also all the three of them in the same place!

miap*pkin: I think it is unrealistic for that many LBGTQ+ people to be in the same place in a story.

Thanks for the heads-up. Once you decide how many LBGTQ+ people are realistically allowed to be in the same place at the same time, please let me know. Is it more than three? Less than six? Is the situation affected by major celestial events or the presence of Ian McKellen? If you could also let me know how many straight people can be in the same place at the same time — oh, an infinite amount? Most of them should be straight? Ideally all of them, you know, like in most books?

I’ll make a note.

a cog in the machine pt. 3

pairing: Yoongi x reader x Jimin

genre:  robot!jimin, assassin!au, mafia!au, angst, smut

word count: 7,032

warnings: death mention, implied drug use, just heavy themes in general

a/n: as always, i will go back and edit later! 

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a cog in the machine:  a small or insignificant member of a larger organization or system 

part 1 part 2

You stare at the empty suitcase on your bed can’t help but feel like you were stuck in the middle of some twisted nightmare and not your real life. Your eyes glance over to the passport sitting on top of your dresser, a plane ticket shoved in between the worn pages. It had been several years since you joined the Organization and you have collected many stamps in your passport, but you never got used to this feeling.

The night before you left for an assignment was always one of restless nights and having to go to the bathroom every five minutes because of your nerves. Tonight was the same, but it was also different. You remembered the first time you went to Venice, how foolishly excited you were about going to one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Hyunsik teased you about the travel book you had found in the library that was dog eared with all of the places you wanted to visit. All the places the three of you wanted to see together. All the things you wanted to do.

But you never imagined that bringing one of them home in a body bag would be added to the top.

The news of your assignment spread like wildfire as sources of entertainment around the compound were scarce these day, especially after the shine of Jimin’s arrival had worn off. It could have been paranoia, but you were sure that they were all making bets to see how long you would last. How long it would take for you to finally snap.

“Go away!” you shouted as someone knocked on your closed bedroom door.

“Don’t be like this,” Yoongi hisses from across the locked barricade.

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Just got back from Voter Protection Training!

It went really well! We do it in odd election years before the primaries because there are historically a lot of shenanigans regarding people crossfiling to get in primaries for parties not their own and we tend to have election observers for the different candidates in place, but there was a lot of general purpose information I want to generally make sure everyone knows.

Polling Place Dos and Don’ts: Campaigning

  • Candidate Behavior in Polling Places: Candidates can enter, vote and leave. They cannot hang around inside to say “hi” to voters, even if it’s stuff that’s not technically partisan like “I just want to thank you for voting today!” Vote and get out.
  • Not a candidate? You still literally shouldn’t even speak a candidate’s name while inside the polling place. This extends to the poll workers - if you forget a candidate’s name and ask the poll worker what it is, they actually should not even tell you that much. If you ever see a poll worker suggesting a specific candidate or seeming to promote a candidate, it is a violation and should be reported.
  • Along similar lines: do not wear candidate paraphernalia inside. No buttons, no shirts, no hats, no weird fun themed socks. This is a bit of a gray area but generally speaking, err on the side of caution and don’t.
  • Pamphlets should be handed out outside the polls, not inside. Rules vary by state, but generally you can’t hand out literature for a candidate inside the polls or within a certain perimeter of the entrance. I’ve seen some argument back and forth as to what counts as the “entrance” if you have two sets of doors, with an outer one to the building and an inner one, but I’ve absolutely reported people for being inside the polling building and seen them dutifully standing outside afterwards, so generally assume they should not be in the building.
  • I want to really emphasize that last point - if you are in a voter ID state, your ID will be checked INSIDE. If you are asked for your ID outside the poll, that is a violation and those people do not have legitimate authority.
  • If someone is intimidating or harassing voters, including demanding to see ID,  report them. Additionally AS LONG AS YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE POLLING PLACE - get them on video on your phone if possible. Post the video to social media, but also post it to your local news station’s Facebook page. That having been said, be veeeery cautious about doing this inside a polling place - there are definitely rules in some states about recording inside a polling place. I’m afraid I can’t give general advice for this situation.
  • If you are unable to get into your polling place due to accessibility issues, that is also a violation. Report it, same as above.

Reporting Violations: See Something? Say Something!

  • Spot violations? Report them ASAP so they can be stopped before the day is out. They might get one or two voters, unfortunately, but don’t let them scare people away all day! They can be blatant about this type of thing, too - we had a story in tonight’s training about a district where, for years, Latinx voters were turned away at the door and told that “Latinos don’t vote here.” It was finally uncovered three years later when a phone banker calling for a local candidate spoke with a Latina woman who asked “Will I be able to vote this year?” and “I haven’t been able to vote these past few years, do Latinos vote somewhere else?” This was uncovered in 2012. Keep a sharp eye out. 
  • Generally speaking, each polling place should have a Judge of Elections - if anything is wrong, go to them first. Ask a poll worker until you get to speak to them.
  • Is the Judge of Elections complicit or not cooperating? Then go over to their head to the County Board of Elections. This information, obviously, varies by County, but I suggest googling it for your County and putting it into your phone’s address book.
  • 866-OUR-VOTE also does voter protection services, but their reactions may be slower, so go to them only after the above steps.
  • Phone issues/phone anxiety/etc.? There may also be places to report online! As I was informed, state sites are often more reliable for that then county, but please try to file a report on both. 
  • But the most important thing of all? Report A.S.A.P. The day after the election might stop them from pulling a repeat act next year, but who knows how many voters they’ll be able to stop before then? Don’t let these clowns operate all day! 
  • Finally, just as a note if you do see someone actively intimidating voters: record and report, but do not engage. However, you can offer to escort voters inside if they’re being intimidated! 
  • If you see someone being intimidated, encourage them to come forward - if you’re being intimidated, PLEASE come forward. Reporting when it happens the only way to nip this kind of thing in the bud. Without people coming forward and reporting, we get Latinx people being turned away from a polling place for three entire years before someone actually alerts the authorities because apparently no one posted a competent election watcher in that entire frigging time.
  • (I’m still so mad about that story - just oh my god.)

Trouble With Voting? Name Not on the Roll? No Voter ID?

  • Again, can’t emphasize this enough: If you have any trouble voting, flag down the judge of elections if you need help, then call your county board of elections if that fails or the judge is complicit in the problem.
  • Is your name not on the rolls? If all they’ve done is flip the book open to your alphabetical spot, they have not done their due diligence. Voter registration can be slow: sometimes, voter registrations will be sent in as “supplementals” to the book, depending on when they arrive. Have them check back of book for the supplementals first.
  • Still can’t find your name? Are you reasonably sure you’re in the right place and have registered? Better yet, is the online voter registration checker telling you you’re registered? Have the Judge of Elections call the county board of elections to see if you’ve been registered but not yet entered in the book yet!
  • Also, live in a Voter ID state? Check to make sure of the requirements! Some states only require voter ID if it’s your first time voting in that polling place. The exact form of acceptable ID may vary but your driver’s license should always be enough. If they’re telling you it isn’t, they are lying. Report it.
  • And if all else fails? ENTER A PROVISIONAL BALLOT. If you can prove after the fact that you’re eligible to vote at that polling place -  say, if you forgot your voter ID - you can still have your vote counted! 
  • You may never be denied a provisional ballot, ever. If someone tells you they’ve run out of provisional ballots they are ALMOST CERTAINLY LYING - they have a truly absurd amount of those on hand and can call for more. If someone tells you this, call the board of elections and tell them “Hey, [x voting place] is out of provisional ballots.” That’ll be resolved real quick then.
  • In fact, was there a mixup about your polling place? Whenever possible, you should always get to your actual voting place, but if you can’t make it in time to vote there, try filing a provisional ballot at the polling place where you currently are! It may be counted for your proper polling place later! Basically only do this if you physically cannot get to your polling place before the polls close, though. 
  • If you or someone else needs translation services, they are legally entitled to them; however, the translator does need to be certified, generally; you can’t just bring a friend or family member in to translate in the booth.

Poll Watcher and Worker Responsibilities

  • Poll watchers are usually registered for a certain candidate. I’m not sure if this is true for all states but in at least some there is a limit to number of poll watchers per candidate. Sometimes they’ll let a generic political party have a poll watcher (E.G., ‘Poll watcher for the Democratic Party’, etc.), but it’s rare and may be thrown out, so don’t count on it if you have another option.
  • Poll watchers need to be registered and approved. You can’t just show up and ‘poll watch’. If someone is claiming to be a poll watcher without official papers, report them. If someone is trying to ‘poll watch’ inside the polls without official papers, definitely report them.
  • What can poll watchers do? Well, for starters, they can check before polls open that numbers are at zero! After that, their job is to sit at table and watch. 
  • Do NOT tell any voters what candidate you are pollwatching for. That is a violation. See that thing about “literally do not speak a candidate’s name inside of a polling place” above.
  • Poll watchers can also watch the votes being counted and can even watch as the write-ins and absentee ballots are counted.
  • Aside from the Judge of Elections, poll workers, and poll watchers, polling places may also have an inspector for each party. Poll staff can be elected or appointed, depending on the position - if your polling place doesn’t have anyone from your party, you can tell the judge of elections you’re interested in volunteering. HOWEVER, you’re there from before it opens to after the last vote is counted, so make sure you’re up for that because that is a loooong day.
  • Finally, just as a general note: Exit pollers can ask you how you voted, but you can refuse to answer - no one can force you to answer how you voted.

And that’s my absurdly long voter protection spiel! There’s a lot of other voting rights stuff to know in terms of registration, felon registration rights (varies by state!), homeless registration rights (I know in at least some states you can register even if you’re homeless and just need to circle the area you’re usually in on a map in order to register, but that may not be universal), but we just covered stuff at the polls themselves here.

