also an adult female

Meet the Red Queen of Palenque. She lived around the time of the city’s greatest grandeur under K’inich Janaab’ Pakal I (King Pakal the Great) in the 600s CE. When she died she was between 50 and 60 years old, and stood a little over 5 feet tall. In her lifetime she must have been important. The lavish tomb she was buried in, at the heart of Temple XIII, is evidence of her high status and high respect.

Her tomb was found sealed by a wall in a corridor inside Temple XIII. When archaeologists removed the stones blocking the passage, they found first the body of a male between 11 and 12. Just beyond him was also an adult female roughly in her thirties. Both bore signs of fatal injuries – sacrificed to accompany the Red Queen on her journey to the afterlife.

Then there is the woman herself, buried in a sarcophagus made of a single block of heavy limestone. Inside, surrounded by lavish grave goods, she wears an intricate mask of malachite and a jade tiara. Everything in the grave’s interior, the mask, the body, the jewel-encrusted treasures, were covered in powdered cinnabar. That’s the common term for poisonous mercuric sulfide. Besides being toxic, mercuric sulfide has a bright red color which we know was a popular color with the ancient Maya. As the tomb’s occupant decomposed her very bones were stained red. Researchers still do not know why the sarcophagus’ interior was liberally coated with a poisonous red powder. But it gave the elite inhabitant her nickname: the Red Queen.


#elfweek day 2: favourite female elf

I have walked there sometimes, beyond the forest and up into the night. I have seen the world fall away and the white light forever fill the air.


favorite platonic relationship (hp) » harry & hermione (asked by yellowbreezes)


Just a simple edit of @deedee-sims‘s conversion of Max’s Bag from Life is Strange.  I removed the “decorations” on the bag. Initially, I thought I could just alpha edit them out, but no, so I made a “new” mesh.  It should not conflict with DeeDee’s conversion.

It comes in 8 colors.
It is for Adult Females.

I also added a deco version of the bag.
It can be found in Decorative -> Sculptures.
And is $0.



@deedee-sims and Life is Strange

Profile: Dr. Josef Mengele

One of Adolf Hitler’s most insidious goals was his Final Solution: genocide, the killing of all jews in Europe and inevitably throughout the world. Genocide involves people killing large numbers of victims while at the same time remaining emotionally detached from the operation. Special techniques were routinely used to neutralise any guilt associated with the wholesale slaughter of humans. Large rations of alcohol were distributed regularly to many executioners; they were also provided with better food and housing than their peers. To professionalise this killing, special terminology, such as human material and subjects were used to identify intended victims.

Physicians usually supervised the incoming trains at the death camps such as Auschwitz and Treblinka. Their job was to identify which prisoners would or would not be immediately sent to the gas chambers. For some of the doctors this was a very stressful task that evoked severe anxiety. This was not true of Dr. Josef Mengele; he regularly volunteered for selection duty. At 32 Dr. Mengele was an aspiring geneticist who held a passion for fame and notoriety. Disturbed by the lack of warmth between him and his parents, Mengele was determined to raise himself up in their eyes through a successful career in medicine, He easily accepted the Nazi philosophy that it was possible through selection, refinement, and genetic engineering to create the ultimate ‘pure’ race. At the camps he had an endless supply of human material on which to experiment. Those who were not deemed fit for experimentation were usually gassed and cremated shortly after their arrival at the camps, except those prisoners who were forced into labor.

Mengele set himself apart from from the other physicians and soon became known as the most feared man in Auschwitz. His 'experiments’ turned out to be ruthless, diabolical acts of torture that nearly always ended in death. Unlike many who simply followed his orders, Mengele understood his work with a passion. Witnesses reported having seen his laboratory lined with pairs of eyes from his experiments on dozens of victims. His obsession was to conduct comparative research on children, especially twins. he was constantly in search of identical twins. He often performed surgery on the children without anaesthetics. In one case he took two children, one of them a hunchback, and surgically sewed them together.

In one instance he had a hunchback father and his 15 year old son, who had a deformed foot, executed. He then had all the felsh boiled off their frames and bleached their skeletons before displaying the victims’ bones for his colleagues to see. He also ordered several adults female prisoners to be shot and their breasts and muscles from their thighs extracted to be used as 'cultivating material’ for future experiments. Mengele was reported to have jumped on pregnant woman’s stomachs until the foetuses were expelled and even dissected a 1 year old child while it was still alive. 


The Alpine ibex (Capra ibex), also known as the steinbock or bouquetin, is a species of wild goat that lives in the mountains of the European Alps. It is a sexually dimorphic species with larger males who carry larger, curved horns. The coat colour is typically brownish grey. Alpine ibex tend to live in steep, rough terrain above the snow line. They are also social, although adult males and females segregate for most of the year, coming together only to mate.

Aren’t you kinda implying that it is, in a way, women’s fault for having a female body [that is not one with a penis] when you claim that the definition is not inclusive of “all women” ? 

Let me try to explain my thoughts. The phrasing “not all women have vaginas” could be translated to : “the widely commonly accepted definition of a woman’s body is not inclusive of transwomen (males)….” but for the majority who believe that being women means having a female body, it also implies “…therefore a woman herself (who is an adult female), is not inclusive, by her own existence.”

