also also this coloring is dreadful

all the members of Vox Machina stacked on top of each other? yes 🅱lease


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I just made my very first black sim EVER in the sims 4 and i'm completely stumped as to how to make her look decent. Could you pleeeaaase give me some CC recommendations to make her look poppin? thanks!

Oh wow, where to start!? 

First off, you should download Melanin Pack 1 and 2 by @xmiramira 
Also look at @ebonixsimssite - she has lots of clothes and hairstyles there
Basically all of @estrojansdownload tag is a must have!
Check out @eliavah‘s downloads too!
@chocolatemuffintop also has some bomb hairs!
And there are some dreads and other things in my downloads too :)

If you want your sims of color to look amazing, it’s best to check out TheBlackSimmer forum. You will find everything you need there! ^_^

Hope that helps!

Hair Magic

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Enchant your hair ties! Use colors to help you enchant them:

*Purple - creativity 

*Yellow - joy

*White - protection 

*Black - wards off negativity 

*Green - prosperity and luck

And so on!

You can also enchant the way you do your hair! This is how I enchant my hairstyles:

*Ponytail - motivation/determination

*Bun - productivity 

*Braid(s) - calm and relax

*Dreadlocks - balance and harmony; passion (I have not had dreads, however, so the correspondence is not personal)

*Natural/down - success

You can also enchant wigs and hair dyes! 

Feel free to tweak the correspondences however you like and the next time you style your hair, add some magic~


there is only one  w o r t h y  goal for scientific exploration: piercing the tissue that separates  l i f e   fr o m   d e a t h. everything else from the deep bottom of the sea, to the top of the highest mountain, on the farthest planet, i s  i n s i g n i f i c a n t. life and death, sir malcolm. the flicker that separates one from the other. fast as a bat’s wing. more beautiful than any sonnet - that is my river. that is my mountain.

                there, i will plant my flag. 

Flower Prince

Requested?: Nah :3

Words: 3.3k

Group: Wanna One

Member(s): Daehwi (feat. Somi)

You sigh as your best friend, Somi, try to convince you to go to a flower cafe for her birthday. It’s not that you are against the food, you’re just not the type to go to a place like that…somewhere pastel, cute, and filled with pretty boys. Somi mentions that a friend of hers works there and that she feels like you two would get along.

“Come on, please? It’s my birthday, your best friend’s birthday…plus, I think you and Daehwi should meet. You guys are my best buddies,” Somi pouts as you cross your arms against your chest.

“Somi, you know I wouldn’t fit into a place like that,” you reason, “I mean, just look at me! I’m wearing all black and you know how awkward I am with other people.”

“Please? Just once, for me? I promise I won’t force you to like Daehwi too. I just want my two best friends to meet.”

You sigh, there is no way anyone can deny Somi’s cute face anyway. You wave your hand and shake your head as a sign of agreement. Hopefully, you won’t regret this choice. It’s for Somi anyways, she’s always there for you so you decide that you have to repay her some way.

Somi’s birthday approached sooner than you had thought it would. You groan as you take a quick glance at your closet before flipping over in your bed so that you faced the wall instead. Just as you are about to doze off again, your door is rudely slammed open and you know exactly who it is.

“Somi…why are you here so early and how did you get in?” you groan without looking at her.

You hear her footsteps approach your window and suddenly, a beam of light shot down onto your face. You hiss at Somi who just giggles and skips over to you. She tosses the covers off your body and shakes her head. You finally open your eyes and peek at her.

You raise a brow. Somi is more dressed up than usual, but still just as pretty as she normally is. You notice that she has curled her hair and painted her nails. She has also put on some more makeup. What stood out to you, however, is the giant plastic bag she holds in her delicate hands. You dread what is inside.

“Up you go, (y/n). Your mom let me in, by the way. Also go take a shower, you kind of stink,” Somi crinkles her cute button nose and you roll your eyes.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be out soon. Don’t you dare mess with my stuff,” you huff as you slide down the side of your bed and roll into the bathroom.

Once you re-entered your room, your eyes immediately notice the addition of color on your bed. Somi has laid down a few brightly colored outfits. She beams at you and you slap your forehead.

“Somi, don’t tell me…”

“(Y/n), you have to wear it, otherwise they won’t let you in,” Somi replies, firmly.

“Ugh, fine. I’m completely trusting you on this though. As you obviously know, I only work in black.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take great care of you,” Somi wiggles her neatly drawn brows. You chuckle and roll your eyes, preparing yourself for the transformation.

“First of all, I think…you would fit lace. Also, I know you don’t like ruffles, “Somi holds out the ruffle-filled outfit and tosses it back into the bag, “so bye bye to that dress.”

“You know me too well,” you laugh.

Somi strikes up a conversation with you as she continues styling you. Sometimes you wish you could be just as gorgeous and free as your best friend, but you are who you are. You nod to what Somi is saying, but you aren’t really listening too closely.

