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let me love you (jefferson x reader x alex)

request : modern au??? angsty stuff !?? ooH basically ur eliza and Alex cheats on u and then u get pissed & break up w him and then go hook up w Jefferson to piss him off but then that becomes a thing and now Alex regrets everything (-anon)

warning : slight smut , angst, cussin, alex cheated so 

a/n : wooo writers block send me more requests. also its not v anon i know who sent this bc she kept on texting me to do it. 

“alex? what the fuck is this?” you choked, throwing your phone at him. Maria had texted you. is this y/n? im so sorry that i had to let you know this way. i just found out you are with alexander… we have been hooking up for about two months. im so so sorry he told me he was single. 

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jeff atkins x reader (request)

anon request: “can I request a fic wherein either jeff or the reader is sick? and the other has to take care of the sick one? thank youu“

warning(s):  just fluff really, some swearing

word count:  2276   lmao i’m sorry i went kinda overboard

a/n: this is my first time writing a request so apologies if it isn’t tip-top, my dudes. i’ve tried to keep jeff in character but idk, i’ve just not had much to base him off so i’m not sure tbh. also, i’d love to hear some opinions/reviews so if you have any, please don’t hesitate to send them my way. 

sorry anon, this took me a while but enjoy ━

requests are open again ppl

it was early saturday morning and you were just stirring awake from your peaceful night of netflix and chill (more like make out and chill) with liberty high’s star baseball player and your boyfriend of a few months, jeffrey atkins. his arm was slung loosely over your midriff, your fingers threaded in his, and you could feel his warm breath fanning the back of your neck from behind. 

you noticed how his muscled front felt a little warmer than usual against your back but you didn’t pay it much thought. jeff was like a sauna and cuddling with him was the equivalent of cuddling a hot water bottle, albeit a giant, soft one that could cuddle you back.

you doubted if there was anything more perfect to wake up to but your satisfaction was washed away when it dawned upon you what was in store for you today– your first interview at a college. and this wasn’t just any college, it was one of the top colleges in the country, not to mention the one you had been working your ass off to get into for the past two/three years. 

you were known to be very clever, a honor roll student at liberty now, but that hadn’t always been the case. getting into this college meant a lot as you had may sceptics, including yourself, to prove wrong. 

with a sigh, you remove jeff’s hand from your body, careful not to wake him, and haul yourself to your feet. deftly slipping your bra on under one of his baseball shirts, which had been borrowed last night after a silly water fight that ensured while doing the dishes together, you headed towards the bathroom to get ready. 

jeff was never getting the shirt back, not while it still smelled like him, anyway. he always complained that you stole his clothes, and you did, but you knew he actually liked seeing you in them. 

returning shortly, fully dressed and prepped for the day, at least physically, you find jeff still fast asleep. you quirk an eyebrow; it was unlike him to stay asleep long after you woke up. hell, it was usually him that woke up first, proceeding to quietly play with your hair or gently stroke your face with the back of his hand while you pretended to be asleep to make the moment last, although you both knew you weren’t. 

“jeff, baby, wake up.” you call out, crossing the room back over to the bed. 

sitting down next to him, you gently rock him back and forth with a hand on his upper arm. “come on, sleeping beauty.”

the only response you receive is incoherent mumbling and with a slight chuckle to yourself, you place your hands on either side of his body and lean down for a good morning kiss. most ‘good morning kisses’ did tend to turn into heated make out sessions with you straddling his hips but, hey, you weren’t complaining.

however, just as your lips were about to meet, jeff quickly turns his head to the side and you end up kissing him on the cheek instead. pulling back, confused, almost hurt even, you cock your head at him with a questioning glance. 

he didn’t want you to kiss him? was he mad at you? why on earth would he be mad?

he shakes his head, seeing the silent question in your eyes. “i think i’m sick y/n and i don’t want you to catch it.” 

when he speaks, it’s in a raspy voice as if getting just those few words was painful. you’re only relieved for a second before it gives away to worry for him. it was the first time either of you had gotten ill while you were dating so you didn’t really know what to do and you could feel yourself starting to panic. 

pressing a hand to his forehead, the first thing your parents always did when you said you weren’t feeling well, you see that he does indeed have a temperature. 

“you’re warm.” you mumble, concern laced in your voice.

it’s quiet for a while before you see determination slip into jeff’s eyes. he moves suddenly, using his bent arms as leverage to hoist himself into a sitting position, almost knocking you off his bed in the process. he quickly grabs you by the waist, pulling you up and steadying you. 

