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1/2 I think the reason Anders bugs Isabela about mages is because he can sense that she might agree with him. He might also have some basic knowledge about Rivain, so he can make a calculated guess that someone who is Rivaini and loves being free would not approve of mages being oppressed. And he is right, because she doesn't. If you force her to side with the Templars, Isabela makes a sneering comment about killing people for daring to be free.

jesus christ anon I’m sorry you had to see this shit and it ruined your mood, but I’m also glad that I’m entrusted with your hate&ranting. I hope you feel a bit better after venting, I do <3

I don’t even recall what her exact comment on Cullen was (so like, in case anyone feels like asking me, I don’t remember, sorry), but I sleep better with deciding that it never happened. Because if she was to know what kind of a person he is & also how he creeped up on the mage Warden and asked Leliana about her, she’d soak his ramen head into the nearest chamberpot, and this would be the safest scenario for him. She has very little patience for this kind of crap and this is why I love her.

Either way, I very much agree. In fact, Isabela’s open sneering at the Chantry is something I wish we saw a bit often than we did, because her mockery is delicious. As the codex entry on Rivain says, “the Chant of light doesn’t reach these people’s ears”, or something along these lines, so obviously she grew up in an environment very different from Kirkwall, and she doesn’t take the Chantry as an authority never to be questioned. She must have seen real seers in her life, too, who held actual authority back in Rivain and were walking freely, so all the local superstitious bullshit must be…jarring.

In hindsight, it was nice to see characters openly “meh” about the Chantry, I miss that.

I mean, one of my favourite moments is when Elthina answers Hawke’s question about mages living in the former prison, saying that it was “once a horror”, to which Isabela cannot help but reply “was once a horror?”. Obviously, Isabela is a smart person and holds her ear to the ground in terms of what is happening in the city, but it’s also a clear indication that it’s very hard to walk into the Gallows and not see that it’s anything but a prison, and that Elthina speaking of it with such chill would send even Isabela sputtering with confusion.

I can understand Anders’ motives when he keeps pestering her for years on the subject, because he tries to reach out to someone and it feels like he’s beating into closed doors, but with her he must know what that she does hear him, she just has other priorities in her life. I don’t blame her, she’s been on her own for the most part of her life, knowing that either you look out for yourself and know how to survive when left to your own devices, or you get in trouble and probably die. Hawke is the frist person she allows herself to trust fully in years, so I can see why this whole talk about how she simply must get involved with something that is bigger than her own life, prosperity and safety, annoys her and she repeatedly tries to steer clear of it. 

There’s not much mental and emotional ability left to care for other people, even knowing they’re suffering for real and it goes against your beliefs, when your own life is in a very real trouble and you might get killed any day. And it’s the suspence she lives in for years before you finally manage to track Castillon down.

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every time I see you reply to people you're always very kind;; I admire you for that, I also really love your blog I hope youre having a nice day ♥

thank you! really means a lot. I try my best to be kind even to anons who aren’t so nice to me. kill them with kindness.
I hope you have a lovely day as well! ♥


                                          She’s half a wolf, half a lion now

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“Hey there I really like your blog :) Also uh if you’re still taking requests do you think you could do a johnlock one where john (who can’t directly kiss sherlock because of the height difference) pulls sherlock by his scarf and then kisses him please?”

Thank you anon for the fantastic idea I love you and I hope you will see this post specially dedicated for you!

By far this is my new favorite style ʘ‿ʘ


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“You should do some luke gifs because he’s so under-appreciated!” + “Different anon but if you haven’t started your Luke gifset yet, I would love to see one that shows that he’s a great leader with super serious scenes, but at the same time he also has a funnier side.”


Krisyeol Matching Each Other -requested by Anon


Wilson Fisk & James Wesley + text posts

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Please watch some videos on why honey isnt vegan. Not only is it unethical but its also bad for the environment and native bees (the ones that are going extinct and pollinate 2x more flowers n fruit). One by bite sized vegan is good 😕. .. please.

Hey anon! I don’t think you’re going to like my answer to this, but I really do hope you read the whole thing as this issue may not be as black-and-white as you think it is.

I did watch the video you recommended to see if I would learn anything I didn’t already know. The only new information I got was about some beekeepers killing their bees before winter, and upon further research I learned that not all or even most beekeepers do this and it is controversial within the beekeeping community (however, as much as I hate treating animals as expendable, the bees are killed in a largely painless manner).

For clarity I’m going to divide this into two parts. 1) Is beekeeping humane for the honeybees and 2) does keeping honeybees damage native bee populations.

1) Despite what was said in the video it has yet to be concretely scientifically established whether or not insects can feel pain. However as an insect lover myself let’s go forward on the assumption that insects can feel something akin to pain.

Let’s talk about the artificial insemination thing. 1) Artificial insemination is not practiced by all beekeepers. There are only about 5-10 suppliers that practice it in the United States and most queens purchased in the US have not been artificially inseminated. 2) To extract sperm from the male their head and thorax is crushed, which kills them either instantly or very, very quickly. Compare that to natural mating where the male’s penis is ripped from its body and it then dies a much slower and more painful death.

Now let’s talk about “stealing” honey. Captive bees are protected from predators, medicated for disease, and fed extra food if they don’t have enough (a much cushier life than wild bees). The only part of captivity that is stressful to them is when the beekeeper opens the hive to inspect it, which has to be done whether or not the beekeeper takes the honey. In fact taking some of the extra honey to give the bees more space is often necessary whether or not the human is going to eat the honey, because if the bees run out of space they will swarm (which is extremely stressful and detrimental to them). So even if you kept bees without “stealing” their honey you would still have to remove some honey and occasionally open the hive.

