also almost as buff as him

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Hc's for how overwatch reacts to smol S/O?

((Heya so sorry but the max we do is five characters so I hope you don’t mind if it’s only five - Mod Tez))

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Jamison Fawkes

  • He loves how smol his partner is
  • He is 100% the partner that feels proud to get things for you from high shelves.
  • Jamison is also the guy that will give you piggy backs.
  • Instead of him bending down for you to kiss him, he picks you up and has you kiss him. even if you’re not that short.
  • Cuddles with Jamison are the best.
  • Even if he squirms alot, once he gets comfy, he has basically shielded you away from seeing anything.
  • Your face will be pressed against his chest as he softly coos and combs through your hair with his hands.
  • You’ll definitely have soot in your hair but he doesn’t care.
  • He loves you no matter your height.

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Sombra (the waifu)

  • Is a big teaser
  • She likes to tease you about your height as a joke.
  • Mainly because she’s on the short side herself.
  • If she sees she’s upset you, she totally doesn’t get you a stuffed toy.
  • She is only a little taller than you and so she makes it a duty to bend down for kisses.
  • She likes to put you on her shoulders and say, “I’m your new legs, where do we go amiga?”
  • She isn’t gonna listen where you want to go.
  • I hope you like a walk with your new legs to the ice cream shop.
  • Your new legs love to turn invisible and make people think you float. It totally hasn’t scared grandmas half to death and Sombra definitely didn’t almost die laughing.

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Reaper (Gabriel Reyes)

  • Tall and buff and grumpy.
  • The grumpiness is mostly a show cause he’s a drama king.
  • Trust me he could care less for height and actually wouldn’t notice you’re small.
  • He’s crazy used to looking down at people.
  • Will help you out when you need him to help.
  • You want a guy dead for calling you a dwarf, check. You want anyone dead, double check.
  • When he’s being affectionate in private, he likes to put his palm against yours so he can feel your presence, but also look how small your soft hand is against his big, scarred, and calloused hand.
  • He adores your hands and will totally kiss them.
  • When you cuddle at night, he covers you completely, he is the cloud that you can sleep on. He is very soft to touch but very cold. Extra blanket is highly encouraged.

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Aleksandra Zaryanova

  • She adores small people
  • Will totally pick you up and have you on her shoulders all day.
  • Kisses your forehead, cheeks, lips, everything on you.
  • She is so confident in you being awesome that she wishes you start joining her in the gym.
  • She will personally train you to have thighs and biceps that will make her want you to squeeze her face with.
  • One time she joked in Russian and said, “Buff thighs will save Russia. I believe in them!”
  • During cuddle time, you are sleeping on her chest. She will make you do so.
  • Loves to sing you to sleep with an old Russian lullaby.
  • She doesn’t believe you being small is bad and makes you believe in yourself that you’ll be a great person.

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Bastion (It’s platonic I swEAR!)

  • Bastion is very curios of many things.
  • Height is one of them.
  • He likes to whirr and tilt his head to see if there’s any specific reason why you’re smaller than him and other humans.
  • Bastion chirps like Ganymede when he gives you a piggyback ride.
  • Ganymede responds to the chirps and will rest on the top of Bastion’s head, allowing you to pet him lightly.
  • While people get nerved out you are chilling with a Bastion unit, you really shouldn’t mind. He has the attitude of a five year old.
  • Small things like how small your palm is compared to his hand is very interesting.
  • Even though he can’t talk, he has a slight knowledge of sign language and will sometimes ask you questions about height.
  • He becomes very happy when he learns new things and will totally go to Zenyatta and tell him what he learned from you.
Lifeguard!AU that doesn’t go how Lance expected

“Pidge, Pidge, listen to me. I need you to pretend to drown.”

Pidge spat out her mouthful of lemonade in a spray that only barely missed Lance’s face.

“What the fuck?” she spluttered.

Lance pulled his sunglasses off the top of his head to check them for lemonade splatter before replacing them and tousling his hair over them.

“I need you to pretend to drown.”

Hunk looked 110% skeptical of Lance’s ingenuity and Lance would be insulted but he’s still too busy ogling the hot lifeguard across the pool from the corner of his eye.

“Lance, I really don’t think that’s a safe–”

“Trust me, big guy, this plan is perfect. Pidge will go in and pretend to drown and shit, then I’m gonna jump in like a fucking hero and drag her out. Then I’ll put her on the deck and be all “everyone clear out! Give her some space!” and hot lifeguard dude will be so impressed with the speed of my response and he will definitely fall in love with me.”

“You want my sister to risk her life to be your inanimate wing-person?” Matt said incredulously.

“Well, I mean, she’s gonna be totally safe. I’m the–”

“–closest that Cuba’s ever gotten to a Michael Phelps, yeah, we’ve heard this before, McClain-the-almost-Olympian.” Lance pouted as Matt cut him off to finish his statement. “Okay, so it’s not like my sister’s life is in real jeopardy, fish man, but I still don’t like even the possibility of getting her in harm’s way, so I’ll be your wing–er, fin-person.”

Lance’s eyebrows flew up into his hairline.

“Oh my God, man, you’d do that for me?!”

“Well, no. I’d do it for Pidge, because I know you’d somehow guilt or challenge her into actually going along with your crap.”

Lance dragged Matt into the best rendition of a bone-crushing Hunk-hug he possibly could. The elder Holt let out a breathless “oof!”.

