also aged 18 because i said so

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I have such mixed feelings about age gaps, because I get that a lot of times the older person is gross and manipulative, but it isn't always like that. My best friend started dating an 18 year old when she was 15 and they're married now. They also have the healthiest relationship I've ever seen

yeah man i am not buying that shit. it’s just a no from me

when i was 16 some gross 30yr old was flirting with me and i said i was 16 and he said so what and i just fucking ran… so idk man. i am not into that kinda shit never will be … 

spicedchai replied to your post “Okay so the antis are absolutely stupid, their logic doesn’t even make…”

Lol no it’s just problematic to ship minors with an adult. Keith Lance and Hunk are all the same age (late teens, not adults) so shipping them together isn’t problematic

Well first of all, Keith, Lance and Hunk might as well be 18. That is late teen. Producers have also said we are free to imagine the ages we want. (Also Matt is also around their age group, so that would mean Shatt should be banned as well.)

Second, it’s not because they are possibly minors that I said it. It’s because haters claim shaladin ships as pedophilia, which is NOT true as pedophilia means sexual attraction to CHILDREN. So that way these haters are just saying the teens are equal to little kids. And that’s stupid. And that was my point.

So it’s understandable if people feel uncomfy about minor/adult ships. But those are NOT pedophilia, alright?

ok last post

my ex raped me on my birthday and told me not to tell anyone because he had a court date coming up because he fuckin stabbed some guy lmao and he didnt want to look bad so instead of like, seeing if i was ok, he just used anger and fear to keep my mouth shut

he also fetishized my age and said it was really rexually attractive to him that i was underage (he was 18 at the time)

(this next ones crazy im still trying to figure out tf he was expecting when he said this) one time he said he was going to hang out with these two really annoying girls that he was friends with and always wanted to invite for a threesome (cuz u know :-D my bad 4 not being a good enough sexual partner u fucking abusive creep) and literally said “so im hanging out with ____ and ____ today and something might happen… so like jsut a heads up” LMAO

he was shit omg. like i tihnk back to our relationship and i could fuckin write a book about all the shitty things he did. but i also laugh. but i also cry because his abuse really fucked me up and now i have an even harder time forming interpersonal relationships with people so yes thank you, you washed up disgusting shell of a man, i hope u die :-)

So hey

I am Floor and I’m going to the 1989 tour in Amsterdam and I’m going with my mom but she’s not really that much of a fan. She said if I found any friend/fan to go to the tour with me (buy the ticket no profit of course!)that would also be good so if you want to go to the tour with me june 21st and you can get to Amsterdam we can go together and make awesome costumes. I have pretty bad tickets though : section 204 row 4 in Ziggo Dome Amsterdam.
I would like someone from around the same age so like age range 14 to 18, I’m 16.

I do want to skype before (and become friends ) because my mom wants to make sure I’m not going there with and I quote ‘a 50 year old, fat, bald man of the internet’.

So send me a message on ask if you’re intrested, not anonymous of course.