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The Handplates AU by @zarla-s is a pretty dark place, and it looks like Dr. Gaster will never reveal his secret to anyone. But, what if he got caught…?

I’m back! Sorry about the wait, last week was…a thing, and this one took a bit more editing on the back end than usual. So remember when I said I was writing a Handplates fic? Well here it is! Asgore and Gaster are both played by a good friend of mine who also helped me edit the story, @hatori1181, aka Batzmaru!

This accomplishes like 3 goals of mine for this channel in one. First, to get something handplates on it. Second, to get Batz involved in something. And third, to get something I wrote up here, so it’s totally new to everybody listening :3 If you’d rather read it though, here is a link to it on AO3. And this is a one-shot, buuuut I caught the writing bug again and now I’m well into a follow-up. So this may not be the last you see of this story!

Oh, and fun fact: One scene in this was heavily inspired by these sketches by zarla. If you listen to the story I think it should be clear which sketch, lol. I had this idea knocking around in my head for a while, but those sketches really kicked me into high gear and turned me into a writing hermit for a weekend.

Also I had this song on repeat like the whole time I was writing this.

Another before and after. On the left I was over 140lbs on a 5'2 frame. I was 16 years old and absolutely miserable. On the right I am around 112lbs. I’ve maintained my weight for over two years now! If you would have told my 16 year old self that I wouldn’t have lost the weight and kept it off until I was around 23, I would’ve been beside myself. With that said, I look back at my life and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Everything worked out the way it was supposed to and I am happier than ever. Getting to where I am now is one of my favorite accomplishments. 

 Also, I am so excited! My blog is coming together really well and I’ll be ready to share it with you very soon! I can’t wait to see what you guys think and if you see results from my guidelines and tips! Follow my Instagram (@parisritchie) for the announcement when it’s up. 

If you’re ready to make a change I want to be there to help! Are there any specific questions you would like answered? Let me know and I will try to incorporate them!

The Final Problem, just a little perspective:

Now don’t get me wrong, I am aware whole heartedly that this issue, and this series had its many issues, and we didn’t get the ending we were hoping for/had reason to believe was coming. I also love this show and even though I don’t have a very prominent presence, I obsess over this and Johnlock has been the only thing I looked forward too for months; I watch the show with my sister who is a casual and I lot really helped me see it without just sheer betrayal.