 I mean considering I see everyday, TW showering themselves in compliments while putting other women down by claiming they are “more women than cis women” or “have a better understanding of what a woman is”, I guess I shouldn’t be suprised ! It’s not even inclusive at this point for these sociopathic characters, it’s complete erasure.

Appart from this, why do you need to change the definition, that is a reality for the vast majority of the world, to please a minority that does not even face opression based on their sexual reproductive possibilities ? You are literally offending most women and little girls ? Especially outside the Western world. And we should be accepting ?

And again, why is it your place to redefine our reality, that you don’t even experience anyway ? Double offense.

just a doodle of three Frisks (male, adrogynous/nonbinary/etc., and female in order) and a bonus Temmie :3c

Favorite Disney Princess Recommendations

Based on a post I saw by Barnes and Nobles, I decided I’d do book recommendations based on your favorite Disney Princess! The post by B&N only included, like, six princesses and there are so many awesome lead females so I included a lot of Disney female leads in the princess category (17 Disney ladies, total!) Also, warning, most of these are fantasy books because most of the Disney ladies come from fantasy and fairy tales.

Snow White: Snow White was the first Disney Princess and very “traditional” in design. I looked for interesting retellings that spiced up the original story, like Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis which has a Sci-Fi twist (and an excellent cover) and Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi which deals with race and family in the early 1950s.

Cinderella: Did you know that the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas was originally inspired by Cinderella, despite the series going in a decidedly different direction? Well it was, and I love that a simple fairy tale inspired an intense high fantasy series. Cinderella is also the inspiration for The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer which is a sweeping and beautiful Science Fiction series that utilizes several fairy tale stories with kick-ass heroines and amazing plot lines that weave together for an epic saga.

Aurora: For the lovely Sleeping Beauty, I picked two books that have a focus on curses. First, Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. But wait, you cry, that’s a Cinderella retelling! Yes, yes it is. But Ella is cursed with obedience while Aurora was cursed with endless sleep. Both books are about young women fighting against magic restraints but Ella is able to get up and do more about it! My second recommendation is The Sevenwaters series by Juliet Marillier. It focuses on different young women shaping their own fates through curses, fae interference, and finding love. It does have triggers though, so be wary!

Ariel: For Ariel, what could be better than mermaid stories? The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks is a mix of mermaid lore and romance, much like The Little Mermaid, while The Waterfire Saga by Jennifer Donnelly has mermaid lore but a stronger focus on female friendship.

Belle: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas is another Maas novel inspired by a fairy tale and while ACoTaR is a bit steamier and definitely different, it has all the elements of a Beauty and the Beast story but goes further. A second pick is The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski. A female protagonist whose strength is wit, not combat, and is dealing with a star-crossed love that has a poor outlook will be very suitable for Belle fans.

Jasmine: The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh was inspired by 1001 Arabian Nights, the same series of stories where Aladdin originally appeared. It’s intoxicating love story and beautiful atmosphere is definitely on point. My other pick has to be Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed, inspired by Jasmine’s cultural roots and the fact that Jasmine was almost forced into an arranged marriage herself.

Pocahontas: For nature, the gold rush, and adeventure, Walk On Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson is hailed as quite the novel. Another Native American female lead from another well known fairy tale is Tiger Lily, with her own novel, Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. For more reading about life as a Native American in the world today, pick up The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, a widely praised novel in a industry that very rarely lifts up novels about Native Americans.

Esmeralda: Esmeralda was a difficult lady to select books based on, but her Romani heritage and struggles are something many people should learn more about, so American Gypsy by Oksana Marafioti is a novel to look out for, written by a Romani woman about her teenage years in America. For more fiction and fantasy Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo has a character, Inej, from a nomadic tribe very similar to the Romani in how they are treated by others. Inej is just a kind-hearted and bad ass as Esmeralda herself!

Megara: Looking for a greek myth-inspired series with bad ass lady leads? Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan may seem the obvious choice and it is, but only because of the strong, sassy, and diverse female leads in the series are absolutely amazing, just like Meg herself! Another more romantic but still kick ass greek myth inspired series is Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

Mulan: Asian-inspired fantasy is one of my favorite sub-genres with Eon and Eona by Alison Goodman being very high up on the list for it’s great story, interesting magic, strong female lead, and its fantasy version of ancient China. Cindy Pon’s Silver Phoenix is also an engaging story with inspiration from Chinese myths and legends that really creates a wonderful atmosphere. 

Jane Porter: Jane Porter is a proper young English woman, but that doesn’t stop her from pushing her boundaries and searching the jungle with her father. Jane would mightily approve of stories in which young British girls take adventure into their own hands, like in the Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray or The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman.

Kida: Kida was called the “warrior queen” by the creators who developed her character, so for fans of Kida, stories that go above and beyond with kick-ass heroines, like in The Graceling Realm by Kirstin Cashore or His Fair Assassin by Robin LaFevers

Tiana: For Tiana, novels about amazing black young ladies are perfect, such as Afro-Latino Sierra in Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older and Ida in the historical novel Flygirl by Sherri L Smith.

Rapunzel: While Seraphina’s isolation is self-imposed, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman tells the story of a young woman going outside her comfort zone and discovering herself, much in the same way Rapunzel does. For a retelling of Rapunzel’s story, try Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth, which mixes history and romance with the well-known tale.