What about cutting the wings off of queens? Well, for starters, insects don’t have neurons or ganglia in their wings so it’s doubtful whether this causes them pain. Even if it does cause pain, closely related ant queens tear their own wings off when they start a colony so it’s clearly not a big deal to them. The wings are removed to keep the queen from flying away and the hive from flying after her, which would be even more detrimental to the hive and the queen than the removal of wings.

Beekeepers also rescue feral hives that have swarmed and would otherwise have been killed.

2) Firstly, stopping beekeeping would do nothing to remove the feral honeybees that are already living wild in the United States. In fact without beekeepers there wouldn’t be anyone to rescue those feral colonies and bring them into captivity. Honeybees have been living in the US for 400+ years. They are what are considered a “naturalized” species. This means a non-native species that has been here so long it has basically found a niche in the local ecosystem and would be pretty much impossible to remove (this category also includes Chinese and European praying mantids and earthworms).

There’s an idea out there that all non-native species are evil and destroy the local environment (which is fueled by the fact that some people incorrectly use the terms “invasive” and “non-native” interchangeably), but most of them don’t have much of an impact and a few (like the honeybee) could even be considered beneficial.

Secondly, even if we could get rid of honeybees, there is no evidence that I am aware of that honeybees are hurting native bee populations. They’ve been here for 400+ years so if they are hurting native bees that much wouldn’t all the native bees be gone by now? What’s killing off the native bees is loss of habitat and the use of pesticides, which has nothing to do with honeybees. You know what does cause habitat loss and increased pesticide use? The growing of “vegan” sweeteners like sugar cane, corn (for high fructose corn syrup), agave nectar, and maple syrup.

Thirdly, although native bees are more effective pollinators they have smaller colony sizes than honeybees and can’t be moved around. This means that they couldn’t effectively replace honeybees in our current agricultural system; if farmers stopped using honeybees right now the price of foods pollinated by them would skyrocket. Certainly we should consider adapting our agricultural system to better take advantage of pollination by native bees, but that kind of thing doesn’t happen overnight. There are also some studies to suggest that in years with excessive flower growth there wouldn’t be enough native pollinators to adequately pollinate all the plants, so honeybees actually allow more pollination to take place.

So, while you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I would say this issue is much more complicated then you may have been led to believe. I hope you will consider my points just as I considered those in the video you recommended.


My Favorite Less Known Youtubers:

Jerry / Tyde / Elliot & Owen / Hearty / Carson / Alex

I highly recommend you to check them out and subscribe to their channels because they are all absolutely awesome.

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:0 can you do a tutorial for this edit? Mostly the word search part! Also thanks so much for making such awesome stuff Ily and ur edits /post/129348976012/ikon

How to make this gfx

Ok first you need to know that english is not my first language and i’m really really really bad at explaining things also this is my first time making a tutorial but i’ll try my best so pls bear with me. This is the final result.

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I wish you would write a fic about the conversation that follows "I shot a superior officer in the chest" (Fitz asking why and Jemma explaining well OBVIOUSLY she had to get info on the mission because she wasn't going to just sit around and let Fitz get tortured and Fitz's reaction).

Rated G. Missing moment fic for 1x07. 
(So clearly I couldn’t help myself…. What an awesome suggestion, anon, thank you!)

“I shot a superior officer in the chest.” 

Jemma couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face. 

“With the Night-Night gun!”

Now that she knew she wasn’t going to be court-martialed (thanks to May terrifying Sitwell for reasons she cared not to think about), it had probably been one of the more exciting days of her life. Aside from blowing a hole in the side of this very plane, or being shot at in a temple, or… being infected with an alien virus. No, that hadn’t been so fun, she mused, and pushed the thought to the back of her mind.

The smile on Fitz’s face died a slow death, and far more quickly morphed into horror. He didn’t speak though, mouth working silently as he raised his hands to his hips. “Who?” His voice went all squeaky, and she was faintly amused by his obvious consternation.

“Jasper Sitwell.” Fitz let out a low wheeze and dropped his head back to stare at the ceiling. “But it’s -”

“We’re going to have to change our names.” With that rather dire and hoarse pronouncement, he strode out of the lab. 

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mblogthumb1*phinf*naver*net/20140113_152/impurpler_138962433383436JED_GIF/001_%283%29*gif?type=w2 ❤ P.s it's a gif so I hope it will move

Hey anon! Thank you for bringing me more KD moments. I noticed that, for some reason, bigger gifs doesn’t move, so they get kind of stuck. I hope it doesn’t happen as well. I’ll also take the liberty to add other random moments, just because. But thank you, again.

I’m impressed how people could noticed that well, so they could do a gif and identify them. Good job!

Mama era feat KS cute and fluffy face makes me cry.

When the anon sent that, she put “❤👀”. I’m more like the laughing emoji, tbh, bc JI is just hillarious.

I’ll just put this anon comment: “❤😢”

The funniest thing about this picture is that this is a OSH fansite, but OSH is the person I’m seeing the less in this pic.

Those two gifs will probably stop working so click here and here to see them.

This cute turtle, omg (the gif)

While everyone made a stop, KD is just doing their… Thing… Adjusting… Mics… Touching… Whatevs. (from now on, I choose those random moments)

Ops, he did it again.

JI is a shameless man and I love it just look at his face, wth.

Oh, okay. Male friends that hardly interact anymore do this all the time. I wish I had a friend like him tbh. But oh, they are not even that close as people make them to be!

This angle is a blessing.

I personally love this a lot

And that’s my “see you soon”.

anon:“ If you’re still taking junkers ideas, I was wondering if you could do something like the two of them cuddling/resting together. I would love to see that! Your art is just too cute :)”

first of all thanks so much anon!! hope this is alright, although its kinda sloppy ;; also i still cant draw junkrat properly and it angers me
apologies for not drawing makos tattoos!! hope its still okay <3