Now, get out there and vote! Every year has at least a primary and a general election, plus sometimes special elections - please don’t just turn out for Presidential elections!

cecillanzi  asked:

Hiya! So, I'm writing a novel that involves several different fantasy cultures that are based off of real-world cultures and ideals. Everyone in this world shares the same religion {although it is worshipped differently in each place, but real world religion doesn't have an impact on this}. Anyways... One of the countries in this world is based off of Chinese and Japanese culture due to it being an ancient empire. Is this okay or should I focus on the aspects of one culture over the other?

One Region, One Religion: Avoiding Colonization Parallels

Regarding combining Chinese and Japanese culture, please read Research:Large to Small Scale, Avoiding Homogenizing East Asian Cultures, & Paralleling Regions Appropriately.

I would advise a lot of caution on “a single religion”, especially if you’re making one or more nations representative of various East Asian countries/empires, because while it looks like there aren’t any real world parallels there actually is one very large one, and it can come across as very hurtful if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Christianity is very close to the whole “one religion across the globe” thing, and most authors are going to be pulling Christian influences just because that’s what they grew up with. As a result, inserting a single religion across everywhere can lead to replicating colonialism in a fantasy setting.
Some ways to avoid this are:

Make it a polytheist religion
Not only can you better replicate folklore by having this situation, but you avoid the whole “one god is the ultimate don’t worship anyone else but this one god” thing by doing this from the start. Many world religions are polytheist (Abrahamic religions are actually the anomaly for that, but you can even find references that they aren’t truly monotheist and there are multiple gods, but the god of Abrahamic religions just wants to be the only one worshiped).
You can have different gods be major or minor in various regions, depending on their cultures, which in turn preserves the rituals and cultural values of non-Christian cultures more effectively.

Have the gods physically show up
This may or may not work depending on your world, and it would still be better in a polytheist religion instead of monotheist, but having a physical representation of a deity everyone can interact with (not just a few set people who then tell everyone what they saw) can help create a sense of non-Christian-ness to the world, and also reinforces why people follow only those gods instead of creating new ones to fit their cultures.

Reconsider it all being “the same”
Even people who worship the so-called “same god” practice in wildly different ways— just look at the differences between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. All three of them share a general history, but they’ve all taken it and run with it in different directions based on the historical context of the time and early followers. While there might be some similarities between how key gods are worshiped, they could have wildly different practices for minor gods, or some minor gods are only in some places, or some major gods are minor gods and minor gods are major gods.

Religion is such a big messy thing people love to argue about, and having one religion across a huge variety of cultures rings extremely false. Really, really trace back logic for why you want to have just one religion, and consider instead to work a little bit harder to preserve the huge variety in religion that exists in the world.

Religions are a product of their culture, so changing a religion so fundamentally means changing the culture to the point you might even end up with something unrecognizable if you insist on following this course. Not to mention, making marginalized groups who’ve been greatly hurt by Christianity (not necessarily East Asian individuals, but it is very possible) feel like you’ve pushed them out of their escapism by insisting that no, Christianity (or a Christian-like religion) is the best, theirs isn’t worth putting in other than a few trappings.

~ Mod Lesya

Jim Jones was a cult leader responsible for the murder-suicide now known as the Jonestown Massacre, where 918 people lost their lives.  In order to understand how this tragedy happened, it’s important to know how Jonestown began.  Who was Jim Jones and how was he able to gain the love, respect and trust from so many that they were willing to die for him?

Jim Jones was born May 13, 1931 in Crete, Indiana. He grew up in a very poor family, residing in a shack with no electricity.  From a very young age Jones had an obsessive interest in religion.  As a child, he would hold sermons in his backyard and have neighborhood children attend his church services.  Sometimes when the children wanted to leave, Jones would lock all the doors and refuse to let them leave, forcing them to stay and listen to his sermons. He was very harsh on children who were not as interested in church as he was and would take personal offense. By the age of 16, Jones was preaching to both black and white churches, which was highly unusual, as the city was still segregated. But Jones had a very upbeat and friendly personality and he was very passionate about the poor and the underrepresented, and empathized with the non-whites.

After graduating high school, Jim went to college to study medicine and began working as a hospital orderly. During that time in 1949, Jim met Marceline Baldwin, a nurse who worked in the same hospital. After dating for a short time, Jim and Marceline would get married.  A few years later in 1952, Jim was working as a student pastor in a Methodist church and the congregation did not take kindly to Jim’s beliefs in desegregation. It is important to note that the Ku Klux Klan was very well known in Indiana during the time Jones resided there.  At one time, there were more members in the KKK there than in any other state.  Around 250,000 men were members of the Indiana KKK at its peak, which included many prominent government officials, police and the like.  Racial tension was at an all time high and Jones preaching about loving your neighbor of all colors and interracial congregations was neither accepted, nor tolerated. Jones had no choice but to resign as pastor.  It was then that he formed his own congregation.  Originally the church was known as Community Unity and it focused on Christian beliefs. It was during his time of running the Community Unity that Jones decided that there was no God because if there was, there wouldn’t be so much poverty, hatred and inequality in the world.  He then decided he would no longer be preaching of God and religion, but rather shifting his focus to what he was passionate about: poverty and people of all colors being treated fairly and equal. In 1956, Jones created the People’s Temple.

From the beginning, the People’s Temple was prominent in the civil rights movement. Jones was responsible for desegregating the police department, movie theaters, restaurants, hospitals and other businesses in Indianapolis. Additionally, the Temple opened up a soup kitchen for the homeless and poor, had free housing available for senior citizens and the mentally ill and Jim and Marceline even opened up their own home for homeless and unwed mothers. It was the first time in history that people were publicly offering assistance to people regardless of their race.  It was also at this time that Jim and Marceline adopted a Native American child, three Korean children and became the first white family in Indiana to adopt a black child. This adoption took place in 1961, the same year the freedom fighters tried to desegregate buses in Alabama and were brutally attacked. Because of the integration and desegregation Jim Jones was responsible for, the residents of the city felt threatened and would send the family death threats and spit on them in public.  Many of the people in Indianapolis of all races saw what Jones was trying to accomplish and they wanted to be a part of it. They saw that he was really for the people and trying to make a good, positive change in the world.  Needless to say for all the good they were trying to do, they were met with hatred, threats of violence and even assaults.  Jones decided that it was no longer safe for his family in Indianapolis and they moved to Brazil. They were only there for a short time before returning to the United States, but this time making California their home. Many of the original Temple members, around 150 from Indiana, made the move to California with the Jones family.

Not everything was love and peace in the family. Jim’s wife Marceline was very unhappy about Jim renouncing his faith in God. Marceline still considered herself a Christian and would still pray to the Lord, which angered Jim greatly. At times, he would threaten Marceline that he’d commit suicide if she continued praying to God. He was also extremely jealous and did not want anyone giving his wife any kind of attention, even though he was known to carry on affairs quite often. Jim also developed a drug addiction to prescription pills that would cause erratic mood swings and bouts of paranoia.  In fact, the move to California was due to Jim’s paranoia and a vision he had of nuclear holocaust. He felt they would be safe from the disaster in California. 

By the early 70’s in California, Temple membership had grown considerably. Word had spread all over the country about Jones and his refreshing approach to race relations. During this time, People’s Temple had approximately 2,500 members. Jones began preaching to his people quotes from the Bible, even though he denounced his faith. He would find things that were fitting for him to go with his own selfish desires and wants and use the Bible as a backup source. An example of this would be Jones quoting Matthew 19:21, which reads, “Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

Temple members wound up doing just that. They sold their homes and cars and gave all of the money to the Temple. The ones who had jobs and continued to work would turn over their entire paycheck to the Temple. The elderly who drew retirement and social security would turn over their entire checks to the Temple. In their minds, they were contributing to the “Good Cause”.  He made his members feel loved, safe and hopeful. While he was kind to everyone, he was especially compassionate to the poor and the uneducated. The majority of his followers were classified as such and to them, he was a savior. They wanted somewhere to belong and fit in and something to be proud of. He gave them all of that and more. All of them referred to him as “father” and had nothing but respect for him. His speeches were so uplifting to his members, even when he said ridiculous things such as he was the reincarnation of Jesus or Buddha, they just went with it. As new people would come to check out the organization and their charismatic leader, Jim’s ego demanded more and more followers and praise. Additionally, he was always looking to make more money.  He again began his practices of faking miracles and healings, something that garnered a little bit of attention in his earlier years, but this was on a much bigger level.  He would use his members to pretend to cure cancer and other ailments, making blind people see again, making people in wheelchairs walk again. These events were well-planned and thought out and with his large organization acting like they had witnessed an actual miracle (most were not privy to the behind the scenes operation and planning and truly believed that he was legitimately Jesus incarnate and performing miracles) many visitors would believe too.  Even though Jones would lie and manipulate, during his speeches he would come across as honest, vibrant, caring and positive. He was liked and well respected by not only the Temple, but the entire community. 

As Jim Jones became more dependent on drugs and his paranoia grew, he began using scare tactics on his followers. He would tell them that people were plotting against them, including the CIA. To his followers, this was terrifying. They felt all they had was each other and their “father”. He also made sure to increase the dedication people had for him as well as making them more disciplined followers. He began making ridiculous claims to his members, informing all the males in his organization that they were all homosexual, all of them but him.  He would have sex with the male members to prove to them that they liked it. Additionally, he would have sex with the women members and then during their daily meetings, they were expected to speak on what horrible lovers their husbands were and what a great lover Jones was. He eventually informed his members that they were not allowed to have sex, not even the married couples. Essentially, the only time anyone was “allowed” to have sex was when it was with Jim Jones.