Merida: Okay, I have to say it: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. It’s about a female archer who fights for her nation while being constantly irritated by the two boys trying to court her. It just works!! There’s also Shadowfell by Juliet Marillier, a young adult fantasy series with female protagonists and inspired by Scottish myths. 

Anna: Anna is fun, hilarious, and a romantic at heart, which makes me recommend The Ruby Red trilogy by Kerstin Gier for your inner romantic. Also, for another fantasy with a focus on siblings, Age of Legends by Kelley Armstrong, a series about twin sisters who must fight together to quell restless souls.

Elsa: For Elsa, what could be more perfect than Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch? A book about winter magic, a girl who feels out of place and unsure of her role in her kingdom, and learning to accept yourself and fight for those you care about. Spot on! Also keep a look out for Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige (out in September!), a retelling of The Snow Queen in which the character is much more than she was in the original story.



I see a lot of these dresses in shops recently, like some evil second coming of the late 90s. I decided that my sims also need to suffer this.

The dress is available for YA and Adult females and has three channels (the sleeves, the body and the neck, cuffs and hem) and is also valid for maternity.

May need World Adventures as I used a WA dress to build it on :)

All About Lags

Pacific White-sided dolphins are known to us as “winter” dolphins, since we typically see them in the months of October-May. They are the only Southern California dolphin species known to be semi-migratory, traveling north to colder waters in the summer months.

Biologists often refers to them as “lags” which is short for their scientific name, lagenorhynchus obliquidens

(Note: “lags” can also refer to other cetaceans in under the genus of Lagenorhynchus, which contains 6 other species closely related to the Pacific White Sided Dolphin).

  • The Pacific white-sided dolphin has three, monochromatic colors. The chin, throat and belly are white.The beak and parts of the back and dorsal fin are a dark gray. Light gray patches are seen on the sides and a further light gray stripe runs from above the eye to below the dorsal fin (sometimes called “suspenders”), where it thickens along the tail stock:
  • They are considered to be an “average-sized” oceanic dolphin, with usual adult lengths being 7-8′. Females weigh over 300 lbs and males over 400 lbs with; lags are also considered to be dimorphic with adult males being larger in size to females and having a more dramatically curved and robust dorsal fin:
  • Pacific White-sided Dolphin are very friendly and playful. They readily approach boats to bow ride, take high leaps out of the water and sometimes are seen with other dolphins and whales; we’ve even witnessed them “playing” with Gray Whales by sliding across the whale’s belly while it’s upside down! We typically see them in pods between 10-100 individuals. 
  • Their range spans over the North Pacific; in cool, temperate waters off the Pacific coasts of North America and Asia. They feed on squid as well as a variety of fish, including hake, herring, cod, anchovies and salmon.

We are excited to see lags in the coming colder months!

Photos/Footage by Steve Plantz, Mark Tyson and Dale Frink

Ariel Winter Copying Kylie Jenner? Are Y'all Serious Right Now? 😒

Why does everyone think Ariel Winter is copying Kylie Jenner? First, they were saying she was copying Kylie’s style because she happened to own clothes or wear clothes similar to Kylie. Then people wanted to say she was copying her Instagram poses. Also, because she so happens to have long dark hair, which is apparently a “Kylie thing”. Now, because Ariel decided to get matching tattoos with her boyfriend, she’s copying Kylie again?

Originally posted by gif-007

Thank you, Kourtney. 

If you look at half the outfits Kylie has worn for the past maybe three years, there’s nothing significantly unique or special about how she dresses. Her “style” is pretty much what every teen or young adult female is wearing. Also, Kylie has admitted to copying her sister Kim’s styles on numerous occasions! Not to mention she’s been caught copying Blac Chyna and Heather Sanders as well! Did y'all forget about that? Also, there are plenty of other celebrities that have worn things similar to or exactly like what Kylie has worn, but are people saying she’s copying them? Nope, they’re hiding out on hush mode.

Originally posted by gameraboy

I mean, she literally advertises where she gets all her clothes from (Fashion Nova, H&M, etc.), and it’s not like the stores are exclusive or super expensive (I mean, they are pretty expensive for people who don’t have jobs and are constantly broke like me, but you get the point). Plus, it’s these same stores that I see a ton of bloggers on YouTube doing hauls and reviews for. If someone on YouTube can shop at the same stores that the Kardashians by their clothes from, then there’s not really anything unique about what you have on.

Also, how is Ariel copying her by getting machine tattoos with her boyfriend? Couple tattoos has been a thing since before Kylie was even a sperm in Bruce’s ball. Couples that have been together WAY LONGER than her and Travis have them! Such couple as:

Victoria and David Beckham (They have a TON!)

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Beyonce and Jay Z

Even Khloe and Lamar had matching tats! (Before they broke up, Khloe’s had hers removed since then.)

Bottom line is, people need to stop trying to make it like Kylie and the Kardashians create everything! They are not trendsetters; yes, they have a big influence in fashion, but the things they make a “trend” have been around for a long time because people have done the same things years before, but because they are Kardashians, it’s deemed the “new thing.” Stop putting these people on a pedestal just cause they have money!

So, you want to buy a tarantula.