With that all said this episode was good (not what we were hoping for and not fitting to the mood of the show currently) but good.
- What I think Moftiss was trying to accomplish was bringing the show back towards its roots, of it being John and Sherlock solving cases together like in season 1. This was a series of cases (with a personal touch) that they had to solve in order to regain a normal, in their sense of the word, life.
- And what the point of Eurus’ ‘game’ was to get rid of Sherlock’s emotion and sentiment. She was jealous of Victor and the fact that she couldn’t make that kind of connection with someone, so make Sherlock ruin his relationship with Molly, make him choose who to kill b/w sentiment and logic, which she thought he would choose to keep Mycroft, the logic, but instead he chose sentiment for them both (which was a good sherlock moment
- This was also clearly meant as redemption for John. Many, or most, have spent that last two so begins upset with him, with good reason, and it wasn’t till the end of TLD that John was getting back in good graces. In TFP John has fallen back into to his true soldier mode, giving a nice touch to the ep of again sentiment vs logic like way beck when. He is back to being a protector of Sherlock when he realizes what wrong with the prison, he was most concerned about Mrs Hudson when the germane was there cause he care most about others and the entire time he was willing to sacrifice himself for whatever was needed.
- Now the ending itself was very ambiguous, and I think that was intentional as well. This ending allows for it to either have a 5th series or for that to be the end of it. With that said, if this is the last ever episode and there is no series 5 then it becomes a little more disappointing because of the quality of the ep, but they wrapped it up for us still. This ep is a lot more enjoyable if there is a fifth because it allows for the fifth to be anything, not constantly having draw backs, it allows for John and Sherlock to be anything, there relationship is fixed and clearly growing, so I believe there is still hope for us;) (even if this is veiled as the biggest queer bait and let down)
– John and Sherlock’s relationship truly does still have potential, simply because they didn’t have to kill Mary. If this was the end with nothing for those two in mind, why not let her live, why kill her off. Sherlock and John’s relationship never really got fixed after TRF, they were still hurt and unresolved issues and then TSoT and the Wedding/Marriage didn’t help, only managed to separate them further, but once Mary was gone TLD was an entire ep about fixing their relationship. They are finally back to a healthy state with (mostly) everything on the table. That’s why in TFP their relationship was just as it was before, but not being over played. But they can be in a happy healthy relationship now because of TLD and it was witnessed at the end of TFP #parentlock. Mary’s final dialogue at the end was simply saying that too, that they as a pair are back and stronger with room to grow stronger still, and if they do or they don’t it’s still the two of them. IF there is series five, I think there is hope.
-Finally, I feel like everyone went into it with the exception of it to be terrible vex of the last two days but if you were to but that out of your mind, there are some pretty amazing things in this episode (in literally NO ORDER AT ALL)
- the fact that Sherlock’s best friend as a child was a mini John Watson
- John Watson willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good and so Sherlock wouldn’t have to shoot his brother
- Mycroft intentionally being a dick so Sherlock would shoot him instead of his best friend
- John’s sad little lip bite when Mycroft was telling Sherlock to shoot him -John'a face when he thought Sherlock was gonna shoot him self - Mycroft’s cane sword gun
- Sherlock asking if John would be able to call Rosie
- Lady Bracknell
- the fact that Sherlock playing himself is what he played in ASiB (which theory connects to john ;) for those who know what I’m talking about @quietlyprim) - All Things Jim Moriarty
- “I Want to Break Freee”
- the violin duet was cool (idc what context)
- a good character story, for Eurus and Sherlock
- that Mystrade moment at the end - Greg being shocked when Sherlock used his name - Sherlock Holmes is finally a Good Man - rebuilding 221B Baker St., especially the smile
- Sherlock saying John is family
- Mrs. Hudson still telling Mycroft how it is
- “Still had ten minutes to go” (johns joke about the end of TLD
- and if you still hate it after all this, the irony of looking at the screen when Mycroft says it’s all his fault and seeing Moffat and thinking “Yep it is”

Alll in all, I don’t think we should give up, “I Know what you have the potential to become is like a beacon for the future, or at least whatever future we choose to interpret. So be pissed at Moftiss, be sad that the tv history made was the fastest decline ever, for the next few weeks months or so just take a step away from this mess created because what happened wasn’t fair and our feelings out valid but don’t give up on them completely. Sherlock and John, no matter who you ship or thoughts on characters, they are our "Baker Street Boys”

I hope this helps at least some of you enjoy the episode and not give up on the show… but feel free to be pissed cause I still am too

*also if not clear, I am a hardcore johnlock shipper but this post was meant for the entire fandom, with a slight lean towards them who I know feel this agony







Are you fucking kidding me?

I mentioned on Facebook earlier that my 4-year wedding anniversary is coming up soon and that I was looking forward to many more to come.

Shortly after I posted this, an insane high school classmate and embarrassing self-proclaimed “rad-fem” immediately comments that it’s “pathetic that [I] consider that an accomplishment to brag about.” She also said - sarcastically - that she was sorry that I’m happy to be owned by my husband.

Bitch, is that what I fucking said? Calm the fuck down.

fashion and the trans aesthetic
by harinef | part vi: current models

andreja pejic by collier schorr
styled by james valeri
dossier spring 2011

much has been said in about andreja pejic in the wake of her transition. while i most look forward to her coming work, i’m also quite fascinated by her previous work as a “male model.” those quotation marks are critical, as she is not a man, and perhaps never considered herself as such. i do not think it is a wild conjecture to say that andreja could not have accomplished all she has if she weren’t signed to a men’s board under the guise of identifying as “male.” take this dossier cover. what a thrilling image! could it have made it to the cover of a magazine with a self-proclaimed trans woman as its subject? i’m not sure.

