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Okay but what if when the Warden and a romaced Alistair get married, the Warden incorporates what Alistair said when they first met into their vows? Basically what I’m saying is please imagine Alistair Theirin crying his eyes out because the love of his life just said “The best thing about the Blight is that it brought us together”

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During one of the many marches in DAO, Alistair forgets to drink enough water and starts hallucinating badly. No one notices until he starts shouting about 3 headed Darkspawn that aren't there and running madly into the trees clucking like a chicken. Note: Based on a true story.

Well I for one, would love to hear this story.

Of course Leliana is concerned, but she isn’t ever going to let him live this down. After trying to get a coherent response out of him (and failing), and checking him over to see where he might have been bitten by a venomous animal or struck with a poison dart, she finally realizes he is showing all the symptoms of dehydration. She passes him a waterskin and has them all rest for a while. Then the writing begins, she is a bard after all!

Loghain: He. Is. Done. He grabs Alistair by the back of his hair and yanks him down onto a rock, briefly going over him to check for other symptoms of poisoning. One he realizes it is simply dehydration, Loghain has to fight the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose. Of course this buffoon would forget to hydrate. He passes him a waterskin and waits for Alistair to return to his senses… or at least to quiet down. Loghain isn’t really sure Alistair had any senses to begin with.

Morrigan: Oh, oh this should be good. She milks it for as long as she can, laughing as he continuously makes a greater fool of himself than he usually manages to. How did he, of all the people in Thedas, manage to become a Grey Warden? Morrigan may be cruel at times, but she isn’t stupid, so when Alistair finally passes out she aids him in a small and noncommittal way, like a spell or health poultice. He has been a Warden for much longer, so he may know things their leader does not.  

Oghren:  As Alistair slowly descends into madness, he can’t help but laugh. “What? You drunk or something? ‘Cause whatever you’re drinking, don’t think I don’t want some!” If anyone knows how to drink it’s Oghren, so he passes Alistair his waterskin, telling him it’ll help keep any hangover at bay (after making him promise to let him have some of whatever he’s drinking later.) This inadvertently solves the problem, and Alistair is left rather embarrassed and confused the next day.

Shale: “It appears It has broken. I did not know fleshy creatures could break in such a manner. It’s incessant screaming is quite unbearable, something should be done.”

Sten: He is… confused to say the least. It is not common for the Qunari to fail in taking care of their bodies, so when Alistair manages to fail so miserably, he is at a loss for what to do. In all honesty Sten would most likely knock Alistair out, shove a health potion down his throat, and carry him like a sack of potatoes until they reach their destination. Why should Alistair’s… condition… hold them out? They have an Archdemon to fight!

Wynne: Out of everyone she is probably the only one experiencing pure concern. She had known something was wrong, but for whatever reason her worries was not acted upon. Now, with a hand on his forehead and a quick recounting of the day’s events she sighs and shakes her head, handing him a waterskin and casting a small Rejuvenation spell over him. “Oh, Alistair…”

Zevran: Once he has determined that Alistair’s life is in no immediate danger, he allows himself to sit back and laugh at the rather amusing manner he runs about, screaming of darkspawn and bumping into things. Not until things become a little more serious does he decide to care and lend Alistair some aid. After all, he does have royal blood.





remember that one da:o redesign post from a year ago that i wanted to remake because it was really ugly because its taking ages lmao so here are the ones i have so far, romance options + anora c;

Meanwhile, back at camp...

Sten: “The Blight – How will you end it?” 

Cousland: “I thought we’d just ask the darkspawn to please leave.” 

Sten: “If you hope to slay the archdemon with wit, you may want to arm yourself first.” 


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Where does this whole “Anders is about as romantic as a brick” thing come from?

My boy Anders is very romantic and very sweet.

He tries to learn to play the lute in order to serenade Hawke in-game. He’s obvious enough with his affections that not only the whole party has taken notice of it, and pretty early on in the relationship, but Leandra knows just on the way he looks at Hawke, Gamlen knows. Meredith knows they’re together, even. He breaks down in-game if Hawke falls in battle. He worries constantly that his mere presence in the Hawke estate is a danger to Hawke and takes preventative measures to protect them. He desired Hawke, both romantically and sexually, for three years and didn’t act on it because he was hoping for it to become ‘right’, but rationalized that his mere existence was considered wrong in the eyes of the Chantry and it would tear both he and Hawke apart if their love was discovered and they were separated.

He’s not poetry and roses every night and sweeping love ballads, but he is romantic. He’s brushing aside his partner’s hair while they sleep as he marvels at how he managed to find someone so wonderful. He’s small love notes in the margins of your journal when he’s gone before you wake up. He’s an excess of healing poultices being left in your pack because he can’t join you on the field, but he can make sure you’re well-prepared while he worries for your safety at the clinic. He’s his chest growing with pride whenever someone talkes about Hawke in a positive light, and jumping to their defense, consequences be damned, when they’re spoken about in a negative light. He’s nights of passionate lovemaking because his days are spent fighting for his cause and healing the infirm.

Anders is romantic, just not in a traditional sense.

You guys crack me up. At least I’m not alone in this…

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Is that last one Alistair? Because that’s the armor I always associate with Alistair but the face is… not quite right.

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That… nose? smh

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As much as the book is in itself an amazing idea and decent looking, there are many more better arts out there in the fandom than the ones in the book. I wanna scream at Bioware to start hiring the amazing artist we have around rather than simply artists who often times are not into the fandom. #EndOfTheRant

I completely agree! I mean, here’s the evidence:


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I finished Origins about an hour ago, and honestly your art is the only thing that's keeping me going now. Your warden is ADORABLE, she's such a little squish! I wonder, how does she handle it when Leliana or Zevran get flirty? She seems pretty gone on Alistair, not that I blame her.

hero of ferelden, defeater of the archdemon, brave leader of the wardens

Confession:  When I played with my Amell who romanced Alistair I didn’t hesitate for one second to sacrifice Isolde to save Connor, and quite frankly I did it mostly as revenge for the horrible way Alistair was treated as a child. However when I played with Cousland who also romanced Alistair I went directly to the mages because I felt Cousland wouldn’t be able to see another mother die for their child.


So today (28/08) marks exactly 1 year since I first begun to upload all this DA nonsense. It was just a joke about my first impression(and impending disappointment) of Alistair. So I thought it was fitting if I drew the actual first meeting between these nerds. Tacked on another two pages because why not.

Also, can’t believe I’m still drawing stuff for these two and that so many people still read and like all this silliness. x’D But I’m very glad for it. So thank you.

  • Alistair: Cullen. Hey, Cullen. Cullen. Hey.
  • Cullen: WHAT I'm BUSY! With WORK!
  • Alistair: Want to know what your Jedi name would be?
  • Cullen: Maker... No.
  • Alistair: Darth Cullenus.
  • Cullen: That's not even Jedi, that's Sith, you idiot.
  • Alistair: Darth Culleningus.
  • Cullen: ...
  • Alistair: Darth Cull-igula!
  • Cullen: *packs work to leave*
  • Alistair: Wait! I have more!
  • *doorslam*
  • Alistair: *Vader* NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Alistair. “Your Private Dining Experience at the Bull’s Head Inn, Kingsburry”
Harry. Gosh, are we having an experience?