“no, i’ll be fine. go get your things ready, you’re going to be late otherwise.”

he was referring to the interview you had today, and of course he was right, but you didn’t want to leave him when he was like this.

seeing your apprehension, jeff begins, “don’t worry i can still drive you there. i’ll be up in a se—“

“what?” you cut him off.

yes, the plan had been for him to drive you there, as you were yet to get your license, but making him do that when he was ill hadn’t even crossed your mind. in fact, you were rather pissed that he thought that’s what you were worried about.

“jesus christ jeff, how much of a selfish dick do you take me for? of course you aren’t driving me there.” you huffed, angrily. “you aren’t going anywhere today.”

jeff’s lips tug themselves into a weak smile, a smile you knew was meant to reassure you. “i’m fine, y/n. i can drive us there. trust me, i’m good.” 

“oh yeah, sure, and i’m the queen of england.” 

you try push him back down on the bed by his shoulders but to no avail. it looked as if he was going to insist on this one. however, you weren’t about to take any crap from your boyfriend. not today.

“don’t argue with me on this, atkins.” you warn. “lie down, now, because i swear i’ll tie you to the fucking bed if i have to.”

it was unlike you to be this aggressive or harsh, especially with jeff, but if this moron thought he was driving you to an interview in his state, he really didn’t know a thing about you. also the selfless, yet clueless, behaviour was starting to grind on your nerves now and he too must’ve noticed this because he finally relented, laying down on his back.

“hold on, i’ll go get your mum.” you move away from him, leaving the bedroom. 

you don’t hesitate to speak to the woman whom you’ve come to know rather well and, in seconds, she’s in a flurry of concern and worry for her baby boy. she jogs up the stairs to his room with you not far behind, taking the steps two at a time. 

amidst his complains and protests that he was fine, mrs atkins manages to extract enough information from jeff to conclude that he’s probably just got a cold. you’re relieved that it’s nothing serious but you were hopelessly in love with jeff and it made your heart ache seeing him like this. jeff atkins, who normally had boundless energy, trying to put up a strong front in order to not worry you or his mother.

mrs atkins apologises, since she too knows about your interview, but asks nevertheless whether you don’t mind waiting with jeff while she goes out to the pharmacy to get some cold medicine. you agree at once. as much of a deal as that college was, jeff meant, and always would mean, far more to you.

yet jeff being jeff, constantly putting you first, regains his strength enough to argue that you have to go.

“no, she can’t miss her interview, mom.”      

“jeff, for goodness sake, i really don’t care—“ 

he’s the one interrupting you now. “y/n please. you have to go.” he begs. “not that i need anyone to stay with me but since you’re insisting, mom you can stay. i’ll just text clay and ask him to pick up whatever you want for me. he was supposed to tutor me this weekend anyway so he’s probably free.”

that much was true. you weren’t much of an email checker and had only seen the email from the college a few days ago though they’d sent it a while back. when you told jeff about it, he didn’t think twice before asking clay to call a rain check on their tutor sessions so that he could accompany you. you always found yourself doing these things together nowadays. 

mrs atkins seemed convinced. “ok, it seems like we have an alternative so i’ll let you two decide on your own.” she offered you a smile before leaving the room.

once she was gone, you approach his bed and sit down with a small sigh. “i don’t want to leave you, jeff. i feel bad.”

“babe, i’m not upset. i want you to go.” he attempted to reassure you, squeezing one of your hands in his. “i know how much getting in to (insert college name) means to you.”

you weren’t convinced. “you mean more. you’ll always mean more.”

that brought a smile to his face, crinkles forming in the corners of his eyes in affection. “fine. let’s put it this way then.” he began, bringing your hand up to his face to press a kiss to the back of it. “you know i’m going to hate myself if i make you miss that interview.”

he definitely wasn’t kidding there. jeff had the tendency to blame himself for things that weren’t in his power to control, and so weren’t his fault, in the first place. you think for a while before answering. “alright, fine.” you sigh. “i’ll go.”

“thank you.” he smiled. that perfect, toothy smile that always took your breath away. it still amazed you how such a genuinely good person could exist, and even more so how you had managed to make them fall in love with you.

“no, thank you.” you squeeze a hand between his head and the pillow, bringing your head down to press your foreheads together. your other hand was still tightly clutched in his. “you have no idea how much i love you, jeffrey atkins.”

he pecks your nose affectionately, still smiling softly at you. “i love you too, doll, but you’re going to get sick as well if you’re this close to me.”

“i don’t care. sick people need cuddles.”

“i’ll feel bad if you get sick though.”

“and i feel bad that i’m leaving you when you’re like this.” you pause. “you just try to get better now, yeah? i’ll be back as soon as possible.“

“ok, mom.”