“And…done!” Somi squeals as she bounces away from you.

You turn around and gasp a little. You almost didn’t recognize yourself as you are no longer in all black. Your hair is brushed and pulled back into a neat braid. You twirl around and watch as the pastel, lace dress you have on, poof out. You blush a little and cup your face.

“Do you like it? I can tell you do,” Somi smiles softly at you.

“Huh?” you are knocked out of your trance by Somi’s soft voice, “I-I mean…it’s alright.”

Somi chuckles at your shyness and you let out a small smile. You cover your face and swirl around to face your stylist. You thank her quietly before admiring yourself a little longer. It has been a while since you had dressed up.

“Okay, stop checking yourself out, let’s go before the cafe gets too busy,” Somi pulls your arm and drags you out of the room.

“Here we are,” Somi links her arm with yours as she proudly stands in front of a flower covered, pastel building.

“Flower Cafe…pick your…boy? Wait, what?” Somi drags you in, ignoring your question.

As soon as you step a foot in, you notice all the staff’s eyes are on you and Somi. They all greet you and you hide behind Somi, hoping that no one will notice you. Obviously, that technique doesn’t work because a cute boy with silver hair starts gliding towards the two of you.

“Happy birthday, Somi! I’m so glad you could make it,” the boy grins widely at your best friend.

“Oh, and hello, a pretty girl like you cannot be missed,” you watch a little horrified as the boy lightly kisses your hand.

You draw your hand back awkwardly and nod back at him. You lightly squeeze Somi’s arm, signaling her that you feel uncomfortable. Somi grins at you, calming you a little.

“Thanks, Hwi. This is (y/n) and (y/n), this is Daehwi,” Somi introduces, “I wanted my two best friends to meet.”

“Of course, it’s my pleasure to finally meet you, (y/n),” Daehwi smiles angelically at you.

“Um…yeah same,” you chuckle nervously, wiping off the sweat that has formed on your palms.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I’ll show you to your seat and give you the menus. I apologize for the wait,” Daehwi chuckles.

“Haha, no problem, Hwi,” Somi giggles along.

You nod your head a little to show some response as Daehwi leads the two of you to a table for two in the corner of the cafe. A small vase filled with pretty flowers that were neatly and strategically placed in the vase stood at the center. Daehwi pulls out Somi’s chair and quickly moves over to your side to pull out your chair, but you stop him.

“Uh, it’s fine. I can do it,” you stiffly reply as you mechanically pull out the cushioned chair and plop down.

“Okay, I’m sorry,” Daehwi apologizes as he places hastily places down the leather menus in front of you and Somi.

Somi sighs a little as Daehwi once again glides away. You look down, slightly embarrassed. You know it is his job to do things like that, but you got shy and refused the help.

“(Y/n), that was really awkward,” Somi snorted, straining on the “really.”

“Yeah, I know, but you know I’m just like that,” you roll your eyes.

“Pfft, you’re too cute,” Somi laughs, “Anyways, do you want some recommendations? Everything here is pretty good.”

“Yeah, that would be nice. I mean everything on this menu has such weird names. I don’t even know what is what,” you skim over the fancy text quickly.

As Somi quickly gives you an overview of the foods and drinks, you can’t help but feel a pair of eyes on you. Deciding to ignore it, you try to decrypt the menu. You flip through, gazing at the few pictures. You look up at Somi, making her stop explaining.

“Maybe we should just get everything,” you look at her seriously.

“What? I know you have quite an appetite, but that’s a lot…and it’s expensive,” Somi purses her lips.

“I know. Besides, I’m paying because it’s your birthday…and I’m probably going to eat all of the food,” you set the menu down.

“Hmm, okay then. No pretending you forgot to bring your wallet when you see the price,” Somi gave you an amused look.


Somi waves over at Daehwi and you sigh, wishing she had chosen someone else. That wasn’t your choice, however, Daehwi is also Somi’s friend, you try to reason with yourself. You clear your throat a little just as the silver-haired boy reaches your table.

“You ready?” Daehwi smiles sweetly.

“Oh, totally. But are you ready? (Y/n) and I decided on quite a bit of food.”

“Hmm, I was born ready. You know that, Somi.”

“Well, I hope you memorized the menu because we’re ordering everything on it,” Somi smirks and you giggle a little.

Daehwi lets out a shocked expression before swiftly transitioning back to his usual, glowing smiling expression. He takes a quick glance at you and you look away as soon as his soft, brown eyes meet yours.

“Challenge accepted. I will personally make all of your food without looking at the menu,” Daehwi states confidently.

“Good luck then!” Somi laughs as she Daehwi skips off. For once he isn’t gliding.

“…and here is the last thing we have on our menu, ‘Saved In Your Heart’. Take a bite out of this fluffy, sweet cheesecake and you’ll know what I mean,” Daehwi carefully places the last dish in front of you and Somi.