andreja has talked about taking puberty-blocking hormones in her youth, since before she began modeling. she’s 23 now and has spoken openly about her sexual reassignment surgery. from experience, i can say that a trans woman must take a regular dose of female hormones for at least 2 or 3 years before getting approved for srs. perhaps it is safe to say that andreja’s image as an “androgynyous male model” was in some way shaped by the influence of hormone replacement therapy, which noticeably feminizes one’s face and body.

i have no analysis here; andreja’s body is hers, and is sacred as such. i can only say that i’m inspired by what she has accomplished so far: pursuing her private needs while the fashion system ascribed any number of empty labels to her body, her identity, her work. in regard to the system: can i get a “fuck that?”

Jumping on the Badwagon

OK: So possible take on the PLAGG situation in the #Sidekick!Adrien AU by @geek-fashionista

This was just my thoughts based on what I have read so far:

As stated the Chat ring was broken/destroyed several generations ago, and Ladybug has been going solo since.

Gabriel has been gathering all things Miraculous for the past X-many years in the effort to bring his wife back- however he needs BOTH the Ladybug earrings and the Chat Ring to get the godlike powers to accomplish said feat. Fortunately he is not one to back down from a challenge.

As per the show he becomes Hawkmoth in order to flush out Ladybug.

Meanwhile he also tracks down the dormant/destroyed ring from the descendants of the last Chat. (Seeing how he managed to get his hands on the book AND the Butterfly miraculous I figure that would be an average Tuesday for him)

He begins trying to find a way to restore/reactivate the ring

As all of this is happening Adrien with his L337 hacking skills begins working on his AI program PLAGG in his quest to become the new Chat Noir and assist Ladybug.

Unbeknownst to either Agreste (due to their stunning lack of communication) on one particular night they are both working to accomplish the same task- Awakening PLAGG, one via magic, the other via technology. Gabriel manages to “fix” the ring itself but believes that his most recent attempt is unsuccessful as it remains dormant and without the power of the kwami that it is meant to control. Meanwhile Adrien is having the worst night ever as his attempt to test his new AI program backfired, and in a case of excessively terrible luck his computer gets fried.

Adrien is beginning to think that maybe this project is beyond him, but is amazed to see that when he goes to salvage whatever information he can off of his old hard drive onto the new computer that his  PLAGG program code is still intact.

Not only that, but it’s actually working. He has the perfect AI program to help him move onto the next stage of operation Chat Noir.

No one suspects that the true essence of Plagg, albeit in a very weakened state, has been revived and trapped in Adrien’s program.

Gabriel starts noticing a change in the miraculous but ultimately discovers that if he wants to get the ring back to its true form he has to allow his son to continue his vigilante habits until Plagg is strong enough to be fully revived and rebonded to the powers of the miraculous.


lukeskywalkuer  asked:

im just thinking about what you said about kylo killing snoke and becoming the new supreme leader and i love it so much because it would be like an extreme take on the 'i will finish what you started line' in that kylo becomes the most powerful sith lord like vader wanted to. but also if he does find out about vaders redemption he could do it out of spite in a 'i can do what vader was too weak to do' and it would be way more interesting cos right now snoke isnt threatening at all

Yep, it would mean Kylo accomplished something that Vader didn’t (beyond killing a family member, heh). All we know about Snoke right now is that he’s scared of Luke and has been holding back in training Kylo. Doesn’t sound like a villain that’s secure in his own power tbh. And Pablo debunked the interesting way of tying Snoke to the rest of the saga, so…yeah, Kylo, please do feel free to just roll up to the glorious leader like:

anonymous asked:

"radical ally" lmao no ur not an ally ur a transphobic shit :^)

well, i’m a radical feminist ally but whatever you say. if i’ve said or done something transphobic i’d love for you to show me. i encourage engaging in good faith because name calling on anon isn’t the best way to accomplish anything really. i’m neither scared of nor do i hate trans people. in fact, i care deeply about people who feel they don’t fit into the socially constructed box they were forced into from childhood onward. which is why i acknowledge the existence of biological reality while also acknowledging the oppressive nature of prescribing and proscribing certain artifacts and behaviors according to that biological reality (aka gender). that’s what ‘gender critical’ means. hopefully this cleared up any misperceptions that may have caused you to not seriously critique anything that i’ve ever said and instead just call me names. hope you have a great day!