“jeff, i’m serious.”

“yeah, yeah, whatever.” he waves you off. “just go smash that interview. score me a home run.”

you couldn’t help but chuckle at the corny use of baseball terminology; jeff was always doing that. shaking your head, you press your lips against his forehead.

“anything for you.”


around three/four hours later and you were back from your interview, jogging down jeff’s driveway to get to his front door. you had taken the bus since no one was there to drive you and as far as you were concerned, the interview had gone pretty well. not that you were too concerned about it in the first place, still agonising about having to leave jeff when he needed you the most. 

you knocked on the door, trying to be quiet, as you guessed that jeff was probably asleep upstairs. your assumptions were confirmed when mrs atkins opened the door, whispering to you that he had fallen asleep not long ago. you also found out from her that clay had come over earlier, bringing along the things from the convenience store that she had asked him to bring.

excusing yourself, you tiptoe up the stairs and open the door to his room, all the while being as quiet as you possibly could be. the sight of your boyfriend, laying on his side, dozing softly, brings a smile to your face. quiet snores fill the room. 

he looks to be in a much better state than you left him in. you carefully slip under the covers beside him, placing a hand on the back of his head to pull him in to your chest. you’ve dozed off, still smiling, before you know it.

you’re in that weird state of consciousness between being asleep and being awake when you feel a hand gently rocking you as a familiar voice repeats your name, over and over. 

you ignore it at first but open your eyes at the persistence of the voice. “y/n? what are you doing?” the voice asks and suddenly, it all comes back to you.

“napping.” you reply simply, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, staring blankly at jeff.

“you’re going to get sick. i told you not to get too close.”

“you’ll have to try a little harder that that if you want to keep me away, babe.”


“plus, you looked adorable, sleeping there like that. how could i resist?”

“you’re not sweet-talking your way out of this.”

“oh, i think i will.” you grinned, pulling him towards you before he could reply so that your bodies were pressed flush against each other. jeff knew you too well to think that anything he could possibly say would dissuade you from cuddling with him right now. 

you heard him sigh in defeat, mumbling something about how much trouble you were. he can’t have been that annoyed though, as he wrapped both arms around your body to draw you close and tangled his legs with yours, burrowing his face into your neck.

“you’re such a handful, i swear.”

“love you too, jeff.”

Hey sweet souls,
Please keep me in your prayers. I’m going through a lot of stuff right now and my anxiety is at an all time high. I’m trying to remind myself that my security and significance is in Christ, but it’s hard to remember sometimes. I also have a great support system (i.e. my parents), and they’ve been a huge source of solace and counsel. Just pray for peace and for trust in God and His plan for my life. Also, please let me know how I can be praying for you! My inbox is always open, so please send me a message or anon if you need prayer or just want to talk!

An Illyrian Lullaby {Nessian}

Nessian with kids was requested by Anon. I always love writing Nessian, and I also love making up their futures with children! So, thank you, Anon, for sending in this prompt and letting my Nessan-trash heart out of it’s cage for a little bit.

Hope y’all enjoy!

- Tara

I had heard that lullaby before.

It was commonly sung among the Fae, especially in the Illyrian villages. As a child, the lullaby was used to sing me to sleep, to calm me down when I got hurt, to remind me that the world was not all pain and bitterness. 

I had no idea how she knew it, how this female who was once a human from the other side of the wall had perfected the sweet, simple song. I wasn’t about to ask. If I were to mention it, she would never sing it again. So, I sat outside the nursery, and I listened.

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Title: Our First Night

anonymous requested: Could you do a request for a girl who is around 19-20, dark blue eyes, pale skin, and dark brunette hair who is like innocent looking but actually has a really dirty and witty sense of humor. And Negan kind of falls in love with her? Could her name be Lara? And could it involve smut? Like dirty sex haha with anal and him talking really dirty before the sex and then during? 💓 💜

Character(s): Negan and Lara (original female character)
Summary: Lara has a big crush on the leader of the Sanctuary, Negan. Tonight, though, she finds out just exactly how mutual the feelings are.
Word Count: 2,904
Warning: SMUT! Honestly, dirty af smut! Significant age difference and anal! So, beware if you are not into that sort of thing! 
Author’s Note: Thank you to the anon who sent me this! And also, thank you so very much for including some features so I can picture the girl and include it in the story! Whoever sent this request in, I hope it meets your standards and that I executed your idea well! Thank you again for sending it in! Enjoy! :-)

(GIF Source: @justnegan)

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Justin Foley (request(2))

anon asked for an imagine where the reader accidentally touches Justin’s bratwurst (10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU) while trying to get her pencil back from him and smut pllss

Alright, like I said before, smut is not my strong suit, but I will try my best to do it.Hopefully I am not so shit as I think I am at it. 