In the early 70’s Jones and his “church” was accused by the media of financial fraud, physical abuse of its members and mistreatment of children. It was while this was going on that Jones purchased some land in Guyana in an effort to move himself and the entire People’s Temple so as to avoid the people who were supposedly plotting against him and trying to ruin him.  It was his goal to create a utopian society here, free of racism and worry, but also to seemingly gain much more control over his followers. Initially there was a small group of members sent to Guyana to begin building houses, plant crops and prepare the area for all the members.    In the mean time, Jim Jones got to work holding meetings, letting all the members know what was to be expected of their move and the tropical paradise that awaited them, getting passports made of all of his members and continuing to try to make as much money as possible.  Eventually Jim Jones and 1,000 of his members all made the move to Guyana and arrived at the compound known as Jonestown.  What they arrived to was anything but the heaven they were told it would be. The houses were not yet completed, nor was anything else complete because Jones did not want to spend a lot of money on the project.  It was less like paradise and more like a concentration camp. Jones informed the members that no one was allowed to leave and to reinforce that, he stationed armed guards around the property. Additionally, he confiscated their passports so they could not leave. He also confiscated outgoing mail so members could not get a hold of any family or friends outside of Jonestown. Some worried family members made phone calls to Jonestown and Jim and his closest members would listen in on the calls to make sure no one was out of line.  Members were expected to work on the land day and night, with minimal breaks and very little food.  With Jones treating his members horribly, it’s no surprise that he was always on edge, wondering if they were plotting against him. He installed an intercom system in Jonestown with a loud speaker and would get on the speaker at all hours, day and night, drunkenly preaching to his members, many times speaking of upcoming doom and an apocalypse. He began holding mock suicide drills in the middle of the night due to his thoughts of the US government being out to destroy him. Members were publicly beaten for disobeying as well as threatened with death. Coupling the new environment making members extremely vulnerable with the physical and psychological abuse and brainwash, there wasn’t much members could do at this point in time other than being obedient and subservient to Jones.

There were a few people who did successfully leave the People’s Temple, most notably Bob Houston.  Houston’s mutilated body was found near some train tracks after leaving the Temple.  US representative Leo Ryan was good friends with Bob Houston’s father and coupled with the abuse allegations he had heard were happening at Jonestown and the mysterious death of his friend’s son that had recently defected, Ryan decided he would fly to Guyana to investigate the supposed utopian society and see if members were truly happy there or if they were being held there against their will, as it had been told to him.  Ryan brought with him some concerned family members, people working for the media and photographers.  Jones got word of the visit and made sure to explain to his members how they would behave and how they would represent Jonestown.  They were told to prepare the best food (including a lot of meat, which Temple members were not allowed to eat otherwise due to its high cost) and to be thankful for Jones at all times.  On November 17, 1978, Ryan and his crew (who had been in Guyana for three days and were being refused to be let into Jonestown) were finally allowed to enter the compound.  For the most part, the People’s Temple put on a very convincing show for Ryan, praising Jones for all of his hard work and dedication. They expressed how happy they were in Jonestown and stayed on their best behavior for fear of what would be done to them if they didn’t.  However, one rather brave Temple member, (and a wonderful personal friend of mine) Vernon Gosney, slipped a note to one of the reporters that arrived with Ryan. In the note, Gosney pleaded for help getting out of Jonestown. The letter was signed by both him and another Temple member, Monica Bagby. Jones asked Ryan and his group to leave for the night and the next day, they arrived to interview more members. During the interview, another woman came forward stating that she wished to leave Jonestown with her family, as well as another family. It was made known to Jones that some people wanted to leave and he pretended he was okay with that, that they were free to go at any time. After interviews concluded on November 18, 15 people in total were to leave Jonestown with representative Ryan. Hidden amongst the 15 was one man, Larry Layton, who was only posing as a Temple defector and had no intention on leaving.  Once they arrived at the airstrip, 2 planes were available to the group. Larry Layton boarded the small, six passenger plane. Once on the airstrip, he began shooting Temple members who were on the plane, wounding several. Temple members who escorted the people to the planes began shooting at the other plane, killing Leo Ryan, 1 Temple member and and 3 journalists. 9 others were wounded. All of the survivors ran and hid into the nearby fields.

As the shootings were happening at the airstrip, Temple associates were given orders by Jones to prepare a drink, enough for all of Jonestown, consisting of grape Flavor-Aid, cyanide, Valium, chloral hydrate and Phenergan. Jones called all of his members to the pavilion for a meeting.  44 minutes of said meeting was recorded and is known as “The Death Tape”.  Jones informed his followers that he knows someone who boarded those planes were going to shoot the pilot, which would cause the death of all of the people on the planes and hinting that this would lead to the government coming to Jonestown and taking everyone’s children away. He then encouraged his members to drink the Flavor-Aid concoction and commit revolutionary suicide. That they would be heroes and forever remembered as revolutionaries. Many of the first to take the poison were parents who used syringes to squirt into the children’s mouths, then doing the same to themselves. Others simply drank it.    Some members thought this was another fake suicide drill until they witnessed people dying and then fear and panic set in.  Jones can be heard on the Death Tape telling members to die with dignity, and that death is preferable to life at that point. It has been said that many were forced to take the drink at gun point. A few members managed to hide under beds and avoided death. A couple others managed an escape and ran through the fields. Jim Jones did not drink the poison, instead, his death was caused by a single gunshot wound to the head. No one knows whether it was self-inflicted or if another member did it. One other woman was found dead with a gunshot wound. Additionally, a woman named Sharon Amos was working at the Jonestown headquarters in Georgetown. She received a radio communication from Jonestown informing her to commit revolutionary suicide. She took her three children into the bathroom and stabbed two of them to death, then had one assist her in stabbing herself to death, followed by the last of her children killing herself.

Many of the Temple members who fled into the jungle were lost for days and nearly died, but a Guyanese government plane flew in and located them. Others made their way to Georgetown, staying at cafes, and some staying with local residents.

Larry Layton was found guilty of conspiracy and of aiding and abetting the murder of Congressman Leo Ryan and of the attempted murder of Richard Dwyer. While the only person ever found guilty of any happenings at Jonestown, he was paroled in 2002.

In total, 918 individuals lost their lives at Jonestown. It was the largest death toll of civilians by human acts up until the 9/11 tragedy. Jim Jones was cremated and his ashes scattered at sea. His wife and three of their children who died at Jonestown are buried in Richmond, Indiana (The oldest daughter left the People’s Temple before the move to Guyana and two of their sons survived Jonestown by being out of the area for a basketball game).  The bodies of over 400 of those who died in Guyana are buried in a mass-grave at Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, California.  A memorial listing all 900+ casualties, including Jim Jones, was completed at the grave site in 2011.

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So, Lance isn't the spare tire nobody needs, he's the spare tire they need because sometimes you need a spare tire? Oooh wow operate in ice, that sure will be useful literally once time. :/ Why you gotta make Lance the shitty Aquaman compared to Pidge being awesome.

I’m not entirely sure how you got that out of what I was saying when that’s the exact opposite of what I was saying.

Literally if you remove Lance from the team they would never have left Earth. The team would never have found Hunk because Hunk wouldn’t have snuck out of the dorm on his own. So you have Pidge, Shiro, and Keith, alone, and, oh, too bad they can’t find Blue’s cavern because Hunk isn’t there to calculate the Fraunhofer line. That assuming they didn’t get caught because Lance wasn’t there to help carry Shiro and Hunk wasn’t there to help with those hairpin turns.

They try to find Blue? Blue won’t respond to any of them because none of them are hers. Galra ship arrives, they don’t have a Lion to fight it, Earth is screwed.

Sendak’s raid on the castle? If Lance hadn’t saved Coran, Coran would be dead, they couldn’t have gotten a crystal from the Balmera, if they fight off Sendak, at best, they’re then sitting ducks stranded on Arus, except they wouldn’t have gotten that far in the first place because you literally can’t Voltron without all five of them because they would never have left Earth without Lance.

Lance literally has the best aim on the team. He’s also, as demonstrated on the Balmera, an effective strategist, especially in reacting to sudden developments or coming up with responses to unconventional situations on the fly.

We are talking about the same guy who literally saved an entire civilization from a mind control monster assisted by three guys and a pufferfish while his best friend was trying to kill him right. And how surprisingly little of that involved the fact that water is Blue’s element and has an advantage.

Or the guy who was handcuffed to a tree and away from his helmet and came up with a way to warn the team what had happened in a matter of literal seconds

And who, in the first place, was in a prodigious astronaut school on a team with not one but two bonafide geniuses. Keith seems to have some kind of sense of things yet to come which could mean that his pilot skills are because he’s literally soft precognitive and Lance, who does not have that superpower at all, set himself up opposed to Keith and was able to take Keith’s slot in the fighter class by basically just tenacity and effort. 

Not to mention, the whole thing of “it’s incredibly difficult to take Lance out of his element”, the Lions get noticeably more powerful in the presence of their particular element. Water is nearly fricking omnipresent. What does this tell you about Blue and her power levels. 

But no Lance is totally expendable and completely useless outside of situations completely contrived to water, which I guess is eighty percent of the plot.

(thought up because of this post - )

So, TLC has various wedding based shows, and if I remember correctly they have a Say Yes to the Dress for Bridesmaids.

Bitty has always wanted to go to the Atlanta store, so when it comes time for him and Jack to get married, he begs Lardo, Cait, and one of his cousins he is close to to go there.

Since he is Eric Bittle, famous YouTuber, and he’s marrying Jack Zimmermann, hockey legend, it’s not hard for him to get onto the show.

Bitty has his wedding theme and all, but he knows each girl is so unique and wants them to have their own dresses, although he wants each to have some silver on it.