When I went searching for my first tarantula back in the late ’90s, the only information I could find on them was in exotic pet magazines and outdated books. Although there was plenty of information to be found on common species like G. rosea and B. smithi, many of the species I encountered at shows, some labeled with nonsensical common names, were enigmas. Back then, if you saw something that looked “cool”, you bought it with little concern to whether or not the species might be a bit too much for someone new to the hobby to handle. I’m sure several folks went home with animals that they they were ill-equipped to  care for (or that they became terrified of).

Today with internet, any information you need is just a mouse click away. With hundreds of websites, blogs, and forums devoted to tarantula keeping, it is much easier for the novice keeper to interact with other enthusiasts and access current information on the hobby. Nowadays, there is no excuse for ignorance, and it is the responsibility of the newbie to do his or her homework BEFORE acquiring a new animal.

Perhaps the first question one new to tarantulas should be asking is, “What is a good beginner tarantula species for me to start with?” There are a staggering number of species currently available in the hobby, and many of them have dispositions or husbandry requirements that render them unsuitable to advanced keepers. Conversely, there are several species that make for excellent “gateway” pets into this addictive hobby.

To create the following list, I first drew from my own experience and observations. I then reviewed several forum threads on good beginner Ts from three different message boards and recorded the species that came up the most. Species have been selected on temperament, ease of husbandry and care, and cost and availability. I also currently keep all of the species on the list, so I can support other keepers’ reports with my own observations. There are certainly other species that would make good pets for the first-timer. If you feel that I missed your favorite, feel free to comment.

Now…onto the list.

1. Brachypelma albopilosum

Whenever one asks on the boards what the best beginner T is, the B. albopilosum is mentioned early and often. A gentle terrestrial with a medium growth rate, the “Honduran Curly Hair” is renowned for its calm disposition and ease of care. Reports of hair-kicking or threat postures are almost non-existent, and many report handling this T frequently and without incident. This species is very readily available in the hobby, with slings often given as freebies, so this is not an expensive species to acquire. Plus, their little curly hairs just make them so darned cute (they are always having a bad hair day).

I keep my little guy with mostly dry substrate and moisten one corner. It is kept at room temps (70º to 84º) and it has been growing at a medium pace. Slings like to dig, so be sure to give them a few inches of substrate when they are smaller. Adults will normally remain out in the open, but a hide should be provided.

2. Euathlus sp. red

This dwarf species is the only one I can confidently refer to as “adorable”. Maxing out at about 3.5-3.75″, the Euathlus sp red is a calm, gentle, inquisitive species and a wonderful beginner T. Although I don’t normally handle my animals, this is a species I find myself making an exception for. Whenever I open their enclosures for maintenance, these curious little guys will calmly climb out of their cages and into my hand. Many times, they will curl up next to my thumb and just sit there. For one looking to ease into the hobby, there is no better ambassador. This is the tarantula I introduce to folks who have a fear of the animal.

So cute.

Husbandry for these little guys is easy. Dry substrate with a water bowl is sufficient; I overflow the bowl a bit, and I’ve observed that they will sometimes stand over the moist patch. They do fine at room temperature (my temps range from 70º to 84º throughout the year). I supply hides, but my girls rarely use them.

Things to consider: If there is a downside to this species, it can be its propensity to fast during the cooler months. For someone new to the hobby, this could be cause for stress. Also, as slings they are VERY small. They can also be a bit more difficult to come by in the hobby.

3. Grammostola pulchra

Sometimes referred to as “The Black Lab of Tarantulas”, the G. pulchra is a jet black gentle giant. Reaching sizes of 8″, this heavy-bodied T is recognized for its very calm nature and is usually a species that is reluctant to flick hair and tolerates handling well. A very slow growing species, females can live for decades while even the males can make it to 8 years. This means that if you purchase one as a sling, you will enjoy many years with this animal regardless of the sex.

Like the previous species mentioned, this species does well on dry substrate with a water dish. I like to keep one corner of the enclosure a bit damp. Slings will dig, so provide them with several inches of sub to allow for burrowing. Older specimens should be provided with a hide. I keep this species between 68º and 80º.

Things to consider: Slings of this species can be a little more on the expensive side, with $40-$50 being common. It is also a very slow grower, so if you buy a sling, it will be quite a few years before this T hits its adult size. Adult specimens are also very expensive, with large females fetching $200 or more.

4. Brachypelma Smithi

One of the most gorgeous and long-lived species (at least in my opinion) is also one of the best starter tarantulas. With it’s fiery red/yellow/orange leg markings set against the dark brown/black base color, this is one awesome showcase animal. The B. smithi is also known to mature into a calm, even-tempered adult, which makes it a wonderful starter tarantula. With an estimated life-expectancy of 40-plus years for females, you will also have decades with your new pet.

Again, there are no special care requirements with this species. An enclosure with more floor space than height, dry substrate, a water dish, and a hide will suffice. Slings will want to burrow, so provide them with a few inches of sub to tunnel in. I keep mine at temps between 68º and 84º, and there are no humidity requirements.

Things to consider: Younger B. smithi can be skittish, kicking hair or even threatening to bite when disturbed. Most will outgrow this behavior. As this is a long-living species, adult females can be quite pricey.

5. Grammostola pulchripes

The G. pulchripes or “Chaco Golden Knee” is a beautiful terrestrial species that can reach an impressive size of 8″. Like other Grammostolas, this one is a slow grower, taking many years to reach maturity. However, the G. pulchripes is generally recognized as having a very calm disposition, which makes it a wonderful candidate as a first tarantula. Many point to this species as one of the ones most tolerable of handling. And, for those looking for a display T, this golden-striped beauty loves to sit out in the open, meaning you’ll always see your new pet. Even better, the G. pulchripes is readily available, and slings can be procured for as little as $10.

