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  • me: *attempts to take some time to myself away from social media*
  • social media: *new pics of faves, Fresh Content™, fandom in flames, faves confirm secret relationships with each other, 41 new memes come and go, own blog is now irrelevant and everyone has forgotten my name*
  • me, laying in bed: ...weLp

Why do people lose their shit every time a piece of media about queer people has psychological horror in it

I was tagged by @amazingamyelliotdunne for the selfie challenge several days ago.  Thought I’d post a pic of myself WITHOUT glasses, a few months old.  You can kind of see the droop of my swollen left eyelid here.  Once my condition clears up (if it EVER does, ugh) I’m so getting laser because I’m not dealing with this crap again, lol.  I’ll tag @hausoftruecrime, @dahm-sub, @missus-voorhees, @gruesomedetails, and @irishcreamandhalcion because, let’s face it, we’re all gonna tag ourselves again, anyway.


Wellp. Here are the results XD Drawpile with lovely bean friend @chocokidda  Personal favorites from Drawpile Stream thing:

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first of all: thank you all! ur all cool!!
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a) would anyone be interested if i streamed, and b) if so, what would be the optimal time, considering i’m p. sure most of you live in the states and i have quite the time zone difference lmao

and third of all, i just wanna say: if you have any requests, my inbox is always open! i’ll p much draw what you want unless it’s nsfw or something.

June 29th - July 22nd, 2017

   The attendance is at an all high of 1,235 people, a number that’ll likely only keep climbing as the fanfest goes on. Most, however, you’ll find in front of a podium, talking casually and apparently waiting for a speaker to arrive. That’s what one can only guess, given the layout of everything.

   Then, she walks out. Red hairdye in stripes that are fading, glasses, and looking more like one of the ground than a public speaker. Regardless of appearance, she’s come out of the back and is taking her place at the podium, so opinions don’t really matter here. She’s the speaker and whatever news she’s about to deliver is bound to be important.

   First, a few taps on the mic. The sound echoes around the convention hall and sounds dull; from a gentle roar not unlike that of the sea to the lapping of water in a pool. The crowd goes silent and- out of the corner of your eyes- you even see a few people in the background give pause.

   The young woman looks over the crowd, over the sea of faces from her spot on stage, and seems to give a slight nod of approval. It’s only then that she breathes in, leaning close to the mic…..

   “I may have been gone for weeks…but I still love Jaal Ama Darav.

The crowd goes wild.

I’ve rambled about it before but fuck it I want to ramble more about Yuri, redemption arcs and just how tragic he actually is.

So, canon didn’t give us much of a history for him, but what we do have is a kid with no family or friends, just his cards. That’s already a lonely experience.

At some point he ends up enrolled at Academia at a young age. Surely there he’d make friends since they all share a love of duel monsters. Except no, his strength intimidates everyone and he ends up even more isolated and alone. No one wants to be around him because he’s frightening.

Just looking at how he looks in the present and in the flashbacks, it’s clear he spends a few years at Academia. Years isolated and alienated from his peers.

At some point he decides ‘screw friendship, if I have power that’s all I need’ and lets himself remain isolated, never making the attempt to make friends.

And then his strength is finally noticed by someone, by Akaba Leo. And he soaks up the praise like a sponge(he’s a 14 year old kid). He’s finally impressed someone, finally noticed! And what’s more, that strength, that viciousness and sadism, is nurtured, further pushing back the part of him that wanted friends, that wanted to be, wanted.

And then he’s set loose on the other dimensions.

And the he meets Yuya, and Yuto, and Yugo, and all the while something whispers in the back of his mind ‘we shall be one’. And why would he? After all, then he’ll never be alone again(because inside he’s still a lonely boy who just wants friends, who just wants to not be alone).

And then the ending comes(and running with the canon ending for a bit), it’s got to be even worse for him. Yuya has a family to go back to, he has Yuzu an Sora and lots of friends. Even the counterparts in their heads have people- Yuto and Ruri have one another and Shun, Yugo has Rin, even Selena has friends in Yuya, Yuzu and the Lancers.

But Yuri? He has no one. The girls are probably terrified of him, Yugo loathes his very existence, Yuto is indifferent I guess? The never really interacted so Yuto probably doesn’t have any feelings for him one way or another.

He’s become one with them, and he’s still alone. He has nothing.

I imagine Yuya would be the first one to extend the proverbial hand to him. He’s the most forgiving and the kindest of the 4. He’d see himself in Yuri for certain (’we’re a lot alike you and I’). Yuri wouldn’t take to this easily, he’d probably see it as pity, which would be a strike to his pride. How dare anyone pity him! Yuya would get through to him and eventually he might get him talking to Yuto(he’s more level headed and calmer than Yugo). Yuto stated forgiving other members of Academia, so he could forgive Yuri for certain.

Yugo would take the longest to come around(Yuri wouldn’t help this either with teasing him and what not).

On the side of the girls, Selena might tolerate him more than the rest (plus she can deal with his bull) and be the one to help them overcome their fear of him.

Assuming they can do the body swapping thing, Yuri probably only comes out when he’s forced to, preferring to remain in the back of their minds. He’s to scared/nervous/anxious to come out. No one likes him so why bother?

Of course, until Yuri come around it doesn’t really matter. He’s torn, he wants to come around, to accept their friendship, but with everything he’s done he feels he doesn’t deserve it. He hurt people, he doesn’t deserve their kindness, right? Eventually all the cracks in his walls would build up until he reaches his breaking point and breaks down. When everything he’s bottled up comes out, his loneliness, his guilt.

And then the healing can really begin, when he finally opens himself up to them and actually lets them help.