On the episode, they have the epic love story, some clips from Bitty’s channel and interviews with Jack. They also show Bitty trying on several different tuxes.

(I have strong feelings that the wedding will be soooo grand, but the guest list won’t be like super long cause Bitty does just want it to be people they love and care about and not like his third aunt twice removed)
(but also this does mean like all of the Falconers, people who have been traded, random hockey legends, a lot of smh team members from their combined time there, some of the volleyball team, some YouTubers Bitty is friends with, and they do have lots of relatives who love them so it’s not *small*)

There’s great banter and chatting between the girls and also the people who work there. Everyone loves Bitty and the girls all find amazing dresses that fit them well.

Bitty talks about the episode on his YouTube channel, the episode does have a small clip of their wedding included, and the episode also kinda advertises Bitty’s YouTube channel, where everyone can see more of the wedding, so both gain views from each other.

It’s just really good and Jack and Bitty just look so in love when they see each other.

(I image a place with three aisles or two and they each walk down at the same time ok)

Cries (Blurb)

please can you write something where harry and the missus both keep on getting up in the night with their new born and they are taking it in turns but then she wakes up so many times that they bring her in to sleep in between them and their silk sheets please!!      


“She’s up again…”

You felt Harry stir and groan beside you, sitting up and flicking on the bedside light. Neither of you had gotten more than a few winks of sleep over the course of the evening. It had been a recurring theme over the last few weeks because your little girl was getting her first tooth in. Anne had warned you this was coming, but neither of you realized just how bad it would be.

You couldn’t really blame her, of course. Having sharp projectiles shooting up through your gums couldn’t be comfortable, and she was expressing her pain in the only real way she knew how: by crying for hours, and hours, and hours…

“I can get her -”

“S’okay,” Harry cut you off, “I wasn’t asleep anyway.”

You nodded and watched as Harry got up and stumbled out of the room into the nursery. He had a hard time hearing his baby girl cry in such distress; this was different than a simple, ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I need a new diaper’ cry. This was a desperate, painful wail that cut into Harry’s heart and made it ache.

“Hey now,” he cooed, reaching into the crib and pulling his daughter up against his chest, “C’mon, you’re alright lovebug.”

His words didn’t seem to sooth the pain of her gums as she continued to wail in his arms.

“I know, I know, your teeth are hurtin’ you, aren’t they, pumpkin? M’sorry. I wish I could make it better for you.”

He paced around the room with her up on his shoulder as she cried, trying everything he could think of to calm her.

“C’mon, lovebug,” he whispered, kissing the top of her head, “I hate hearin’ you cry like this; breaks daddy’s heart, you know?”

He padded out to the kitchen and rummaged around in the freezer until he found a teething ring that you had stuck in there earlier that day. He brought it up to his daughter’s mouth and rubbed it over her gums as she cried. Slowly, her lips closed around the ring and her little fingers curled around Harry’s large one to hold it in place as she began to suck on the cold rubber. Her cries slowly started to calm down to sniffles and hiccups.

“There we are,” Harry sighed in relief, “Does that feel better, hmm? S’that helpin’?”

She cooed a bit, still sucking on the teething ring, and letting out a few whimpers and whines because the pain was still present, but lessened. Harry knew that the moment he put her down, she was going to start wailing again, so he kept the ring firmly between her gums and walked with her toward your bedroom.

You were still awake and sitting up in bed when he entered.

“She quieted down,” you whispered.

“For now. Gave her one of those frozen ring things and that seems to be doin’ the trick. But I didn’t want to put her back down; figured she’d just start up again as soon as she dropped the ring.”

Harry climbed into bed and propped his baby girl on his chest, who was still sucking on the ring with slightly drooping eyes. He ran a hand over her head and made sure that the ring didn’t slip from her mouth.

“We’re just gonna let her sleep here tonight?” you asked, cuddling in a bit closer and putting a hand on your daughter’s back.

“Don’t think one night will hurt,” Harry shrugged, “If I had teeth comin’ in, I’d probably want some extra cuddles too.”

You smiled and laid your head down on the pillow beside him. Your daughter finally drifted off to sleep - you could tell when the sucking motion on the ring stopped and her hand loosened around Harry’s - and Harry carefully moved her from his chest to the empty spot in the bed between you. She barely stirred at all and stretched out on the silk sheets that covered your mattress. Harry kept a hold on the ring and turned over on his stomach so he could be comfortable, but also hold the ring in place.

The two of them slept that way for a good three or four hours, and you swore you had never seen anything as cute as the sight of Harry snoring on his stomach in essentially the same position as his baby girl, side by side and peaceful at last.

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hi!! sorry to bother, but i'm new to the gf fandom (got into it after the show ended) and im so lost on how to learn the ciphers. do you know of any guides or helpful posts i can use to figure them out? i want to be able to have the thrill of deciphering the journal 3 codes on my own like everyone else got to do with the show. love your blog!!

No bother at all! There’s plenty of codebreaking resources for Gravity Falls, from ones that will basically do everything for you to ones that’ll just give you little hints.

Journal 3 has a few different ciphers, but nearly all of them fall into one of three categories:

Caesar Ciphers: Also known as “shift ciphers” because the letters of the alphabet are “shifted.” The clue for the Caesar cipher used in most Gravity Falls related stuff is “three letters back.”

Symbol Substitution Ciphers: There’s three of these in Journal 3, where each letter of the alphabet is replaced with a weird symbol. There are guides to solving these ciphers hidden throughout various pieces of Gravity Falls content. A guide to cracking Ford’s first cipher can be found on a page of the journal that is seen in the TV show. A guide to cracking his second cipher can be found in Journal 3 itself. A guide to cracking Bill’s cipher can be found in Dipper and Mabel’s Guide To Mystery And Nonstop Fun.

If you want to brute force your way through them without using the guides, the wikipedia article on Frequency Analysis is a good place to start. Also look out for words that are one letter long–these are almost always “I” or “A.”

Vigenere Ciphers: These are made and decoded using a vigenere square. A keyword is used to encode and decode them. Vigenere ciphers are notoriously difficult to figure out without the key, because the letter substitution keeps changing. In the television show, the key was always hidden in the background somewhere. There is one Vigenere cipher in the standard journal and two more in the blacklight edition. In all three cases, the key is found on the same page as the cipher and should be fairly easy to guess.

The Mystery Of Gravity Falls as a very handy decoder/encoder. It allows you to type plaintext or ciphertext in and run it through the “three letters back” cipher, atbash, binary, vigenere ciphers, polybus squares, a number substitution cipher, basically all the codes that Gravity Falls has used that don’t involve symbols. 

And if you get frustrated, the Gravity Falls wiki has a list of all the cryptograms and almost all the hidden messages.

Happy cracking!

Ok, yo, I want to share a theory about the diamonds I came up with while talking with my friends about Steven Universe.

Right now we’ve only had screen time for yellow and blue but both of their personalities seem to be a bit different from what the diamonds represent in real life.

Most noticeably, yellow diamonds represent joy and happiness. The character however is quite the opposite and this has been noted in the wiki as well. 

Blue diamonds represent peace, spirituality and good health. The character is not shown to be unhealthy or lacking spirituality, but what I have noticed is that Blue Diamond isn’t particularly calm or peaceful. She is grieving, and she is mad. I would go as far as saying that she is hysterical at some points.

Now before we touch on Pink Diamond, I want to tackle a bit of the diamond that we haven’t got that much info about in the show. We haven’t seen any of White Diamonds court and no gem has talked about her. 

White diamonds represent strength, clarity and truth. When we go back and take a look at the diamonds we already know, I think it’s only natural to assume that she would be delusional. A gem gone mad. 

If we take all this as a base, we would also need to think that Pink Diamond is the cruelest of diamonds, since pink diamonds represent love and romance, but there’s a twist. I imagine that all the diamonds were actually once like their representations. 

“But how come they’ve changed?” you ask.

Pink Diamonds shattering is the turning point. The death of their sister leaves them completely heartbroken. The once cheerful Yellow Diamond turns cold, Blue Diamond looses her calmness and composure, and White Diamond grows paranoid, delusional, wanting to destroy what caused the harm, ordering to destroy earth instead of keeping it as a colony. 

Going even further (and assuming that Padparadscha was Pink’s sapphire), it gives reason for homeworld to be so uptight about off color gems. Pinks court was imperfect and look at where that led her. And there’s probably a big amount of guilt that they feel for letting Pink have a defective court. As Yellow Diamond sings in “What’s the use of feeling (blue)?” 

“ How can you stand to be here with it all
Drowning in all this regret “

And going into the territory of theories that don’t have a lot of stable evidence, this could be the answer to what corruption is. The corrupting light that we see when centipeetle talks about her past, is in three specific colours, and with Jasper, we’ve seen that it’s grief that corrupts a gem. Specifically the grief about Pink Diamond. We have also seen that Blue Diamond has a power that manipulates gems emotional state and this power produces blue light.

If all the Diamonds have this power, then a blow from three of them at the same time could easily be enough to, corrupt a full planet of gems. Gems that cared about her in the first place, gems that were already filled with grief. Corruption is the mix of emotions from the diamonds.

Some Kagami love for study de-stress. Slight MadaTobi. Kagami is 13-14 here.


When Madara and his apprentice finishes training late, it makes sense for him to offer Kagami dinner and the spare room. This happens the next day, and the next. Until it becomes more intuitive to poke his head into the spare room than send a messenger cat off when trying to find his wayward apprentice.

He knew Kagami stayed with his cousins – he had lost his parents a long time ago, and clan members are duty-bound to adopt orphaned children. Madara also knew that Kagami was cordial, at best, with his adopted family.

