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Homesick and Still in Love

Author: @lovefilledtragedy

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader

Word Count: 4k

Warnings: this is just sad to be honest with you all…I wrote it on and off while I was upset so I apologize for it being so deep, but who knows, there may be some fluff lying around in this as well

Song Rec: Homesick - Dua Lipa, find it on Spotify here or on YouTube here

GIF Credit: to the lovely @scottstiles, I appreciate it again so so so much

Author’s Notes: I am so happy that I was able to be a part of @fillthevoid-stilinski‘s writing challenge, so this is my belated birthday gift to her. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it (even though yes, I was upset while working on it). Also, thank you to @ninja-stiles and @wittystiles for both reading over this for me and for being so supportive, love you both so much

based on the prompt: “You said you loved me…and I knew you were lying.”

Heartbreak, it was a pain all too familiar to Y/N. It consumed her poor thoughts day in and day out, making it nearly impossible for her to function properly. As a result, her attitude towards her family and friends changed drastically and her passion for the things that she had loved faded fast; she felt like nothing in her life meant anything anymore, especially not after how her life had turned out since she lost the only man that she had ever loved. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t forget him, homesick over the loss of his touch.

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“This DJ sucks,” Stiles groused into his empty shot glass. He slammed it back down onto the bar and stuck a lime slice between his teeth, sucking out all of the juice before dropping the rind into the glass. He motioned to the bartender for another tequila shot.

Scott nodded. “Tell me about it. If I hear I Gotta Feeling one more time, I’m gonna cry.”

“I’m gonna hurl.”

“We can cry and hurl together,” Scott said, clinking the neck of his beer bottle against the rim of Stiles’s new shot glass. “That’s your third one tonight, by the way.”

Stiles stared Scott straight in the eye as he downed the shot. Scott sighed. He really didn’t want to have to carry Stiles out of here, but he began preparing himself for the possibility.

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