“Just so we’re clear, I’m not a fish man–no gills, just skills!”

Matt laughed and cuffed Lance in the shoulder.

“Sure, buddy.“

Yeah, that totally did not go according to plan. Instead of the heroic rescue Lance was envisioning (which would have been a million times easier if it had been Pidge’s tiny frame rather than Matt’s much taller and considerably bulkier one), somehow Matt’s overly-convincing flailing limbs (didn’t he know that drowning people were usually a lot more… still?) managed to catch Lance across the face, stunning him long enough to send him under. Normally Lance could shake it off and get back up for air, but in the panic Matt’s scene was causing, there were a bunch of pool patrons rapidly trying to flee the scene. Lance ended up getting buffeted by legs and arms of all shapes and sizes, and started to get seriously concerned he wasn’t gonna be able to come up for air. Finally, his vision started to blur as his lungs burned for oxygen and an arm curled around his chest, this time guiding him toward the air rather than further underwater.

As soon as his head broke the surface Lance coughed and choked on a massive gulp of air, his air-starved brain too addled to prioritize between clearing out the water or sucking in the precious, precious oxygen. He ended up inhaling about two-thirds water with that breath and couldn’t seem to cough it back out.

Next thing he knew, he was being lain out on the rough concrete of the pool deck and there were hands poised over his breastbone–


The hands paused and Lance blinked rapidly, trying to clear the dark spots from his vision. He looked up at his savior, and holy fucking shit, hot lifeguard dude was fucking gorgeous. And wet. And currently touching Lance’s bare chest over his hammering heart.

“The guy’s breathing, I think he’s just shocked. He’s got a pulse, he’s gonna be okay.”

Whoa, hot lifeguard dude’s friend, buff lifeguard dude, was also pretty hot. And super buff.

“Oh God, Shiro, he started choking once I got him out of the water, then went limp and unresponsive–”

“Hey, hey, I know, it’s okay.” Buff lifeguard dude’s hands closed over hot lifeguard dude’s wrists to help him stop his hands from shaking. Lance decided breathing would be a good thing to get the hang of right at that moment.

He coughed and hacked violently for a bit until he finally took in his surroundings. Matt was sitting not far from him, also dripping wet and looking mildly horrified but otherwise fine. Pidge was at her brother’s side, white as a ghost. Hunk was hovering behind them, wide, terrified eyes on Lance.

Both hot lifeguard dude and buff lifeguard dude were staring at him too.

Lance realized he should say something smooth and intelligent.

“Wow, dickwad, you didn’t even do a pulse check before attempting to break my fucking ribs?”

Ah, yes. Lance was the epitome of suave and charming.

Hot lifeguard dude went red–from rage or embarrassment, Lance had no idea.

“I just saved your life!” he exclaimed, gesticulating wildly. Buff lifeguard dude had to back off a few inches to avoid getting socked in the face. “I mean, you were unresponsive for thirty seconds, I figured you needed chest compressions just like any other unconscious choking person!”

Oh, right, he was technically choking on water.

“Yeah, well maybe I just wanted some mouth-to-mouth, okay?” he retorted.

Wait. Shit.

Hot lifeguard dude was red before, but now he was… really red.

Lance fumbled to sit up properly as they guy finally said, “But… that’s not… how CPR works? We start with chest compress–”

“I’m a paramedic, I know how fucking CPR works,” Lance interrupted. Hot lifeguard dude’s mouth clicked shut. He was really fucking cute, dammit. “I also know your ass looks amazing in those red trunks and I’d love for you to show me how that works.”

If Lance didn’t know better about human physiology, he would’ve assumed hot lifeguard dude was a few seconds away from spontaneously bursting into flames. The guy scrambled back a few inches, seemingly desperate to put a bit of space between them.

Okay, ouch, he didn’t mean to cause that much anxiety or anything.

“Hey, hey, no need to be a flustered mess. We can try this again.” He scooted forward a bit, watching hot lifeguard dude’s reactions very carefully. Dark indigo ink eyes tracked his advance warily, but he didn’t move any further back.

“Hi, I’m Lance. Wanna grab dinner with me and then watch Netflix in our jammies?”

“I’m Keith,” hot lifeguard dude said gruffly, thrusting out his hand. Lance shook it. They were both still wet from the whole nearly-dying-in-the-pool thing.

“Also… uh, that sounds… nice?”

Lance just laughed and let hot lifeg–Keith help him to his feet.

“I cannot believe that actually ended up fucking working,” Pidge said in awe.

Hunk shrugged, “Well, that’s Lance for you. Paramedic by day, and sometimes night, or whatever comes in between, and future Olympian in his spare time.”

Matt rolled his eyes from where he was sitting on one of the pool benches, toweling his hair dry-ish. “Yeah, so no one cares that I almost drowned?”

Just then, buff lifeguard dude (because seriously, this guy was fucking ripped) put a hand on Matt’s shoulder and Matt jumped nearly three feet into the air with a squeaky shriek.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” he yelled.

Buff lifeguard dude somehow looked bashful despite his buffness.

“Sorry, I just… I figured you need to get checked out properly, after all that.“

Matt’s eyes narrowed and he waggled his eyebrows in a weirdly Lance-like fashion that scared the shit out of Pidge. “So you’re saying you’re coming over here to check me out?”

Buff lifeguard dude looked stricken before he honest-to-God blushed.

“I’m Shiro,” he said, endearingly awkward as he extended his hand for Matt to shake.