Not that there was any bad blood, no. It’s hard to find anyone that dislikes Kagami. It’s just what it is; duty. And duty can be done without any deeper ties.

Madara doesn’t mind. Kagami is talkative, cheerful and eager to please. The latter is what really appeals to Madara. After years of Izuna’s affectionate insubordinance, a puppy kind of obedience makes him want to cackle with glee.

Even Izuna is happy to allow Kagami to slip into their tight knitted circle. Without hesitation, Izuna slid into the role of older-brother with an ebullience that surprises Madara.

A small part of Madara acknowledges that it’s probably because Izuna’s never had a chance to be a big brother to their own little brothers. It’s clear that Izuna enjoys making up for lost time.

Kagami is chūnin now; he works at the Police Station under Madara to clock in his community service hours, before finding Tobirama and helping him with his new band of genin. Then he usually meets up with Madara again, and they train together before crashing back home. It’s more efficient this way.

So he doesn’t really notice when extra clothes began accumulating in one of his guest rooms. Then books, and weapons. He doesn’t notice the extra pair of house slippers until he trips on them. And when he does trip over them, Madara only blinks his bleary eyes for a second, before barking at Kagami to put them at their proper place when he’s not using them.

He does notice that Kagami likes to hang out in the same room as Izuna and Madara. All three of them would do completely different things, but it never felt intrusive.

For someone who is lauded to be one of the most proficient users of the Sharingan, Madara can be pretty unobservant

There’s their household chore wheel. Normally divided in half, it disappeared one day, only to reappear divided into thirds with a new name written on it. It was also decorated with cat stickers in its new reincarnated form.

There’s his tendency to accept anything Kagami tries to hand him without looking.

One time, Kagami handed him a form instead of a police report.

“Sign, please? I want to open my own private bank account,” inform Kagami. “I’m technically still a child, since I’m under sixteen, so I need a supervisor’s signature.”

Sounds reasonable to Madara. He didn’t even blink twice before he signed the form for him.

If Madara had to peg the moment he started noticing, it would be when he realised that his lunch was edible. Actually, it was more than that. It was delicious.

“Huh.” Madara chews on his onigiri, pleasantly surprised. He offered some to Tobirama, who’s going through his own stack of papers across the expansive desk from him, to see if his tongue is playing tricks with him. Tobirama hums, and said it’s a lot better than what he usually packs.

Which is true. As siblings, Madara and Izuna can act as a study of opposites. Madara often  gets impatient and under-seasons his food. Izuna tends to get bored and starts experimenting.

No one comes out at the end of their lunch break a winner.

Then there’s the hospital incident, where Kagam broke arm badly and needed a cast on top of chakra healing. He couldn’t check out without his guardian filling in his discharge form, so a messenger was sent to Madara’s office.

When the receptionist told Madara this, he is absolutely baffled. “Guardian, as in parental guardian?” asks Madara.

“Yes, Uchiha-sama,” the receptionist replies. “He’s jotted you down as his parental guardian.”

“Huh.” Madara takes a moment for the news to register. Then he signs the discharge forms, before entering the room where Kagami sits to sort it all out.

As soon as he steps inside, Madara asks, “Do you want to be formally adopted into our family?”

“Yes!” Kagami blurts out, then flushes. “Ah, was that too desperate? I mean, yes, Shishou.” Kagami coughs and sits up straighter. “I’d very much like that.”

And it turns out, Kagami carries spare adoption papers in his flak jacket. Madara can’t help it. He chuckles before ruffling the boy’s already messy hair. “Don’t tell Izuna this,” Madara teases, “but you’re already my favourite.”


Izuna is lured in the kitchen by the delicious smell wafting from their wok. There Madara stands beside Kagami, Madara stirring the wok with his chopsticks while Kagami beside him throws in a handful of spices into the pan.

“Ooh,” Izuna sings. “That smells delicious! What’s the special occasion?”

Kagami turns around grinning. “I’m officially adopted into the family!”

Both of Izuna’s eyebrows rises up to his hairline. “You mean you weren’t before?”

“Nope,” confirms Kagami exuberantly.

Izuna laughs. “Really, brother? You adopt a stray kid by bringing him home, and you don’t even notice it until – when was it? I completely forgot. Kagami-chan, how long has it been now?”

“Four months,” informs Kagami. “Four awesome months.”

Madara grimaces. “Hush, you two. I’ve been busy, okay. And don’t look at me like that, Kagami.“

“Like what, Shishou?”

“Like there are stars trying to burst out of your eyes.” Madara narrows his eyes at him. “Like I’m your hero.”

“But you are my hero, my idol, my role model” defends Kagami. “Sensei told me it’s good to have a role model – and you’re everything I aspire to be in life. You’re even dating sensei!”

“What?” asks Madara.

“What?” asks Kagami, all doe eyes and innocence.

“Holy shit,” Madara mouths without sound.

“Rude. I am right here, you know,” Izuna reminds them. He levels a chopstick towards Kagami. “I’m much better role model material. Brother only wishes to be half as charismatic as I am, and it wouldn’t have taken me a gazillion years to notice that I’ve been dating Tobirama for these past couple of weeks.”

Madara is  mumbling quietly. “All those times we had dinner, and lunch, and the walks, and after work drinks – Tobirama and I have been dating and I haven’t noticed? How am I still alive? How has Tobirama not killed me yet?”

Helpful as ever, Kagami is elated to answer. “Oh! There’s a betting pool as to how long it’ll take you to realise and sensei himself even has money for – uh, I mean–” Kagami cuts off abruptly at Izuna’s rapid throat cutting motions, “–oh no! I think our stir fry’s burning! Better stir it very vigorously, Shishou–”

Madara flicks Kagami on the back of his head, because his apprentice is as transparent as glass. Izuna snickers madly while Kagami squawks. “Nice try. Izuna, you are such a bad influence. And you, Kagami, you’re telling me all about this betting pool after we finish. And Tobirama’s too old for you. Find someone younger to crush on.”

Kagami pokes his tongue out at him, and Madara rolls his eyes.

Now that he notices how easily Kagami fits into his family, he can’t help but smile. He could get used to this.

PJO Winter Headcanons
  • Percy probably starts decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving
  • During December the whole apartment smells like cookies
  • Sally bakes them for the kids at camp who don’t have any where to go over the holidays
  • Percy wears a different sweater everyday
  • His favorite pair of socks are these bright blue fuzzy socks that warm your feet up with ten seconds of putting them on
  • When his little sister is older they spend days cutting out paper snowflakes and put them EVERYWHERE
  • On the walls, in the windows, on the cabinets, EVERYWHERE
  • Annabeth makes popcorn balls all the time
  • And she loves watching old Christmas movies
  • Her favorite sweater is bright red with a little stripe of reindeer
  • She’s the best at building snow forts
  • She also takes building snowmen very seriously
  • Each one has to be perfect
  • She also really likes building gingerbread people and houses
  • Percy usually picks off most of the candy after a few days
  • Annabeth eats some too
  • In the end they usually end up unsure what to do with the actual gingerbread since neither of them really likes it
  • At Camp there’s usually a gingerbread house contest held by the Athena cabin
  • And the Aphrodite cabin usually holds an ugly sweater contest
  • They also place mistletoe all around camp
  • The Apollo cabin can usually be found playing different holiday songs

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super angst with dk but a fluffy end please

Genre: angst, fluff

Word Count: 2,436

Summary: You’re tired of bottling up your feelings, but the same day you decide to confess is the same day you have to meet Seokmin’s girlfriend. After confessing in the worst way you could think of you stopped talking to Seokmin. Months later you meet Seokmin at your old meet up spot and he has something to say.

A/N: I wrote and rewrote this so many times I lost track. I’m not really good at writing angst so this is like the first legit one I’ve written, but I wanted to give it a try. This was like sitting in our requests so I really wanted to get it done I hope it’s not too bad. Also requests are still open so feel free to send them in.

The lump in your throat grew and the tears in your eyes threatened to fall as you stared at the pair of intertwined hands. This was the day you were planning to confess your feelings to Seokmin but this had also, unfortunately, been the day that Seokmin was going to tell you about his new girlfriend.

“(Y/N)!” Seokmin called your name in a worried manner.

“Are you ok? Do you need to go to the hospital?” Seokmin’s new girlfriend looked back and forth between you and him. You could tell she was worried, of course she would be, she was Seokmin’s girlfriend, she probably had a heart of gold. But no matter how sincere she may seem the sound of her voice caused a painful knot in your stomach, and just as your tears, your lunch that you had consumed previously was trying to escape your body as well. 

You got up abruptly, quickly picking up your bag and sliding out of the booth you were sitting at.

“Um, I’m fine. I just, I don’t feel well all of a sudden so I think I’m just gonna go home and try to sleep it off. Sorry for ending our plans so early.” You began walking towards the entrance but you were stopped by a firm hand holding onto your wrist.

You looked back to see Seokmin with a worried expression plastered to his face.

You were trying to keep your cool but your anger was rising up inside you, and having him in front of you, Lee Seokmin, your best friend, the guy you had been in love with for years, with his girlfriend sitting and staring at the two of you from one of the booths behind was not helping the situation. You yanked your wrist out of his grasp and walked out of the building, eyes burning and tears running down your cheeks. You heard footsteps behind you and you had no doubt in your mind that they belonged to Seokmin. You picked up the pace trying as hard as you could to get away from him. Not only were you angry but you were embarrassed. You imagined how it probably looked to Seokmin and his girlfriend, to see you one minute ordering food and the next to just be crying. Your wrist was held in his grip once again and you were harshly pulled back to face him.

“(Y/N), what the hell is wrong?”