As slings, these guys are little bulldozers, constantly digging an rearranging their substrate. Be sure to give slings plenty of mostly dry substrate in which to play. I keep mine in containers allowing for about 4″ of sub, and I moisten down one corner. Adults should be kept in an enclosure allowing for more floor space than height with a water dish and hide provided. These guys can be kept at room temps (I keep mine between 70º and 84º) and there are no specific humidity requirements.

Things to consider: Although this T has a reputation for tolerating handling, individuals may vary in temperament. This is also a large T, so a bite could be quite painful and could cause mechanical damage. Always exercise caution if handling and make the safety of your animal your first priority.

6. Grammostola rosea/porteri

For years, the G. rosea (or “Rosie”, as it’s often referred to) was the most recommended beginner species. This readily available, inexpensive tarantula is recognized for its extreme hardiness and a supposedly tractable disposition. Although other species have emerged over the years that have proven to be better first Ts, the G. rosea shouldn’t be overlooked. For someone looking to get their first T, this slow-growing, long-living species can be a great choice. With the porteri reaching a max size of about 6″, it is a fairly good sized display T as well. G. rosea/porteri slings can usually be purchased for under $10, and adult females can be acquired for around $30, making this species VERY affordable.

The G. rosea/porteri are very simple to care for. Supply them with dry substrate, a hide, and a water dish. I do NOT moisten overflow the dish as this species abhors wet sub. This species will tolerate temps in the mid-60s, so for folks with cooler home temps, this species could be ideal.

Things to consider: Despite its rep for being a “handling friendly” spider, this species can be quite unpredictable in temperament. Many keepers admit to having “Psycho Rosies” that can be quite defensive and bitey. The G. porteri is also known to fast for long periods of time, which can be quite disconcerting for new keepers. Finally, this species is the quintessential “Pet Rock”, spending the majority of its time sitting in one spot.

7. Euathlus Parvulus

A new addition to the list, the E. parvulus (formally P. parvulus) should not be overlooked by anyone searching for a good beginner T. The E. parvulus is a medium-sized tarantula, reaching only about 5″ in max size. This hardy and attractive species (light exposes a gorgeous palette of red, metallic greens, and golds) is another “pet rock”, always remaining visible. Temperament-wise, this is a relatively calm species that would rather scurry away when spooked. In the two years I’ve had mine, she has never flicked a hair or thrown up a threat pose. 

Care for this species is very easy. Adults will need about 5 gallons of space, dry substrate, a water dish, and a hide. Mine has proven to be an excellent eater, refusing a meal only when in premolt. Like other species on this list, the E. parvulus does well at room temperature (mine is kept between 68 and 84 degrees, depending on the season).

Things to consider: Although young females are relatively easy to come by and inexpensive (most sell for around $60), slings can be a bit more difficult to locate. 

*Note: The following species are still beginner level due to cost and ease of husbandry, but their behaviors can make them a just a little trickier than the those of the tarantulas named earlier. Also, I would not endorse attempting to hold any of these next two.

8. Chromatapelma cyaneopubescens

Many first time keepers are immediately enticed by some of the more colorful species available on the market. Unfortunately, if they do their research, they will soon discover that the P. metallica, M. balfouri, and H. lividum are advanced Ts that would normally prove overwhelming for the new keeper. Enter C. cyaneopubescens, or the GBB. This stunning species sports amazing colors, and its easy husbandry makes it a wonderful entry-level tarantula. GBBs are voracious eaters, only refusing food when they are in premolt, and they have a reasonably fast growth rate, which is great for the impatient keeper. They are also prolific webbers, making for a beautiful display animal.

This is a species that likes it dry. For slings, I keep one corner a little damp and use and eye dropper to put a little drinking water on the webbing. If supplied with a little extra height and something to anchor to, this species will produce copious amounts of webbing. I keep this species between 70º to 84º; it has no specific humidity requirements. They eat like machines, often snatching prey before it hits the ground, so keep them well fed.

Things to consider: I have seen this species described as an “intermediate” level tarantula due to its speed and skittishness. That said, this was one of the first tarantulas I acquired, and I had no problems with it. As long as the keeper is respectful of its speed, there should be little issue. This might be one you get as a sling so that you can get used to the animal and its personality as it grows.

9. Lasiodora parahybana

Bigger is always better…that can often be the mantra of someone new to the hobby. Many keepers become fascinated with large tarantulas after learning some of these beasts get to 9″ + in size. Unfortunately, some of the larger genera like Pamphobeteus and Theraphosa have husbandry requirements and temperaments that can make them too advanced for many keepers. However, for those new to the hobby who are looking for something BIG, the L. parahybana is the perfect choice. This large terrestrial has been said to reach sizes of 10″, although 8″ is probably more common. Although slings and juveniles can be a bit skittish, flicking hair when disturbed, most adults are calmer and make great display Ts.