Projects were the bane of your existence. If there were any people in the world who actually liked doing making things for Physics, they were absolutely psychotic, you concluded.You hated it with a passion. Now maybe it was because the minute that complicated formulas and math problems came into science you started to severely failing your classes, but if there was anything worse than doing a project on it’s own, it was being paired with your boyfriend, Justin Foley. Normal people would rejoice if they got partnered with their significant other, but since you knew that Justin was not the type to focus and actually help his partners during a project, you were absolutely angered. Especially since you two were dating, because the chances of him acting up were one hundred percent positive. 

You were exactly right. And it did not help at all that you enjoyed being in Justin’s company, because you were getting distracted as well. A little more agitated than anything though. 

“Come on, Justin.” You sighed when he snatched your pencil from your hands, lifting up your goggles. “I have to write down these lab reports. Mr. Hall will be on my ass if we don’t get them down.” 

You noticed that everyone was beginning to put away, snapping off their latex gloves and cleaning their stations. You looked at Justin with your eyebrows raised and he just grinned, placing the pencil in his pocket. 

“For a kiss it is all yours.” He smirked, taking his goggles off. 

“Justin we’re in class, please the bell is about to ring, let me write the reports.” You sighed. 

He just shrugged and began to slowly take off his lab coat, the smug smirk still playing on his features. You groaned and launched yourself at him, grabbing roughly at the place where you thought the pencil was, causing Justin to jump and suck in a breath. 

“Y/N, that is not your pencil!” Justin hissed, suddenly going red in the face. 

This time you grinned and then squeezed harder, before moving your hand into his pocket and grabbing your pencil. You moved away from Justin and bent over the table, writing down all of the reports. You felt someone extremely close to your backside as you finished the last bit of calculations, and you snorted when you saw Justin still tomato faced and covering the front of his pants. 

“What’s up now, Justin?” You smirked this time, gathering the lab equipment. He narrowed his eyes at you and picked up one hand, pointing a finger at you just as the bell rang. 

“You can’t do that, Y/N!” Justin growled, following very closely behind you as the teacher went to monitor the halls. You two were the last ones in the class, everyone else had been done and gone right when the bell rang. 

“Do what, Justin?” You feigned innocence, knowing that what you had done was only to get him off your ass. Maybe it hadn’t been the best plan. At least the reports were done. 

“You know exactly what you did, Y/N.” Justin said, helping you to wipe down your lab table. He burrowed his head deep into the side of your neck when you were close to him, his voice deep and needy. “Grabbing me and then bending over the table. That lab coat doesn’t hide the fact that those jeans hug your ass, baby.” 

You shuddered and then let out a laugh, removing your own lab coat and goggles before grabbing your backpack. You grabbed the collar of his letterman and brought him forward, kissing him before bringing his ear to your lips, nibbling on the soft skin of his earlobe. 

“Maybe,” You whispered lowly, letting your tongue make an appearance. “that’s what you get for being an absolute asshole and making me late for my next class.” 

You pushed him away and started to walk outside of the lab room, waving to Mr. Hall from his post and going in the direction of your next class. In all honesty seeing Justin so hot and bothered had begun to get you a little warm, since there was definitely a lot to hide in those jeans of his. You were just glad that it was not so obvious on you than it was on him. 

There were loud footsteps behind you as the crowds began to thin, signalling that you were indeed going to be late to your next class. You groaned and cursed Justin, just as you rounded the corner of an empty hall. Well, almost empty. There was one of the jocks at the end of the hallway, the one that you identified as Jeff. 

“Hey, Y/N!” He called out, smiling and waving. 

“Hey Jeff!” You smiled back. 

There were loud footsteps behind you before Jeff was snorting into his hand. “Hey, Justin! Nice to know that you make sure Y/N knows she looks good.” 

Jeff laughed out loud before entering a class at the end of the hallway, shaking his head. You turned to see that Justin had dropped his bag and was slowly picking things up, his little friend not completely hidden from view. You sighed and went to help him, squatting down and picking up his books. 

“You know what they say, Y/N,” Justin said when he looked up, stuffing his pens in his bag.You looked up at him and he licked his lips, his eyes darting your own. “If you’re already late might as well be hella late.” 

You sighed, pulling yourself up and handing him his books. Well, book and journals. You placed a hand on his shoulder and looked over his shoulder quickly. “No, Justin. I think it’s why bother going at all.” 