“What the fuck,” Pidge said.

I couldn’t resist throwing in the Shatt… hahahaha

Happy Lance Month! Working another 26h shift tomorrow so probably won’t be posting anything. Hopefully I’ll have another little ficlet written on Sunday. Feel free to send me prompts, feedback, suggestions, or comments! :)


Genre: Angst, with a happy-ish ending tho?

Pairing: Reader X Lee Taeyong

Word Count: Roughly 2.6K

Summary: Lee Taeyong was not someone to be trifled with. He was like a disease, you needed to stay away; at least, that’s what you were told. Except, the Lee Taeyong you heard of and the one you saw were two entirely different people.

Warnings: Bullying, Suicide Attempt (toward the end); overall dark themes, despite light language being used, so if any of this triggers you, please DO NOT READ THIS.

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You had heard the rumors about him, even before you met him. Lee Taeyong: infamous, but not for particularly pleasant reasons. Apparently, according to your friend, someone not to be associated with; an ex-bully, cheater, scammer. The list went on and on, but you weren’t particularly inclined to listen.

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DannyMay Day Twelve: Cycles/Inevitability

…How did he get here? What? Why is everyone running away from him? Why is the town destroyed? Who did this? Movement out of the corner of his eye catches his attention. He turns to find a giant mirror. What he sees makes him balk.

There, covered in blood, smirking back is Dan Phantom.

He awakens with a start. A strangled gasp escaping his throat. Panting heavily and disoriented, he bolts to the bathroom, suddenly nauseous. He looks in the mirror first. Satisfied that it’s his normal self, he bends over the porcelain bowl. Gasping for air he crumples to the floor hugging the toilet. Sweat pours down his face and neck in buckets. He nearly whimpers. He hasn’t had that nightmare in years.

He’s too shaken up to notice the faint footsteps coming his way. He feels someone touch his shoulder. With a jolt he turns and looks up. There looking worried, confused and slightly amused stands the most wonderful woman on this earth. Her gorgeous long black hair tied in a messy bun. Her shapely legs barely covered by her black nightgown. Her intense violet eyes that can see right though you even when clouded by sleep.

“I thought I was the only one with morning sickness, didn’t know it was contagious”

Her attempt to lighten the mood only half works. He snorts but doesn’t move. She kneels down next to him. Though it takes a few tries. At seven months pregnant it’s a miracle she even could kneel down in the first place. The bathroom is already too small. He alone takes up half the space.

“What’s wrong?”

He looks away. He can’t look her in the eye and lie to her. She’s the one person he can’t lie to. That’s what three years of marriage and ten more of knowing each other will do to you. No matter how much he doesn’t want her to worry if he lies she’ll worry more than if he tells her the truth. He sighs.

“I had the nightmare again”


They’re silent for a while. Then she shifts and hugs him. Though since he’s grown to be almost as tall as his dad and as buff as ever because of ghost hunting, she can barely reach all the way around him. That and the baby-yet-to-be is in the way. He sighs and returns the hug.

“You haven’t had that nightmare in years, you ok?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’m just stressed”

“You know that you have nothing to worry about right? You outage him by two years”

“I know…”

“And you have me”

“I know”

“And you also have-”

“Mommy? Daddy?”

At that moment their two year old Lilith entered the room and peeks into the bathroom. She looked just like her mother. But she had his intense blue eyes and behaved just like him. She gasps and runs in.

“Daddy? You ok? There, there”

She pats his arm and tries to soothe him. One of her powers is feeling others emotions. At that moment he realizes she woke up because she felt his distress. She could have rolled over and gone back to sleep but she chose to make sure he was ok. He almost starts crying. What did he do to deserve such a caring family. He’s still causing trouble for them. He’s still making them worry. He’s still-

“Stop it”

He’s startled by the firmness of both their voices. She’s looking at him like he just deforested half the world. Lilith looks about ready to clap him over the head. He realizes that he can’t hide anything anymore, not even from a two year old.

“It’s ok daddy, you have mommy and me and my baby brother or sister. There’s also grandma and grandpa and auntie Jazzy and uncle Tuck and auntie Val and auntie Dani!”

She beams up at him. He can feel her trying to use her powers to send him good vibes. Kind of like a reverse of Spectra. His little girl is doing everything she can to make him feel better. It should be the other way around. But then again she’s always been surrounded by “take charge, we can do anything you can but better” women. She definitely takes after her mother. He sighs but more content.

“Thanks Lily bug. I feel a lot better.”

She jumps up and smiles so hard that it looks like her face will split in two. He laughs loud and heartily. What was he so afraid of. He has a beautiful caring wife, an adorable little girl, and another baby on the way. A family that loves him. Parents that accept him, all of him. The support of the town, heck, the world.

“I can’t even remember why I was so upset, good job”

Both of his favorite girls smile and kiss him on both cheeks. Lilith making a face and telling him to shave because his beard is too scratchy. He smirks and retaliates by rubbing his chin all over her face. She giggles and screams. He can hear Sam laughing at the spectacle. Then she gasps. He goes into protective mode.

“Sam what is it”

“The baby’s kicking”

She takes his hand and places it on her swollen belly. They wait. Then he feels the little pop against his hand. Even junior is trying to comfort him. He smiles warmly. Lilith hanging off his neck the whole time. Sam looks up at him.

“Feel better Danny?”