“I told you I’m si-,”

“Stop. Don’t even try to give me excuses. You rarely get sick and you definitely never cry when you’re sick. Now tell me the reason, I left her all by herself at the restaurant to come get you. You’re my best friend so-”

This time it was your turn to interrupt him. You couldn’t stand it anymore. The fact that you felt as if you had to hide your feelings, having to stick with Seokmin through all his relationships, and worst of all having to hear him call you best friend constantly. You never knew the title of such a positive relationship could hurt you so bad. It was the best thing to hear him call you when you were younger but now the words were like poison. Those two words burned into your mind and ate at your heart. Something you used to love being called was now almost insulting to you.

“That’s why.” you told him, the tears now stopped and leaving your cheeks stained. 

“What’s why?”

“I’m sick of it!” all your emotions that you had kept hidden were now pouring out. If this had gone the way you originally planned you would’ve been a deep shade of red and embarrassed beyond belief, but all you could feel now was rage and pity for your past and present self for having to keep your feelings bottled up because you were too scared to ruin the relationship between you and Seokmin.

“How!? How, Seokmin? How could you be so oblivious?” the tears had made a return and you saw as he reached out to brush them away, but you couldn’t let him. You know if he did something like that you would melt and let him get away with it, so you roughly pushed his hand away and continued. “Do you have one thought in your head as to why I asked to meet you for something super important today? I was gonna confess, you- you idiot! I’ve been in love with you since we were thirteen years old, but you had never shown any interest in me so I decided it was better to be at your side as your best friend rather than not at all. Lately, I wish I hadn’t.” 

Seokmin was frozen in front of you, unable to get any words to leave his mouth so you continued.

“I was never more happy than I was this morning. I thought that even if you were to reject me then at least I wouldn’t have to hide how I feel, that maybe if you understood how I felt you would at least try to look at me, at least just once. But when you showed up with that girl,” you’re voice was cracking, the image of that girl’s hand in his refusing to leave your mind. Seokmin was standing in front of you, his expression had now changed from shock to heartbroken but he still had nothing to say and you had a lot more to tell.

“I prayed to myself that she was just a friend you had met at a singing competition recently, or maybe your cousin. I repeated over and over in my head to whoever was listening to make sure she wasn’t anything more than a friend, but I guess I was alone in my thoughts. I loved being your best friend, Seokmin, but I just can’t anymore. It’s too painful. I know I’m selfish for ending our friendship because of this, but, I just, I can’t do it anymore. My heart and my mind can’t do this anymore. I don’t think I can just stand-by and watch as you’re in love with someone else anymore.”

“(Y/N),” Seokmin had said your name as if it were a fragile piece of glass, scared that if he were to speak too loud or too harshly it would shatter.

“Just answer me this,” you stared deeply into Seokmin’s eyes trying to find the answers you have been trying to get for years. His eyes that you were so used to seeing in the shape of a smile, shining brightly, were now droopy and filled with sadness. “Did I,” you paused, slightly scared to hear the answer even though you were pretty sure you knew what he would say, “Did I ever stand a chance?”

“(Y/N)…” he replied, his voice heavy with heartache. You sniffled and wiped the tears that were sitting on your cheeks.

“It’s ok. I get it. See you later, Seokmin.” you had started walking towards the bus stop. You wanted to get home as soon as possible. After all that just happened you just wanted to wrap yourself in a blanket and spend some time alone.

“Wait,” the one word that Seokmin said had stopped you in your tracks. “That’s not it,” you wanted to question him, ask him what the real reason was, if he had ever liked you, if he did why he didn’t tell you, but you couldn’t seem to produce any words.

“You’re too good for me, (Y/N). In every way possible, you’re better than me. And for that reason, you deserve someone better than me. I don’t want you to waste your time on me. It’s not like I never thought about us before as a couple, but every time it ended in thoughts of all the ways I might end up hurting you. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if that ever happened.”

Your mind couldn’t process what he had just said. How could he, Lee Seokmin, the happiest, sweetest goofball you know, ever hurt you? Other than today he had never hurt you terribly.

“When it comes to relationships you can’t make all the decisions on your own.” You looked into his sorrowful eyes and put on a fake smile that you were all too used to wearing. “You better hurry back. She’s probably still waiting for you.” 

You unwillingly tore your eyes away from him and walked to the bus, ignoring the call of your names and the pleads of you to stop and wait.

Three months filled with unanswered texts and purposefully missed phone calls from Seokmin had passed. You did your best to avoid all the places where you and Seokmin had spent your time before your angry confession. You thought it would be easier to cut him out of your life so you could get over him and move on. The truth was, without Seokmin, who was your literal ray of sunshine, your life had become miserable and gloomy.

During the three months you were living without Seokmin in your life, you had gone on several blind dates, but none of them quite suited your taste, none of them were him. You were getting ready for your next scheduled date, and although this would probably end the same as all the others this date had you shaking. Of course with your luck it happened to be at the same place you had spent all your time with Seokmin at which was also the last place you ever wanted to go. You know there wasn’t a big chance of him being there at the exact same time as your date but that one in a million chance was killing you.

You had arrived in front of the familiar glass entrance and took a peek inside, with Seokmin no where in sight you exhaled the breath you weren’t aware you had been holding. You went in and ordered a drink for you and another for your date who hadn’t shown up yet. You went and sat down at a table observing the whole area. Not much had changed about it except for the fact that they had some new pictures and posters on the wall. 

You pulled out your phone to text your date and ask where they were and then went on some apps to distract you from thinking of the memories this small place gave you.

An hour passed and the iced coffee sitting in front of you was still full and was no longer iced. You sighed playing with the straw stuck in the cup of your sweet, colorful drink that you had barely drank from because it doesn’t really fit into the category of what you would usually order. You had already figured out about fifteen minutes before that your date wouldn’t be coming. You had been telling yourself that maybe they woke up late, or maybe the traffic was bad, or that maybe they had a family problem, but you had given up making excuses for your date, especially because they hadn’t replied to your text.

You had started getting up from your seat when a voice, who couldn’t have belonged to anyone else, spoke from behind you. Of course with your luck you got that one in a million chance of seeing him.

“Were you with someone?” he peeked around your side to see two, almost completely full drinks sitting on the table and changed his question, “Or… were you waiting for someone?”

You hesitantly turned around to face him.

“Actually… I got stood up,” you rubbed the nape of your neck, both embarrassed by the fact that he had seen you alone and by the fact that this is the first thing you’re telling him after three months. You cleared your throat and took in the image of the face that you had missed so much. “Um, are you here with your girlfriend?”

A sad smile broke out across his face, “So you haven’t even listened to my voicemails then…”

Another wave of embarrassment hit you and you suddenly felt bad for ignoring him all this time.

“Ya I guess I didn’t get around to it,” you were trying your best to keep a calm composure and treated him as coldly as you could make yourself towards him. After all, you were still in love with him and if you cracked, even just a little, you’d be putty in his hands.

“Oh,” Seokmin had stared at you with the same sad eyes that he had on the day of your guys’ fight, “Well, uh, we broke up. After that day I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I mean I always thought about you before, I mean how could I not when we were best friends for years,” you winced at the two words that you had come to hate and Seokmin took a deep breath in to stop himself from rambling any further, “What I’m trying to say is, after that day, I thought a lot about the things you said, and I guess I was looking at you the whole time, I just didn’t realize it myself.”

That was it. You had cracked. Your feelings for him that you had been trying to throw away for the last three months came gushing back out. You had practically thrown yourself into Seokmin’s arms. Tears wet the part of his shirt that you had buried your head in. You felt Seokmin stiffen from the sudden physical contact, but as quickly as he tensed up he relaxed and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you as tight as he could against him.

“I’m sorry,” you were bawling, not caring about all the stares you were probably getting, “I’m so so sorry, I’m really sorry,”

Seokmin was stroking the back of your head, calming you, “Shh, (Y/N), it’s okay now. I know my feelings for you now, all I see is you, all I ever want to see is you. Trust me, I’m never letting you go again.”

“(Y/N)”, you replied with a small hum, “I love you.”

You stopped moving and so had your tears. He had always said that he loved you before but this time you could tell there was a deeper reason behind it, it was no longer just an exchanged saying between friends.

“I’ve always loved you,” you smiled, moving your face in front of his before laying a long awaited, sweet kiss on his lips, “Thanks for coming on a one in a million chance.”

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Is it possible that Anwar and Bella are faking Lyme since they both treat themselves like shit?

Loooooong post. I haven’t talked about this before (literally search the word “lyme” through the blog and maybe two things pop up? And its only referencing not discussing) and I’m probably not talking about it further? I have done deeeeeep research into the Hadids, Bella, and Lyme as a whole for well over a year now. In, fact I really started looking into this right after I started my blog. It was definitely one of the first things I dove into and the first thing I ever heard about Bella and instantly thought was shady. 

My opinions are fully formed and not subject to change. Bella looking me in the eyes and telling me I’m wrong literally would never change 90% of what I have written below. 

I have never had any intention on sharing these feelings, hence why you’ve never heard me talk about fully before (I have made vague reference here and there, more so on the confessions blog). This was always something that I figured I wouldn’t bring up until mainstream media started discussing it and I had to. Regardless, I don’t care any more. I can say whatever I want here and this opinion of mine isn’t any less valid than the rest just because it’s fringe and more speculatory. I tried to back up everything I have to say and cover all my basis’ which is why it’s so long. 

I can’t stop you guys from sending in any asks/questions/counter arguments but unless you have something really out there, I’m not gonna answer. Sorry, not interested in this being a full-blown discussion.


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Oh shit, can they not breathe in there? This is some pretty scary shit. I honestly don’t know how Steven’s going to save them. Obviously there’s gotta be a way, they’re not just going to kill three innocent children on a kid’s show, but I just don’t know how.