You grabbed Justin’s hand, knowing that he wasn’t expecting it, dragging him to the nearest closet and shoving him in. You made sure the coast was clear before locking the door behind you and turning to face Justin. He was breathing hard, his back pressed up against a bookshelf of cleaning supplies, his bag thrown at the other end of the closet carelessly. 

“Oh, fuck, Y/N you’re-” 

You shut him up, not wanting him to say anything, pressing your lips to his and latching your fists into the collar of his letterman. His hands grabbed roughly onto the material of your shirt, bringing it up and exposing your skin. His teeth grazed your bottom lip as your hands slowly moved to his hair, low noises coming from the back of his throat. You knew this was wrong and that there was a chance of getting caught and that’s what made your heart pump faster as you slowly inched your tongue into his mouth. 

“Fuck, Justin, take this shit off.” You breathed after a few moments, yanking at his thick jacket. He pulled away and threw it to the ground, grabbing you by the ass this time and forcing you to jump and wrap your legs around his waist. 

You could feel his hard on through his pants, and you teasingly let one hand glide down and rub harshly at it, causing his hips to buck into your palms as a low growl escaped him. One of his other hands moved from your ass to the front of your shirt, and he groped at your boob through your bra. You let out a low moan as he pinned you against the wall, pulling your mouth from his to catch your breath. He placed his hot mouth on the skin of your neck the moment your lips left his, wet, sloppy kisses trailing from your jaw to the crook of your neck. You could literally feel the hickeys forming, his nibbling teeth and tongue making your neck wet and bruised. Eventually he was ready to kiss you again, and you took the time you two were separated slightly to remove your shirt, revealing the pink, lacy bra that you had on underneath. Justin stared at it for a second in awe before pushing your more forcefully up against the wall his erection pressing into your clothed heat. You palmed him through his pants as he attacked your neck once more, the other hand going to his hair and tugging at the roots of it. Justin let a loud moan out, his pink lips opening and staying still for a second as he relished in the feeling. He pulled back, panting, before removing his own shirt, his need evident in his hurry. 

“Fuck, I don’t know how you always manage to get me harder and harder each day.” Justin said to you once he was connected to you again, his mouth only inches apart from yours, his eyes looking directly into your own. 

“Just fuck me already, Justin.” 

Justin placed his mouth on yours and let his tongue slide into it, one hand placed next to your head on the wall, the other occupied with the job of unbuttoning your jeans. You grabbed at his cheeks and bit his bottom lip slightly, before giving him another long, passionate kiss. He finally pulled your pants down and let you down so you could remove them completely as he took off his own. 

“Jesus Christ, did you grow, Justin?” You teased him breathlessly, and he looked down as if to check. When he realized what you said he rolled his eyes and charged forward, grabbing your sides and lifting you up once more. 

“I love you, Y/N.” Justin said as he unclipped your bra, sending it falling to the floor. “I love your body, but I love you more.” 

You smiled and brought his lips to yours, his hard (also long, lets be honest) erection pressing into your inner thigh. “Just fucking fuck me, Justin. I love you too.” 


as always, this is unedited, so go away h8ers i am giving a disclaimer 

OKAY so i’ve concluded that i can do kind of smutty things, so you can request kind of smutty imagines but i just can’t do the whole weenie in the hot dog bun part. It’s just because writing it makes me feel like such a sinner. I had church today, you know. 

anonymous asked:

Please draw more Utena and/or Anthy!!! <3

anon i am travelling but here have a sketch!!! maybe ask me again when i have my tablet on hand and i will fulfill your wishes more thoroughly 👀👀👀

pls talk to me about my 900000 utena aus including one where preppy utena falls for witchy spooky anthy 

Prompt: “Let’s just pretend. Just for tonight.”

You weren’t really sure how it happened the first time; or the second or third time. All you knew was that you liked it, a lot. But you also hated it. You hated sleeping with your best friend, spending countless hours wrapped up in his fluffy white sheets. You hated knowing that he would go out the next night, party it up, and possibly bring a girl home. You hated knowing that Harry didn’t love you the way you loved him. You’d known him for years, him always being your go-to person for any and everything. Even a romp in the sheets. Your feelings for him developed quickly after a drunken hook-up on the night of your birthday. The drinks and Harrys beautiful green eyes clouded your thinking. He kissed your neck grabbed your hips and lead you to his bedroom. And thats when you fell for him. Watching Harry bring home girl after girl night after night got old. You were tired of having your heart broken over and over by the man who didn’t even know you loved him. And time and time again, he’d come back to you, telling you how much he’s missed you. No one knew. It was as if you were his dirty little secret. Of course it was no secret that you were the best of friends, but no one knew what you had been doing behind closed doors, and certainly no one knew you were madly in love with Harry. So you did the only thing you knew how - avoid Harry like you’d avoid the plague. You had always accused people who ran from their feelings of being stupid and delusional. But each and every time you laid eyes on Harrys tall frame and dimpled grin, you fell more and more in love with him. Avoiding him was the only option. But Harry soon figured out that you were actively ignoring him, making ignoring him even harder. He called you, texted you, e-mailed you, direct messaged you and else. And after about a week or so, you guess he gave up. He hadn’t tried to contact you, at all. And you were finally overcoming your feelings for him, until you opened the door for him, thinking he was the thai food you ordered. He didn’t look so good. His once tan skin was pale and his eyes puffy and wet with tears. You didn’t say anything, but moved aside to let him in. He sat on your couch, rocking back and fourth, looking at the ground.

