also adding to my store

I can not thank all of you enough that you would find my art worth to follow. I feel indebted to all of you beautiful humans (and also robots xD) for the kind gesture. I will be opening commissions real soon as the show I’ve been working on is done with the first season. Also I’ll be adding more stuff to my society6 store. So be sure to check it out. I love you all. Thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart.

Don’t forget to stretch before you kick ass :)

*background was a grab from the Remake teaser*

Relatives: So, what do you want for Christmas???

Me: My motivation back

Relatives: Come on, anything! Please!

Me: Nah please don’t get me anything, save your money to spend on the kids instead! :) Thanks for asking, though.

Relatives: NO, you HAVE TO wish for something! Come on! 

Me: Well, uh, if it makes you feel better, I am actually saving up for new art and animation programs, so if you want to support me that way, some money to contribute to those things are always appreciated! But again, don’t feel obligated to give me anything, please.

Relatives: Just… regular money??? That’s so boring. Not creative at all, I wanna give you an ACTUAL gift! *proceeds to give me gift cards I can’t use for the purpose I asked for money for*

Rainbow Red Panda Tail FOR SALE!!

This tail is 4.5 feet long and very lightweight for its size. It’s lightly stuffed so that it bends and curves naturally while being held or dragging on the floor. It is machine washable(though dry on low-no heat or hang dry) and attaches via two elastic belt loops at the base!

$100 plus shipping. I can ship worldwide as well!

I am also planning on adding this tail to my etsy store as well. When I have the link for that I will add it here.

Extras of all Persona 5 “Food” Charms, “Sidlink”/”Ganlink” Stands & “Gladnoct” Stands are now avaliable on my Tictail store! ♡ ♡ ♡

I’ve also added in a few of my original stands in there as well though they are very limited. Look! I even have them on my desk ~ (♡´౪`♡) my precious babies

wonderbreadnicoinwonderland  asked:

Hi! I love your Sailor Moon art, and I was wondering if you were going to add the Starlights/Three Lights to your shop (and if the sticker pack would be coming back in stock) I'd love to get some merch of them.

Hi there!! Thanks so much for write me!!

And yes! Im working right now on restocking my store and also adding new stuff!! I will post it when everything is ready! (and yes, I will have Sailor Starlights stuff) haha

After I designed the Buffy poster previously posted, I wanted to play around with making faux paperback novel covers like my Iron Giant show piece. So I used the Buffy assets and came up with this Hush novel cover.

I will have a limited number of archival 6x8 prints on watercolor paper at the Conventions I exhibit at. So look for me at ECCC Booth 1415 next weekend in Seattle, WA and WonderCon Small Press Booth O-25 Easter weekend in Anaheim, CA

JUST ADDED: Prints are also available at my Etsy store!

Redbubble store open.

I have decided to open a Redbubble store because they have stickers and sketchbooks! and I think that´s a fun idea (something that society 6 don´t have and some people asked) Also they have really good options to fit your art in things. So click here if you are interested. 

Also If you want to see some particular art as sticker or sketchbook cover, let me know in a comment! I will be adding them trough time.

If you also want to visit my Society6 store with other things click here.