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Defense and attack on King’s Row. Was being focused down super hard by the enemy Winston and then later on the enemy Genji and D.Va. So… how do you deal with that when you’re a simple Mercy “one-trick” trying to live?

You don’t. You just let your damage dealers take care of it and ignore all your problems much like life. Nothing extraordinary, but it was pretty intense!

The Winston ended up sending me this message:

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Romantic headcanons for Kirishima, Todoroki, Shinsou and Midoriya with shy and quiet but kind and patient s/o?

(Same request but with Aizawa, Yamada, and Yagi here. Same request but with Shigaraki, Kurogiri, Dabi, and Akaguro/Stain here).

Kirishima Eijirou

- Kirishima and his s/o would make quite the pair! He finds them really cute and sweet, and he doesn’t hesitate telling them so. He loves getting them flustered and holding their hand. 

     - “[s/o name], you’re really adorable! You’re so cute it hurts.” *trademark Kirishima smile*

- He doesn’t mind having a shy s/o. Kirishima is fairly extroverted and sociable persona balances them out, but he always intently listens to whatever they have to say. He loves listening to them and enjoys meaningful conversations.

- Admiring their patient attitude, Kirishima thinks that his s/o is easily one of the best people on Earth. How can such a lovely person so patient, cute, nice, and with him??? He thinks he’s blessed.

Todoroki Shouto

- He, as a quiet and reserved person, is relieved to have them as an s/o. The two quietly enjoy each other’s presence, happily cuddle while watching anime, and softly kiss. Their relationship is sweet and ideal for Todoroki.

- They also hardly argue. His s/o’s kind and quiet temperament makes it almost impossible to pick a fight against them, and Todoroki avoids clashing with people in general.

- He loves buying or even making gifts, as he enjoys seeing their shy, flustered smile and blush when he gives them to their. Yet, he gets pretty flustered himself, too.

     - “Here you go, [s/o name]…I hope you like it.” *slight blush* *averts eyes*

Shinsou Hitoshi

- Shinsou loves them very much. Their kind-hearted, soft side is just what he needs. He’s a sleepy boi sometimes, so nap-dates are frequent.

- Whenever he gets worked up, they are always there to comfort him. Their gentle, kind words are music to his ears. Any frustration or resentment he has usually dissipates just from talking to them about his problems. Shinsou is always attentive to any issues they have going on in their life, too.

- He sends them pictures of cats he finds cute and texts cute reminders. His texts are full of kind messages and cat pictures.

     - Text: “Don’t forget that you have an exam tomorrow…not like I’d think you’d forget. I also saw a cute cat on the way home today. The cat reminded me of you… <3”

I was the only person to show up to pilates today which basically meant i had an hour of my instructor and i doing brain work/changing my muscle memory/biomechanics. Lots of stuff on the pelvis. Basically included my instructor saying ULGH @ people who teach ppl to sit the trot by leaning back and/or telling them to engage the core by tucking the pelvis (my problem - i naturally stand with my pelvis slightly tucked). Lots of work on practising rotating the pelvis to an anterior tilt to neutral tilt back to anterior. Then she tried to get me bouncing on the Swiss ball and adding the movement the way i should in the sitting trot… so unco lmfao. So anyway, I need to retrain my brain. (Also I had a lot more text than that but can’t do my fave face without tumblr erasing everything after it and i cbf finishing it now)

Before I get going on the next Act, I wanted to make sure I went back and got the comments from @ladyloveandjustice​ from Act 20. These are specifically from this post, where I got super grumpy about Crystal Tokyo creating laws and accompanying death penalties, sending a whole bunch of people into exile on a planet identified only by how much “negative energy” it had, and then after centuries of this, they stopped doing it but “forgot” about the planet and everyone they’d sent there.

These were her replies (with several others agreeing with this translation), which I’m only now really getting to read.

@ladyloveandjustice​ said:

For the record, the official translation for this part is pretty different. “People were trying to make use of the planet since quite a long time ago. Centuries ago, a criminal who received the death penalty was deported from earth and banished there. After this access to the planet was forbidden. But with the dawn of the 30th century, mankind turned their eyes to the power of Nemesis and research began once again”.

I just remembered that it was only one criminal and got curious and went and checked. So yeah, Mamoru’s making it sound like the criminal was deported before the utopia happened, though that doesn’t work timeline-wise? who knows.

anyway it’s miss dream so I’m at least betting the “prison colony” translation is incorrect. 

