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Is there people out there who dislike Ella Enchanted? Like it’s a spoof fairy tale with funny writing and a politically engaged female lead and it’s narrated by one of the Monty Python guys and it ends with a huge musical number in which literally the whole cast is involved and it has Anne Hathaway and a baby faced Hugh Dancy I need more people talking about this film.

Okay I didn’t want to watch the new “Will” tv series, but my boy Kit Marlowe is in it. And also, he and shakespeare kiss at one point so apparently this TV show has been reading my fanfic and basically I have to watch at this point.

if you guys still haven’t seen the movie ‘Colossal’, i HUGELY recommend all of you to do so

also don’t watch any trailer or any wiki page of it. Just dive in just like I did, only knowing it was a ‘sci fi black comedy’.

and oh. my. GODS ?!?!?!? the plot twist come quite quickly and Anne Hathaway HANDLES IT SO WELL!!!?????!

and the amount of allegories is incredible. without any spoiler, and only 30 minutes in, the movie depicted so far:

  • the fact we’re not ourselves when drunk and how we should be careful about what we say and what we do when so
  • drinker issues
  • unhealthy relationships & couples violence
  • moving on after an abusing relationship and rejecting the abuser
  • psychos
  • post-trauma

and i’m not even talking about the pretty impressive visual effects?!?!?

please watch Colossal.


this is amazing and makes every part of my heart happy. it’s also mean because i don’t care that they’re making fun of romantic cliches: i would watch the full-length version of this, why is it so short??

I watched Ella Enchanted tonight for the 1st time in FOREVER and holy shit baby Hughhhhhhhh!!! He looked so soft and fluffy & pure & he made my heart want to burst from my chest…Also, how did Anne Hathaway LIVE with him being so close to her and then professing (albeit Char’s) undying love for her??? I would be a puddle of goo & he looked SO GOOD in that dark blue velvet suit lemme tell you

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we’re watching princess diaries 2 and here are some highlights:
- guy just. pulls a heckin snake out of his suit and i lost it
- chris pine costars but he has weird brown hair
- they make the most random oppurtunity to get julie andrews to sing but i mean i’m not protesting
- lowkey a love triangle but also highkey anne hathaway falls for chris pine while her fiance stands awkwardly in the background
- mia makes her handladies finger gun when they see her instead of curtsy
- she falls on top of people like 7 times and it’s not even romantic

Rachel Getting Married (2008)

Sebastian Stan wants his fucking Zippo now.

This movie follows a family’s drama during the length of a sister’s wedding weekend. Everyone is terrible to each other and Anne Hathaway killed someone through intoxicated negligence. The story line swerves very near poignant in several instances but never quite hits the mark. The characters are flawed, a bit too much so to be believable, and Sebastian Stan is a rehab patient with a penchant for arson.

Sebacting: 9/10

I absolutely believe that he torched the self-help section of the library. He does ‘just a little crazy’ so, so well, and grasps the nuances of tics and neuroses convincingly. He also gets to mock Anne Hathaway which I am simultaneously jealous of and aroused by.

Sebstan presence: 1/10

The good part is that his scene is the opening one of the film. The bad part is that’s all there is.

Is It Worth It?

Mostly. The movie is interesting enough. It’s kind of like watching someone else’s awkward wedding video, which I guess is the point what with the shaky camera angles. For a character based film, this one feels draggy at some points as much as it feels sped up at others. 

But it isn’t The Covenant, so.

Final: 5/10 Sebstans

Scorpio Sun with Libra Moon

“If I feel strongly about anything, I get overwhelmed with emotion.” - Emma Stone

“Everywhere I go, somebody is staring at me, I don’t know if people are staring because they recognize me or because they think I’m a weirdo.” - Leonardo Dicaprio

“I love it when people are able to interpret thoughts and feelings on fabric or some kind of material.” - Anne Hathaway (also Scorpio-Libra)

Scorpio sun natives tend to be reserved yet radiate an authority that makes you want to gamble your soul away just to be an acquaintance of theirs. Libra ‘lunars’ are often wishy-washy in matters of their relationships with those close to them; even strangers they meet on the subway think their lack of eye contact is more than just a typical subway distance. This combo could tell you everything you want to hear but it’ll take more than a few dozen 2 a.m. conversations to know them (you might not ever know them). You’ll get too close, private matters are private matters for them. They’re artists that need to channel their abundance of emotions into something, anything. If they’re interested in you, be ready for quite the story about your affair. The friendships will be full of in-depth conversations but the way this combo speaks makes the conversation almost feel like the most honest of lies. They do what they want and only if they want to. They tend to try to suppress their emotions but it leaks out in their art, a progressive tale of their inner most feelings. One day you’re the most fascinating person to them and the next you’re admired from afar until you’re more of use for their creative process. They know how to open the door into your mind as they leave the padlock hanging, detached. 

Other Scorpio-Libra’s: Michael Clifford (guitarist/singer for 5SOS), Sylvia Plath (poet and novelist), Marie Antoinette (was Queen consort of France)