in the class. Mineta has more iteractions with Bakugou than the whole dekusquad put together but I’d never count him between Bakugou’s friends lmao

Anon said: Ahhhh thank you so much! The manga app I was using said mangahere had dropped bnha when it got licensed, but I downloaded the mangahere app and it’s there ^^. Time for some binge reading!

You’re welcome!! I hope you’ll have fun while at it!! Also an anon sent in this ask “I would recommend the app ZingBox for reading manga. It has one main website it uses, but if what you want doesn’t show, or the copy doesn’t have everything, it has the option to search other sources, plus you can download chapters to to your device, favorite mangas, and it’ll give update alerts” so!! There’s this option too! :D

(thank you other anon for the info, btw!!)

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