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i actually inked it bc i’m a fucking waste of space 

the panels are all screwed up cos i went through the trouble of re-arranging them as a complete page, wth


A bit aggravating. 

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Girls don’t want boys, girls want Dragon Age Origins remastered with Inquisition graphics.


“I’m going through official school records, there’s nothing on Ethan and Aiden. And there was also a blank on anything having to do with Deucalion, nothing showed, not even on deepnet and that’s saying something.” You sighed and threw your head back on the chair. 

“Where’s all the green and black?” Stiles asked leaning over and looking at your computer screen. “This isn’t The Matrix Stiles. My computer isn’t going to have letters and numbers traveling up and down the screen.” You reached over and slapped him across the back of the head. 

“Sorry, just wondering.” He whined rubbing the back of his head. You rolled your eyes and took several deep breaths. It was moments like this that you wanted to kick yourself–you had one purpose in the pack, and you couldn’t do that right. 

You looked back to the screen and saw Stiles still inspecting the screen. “Wanna learn a little bit?” You asked he turned to you, his eyes were wide. “You’d show me?” He asked. You chuckled. “Alright, come on darling, pull up a chair, I’ll show you the basics.”

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Heather Maverick

Made by rayscho, Heather is the main vocalist and guitarist for Paradise Found, as well as a local celebrity in Starburst Shores. The youngest of the group, she is also the group’s resident troublemaker, though she isn’t without her good points! She handles their younger fans the best, and her upbeat attitude and funny antics keeps everybody going on those late night practice and recording sessions. While not as naturally talented as Avian and Spiral, she’s worked hard to get where she is and she’ll be the first to remind you of it! Really, she isn’t quite sure if she wants to do this whole band thing forever, and is pretty fond of settling down someday. For now, however, she’s having a lot of fun with her friends, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the perks she does!

anonymous asked:

Do you think we can expect another comeback in 2015?

This is just a personal opinion so please don’t take it as something official that is 100% true.

I read somewhere that there is supposed to be a 2nd mini in the 4th quarter of the year but i don’t know if it is legit or not. But if you think about it ice cream cake was really successful for a rookie group who debuted less than 1 year ago and sm is a company and it needs money. Now 3 out of their 7 groups are very shaken due to all the scandals and tvxq’s yunho is going to enlist to the army which mean no more promotions and concerts from them until he comes back (again idk if this is legit or not but i heard they bring in like 100 million dollars from their japan concerts in a year). So they need to make all this money in other ways like making comebacks for the groups they have left, doing as many concerts as they can, giving the idols endorsement deals, dramas, movies etc. 

Maybe they knew about this and that’s why they rushed to debut red velvet even when they were still imperfect. Red Velvet debuted with 4 members but sm added another member like half a year later when they don’t usually make changes to the groups’ members. Plus they debuted them with a single and not a mini album and it all happened so suddenly. I don’t think sm thought that icc would be so successful tho because why else would they schedule two of their groups’ comeback so close? Now that they saw how popular and likeable by the public they are, they may try to take advantage of it and give them many opportunities before the hype calms down.

- Zoe

Things to appreciate about 2x19:

  • Greer being an amazing entrepreneur
  • Lola/Greer/Kenna scenes
  • girls supporting each other 
  • girls not judging each other
  • Kenna casually shading Bash - you don’t have any friends, he would fall in love with a mushroom if he had to - stay flawless baby
  • Lola carefully broaching the subject of Mary’s feelings for Condé
  • the ladies having screentime and interacting with each other
  • Greer being proud of her success 

That’s it. The ladies in waiting were flawless. The rest sucked. More focus on them. Less focus on the other nonsense.