“Wow, that’s impressive,” you mumble to yourself.

“A-ah! Thanks,” a shy laugh comes out of Daehwi and you look up.

“Uh, you weren’t supposed to hear that,” you blurt.

“It’s okay, we can keep it a secret between us,” Daehwi winks at you.

You cringe slightly, but you understand that he probably has to do this. Maybe that’s the reason he’s one of the top servers here. Somi had explained that people don’t only come here for the food. People come here to vote for the top servers. Daehwi has been at the top for quite a while now.

“Uh-huh, sure…” you shrug before taking a deep breath, absorbing the sweet smell of cake and coffee. It was a cafe, after all, you weren’t really expecting anything besides dessert.

“Thanks, Hwi. I thought you were going to forget something, but I honestly don’t know because I don’t have the menu memorized…you better not rip us off, “Somi playfully glares, “You’re such a weirdo.”

“Hey, it’s my job! That’s also why I give the best recommendations. I know everything on the menu and I only need to know my customers’ taste,” Daehwi brags.

“Whatever, let us eat. Thanks though, really,” Somi grabs her fork and licks her bubblegum pink lips.

“Just wave me down if you need me,” Daehwi bows slightly before rushing away to the next customer.

“Ugh, I’m stuffed. I can’t believe we actually ordered that much,” Somi groans a little, patting her now slightly puffed out stomach.

“It was actually really good though,” you nod in agreement.

“True,” Somi waves Daehwi over, “but I don’t think we should order this much food ever again.”

“I mean…I don’t know,” you laugh.

A shadow appears and covers the empty plates laid out across the small table. You look up, only to find a smiling Daehwi by your tableside. You jump a little, shocked to find him so close. He seems to notice and scoots away a little. His ears are a little red, but you assume that it was because it was warm in the cafe. He had been moving around, balancing a tray full of desserts after all.

“How was your meal, ladies?”

Somi nods a little, “I kind of regret ordering this much, but (y/n) seemed to enjoy her stay.”

“Yah, don’t stretch my words…it was okay. I came for the food and because I’m a nice friend,” you huff.

“Haha, since it’s Somi’s birthday and lovely (y/n)’s first time here, it’s on the house. It’s free.”

A moment of silence passes after Daehwi lets those unbelievable words slip out of his dainty lips. You shake your head and open your mouth to speak. Out of you and Somi, you are the first one to be knocked out of shock.

“No, that’s expensive. Besides, I already said I would pay for all of this for Somi,” you deny the offer.

“Oh, no…I insist,” Daehwi gives you another dazzling smile, but you don’t waiver.

“Haha. Nice joke, bro. I’m paying,” you start to pull out your wallet.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to pay with money then. You can pay another way,” a wink was shot your way.

You feel a soft hand place itself on yours to stop your actions and you look up. You give Daehwi a light glare before shaking his hand off yours and slam some money onto the table. You watch as Daehwi jump a little, shocked at the power you put into the slam. Honestly, part of you has no idea why you are doing this. You look over at Somi who sighs a little and reaches for your arm.

You can feel all eyes on you and you shudder a little. You feel slightly disgusted that Daehwi had mentioned “paying another way”. You didn’t know exactly what he meant, but you are sure it isn’t something good. To be honest, you were warming up to Daehwi although it might not seem like it to other people. You actually really enjoyed his presence, but just those few words twisted your views on him.

“Somi, let’s go. I’m sorry,” you refuse to look over at Daehwi and snatch Somi’s arm and storm out.

“Daehwi, I’m sorry! I’ll text you!” Somi manages to yell at Daehwi before you shove her out the small, cozy building.

“Look, I’m sorry I ruined your birthday. I really am…I don’t even know why I did that,” you nudge the birthday girl next to you.

“Hmm, it’s fine,” Somi sighs.

“I know you’re mad. I’ll make it up to you, what do you want me to do? I’ll do anything,” you practically beg.

Anything? That’s tempting,” Somi raises a brow, “in that case, I want you to go back to the cafe with me.”

“…Yeah about that…” you trail off.

“You said anything, remember? Also, I know those words gave you the wrong idea, but Daehwi really means well. Trust me,” Somi stands up and hugs you.

You awkwardly pat her back before humming in agreement. Anything for Somi. She’s done a lot for you…

This time, Somi didn’t make you dress up and kept you in your all black outfit. She stops right before the door and spins around to face you. She gives you a hug before pulling away, looking right into your eyes.

“Please, give Daehwi a chance?” she pleads with her puppy eyes.

“I know, I know. I will,” you grunt in response, shying away from her cute face.

You prepare yourself as Somi opens the door. A greeting came from the staff once again, but this time, all eyes are on you when you enter. To be fair, you are the only one in dark colors. The cafe’s palette contrasted strongly with yours.