I’m not seeing how any of this makes sense, though, I have to admit. NOT THAT IT WAS MAKING HUGE SENSE BEFORE I GRANT YOU. But if we’re in the 30th century and Usagi became NQS at 22, then this “centuries ago” criminal was STILL their doing. Nobody else has power and jurisdiction, if I’m understanding this version of Crystal Tokyo correctly. At minimum, it’s pretty fucking negligent of them to send their most evil guy to a planet MADE OF EVIL, and then forget about it, not even remembering when they rediscover the thing. With this translation, they only ever had one person so evil they had to literally toss them off the fucking planet. Seriously, did no one’s memory ring a bell here?

Not to mention how the hell OTHERS got there. Demande and Saffir, Esmeraude, Rubeus, the Ayakashi. They had to exiled too, right? Or their ancestors. Or are they Nemesis natives? Which then raises a whole mess of OTHER moral concerns about dumping someone so heinous on an innocent population to be their problem.

I mean I dunno. There are ways to massage this of course, there always are. But if we’re looking just at the text, even with this corrected translation, I have a mess of problems, and shit’s still not looking great for Team CT for me.

Honestly, this kinda thing is why i’d really rec not using miss dream? they get like, entire pages of this arc wrong iirc. you’re already angry enough with the manga without adding things that are just them fucking up. like for instance the official translation also has Usagi saying she met Mamoru spring of “last year” which implies it’s been a year since they met.

but i get that they’re easier to use so eh whatever you wanna do.

If there’s another easy scan, I’m happy to switch. I’m not intentionally choosing the worst version, I’m just opting for ease, particularly when people are more than happy to tell me when what I’m using gets it wrong.

Also official translation “Chibiusa is in love with you, I think, Mamoru” Mamoru: “But she’s just a grade school student?” Usagi: Her age has nothing to do with that. I don’t care how small she is, a woman is a woman, right?“ Which isn’t a LOT better and definitely could be taken as Usagi accusing Mamoru, but she seems to be more saying Chibiusa’s age doesn’t mean she can’t be in love with Mamoru "like a woman” rather than unambiguously “yer into little girls”.

That does switch the focus more to it being Chibi-Usa’s “fault”, though I’m not sure what she’d like Mamoru to do about that. I’m not sure, too, why then she keeps focusing so much on Mamoru choosing Chibs over her. How Chibs feels is ultimately irrelevant to Usagi’s worries. So then why point out that you think the kid’s crush is romantic unless you’re worried it’s being reciprocated.


So yeah! Thank you for letting me know! If I get pissy about something else that isn’t right, do please let me know. Even if the corrections don’t make me less angry, I can at least be cranky about the right things.

Calum - Coffee Shop Writing

I haven’t posted any of my writing in a while so I thought that I’d upload this one