“Tell me what I did.” 

“Its not what you did..its what you didn’t.” 

There was a silence in the room that could only be described as painful. You went over to him, sitting beside him and he looked over at you with a nervous face. 

“What…?” he asked you, taking his hands from his face. You didn’t know what to say to him. All you did was press your lips to his in a sweet kiss. 

“You didn’t realize that I love you. But thats not your fault.” you said to him, swinging a leg on the other side of his hip to straddle him. “So lets just pretend. Just for tonight that you love me the way I’ve loved you for so long.”  You began to kiss down his neck, but you were stopped in your tracks when he said,

“We don’t have to pretend. I’ve loved you for longer than I can even remember. I never said anything because i didn’t want to scare you off. You’ve said multiple times that you don’t ever see yourself in a serious relationship. So I kept it to myself. But all those nights we spent together…I was making love to you. It was the only chance I had to express how I felt for you without using words. All those other girls, they meant nothing to me. I was simply trying to take my mind off of you. But I’m here now. We love each other, and thats all we need.”  

(requested by: @blueeyedsoulme )


Anon requested:  Tony stark x little sister reader where she moves in to the tower to escape from a horrible relationship. Tony asks Bucky to teach her self defense and they end up getting close. He takes her out on a date and they run into her ex. But he sees her with Bucky and gets totally intimidated.

A/N: Thanks for this request! I love it! You can continue sending me requests about whatever you want guys! They’re welcome! I hope you all like this. Also, I wanted to mention that I’ve assumed that “horrible” meant abusive, so I just wanted to portrait one of the infinite types of sequels. 

Words: 2,384.

Warnings: Violence, Angst, Mention of physical abuse, Language, Anxiety, Fluff. 

Originally posted by readytocomply

“It’s fine, Y/N” Tony said as he grabbed your hand and squeezing it. You suppressed your intention of move it away and nodded, following your brother to the lift, carrying your suitcase.

The doors closed and the lift started to move to the upper floors of the Stark Tower where the Avengers had their apartments. The atmosphere was asfixiating and you felt those familiar symptoms of anxiety. You closed your eyes and started to count to five, synchronising your breathing with it.

“Y/N?” You opened them as your heart pounded against your chest as if it wanted to escape, watching as Tony was observing you with a worried face. “Are you okay? I was talking to you”

“Yeah, yeah…I’m fine”

But he knew you weren’t.

It had been hard for you two. Tony had spent the last two years looking for you, using JARVIS, calling Pepper and even Steve helped him. But you had just disappeared. 

It was a few days ago when you contacted him, crying and shouting that he would kill you. That you were safe but you didn’t know how long. Tony had gone with Steve and Sam just in case to the address you had given to him and had found you sitting on the floor, crying and with a black eye. 

He packed your belongings and when your boyfriend came back, he found you surrounded by a suitcase and Iron Man by your side. Tony said that he would pick the rest of your things the following day and that he should stay away from him.

“We have a Hulk” He had warned him. 

And you left. You were free again.

Free in a world that frightened you. You had spent too much time under his control. Your self-steem was destroyed and Tony knew you’d need time to recover yourself. And he was fine with it. He’d help you.

You were home again.

“So you won him again huh?” Steve smirked as Sam huffed, staring at Bucky, who was preparing himself a sandwich with his lips curved in a grin. 

They continued talking as Tony entered the kitchen, making all of them to turn their heads. Bucky tensed and looked at him before going on, trying to disappear from his view. 

After the Civil War, Tony and Bucky had been trying to erase their differences even though it was difficult. Steve was hurt watching his two friends like that, but at least they didn’t try to kill each other.