You notice Daehwi’s slightly confused expression as he cautiously approaches the two of you. He greets the two of you with a slight bow before offering you a table. You look down as Daehwi leads the way. This time, you let Daehwi pull your chair out for you and Somi gives you a proud look.

“I didn’t expect you to come back,” Daehwi looks down, fiddling with the apron loosely tied around his slim waist.

“Well, (y/n) had a change of mind. I need to use the restroom,” Somi smoothly excuses herself.

An awkward pause started as soon as Somi left. Both you and Daehwi look away from each other, refusing to make eye contact. Just get this over with, you give yourself a light pep talk. You open your mouth to speak.



“Oh, you first,” Daehwi finally looks your way.

“Um…I wanted to apologize for the way I acted last time,” you sigh.

“I should be the one apologizing, I should have worded my sentence differently. I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding,” Daehwi begins rambling, “Really, I actually wanted to ask you out as a payment, but I guess it came out a little weird, huh? Um, Somi actually talks a lot about you and I began to like you more and more and I wanted to meet you. I–”

“Hold up. What?” you practically screech, “You were going to ask me out?!”

“Uh, did I say that?” Daehwi messes with his dyed hair.

“Yeah,” you look down, shyly.

“Well, you see, I don’t want you to think it’s creepy. It’s just that I was really intrigued and you seemed like someone pleasant to be around, which you are…I’m just really awkward. Please don’t think I’m a creep,” Daehwi cries.

“Stop, you’re rambling again,” you hold a hand out, “It’s fine.”

“Can…can we start over?” Daehwi meekly suggests.

“Um…I guess. That’s what Somi would want, right?” you ponder on whether you should shake hands or not.

“Yeah. Friends, for now?” he finally lets out a small chuckle.

You nod and Daehwi holds out his pale hand. You stiffly grab it and shake it mechanically as physical touch just isn’t your thing. This causes Daehwi to laugh a little and you finally let out a small laugh of your own.

“I hope we can get to know each other better!” Daehwi states, brightly.

A few months later…

“Wow! Is that a bit of color I see?” Daehwi teases.

“Ugh, shut up, you and your little cafe are just really rubbing off me,” you roll your eyes as you stir your tea.

“But, it looks really cute on you~” your boyfriend of two months coos at you.

“Oh my gosh, please,” you look away, tossing your hood over your head to cover your tomato red face.

“Haha! You love it though,” Daehwi winks at you and leans closer.

“Yeah, yeah. You’ve got another customer asking for you. Go away and leave me be,” you joke.

“Mhm…don’t miss me too much, okay? I love you, flower,” Daehwi gives you a small peck on the cheek.

You squeaked in response, leaving Daehwi satisfied with the reaction. You hide your face, hoping nobody notices your bright red face. Slowly, you spread your fingers slightly and peek at Daehwi’s furthering figure.

After you had made up with Daehwi that day, you slowly became a regular at the cafe. At first, you came with Somi, but over time, you started to come by yourself. You had really bonded with Daehwi and when he asked you out, Somi made sure that none of his customers would mob you.

You are glad you listened to Somi and made up with Daehwi. Never had you expected to be dating someone practically the opposite of you. The two of you balance each other out perfectly though. He warms you up with his bright smile and lovely personality. On the other hand, you make sure he takes time off to himself so he doesn’t stress out too much. You take a small sip of the sweet tea and you smile a little.

I love you too, Daehwi.

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Inktober 15/31
“Ba'al Turtle Dove”
Ink, Watercolor pencil, Pen

This is probably one of the works I’m proudest of for this Inktober. It is Baal Turtle Dove from Bravely Default. Bravely default is one of my favorite RPGs of all time and this is one of the coolest enemies in the game. When I saw this enemy for the first time I was blown away by it’s amazing design. It made me feel like five different emotions at once, from delight to dread!

I don’t think my drawing entirely does turtle dove justice, watch a video of the fight to see it move and listen to the amazing music, it’s a complete experience. However, I think I at least visually did it as much justice that I could possibly give it.

This also took me 6+ hours total to complete. Most of the time went into applying and blending all the unique colors together. I used 21 of my 24 colored watercolor pencils on this work. Also I experimented with actually using the watercolor component of these pencils but it didn’t look as good so for the most part, all of this was blended by hand. Overall, I think this is one of the best works to come out of Inktober this year and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 2

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


SUMMER 2012  (12 and 14 years old)

“It’s definitely the rule. I also come here always the same holidays every year so I guess that now you also know when I’ll be here. And yes! That was definitely my car or at least I think so, I mean my car is definitely white and I think I saw one as I left…black car? But yeah like you say let’s not give many details, although I don’t think that the color of our cars really matter. Hey! Can you believe that it’s been a year since we started talking? That’s incredible. I mean I used to dread coming here to the cabin every holiday because I’m always super bored but since we started talking I’ve found myself looking forward to it so I guess I should say thank you for answering in the first place! And remember, no sleeping with the window opened on summer ;)”