anonymous asked:

misconception : theodosia didn't love her husband

im assuming this is abt theo jr  ?    and her relationship with joseph alston  ?    i’ll admit i didn’t think their marriage was a happy one either tbh  ?     an  EXCUSE    :    i was highkey blinded by pip  &  theo.    the sources I read were also kinda  ?    odd I guess  ?    and they all said that it was an arranged  &  unhappy marriage but  ?    going  HERE  and  HERE,  it becomes so  obvious  that she adored this man  !    from what i’ve read, she had lots of men who wanted her hand    —-    &  of course they did, she was an accomplished young woman, but she showed  no  interest in marriage until she met joseph alston.    to say that she didn’t love her husband is so  innacurate. 

MISCONCEPTION    :    not accepting

The Request

Dean/Castiel - Modern AU - AO3

@deanandhiscas, @marymotherofhunters, @cains-mane

It was only a kiss, how did it end up like this, it was only a kiss-” Dean was singing from the top of his lungs. The house was empty, there was no one but himself and the dog to hear him make a fool of himself. It was a perfect evening already.

Jealousy, turning saints in-into the sea,” Dean called, spinning in his room and narrowly avoiding a tumble when the rug beneath him twisted. “But it’s just the price I pay-” he continued, grinning ear to ear as Chief barked along with him. “I’m Mr. Brightside-

He probably looked like an idiot, but Dean couldn’t bring himself to care. He wasn’t much of a singer, no matter what his friends said. He also wasn’t a dancer by any means, acting like a dying robot more than an accomplished entertainer.

But Dean loved these moments to himself, kicking it in his room and pretending he was on that stage of his dreams, rocking harder than the classics, proving he was more than anything anybody had ever thought him capable of.

Yeah, that was the dream.

I’m coming out of my cage, and I’ve been doing just fine-” Dean spun again, this time spinning a little too far and catching the rug around his ankle. “Agh!” He shrieked just before his chin collided with the wooden floor.

Splitting pain erupted through his head, heart pounding in his ears as he blearily opened his eyes. Chief was wagging his tail, sniffing around Dean’s face with concern. A good lick to his nose had him sitting upright in no time, and Dean groaned as his body fought back in protest.

“Doing just fine,” Dean muttered, glowering as he rubbed his chin. His fingers came away with red liquid, and Dean cursed. Just his luck.

He stumbled out of his room and down the stairs to the kitchen, Chief trotting close behind him. Dean soon found the cupboards holding the band-aid’s and ointment. He was quick to put it on, frowning at how ridiculous he was going to look going in to school tomorrow with a band-aid over his chin. He could only hope it would be better by then.

Dean was just putting the box of ointment back on the top shelf when he heard a knock at the door. Casting a glance at Chief, to which the dog only tilted his head, Dean made his way to the front door.

“Hello-?” Dean stared.

It was his next door neighbor, or rather, their neighbor’s son. The Novaks had moved in next door only a week ago. Dean remembered the other boy from when his mother delivered a homemade welcome casserole.

His name was Castiel Novak. At least, Dean was pretty sure that was it. He didn’t plan on saying the other boy’s name until he heard it spoken by somebody else again. Making a fool of himself in private was one thing. He wasn’t prepared to do it in front of somebody else. Especially not a cute somebody else.

