also anon im working on that request of yours omg

anonymous asked:

still kinda waiting for all the soul mates au to kinda pop out from everywhere, do you understand that kind of feeling where excitement and eagerness and everything tbh are all mixed together.............. I. CANT. WAIT. OMG IM FLIPPIN' - flashyanon

Admin: AHHH FLASHY ANON HAI THERE. YES SO WE ARE WORKING ON SEOKMIN’S SOULMATE AU AND WE ALSO GOT REQUESTS FOR PART 2 FOR JUN AND JEONGHAN. We have 11 requests rn so it’s a bit hard lol but we’re sooooooo excited too. Should we do something else for the soulmate au’s? Different versions, full on fics, angst versions (Seri and I discussed this, it would legit break your heart Iwanted to cry)? I mean no promises but tysm for all your support!♡♡♡♡

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OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT DRAWING!!!! <3 your art is amazing though, if you want any free south park comission, just ask me! (Sorry, I accidentally clicked anon last time)

aaa, no , thank y o u :DD
im lazy as for drawing smth for myself (especially finishing it) , so requests is the real power that makes me work
and im really glad you liked it !
i dont wanna bother you , but it’ll be nice if you draw cryle or thomas from 1108 ep

(that’s okay, it happens)