“IT’S BEEN A YEAR???? Okay wow. It seems like it was yesterday when I found your note, I honestly can’t believe that it’s been a year since then. And same! It’s so nice talking to you, like the certainty that when I come here there’ll be a letter waiting for me, that’s really good so I guess I should thank you for writing the first letter a year ago. Also yes, my car is black hahah. And I mean I don’t think that the color of our cars matter that much either but it just feels nice not knowing that much about each other…Like it feels as if I could say whatever I want and it won’t matter ‘cause you don’t really know who I am. It’s like you’re my diary. And yup, don’t worry, I won’t make that mistake again, the mosquitoes won’t have me this year”


AUTUMN BREAK 2012  (12 and 15 years old)

“Okay wow, that hurt. That’s what I am to you? A diary? Just a piece of paper that you start writing and always leave behind (because let’s be honest, who has ever finished a diary?) Okay, fine, I thought we were friends but it seems like I was wrong. I’m just a diary to you. You hurt me girl, you really did.

Just kidding! I get what you meant and I totally agree. It’s like I can be a dork (you just need to read the first sentences of this letter to realize that I am a dork) and I know you won’t judge me or you won’t like tell anyone because I mean, you don’t know who I am so yeah I totally get what you mean.

See you –read you- in Christmas, diary girl!”


CHRISTMAS 2012 (13 and 15 years old)

“Of course you’re my friend!!! You’re my diary, yes, but you’re also my friend. You’re my faceless friend about whom I know nothing.

Well…now that I think about that…I don’t know how wise that is haha. Like I’m talking to a total stranger that says that is a 14 (probably 15 by now?) years old boy but as far as I know you could be a 40 years old creepy man.

Hmmm…you’re kind of funny and honestly I don’t have anything else to do here so I guess I’ll take a chance and continue talking to you.

I’ll read you on the winter break faceless friend!”


“My faceless friend about whom I know nothing….ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE 12 (13 by now?)????? Who talks like that when they’re 13??? I think I should be the one worried about you being a 40 years old creepy man. Also what is it with you and 40 years old creepy men? Is the second time you ask me if I’m one. I told you…I’m 38.

No but, seriously I promise I’m a 15 years old guy who makes lame jokes and likes to write letter to his “faceless friend about whom he knows nothing”

You have to promise me that you’re a 13 years old girl though so I can sleep at night”


WINTER BREAK 2013  (13 and 15 years old)

“Okay first of all, yes I’m a 13 years old girl so you can relax (although if you think about it, even if I were a 40 years old creepy man I wouldn’t tell you so yeah, you’ll have to sleep with one eye opened from now on)

And second of all, just because I’m younger than you doesn’t mean that I can’t talk properly or be smarter than you. I mean one of my brothers is your age and I can assure you that I’m waaaaay smarter than him.

Wait…did I just break our anonymous rule? Should I start again? Well you know what? Whatever, it’s not like having a dumb older brother is that big of a deal right? I mean you can’t just guess who I am by knowing that my car is black and that my brother is dumb (ha! Look I even made it rhyme, see? I’m smart)”


EASTER 2013  (13 and 15 years old)

Okay okay, I’ll choose to believe that you’re a girl so I can sleep at night

And don’t freak out! Like you said I won’t know who you are just by knowing that your car is black and your brother is dumb (you’re right, it does rhyme…wait now I’m the one making rhymes haha)

Just so we’re even I’ll tell you something about me. I don’t have siblings, which sucks to be honest. I’ve always wanted a brother or a sister so I’m kind of jealous of you. I mean I have lots of cousins, little cousins and I love them because I really like kids but sometimes I’d like to have someone who’s always there for me like a brother or sister should be you know?

Do you get along well with your brothers? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”


“Okay relax Mr. Rhymes, I’m the smart one here remember? You’re the dork (your words not mine)

And it’s fine I’ll answer. I do get along well with my brothers. I mean I don’t really hang out with them, mainly because I’m kind of shy and they have their own friends but they always ask me if I want to hang out with them so that’s nice. And they really care about me, I mean if you were a 40 years old creepy man they would totally kick your ass defending me (yup, here I am again talking about creepy guys)

And I get what you mean, it’s nice to know that no matter what happens I’ll always have my brothers and I can count of them so I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have that. But hey, you have your faceless friend about whom you know nothing.

Okay I have a confession to make…I cheated. I convinced my parents to come a few hours earlier to try to see you. But you were already gone…

I’ll understand if you’re mad and you don’t want to talk to me anymore but hey…it didn’t work so…”


This is the second chapter!!