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“Tammi was the kind of chick who couldn’t be controlled by men,” said Marvin. “That can drive a man crazy—trying to deal with a woman who won’t be dominated by anyone. I loved that about Tammi. I knew we could be friends, but never lovers. Independent women hold no romantic interest for me. James Brown and David Ruffin both had stormy relationships with Tammi, but mine was completely creative. Because she was fun and funny and totally unpredictable, I loved her. Her singing style was also perfectly suited to mine. What we chiefly accomplished, though, was to create two characters—two lovers that might have been taken from a play or a novel—and let them sing to each other. That’s how the Marvin-and-Tammi characters were born. While we were singing, we werein love. The vibe was incredible. The emotions were heartfelt and real. But when the music ended, we kissed each other on the cheek and said good-bye.” Marvin Gaye about Tammi Terrell

from “Divided Soul” DAVID RITZ


Reading the stuff the creators have said they intended to do in season 3, and they talk about both challenging Wander and putting the main 4 together more because they liked how they played off each other. I wonder if teamwork would actually be what challenged Wander? Because in Robomechabotatron:

  1. Wander is the most eager for them to work together, clearly delighted by the whole idea.
  2. Wander is also the one who won’t sacrifice his ethics to do what the rest of the team wants.
  3. Wander completely fails to acknowledge this, just stating that they accomplished something by working together, even though they mostly didn’t.

Not sacrificing your ethics to the team is kind of fair enough, but maybe he should have thought about who he was teaming up with beforehand? You can’t both desperately want to work in harmony with people who have totally different values and refuse to compromise your own. Well, you can, but maybe you shouldn’t be surprised when it doesn’t work.

The problem somewhat repeats in the finale with Wander convincing the refugees to get along only to find himself on the outside when they agree on destroying Dominator.

  • Gets a decently good fight in the final arc (Rukia vs. As Nodt)
  • Gets a super-beautiful and powerful Bankai
  • Is finally acknowledged by Byakuya who she looks up to
  • Is happily married to the guy she grew up with and knew for 70+ years. 
  • Started a family with said guy and now have a super-cute daughter together.
  • Is one of the few female captains of the Gotei 13.

What the fuck is Deathberry talking about??? They seriously believe that because Rukia didn’t end up with Ichigo that Kubo hates her and that she achieved nothing in the story. Because Rukia didn’t get Strawberry Dick her so-called “fans” are ignoring her development and accomplishments.

Also, I’m pretty sure that for years, IRs gushed over how much ❤~Kubo-sensei loved his daughter Rukia~❤ I guess Rukia not being married to Ichigo means that Kubo despises her and her fans.

IRs really need to stop with their bullshit lies and quit being such bitter little craibabbies.

Attention to All EXO-L!

As you know, EXO is having their comeback on June 3rd with ‘Love Me Right’.  We are planning a project for their comeback MV that I hope that all of you will take part in and help make this comeback even better than their previous! 

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Rather than focusing on watching the video, we will also focus on sharing the MV. What better way to increase the views than to broaden the audience as opposed to the same fans watching it over. 

That being said, Our goal for the ‘Love Me Right are 

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For the views, I ask that all fans make sure to watch the video at least 10 times.

YT counts up to 300 of your views. Bee sure to clear your browsing history including cookies & Cache!


Also, We will be trending the hashtags #LoveMeRight & #LuckyToHaveEXO 

EXO Let’s work hard and support our boys just like they work hard for us! 

Please like & reblog this post and repost this message anywhere you can to spread the word! We ARE ONE! EXO-L LET’S LOVE!

Had a great conversation with a woman in the hairdresser who has worked for IBM and other huge companies, she’s in her fifties now and very successful and she spoke to me about how, despite her success, she has faced so much misogyny. Men assume she can’t do her job, they don’t want to work with her because they don’t think a woman has what it takes to be successful in business.

She said she has to work so much harder for less accolades. She also spoke about being a woman in business now in her fifties and how people assume she is past it. The same age on men is seen as experience, but on her it’s seen as a sign that she doesn’t have what it takes.

She also mentors young women and tries to hire and help young women.

I love meeting strong women who have made accomplishments in life but talk about how tough it was and are direct about misogyny.


This is an important storytelling technique that is 100% visual. We all know that the Arrow crew loves their symbolism and visual clues. 

Here’s a definition from wikipedia: Mise-en-scène refers to everything that appears before the camera and its arrangement—composition, sets, props, actors, costumes, and lighting.