It was a week until my coursework was due, so I had been spending every minute I had trying to finish it. It was for English Language and I had to write a short story but I just couldn’t think of anything and anything I did write was a load of crap.
For the past few days I had been living in my local coffee shop because it was always very quite and they played relaxing music that allowed me to concentrate on my work. Plus the drinks were great.
My phone buzzed again for the twentieth time. It was my best friend Haley. She was trying to get me to go clothes shopping with her because she was going on a date this weekend and desperately needed a new outfit. But I knew if I answered her she would persuade me to go with her because she was good at getting people to do what she wanted, which is why she was always went on dates.
So, I ignored her and continued writing my eighth idea of the day, but I was interrupted by something else.
‘Hey.’ An unfamiliar voice said.
I looked up to see this perfect looking stranger. He had soft, short, dark brown hair, which curled towards the ends, warm brown eyes and tanned skin.
I looked behind me to see if he was talking to someone else, which earned a laugh from him.
I turned back to look at him and said, 'hey.’
'Do you mind if I sit with you?’ I just stared at him with a confused expression. 'My phone is about to die and that’s the only plug left.’ He said pointing towards the socket in the wall above my table.
'Oh, yeah of course.’ I said when everything made sense to me.
'Thanks.’ He smiled at me and slipped into the booth, as he did this I noticed the tattoos on his hands and arms.
I bent over my notepad to write some more, but then ripped out the sheet of paper in frustration and added it to the pile of other bad ideas.
'Is everything okay?’ The guy asked, clearly sensing my distress.
'Yeah.’ I said as my phone buzzed again, which caused me to involuntarily sigh. The guy raised his eyebrow at me as he clearly didn’t believe me.
'No, I have to write a story for one of my classes and I have no good ideas. Also, my friend keeps texting me to go shopping with her but I just don’t have the time until I finish this.’ I sighed after blurting out my problem.
'Maybe I could help?’ He offered.
'Really?’ I asked, hoping he could cure my writer’s block and give me inspiration.
'Yeah, I’m a writer myself.’ He smiled.
'You are?’ I asked. My mood was lifting because I couldn’t believe my luck.
'I used to write stories when I was younger and now I write songs.’ He shrugged.
'That’s pretty cool, so you’re a musician?’ I asked.
'Yup, I’m the bassist in a band.’ He replied.
'Woah, okay I would definitely say you’re qualified to help me.’ I said which made him chuckle.
Guys in bands were hot and the bassists were even hotter. This bassist happened to be incredibly attractive. Even before I found out he was in a band.
'I have an idea.’ He said with a mischievous smile.
'Fire away.’ I said, holding my pen above my notepad ready to write down any decent ideas that he suggested.
'Okay, the setting is a coffee shop and you have two characters a guy and a very beautiful girl.’ He said winking, which made me blush slightly. 'The guy sees the girl sat in a booth furiously scribbling onto a notepad and he couldn’t resist walking over to her. He asks to join her by making up a bad excuse and they start talking.’ As he said that I noticed that he hadn’t plugged his phone in and I had a feeling that he wasn’t going to either. 'Then before he leaves he asks the girl on a date.’ He stops and shrugs at me. He had left the ending for me to decide. 'So what do you think?’ He asked casually, taking a sip from his coffee.
'I like the idea.’ I said smiling, starting to write ideas on my paper.
'Thank you, erm, sorry I didn’t ask your name.’
'It’s Calum, and yours is…?’ He asked.
'Y/N,what a pretty name.’ He said smiling more to himself than to me.
I bent over the notepad, but I could still see him staring at me. After I had jotted down the main parts of the story I looked up. 'Thank you.’ I smiled. 'You don’t understand how difficult it has been to come up with an idea. This is simple, but I think simple is better.’
'Yeah me too. So, how does it end?’ He asked.
My brow furrowed in confusion as I tried to read his face and understand what he meant.
'The end of your story.’ He elaborated. 'How does the girl respond?’
'Oh.’ I said finally realising what he meant. A blush started to blossom on my cheeks. 'She says yes.’
This prompted his features to light up as a huge smile quickly spread across his face. 'Good, maybe they could go out say 7 on Saturday night?’
'Yeah I think she would really like that.’ I said, as my own face broke out into a smile of my own.


Not putting this under the cut >8T

I’m so sick of tumblr’s awful decisions.
Catering to everyone but the creators of the contend of this goddamn site.
(I really hope that at some point the only blogs left will be spambot porn blogs piling shit on their servers)

Where is my knight in shining armor coming up with a new platform  for us :C
Why is it that the creators have to go through sooo much shit just to make sure they get credited for their work that keeps this site alive.

The recent change with HAVING to PASTE your URL MANUALLY into this goddamn source window is awful! (which by the way I forget in 90% of the time)
It should NOT be MY additional burden to be able to receive credit when other ASSHATS remove my comment which literally erases any further possibility for anyone finding MY ORIGINAL post because tumblr thought this makes sense???
If anything they should make sure it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove the original text!
Sure erase added reblog stuff no problem, but stop BUTCHERING MY POST the text is as much part of it as the art! (and my username most importantly)
Also they made it even easier to delete my comment than before, just have to check the box ‘please spare me this artist’s lame excuse of words I want my awesome blog to be free of words just their art - button’

Now you see I’m adding my url into my pictures for a really long time now even though I know it looks crappy but I’m sure it helped me in a few cases (Yay for everyone actually bothering to just check out the url!) but people on the internet are 80% less intelligent than in real life, like literally  the moment they enter the internet their brain seems to be turned off. (In fact that is not entirely true they just get lazy and pretend they don’t know better)

Only 1 out of 10 people will realize OOOH there is an url in the picture maybe I should search for that? Nope most will be like: “Oh damn I don’t know the source  I TRIED TO FIND IT SOO HARD  BUT COULDNT  so I better repost it with 'source unknown/pinterest/weheartit)’ :’D

(By the way NEVER repost EVER just reblog or leave it be you lazy butt)

The layout of the dash is getting worse by the hour (this new thing they want to introduce with the reblogs?????? What????) and I’m so glad there is new people trying to continue Xkit because this site is unusable without people coding COUNTERMEASURES to the staff’s pointless changes.

I know this wont help anyone really, we will all go down with this shit pice of a site. I just needed to vent and want somewhere we can build a new community so badly :C
Deviantart sucks hardcore and sites like blogspot have too little 'community’ its just blogs floating in the void on their own.

'lies down in corner sobbing’