I know that this isn’t the most interesting chapter, I’m sorry about that

I think you’ll like the next one better, it has an interesting ending

Thank you so much for reading!!♥

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You know what I'm dreading? Lord of The Rings, the TV series.... did anyone actually look at the movies and go you know what? This could be longer. Also who here isn't looking forward to a series that will very likely have minimal to no people of color, but also probably going to have no women. No thank you.

Ugh, just no. They already made it decently well (if you watch the extended editions) and the Hobbit has amply proved that modern creators can’t do it again because of their obsession with making money. Really? “Multi-season” is what one headline says, and I really, really hope not. This is going to turn into yet another miserable, second-rate fanfiction. No POC.

And as for women, the entire way they treated their woman original character in the Hobbit trilogy just shows they have no idea how to write women either. They built her up as this amazing warrior, then gave her a romance arc, then totally shattered both of those important points by killing her romantic interest in front of her and then having her play damsel in distress, in need of rescue from Legolas. Just a shitshow all round.

Look, I love LotR, even though it’s problematic. I love horses and swords and fantasy movies. But Wonder Woman, Thor, & Black Panther are the future of big, expensive, battle-heavy creations. LotR is the past. At some point, you gotta leave the past alone (no matter how much you want that money) and move towards the future.

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Trolls Fandom: I need answers

 (First off, PSA to all artists:if you do not want your art displayed like this PLEASE tell me and i will edit the post and remove it but i can still leave a link to your blog on the post if you desire! I love all of these fanarts and those that make them!)

I have just recently been introduced to Trolls and the surprisingly massive online fandom for the movie. As an artist myself, who mainly draws human characters, I watched the movie wondering how I would draw Poppy and Branch in my style and what their coloring would be. Branch stuck out to me because I pictured him as having darker skin and black/deep brown hair. Not that I normally picture all characters I humanize to be white, but it was odd to me how my mind automatically clicked to that set of features. And I can’t imagine it any other way now.  

Like most fans, I immediately flocked to Tumblr to see the art, gifs, and text posts made about the show. As I started scrolling through I found many artists whom I fell in love with. They captured these characters so well! And it didn’t take long for me to notice a trend among those who displayed their Human!AU of Branch. They all had the same skin tone/hair color combo as I did! Check out all these examples! And please check out these amazing artists!!!!!

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I decided it was time to upload this.  The reason Kajout’s side view isn’t uploaded in color was because I wasn’t spending enough time to make it all nice.  But I liked how the grays looked so why not.  Also redone chick that goes with her side view in color but I liked both versions of the chick for different reasons.

This project actually started with me being amused how I drew Kajout from the side with a lazy sort of slouch.  To hey lets do a front and back view.  I needed to figure out something for her front view so I can expand and figure it out better going forward.

Along the way I was also figuring out the Rock birds, the Male Kassaeda friend of hers and a couple other things.  The rock chick staring at the camera is my favorite.  Also I decided to show the heigh comparison between Kajout who I usually think is in the 6ftish range, to her chick and a full grown female rock bird.

Kajout’s jacket and shorts are something she wears when she’s outside of her home jungle.  In her home she wears clothes more traditional to her area.  She’s mostly hanging out in trees as the jungle Kasaeda make their homes in them, taking care of her rock chick (name pending), with Mititango or listening to her soldier friend tell her stories while she idly listens.

I ended up really liking her home clothes more then I thought.  While female Kasaeda don’t have anything to cover for on their chest some females and males wear chest wraps, etc, as a decorative piece.

Kajout is the jungle’s vet and doesn’t charge anyone who needs her help.  Kasaeda usually bring her gifts, items, food, etc, in thanks but she always tells them to take it back though most insist she keep it.  The most she’ll make you do is get ingredients but she’ll tell you exactly where or who to buy them from and to say she sent you.  She’ll have you do an ingredient run while she does what she can with what she has.  Kids will bring her toys in payment and refuse to take them back.  She’ll return the toy to the parents when she’s in the busy part of the jungle where most everyone lives.

Kajout’s pretty much almost hermit like in that she lives away from everyone, prefers her animals and says very little.  She comes off as grumpy or off putting because she’ll just stare at you if you say something stupid or annoy her until you leave.  Her soldier friend becomes more like her interpreter when he gets to know her signs better just so things don’t feel awkward.  Not that she cares if people are off put.  Give her nature and she’s happy.

Once Kajout ends up becoming a mom to her rock chick she simply ask if Kasaeda and others have to give her something to just bring a rock for her rock chick.  But reminds them only do it if no other Rock Birds are around since if they see you pick up a rock,even one they don’t want, they’ll chase you.  The kids particularly love to give the female chick rocks or toys themselves in hopes they’ll see her with their gift in her tail bag.  She’s been seen walking around with toys in her bag mixed in with the rocks and the kids always get excited.

