also about me being sick

Rlly toasty that all my signs of mental illness and (idk what adhd is classified as but that) were ignored, dismissed, and made to be diminutive by everyone whose opinion counted. Or literally steamrolled over :/ this part is negative but my tags are more positive

Two options:
1) show queerbaits and you sit there frustrated and watch ur faves make heart eyes at each other while the entire fandom and writers tell you nothing is there and that you’re crazy

2) show gets you to watch by making the most beautiful queer relationship it could, talking about it, treating it like a het ship, getting you to trust them, then promptly killing one of them off and telling you to get over it

there is no inbetween


I tried putting on red lipstick tonight cause why not and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t my color…