Husbandry is simple: provide this species with more floor space than height, and keep the substrate on the dry side. I do moisten approximately 1/3 of the sub and allow it to dry out in between. A water bowl with fresh water should be provided at all times, as should a hide (although my larger specimen never uses hers). They are tolerant of lower temps, but this is a species that will grow like a weed if kept a little warmer. Mine are kept between 70º to 84º. Although there are no stringent humidity requirements, mine seem to appreciate a moist area. Smaller slings like to burrow, so give them an enclosure that allows for a few inches of substrate.

Things to consider: This is a large species, and should be treated with care. A bite from this animal could do serious mechanical damage. Also, as this spider can get very large, space may be an issue as it reaches adulthood. Be prepared to procure larger housing.

Did I miss one?

There are obviously many other species out there that can make for good beginner pets. Do you think I missed an obvious one? Let me know in the comments section, and perhaps I’ll add it to the list.

Asked this before...

Are there any published books with People of Color who are also bi/pansexual (especially females) aimed at the adult demographic which are not meant as erotic fiction?

I kinda prefer serial monogamists or at least polyamory… rather than cheaters who can’t decide if they want to leave or not (because, seriously, I don’t want to read something that confirms stereotypes of both PoCs and bi/pansexual people).

Of the ones I’ve read/looked at reviews for, 99% of the protagonists are white. Most of them are male… (can’t we get females?) and most of them address cheating or borderline cheating storylines, which makes me an unhappy camper. (I also asked writers who identify as bisexual, who did a blog about bisexual protagonists in reviews).

Am I pushing it asking for a pansexual, sex repulsed ace, female PoC? Seems like it… since the Ace fiction is mostly about white people, and the PoC aces are like a *squint* kinda.

I asked this in several places and got white savior complex all over them with a side of non-serious sex tourism in places like India and orgies written by white authors. UHHHGGHHH NOOOO. And nothing else. Nothing in SFF either. NOTHING? Seriously? But it’s not like either of them were invented yesterday.

Asking for a novella I’m writing–because I need to read Bi/pan PoC authors writing about their own subject and truth within fiction and also to purge some of the internal biases… (Though I’m certainly going to be asking people from that experience too, to screen the book.)

And if they don’t exist, then *I NEED THESE BOOKS*! Publishers, get off your lazy butts and publish more intersectional fiction….

BTW, be super awesome if the book had a black woman protagonist who was bi/pansexual, in an SFF setting (Where the main plot isn’t about her sexuality or race) and a serial monogamist (’cause I know that exists in real life–well, not the SFF). I’d be all over it in a heartbeat. I think I’d scream for joy if the author who wrote it also came from those experiences. Though I’m fine with other PoCs too.

“Don’t ever think they really love you, my dear self.”

High res

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The Sims 4: New Game Patch (October 1st, 2014)

There’s a new Sims 4 update available now in Origin. If you have automatic updates enabled in Origin’s “Application Settings”, the game will auto update once you open Origin. If you have auto updates disabled, you will need to manually update by clicking on the game in your library.
To ensure your game is up to date, check the game version found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > GameVersion.txt. Your game should now read: 1.0.732.20. If you have updated but it is not showing the correct game version, start the game, shut it down, and then it will be corrected.

External image
 Remove all MODS and Custom Content before updating your game 
External image


Update: 10/1/14
Welcome to October 1, Patch Day!  First off we would like to say thank you for all of the help we have received from the community in identifying and tracking down issues. We love listening and learning from all that you do, and are always striving to make The Sims 4 the most solid game it can be. We love your stories and we greatly appreciate all your help!  We have a lot to share about what’s new, some fixes, and what have we done to your game? So, let’s go!
The New
Ghosts! Ready to go and in your game, just jump in and start killing your Sims! Well, I mean, you can… nicely kill them? Or just lock them in a room for a couple days, um, without any food or water. That’s one way to do it, but will take a while so if you’re really impatient maybe just set them on fire. Oh, this isn’t going well. Look, if you happen to see a ghost, however he or she got there, and we aren’t judging, then you can experience all new interactions like “Ghost Scare,” “Ghost Repair,” or “Pass Through”, new aspirations and whims, and new behaviors as they float happily, angrily, or howeverily about!

  • When a Sim dies, they become a non-playable ghost
  • Use the “Invite to Household” interaction to make a ghost into fully playable member of your household!
  • Ghosts can have relationships, get married, woohoo, hold jobs, build aspirations, earn traits, or just be!
  • Ghosts have a unique post life experience based upon how they died…
    • Sims that died by hunger seek to satisfy their hunger in the after life
    • Sims that died by overexertion and old age find they prefer to take it easy in the afterlife
    • Sims that died by fire have a new interaction available to them… my advice, try and not make them angry
    • Sims that died by an emotional death can radiate their emotion onto other Sims
    • Sims that died by electrocution, when angry, have a unique interaction to break electronic devices.  They also seem to really enjoy the “Hand Buzzer” social.
    • Sims that died by Cowplant have the desire to harm and help the plant world.  They can cause plants to die when in a negative emotion, but will care for plants when in a positive emotion.
  • Ghosts can possess objects, and they can repair broken objects when possessed
  • Ghosts have new interactions available to them, such as “Ghost Scare,” “Pass Through,” and “Talk About Death”
  • Level 10 Gourmet cooks have a new recipe “Ambrosia”, which can be used to bring a Ghost to life (or give a Sim renewed life)!
  • There is a new gardening flower type, the Deathflower, which can be used by a Sim to save themselves or another when visited by the Reaper!