Kajout gave her chick the tail bag for her rocks because she got tired of her chick handing her all the rocks to hold while she traveled throughout the day.  She finds out Rock Birds are pretty smart despite her earlier feelings about them since the chick starts to keep only the prettiest/best rocks..and her favorite toys in the bag.  She gets rid of rocks she picks out and replaces them with better rocks, but never rocks or toys she was given always knowing the difference.

Still figuring out a few more things about the full grown rock bird male and female difference.  One I like is that while neither female or male can fly the females have big enough wings to allow them to get high in the jungle trees.  Then they flutter down to pounce.  Male’s may still have the claws on their wings more like raptor arms but I’m not to sure yet.  I’m also thinking about the main colors of the rock birds.  I went for red as a place holder for the female chick.

Also Kajout’s markings are a pain in the butt.  I took out the ones from her hair/dreads.  I think I’ll keep them out and just keep the simple line going down them.  So her side view shows them since it was done before everything else.  I’m trying to simplify her markings enough that they’re easy to do over and over but also are at least interesting to look at as well.

Kajout, the Kasaeda and the rock birds are my babes.


“I have such sins at my back, it would kill me to turn around”

Brona x Ethan, Penny Dreadful s1 gifs (3/?)

August 2nd: Colors
Colors each have their own meaning. On this day, create something about colors.

looks like freddy went all out with the colorful streamers
cleanup on golden freddy

also i gave bonnie a tail because i love my tiny bab bun and it looks adorable on him also totally not because his sis also has a bunny tail what

managed to squeeze in day 2 of @fnaffandomevents‘s animatronic august!  despite starting school and going to that dreaded doctor appointment!

The State of Black Hair in the Sims 2 Community

*This could also be said about the whole overall community but I’m just speaking on what I know*

We all know that this game has been out for now more than ten years, and thanks to the surprising boost of ea giving out the game for free back in july, and the bit of disappointment sims 4 was and currently is, our community is still thriving.

  Now I know I am still pretty new to the community, I joined the tumblr part earlier this year and only since the summer have I actually joined and posted on forums and sites, yet I’ve spent countless hours on sites finding items, researching mods, getting all my custom content in line.  For all that time one thing that has always been on my mind is the questionable of lack of black hairs for this game.

For those who are reading, I should probably state that I am, well black. Born black, living black, will die black. So when I’m playing it would be nice want to create sims that reflect attributes of those around me, who happen to be black as well, while also expanding and making different sims of other ethnic backgrounds as well. Yes, I know that everyone plays their game differently and create there sims how they want, as they are allowed to. For me to enjoy my game the way I want to, it has become a bit frustrating. I can find skin tones and almost every color and texture you can think of (props to those creators btw), but I am limited on the choices of black hairstyles for my sims.

Black hair is astonishing diverse. The range is bountiful from bone straight to curly ringlets to tight coarse clouds. We cut, dye, curl, twist, dread, braid, pick, straighten, perm and more to our locks. Yet for this game I can barely reflect that on to my sims.

Here’s my main issues:

  • The black styles are ridiculously limited. When I say that i mean for every one afro you’ll be able to find 200 layered straight hairs. I’m serious I can just google and within the first three pages I’ll have all the black hairstyle made for the game as of now, most of the are repeats too,  yet there are thousands and thousand of non black hair styles. When I say non black hair I’m talking styles without afro texture, because duh black hair can be straight, but predominantly the natural texture has coils and kinks. And it’s not that there are a lack of meshes, there are plenty that could become black hair,. Creators are just avoiding to do so and would rather slap a now color on Mesh A  which is just the same a Mesh B but has fringe near the ear and say it’s ~so unique~. This leads me to another problem with black hair creators.
  • Creators seem to have this limited square of what black hair is and some make what they think is black hair.  The range is braids, twist, dreads, afro, shaved fades, that’s it. If you dig even deeper you find out that each type only has a limited on how it looks. Why does it seem that the creators are all rely on using the same meshes for black hair, there’s meshes I’ve seen that could be converted easily into a black hair style but no it not happening.  What’s even worse is when they  throw some texture on a mesh and call it it black hair. Now let’s get more in deph on the construction of these black hairs.
  • Black hair relies on texture, shape, color, and luster. Creators seem to only take texture and maybe on a good day shape into account. I’ll break this down further:
  1. Afros: This is one of those categories with creators who seem to either get it right or just wrong. Texture: A lot of creators just can’t get any really decent textures right which should not be hard. Some lean towards the grouped fuzzy static, which can work, then there’s the crinkle fry one (which I just believe to look purposely like a few days old twist out), good ole curly, and that almost wavy but curly that for some reason creators think works great but doesn’t. Shape: I appreciate the free and wispy ends the some creators do, it gives a more authentic shape. But whoever told these creators that a loose dough ball looking pileup is an afro shape,(you know which shape) should feel real dumb. Yes afros do get compact into shape, but they tend to lessen in density towards the ends, know know like most hair. Why must these afros, and afro puffs look clumpy and lumpy, did these creator forget how hair works or  not care is it just cause it’s lol black hair hmmm?   Also it’s worth noting that head to hair ratio seems to just go straight out the window for some creators too. And for the love of sims why don’t these afros have hairlines? Afros need hairlines, it a must. Why is the front covering the forehead and almost kissing the eyebrows? Afros grow up and out not forward and hovers! Color: Only thing all creators seem to get right. Luster: The biggest mistake creators make. You know how alot aren’t fond of  the high shine on some hairs made like newsea and peggy hairs because they look unnatural, Well the same goes for afro hair. Black hair especially in its natural afro shape tend to lack luster the coarser it is and even the lightest of afro curls isn’t even shinning unless there’s some gloss product on it. Hyper shine should not be on afros because it makes it look fake and bad. Only types of black hair that should be super shiny is, synthetic braids, twist, wings and wet hair, but even then the shine should be medium.
  2. Braids & Twist: Stop putting them on wrong meshes. It’s not that  hard to look and reason out if a look could be possible with braids. If you’re gonna combine them with left out hair or and afro get similar textures with similar luster that blend into each other effortlessly. Remember high shine gives the synthetic look, low shine makes it natural. Also you know that braids and twist have tons of ways of being braided not just front to but or in a bun. Also it’s pretty trendy to to blend in some complimenting colors.      
  3. Dreads: Stop calling your creation dreads if there not even dread texture. There’s a distinctive texture and it’s ridiculous what creators try to pass of a dreads. Dreads have a coarse thick shape, not limp noddles together. If you can’t fully get the shape right then visually make it look with by coloring it right. Dreads are actually compact hair so it would be correct if the color was richer, even a bit one dimensional.                              
  4. Fades and Shaved heads:  Thanks to the creators who can do a fade, to the rest why not? This would literally be one of the easiest to be creative and complex since there no hair but want you want. Also riddle me this how come there’s slim to none black barber hairstyles? Like a majority of black males do cut their hair and all are not out rocking a head of curls and flowing hair. Why hasn’t anyone made more barbershop hair looks. If I had a dollar for a every male short  hair with bangs mesh I’ve seen I could buy multiple Complete sets of Sims 2 And so black women wear barbershop cuts too.   
  5. Straight hair: Now this is one is a bit of a pet peeve for me. When it comes to black hair, even with it is in a straight state it has texture to it. The coarser the natural state the more texture it will have when it is straight. A afro does not just go from coarse cloud to a pin straight plane. When black afro hair is straighten it with have texture, but a straighter none, there will be an increase of shine but nothing overzealous. There’s a good chance that there will be some volume so don’t make it so straight.straight. I’ve literally turned to using some very dated meshes because they actually have afro black straight texture, yet these creators now can’t seem to make or retexture some hairs?


To sum this all up I wish for creators to do better in diversifying the shapes and textures for hairs they make and help expand the black afro hairstyles in no just sims 2 but also all sims games. Don’t just keep doing the same ones.  

If you need help on which black hairstyles to try to create google images is your friend the are tons of different styles you can try to recreate especially barbershop ones, you can also find tons of forums and websites. Hopefully once I learn how to make hairs I can to help contribute to new black hairs, but until then I ask for these current hair creators to make more black afro hairs.

Types of BJD Clothing Styles

The ?: is it a boy? Is it a girl? Both? Who knows? All we know, is that it is stinkin’ cute.

The Loli: has their bows and frills in place, loves to twin with their owners and allthough they might wear off brand, they prefer the high end good stuff.

The Begger: somehow this dolls always comes home with clothes / goodies when they have stayed at your friends house. It is not sure how they work their magic, but hey, don’t look a given horse in the mouth.

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- Even if there’s no hope?
- Hope? Hope is the luxury of those who are unburdened by fate.

darkkquartz  asked:

What would you suggest for my first full set of dreads?? I want some for autumn/winter but I'm so lost on what kind. You're like the dead goddess so what do you think? ♡ I see you buy from so many sellers so I would love for you to guide me. (๑ơ ₃ ơ)


Well, wooldreads are harder to braid into your hair, because they’re more slippery than synthetic one’s :O I also suggest to get DE (double ended) dreads because I find them easier to braid in/wear, and it’s also half the work, because they have 2 ends, so it’s kinda like 1 dread = 2 dreads! If that makes sense.

I actually always work with themes/color schemes! I love to send dread artists inspirational pictures. That way I can pick the colors but also give them their artistic freedom and a way to surprise me! : D I’ll share a few photo’s of dreads that are based on pictures! ^ 3^ ^ ^ ^

There’s more, and I recommend checking out different artists their style :3 There’s a list of people I’ve worked with on my Facebook page, under ‘Likes of this page’. Goodluck!