“Keep calm, Frosty. I’m here to mediate a truce” Bucky frowned and looked at Steve who shrugged and left with Sam. Tony sighed and sat on one of the stool near the kitchen island. He interlaced his fingers and raised his head, staring at Bucky. “I need your help”

“What’s going on?” Bucky replied with a neutral voice. He didn’t want to be rude to Tony as he seemed truly helpless. 

“It’s my sister. She arrived a few days ago to the Tower” Bucky nodded. He remembered the girl he had met at that time. She was terrified, looking at the ground as she was introduced to the team. The girl had greeted all of them and had disappeared to the room Tony had given to her. “She hasn’t left the room and…I need you”

“Why me?”

“I thought that you could teach her self-defense. She…uhm…”Tony bit his lip as he tried to find a way to express himself. “She had a relationship with a piece of shit” Bucky raised his eyebrow at Tony’s frankness but didn’t say anything. It was none of his business. “I think training could be good for her. She would feel confident and her self-steem would improve”

Bucky took a deep breath and looked at the floor, feeling Tony’s gaze on him. After several minutes he raised his head and smiled at him.

“I’ll do”

You sighed and rolled on your bed, feeling the sheets around your thinner body. You didn’t eat as much as Tony would like but he was okay with watching eating at least something. 

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hamilsquad hcs, pt. 2;

Okay okay idk if request are open for HC or anything but can I get some more HC for Poly!Hamilsquad?? I friggen love you btw💜

boss’ memo : HCs are still open / will be open for a while!! i don’t close ‘em unless i have 20 in the inbox! and how could i resist someone confessin’ their love for me? ilu too, anon friend !!!! <3 also!! if you guys have any hcs, you can send them to me as asks and i might write something about ‘em ! you can also ask me to expand on some hcs in the form of fics !

  • how you won their hearts, a guide:
    • you’re with john laurens, first. you approach him after he gets in a scuffle, offering to help patch him up. it’s a slow romance–with the two of you going from friends to best friends to rivals and back again and during a moment of tension, he announces his feelings for you !! he thinks you’re sometimes too reckless, but so is he, and the two of you gotta stick together!! (he later informs you that he’s in a polyam relationship, and offers to introduce you to his partners. you take it all better than he thinks you would’ve!)
    • and so, hamilton falls in love with you because don’t think he didn’t notice your eyes darting to watch him work. don’t think he didn’t notice you bring him something to drink. don’t think he didn’t notice you doting over him, telling him to go to bed, bringing him a blanket, turning the lights off… he may be exhausted, but don’t think he didn’t notice–oh. how cute you are. whoa. oooh, you’re adorable!! especially when you notice he’s looking at you! welp, now he’s got the urge to write about you and well, here he goes!! that’s two pages now! he doesn’t waste much time in confessing to you !!
    • hercules has been trying to get with you since day one, as he realizes that if two of his partners adore you, then clearly, you’re something special ! he pulls out all the stops, realizes that you have the most amazing smile, makes a fool of himself just to see it–brings you gifts, slowly eases you into being comfortable with his touch. he works it up until he can surprise you with kisses. you wake up in bed with hercules one morning, around two am. you sit up at the same time he does and the two of you only have to squint at each other in the darkness for a few moments before he mumbles, “… uh, this okay with you?”. you nod, and he kisses you before pulling you into bed with him for more nap time and cuddling. he falls in love with the way you cuddle into his chest and smile into his neck. he understands now !! alex and john grin when they see you wearing his shirt.
    • lafayette takes a bit to come around, but not because he dislikes you or is wary, no–as a matter of fact, the two of you end up being pretty close friends! but for a while, that’s all it is… and your other three partners insist that lafayette adores you, insist that he tells them his feelings. you only realize lafayette likes you until hercules has enough and gestures for you to confess to each other before leaving the room (not without a pointed look at both of you). in a release of nervous energy, lafayette ends up kissing you instead of saying anything. you end up having to confess between desperate kisses–he’s too embarrassed to say anything at his lack of self control.
  • (modern AU) the group chat name changes every single week, but it stayed as “the heterosexual agenda” for the longest time
    • in john’s phone, your name is “the salty one”
      • (you have argued that you are, in fact, the spicy one and not the salty one. he refuses to change it)
      • he types,,,, like,,, kinda how i type this??? he lets the grammar be,, types fast and sometimes misspells things,, doesn’t care much for it
      • things are bad if he types in one word sentences
    • in lafayette’s phone, your name is “(pink heart) Protect Them (red heart)”
      • (lafayette is pure and loves you very much)
      • he capitalizes Important Words and otherwise doesn’t use punctuation
      • things are bad when he types in all lowercase
    • in hercules’ phone, your name is “small jelly bean”
      • (you’re smaller than him and you’re sweet)
      • he types in all lowercase, and uses mostly perfect punctuation and grammar, just doesn’t use any periods at the ends of his sentences unless he’s Upset
      • things are bad if he just responds with “…”
    • in alexander’s phone, your name is “LOO K AT MY PA RT NER”
      • (i need not explain)
      • he types in all caps, minimal punctuation, semi-coherent grammar,, you can kind of understand him. kinda. he quadruple texts.
      • things are bad if he types in perfect grammar…. or in one word sentences.