Before you go out hunting for ghosts, why not head into Create a Sim where you can find some incredible costumes from the Star Wars universe! How can you go wrong with a Yoda child ghost Sim in a Happy mood sitting on a rooftop balcony looking down upon a young adult who has just completed some sort of epic universe saving event?  You can’t.  Yoda, Leia, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader costumes await you in Create a Sim!
With the addition of ghosts, even the gnomes are not safe from the call of the Netherworld. “The Ghastly Ghostly Gnome” has scared his way into your Build catalog, eagerly awaiting a place in your home!

The Fixes
We have identified a few more of our harder to track down crash issues, some tuning fixes, a couple new cheats, and a smattering of other fixes! Here are the details…
Cheats / Assets
  • We have added a cheat to show hidden objects, such as the ponds, channel specific stereos for venue use, and many other items. Open up the cheat console ([CTRL]+[SHFIT]+[C]) and type “bb.showhiddenobjects”.  You can use the Build Filter pane to find the Debug objects under the Content drop down.
  • 5 new eye colors!  Dark blue, dark blue hazel, gray brown hazel, olive green hazel, and purple!  Create a Sim, go NOW!
  • A new Spooky station can be found on your stereos! It’s scary how good the music is! It’ll BOOm… your boxes. It’s funnier if you make the “m” silent in that last one.
  • A new Create a Sim clock speed cheat allows you to speed up and slow down your Sim’s animation in Create a Sim. Use the cheat by typing “cas.clockspeed [0-10]” in the cheat console window.  0 is pause, 10 is not!

Crashes / Performance

  • Corrected an issue where the interaction to “Write a Book” was not properly saving, causing the save file to error
  • Loading a lot and selecting Sim to play who is off lot now loads to the correct Sim
  • Fixed an issue where the UI might forget that a household exists and not allow the player into Build Buy
    • This primarily was a result of the player deleting all households in their neighborhood, but could occur as the result through other means
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to become non-responsive if the user uploaded an unfinished venue from their home lot and then attempted to reenter Build via Manage Worlds from the lot
    • The household Sims were incorrectly being removed from the world, leaving the player in a bad state and unable to play
  • Some in game circumstances can lead to the product ID becoming lost, resulting in a possible crash.  The crash has been fixed by adding a Null Guard (he’s a pretty good guard).
  • Fixed an issue where the Off Lot actions were not always available after loading an existing save file
  • Sims who are reading or eating should no longer reset when changing wall heights of rooms that are nowhere near them
  • Lowering the foundation will no longer cause cabinets to be placed into the household inventory in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a floating Sim issue that would sometimes occur when the Sim decided that the direct “air” path was shorter than any of the alternate options
  • Sims will no longer route fail when attempting to perform the “Sell to the Simsonian Museum” action on an Unnaturally Large Space Rock
  • The Sims 4 default refresh rate is now the same setting as the windows refresh rate


  • ymBottom_PantsLoosePajamas and ymBottom_PantsLoosePajamasSatin were merged into a single asset in Create a Sim. They are now 2.
  • Some hair and hat combinations created bad geometry along the Sims scalp, we have adjusted the geometry to correct the issue
  • yfBody_CocktailStrap_Red is now a selectable color for the Bombshell dress found in Create a Sim
  • “Mega Stairs (Ooh Fancy)” stairs now have color variants that are actually different than one another
  • “Stack of Canvases” career reward item will no longer disappear when placed next to a wall and the wall cuts away
  • Fixed graphical issues with the highlight and back-facing state of the “Captain Chaz MacFreeling Elegant Mirror.”
  • “Malva – Square” ground plant will no longer place underground
  • The “Barnish Bed” will no longer find that its pillow becomes possessed when a Sim gets in bed – a LOD (level of detail) issue resulted in the pillow bouncing around on its own when Sims went to sleep