“I love you guys”

Movie nerd

Request: “Paladins whose s/o is a huge movie buff? Like they own almost 2k movies and they’ve seen everything from star wars to legend to 13 going on 30”

A/N: ok so i forgot who put this request in bc i accidentally deleted it -_- also, if you want to be tagged in certain things, just tell me!


  • Thinks it’s really cute
  • Doesn’t understand the ‘rules’ you have about watching movies together, but he follows them anyway
  • Doesn’t understand how you watch so many movies


  • He is too
  • But it’s a secret
  • He’ll have crazy movie discourse with you
  • You guys have slightly different taste though, and that leads to some heated arguments
  • But you can shut him up


  • A very open movie nerd
  • He’ll watch anything with you, and will quote it for the next week
  • Which gets interesting when you have a marathon
  • You guys like to play ‘guess the movie quote’
  • You always win


  • He’s not a huge fan of movies, but he doesn’t hate them
  • He just doesn’t really enjoy just sitting and staring for 2 hours
  • But if you ask, he’ll watch a movie with you
  • Does not understand how you can just sit and watch a movie


  • LOves the sci-fi and fantasy stuff, but once you get to romcoms, she’s out
  • She’ll sometimes watch them with you
  • But she won’t like to talk about them, so stick to the ones she likes if you want a discussion
  • If you insult any movie that she likes, then it’s war
  • “____ dies”
  • “FUCK OFF!”


July 5th: Dancing 

Pairing: Prompto/Ardyn

I think I died a thousand deaths while painting this. It took me soooo fricking long to get to this stage! Thought I would just paint a quick sketch, but then I wanted to try a different style from what I usually go with and I never painted two people (fullbody) in one piece and omg I have zero knowledge about dance movements and anatomy. Well the day is almost over (at least for me), so I am going to leave it at where it is, but maybe one day I can finish it properly. 

Also I am really confused whether I want to strangle Ardyn or give him a cheer up hug.

(the picture looks a little bit better when you click on it ;-;)

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Green armor, orange skin. Togruta. / Very Big Very Buff Very Friendly. Mandalorian. / asses were kicked very often // Regardless all, keep going on, I really like your style :)

She almost got arrested…. FOR HAVING THOSE GUNS

Do you have a band aid? CHECK OUT THOSE CUTS

Is anyone here a veterinarian? CAUSE THOSE PYTHONS ARE SICK

hahahahaha ok I’m done ilu Daylyn 💪 ❤️

Send me a haiku of your OC and I will doodle him/her/them and also make shitty jokes lolol

Allies Body Types

I just reblogged a post that made me think about my headcanon for Hetalia characters’s bodies, so here are some. And sorry about this, but I’m not sticking to official heights when it comes to Hetalia… They’re all too close, and characters are often drawn different heights, so I’m making up my own. Sorry? (also, I’m not including weights because I’m only vaguely aware of how it works for men, with the different muscle-fat distribution and all, I’d probably say something unrealistic)

America: 182 cm (slightly under 6′). He has the body of a jock, very fit and a lot of muscles. Flat stomach, extremely defined abs (all his muscles are very defined, actually). He barely has any fat, but he can’t be considered really thin, since he has all those muscles and he’s not thin-boned, but he doesn’t look bulky, either. Average hip size for his height, broad (but not excessively so) shoulders.

Canada: 178 cm (5′10″) (yes I know I’m horrible but I can’t help imagining him a bit shorter than America). He’s very fit, with defined muscles, but considerably slenderer than America. His ribs and hip bones are visible under his skin, he has thin arms and legs. Not an ounce of fat on his body. He’s slight-boned in general, with narrow hips and shoulders for his height. He’s kind of delicate-looking.

China: 169 cm (5′6″). Extremely slender and fine-boned, but also fit, even if his muscles aren’t too defined. His body looks elegant and well-proportioned. His hips and shoulders are slightly thin for his height, but it’s not very noticeable.

England: 174 cm (5′8″). He’s skinny. His body is toned and he does have muscles, but he also has thin arms and legs, and his ribs are clearly visible. Thin hips and shoulders, too, but he doesn’t look as delicate as Canada and China do, he’s more on the scrawny side.

France: 177 cm (almost 5′10″). He has an extremely well-proportioned body. He’s muscular and toned, but not too much, he doesn’t look buff. He has broad shoulders, the same as America’s proportion-wise, but his hips and waist are narrower. He looks very elegant, but still clearly masculine.

Russia: 194 cm (6′4″). (yes that’s extremely tall) He’s big-boned, with extremely broad shoulders and wide hips. He has muscles of steel, very toned, but he also still has some fat on his body, which makes him look even more massive.

Part 2 | Part 3 (Nordics) | Part 4 | Part 5

one of the good things I got from drawing my zistopia comic is that now I am way more comfortable drawing snouts, so get some gratuitous zootopia blacksand furries! Sandy is a lemming and Pitch a gemsbok (I though about making him a horse but like all the horses concept were ultra buff and even if irl gemsbok are also meaty, in the movie they were pretty slim)

They look like a couple of roomates college boys tbh how even you deal with dating someone not even the size of your cranium???

[Bad God AU] New Friend

“Here kitty kitty~”

Feliciano giggled as he kept his arms out through the bars of the narrow vent way, his fingers clenching and unclenching at trying to find a way to pet the white fluffy thing. Ever since the ‘stolen present’ incident, iron bars were installed in the hatch so the lambs couldn’t easily get out. Though that didn’t stop Feliciano from still going into it, mostly from seeing what looked like a cat go in. 

