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thursdayfalling  asked:

Mom I'm currently bedridden with kidney stones ;0; could I possibly request some sickfic or hurt/comfort lams?

KIDDO OMG I SO HOPE YOU’RE FEELING BETTER!!!!!! <333333 You sure can have some sickfic lams! I hope this helps and that you’re totally better soon! <333

“Babe?” John Laurens called down the hallway. He stretched and yawned before trying again. “Did you even come to bed last night?” he said as he rounded the corner into the kitchen of their tiny apartment. 

John sighed at the sight before him: Alexander, facedown, drooling on an open law textbook. Ever since Alex had started at law school that past August this had become a normal scene for John to wake up to. He rolled his eyes. 

“Again? Really?” He muttered as he walked toward his boyfriend. 

Just then, Alex started coughing. Hard. The smaller boy bolted upright, eyes still shut, hand to his mouth as he coughed. John knew it wasn’t the time, but he thought it was so damn cute that even when he was half-awake Alex covered his mouth while coughing.

“Babe?” John said softly. He placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder. 

Alex jolted, causing him to cough more. He looked up at John, his eyes bleary and red. “Hey,” he croaked. 

John shook his head. “Shh, you’re going to bed.” 

Alex glared at his boyfriend. “No,” he hissed. His illness took any possible malice out of his voice, though, and John had to stifle a laugh. “Class, review session,” he managed before he started coughing again. 

John squeezed Alex’s shoulder. “All of those things can wait. You have nothing without your health,” John said.

“Shut up,” Alex said between coughs. 

John couldn’t help but laugh. He said that phrase to Alex every time he was sick, and Alex always responded the same way. 

He expected more of a fight from Alex, but the other boy simply looked at his open textbook and the various papers scattered across the kitchen table before standing and allowing John to lead him down the hallway to their room.

Once they were there, he wordlessly climbed onto the bed and John pulled the covers up over him, pressing a kiss to Alex’s forehead. 

“Hmm, you’re really hot,” John said.

“Duh,” Alex said with a small cough.

John rolled his eyes. “I’m not talking about the good kind of hot right now. I’m going to get the thermometer and start the water for some tea.” He took Alex’s phone from the nightstand, where the other boy always left it regardless of whether he’d actually gone to bed, and tossed it next to him. “Text Thomas or Mads to let them know you’re missing class.

“John, no,” Alex said weakly. “I’ll rest this morning, fine––” A coughing fit overtook him for a moment. “But I’m going to class and review this afternoon.” 

John sighed. He knew there was no telling Alex what to do. The only way to do that was to reason with him. 

“I’ll make you a deal,” John said. “If your temp is above 101, you stay home. If it’s below, you rest, take meds, drink, have some soup, and then you can go to class and review and then come directly home.” 

Alexander crossed his arms. “You’re on.”

John smirked and ran off to find the thermometer. When he returned a moment later Alex was already slumped down in bed, his eyes drooping shut. He perked up as John approached, but John could tell he was just acting. 

Alexander opened his mouth and John slipped the thermometer under his tongue. After a few moments passed, he pulled it out and grinned. 

“103. Get cozy, my love.” 

Alex groaned and slumped down further and further until he was flat on his back with a pillow over his face.

John laughed, taking the pillow off of his boyfriend’s face. “You gotta stay elevated with a cough like this, babe. I’m gonna get you that tea, some meds to reduce the fever, and cough syrup. You’re gonna text Thomas or Mads, okay?”

“Fine,” Alex mumbled.

John returned a few moments later with a tray full of various items that he set on the nightstand. He handed Alex a glass of water and two red tablets, which he swallowed without a protest. He grimaced when John handed him a tiny cup of cough syrup, but he plugged his nose, chugged it, then gulped down the rest of the water. 

“Great job, babe,” John cooed. He crawled onto the bed, slipping under the covers next to Alex. 

Alex eagerly positioned himself so his head was resting on a pillow in John’s lap. John wanted to tell him he shouldn’t do that, that the position would only make him cough more, but he couldn’t deny Alex. Instead, John gently combed his fingers through the other boy’s dark hair, noting that, judging by its greasiness, he should get Alex in the shower sometime soon. 

But that was a worry for later. For now, he would hold Alex, run his fingers through his hair, and wait for his mug of tea to cool. That would be enough.