Satan the Bully

gif is not mine

Title: Satan the Bully

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Gabriel

Word Count: 905

Warnings: Lucifer being a bully >:( and slight fluff

A/N: I have to admit, this one was hard to write. I’m not a bully and I don’t like to be rude at all, so forgive me if this lacks in the bullying department. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! *ALSO DON’T BE A BULLY. I WILL SEND LUCIFER HIMSELF AFTER YOU* This was also requested by an anon!

When you first found out that you were Lucifer’s soul mate, you were excited to say the least.  Those feelings quickly faded once you started to hang around Lucifer more often.  He was rude towards you since the day he met you.  He said hurtful things and never apologized once for them.  Sam and Dean were starting to get fed up with how Lucifer treated you.  They always made sure you were okay after a day of being with Lucifer.

Lately Lucifer had been getting worse about bullying you, but you were still willing to trying and be with Lucifer.  It wasn’t like you could leave him.  You loved him and you were sure he loved you.  There were still some things about being soul mates you weren’t sure of.

The fallen archangel leaned his back against the table, watching you read a book about witchcraft.  “That’s the wrong book [Y/N],” Lucifer noted, aggravation evident in his voice.  “Why can’t you do anything right?  How are you supposed to help Sam and Dean when you can’t even research the right book?”

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Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include...

Originally posted by riverdale-slut

Request: “Could you please do a ‘Dating Would Include’ for Reggie Mantle? Thanks a lot!”

Requested by: Anonymous

Requests are: Open

(I do NOT own the gif)

Note From Author: Thank you so much for giving me my first request, Anon! Also, thank you for requesting Reggie Mantle. Ross Butler, and this character, gives me life, so I was super excited to see you send me this! I hope you enjoy and please feel free to request any time you want! :)


  • Stealing his letterman jacket.
  • Supporting him at all of his football games.
  • Going to Pop’s every day after practice and sharing a milkshake. 
  • Makeout sessions.
  • Everywhere.
  • Getting into a fight whenever he picks on Jughead.
  • Back hugs.
  • Your best friend Archie not liking that you and Reggie are dating.
  • But he eventually gets over it after seeing that the two of you actually have feelings for one another. 
  • Almost breaking up after you see his name in the playbook.
  • But he swears that he’s changed, so you give him another chance. 
  • Him being over protective, especially when his friends jokingly hit on you.
  • Him getting in trouble at practice because he gets distracted by you.
  • A lot. 
  • Everyone really liking the two of you together.
  • “What’s your ship name? Can I make you guys a ship name?”
  • “Kevin, you are literally the last person I would ever let make us a ship name.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Bughead? Seriously?”
  • Being way shorter than him and relishing in the height difference.
  • Especially whenever he wraps his arms around you and pulls you into a hug.
  • You can hear his heart beat, loud and strong, and it’s like to music to your ear.
  • Instantly being put in a good mood the moment he looks at you with his adorable gummy smile.
  • Feeling really happy and proud when you realize that Reggie has changed and that he’s truly becoming the amazing person that you always knew he was.

TAG LIST (Please let me know if you would like the be a part of the tag list for whenever I post new imagines, whether it be all of them or for a specific character): @crazyrabbitslaughing


Not Mine :)

Prompt Submitted by Anon: Hi! I love your blog can you please make a Peter Parker one shot where the reader is Peter’s girlfriend and get upset by all of Peter’s lies involving Spiderman. 

Here ya go love, I hope you enjoy. The ending was a bit rushed, but I just wanted to get this out before I threw it in the ‘come back later’ folder. Also, requests are open, so if you have any ideas you want me to write about send me a message!

You silently walk through the hallways of your high school determined to get to your locker with minimal eye contact. The giggles of students filled the busy corridor, groups of friends enjoying the little time they had before another hour of hell began. With each bump, you took the annoyance boiling within increased ten fold. Your English teacher had given you another F and to make matters worst your boyfriend Peter had once again missed his first period and has yet to show. This was the eighth time this month, and with every attempt to get an explanation you were met with a kiss on the cheek followed by “don’t worry about it love.”

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some more anon replies, again under the readmore, cos u all are good & sweet

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