He had for the most part misplaced his glasses earlier, having gotten them messy with paint so he put them in his apron and forgot about them. His eyesight was getting better and he knew for sure what he was seeing! The cat even waited for him as it went down the hatch, it wanted him to pet it, surely! Or wanted to show it something! He clicked his tongue, waving his hand up and down at the kitty staring at him. He grinned as he watched it staring at him with its tail swaying back and forth. Such a good kitty!

“It’s okie, kitty! I’m good! I won’t hurt you!”

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2pcanada werewolf headcanons?

2p! Canada Werewolf Headcannons

He is out very often, almost never home, during days when no one out.

On busy days of the year he hides out in his house.

It makes people wonder about him, they’re getting suspicious.

He knows it too, and tries his hardest to go out and socialize.

It’s almost painful to watch because he seems so nervous.

He’s still big and buff, though.

Like don’t mess with him.

He’s protective over other animals, like lost/abandoned dogs.

He treats them like their his family.

He’ll alter his form to that of a wolf so he can properly carry a baby puppy, kitten.

It also makes them feel a bit safer if they’re distrusting towards people.

His friends don’t know about what he is, and he doesn’t have a pack.

He’s pretty much alone on this.

Poor him.

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what do you think about Frank's body type? i always interpreted it to be that he was large in general but overweight AND buff? but a lot of fan art just has him as buff and idk how to feel about that? like idk if i just interpreted it wrong or if its just that people don't like fat kids? :(

blessing of mars is specifically described to make him not look “pudgy” (im almost certain that specific word is used) anymore, and also specifically says his gut had shrunk.

which doesn’t mean like he looks like zac efron now or whatever but yeah i don’t think you can blame the fandom for interpreting it that way.

Slasher Love 3

When Billy left, the two lovebirds got dressed and took Jesse’s car to go home.  

-So you gonna sleep at Jesse’s house?

-Hmm, well I got my two host’s wallets so I can bought a hotel room.

-Yeah… Or you could sleep in my room?

-You sure, but your mom?

-I think that my mom wouldn’t complain, you’re a hot dude.

-You like that guns, huh? Jesse flexes his biceps.

-Awww. Gary drooled before looking at the road. Grab the wheel!… You’re… you’re the best guy I ever met.

-And you, you’re the best and cutest guy I ever met.

-Thanks… Jake, I have to tell you something…


Gary’s mother rushes toward the car with a baseball bat.

-Mom! It’s me, Gary.

-Oh, Gary! I was thinking it was one of that kids who accused me of being a witch.

-Yeah, don’t worry… Mom, my friend Jake wants to sleep in my room tonight. Do you agree?

-Aww! I can’t believe it… My son has a best friend!

Gary’s starts to cry and thank Heaven.

-Gary, your mom’s alright?

-Yeah… Mom, I think that you and Jesse will get along.


Billy enters in his house with flashlight, he was used to find sometime no lights in house. But it wasn’t a good, if he wanted a chance to “survive” he had to go in the garden and wait.

His shirt was already wet because of his sweat caused by fear. Moreover, something puke some white slime on him, he tried to avoid it because he knew what it was, his father’s cum. Billy had a dark secret, his father was gay, but it wasn’t really important. His dad was always fond of magic and supernatural, so when he found one day a spell that could turned him into the “Jeeper Creeper” he totally used it on him. The Jeeper Creeper is a creature with a great strength, who can paralyze its victims with his own cum and there was one more power that scared Billy… Some people said that the Jeeper Creeper inspired the legend of Spring-heeled Jack, not only because both of them could jump at great heights, also because they could “body hop” into someone else. Billy’s dad always envied his son because of his popularity amongst hot guys, his attractiveness and ‘what a shame!’ he was straight and homophobic as fuck. But thanks to his new powers, he could possessed his son and enjoyed his life.

Billy was trying to move, but the semen was paralyzing him. His monster dad lands in front of him, he was hideous and buff, almost like a lizard-like troll bodybuilder. His father caresses his reluctant son’s cheek as his long tongue hissed.

-Sss! My son know what you do during the full moon, haha! He know that if he tried to run away, I would immediately enter in his libidinous body, right?

-Right dad.

-What a nice and sweet son of mine! Too bad you’re a homophobic trash! But don’t worry, your papa is here to fix that! I can’t wait.

-Fuck you freak!

Billy takes the hose and clean the cum on him before hitting his dad with a plank and run away.

-Hmm. My little princess wants a chase, yummy yummy.

The Creeper jumped on his son and punched him which knock him out. When Billy woke up, he was in the kitchen.

Billy was shirtless and oiled by the creature’s cum, his father was next to him, handing him some food.

-What’s wrong kitty kitty? You’re not hungry?

-Fuck you! You cut my hair.

-Oh I’m sorry. I know my little girl wanted to have those long and golden hair, but daddy needs a manly body you know… Well, if you’re not hungry, we can start playtime.

-No, wait! You can’t!… AHHH!

His father turned into an anaconda and dove into his son’s wide open mouth who screamed for help. Suffocating and invaded, Billy tried to grab the giant snake but he was covered by slippy cum. Trent’s whole body swells with his nipples popping out, his biceps inflating and a bulge bloating inside his boxers. Finally, the tail disappeared, *slurp!* , into Billy who falls on the table, fighting for control.