Here’s a shot from tonight’s episode (3x18) that showcases beautifully what mise-en-scéne can accomplish:

(gif belongs to stevenrogered​)

What’s the focal point in this shot? Note: it’s actually NOT Oliver & Felicity. It’s the Arrow suit. They lit it perfectly so that your eyes are immediately drawn to it. They also placed the actors perfectly in front of it so that when they pull away, it separates them … splits them down the middle. This composition is so beautifully done because not only is it physically separating them here, but we also know that it’s what separates them in reality. It’s what pulls them apart. 

I believe Marc once said (and the fandom has said multiple times) that the love triangle that really exists is Felicity, Oliver, & The Arrow. Well here they present that to us visually. They even create a triangle, each of them acting as their own point. 

So I see you Director & DP, beautifully crafting your mise-en-scène and breaking my heart in the process. 

It’s hard for me to not be critical of myself. Not because I’m not proud of what I’ve accomplished but because I’m hungry for more.

It’s late but because we just found this old tank top tonight, here’s another Transformation Tuesday or better yet, a Spartan Transformation.

The picture on the left was at my first Spartan Race. I came to spectate for my friends and thanks to @flipsidemd and his constant motivation he convinced me to just do it. “It’s only a 5k” he said, so why not? It was a struggle, but it was also the start to my current two trifectas.

The picture on the right was taken right before tonight’s workout. I see a difference but I also see more that I want to improve. This journey has made me so happy but also made me so motivated. It’s given me a constant drive to not settle and to always strive for more.

I’m looking forward to getting my third trifecta this year and to see how my performance during the Tuxedo sprint will improve. And after that, I’ll just keep crushing more goals.

Gem Fusions

So I’ve been watching Steven Universe and I’ve also been reading up on a lot of theories from around Tumblr and the like and I’ve come to realize a very important factor about gem fusion:
It’s not set on stone.

Aside from corny rock puns what I think or believe gem fusion is, is, obviously, the union of two gems, HOWEVER, I think that the logic behind gem fusion and how to accomplish said fusion varies from gem to gem. In other words: freaking. different. types. of fusions.


Originally posted by artemispanthar

I think this is the type of fusion that everyone thinks of when they hear the word gem fusion. As we all know Garnet sees fusion as something precious, something important to her that can’t and shouldn’t ever be taken away from her. She sees fusion as love, which we all know is, and I’m quoting Garnet here: “is an experience”.


This fusions represent something else to the crystal gems. They are an union of each of them but they symbolize something different to them in my opinion. The fusion of these gems embody their friendship, which by the way is the title of the ending episode for the week of Sardonyx. A Gem Fusion between these gems is highly unlikely to be romantic although it can be a type or form of love.

The reason why I believe these are a different type of Fusion is because if Fusion WAS only a type of fusion for love like Garnet, she wouldn’t probably fuse with other gems since she turned down Jamie before because she already was in a “relationship”.

Gem Cluster

 Probably the saddest fusion, this fusion is an exception to all the rest in the way that others were consensual yet this fusion was forced to be. In fact I think this fusion might represent something way darker to the series… which will be explained later on.


 And for the big finale and the ending closing brooch here’s Malachite, a rather toxic gem fusion (Malachite becomes toxic with water, clever Rebecca very clever). To Jasper gem fusion is nothing but a way for gems to become stronger while to Lapis it’s most likely a way to constrain Jasper. If you notice both of these do not relate to any type of love whatsoever yet they were able to fuse with a simple dance which leads to the summary of this entire text post.

Gem Fusion symbolizes relationships.
Whether it’s a romantic relationship or a Friend Ship or in Jasper’s case what she thought would be a symbiotic relationship. However allow me to warn about possible triggers but if all of the gems fusion represent relationships the Gem Cluster might actually be some sort metaphor for possibly sexual harassment or the like. I don’t dare say rape but it might not be totally discarded which is why I think garnet was so shocked at the cluster. It’s clear that Garnet understands Fusion better than anyone and I think she knows exactly what each fusion represents and each is a different experience, some good and some bad.

The end.