So on the surface it may look like Lars is being a huge jerk-off right here. But let’s be real here… He’s still a kid. And he’s watching three other kids die right in front of him. And there’s nothing he can do to save them. This is a really scary situation, and I don’t blame Lars for flying off the handle. Now, does it make what he’s saying to Steven okay? Absolutely not. Steven is also a child in the same situation. All I’m saying is that this reaction is totally understandable, and it’s coming from a place of fear, not anger really.



Now THIS is a really nice moment. To see Steven get angry. IT’S OKAY TO GET ANGRY AT PEOPLE. Steven is ALWAYS nice to Lars. ALWAYS. And I get that Lars is an angsty teenager who doesn’t want to be seen hanging out with some dorky little kid, but he really stepped over the line this time. And I’m glad Steven is not just putting up with it and turning the other cheek. Steven DOES have boundaries, and he’s letting Lars know that he crossed it.

that one 1800 something word idea for a burrens fanfic

@badromantics  (so I copied this out of the chat I wrote it in so it might be… kind of annoying to read but I really had to share this because it’s so long and idk???)

ok modern AU in which Hamilton is a decent human being
Like he dates john and meets eliza and for a moment he thinks “if i dated her all my problems would go away I’d have money a prestigious name and a cover for me and john once I’m in politics”
But then he shakes his head introduces himself then his boyfriend john and decides that no… nothing is worth hurting this beautiful kind woman that looks at him with utter adoration They become friends instead and he and john break up at some point
People sometimes misunderstand his and elizas relationship and think they’re a couple so one day maria appears on his doorstep He doesn’t sleep with her he helps her get somewhere safe introduces her to eliza and Angelica and peggy because they’re the strongest women he knows and he gives her some money ever month until she’s safe from her abusive husband
He still gets accused of embazzling funds
He decides to get a lawyer instead of talking publicly about marias sufferingEnter aaron burr
Prodigy of Princeton college and renowned lawyer that Hamilton now hired to deal with this messAt first they don’t get along at all because their approaches are quite different and Hamilton believes that burr is only a lawyer for the money, he calls him a dangerous disgrace without moralsA day later he hears that burr is handling Maria’s divorce for free

(Why Hamilton and John broke up)
I’d imagine that Hamilton is too much for john after a while like Hamilton always wants more and john just wanted him Just after all his arguments with his father over being gay after all this time he didn’t feel comfortable being out where Hamilton pushed him past his limits
He just kind of wants to settle down?
Because sure he’s impulsive too but i personally think modern john would rather have someone that is actually at home at night etc instead of arguing with Hamilton over and over about how yes being gay is okay but no he doesn’t feel comfortable about being this open about it yet
And yes he understands that alex is stressed but no he isn’t fine with him having forgotten their anniversary again
And yes he’s proud of his education but no he needed him too he’s always there during alexs breakdowns but alex is never there for hits
And they probably stayed friends but yes i think john broke up because he needed someone that made him feel calm and safeThen he meets burr
Okay so burr calls john one day because he’d life to collect some more data on alex because despite what he thinks he wouldn’t take a case if he doesn’t believe in the persons innocence
(it’s after that talk that he decides to handle marias divorce)
So he meets john and it’s all polite smiles and firm but friendly handshakes before john just looks at him like he’s going to rip his head off
Just suddenly he’s all “if you don’t make this right you will suffer”
And burr doesn’t usually show what he feels but he just bursts out laughing
Because what even he just wanted to hear something about his client and the first thing that happens is that? Like dude I’m a lawyer not satan I’m on your side
And john just blushes because it’s a habit he’s just so used to people misunderstanding Hamilton that his first reaction is to be really hostile
So anyway burr laughs and tries to explain why while laughing and also apologizing for how unprofessional he is
John offers him a drink to make up for his behavior still blushing
Burr accepts smiling a genuine smile even though he’s working rn because he’s enamoured with johns behavior
So they start again burr explains he doesn’t take any case he can’t believe in john explains why people often think badly about burr
Burr nods because alex already quite loudly declared that he thinks burr sucks and that he’s a stuckup rich asshole
John laughs at that because it’s honestly a very Hamilton thing to do as in being especially unbearable towards people he finds attractive
Which makes john look at burr more closely
His perfectly fitting clothes his thin but defined build his smileHe gets why Hamilton finds him attractive and he’s mix between sad and jealousJealous because of course Hamilton gets the cute nice guys
Sad because this is probably their last talk
They keep talking drink some more and start drifting off at some point and they actually have a lot in common
At some point the already a little tipsy
And somehow they started talking about Hamiltons relationships because burr doesn’t want to end up defending someone that didn’t just embazzle government funds but did it to pay for an affair you know?
So obviously tipsy as he is john says nah Hamiltons not like that we dated for years and frankly? He gets who he wants anyway and that john wouldn’t be suprised if it worked on burr tooBurr snorts at that because honestly no Hamilton isn’t his type and he doesn’t sleep with clients
So he tells john about what he looks for in a relationship
How he dated an older woman how she was married and he hadn’t known how she left him but they were still friends
He says he wants something meaningful Something that will last with someone that is home at night that wants to eat breakfast with him that goes on walks with him that challenges him intellectually but doesn’t drain him
And john is just same
They’re also both not 100% with their sexuality
Their families were both pretty conservative and both didn’t resist to beat the attraction to men our of them
And it feels like they’ve known each other for years because the other just seems to understand what they went though so well
Which is refreshing because johns friends are all pretty open and he’d like to believe he’s quite extroverted too but sometimes he just doesn’t want to pretend to be this challenging loudmouthAnd burrs friends are well that’s business men they know when to smile and they’re confident sometimes he doesn’t want to pretend that he is too that he isn’t vulnerableAnd somehow before they know it they’ve been talking for hours and it’s dark and neither of them can drive so they share a cab and at first they drive to johns place that he shares with laf and hercBut one look at the lights that were on he kind of knew he wouldn’t want to be in there right now
Because things tended to get rather rowdy when those two invited people overAnd he’s still sitting in the cab debating what to do when burr gently touches his arm and asks if he’d like to stay at his place because he has a spare futonJohn says yes because to his slightly drunk brain spending a quiet evening with burr sounds better than loud music and the complaints of neighborsSo they’re at burrs now

Burr offers john some sweatpants and a tshirt and asks if he wants to watch a movie with him because tomorrow’s a Sunday and they both have that day offThey agree on some kind of disgusting romance movie nobody wants to watch with them usually and burr prepares some snacks while john changes into comfortable clothes

Then they decide to watch a second movie because why not but by now they’re tired enough to have actually layed out the futon/couch so now they’re just lying side by side watching sharknadoBecause john insisted that burr had to see it
They start arguing about what shark themed movie is the bestBut sleepilySo their arguments consist of stuff like “but mecha shark is cooler because like nyooom"They fall asleep during that conversation

Aaron wakes up first and smiles at john with the cutest most adoring smile And decides to prepare breakfast for himSince ya know he’s already there and he’d kind of like to use any possible excuse for him to stay a little longerSo john wakes up to the smell of pancakes and coffee and it’s so domestic and natural that he just walks into the kitchen hugs burr from behind and hides his face in his neck
And burr just giggles softly because the whole thing is as absurd as it is endearingSo they prepare the breakfast together after that and talk a little while eatingAs in hey you’re still there do you regret this no i don’t i kind of want to meet you again i feel like I’ve known you for yearsAnd at the end of it they’re just smiling at each otherThey’ve agreed to exchange numbers and meet again during the week for some coffee
So after that they meet each other once a week at first then soon after twice then nearly daily and once burrs case with Hamilton is done john starts inviting him to meetings of their friend groupBecause at that point john has been gushing about him for weeks maybe months and he already knew Jefferson and Madison so really burr just needed to meet the revsquadAnd they’re so very obviously in love but somehow neither says anything

And they’re both not people for casual affairs so they never even kissed until one day a sleepy burr wakes up to john cooking and he just tiredly gives him a peck on the lips and johns eyes go wide and he just whispers "date me? ”

So they’re dating then and just put that huuugee read heart on that date in their calendarTheirs as in they bought one for burrs apartment so making plans was easierBecause they’re doing a lot together and they’re that couple that buys a lot of presents for no reason
And at some point they notice that somehow most of johns belongings ended up at burrs place and they decide that after like three years of dating its srsly time for john to move in officiallyBecause all in all they move slow despite how quick they were to fall in love because it gives them a sense of securityTo know that they don’t have to rush anything that they can take all the time they wantThey probably also propose on the same day
Just there’s two bottles of their favorite wine two copies of their favorite movie two bouquets of flowers and they look at each other and start laughingBecause of course they’re dorks like that they probably even both asked Hamilton to help organize this night
And they’re just the sweetest most supportive and domestic couple

The Jadefire Festival [Friday through Sunday, April 28th to 30th at 5:00 PM Server]

The Jadefire Festival is soon to begin, and you’re invited! Celebrated in the relative peace of Greenstone Village, the Festival is a weekend-long celebration of the vibrance of spring. Immerse yourself in the colorful legends of Pandaria, starting on the 28th with the story of Hatiss the Demon-Dog, one of the first saurok to rebel against the iron fist of the mogu. On the 29th, relive the tragedy of twin jinyu Xichun and Yingchun, as their love for the same man leads to a feud that would last long into death. Finally, on the 30th, experience the blessing of Yu'lon as the wise Jade Serpent declares spring to be officially sprung!

Aside from the opening and closing ceremonies, each day will leave festival-goers with a good chunk of free time to go where they please and see what they wish. Catch one of the solo acts twice an hour, join in on one of the seasonal activities or just browse the merchants available. The choice is yours!