Billy clenches his teeth as sweats dripped on his toned and tanned body. Billy helplessly tried to claim his nervous system by slapping and punching himself, but it was useless as his dad soon become a parasite inside him. Billy grabbed his head with bestial growls and his hair standing on end.


Billy was soon covered in his own sweats and tears. Convulsing, he uses his hands to shake his hand back and forth as he was struggling against his father.  


The blonde jock keeps shaking and soon became abdominal crunches.  

-One! Two! Three! Wait wait… I’m in control! Oh yeah! I’m so fucking strong!

-Fuck yeah! Look at this guns! Man, my son is all sweaty, I should fix that…

“Billy” begins to lick and chew his biceps before his tongue went to his hairy armpits.

-Hmm, yes. Tastes like testosterone and steroids.

Billy’s athletic frame was glistening because of the fierceness of the takeover and his dad’s excitement about possessing his manful son. Billy’s subconscious was soon merged with his father as the homophobic bully and the daddy bear had become one. Consequently, the new Billy looked at himself in a mirror, winced a few times and laugh because of the fact that he was controlling a gorgeous stud. After that, Billy’s memories about Gary resurface as his dad ravenously looks at his reflection.

-Hmm, yeah. That Gary would be a better wife than the last cunt. So fragile and obedient, perfect for an alpha male like me! I can’t wait for tomorrow. This man dick is hungry for pussy!  

To distract his appetite, Billy decides to lift weight.

-Shit, I’m not even making an effort! I don’t remember being that strong when I was young! My is such a good boy, I will push this body to its limits!

Billy keeps lifting the iron until he was exhausted. However, his sexual urge were making him horny. Suddenly, his son tried to stop him. 'UUNNNG! GET OUT OF MY BODY NOW!’. In spite of, as both of them were fighting for control, he accidentally touched his dick which let his willpower being defeated by his sex drive. Then, he jumped out of his chair and grabbed his member through the fabrics.  

Billy moaned and pinched and twisted his sensitive nipples which make him hard. Then, he tears off his shorts and stroked his long and thick member.

-Ooh yeah! You like being manhandled by your daddy?

Billy gropes his balls while his other hand was pleasuring his fuckstick. His pecs and abs hardened as his biceps and triceps contracted together. Billy howled as he kept stroking quicker, the heat of his body increased to an unknown temperature. Closing his eyes, he was now trapped between his sensual moaning and the sound of the cum pressing inside his penis as precum dripped from it. Soon, a masculine eruption happen in his dick as white stream of cum shot out of his body. Whereas, his gorgeous body was flavored by semen full of manliness. Billy fall on the floor, grinning and massaging his attractive frame.

-Haha. Fuck this. I will go at Gary’s house right now!


Jake and Gary were hugging and petting each others in Gary’s bed. Jake was wearing a tank top, which show off and tighten his hard arm muscles. Whereas, Gary was admiring Jake, amazed by the fact of having a moving and lovable Greek Statue in his bed.

-So… You think that your mom appreciates me?

-Yeah… I’m happy that you met my mom, I wanted you to know how it feel to have a mother.

-Yeah, that was amazing. You think that I could be part of your family?

-Of course! I mean, if you want.

-So… Your mom’s asleep, and we’re in your bed…

-You want to have sex with me?

-… Yes.

-Oh, let’s go! But try to be quiet.

Jake, joyful thanks to his answer, climb on top of Gary and tickled him with the bulge in his pants. They kiss and take off their clothes before that Jake thrust deeply into him. Gary squee which startle Jake who put his hand on his overexcited mouth.

-Haha! You told me to be quiet and you’re the one screaming during sex!

Gary begins to laugh, which makes Jake trying to cool him down, but the feeling of Jake’s big penis only makes Gary giggles as he pinched the jock’s nipples who moaned. The springs were scrambling as Jake and Gary rolled on the ground, forgetting about the noise.  


-It’s Billy?

-Oh yeah, I should have told you about our relationship…


-Yeah, I was his victim and he was my bully… A lot of homoerotic subtext. I was obsessed with him, until I met you.

Gary caresses Jake’s cheek and they kissed. Suddenly, Gary’s mom rushes into the room while Jake was mounting Gary. Luckily, the sheets were covering them. Gary’s mom cover her eyes.

-Gary, there’s a guy outside, he wants to talk to you.

-You want me to support you?

-No, it’s okay… But you and mom, hide yourself and watch us. I don’t know what he could have planned.

Gary walked to the front door and opened it, outside there was Billy, flashing a cocky smile at him. Gary resisted against his corrupted thoughts 'Come on, Jake’s not here! Do you want to be alone? Billy is perfect! Jake and you is impossible, he would never grow older!’ Gary pinched himself as Billy’s presence was imposing.

-What’s wrong baby? You don’t say hi to your husband?

-My husband? We’re not even married!

-Yeah yeah, whatever… I went here because I was worried about you…

Billy tried to touch Gary’s cheek but he moved away his face.

-None of your business.

-Alright, you know I forgive you if you cheated on me with Jesse.

-Cheated on you? You always treated me like your thing, your victim! That’s nothing but an unhealthy relationship!

-If you say so. Also, I came here to ask you if you want to escort me to the Prom tomorrow?

-Th-the prom?

-Yeah, what do you think about it?

-I… I can’t sorry.  

-Gary, are you serious? I’m the quarterback, you’re nothing. You have to accept it! I mean, nobody apart me would ask you this! The Prom, it’s the best night we could ever had!