  • Sims now have more painting variety at all levels – high level Sims will paint “beneath” their level at a chance of higher quality
  • Sims can now listen to music and play chess at the same time!
  • Librarians can now also be young adults and can be either male or female. Previously they were always female elders. Stereotyping… don’t do it!
  • The “Enable / Disable Emotional Aura” interactions now have tooltips explaining what they do
  • “Try to Calm Down,” “Vent,” “Complain about Problems,” and “Take Bath” actions will now help resolve the “Not Enough Exercise,” “Need Video Games!,” “Conception Tension,” “Stale Surroundings,” and “Cooped Up” buffs that Sims get when feeling tense
  • Fixed an issue where Sims with a high Cooking skill were guaranteed to never start fires while cooking. It is true that our Sims are quite intelligent, however it is also well documented that even the best Sim is still a little prone to the accidental setting ablaze of their luxurious mansion.  Sims above level 3 cooking skill can once again start fires while cooking… it is just unlikely.
  • The final Milestone of the Nerd Brain aspiration now only requires that a Sim read 10 (not 15) books in order to complete
  • “Earn Money Turking” was providing a large amount of Simoleons within a short amount of time, this was not the intention and the amount you earn has been reduced
  • Toys that say they increase a Childs creativity, now actually do
  • “Writing a Jingle” will now pay your Sim for doing so. There was a bug with writing a jingle on the guitar that could result in no Simoleons being paid
  • The Serenade’er will no longer get all the buff benefit from the Serenade.  The Serenade’ee will now also receive a positive buff from the Serenade when being Serenaded to by the Serenade’er
  • Time based achievements and buffs were not always tracking correctly.  Fixed a visual issue with the tracking, as well as fixed the “Just Getting Started” and “In the Game” achievements
  • The “Fridge of Steel” and “Fresh Maker” upgrades on the refrigerator were completing too quickly, they have been tuned a little slower
  • Gym Rats will no longer lose hygiene while doing a “Zero G Workout”
  • Science table emotion potions will now provide positive buffs, rather than just make you uncomfortable
  • Autonomous Sims were finding it impossible to die by Cowplant because they would, during the moment of death, attempt to queue a Get Comfortable interaction, which, not being compatible with the Cowplants attempt at eating the Sim, would cause the Sim to reset, thus saving the Sim from death (woo!).  We’re sorry to say, we fixed the issue, once again putting our Sims in jeopardy with the Cowplant digestive desires.
  • Intergalactic Growth Pods will no longer be resistant to your attempts to water and weed – the pods have decided life is good. Water and weed as needed
  • Sims with unpaid bills will no longer find that the water & power has been shut off everywhere they go – you can properly mooch from your neighbors
  • Fishing interactions now correctly display emotional context in the Pie Menu.
  • A collectibles rarity will now affect its value
  • Adopting a baby will now give all the parents adopting a proper buff for doing so
  • Sims with spoiled food in their inventory will no longer find the option to clean spoiled food from the bar… that was just weird.
  • Sims were able to feed dead cow plants. While interesting and slightly morbid, it did not actually do anything.  We have removed the action.
  • Removed fitness gain for digging rocks.
  • Fixed an issue where bills were incorrectly double counting objects when calculating the household value
  • We addressed a negative current issue, where Sims were dying after being electrocuted just one time. It was shocking for us all. Our hair was on end when we learned of the problem.  We have quickly zapped the bug with thunderous attention and we’re a-buzz with this fix.
  • The “Commercial Kitchen” styled room is now unlocked when the user reaches level 10 of the Culinary career while in the Chef branch
  • Gardening plants will no longer broadcast their emotions onto nearby Sims. They have been counseled and have learned to bottle up their emotions inside… deep deep inside.
  • Repair and Upgrade interactions now correctly display emotional context in the Pie Menu when your Sim is Focused
  • Thank you to the community for helping to identify two issues where Child Sims were incorrectly allowed to get into the Flirty emotion, we have corrected both instances.
    • Children who had maxed their social skill were incorrectly able to Flirt with themselves in the mirror
    • Child Sims with the Insane trait and in the Confident mood, were incorrectly allowed to flirt with themselves in the mirror
  • Romance filter option is no longer available for children while traveling (nobody ever showed up in the list, but it was odd that it was there)
  • Venues converted to residential lots via Manage Worlds, will no longer prevent you from beginning the action of adding a new household to the lot if the venue value is greater than the starting funds of the new household.
    • You still won’t be able to place the family on the lot if they can’t afford it, but now you are allowed to create a new household using this flow.


  • Gallery notification timestamps will no longer incorrectly list your last activity as “more than a month ago” when it has been less than that
  • Commenting on gallery items with the “<” character, followed by any text will no longer cause the text to disappear
  • Event Major Goals now have hover tips with text explaining how to complete the goals
  • Fixed an issue with Neighborhood Map context menus appearing off screen in some supported resolutions.
  • Corrected an issue where the Build filter panel was being hidden when performing an open search.

Marvel Commits to Female, Black Widow Merchandise for Cap 3

Marvel has a problem with women and its superhero merchandise. Or not according to some creators. 

But let’s face it; they do.

Now that everyone knows about the lack of Black Widow merchandise including how they gerrymandered toys to make them BW cooties free it seems that Marvel now kinda gets it.

From today’s Licensing Expo news via Variety there’s this

Marvel gave retailers a first look Wednesday at Licensing Expo 2015 in Las Vegas, with categories including apparel, accessories, footwear, core toys, sporting goods, consumer electronics, seasonal, costumes, party goods, stationery, food, home furnishings and collectibles.

and this:

Paul Gitter, senior VP of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products, told Variety that the overall campaign will build on the success of licensed products for “Age of Ultron.”

and this

“We’ll see an extension mixing in new characters with new skills,” he added. “There will also be a big focus on adult female apparel.”

About time.
Marvel Unveils 'Captain America: Civil War' Licensees (EXCLUSIVE)
Marvel has unveiled a dozen of the licensees for next year’s “Captain America: Civil War”
By Dave McNary

Paul Gitter, senior VP of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products, told Variety that the overall campaign will build on the success of licensed products for “Age of Ultron.”

“We’ll see an extension mixing in new characters with new skills,” he added. “There will also be a big focus on adult female apparel.”

[…] The campaign will feature a celebration of Captain America’s 75th anniversary that will be limited to higher-end retailers. There will also be focus on newer characters War Machine, Falcon, Vision, Black Widow and Black Panther; and an expansion into healthy living and travel.

While none of the above means we will actually see an increase in Black Widow merchandise (who is apparently a “newer” character… c’mon Variety, get your shit together) we can still hope that this is the start of an (extremely overdue) attempt to avoid previous merchandising asshattery where both the character and the female demographic are concerned.