Children’s Hour

Every day from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, a Children’s Hour will be observed before the festivities get in swing. Throughout the hour, a special trader will sell family-friendly wares for parents to browse, and anybody can challenge the daily pet trainer for tokens. At the end of the hour, the Nearly Departed will be providing babysitters free of charge so older members of the family can enjoy the rest of the night uninterrupted.

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Children’s Hour

The Day of the Demon-Dog

Even in death, it seems the Demon-Dog is far from through with mischief. Be the hero and fight to stop his designs on the festivities when some of the attendants find their palms a little too sticky for their own good! Challenging them to a duel will surely get you glory, but only defeating them one-on-one will force them to surrender their coveted prizes.

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Spoils of the Demon-Dog
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The Day of the Moon

Take a side as Xichun and Yingchun reignite their age-old rivalry. Attendants can choose to champion either sister in a game that is a little chance, a little planning and hopefully all fun! The last champion standing will win the night for every other champion who brandishes his or her lady’s token.

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The Day of the Fires

On the last day of the Festival, an auction will be held featuring a variety of relics from Pandaria that were donated by local collectors. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the restoration of Yu'lon’s statue at the Serpent’s Heart. If bids reach an especially generous threshold, the winners will receive a commemorative work of art of themselves with the lot they won!

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Pieces of History
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The Token Trade

Exchange your unwanted materials with our trader throughout the festivities! In return, you will receive tokens that can be used to save money for the duration of not only the Jadefire Festival, but every future event by the Nearly Departed. On the Day of the Demon-Dog, tokens can be exchanged with the other traders for a blanket discount on any and all goods purchased from them. Using tokens in this way costs one token per three percent of discount, up to a maximum of thirty percent. You can do the same in the days following, with the exception of the Souvenirs of Jadefire trader on the Day of the Fires who will accept only tokens. They can also be used in place of gold to purchase raffle tickets and participate in activities with a gold cost.

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Token Exchange Rates

Jake Dillinger x Reader x Rich Goranski + Fluff

- you meet during the summer after the whole Squip thing
- the boys are d a t i n g finally
- Rich and Jake are looking for books on art because that’s how they learned to get their emotions out in a safe way
- (Y/N) makes an entrance
- it’s the first time since the incident nobody asks about the burns or the wheelchair
- you guys start meeting up every Wednesday at the library
- then outside the library
- you’re like “oh shit I think I love two guys who are already in a relationship with each other fuck me”
- when you help Jake onto the couch and say it was no problem, he’s like “oh shit I think I love two people fuck me”
- you’re just hanging out on Rich’s couch watching a movie and you lean on his shoulder, he’s like “oh shit I think I love my boyfriend AND my best friend fuck me”
- after you leave, Rich and Jake have a conversation about inviting you into their relationship
- so they invite you to your favorite restaurant to ask you out
- “So, Rich and I have been talking.”
“We’ve realized that we love you.”
“Will you join our relationship?”
- you overhear somebody say, “Holy shit, that was fucking adorable. I thought we were the only people on a poly date here.”
- you look over to see four guys at a table together
- one guy has long hair and is wearing all black, the one across from him has a cast on his arm, the one next to Cast Guy has on glasses, and the one next to Emo Dude looks 5 feet tall and has blue hair
- you went from having no boyfriends to having two boyfriends in one day
- Rich is super insecure about his burns
- so you and Jake comfort him about it and he’s crying and everyone’s hugging
- “I fucking love you guys.”
- Jake lets you sit on his lap while Rich wheels you two around
- sometimes you switch
- getting weird looks on the street because of this
- nobody gives a shit because it’s fun and you’re all enjoying yourselves
- timeskip to graduation! You all plan on going to the same college!
- you all pool your money to get a place together
- finding a nice place with a Cool Dude realtor
- “How many bedrooms do you need?”
“One. We’ll all be together.”
“Oh, cool, a poly relationship. I have three boyfriends myself.”
“That’s fucking rad.”
- hanging up everyone’s art on the walls
- Rich prints up memes and puts them on the wall, too
- cuddling together all the time
- nobody knows who owns what clothes anymore because you all share everything

- also here’s some smut because I have zero self control
- I’m gonna go ahead and get this out of the way, because according to the book, Rich has a fucking bellybutton kink
- you and Jake use this against him s o m u c h
- and Jake is a huge tease
- sometimes you and Rich “tease” him back
- by “tease” I mean straight up pranking him during sex
- like you’re on your knees and he thinks he’s gonna get the good succ buT SIKE YOU BLOW A RASPBERRY ON HIS TUMMY AND RICH IS LAUGHING


My next set of pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children are complete!

Took a little longer with this set. I got a bad cold when I started working on them and it kind of took the wind out of my painting. Also as you can see from the pictures I did a whole lot of magnetizing and so I also had lots of extra bits to paint!

I decided to go back to my Mark IV marines in order to paint a sergeant and one of the missile launcher marines. Unfortunately the three that you get from Betrayal at Calth can only really be put together and painted in one pose, but I wanted to take advantage of as many of the special weapons as possible from the box.

On that note, the three other standard tactical marines I painted are all magnetized at their right wrist, and all the weapons I painted for them are magnetized inside the hands. That means all three of them can take any of the special weapons or a regular bolter! I kept the polarity consistent with all the weapons and will continue to do so, which means any special weapons I paint in the future can also be carried by these marines!

The only weapon that didn’t really work out for this was the heavy bolter. I also painted and magnetized one the same way, so it works, but it’s a little too difficult between the handle, the wrist guard, and the little bit on the vambrace that juts out to fit it in place and still have it removable. That’s ok though, I can still use it on another marine and just have it as a dedicated heavy bolter marine.

I know these weapons wouldn’t really be compliant to a 30k tactical squad and probably not even a veteran squad, but I’m just going to leave the special weapons on them for now. That’s why I made them swappable after all! Some of the weapons look a little wonky when they are holding them like the combi-melta, but for the most part they’re designed consistently enough that they cradle each of the weapons the same way, which keeps everything nice and compatible.

The sergeant has a lot more magnetization to it too. First of all it has a bunch of the fancy Forge World bits with the Emperor’s Children legion torso, head, and pauldron. It was definitely fun painting those pretty pieces! As for the magnetization, the right arm is glued in place and magnetized at the wrist so that it can take the plasma pistol, bolt pistol, or combi-melta. Actually any of the weapons I magnetized would work on it since as I mentioned all the polarities are consistent, however having a straight arm out like that holding a heavy bolter with one hand might look a little silly! I even find the combi-melta a little big looking for that pose. I know you have the option to do a 2 handed grip for the sergeant as well, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to paint up a bunch of melee weapons as well.

That brings me to the sergeant’s left arm. The regular arm is magnetized at the wrist to be able to take either the power sword or chainsword, and the entire arm is magnetized at the torso as well so I can take the arm off and swap it out with the power fist arm. Later I should be able to put a lightning claw arm there instead or even one of the thunder hammers from Burning of Prospero! Each of the arms have the Forge World shoulders, so I’m saving those mostly for sergeants and characters to stand out from the rest of the marines.

I did make a rookie mistake when undercoating the bits of these marines. Some of the pieces got over-primed and left a crumbly texture on them. You can see that on one of the bolt guns especially. I’ll have to be more careful in the future! I also changed my mind and went with red eye lenses again. I think I like that better than the green I did on my first Mark IV marines, but I may still do a few with the green again. We’ll see. I like those subtle differences between models anyway.

So now the big question becomes what to work on next. Part of me wanted to finish 5 more of the Mark III marines so that the 2 sets are even in the number completed, but I kind of feel like doing something a little different like a character or 2. Maybe an apothecary or something like that? I haven’t decided yet so we’ll see.

Oh and in case you were wondering for all the magnetized bits I used 2mmX1mm magents. Those are plenty strong and hold everything in place nicely. I can shake the models with the magnetized bits on and they won’t go anywhere.

Stay tuned!

When do you need italics and exclamation points? 
This is an opinion, obviously. But it’s a smart one, imo ;)

C.S. Lewis so beautifully wrote:

A talker ought to use variations of voice for emphasis because his medium naturally lends itself to that method: but a writer ought not to use italics for the same purpose. He has his own, different, means of bringing out the key words and ought to use them. 

Under this line of thought, italics should only be used when there is no way to provide proper emphasis through context or sentence structure. You should also evaluate what actually needs emphasis in the first place. Sometimes emphasis can change the entire understanding of the sentence, but most of the time it only serves to help us mirror the fluctuation of our own voice.

Consider: “what actually needs emphasis” vs “what actually needs emphasis” vs “what actually needs emphasis.” All three scenarios mean the same thing in the long run, so there’s no need for italics, nor is there any need to show emphasis through context or sentence structure. 

On the other hand: “if he leaves” vs “if he leaves” v “if he leaves” imply slightly different things. For this, you might really want an emphasis placed on a certain part of the sentence, but italics are still clunky and unnecessary. The best way of providing emphasis in this case, would be to show enough context for the reader to correctly assume which part of the sentence you wanted emphasized.

When in doubt, have someone else read your writing. You’ll often find that the emphasis you meant to put on the word using your italics was already implied by the writing itself, rendering the italics completely unnecessary be begin with. But it’s hard to determine such things without help.

While you should always be able to imply emphasis without adding italics, sometimes you still need exclamation points to imply tone. In general, if you absolutely need an exclamation point to show that the sentence is being exclaimed, you should rewrite the sentence anyway.

One exception to this is the case of very short sections of dialogue that aren’t tagged with some form of ‘they shouted’. There are also some cases where you can get away with more exclamation points because they’re a part of the dialogue of a character who’s childish or insane, but there should still never need to be an exclamation point every single sentence. If you don’t use it to make a point, then it stops making any point at all.

Disclaimer below the cut:

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