-The prom? A night were a lot of fake people would smile at me, vote for me to be the Homecoming Queen and throw a bucket full of blood on me? You called this a nice night?! You know Billy, I wouldn’t vote for you to be the Homecoming King but you can always shove 247 f-words in your anus and find other idiots to lick it!

-You bi…

Suddenly, Jake jump out of the closet and prevent Billy from punching Gary.

-Oh. Well well well. I was sure that there was something between you and Jesse. How could you have done that to me? After all the porn we have watched, all the vagina we licked together, all of our brojobs!

-My host really did that?

-Now it’s kinda hard to imagine you and Billy wrestling without erotic stuff.

Abruptly, Billy grab Jake and threw him on a street light. Luckily, Gary use his powers to make Jake avoiding the street light and touching down softly.

-Wow, that’s impressive.

-Shut up! You can’t attack my boyfriend!

Gary threw a rail at Billy who dodge it, in spite of, Gary kept throwing things at Billy who break all of them.

-Well, I’m a little bit disappointed.

Gary stomped the ground which send a huge crack under Billy who fell and was stuck in a crevasse.

-Not bad. Looks like I need to turn into angry daddy now. AHHH! MAKE HIM STOP PLEASE!

Billy screamed as his father controlled his body and turn it into a humanoid creature, his skin became greenish as he emerged from the ground and torn off his clothes. Totally naked, Gary and Jake looked at the new Billy, every veins in his body were pulsating, a musclebound colossus. But his face, it was Billy who was fighting from the inside, trying to control his mutated body.


-Really? He’s a giant vegetable and he is most bothered about being gay?

-ARGGHH! STOOP!… Oh yeah. Much better.

Billy the creep grinned and shot his cum at Jake who was paralyzed as he tried to choke him. Fortunately, Gary controlled him and stopped him, but his willpower was strong and Gary couldn’t bear him much longer. Without a warning, Gary’s mom arrived with a baseball bat which turned into a wand firing electricity at him.  

-I felt your aura, Jeeper Creeper. Nobody has the right to touch my son and his sexual partner!


Gary’s mom summoned a twister toward Billy who roared as he trapped into it. Slowly, the shared body was separate into two persons as Billy’s dad tried to stay inside his muscular son. In spite of, they were soon disconnected, the Jeeper Creeper screamed as he was obliterated by the tornado. Nonetheless, Billy was still trying to not swallowed by the twister.

-Mom, you have to stop your spell, we can let someone else die!

-I’m sorry, that twister is here to destroy evil souls, and this young man seems to be enough nefarious on his own.

-… Huh, I can at least try!

Gary gave his hand to Billy and helped him to escape but Billy pushed Gary against the whirlwind. Luckily, Jake saved Gary and pull him away, in a bridal carrying.


Gary and Jake kissed while Billy watched in disgust.

-You think it’s finished faggot? I’m gonna make you pay what you and your weird magic stuff did to me!

All of a sudden a Transformers action figure, drifted by the wind, hit Billy’s forehead and made him fall into the twister.

-Well… I’m not gonna miss him.

Jealous at a Panic! At The Disco concert (Luke)


Anonymous said: “Can you do a Luke blurb about going to a panic! At the disco concert and him getting jealous bc you love Brendon Urie soso much,thankss”

yes omg I love him

(I’ve never been to one of their concerts so excuse me if anything of this is completely wrong and inaccurate)

and sorry if it is really bad, I am tired haha


“Oh my god, I love this song so much!” You exclaim when you hear the first notes to Girls/Girls/Boys, jumping up and down in excitement. “The music video is gold, Brendon Urie is so hot!”

“Isn’t that the one where he’s like.. completely naked?” Luke, your boyfriend, asks. He is standing next to you, his arms crossed over his chest with an unamused look on his face.

“Yes! Exactly!” You say, smiling back. “And never did I think that I, would be caught in the way you got me…” You sing at the top of your lungs, enoying the almost too loud music and the familiar buzz you feel whenever you hear Brendon Urie sing. 

You let the music consume you, dancing and singing along the best you can. You try to get Luke to dance with you, but he stubbornly stands his ground. Luke was the one who got you the tickets, after all, because he knew how much you loved the band. You thought they would be somewhere in the back maybe or at the far sides, but no, you are basically at the very front, it’s almost as if you could touch the stage if you just leaned forward a little bit. 

“Girls love girls and boys..” You sing along to the chorus and suddenly, out of nowhere, Brendon Urie looks you straight in the eyes and winks. It may have been for only a milli second and barely noticeable, but it sure as hell happened, even Luke seems to have caught it. 

“Did you just see that?” You ask him in disbelief, wide eyed.

He rolls his eyes at you and shrugs, “yeah, so what?”

“So what? He freaking looked at me Luke! This is amazing!” You yell over the music, “this is so unreal!”.


An hour later and you are finally heading toward the exit, throat sore and half deaf. 

“That was so good, wasn’t it?” 

“It was alright.” Luke says, not meeting your eyes. 

“Come on Luke, it was more than alright, it was Brendon Urie for christ sake!” 

It had been one of the best nights in your life, and spending it with your boyfriend had only made it even better, though he seems to not feel the same way. 

“I know it was, you’ve said it like… ten million times. We all know you’re madly in love with him and his six-pack and dreamy eyes.” Luke says, rolling his eyes. He walks with long steps so you almost have to run to keep up with him. 

“What are you talking about?” You ask, eyebrows drawn together in confusion. 

“Nothing.” He mumbles, shaking off your hand when you try to reach for his arm. 

“Lucas Hemmings, stop.” You say, stopping right there. He stops too, a few feet a head of you and slowly turns around with an annoyed look on his face, jaw clenched. 

You walk up to him and take his hand in yours, “Are you jealous?” You ask eventually. 

He immediately looks away but you managed to see his tinted cheeks. “No.” He answers stubbornly.

You roll your eyes fondly with a small smile playing on your lips. You grab his chin and make him turn his head to looks at you before you connect you lips. 

“You know I think your eyes are dreamier, and your body sexier.” You say after you’ve pull away. “Brendon’s amazing, but you are my boyfriend and I love you more than anything, even more than marshmellows dipped in chocolate.” You say, letting out a laugh at the end. 

Luke’s lips twitch at the corners and you can tell that he’s trying not to smile (failing, of course). 

“Come here, you big, stupid dork.” You say, opening your arms. “I think it is adorable that you are jealous and all, and Brendon Urie’s a pretty decent guy to be jealous of, but I’m all yours. Don’t worry.”

He steps into your arms and buries his face in your neck, letting out a groan. “I feel so stupid…” He mumbles and you can’t help but laugh. 

“No, it was cute. I promise.” 

“I’m a man, I don’t want to be cute.” He scoffs and you can almost hear him smiling teasingly. 

“I’m sorry man, I meant to say that you are so buff and tough and manly.” You say, laughing. 

He pulls away from the hug but leaves his hands on your waist, also laughing, “thanks.”

He leans in and kisses your lips, letting it linger for a while before he pulls away. “You’re pretty cute yourself at times.”

everyone thinks that bahorel- buff, smartly dressed bahorel- works as like, a lumberjack or something. Like, he’s always well dressed but he’s also built like a brick shithouse so people assume that he does really hard, back breaking work, right??

it turns out he’s a vet and he specialises in kittens and puppies and animals that are smaller than his hand and the first Ami to see him almost goddamn fainted when they saw him working bc its so!!!! cute!!! he’s so soft and gentle with them and he genuinely cares!!!!! This big towering man and all these tiny animals that love and trust him bc he’s so good and caring with them!!!!

Is Ja’far cute?

Wow here I go again talking about the things that matter in life and Magi :D

Is Ja’far meant to be cute in Magi? I mean, you know how Koumei is meant to be ugly (but he isn’t at all tbh, especially now that he lost his hair….furr….. feathers?),  I wonder if Ja’far is meant to be cute…

I think he is? Idk Not only does he have several cute expressions:


But also sometimes I feel Ja’far is aware of his own cuteness and hates it. Like here when Yamu made his hair grow:


He looks so embarrassed like: *blushing* damn now I look even cuter shit, I’m not supposed to be cute, I’m an ex-assassin, I should have grown up big and buff and scary damn this shit.

I also think that the joke of him as a character is that he looks motherly, cute and caring but can be very scary, like when he tried to murder Cassim. It seems like Alibaba and Aladdin see him that way. They find him very caring but also scary.

Alibaba’s memories about Ja’far are literally sparkling and they even almost hugged when they met again.

This is from a Backstage. It has Ja’far’s profile information censored with the onomatopoeia in red “PIIIII” and something like blood is falling. Main trio is scared in the background, the onomatopoeia around them is “buruburu”, so it means they are shivering. I think this backstage hasn’t been translated yet so idk the context.

Sinbad also seems to be aware of this. He sort of points it out when he introduces Ja’far for a second time, when he seems to be a little drunk. And he goes:

What does he mean tho? How does Ja’far look? Weak, delicate, cute, harmless, too kind to murder? What do you think about Ja’far’s look, Sin?

And Ja’far is like: wtf do you mean like this??? *sweats*

Ja’far certainly seems to not like looking cute at all, but at the same time he acts in a cute manner, not on purpose tho. He is polite, walks elegantly, looks clean and tries to give the impression of being like royalty.

Anyway I do believe he is meant to be cute and……. I can’t believe I just wrote all this much about the idea of Ja’far being canonly cute. 

I’m 100000% serious tho….

  • throam ryan: haha im straight i love jac
  • also throam ryan: He has an almost too handsome face with full, beautifully shaped lips that are slightly too big for him, a nose that dips half an inch too low, but neither feature do nothing except enhance the grace of his face. I’ve never seen him before. He is roughly my age and slightly shorter than me. I can’t decide if he is buff or not; he has strong arms and shoulders, but his overall impression is tiny with a narrow waist. His tight clothes only support the impression as the shirt stops two inches before his jeans start.

when people say that autistic people are “trapped inside themselves” by their autism, I just want to vomit tbh. like last I checked it’s society that’s doing that by being made up of stubborn clowns who refuse to accept that words aren’t the only way to express yourself.

a friend of mine has an almost entirely nonverbal autistic brother and there’s RARELY significant miscommunication between him and their family, because his parents and siblings have always just… paid attention to him, like, you know, you’re supposed to do with any family member. they just let him teach them what he means when he makes certain gestures and sounds over the years.

also he’s a huge film buff, so his parents saved up for an iPad and were like “wanna use movie clips to say how you’re feeling?” and now they regret it because it ends up he’s a fucking master of sarcasm and wrecks people on the DAILY with strategically chosen sound bytes